Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Season Ends With Another Shootout… But There's a Catch

Grey’s Anatomy is closing out its seventh season on May 19 much the way it did its sixth: with a lot of victims. The big difference this time is that they’ll be emotionally scarred, not full of lead.

“Last year, we had a gunman in the hospital, and there was a shootout,” reminds series creator Shonda Rhimes. “This year, there’s an emotional shootout when the season is done, and Meredith, Alex and Cristina are not left unwounded.”

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“What I love about what happens at the end of the season of Grey’s is everybody takes very interesting turns,” she continues, “and things happen that I don’t think anybody was expecting to happen for our characters.”

A clue about Mer’s looming crisis may come in this week’s all-new episode. “We see Meredith do some things concerning the Alzheimer’s clinical trial that just aren’t good — or even legal — but she feels are right,” previews Rhimes. “And once that happens, the consequences for her start to emerge, and it’s about how long she can keep them at bay.”

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Rhimes also confirms that the competition for Chief Resident will climax at season’s end. Settling on the ultimate victor was the subject of fierce debate in the Grey’s writers room. “We had big arguments about who should be Chief Resident,” she says, “and part of it really came down to what we wanted the story to be going forward and where all our characters needed to be at the end of the season.”

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  1. TheReasonsY says:

    It sucks but I think the writers are in a corner with this one. I can’t see Christina becoming chief resident because of Owen. The new kids can’t carry the weight so that leaves Alex. Unless they pull another Callie where the new person can’t handle it and has to step down.

    • xav says:

      Seriously. If my husband insulted who I am and THEN screwed over my career he’d be my ex so fast. Of course, Cristina has turned into a weird, needy non-Cristina person so that won’t be the case.

      • silva says:

        First, we don’t know exactly what went down when the Chief asked- or told- Owen that he needed him to take on the responsibility of selecting chief resident. The Chief may not have given him a choice. I really wish the scene had been in there. I imagine that Owen protested- he was clearly aware of the implications when he told Cristina about it. Saying that he is doing it to further his own career has not been suggested or implied, and I think is an unfair leap to take until the story supports it.
        Second, everything Owen said about people changing their minds about having kids as they get older was true- it happens and he hopes it happens to her. Shame on him for admitting it. Clearly an issue they need to work through and another example of key scenes that were left out- their earlier conversations about the topic.
        Finally, Owen Hunt is not a villain in this story. Shonda Rhimes does not write perfect characters- they all have flaws and downfalls and hang-ups. I can’t honestly say that I love every single thing Owen and Cristina have done, but the story that is being told here is about two people who love each other passionately and are trying to make it work through their differences and through all the crap that gets thrown at them. If you want to interpret his character as a selfish, over-bearing, abuser, you can- but that’s not the point of their story. I think they are fascinating and exciting together and I hope they work it out.

        • Beverly says:

          Very well written, and I agree completely.

        • tentoes says:

          Silva – The one thing that we need to keep in mind about Owen and Christina having a baby (Christina becoming pregnant), is that she cannot become pregnant. Season 2 (I believe) is when she had an etopic pregnancy with Burke and Kate Walsh’s character had to tie her tubes. Christina cannot carry a child.

          • Hannah Laurin says:

            Actually, Christina CAN still have children. She only lost one of her two ovaries during that whole ordeal.

          • lacey says:

            If i am not mistaking it was only one tube that was damanged… not accually both of them. But you will have to check to clarify!

          • robyn says:

            UMMM, to the person who said that Christina couldn’t get pregnant, she still can. Only 1 of her tubes was tied. She still has another one.

          • loserlikeme says:

            guys its just a tv show…..

          • Evelyn says:


          • deadlikeme says:

            Christina’s tubes were not tied, she did only lose one tube due to her ectopic pregnancy. Perhaps you should rewatch it to see for yourself.

          • Gina says:

            Yang’s ectopic pregnancy only affected one of her fallopian tubes not both. Her character is fully capable of carry a child, unless they make it so she can’t with some other medical reason. And who’s to say they couldn’t do surrogacy(or even adoption), because really, can you see Yang as a preggers?? I can’t. Seriously.

          • Beth says:

            1.Not true, you can have your tubes untied
            2.Most damage done due to her previous pregnacy can be corrected by microsurgery. Otherwise they would have ended any future possibility. However,once you have had a etopic pregnancy the possibility of another one is higher
            3 There is the possibility of harvesting her eggs
            Veteran of a etopic pregnancy
            My sister had her tubes untied
            Mind you it’s not going to be easy but we are talking TV

          • Donna says:

            I don’t believe that you are correct about Christina not being able to get pregnant because she had an ectopic pregnancy. My niece had a tubal pregnancy ending in the doctor removing one of her tubes. However, less than 2 years later her youngest was born. It is harder maybe but not impossible.

          • bubupadoop says:

            You know, I could see her having a surrogate, that way she could continue working!! I could also see Owen staying home with the baby while Christina becomes chief resident!!! How about that for a twist??

          • Sam says:

            In addition to that, she maybe didn’t mention pregnancy to Owen which in result she is acting like she doesn’t want kids and so….

      • Karla says:

        Totally agree

        • tina says:

          i belive with all the cross over with the two shows that christina will confide in addison when she desides she wants to have a baby

      • chakoo makoo says:

        ya but owen has a right to want kids. i love christina but i think shes just over doing it. shes being selfish and she needs to show her love for owen more.unless they break up and she will be misraeble.

        • kissieq says:

          You can’t have a baby just because someone else wants you to have one. It’s HER body, and she can’t be objectionable to using it to create a child, no matter how much Owen wants one.

        • almostHallow says:

          thats the whole charm of Christina, and the complexity of her. shis IS selfish. Grays Anatomy dictionary..Christina=selfish ( for now ) just wait, she will change, they all do. its not knowing when, or in what way that makes this show so brillant.

        • Lauren says:

          I think that Owen has a right to want children, but by marrying Christina, he gave that up. It is clearly not what she wants or will ever want. He hasn’t got a right to after agreeing not to have children try to guilt Christina into it. Why is it that the person who does not want to have kids in sl is the one made out to be the bad guy? She told him from the beginning, it’s not like she kept it from him or anything. He can express the desire to have kids to her, I get that, she should know he’s open to it if she does change her mind, but he needs to respect that they made an agreement not to in their marriage.

        • laurie says:

          But she can’t have a baby because her husband wants one…SHE has to want it, THEY have to want it or it will never work…and if he wants and she doesn’t then they are not meant for each other..

    • Maria says:

      Love Owen and Cristina, so am not looking forward to this emotional explosion. With all this gloom and doom talk don’t know if I want to watch the SF, why tune in just to see the characters I love become miserable :(

      • Anne says:

        I am nervous about the SF for my favorite couple, but I am going to tune in and keep the faith. Cristina/Owen have already been through so much, I just hope it is something they can work out.

        I hope Meredith finally gets her house and baby.

        Sorry Callie/Mark/Arizona fans, I almost gave up watching Grey’s because I got bored with their baby drama and bad acting of Eric Dane. Now, I have to say Sara has been phnemonal in the role. But enough is enough, I would probably like calzona again if they were in a lot smaller doses.

        I need more Alex too

        • Robin says:

          I agree with wanting to see more of Alex. I love the three originials, Alex, Meredith and Cristina plus derek! The baby stuff with arizona and Callie makes me a little sick becuase i can not stand the two of them together and the show has pretty much became all about them. Too much, too much, too much. I want Mark and Lexi back together too!!!

          • fjkfdjasl. says:

            i completely agree with that. arizona and callie are the worst couple. arizona is absolutely obnoxious all by herself. and yesss, mark and lexi need to get back together. i kind of want derek and meredith to step aside though. their relationship has done pretty much everything and they just annoy me now.

