The Vampire Diaries Death Toll 'Will Be Extreme,' But Who Will Be Left Standing for Season 3?

Brace yourselves for some good (and not-so-good) news, Vampire Diaries fans: Executive producer Julie Plec says that Season 3 of The CW’s just-renewed hit will be “the Season of the Originals.” Which means — drumroll, please — recent Mystic Falls imports Klaus (played by Joseph Morgan) and his brother Elijah (Daniel Gillies) should see the light of another season.

Both Gillies and Morgan were initially locked in as recurring characters on TVD, but Plec playfully told reporters on Wednesday evening that the decision about the actors’ probable promotions to series regular status will be “made when we break story for Season 3,” which happens after Plec returns from her post-season getaway.

As for the rest of the cast, their collective fates still hang in the balance — though Plec did take a moment to “dispel any [specific] number value” floating about the interwebs.

“All I’ve ever said is that there will be some severe and tragic consequences, and that the loss of life will be extreme over the last couple of episodes,” she offered. “We set this ritual in motion early on, and it needs several sacrificial elements, so if it happens — and where it happens, and when it happens, and if it goes off without a hitch — there will be a lot of loss of life.”

Michael Trevino (who returns to Vampire Diaries with a new attitude this Thursday at 8/7c) was also on hand to chat with the press, and gave a tiny tease that may have actually revealed Tyler’s fate. “It’s like Tyler went through army boot camp,” he said of his slightly more subdued character. “I wanted to switch it up, but only subtly.”

TVD‘s resident werewolf proceeded, “I don’t know where they’re going to go with Tyler in Season 3, but there have to be [more] changes. Hopefully we can get into explaining what he was doing when he was gone, and who was he involved with.” So it’s probably safe to say good ol’ Tyler will make it through the ritual. (Or not. These Diaries folks are masters of the tease.)

And if your beloved character doesn’t make it to the end of the season finale — which, let’s face it, is always a possibility in Mystic Falls — Plec teased that they may not be gone for good: “We do have ways of letting our audience see their fan favorites again…over time.”

How are you feeling about the TVD death toll now? Think Tyler and the Originals are in the clear? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Amanda says:

    OMG!! TVD never disappoints and as long as my main characters make it I’ll be fine. I am so excited to see what happens, but bummed that only 4 episodes are left.

    • silly says:

      only 3 :( 20, 21 & 22

    • lorna says:

      Elijah NEEDS to be a regular. I hope they don’t kill my Alaric. Wish Bonnie would get killed but I know she won’t.

      • Luz says:

        I want to see Bonnie death too, but I don’t think that’s posssible. Tha’s why I’ll be happy as long as Elena, Damon and Stefan are safe.

      • ErixN says:

        I will be very upset if they kill off Bonnie as she’s one of my favorite characters. I really hope it’s Matt and/or the sheriff.

        • THawth says:

          Same! I really would hate to see Bonnie go. I love her, and she’s proved herself over this season. As long as Caroline and Bonnie are safe, I’m happy.

    • becky says:

      I’m just happy damon is all good.Last weeks episode had me in tears and really wasn’t sure how this week woul go. have to say I LOVED IT.lot of changes but that’s what u need to keep us this show and hope to keep seeing you every week.

  2. Corinne says:

    Not really sold on Klaus yet, but I am happy Elijah will be back for the next season. Also excited to see what else their family secrets hold, I think Elijah said there were 7 children in the family. Hopefully a bad ass chick vampire to add to the mix, cause I don’t see Katherine making it through this time.

    • Jenny says:

      I am thrilled that they decided to focus next season on the originals! Whenever TV shows create an extra layer and expand their mythology, they often waste many opportunities and don’t really delve into all the possibilities. If they forgot about the originals next season, they really would have minimised the grandeur of the storyline that they introduced. I’m glad Kevin and Julie are making the show even more “epic”, if you get what I mean.

      I’m so excited to meet the 5 other siblings! I wonder if they will also introduce the mom and the dad? I am guessing we’ll find out that there is a huge feud between all the siblings and their parents, and Elena and co. get caught in the middle.

      This news has me so excited!!! I CANNOT WAIT for next season!! omg I’m just going crazy over all the possibilities for next season.

      As for the deaths, the people at most risk are: Tyler, Matt, Jenna, Katherine, and those two witches introduced in the last episode. Oh and Elena’s dad will definitely die.

    • Jenny says:

      Also I have to say that the showrunners truly are geniuses. I mean, season 1 simply served to introduce the characters. Season 2 kicked things up by about 10 notches, and introduced Katherine as the big bad. Remember how evil and powerful we thought she was? And now, things will be kicked up 100 notches with the introduction of the originals. I mean, sh*t will hit the fan.

