Hot Shot: Is the Good Wife Gonna Be a Bad Girl?

Perhaps we should label this photo “Hot Shots,” since by the looks of it a few 1-1/2 ounce infusions of alcohol might help lubricate The Good Wife‘s libido and send her into crush Will’s arms in the Season 2 finale titled “Closing Arguments” and airing May 17 (or as some may call it, “at long last”).

To date, Will has stopped just shy of wearing his heart on his finely tailored shirt sleeves “for the most honorable reason, in that [Alicia] was married,” series cocreator Robert King told me recently. “But what will that mean now that [the marriage’s] foundation will be shook?”

King of course refers to the spousal showdown set to go down when the CBS drama resumes its sophomore run on May 3. When last seen, Alicia had just learned (from Cary’s somewhat sadistic P.I.) that Peter once bedded “Leela” aka Kalinda. At that instant, she was on the verge of massive tears. But based on new promos, Alicia will be gunning for bear when she confronts her hubby with this newly uncovered indiscretion.

King, however, says that how Will gets wind of Alicia’s latest heartbreak and the root of it “is one of the surprises” coming viewers’ way. As the scribe put it, “It’s always fun to see how people react to information that they on one hand should feel compassionate about, but on the other hand, they’re like, ‘Woo-hoo! Party!'”

Indeed, this bar scene looks like a party of some sort waiting to happen….


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  1. c s says:

    Oh Alicia, don’t go there. You’ll get raked over the coals in every possible arena for sleeping with your boss.

    • Elle says:

      So true. I don’t want her to succumb. Even though I feel that she will be accused of it in the future and in situations like that a lot of people will not believe her anyway.

  2. rory. says:

    if these two ARE going to hook up, now is not the time. No matter how long you continue your sultry glances, and your longing… EVERYTHING, sleeping together only after finding out your husband slept with your best friend? NO. You can’t wait until your decision has been made for you on this one, and I can’t believe Will would think that this is a good idea, even if Alicia isn’t thinking straight right now.

    • Emily says:

      THIS. It’s not happening. They are just teasing and ending.

    • c s says:

      YES. I am so with you. Apart from the completely iffy emotional areas where Alicia would totally regret it because that’s who she is and he’d regret helping her get there, there are other implications. Like how Alicia’s just been betrayed again by her husband, whom Will and Alicia will have to go up against in court, and her best friend, who is Will’s employee. AS IS ALICIA. Our poor Alicia doesn’t need to have everyone biased against her because she slept with her boss.

      • Bill says:

        Good grief!! Enough already about Peter sleeping with Alicia’s best friend. That is such a distortion of what happened. When Peter has his one-night stand with Kalinda, it’s likely Alicia barely even knew who she was. True, it does hurt Alicia because knowing now will probably destroy their friendship but raking Peter across the coals because he slept with his wife’s best friend is nuts.

        As for Peter betraying Alicia again, Peter saw nothing good coming out of telling Alicia about Kalinda – not just for himself but for everyone involved. Kalinda had become his wife’s co-worker and friend. To tell Alicia now would probably mean either she or Kalinda would have to quit – probably Kalinda. Did he not come clean about Kalinda when Alicia asked him just after “hooker gate” because he was afraid how she would react? Oh, like he would have been in even MORE hot water than he already was? That makes no sense.

        So I’m afraid I’m not joining in the jubilation over the demise of Alicia’s and Peter’s marriage. I actually think the guy had changed and he was trying to become “a better man” as he claimed. But of course,that’s all irrelevant now.

        Actually, maybe Peter should have been more forthcoming with Alica, like she was with him – confessing that she had had a little make out session with Will at work and had gone back for much more but Will was gone, telling her husband about Will’s phone call and that she would consider leaving Peter if Will could come up with a plan, how she still had major feeling for Will and used to practically faint when he came into the room, and…oh wait…she didn’t confess any of those things to her husband. I guess I forgot for a moment that she had a free pass on that honesty thing because of her husband’s cheating. Some would say that makes her a little hypocritical but that would be so unfair because…well, it just would be.

        And as for sleeping with her boss, this is TV Land so the normal repercussions of a supremely dumb move like that do not apply here. While in the real world, such an act of stupidity leads to total disaster for everyone involved 99.9% of the time, not to worry here. It’s all about having fun today and to hell with tomorrow. Sounds like a good plan to me. For the Kings, it’s not about “keeping it real.” It’s about keeping the ratings up. So go for it, Alicia!

  3. Can I just point out how good they both look in that photo?
    I love them together.

  4. rory. says:

    EXACTLY. I feel like, in a way, this makes her no better than Peter. No matter how she feels about him in the bigger picture, sleeping with Will now wouldn’t be about feelings, about love, about Georgetown. It would be about having sex with somebody to:
    a) get back at Peter, revenge even inside her own head.
    b) having sex with somebody WHO IS NOT PETER. Just… getting away from Peter.

    and neither one of these things fit Alicia’s character or personality.

    • Mark says:

      Well, for starters she wouldn’t be stepping out on her husband. At the very least, they’re separated with every intention of getting divorced, so she’s not staging an affair. That alone makes her better than Peter.