          • Shirley says:

            So agree with Robin here the show is too much about Callie and
            Arizona,so glad someone said it. I have watched since the beginng and love the orginals and don’t forget Baily she mellowed out too. So if we loose anyone I won’t care if it’s Callie and Arizona.

          • joey says:

            Callie and arizona are the most dynamic couple on the show right now.in this season they have the most to gain/lose so of course they are going to be the highlight of the season. And i truly hope that your comment that callie and arizona being a couple makes you sick is because of bad acting or some other lame excuse and not bigotry.

        • Evelyn says:

          I TOTALLY AGREE!!!

          • charlie says:

            no offence to anyone who may or may not like the changes in merideth and derek’s relationship but once you get “married” the logical next step is house and children. But everyone is forgetting that they are still NOT legally married so that relationship can still implode or explode depending on the situation. As for thoughs who think mer/der are too over done it is called Grey’s Anatomy we do all relize that without Merideth or now even Lexi the name would be null and void. Just my opinion.

      • Sarah says:

        AMEN! I love Owen and Cristina together they balance each other so well! And why in the world do I want to watch them fall apart :(

    • Juliet says:

      Cristina has grown emotionally since she has been with Owen, so it doesn’t make sense why she faces career vs love again. ughhhhh! Why can’t she have both, many of us in real life do.

      Owen will be impartial because that just the type of guy he is, heck he still might pick Cristina. I just don’t think Cristina would really want the job with all the paper work and such, it would take her away from the rockin surgeries she loves. So Meredith or Alex would be my choice. It would suck if it it is one of the newbies because I could care less about them.

      I just hope these last episodes, we get to see more Mer/Der and Cristina/Owen and Alex. I am tired of all the Calzona drama.

      • xav says:

        Of course Cristina wants it. She cares about her career and Chief Resident spot furthers her career. Owen won’t give it to her because he cares more about his career and being buddy-buddy with the Chief than his own wife’s feelings. Ah, romance.

        I prefer the Calzona. Meredith and Derek haven’t been interesting in three years and Cristina/Owen is one of the most dysfunctional relationships masquerading as romantic ever.

        • Juliet says:

          Most fans are just excited that Calzona and Mark are not listed in the season finale synopsis, most of us are sick of them. If it wasn’t for our love of Meredith/Derek, Cristina/Owen and Alex we would have turned the tv off the second half of the season because of the crapfest that is C/A/M. Just saying the truth people.

          • xav says:

            I think it’s pretty ridiculous to say “most fans” when really you just mean “you and the people you hang out with”. I mostly only see people who like the Callie/Arizona stuff (though most hate the baby storyline). See how that works?

          • Carlyn says:

            No, I hate the CAM crapfest too and I am a huge Mer/Der fan. Sorry you are a little dillusional.

          • Jax says:

            Actually, the Arizona/Callie storyline is the only reason I started watching the show. Sorry Carlyn, you are the one who is a little dillusional.

          • Olga says:

            I totally agree with you, they sort of have forgotten all the other characters:(

          • justanothergreysfan says:

            I can’t stand the Arizona/Callie thing. It made me give up the show.

          • Lillian says:

            I LOVE the Callie and Arizona story line . If they were pulled off I wouldn’t watch it anymore. I have friends who all feel the same way.

          • Beth says:

            I agree with Juliet for the most part. More excitment for Meredith/Derek. Cristina/Owen has had a lot going on that can continue without a pregnancy. OR Maybe Christina will have a baby for Meredith?? As far as Alex I can see him becoming the new chief or going to Africa. I think Meredith’s sister has a possibility, remote but possible to become the new chief. She has that memory thing going on, she loves reseaching things, she is logical but she is soo young. Only the writers Know

          • cherbear says:

            I love callie/arizona Not only for their personalities but it is more of a reality in life hese days.

          • cas says:

            Nope I have to agree with Juliet on this one so sick of callie and arizona come on it is Grey’s Anatomy.

          • Deanne says:

            Tame down the plot line with Callie and Arizona. Send Arizona back to Africa and have Callie meet a really nice gay girl, someone who’s not all tied up in herself. Maybe a nanny with a quirky free spirit.

            What about Lexi and Avery. Why not bring them to the fore a bit. After all it’s called Grey’s Anatomy not Mark, Callie and Arizona.

            Lexi and Mark … not a good idea. He’s too old for her. She needs someone younger, less of a player (not necessarily Avery). The attending and the resident thing has been done to death. How about introducing someone who is at the Fellowship stage of their career. It’s a place you haven’t gone yet. But for god sake make the guy interesting in his own right, how about a dude that plays in a rock or jazz band on the side to relieve the stress of Medicine. I know a couple of Dr’s who do this and quite frankly, it’s a hot combination. It gives them a little dimension.

            Find someone age appropriate for Mark, someone fertile would be nice. Or maybe someone with a ready made kid.

            I think that there are lots of plot lines that they can take off on instead of beating the old ones to death. For instance.

            Meredith as an adoptive mother. Lexi and Meredith growing their relationship -finding the back story on that, introducing hints and building it up.

            Bring in a little more of Altman and the Pho hubby. Bring back BAILLIES SPUNK. She’s been on the back burner too long.

            Bring in side stories that don’t take place in the hospital. Show the cast as “real people”.

      • Jennifer says:

        Christina and Owen are the only reason I still tune in on Thursdays, even for the mere 20 seconds per epi that we have gotten for most of the season LOL. If she ruins their relationship just to show Cristina as some heartless robot I will be done, seriously.

        • xav says:

          How would that make Cristina a heartless robot? I’d like to see Cristina choose herself for once rather than the man she’s with. She constantly defers to them and lets them ruin her career while they tell her that her very personality is wrong.

          • Sarah says:

            I think Owen has been the one guy to support Cristina in every way. Do they have disagreements? Sure. Do they see eye to eye on kids? No. But that doesn’t change the fact that he loves and accepts her for who she is and supports her in her career descisions.
            I hope they stay true to character and are still together at the end of the SF.
            Btw, Karev needs more screen time. I neither love nor hate the whole CAM, nor am I against a CAM-centric episode or two, but a little more time to the others would be nice!

          • Beth says:

            Sorry ?!!? XAV are we watching the same show?? Maybe you are reflecting your own life events

          • Ashraf Elshrif says:


      • Linda says:

        I want to see Cristina have it all!!! I loved how Owen supported her in the last episode, one step at a time. He will be there for her no matter what. I love Cristina with Owen, she is still a kickass surgeon, snarky friend and starting to show a little bit of her emotional self. They are a great couple!

        • xav says:

          Ah, support. Nothing says support like calling your wife childish for what she wants to happen to her own body and choosing your own career over her burgeoning one.

          • so much hate from one person says:

            I think it says a lot when one person takes the time to hang out and comment on every comment that is positive for Cristina and Owen. LOL I say someone needs to get a life.

            Opposite of the spamming of hate, I love Cristina and Owen since season 5 and will continue cheer for them both. What makes their relationship so interesting and exciting is that either one of them are “perfect”, they make mistakes but do the work together to make it work. The passion and love between this couple is addictive. I will love them to the end of the series, no matter what mistakes they make or what challenges are presented to them. Much rather them keep interesting, then become a boring couple.