      Now I’m only concerned as to where season 4 can go. I don’t see how it can keep getting bigger and bigger when it has seemingly reached its limit of villains. Maybe new mythological creatures will be introduced?

  3. silly says:

    I love that they would kill every charakter (not damon, elena or stefan) if it makes a good cliffhanger!! I love this series and the writers :)

  4. Raksha says:

    I love Elijah..and I have a feeling I will fall in love with Joseph Morgan’s character too..but I hope they dont kill Jenna, Tyler, Bonnie or any other main characters. I’d be okay with John Gilbert and Katherine dying. Though I really like Katherine. Oh, and if Matt dies, I wont be too devastated. Even Sheriff Forbes. She’s annoying.

    • Jenny says:

      Ooh I think it would be really interesting if they killed off Sheriff Forbes. It would create infinite possibilities for the Caroline character. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I like it.

      It would definitely send her over the edge and into Tyler’s arms.

      I don’t think they should kill off Katherine. I would rather she escape and leave town. She’s too good to just kill off.

      I think Caroline is very safe, and Bonnie is a sure bet since they just faked her death.

      I’d also say that Jeremy is likely to survive.

    • LAMBY! says:

      HAHA Sheriff Forbes is annoying, and I agree I like Katherine but rather see her go than Damon, he didn’t get bit by a werewolf, btw, Tyler was in transitin so if anything that should be why Damon won’t die or there will be a cure…

  5. Kate says:

    To be honest id been fine if they killed off every character apart from Tyler and Caroline, if either of them are gone then I will actually scream, best characters and potential relationship on the whole show!

    • Lisa says:

      Tyler and Caroline are the best!!!

    • Justine says:

      I completely agree. Those are the only characters that actually hold my interest anymore.

    • Dira says:

      Agreed, I love all the main characters (well, except Matt… Never liked him much and this season he’s been whiny and boring the whole time) but those two are better than anyone else. And they have SO much potential, alone and as a couple. They better not kill them!

    • Shel says:

      Haha…I totally agree. In fact, that’s all that’s keeping me coming back right now…I personally would prefer they ditch the Originals storyline and focus on the Matt/Tyler/Caroline/Sheriff Forbes storylines instead. It’s much more interesting to me.

  6. Andy says:

    I hope Jeremy dies… I cant stand him…. And I wont be sad if Jenna left the show too…

  7. Liam halls says:

    Really this show is getting me more annoyed than any otehr show I watch. I HATE Elijah & Klaus both suck bigtime and other characters that I like and think should have been around a lot longer than they did get killed. Hate this if Matt dies I think I’m done with this show and will be spreading the word not to watch it so it gets Cancelled. SUCK THAT

    • Greg says:

      Once I decoded you message, I came to the conclusion that I don’t agree with what you said(at least I think I don’t). To me the show is doing very well!

    • lucy says:

      i dont think people will care if you tell them to watch it or not it is up to them and a lot of people like elijah and klaus and dont give a damn about matt soo maybe you can suck that

  8. Melissa says:

    I agree that the writers and creators of the series are some of the best around. This show is never boring and always full of surprises. I love that no one is safe on this show, it makes it more interesting to watch. I am loving Elijah and Klaus and am glad to see this storyline will be continuing into next season. I am sure the core three are safe on this show, but I really hope Matt and Caroline make it to next season. I love them together and want to explore their relationship now that Matt knows all the secrets.

  9. Lauren says:

    Glad about The Originals, but I’m still a bit paranoid that Elijah won’t make it. I will not be convinced that he makes it to Season 3 until proven otherwise.

  10. Ruth says:

    Matt will probably die, he’s became pretty pointless. Bonnie might die due to kat grahamns music career. Female wolf will die and John will probably die saving Jenna or elana

  11. Kira says:

    I hope they don’t kill off Tyler or Caroline. They have huge potential as a couple and personally I would LOVE to see it. Matt and Sheriff Forbes are the only 2 I wouldn’t be devastated to see bite it.

