TVLine Items: HBO Eyes Olivia Munn, GH Stages an Intervention, and Other TV News to Know

Aaron Sorkin’s buzzy HBO pilot, More as This Story Develops, is putting the finishing touches on one helluva impressive ensemble.

In addition to Marisa Tomei — who is thisclose to finalizing a deal as the project’s female lead — Deadline is reporting that Perfect CouplesOlivia Munn and In Treatment‘s Alison Pill are both in talks for supporting roles.

Veteran actor Jeff Daniels is already poised to star in Sorkin’s latest TV venture, which is set in the world of cable news reporting.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Six-time Emmy winner Anthony Geary gets yet another moment to shine on ABC’s General Hospital this Thursday, when the family and friends of his alter-ego Luke Spencer stage an intervention over his excessive drinking. Take a look at two scenes from his moving performance, courtesy of TV Guide Magazine.

• Same name, different channel: Countdown With Keith Olbermann (sound familiar?), the former MSNBC host’s new nightly news show, will debut Monday, June 20 at 8/7c, on Current TV.

• NBC’s Law & Order: LA is planning another controversial “ripped from the headlines” episode, this time fictionalizing the horrific shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, says

• Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire and Glee will compete for Best International Show at the 2011 British Academy Television Awards (better known as the BAFTAs) on Sunday, May 22.

Ron Livingston (Band of Brothers) is set to costar in HBO’s John McCain-centric original movie Game Change, say Deadline.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. Steven says:

    Are you kidding me? Glee is nominated for best INTERNATIONAL show. I have no words.

    • Travis says:

      In Britain where the BAFTA awards are, Glee is a international show.

    • tina says:

      It’s no way in the same league as Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. I cant bear to watch it, it’s like singing into your hairbrush in the mirror as a tween corny and awkward, Highschool Musical 2.0.

  2. sashay says:

    I don’t get why Olivia Munn is considered gorgeous at ALL, but I was impressed with her comedic skills on Perfect Couples. I hope the rest of the cast gets pick-ups. I enjoyed the work of all of them.

  3. Dave says:

    Memo to HBO and casting directors. Olivia Munn is not only one of the most obnoxious and irritating people on earth, the chick can’t act for ish. Please stop the insanity.

    • Jon says:

      I second that.
      Although, I think she might be just right for one of those Sorkin characters (as in 99% of them) who exists merely as an emotionless conduit for Sorkin’s opinion and information that supports it. I can see Munn delivering the exposition info-dump Sorkin often passes off as dialogue.

      • Jon says:

        Just to clarify. I have no issue with Olivia Munn as a person. She was entertaining for a big chunk of her stint on AOTS, and she has always seemed to be willing to give her all for her fans. And I have tons of respect for a woman not just getting Playboy to agree to a clothed photoshoot. Sticking to her guns in the face of a photographer who was probably trying every trick in the book just for a quick flash took brass ones, and I respect the hell out of her for it.

        That said, I have seen zero evidence that she can act or even effectively present faux news in a decent manner. Her performances are full of the self-aware winking and over the top attempts at deadpan to the point of distraction. When she is able to work through those issues, I will stop rolling my eyes at her Daily Show segments and maybe start paying attention to her career again.

    • Kelly says:

      No, no, the idea is to ENCOURAGE HBO. And anyone else. Because the sooner she’s off The Daily Show, the better. She has the comic timing of a piece of wood.

  4. Colin says:

    I agree with the above posters wholeheartedly. Ms. Munn is a God awful actress. Anyone who caught her appearance on Chuck (Greta) knows just how terrible her acting can get.

  5. Amber says:

    I’m going to join in on the Olivia Munn hate. Not only is she completely full off herself, she’s not attractive at all, and that picture above makes her look like an anorexic insect. I’m disappointed in Sorkin, I would have expected him to make better casting choices, as the guy is a demigod in my eyes.

    It is a shame about Perfect Couples, I did really like that show, though the Waitress from Sunny was the best part about it.

    • Jon says:

      Really? You expect the man behind Studio 60 to do a better job of casting? He who thought Sarah Paulson could be charismatically Christian? The man who brought us Moira Kelly in the West Wing? The man whose idea of subtlety is beating us over the head with a wooden baseball bat rather than aluminium (England is better than the US anyway!)?

      • uhhh says:

        he also brought us sports night, which in my opinion is a suberbly casted series…the names you mentioned are weak links of otherwise wonderful ensembles. sometimes the bad ones make you appreciate the good ones that much more.

  6. Amanda says:

    When you mention Ron Livingston, you should credit Office Space or even Sex and the City. More people know him from that than Band of Brothers.

  7. Jason says:

    Wow, what’s with all the hate on this board today?! People are hating on the casting of Sorkin’s past shows. I hate to tell you this, but most of the casting is done by casting directors, not show directors or writers. And I don’t get all the hate for Munn’s acting. She’s not trying to win an Oscar here, she’s a comedic actress, and for what she does she’s great. I thought she did a great job as Greta in Chuck and she did well with what was given to her in Perfect Couples. I think given a good writer, like Sorkin (who just won an Oscar for all of you who think he writes for soulless and emotionless characters), I think she can be given a chance to really shine.

  8. j says:

    why does munn still keep getting jobs? she’s terrible.

  9. Andrew says:

    I personally never could figure out the deal with Munn. She tries way too hard to be funny, she read “CIA undercover agent” as “emotionless robot” on Chuck, she was never that great on AOTS, and she never showed her geek card. She pretended she was a geek when really she is just a pretty girl who used what little sex appeal she has to get a job making men want to have sex with her and then uses that to her advantage to pursue a career in something she should have never pursued to begin with. I’m no professional actor, but with what extensive knowledge I have with acting, she is horrible. I really don’t know how anyone can debate this.

    Also I agree with the posters above, if Glee is up for international awards then apparently Americans aren’t the only messed up viewers.

    P.S. If Munn has comedic appeal, then why when she goes on Daily Show does she barely get a chuckle from an audience when they tell the live audience when to laugh on cue?

  10. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for the clips of the Luke Spencer intervention. I’ve got my recorder all fired up for Thursday.

    PS Is it just me, or did this show get 1000x better when Jonathan Jackson returned? Love that man so much.

  11. teniba says:

    aaron sorkin’s project is eyeing for an all white cast, no latinos, no black, no minority of any sort? i am not watching… even on fox news there is diversity on cable news… so no i am not watchin!!!

  12. eh says:

    I’ve only ever seen Olivia Munn on Perfect Couples and she was fine- she had comedic timing and “acted” as much as anyone had to. Makes me wonder about all the internet comments that passionately hate her.