          • xav says:

            ^ Well, I spend my day looking after octogenarians so I don’t do much during the day. But I just don’t get how people can find something so abusive romantic

          • Tina says:

            Everyone has a right to their opinion but when someone is calling someone an abuser because they had a PTSD incident just rubs me the wrong way. As someone that has experience spousal abuse, I would take a Owen Hunt anyday. Having a PTSD flare-up (despite the physical altercation) doesn’t classify them as an abuser. An abuser is someone that is selifsh and controlling, and abuses to keep that control. Some one that served his country is very unselfish. Plus, Owen is not control freak, he gives Cristina choices and lets her make her own choices. He loves Cristina with all his heart and has stood by her even when she has tried to push him away because of her issues. Because he knows Cristina loves him too. These two injured birds love each other unconditionally but the fact that they have two different personalities (Owen – passive/non-competitive and Cristina – agressive/competitive). Combined with the heat and love between these two, I wished I had an Owen Hunt and didn’t have to experience “spousal abuse”.

            And if being around old people drags you down, I would suggest to go out and find your love of your life. But if you think life is suppose to be a nice, neat package – good luck.

          • zena says:

            I find the notion of labeling Owen as an abuser both childish and ridicule-worthy! whoever is calling him that needs a crash course on PTSD because making such an uneducated claim is nonsensical! I honestly believe he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to Cristina, and he continues to wow me with his love, support, and passion for her! so this bashing Owen for the sake of bashing him isn’t gonna fly anymore!!!

          • Joodie says:

            As someone who has worked with people with combat-based PTSD, I agree with those who say Owen is NOT an abuser in any way. He had a problem, he sought help, and he’s doing the best he can which is pretty damn good at this point. He clearly loves his wife more than anything, but he’s also impartial to the bone. He’s not capable of giving her an edge in the chief resident race because he’s fair, and even the appearance of favoritism would be anathema to him. This does put Cris in a bad place, but Owen didn’t cause it, the Chief did by assigning him a job that was a clear conflict of interest.

            As for him telling her that he wants a child with her, what’s wrong with him stating his desires? All he really asked for was for her to at least act as if his opinion mattered. This is something she hasn’t done vis a vis the baby thing, at least not on camera. And it’s not that she ever told him she didn’t want children, it’s that they never discussed it at all prior to marrying, at least if we can believe what she said in that locker room altercation. So anyone who wants to hate Owen for this is just looking for an excuse.

            This couple is the only reason I kept watching GA after season 4. Although the writing has been sloppy at times (especially the whole Teddy triangle fiasco), when the two of them are alone onscreen together, it’s magic. I really hope the writers give them some material that’s worthy of their relationship.

          • cjs says:

            nice use of the word octogenarians!

          • Sad to hear more from Xav says:

            XAV – I think you are reflecting your own problems and issues onto this “TV couple” I am beginging to feel sorry for you, you need help.

      • MayDee says:

        Definitely agree with you on seeing more of the originals (Mer/Der, Yang and Alex. Chief and Owen are fine too as are Mark and Lexi. Like many, it’s the Callie-Arizon thing that makes me watch Bones instead of Grey’s so that when I watch Grey’s via DVR later, I can skip through their parts. Ugh! Liked Callie but not so much anymore and Arizon just makes me want to skip the show altogether. Why did she have to come back from Africa???

      • angela says:

        it would be interesting however to see cristina have to deal with the paperwork. a couple seasons ago lexi discovered that cristina was dyslexic. i have been wondering if that was ever going to come up again in the form of a mixup in reading/filling out charts or something.
        i’m pretty confident that owen would only give it to her if she truly deserved it. i’m sure meredith will not get it because i just have a feeling that it will come out that she messed with the trial medicines.
        i can’t see it being one of the “newbies” either. i am still unclear as to which ones are up for it since chief resident is a 5th year position only, i don’t believe it was ever established which ones were what year. i could be wrong though, does anyone know by any chance?
        and can we get rid of teddy? she literally had no place in the episode last night and i’m just plain sick of her. who cares who she dates?! i can tolerate her when she is actually working but she wasn’t in the hospital at all last night! teddy, arizona, and lexi just all need to go to africa together or something!

      • charlie says:

        You are right all the paper work would drive Christina crazy. We all know she is all about the surgeries. As for Alex he hates the paper work… remember the episode where he wanted to go to the ballgame but had to sign all his charts. So if the immpossible happens the most logical choice would be Merideth because she could still have a pregnency and do her job. The main perpose to having a boss is that they do all the paperwork that no one else wants to do.

    • Laurie says:

      It can’t be Callie, because Callie was up with Bailey. It has to be from the same year of residents right? So that leaves it up between M/A/C. Won’t be M if she’s in trouble, and Alex has that tie to someone to help him.

      But that’s just logic as I don’t really watch and the storyline may have set things up differently this time around.

      • mary says:

        It probably will be Mer and then she will wind up losing the chief residency because of what she did with the clinical trial.

    • Mary says:

      I hope its not another repeat of a shoot-out like it was last season. I think Mer will lose her job for switching paperwork & it will also affect her marraige.
      I think Chistina & Owen will have major issues with their marriage.
      Alex, even though at times he is a jerk, just might be the chosen one?

      I think the lesbians will have trouble in the future, when it comes to the baby.

    • tfilip21 says:

      Think they will bring Burke back?

      • fdakglga. says:

        i’ve always hoped they would bring him back, but it probably won’t happen. i mean, they kicked him off the show. i can’t see them being like ‘oh hey, a few seasons have gone by, you can come back now.’
        he was one of my favourite characters though. the way he and george interacted was great, and i kind of enjoyed his relationship with christina. i kind of wished they would bring addison back. she was another one of my favourites. her and burke weren’t so… childish, i’ll say, like a lot of the other characters.

      • kay says:

        I think they should bring Burke back too for Christina…I loved them together and I think Dr.McDreamy & Meredith make the show..Storybook romance,,,and Dr.McSteamy is hot! But should be with Lexi!

      • Amy says:

        I would LOVE for them to bring Burke Back!

      • trisha franklyn says:

        Yeah bring burke back maybe its the chief and he finally loses the plot and decided to wipe out his staff

      • Deanne says:

        Burke is so done. DO NOT BRING HIM BACK!

    • Cindy k says:

      i think Owne and Christina don’t make a good couple. I can’t see her with anyone let alone an older war veteran. Talk about depressed, Meredith always looks like she is going to cry. What a wimp!

    • Becky says:

      I think the cheif resident has to be Alex…The writers have kept him on the edge of greatness for so so long, and its sometimes hard to like him, but He is amazing and BELIEVABLE!! I love him and sometimes I want to punch him out! But He must be cheif resident or they just wrote it wrong! And Christina couldn’t be more of a completely different character if they had replaced her altogether.

      • Deanne says:

        Speaking from experience in a medical environment. Alex would have to change a lot to be able to get chief resident. Right now he’s still to immature and raw. He doesn’t have the leadership qualities that you need as a CR. He is growing in his role as a Dr. but his mentorship skills are sorely lacking. He is still too all about Alex and cannot see the bigger picture. A CR has to be able to lead and even more they have to inspire others to follow. If you don’t have a least the gruding respect of the other residents you might as well call it a day. Cute just don’t cut it.

    • Amanda says:

      After seeing the wedding ep, I would have to say that Avery and Kepner are stepping into the ring as well. I agree about Not having Christina becoming chief resident simply because she is “being benched.” She has years of successful surgeries and assists to support her, but not doing anything currently is going to hurt her unless she pulls a Karev and pulls a project out of her… butt.

    • Sandy says:

      Can someone tell me whatever happened to Izzie? Did they write her off or did she die of cancer? What was the final scoop on her?

    • Patricia Sigmond says:

      what about meredith? I think she would do a awesome job, she saw that Richard wife had alltimers since beginning and he didn’t even recognize it and he is older, chief and saw it from Meredith Mother.