      As for her motivations, I don’t agree. She repeatedly entertained the notion of leaving a reticent Peter for Will this season, and if Will had been honest about the voicemail, I think she probably would have.

      Now a LYING Peter who not only didn’t divulge his affair with her best friend, but actively covered it up when the information was going to break? Angry though she may be, I suspect that the straw that breaks the camel’s back in his marriage is a catalyst for her to embrace her stronger feelings for Will, not get revenge by immediately hooking up with someone else.

      • rory. says:

        On the contrary, I believe that this season she has seemed much more content in her relationship with Peter, and seemed to consider leaving him for Will less than she did in S1.
        As for the comment about it making her no better than Peter, I should’ve clarified that I meant in her own mind. I believe, personally, that no matter what her feelings for Will, no matter what their relationship could eventually become, Alicia herself would know that she was, in a way, using Will, and I think that in her mind, it would make her equally despicable.

        • Des says:

          @Rory When was this? After she told Owen that she was indeed in love with Will, dressed up and asked him if they had missed a connection somewhere along the way?

          Alicia has seemed a lot more committed to not rocking the boat this season, and Will is the one who encouraged her in that line of thought. Not wanting to screw things up for Peter’s career when she thought he was making an honest effort to restart his life and their relationship is not the same as being fully committed to her marriage, imo.

          • rory. says:

            It was around the time she started laughing, and joking, and SMILING around him. Somewhere after he went down on her, and she accepted it WITHOUT the underlying horniness because of Will. Around the time she let Peter back in the bedroom.
            While yes, there were still these ‘moments’ with Will, and I definitely believe there is something between them, this season she has seemed like her relationship with Peter has been… restarting, and (and this was my initial point) I don’t believe that she’s been as conflicted this season, and I’m not entirely sure that I believe that this is what Alicia wants right now. It seems like it’s little more than “I’m hurt, and you probably won’t hurt me, so I’ll come to you”.

  5. famous artist says:

    Alicia: Don’t do it, Sister. It will ruin the show if you are happy. But then, I want you to be happy, so it is up to you, not me.
    But Chris Noth is smokin’ hot.

  6. Danielle says:

    A hook-up between Alicia and Will is definitely overdue. Can’t wait!

  7. marina says:

    I love the thought of Alica and Will together but this season is defiantly not the time for it no matter how much I want it to be!
    I think Will will be there for her and Alica will confide in him, it will only make their friendship stronger but I don’t they will be sleeping together in this season.
    p.s why hasn’t CBS renewed the good wife yet?!

  8. Crys says:

    Why does she have to take high road? She tried to make it work and Peter lied to her by omission. She entitled to be happy with Will, if only for one night!

    • c s says:

      Because a) it wouldn’t make her happy. She’s Alicia. She’d feel bad. And b) it would make her life even worse in the long run.

  9. Monique says:

    Yes I already saw the finger pic on fanforum last week but I love the Will/Alicia pics at the bar sooo much. I actually don’t think they will sleep together til next season. The finger touching scene will only up the sexual tension.

  10. Kiran says:

    DO IT ALICIA!!!!!

  11. Alicia says:

    I want them to hook up but not right after such a huge bombshell was dropped. If Alicia files for divorce some time in season 3 then they should go for it. So as of now I’d take another steamy makeout session :D

  12. Solly says:

    I sometimes wonder if I watch the same show as you lot! Really Will’s being honorable cos Alicia’s married?? The hell he is! the same Will who called her up and asked her to leave that same husband during his election speech?? The only reason he’s not with her is because when he found out she didn’t get his call he was with someone else. He certainly wasn’t being noble. i’m more intrigued that Alicia appears to have absolutely no friends outside that office at all and most especially no female friends. Will ought to be the last person she ‘confides’ in on this subject considering how much she likes him and that she believes he no longer wants a relationship with her because he said so.
    When this show started the writers said they were intrigued as to why these political wives were so willing to stand by their husband on a podium and be publicly humiliated. Apart from one slap from Alicia this hasn’t been fully addressed. I still want to know why Alicia is in that marriage. Her husband slept with hookers and quite possibly her friends which may be why she has no female friends. And he went to jail. How much humiliation is she willing to put up with?? She has a brain and she’s back at work proving that she’s a pretty smart lawyer. So why is she still in the marriage? She’s asked no questions and laid down no ground rules. She truly is a ‘good wife.’

    • c s says:

      Alicia has talked about her lack of female friends. A lot. They all abandoned her after the scandal broke and she moved somewhere else. Peter sleeping with them is likely not why they’re no longer her friends; Kalinda wasn’t even her friend when they slept together, Kalinda and Alicia hadn’t even met.

  13. Sabrina says:

    Just do it!!!!! :D

  14. TGW Fanatic says:

    Alicia is probably separated from Peter by the finale. How is her having drinks with Will cheating? Is she supposed to sit at home and mourn her relationship’s demise even when she doesn’t want to? She’s been patient long enough. It’s Alicia time.
    And I think the will-they-won’t-they has gone on long enough for Alicia/Will. The show needs to get them together at this point. Hoping that the finale delivers what this preview picture promises. No more last minute lies, or voicemail deletions. The Good Wife is too smart a show to fall for network cliches and keeping the main couple apart.