  12. Prediction says:

    My prediction for the finale: Damon will turn Elena to save her from the sacrifice (like Katherine was turned back in 1492 – perhaps by Elijah?). That’s one death, since she’d have to die to turn. Klaus will kill her family for revenge like he did with Katherine, but in this case it won’t be the whole family – my money is on Jenna and/or John. Everyone will hate Damon for not trusting Elijah to save her, turning her, and getting innocent people killed. Also, Katherine will likely die, because with vamp Elena, she’s kind of pointless. Also a good chance that Sheriff Forbes will die, because they have to have been setting up this Matt/Sheriff thing for some purpose, and I refuse to believe that Matt will die. I think if Caroline kills her mom it would set up a huge change in her for next season. This is what I’m going with anyway until we see what happens…

    • Karen says:

      I think you maybe onto something. But whay if they where to kill Stefan to get the whole Damon/Elena thing going, and then bring him back somehow halfway through next season.

    • Gina says:

      Katherine was not turned by Elijah. She was given blood to heal her wound by Rose, and then hanged herself in Rose’s house.

  13. Gia says:

    I am so excited actually that season 3 will be based on the originals. Right after Elijah mentioned they were brothers and have five other brothers and sisters I was very intrigued about the rest of the Origina family. So excited to have tyler back and I am a huge fan of Tyler and Caroline. Can’t wait for the rest of the episodes. I am super excited about Elijah maybe being back i love him, not quite there with Klaus but Elijah I love. Especially the hair its starting to out do Stefans :)

    • amy says:

      Totally agree with you. Loved the hair comment Stefan and Elijah have the best, thickest hair on the show. Damon, needs rogaine stat! LOL

  14. Dominique says:

    I’m a little bit more hopeful now about Elijah’s fate, but I’m still scared they’ll kill him off anyway. And I don’t want that cause he’s one of my faves and quite franky, he’s way more awesome than Klaus.

    Also happy that Tyler will prolly make it and be back for season 3.

  15. Day says:

    I would be a-okay with them killing off Jenna (The World’s Most Crap and Useless Guardian). I wouldn’t mind losing Matt, Tyler, or Bonnie, but their deaths would really only complicate life for the characters I do love, so…

  16. karine says:

    I just hope Caroline and Jeremy are safe!The show is brilliant,never been dissapointed of one episode. So, crossing my fingers for Caroline, since she became a vampire, she is an awesome character and I don’t want the whole Bonnie/Jeremy thingy to end just yet!

  17. Karen says:

    OMG – so psyched! So glad Elijah is back – Love him!!

    • tkbona says:

      I totally agree, I love Elijah and would hate to see him go. I’m so psyched for the next 2 episodes, I’m sure they’ll leave me wishing September would hurry up and get here!!!

  18. Minxie says:

    I would dearly love to see Elijah in season 3! He should have a developing romance with Katherine. XD

    I also think it’d be fantastic if Lexi was revealed to be one of the other Original siblings!!

  19. Sarah says:

    I’m going with Caroline’s mom as one of the deaths and even possibly Tyler’s mom. Though they could get rid of Matt too. I wouldn’t be sad about that.

  20. Julia says:

    I just really hope Alaric isn’t going anywhere.

  21. Ava says:

    I think they will break the curse – so that means…Jules, Greta or Maddox and Caroline dies as there is a way for the doppelganger, Elena, to survive. I think Sherrif Forbes dies and both Klaus and Elijah make it to Season 3 since it will be about the Originals.

  22. Gina says:

    None of the central trio (Elena, Stefan, Damon) will die, and I think it’s almost guaranteed Caroline and Tyler will survive. Bonnie and Jeremy also stand a good chance, and I will argue that Jenna does too (esp. now that she’s found out about vampires). Of the central cast, my money’s on Matt biting the dust.

    I think all the out-of-town supernatural creatures other than Elijah, Klaus and Katherine are guaranteed to die (good-bye and good riddance, Jules!), so most of Klaus’s entourage will make up the high body count. Also, we might lose some of the “adults” on the show: Sheriff Forbes, Carol Lockwood, Andie, Uncle John, and sadly, Alaric (*sniff!*) And of course, the townspeople of Mystic Falls are never safe…why do these people even venture out of doors?!?

  23. Janelle says:

    Everyone is buying into the idea that the main three characters can’t die. This, I think, is a mistake. Elena can die… and become a vampire. This is inevitable. Any of them can die, and be brought back somehow… that is what makes the show so good. I wouldn’t mind if Caroline died, she’s a bit on the whiny side. Same with Matt. Jenna is annoying. Everyone else, they should live!

    • Gina says:

      I think when people say none of the three main characters can ‘die,’ they are saying that they can’t be written off the show. The show is all about that central love triangle…if they ‘kill off’ Damon or Stefan or Elena, that would essentially change the entire show.

      Of course Elena can get turned. And she probably will, at some point.

    • ashley says:

      are you serious? caroline is a wonderful, strong character. elena is the one who’s whiny.