    • Jeff Andrews says:

      Ummmmmmmm spoiler its Little gray that gets it btw

  2. French dude says:

    Izzie’s offscreen death!!!

    • Lyss says:

      Shonda had mentioned earlier that they could not do this, that it wouldn’t be right for the character and not do Izzie justice/the show justice if they did that…

      • French dude says:

        Really? That’s too bad but you may be right…Honestly, that’s the only emotional shootout I can imagine which could gather Alex, Meredith and Cristina. I mean, right now they have three different storylines (except the Chief Resident thing which is not very emotional).

    • xav says:

      I wish. That would be an interesting thing to do, so it won’t happen and it’ll be more contrived drama for our favourites.

  3. Ana M. says:

    This wasn’t encouraging. Also, don’t worry Shonda. Everyone is already expecting every scenario for your characters.

  4. Emily says:

    It’s so sad that I just don’t care anymore… My life revolved around this show at one point. Now, I can’t even be bothered to turn on my TV on Thursday nights.

    • C says:

      It’s not sad. I say good for you. No one’s life should revolve around tv shows. I’ve been there, to the point where I’d refuse invites from friends because I couldn’t miss my favorite show(s). While it’s nice to tune in every now and again to check on the storyline I’m much happier now that I’ve been actually living my life rather than living vicariously through tv characters. 

  5. Irina G says:

    The one thing I would NOT be able to stand is if Meredith’s issues with the clinical trial lead to a Mer-Der split. I know Shonda swore they’re together for life but she’s recently said that she may go back on past promises. If that happens, though, I am SO quitting the show…

    • c s says:

      Of course they’re not going to break up. We’re stuck with the dreadfully boring couple forever.

      • Jenna says:

        ALL the couples are boring now. I’m yawning through the Calzona crap and we rarely see Cris/Owen now (almost as bad as MerDer) but when I do it’s a snooze fest. SR doesn’t know how to write for a single couole on this show.

        • Sane Person Watching!! says:

          When you learn to spell, your opinion might matter a tad more. Everyone that has posted comments here watches this show and has for a long time. Ive been watching from day 1!!!
          I have no doubt the SF will be as amazaing if not more, than last years SF.
          No one saw that coming until the show started. Every week there is something that we get to see that’s not even entered our minds until we put the show on. THAT my friends, is why it’s still on the air.
          The biggest and greatest storylines come from a show that followed the boring ER.
          Let’s see how many more seasons GA is on the air after them.
          That will tell the tale of a show that will be a classic forever!!!
          P.S. to the GLBT haters… quit using them as an excuse to put your hatred out on the internet.
          WE get it. You hate! Keep THAT crap to yourselves or don’t watch. Even if you quit watching, the show must and will go on, with or w/o you!!!
          Thank you for letting me put my comment on here. It’s only b.c. we have people fighting to give us the right to comment, but they are NOT fighting to give the right to hate!!!

          • cheezel says:

            Your right. All of those thousands of people went to war to fight and die for the right for you to vehemently defend Gray’s Anatomy.
            P.S Don’t dis ER. You can write those comments about ER after Grays Anatomy has run past the fifteen year mark.

          • Magnolia State Girl says:

            Since you were so quick to be nasty to Jenna about a misspelled word, I can’t help but suggest that YOU use spellcheck or a dictionary especially when you are criticizing another’s spelling or typo. We all make mistakes as you can see by reading your response to Jenna.
            I love Grey’s Anatomy and look forward to Thursday nights. Sure there are things about the show that bother me (Callie/Arizona/Mark)
            right now but it’s TV, it’s for entertainment. It’s not my life. I can’t think of anything that would make me completely quit watching GA.

          • Jacey says:

            You seem kind of angry and bitter. I think you should spend a little more time going for a walk and little less living your life through the characters on the screen. It’s a TV show for crying out loud. Get a grip!

          • marisol95 says:

            Ive been watching the show from the start and i agree with “sane person watching” if you don’t enjoy the show then don’t watch it, its that simple…no one is forcing you to watch it so just stop hating…and leave those of who like it to enjoy it…:1

        • whatever says:

          Jenna you are totally out of your league here if you don’t like it change the channel or better yet don’t watch TV at all get a better education

        • Deanne says:

          I think that they need to get back to basics. The show was more interesting in the beginning. We are too familuar with the characters now. Start showing more of their skills, and less of their failures. Christine and Owen are an odd couple. They got married while Christine was delusional. He seems supportive but in a way he does undermine her to keep her “in her place”. Derek and Meredith are a good couple but I think they need a break from working so closely together. It makes for a very predictable story line. Derek is also too protective. He needs to let go so that Meredith can come into her own. I think that Meredith would be great as Chief Resident. In my job I’ve seen many chief residents come up the ranks and she definately has what it takes. Callie and Arizona…are not a good couple. Callie is very giving (but perhaps a bit spoiled) and Arizona is just kind of selfish and one dimensional. She wants to care about Callie but lets face it… she really cares more about herself. I think that Mark and Callie actually have a stronger bond and make a better couple. Lexie and Mark.. the couple mistake of the decade. She’s too young and intellegent for him. They are in totally different places in their lives. Lexie is better off with someone younger. Alex has been coming along nicely and once they get all the chips knocked off his shoulders he should be fine. I think he should go to a third world country. Maybe a cross over to Off the Map or something. Bring back more of Bailey. I think she should get Webber’s job. That would shake things up.

      • fdskgjlga says:

        hahah thank you for saying that. they totally are a borefest now. for the first, what… 4/5 seasons they were so unstable and then all of a sudden they got married and are like drones. though meredith has always been pretty annoying…

    • Amanda says:

      I think it would be a GIANT step back if they split again too. They have done that enough times already. There would be some very palpable friction and tension, but I don’t think breaking up/separating is the best solution for them.

  6. Eric says:

    I will be pissed if after all this so called emotional growth, Owen and Cristina break up because she chooses career over her relationship. What growth would that be!!!

    • c s says:

      I think the exact opposite. With all this emotional growth if they DON’T split up it’ll show that Cristina is exactly the same girl she always has been: one who lets a man walk all over her, one that lets her spouse tell her not only that who she is as a person is fundamentally wrong but screws over her career too. Cristina has a knack for choosing men who seek to destroy her while claiming they love and “support” her. I’d like to see her leave Owen at the curb and choose her own path for once instead of having her significant other choose it for her.

      • Britt says:

        What show are you watching? I really just don’t see how Cristina lets her significant others walk all over her. She turned Burke in about his tremors, she declined Marlow’s hand in marriage, Burke’s the one who left HER at the alter because it was a marriage of convenience for her, Owen turned to her for help through his PTSD, he tried to help her get through *her* PTSD… I’m really just baffled. She has always wanted to be a cardio god, no one else chose that path for her.

        • fdaslgjal. says:

          burke was trying to turn her into the woman HE wanted her to be. he even said that. and thats why he ended up leaving her. and although she turned him in, she was the one who practically forced him to continue doing surgeries. and although i love owens character, it’s only a less severe version of her relationship with burke.

      • Deanne says:

        I so totally agree with cs Owen makes Cristina less than she can be.
        She has always been a more dynamic character when she stands alone. You can feel her power when she doesn’t have a long shadow cast over her by the “attending” of the moment.
        I can’t respect the part they have the Cristina character playing right now it just makes her seem weak and needy and that’s not who she started out as.
        Give Cristina her backbone back so she can kick some a**. Show us what strong women are made of. Cristina needs a guy who’s not in the same field as her. She needs to be able to shine in on the battle ground (work) without the long shadow of her present lover hovering over her. I know that it’s tough to have a life outside the hospital but GIVE HER A LIFE.