  15. Evan Meadow says:

    I don’t think they’ll go there in the season finale either but if they did, I certainly don’t think she’s no better then Peter.

    She’d have perfect reason to go ahead and go for it after all this time. But just doing it would of course open more worms and cause more problems and neither of those are things that she, her family, or the firm should have to potentially deal with.

    But she would in no way be wrong for deciding to do it in the first place.

  16. Kelly says:

    I guess I’m in the minority, because I think Alicia needs someone new. Peter is no prize, but neither is Will.

  17. True says:

    She shouldn’t do it. The show is called The Good Wife. If she does hook up with Will, then she isn’t a good wife. They will have to change the name of the show.

  18. SC says:

    I think Alicia and Kalinda look better together. Just sayin’. ;)

  19. Sarrlett K says:

    Alicia should try and listen to Peter for a few minutes and not go off about him sleeping one night with her best friend, she wasn’t her friend 2 years ago. She knows Peter even his past but he has been trying his darnest since the start to make emenns for the past. People have been talking about him moving back to the old job to his good, it is something he wants to prove to people he was not currupt. On the other hand Alicia is no saint either she has put her family in second place over her job, late nights and dropping family over work when the cell phone rings.
    Going to Will would be total disaster to her family and self esteem that would haunt her forever.

    • p says:

      you got to be kidding me!!!!!! :)) ( as a person who has been in that situation I can tell you, it is not about this one occasion. you think o.k. the past is past. I wasn’t perfect either maybe I made mistakes too, now we are going to start fresh. And then boom! There is no starting fresh! Not at this point. I can assure you pursuing that will destroy her self esteem and the kids thoroughly!
      And as much I remember Peter has no money to support the kids that’s why she has to work that hard and you can’t put a stop on your work say, ok I have worked for two months on this project now, but I am not coming to the judge chamber right now! By the way, why peter is not helping with the kids?!
      I heard about a shocking statistic that one out of four women at some point gets raped or even murdered. Look at the voting here, do the math. People get out of abusive relationship; please it won’t do you any good. Trust me.

  20. Juli says:

    Go wild girl.

  21. Jeri says:

    Alicia also has to consider how her actions would affect her kids. Their feelings are as important (or more) to her as her own.

    I’m trusting the show on this, so far they have kept me fasinated and anxious to see what will happen next.

  22. Crittle says:

    Still think she should hook up with Cary. Will’s a bore

  23. p says:

    I don’t think she is going to sleep with him (it is Alicia!) but I love to see them together! That marriage is abusive, it is always another skeleton that will pop out of the closet and take her by surprise! It’s Alicia time!

  24. Jules says:

    Right or wrong Alicia needs to think very carefully before doing anything, there are to manny questions unanswered in this show that the writers are leaving out on us.

    First if Alicia was to make a stupid mistake and tryed a one nighter with Will it surely will end up back at the office and a lot of lies will be comeing forthwith from Will that will get back to her and start another sucker punch scene.

    The best sinerio to end this is stop thinking this all happened yesterday and take a big lok at what has transspired since 2 yrs ago, You know their is a 2 way street so far I have only seen 1 way. Has anybody seen any support from ALICIA to help ? I sure haven’t !!!

  25. True Spokesman says:

    My Message to everyone who watch the show

    The name of the show should not be “The Good Wife”…..
    Second if you forgive some one you forgive him or her for all his or her mistakes….

    I think Alicia should stand beside Peter as he has done nothing wrong after seeking forgirvness from His wife.

    Peter helped Alicia in winning many cases and improve her reputation in the Will company and to won the last case of season 2 episode 23.

    Alicia is proving to be a slut who shown in the episode sleep with WILL,, His divorce is even not finalized. Not speaking truth to her children why she is breaking up with her husband.

    Now talk with Kalinda normally. A True Bitch who think all for herself.
    The Name should be
    “The Bad Wife” Or “Becoming Bad”

    I am telling you this show is going to have very bad ratings where it is heading.

  26. Lulu says:

    The Good Wife is a phrase meant to be ironical in the context of this movie. Morality or not, Will is just so lovely and it is about time our heroine got her reward. She’s been so good, working hard, taking care of the kids, bringing home the bacon & most of all resisting that hunk Will. Our Good Wife deserved to be rewarded. Go Alicia, Go Will. Hope all the love/lust in that hour in the Presidential suite will sustain you & us through next season’s highs and lows.

  27. Kaylee says:

    This is for the writers on season 3 how about putting in an episode in the beginning reguarding the kids.
    Set up the scene where Alicia comes home from work late and finds an envelope with pictures of her and Will from the bar to the checkin and elevator to the the room, on top of the envelope a bottle of tequala and limes with a note from the kids saying have one on us if this will make you happy. We will be out with the rest of the thrown out wolves we don’t care anymore, telling lies to us all the time and think we will swallow them.