  24. Kelly says:

    I wish they could kill off Damon, he’s become so pathetic and unlikable this season.

    Apart from Stefan, Elena, Elijah, and Klaus they can kill whoever they want, none of the other characters matter too much to me, and it will be good for some new blood to come in.

  25. atsi says:

    i dont think its possible for the writers to kill of elena b/c she is the main character… stefan is also a very far fetched idea but who knows. damon im hoping they wont kill him off but you never kno. my fingers are crossed for bonnie and minorr characters like mrs.lockwood. caroline and matt should also stay in the picture. jeremy and jenna are extras. alaric has to stay. then mystic fallls wouldnt have a local vampire killer.

  26. Adrian says:

    I think one of the three main characters will die. Think about it they have said in the past that anyone is expendable. It would be a game changer. I think it would be bold and say that all they need is vampires not nessasily Damon Elena and Stefan. She said next year is about the originals. I hope they mean original werewolf too and we learn how the two species were made.

  27. Patricia says:

    I really think Damon will turn Elena into a vampire against her will.

  28. Jess says:

    Despite being filed under the realm of “never going to happen,” I’m rooting for Stefan. So sick of that guy. And his lion face.

  29. Noname says:

    i hope that three main character(stefan, Damon and elena) will not be died especially damon, if three of them either one died in a season finale 2, then this is not point for watching on the season 3 without them. i hope they wont kick off either one of them.

  30. Not Important says:

    If they kill any of the good guys in the finale, I might just stop watching this show. It is so good, but the death of such innocent characters is too tragic. Jenna just got turned and Damon just got bit. Neither of them can die, or Jeremy or Tyler or Caroline.
    If they get rid of the people everyone likes, they are gonna loose a lot of viewers, including myself!

    Just kill Matt or Sheriff Forbes
    Please and Thank youu xoxox

  31. Stefanie says:

    I’m really happy to hear about the Originals storyline coming back, I think it’s really interesting to know the history of Klaus and Elijah and their siblings. As for the death: I think it’s going to be Jeremy (but I certainly hope not). Honestly, I think it’s going to be someone you least expect. But there are some possibilites: Tyler, Sheriff Forbes, Bonnie, Matt (don’t like him). But if Damon dies, the show won’t be as good.

  32. alex says:

    I like all the characters, but I watch for Tyler and Caroline. They need to bring those two back together (and keep Tyler around!) – stat. If they killed either of them off, especially Caroline, I’m not sure if I’d want to keep watching!

  33. Elle says:

    Bonnie is my favorite character (besides Caroline). If Caroline or Bonnie died I’d probably still watch but probably not religiously. Oh, and Damon too lol.

    I think Matt, Jenna and Jules will die. If I had to go with the shocker I’m gonna say that Elena dies and becomes a vamp. Hopefully vampirism will take out the whininess in Elena like it took out the ditz in Caroline.

    BTW – I have no idea why some people hate Bonnie so much. Is it because she doesn’t see eye to eye with Damon? But don’t they have like a ‘thing’ in the books? Any who she’s badass witch who stands up for what she believes in and if they take her from the show they’ll be missing that spark that only she gives. Don’t even get me started on killing off Caroline – they wouldn’t dare be so evil.

    • Tommy says:

      I agree with EVERYTHING you said! :) If they kill Bonnie off, I’d probably stop watching the show. I don’t think Bonnie or Caroline will die, not unless they want to massacre a large chunk of their viewers. Away with Matt and Sheriff Forbes!

  34. Ashley says:

    Now that Damon has been bitten by a werewolf, I am so worried that he is going to die. I really hope they don’t decided to take him off and bring him back later. If they take him off, they will lose me as a viewer.

  35. Juile Plec
    Now that Damon has been bitten by a werewolf, I am so worried that he is going to die. I really hope they don’t decided to take him off and bring him back later. If they take him off, they will lose me as a viewer.

  36. Julie Plec

  37. liz says:

    I dont think a relationship between vampire Caroline and warewolf Tyler would be a good idea…it just simply wouldnt work out. Every full moon Tyler would just try to kill his girlfriend, how does that work? Unless they make it in a way that warewolf Tyler has “feelings” and wont kill her because she is his gf. But then that would be really lame…so.. I for those of u who want the Caroline/Tyler thing to pan out…I wouldnt hold my breath on it. I would be entirely shocked if they made that a relationship

  38. nikita says:

    only 3 episodes r left..i m not at all happy..may be september came soon this year…i love to see daemon..i love him sooooo much..plz ian marry me..