      • Deanne says:

        I totally support that. Cristina is not strong when she has a man to lean on … she actually comes across as weak and pathetic. She needs a separation between work and real life. She needs a great guy who’s not a Dr. It would allow her to be strong and independant at work and mellow at home without detracting from her goals.

        Look at Altman. Her pho marriage guy is great. He’s a friend, buddy, confidant. She doesn’t have to be super Dr in front of him. She is free to just be “the Girl” he happens to be married to. It gives her more dimension as a person.
        I hope the writers tank the plot line about her dating the “Crisis Management Shrink” again. Those two just have odd (bad) chemistry. To put it bluntly the shrink is a din*. Hopefully that little plot twist will just let her see that she’s missing something really great thats right in front of her and allow her to become closer with her pho husband.

    • Lisa says:

      Owen has been so good for Cristina, he loves her for who she is. He has never pushed her into doing something she is not ready for. And for once in her life, she is happy with something that is not related to her need for surgeries.

      I love angsty Owen and Cristina, and look forward to the season finale! I just hope it doesn’t ruin their relationship.

      • xav says:

        I think he’s been terrible for her. He emotionally abuses her worse than Burke did. The choosing his own career over hers is almost worse than the berating her for not wanting kids, something he had already agreed to earlier.

        • mel says:

          What show did you watch ! Because we certainly don’t watch the same one ! Owen is not career-driven and he is always supportive with Cristina ! And he has the right to express an opinion because make a couple works is about talking and respect each other point of view !

          • biblio says:

            He chose to be buddy-buddy with the Chief knowing it would screw over his wife rather than passing, like other characters did. And he didn’t just say that he wanted kids even after he agreed with her point of view before they got married and wanted to open the discussion up again, he disparaged her personality and told her that she needed to “grow up”. That’s the ultimate in disrespect from a man when women are constantly told from birth that they are not complete as women without children, as if she could have gotten where she was without thinking about it. Especially since the character had been pregnant before. The show in general is disparaging to women who don’t want kids so I’m not surprised but it’s sad to see it directed at my favourite character.

        • Lily says:

          With all due respect I think you are watching a different show. I think you don’t know the term of “emotionally abusive”, Owen has nothing to do with it. Always let her choose her path and I don’t know when did he cared more about his career, never seen that. He is just doing his job and always been very correct and he never favored anyone. He loves Cristina for who she is, never asked her to change in any way and always tried to help her, because he wants what’s best for her. And in choosing the CR he will make the correct choice, that doesn’t mean Cristina doesn’t have shot.
          I get you don’t like Owen, but your affirmations have nothing to do with what I’m seeing on screen. All this for the sake of the hate of a character..

          • Kiks says:

            I love how everyone is accusing Owen of screwing Cristina over on the Chief Resident thing when it hasn’t even happened yet. Unless you guys are privy to some really great spoilers, I don’t think anyone knows who the CR is going to be. Way to jump to conclusions.

        • Whatever agin says:

          xav Really you are beating a dead horse stop. Owen is being betrayed as a real person back from trama. I feel spouces often bring out the best and the worst in us. As far as his career Ok not the nicest thing to do but Christina hasn’t been stable for long she is better suited for surgery and if I was Owen I would have to think about, Would she be happy with all the paperwork? Would it take away from their ralationship loosing her in the long run. Remember the Chief had problems along those lines. As far a “berating” her about not wanting kids people change their minds when it comes to kids. what is wrong with keeping a open mind for now

  7. j says:

    April will be Chief Resident.

  8. Julie says:

    Didn’t Meredith suffer enough last season? Rhimes said the price she had to make for her husband Derek to live was the loss of her baby. So not only is her husband shot in the chest in front of her, but blood was running down her thighs at the end of the season due to the loss of their child. Now the chance of Mer being Chief Resident is all but gone by the episode description above. She’s had fairly debilitating side effects (including blindness) from fertility drugs and yet still cannot conceive and now her trying to get Adele into Derek’s clinical trial will most likely effect their relationship as well. Thanks Shonda for again having the Meredith character bend over and grab her ankles in the season finale. I swear this show runner is not happy unless she brutalizing the lead character of this show every single season.

  9. Ingmar says:

    Guess Meredith will be arrested or something for ilegal work or fired or something. Alex will be chief resident but that will be to easy to guess so it may involve Christina who leaves Owen to get the spot ; or April or Avery.

  10. ginger says:

    I don’t think Crstina would make a good cheif resident but it sucks that Owen has to choose so that’s the excuse.

  11. Allie says:

    So Meredith’s questionable decision with the trial in this week’s episode will lead to the trial being shut down in the finale. Which, I’m sure, will lead to some inevitable Derek outburst and arguments. Maybe he’ll even say hurtful things and storm off? Awesome.

    I know Shonda Rhimes makes some seriously questionable calls, but I don’t think she’s dumb enough to split up Mer/Der in the finale, even if it’s only temporarily. Where’s the growth there? And wow, what a reward for the truly terrible season they’ve had.

    • xav says:

      Meredith and Derek deserve SOMETHING interesting. They’ve been saddled with “we want a baby” storyline which is the most boring storyline available on television except actually HAVING a baby on a show about professionals.

      • Allie says:

        I agree that Meredith and Derek deserve an interesting storyline. But I don’t think that Derek berating her and then storming out or leaving her would count as interesting. He can be mad, and rightfully so. But if the season ends without him by her side, I’m gonna have a REAL problem. It’d be like twenty steps back and a rewind to Season 3. It’d be a complete slap in the face to anything they’ve worked towards and the progress they’ve made, in my opinion.

        How do you end last season with Meredith willing to risk her own life to save his because she couldn’t stand to live without him and this one with him leaving her? I seriously hope Shonda’s not that dumb.

        • xav says:

          Derek does tend to be really horrible to Meredith, that’s so true. I really wish they’d get a storyline where Meredith’s career and how she wants to balance her desire to be a mother with said career is really forefront. I have a suspicion that Ellen and Patrick have asked for a little less screentime this season though and that’s why we’re seeing such dull storylines for them.

          • Jen says:

            Yeah, well even if that, we’re not seeing much of the other characters either. We’re only seeing Callie, Mark and Arizona, that’s the only storyline going on Grey’s.

          • Allie says:

            About once or twice a season, he has some really terrible outburst and yells at her and treats her like a piece of crap. He has an awful temper and it’s NEVER been addressed. He hasn’t had an outburst yet this season… I bet it’s coming soon! YAY CAN’T WAIT!

            And YES. That’s exactly what I was hoping for them this season too! The parent vs. career balance, Meredith not wanting to become her mother, etc. So much potential and yet, Shonda ruins it once again.

          • Babs says:

            I have been watching from the beginning and would like to see Mer/Der finally build their house and more of the original cast like Yang, chief and owen and get away from unbeleivable topics.

  12. Jenna says:

    It’s sad how pathetic this show has became. I don’t even care anymore. I used to thrive on spoilers! Now why even bother because we all know it’s doom and gloom for every finale. And give Meredith something happy? Yeh right, Shonda wouldn’t know how to write Meredith if it was right in front of her. Somewhere along the way the bright, smart creater of Grey’s lost what the show was about. Sad to say I give it one maybe two more season and this show is sunk.

    The only reason I still tune in because of the wonderful acting of Justin Chambers, Ellen Pompeo, and Patrick Dempsey. But sadly they don’t have much to work with anymore. You can see it in Patrick’s interviews how unhappy he is with the show.

    I give it one more season and Ellen and Patrick will depart. Once they’re gone the show is going to sink faster than the titanic. Karma’s a bitch!

    • Heather says:

      If you don’t care why are you reading the spoiler, commenting on it, and commenting on other people’s posts? If you don’t want to watch anymore don’t, but quit putting other people opinions down. You think your an expert, but really your not.

    • MAE says:

      You know, I think you might be right about the slow demise of the show. It used to be that I couldn’t wait to see the next episode, but that’s starting to wane now. Derrick & Meredith have always been my favorite characters but their story line has become so bland that I’ve actually fallen asleep a couple times this season, while watching MY FAVORITE SHOW. The story lines of the other characters have not consistently been interesting enough to pick up the pace and maintain it at the level it previously was at — when at the end of the show — every single week — I’d be left thinking, “Wow, I can’t wait to see what happens next week.” Yes, there’s been a couple good episodes, but the level of intensity has decreased. Another problem is that the network is not airing new episodes every single week — they’ve been airning repeat episodes in between. Sometimes there might be three past episodes airing between the new ones. Three weeks is too long to maintain interest and follow along with the story line. I’m disappointed because I Love the show and I don’t think the writers are giving it the enthusiasm to maintain it.

    • Dana says:

      You could be completely right about that…its not only the character’s direction…but the real life actor’s directions that could effect an emminent end to the show. For one, I know contracts are up in a season or two, and Ellen Pompeo has already stated in an interview that motherhood will prevent her from renegotiating. Also, its obvious Patrick Dempsey’s movie career has taken off as well as his racing career. There is almost no need for the show aside from money to feed his racing team. Regardless, I would like to see this drama bow out gracefully next season. What would the show be without “GREY”??? It would be the rest of the characters laying on the ground for half a season and then having “ghost sex” the other half lol.

  13. hannah says:

    Owen and Cristina are made for each other. He has shown her that there is more than just surgery! He has fought for her when she tried to toss him aside twice. I can’t see her giving him up that easy now. Sure there maybe some angst but ultimately they love each other. I think she will get pregnant by accident and that will be the choice.

    Sick of merder! Cristina and owen are only reason I have watched since season 5!

  14. lara says:

    I watch this show for Cristina and Owen! Shonda better leave them alone!

  15. karsyn says:

    Why is it that all the MerDer people wish bad things to happen to other characters? Everyone knows Cristina and Owen love each other-so let them be.

    • Molly says:

      I don’t think MD fans are attacking O/C fans. Think it goes both ways. But basically more than anything, I think what you are seeing is overall fans of every couple on this show frustration with how their ships are being written, the promises broken by Shonda Rhimes, and the lack of good writing for all of them. I am reading it from O/C fans here (and on Twitter) MerDer fans, Calzona fans etc. Let’s not point fingers because accomplishes nothing. Overall, I think you are just witnessing a group of diehard GA fans feeling very let down overall but not really directly at each other. Sad that Shonda Rhimes has let her show come to this.

      • karsyn says:

        I do not know what twitter feed you are referring to. I am part of CO biggest supporters and i tweet and blog CO love everywhere. I have not seen one MerDer dont belong, should breakup, no baby, Der is no good, mer is a wreak, anywhere. I like them and most CO peeps do as well.

      • lisa says:

        I have to agree with Molly. It is one person that is being ugly just to be ugly because they are not her cup of tea. And then morphed into others LOL

        The beginning of the season when we had a lot of Mer/Der and Cristina/Owen – it was very good, but the second part of the season they have been missing in action. So yes, many are frustrated.

  16. Leslie says:

    PEOPLE Patrick and Ellen want less storyline on Greys, thats why they have less screen time! WTH Shonda doesnt hate them. The boring everyday storylines is what you all wanted, happy MerDer. Urrr, no wonder everyone has become a Crowen fan or Calzona fan.

    • Neal says:

      Get over yourself. You have no idea what any of these actors have asked for or want. Quit acting like you’ve got some insight into the inner workings of this show because you don’t. And stop making *ssumptions about the overall fanbase of GA which on a weekly basis is close to 10 million. You don’t speak for all ships of this show, not by a long shot. So quit trying to act like you know something you don’t.

      • Steph says:

        Funny because many shippers claim to have insight to Shonda Rhimes and her MerDer hate. Now, thats funny! I dont think anyone is claiming to have insight on anything, but PD has other things going on and EP has made it clear she is in mommy mode.

        • Jamie says:

          ….and Sarah Ramirez says she wants to go back to Broadway release more music and Sandra Oh wants to be more active interdependent films.. What the heck does that mean? Seems for someone who wants to focus your issues on PD & EP and their career goals you think they have that leaves them with minor screen time on GA weekly, you have conveniently left out that MANY of the actors on GA have other career goals and are achieving them while still doing GA and yet STILL have substantial screen time. I agree with the other poster, we have no idea what these actors have asked for personally in terms of their GA schedules, only what is said in the pres and we all know how reliable that is, and to say what ships fans are turning to more is just pointless because nobody has a clue millions of fans are watching GA for period.

      • KellyL says:

        ITA How presumptuous for someone to think she/he knows how EP or PD feel about GA based on their interpretation of an interview or a picture. Pitiful that someone who clearly has no life lives vicariously through a TV show 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If this is your daily contact with people, then I feel sorry for you. By the way, I’ve enjoyed Season 7.

      • Michelle says:

        wow people it is a TV show!! Can we all agree on one thing we Love GA?? Does it matter whose character is favorite, they have multiple to appeal to a wide fans base calm down people and enjoy some non-reality TV!!

  17. yanghunt says:

    first off Owen has never ever chosen for Cristina so I don’t know wh that needs to be question I would like to see people actually try to tell me how Owen has ” dsitroyed ” Cristina in any way He helped her through her PTSD being a good husban and never tired to distory her only love her and lets her make up her own mind up even if they do have ” communication issues “He has allowed her to slowly see there is more to life then just surgery even if it hasnt yet made such an impact on her !! I think Owen wont pick her as chief and yes she will be annoyed about but she will know why there a team and what ever position she is put through I think over time she has learn that love is also just as important then her career.

    • xav says:

      The truly supportive way for Owen to let her learn that love is as important as her career is by letting her have the career she wants rather than choosing for her and let her balance it on her own. Oh and not emotionally cheat on her again like all last season.

  18. Anne says:

    I am so hoping Cristina is pregnant. <3

  19. Linda says:

    Is it just me thinking this but exactly how long can they have these characters remain residents??? I’ve worked in a hospital for 30 some years and realistically the students do not remain residents for year after year after year! Come on Shondra, let’s get real.

    • xav says:

      The first three seasons were only their intern year. Seasons 4 and 5 were their second year. Which I suppose that means 6 was their third year and 7 is their 4th. The show has a slower timeline, that’s why they’re still residents.

    • Deanne says:

      Finally… a reality check. Basic progression at least in Canada goes Jursi, Intern, Resident I, II, III, IV. Then depending on your field possibly a Resident V. Surgical residency is usually longer then a medical residency (i.e. neurosurgery 4 – 6 years, Neurology 4 years.) Then a Fellowship of 1 to 3 years. Then at long last you get to be an attending. Maybe if they made a point of letting people know that it might not seem so odd that they are just hanging in there. Also in Canada you can do electives in another hospital/province. These are usually 2 to 6 months depending on the field of study.

    • Amanda says:

      I was wondering the same thing!! I have no experience in the medical field but I heard somewhere that the residency is only about 7 years. I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed!

  20. Sam says:

    Yeah well I am sick of Owen and Cristina. Relationship vs work issues. How many times are they going to do the same with Cristina’s character? The only reason I watch is for MerDer. Patrick and Ellen’s chemistry even if they don’t give them material to work with anymore. Since Shonda lately is focus on her precious Callie and the threesome of the show!

    • xav says:

      Have you thought that perhaps Ellen wanted to work less this season because she has a child she wants to spend time with and that Patrick wanted the same thing because he’s been busy filming movies?

  21. Missy says:

    Cristina would not make a good CR! She is by far my very favorite but she lacks people skills. Let her become a badass cardio surgeon and leave the teaching to someone else. Also, Owen and Cristina make the most sense to end up preggos because that is one thing non of us really would predict for them.

    • ginger says:

      Agree with Missy.Cristina has what it takes to be a great suregon but not CR.She lasck the people skills,she’s not a good teacher and I doubt she cares about the administravtie duties.I do love the Crisina/Owen coupling though they are hot.

      I also love Arizonia and Callie.

      They can get rid of Jackson for all I care he’s a bore.

      Then pair up Alex and April.

  22. Sam says:

    Less Calzona!! Go AWAY TEDDY and more Lexie with Jackson.

    • Debbie says:

      I agree that they need to get rid of Teddy – she is boring and the storyline of her marrying to help Henry then going out on dates is disgusting. I hate Lexie with Jackson – she belongs with Mark !!

      • Deanne says:

        I think that Teddy has finally started to show herself as a real person. Henry will be her saving grace. I think that love could grow there. While Lexie and Avery are an odd and transitory match at least they are in the same stage of their life. Mark is just too damn old (yet emotionally immature) for Lexie. She needs someone better. Callie and Arizona… once again, not a good couple. Their wants and needs are too different from each other. They should have left Arizona in Africa. Callie could do so much better.

        • Amanda says:

          I must respectfully disagree, about Calzona. I think Arizona gets Callie to be more focused sometimes on herself rather than trying to please everyone, and Callie helps Arizona see that compromises must be made in order to really succeed in a relationship. Arizona even explained ( I think this season) that she’s the one that bails. She was an Army brat, and somewhere along the way developed committment issues. Because of her love for Callie, she is getting through her own issues of commitment. I love them together. Erica was the bad seed, but I suppose it’s a 50/50 shot with your first love.

  23. MD says:

    How many times is Shonda going to screw with Meredith? This season was torture and dissapointment for her. Now she’ll be screwing with her professional and personal life all at once. So great!

    • xav says:

      As long as she is tasked with having a show people watch. Happy characters with no problems have no storylines on a show about relationship drama.

      • Jessica says:

        So true, but I have to admit, Shonda Rhimesreally goes overboard with Meredith. It’s one thing for angst & drama to move a story along, quite another to beat down a character so severely each season to the point of making me wince in pain. She goes to unneeded extremes with Meredith for some reason repeatedly.

  24. Aimee says:

    They just need to do some stuff with April and Jackson because i kinda like them but i think the other couples are becoming boring… also Lexie needs to break up with JAckson already because thats just wrong…

    • Kris says:

      Agreed. I’ve wanted April/Jackson together since last season. I thought that’s where it was headed when he punched Alex out but instead, Lexie/Mark fans got a giant middle finger. Thanks Shondra, appreciate it.

  25. ana114 says:

    Shonda needs to end this show while it has its dignity. She running out stuff to tell. She repeating herself now.

  26. Danielle says:

    April will be CR, Christina/Owen will be having a baby, and Mer/Der might be adopting.

  27. mwgrl says:

    Well it seems Shonda’s vagueness has done the trick again. Emotional shoot out on the show and here in the comments. (Just a joke, really!) A quick shout out to those who pointed out all shippers are frustrated at this point because all of us are. It’s sweeps and it’s time to stir the pot so we’ll talk about the show – and ratings (and ad sales) will be good. That being said…

    Growing up and the attendant issues are in play for Mer, Cris, and Alex. And thank goodness! I think they’ll all be in places we never imagined for them – Mer married, maybe adopting and owning up to her clinical trial mistakes – Cris owning up to her career drive and also finding herself unexpectedly pregnant – and Alex potentially watching a great woman walk out of his life at the point at which he gets Chief Resident. (Who imagined him the next Bailey? Hee.) They’ll all be facing successes and challenges. Some of it we’ll like and some of it we won’t. Ultimately it’s up to us if we keep tuning in.

  28. Angela says:

    I am so over Owen and Cristina. He sucks the life out of her. I hope if she’s pregnant she aborts it and I hope she gets him out of her life and as far away as possible. He’s a jerk and Cristina deserves SO much better. Of course the 10 CO fans that refuse to let anybody else have an opinion about opinion will contend that Cristina will be the perfect little wifey and she can give up her job for big manly man Owen. Just like Beth, they have no aspirations in life and would live to see Cristina’s dreams go down in flames so they can watch her play house instead.

    • LMSO says:

      The thing is…millions of women have both careers and children. That’s one of the aspects of this whole storyline that’s rather ridiculous. Should Cristina choose to have a baby (which remains to be seen, BTW) it doesn’t mean she’d give up her career and “play house”! Nor would Owen want her to do that. He knows what it means to her to be a surgeon. Remember when Cristina asked Owen if he’d love her if she weren’t a surgeon? His response was that he’d love her if she were a plumber (translation: no matter what) but would she love herself? He has been loving and supportive in good times and bad and a major reason Cristina is back in residency now is that Owen gave her space when she needed it and encouraged Richard to keep her spot open for her!

    • ForTheLoveOfGod! says:

      OK so maybe your opinion is the view of 10 C/O fans… but the vast majority of the HUGE & increasing C/O fanbase love this couple because Owen DOES and always WILL support Cristina.. he supports her in life … in her career and in any decision she takes to have a family… THAT’s why they are so popular! Owen doesn’t suck the life out of Cristina… they breathe life into each other!

  29. Maya says:

    I wouldn’t put it past Owen to be tampering with Cristina’s birth control somehow. He’s a manipulative pos, that one.

    • ForTheLoveOfGod! says:

      Oh wow…. this really REALLY is a ridiculous comment to make.. !!!!! Owen loves Cristina… Cristina loves Owen… love is love… it’s simple as that! Get over it haters!

  30. LMSO says:

    First of all, the comments by “mwgrl” are spot on…well said! I do find something realy interesting, though. In the beginning of GA both Meredith and Cristina were understandably caught up in and almost exclusively focused upon their careers. Now Meredith is happily married to Derek, Cristina is happily married to Owen, and both women are (like so many of us) trying to juggle the personal and professional aspects of their lives. But why is Meredith’s desire to be a mom accepted with little complaint while the mere *hint* that Cristina could change her mind and have a baby is called “character assassination”? The truth is that circumstances *do* change things and people *do* sometimes change their minds. I’m fine with Cristina having a child or choosing to *not* have a child. It’s her decision and we don’t know yet what circumstances would surround her possible pregnancy. Speaking personally, I took time to establish my career and was married several years before having a child and in retrospect I was rather ambivalent about the whole thing. I never really had a fervant desire for a baby and I certainly wondered what kind of mom I’d be. But I can’t imagine life now without my son. If Cristina decides to remain childless, that’s fine. But if she decides to have a baby that’s fine, too. Regardless, I love Cristina and Owen together and I love their grown up love story with all of its complexity and complications. Cristina and Owen FTW!

  31. Elizabeth says:

    So clearly I’ve been watching a different Greys anatomy huh because in my option Owen is nothing but kind and caring to his wife

    The way he so nicely held hetlr hair while she was sick after dancing on men huh did he mention that er no because he knew what she was going through

    What about how how he patiently and calmy helped her get through her PTSD
    He doesn’t hold her back he encourages her and he never once said they had to have kids just that sh should consider his feelings n wants more

    He has PTSD ok he seeks help
    For this and I find it an insult to all the brave ppl fighting to keep u safe
    When you ppl call PTSD suffers abusive ok their not they are I’ll and most too afraid to seek help because of people like you who call them abusers

    I love how u insult Owen but not mcDreamy who to date has called Meredith a whore, dumped her for his wife, called her a lemon and thrown a ring into the woods n told her to go get it

    Now I like Derek but like Owen he’s not perfect :)

    • Zena says:

      I couldn’t have said it better! I agree with you 100% about Owen’s adimrable devotion to Cristina!!

    • ochforever says:

      totally agree with Elizabeth, Owen’s the best husband of the yaer, I truly enry Crsitina has a wonderful partner

  32. Kavita says:

    Maybe George is back from the dead… mer, alex and christina are from the beginning…

  33. Kelly says:

    Oh Lord, finally we see the light… FREE DEREK FROM MEREDITH! And free us from the insufferable presence of the one-tone acting of Ellen Pompeo every time the great Patrick Dempsey is on screen. I’m really starting to think he will leave the show… good for him!

  34. John says:

    Lol, these posts are highly entertaining.
    MerDer drama.
    Christina/Owen drama.
    The Race Drama.
    This should be entertaining.

  35. COlover says:

    Why are ppl hating on Cristina and Owen?! Seriously thats why people watch Greys now because they are the best and HOTTEST couple on that show! You people who are making nasty comments have no clue what you are talking about, like Owen sucking the life out of Cristina? Seriously have u even watched Greys before?! Owen and Cristina love each other so much and they are perfect for each other!! Merder are kinda boring now and all that the Merder fans do is complain, complain, complain that theres no Merder ever and you all want to sign a petition to get all of season 8 dedicated to them, well just to let all of you know there would probably be like 20 fans that would watch the show if it was all about Merder!! Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd give alot to that show!! They have amazing chemistry, chemistry I have never seen before on a show they are so amazing! The only reason I watch is to see what will happen with them! and this Calzona story line is so freakin ridiculous, its getting boring and old really fast! Owen and Cristina are the ones who make the show interesting and I bet like 99% of the fans watch for them! Cristina and Owen are the best couple that will ever be on Greys, if you all think they are terrible then go watch another show!!! Hey maybe Merder will get their own spinoff so all you Merder fans won’t have to complain anymore!! Actually Cristina and Owen would be better off with their own show cause the ratings on that show would be through the roof!!! People have even said they want to see Sandra and Kevin do something together besides Greys because of their amazing chemistry! All you Cristina Owen haters need to stop talking cause you have no clue what you are talking about!!!! CO FOREVER!!!!

  36. writestuffla says:

    Christina Yang is one of the best written characters in TV history, and Sandra Oh knocks it out of the park. If anyone would ever deserve a spinoff from Grey’s, it’s Sandra.

  37. Kris says:

    The sucky thing is, what I want most in this finale will not happen (and probably wont ever happen) but I’m dying for Mark/Lexie to get back together. However, the writers seem more content with giving Jackson someone than pleasing a passionate fanbase so I guess I’ll have to live with the fact their done. I can’t see her agreeing to be apart of Mark’s weird threesome family.

  38. Guy says:

    You know what i think, Cristina is pregnant. Now that is something i wouldn’t expect and Meredith gets even more pissed because of it. I actually see Alex becoming chief resident although i would love it to be Cristina or Meredith because afterall it is Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe its Lexie that gets the nod. It is going to be an interesting last few episodes and i can’t wait to see it all transpire.

  39. Carissa says:

    No way…Derek and Meredith is the perfect MATCH at all…It will be meaningless if the show continue with no Derek with Meredith……Clueless…….I’m fed of the stupid thing like break them up and now with a clinical trial mistakes….If season 8 was the last season for Meredith, please don’t end up her season 7 before leaving the show like a bitch…….I hate the lame story line as they done for Izzie……She is not fragile and she deserve something good……

  40. teniba says:

    If and when they adopt that african baby, can meredith house continue to be a college dorm with people having sex everywhere if there is baby trolling up and down the place?

  41. katy says:

    I think April will be CR, Merder will adopt, Crowen will have a big fight, Lexie will still be together with Avery which I don’t like, but I think Lexie and Mark will be together in the end, probably somewhere season 8
    and maybe Sofia is dying and that is the cliffhanger.
    I glad the focus is on Mer, Christina and Alex. To much CAM lately, really to much.

  42. LittleMo says:

    I’m a Mark/Lexie fan and I’m sick of the callie/arizona show. Callie is the female version of Mark yet she gets none of the grief he does. Of all the couples Mark and Lexie have had almost exclusively down time since Valentine’s day 2010, except for a month last season and 2 or 3 episodes this season. It should have been lexie who had Mark’s child, not callie. I’m thoroughly sick of what SR did to this couple. They are forever tied to c/a because of the baby and I’ve seen byond more than enough of c/a I’m sick of looking at them.

  43. Kath says:

    Shonda Rhimes continues to ruin the cold that used to be Cristina/Owen. He has done nothing but bring her down over the past two seasons. When the Chief told him to choose the Chief Resident, he should have refused on the grounds that he is married to Cristina.

    Owen should be telling Teddy to apologise to Cristina, not the other way around. Why this show keeps repeating the ‘Amazing Cristina can’t get cardio cases’ is beyond me. A real hospital would be pushing her ahead to become a star, not keeping her down.

    If April become Chief Resident, it will be the lamest thing ever.

  44. shawn m lang says:

    I, for one, LOVE the Callie/Arizona and baby story line. I pretty much love most of the characters on this show. FWIW, it’s “delusional”.

  45. Bonnie says:

    I like the whole meredith/Derek scene, I also kind of like the change of Callie/Arizona scene but I agree I want Lexi/Mark back. I think that the show has changed Christina so much but would like for her and Owen to get together. I don’t like the whole thing with the two hospitals combining and I really don’t like that O’malley and Izzy are being kicked off. I am an avid watcher I tape this show just to watch it. Please leave the older characters and get rid of the new hospital staff that came in and took over. Don’t like them at all.

    • bubupadoop says:

      Am I lost?? I thought Owen and Christina were married. Are you sure you have watched all of your taped episodes??

  46. Doreen says:

    I really loved Greys Anatomy during the Izzy,George, Burke Days..once they all left the show came to be primarily about Calzona. I am ok with the triangle storyline, but in much smaller doses. TJ Knight left because after some great seasons, his character was put on the sidelines. So is the rest of the cast..we hardly see Bailey or Meredith and Derek. Callie was much more interesting when she was straight. She got too mushy with Arizona. I really wish we could go back to the Izzy/George/Denny days. Private Practice is doing that great so maybe Addison can come back and stir things up again.

  47. eiby says:

    i just sad that the show is end and can not wait to see what happens i just spend the last 3 weeks watching the seasons 1 through 6 due to my work hours i missed all the show but im still needing to see the very begin of season 7 episodes 1-13 that musical episode was so great i love it i hope we get to see another one well i think the chief reds will be karev hopes is him

  48. hatti petech says:

    I know Shondra and the staff writers are smart,but come on…..another shooting….it makes me crazy that another story line could not have been thought of……so many ways to leave the fans anxiously awaiting the returning season….I would like to challenge these brillant writers to find a way that is excitingly positive instead of always ending on violence …..think maybe we all need a break from that

  49. Michelle says:

    the Callie Pregnancy went fast I also wasnt thrilled with the go to commerical, 3 months go by thing last night that was confusing as hell!!

  50. Sarah says:

    From the hints I’ve read and the fact that Owen thinks highly of April as a surgeon I think she is a sure thing.