Tree Hill Exclusive: Bethany Joy Galeotti Signs On for Season 9; Lafferty Back Part-Time?

TVLine has learned exclusively that Bethany Joy Galeotti has officially signed on for a ninth season of The CW’s One Tree Hill.

Although Tree Hill has yet to be renewed, the fact that Galeotti has reupped her contract for another season bodes well for the long-running drama’s future.

Meanwhile, the series’ leading man, James Lafferty, has yet to sign on for another year, but a source close to the situation tells TVLine that should Tree Hill get a pickup, he’d likely return part-time as Nathan.

One Tree Hill Exclusive: Chad Murray, Hilarie Burton Not Returning

Also on board for another (potential) cycle: Sophia Bush tweeted Monday night that she and costars Austin Nichols, Robert Buckley, Lisa Goldstein and Jana Kramer have each inked additional one-year deals in hopes of a Season 9, saying, “The writers have GREAT plans!”

Plans that perhaps will benefit from a much wanted encore…? Series alum Chad Michael Murray teased the Twitterverse on Monday with: “Return to OTH? I don’t know. Maybe next season for u guys. I Love that Lucas is missed. Give [series creator] Mark Schwann the credit. He built him.”

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  1. Michael K says:

    I just hope for one more season so Chad Murray and Hilarie Burton can show their faces just one more time… hopefully on the series finale. This show needs to end properly and not suddenly, they at least owe us that.

    • Selena says:

      Big fan of OTH. They do need to end the show properly and now Brooke is pregnant we have to meet her bubba. Keep them coming, i will be very sad when it ends.

  2. BRITTANY says:

    I have been a OTH fan since the beginning but the show has run its course. its time to end it…:(

    • Claira says:

      Then don’t watch. There are still plenty of us who enjoy it.

      • Kasey says:

        THANK YOU!!!!! If you don’t want to watch then DONT WATCH IT!!!

        • BRITTANY says:

          Geez, bite my head off cause I gave my opinion….Well I have been watching for the last 8 years I want to see it till the end because I have invested alot of my time into the show but im just saying its starting to get ridiculous.

        • Lauren says:

          She never said she didn’t want to watch the show. She just thinks that it’s time for it to end, and I agree. There’s no need to bite someone’s head off for stating their opinion. 8 years is an extremely long run for a TV show and they have changed the show so many times over the years that its starting to get a little ridiculous.

          I’m with you, Brittany. I have been watching the show every week since I began watching in season 2 and I also believe it’s time for the show to end. I will watch until it ends, because I love the show, but honestly, you gotta call it quits sometime.

        • Jamie says:

          Geez, there’s no reason to bite someone’s head off for stating their opinion. Calm down. I haven’t watched since S7, but I completely agree with her. It’s time for OTH to end. It hasn’t been that good in a very long time IMO.

    • Jem says:

      Thread-crapper! Go away. Just go away.

  3. Ingmar says:

    This is something I didnt see coming.

  4. lene says:

    VERY happy about this! I love OTH! If this is the last season, i hope Lucas/Peyton comes back too..atleast for the last episode. It wouldn’t feel right ending it without ALL the main characters from the beginging. Anyways, looking forward to more OTH. yaaayyy!

  5. Ryan says:

    Who wants full-time Haley with only part time Nathan? Season 9 of this show would be a complete disaster, and this is coming from a long time fan. 8 seasons is plenty, just give us a proper ending this year and be done with it.

    • allison says:

      See that’s the thing…. this season is already done. Its like Gilmore Girls…. such a horrible ending because it was shot before the show was officially cancelled. Even an abbreviated 13 episode season 9 where the fans KNEW that it was the last would be preferable to ending without REALLY ending. 8 years deserves a good ending. Look at Smallville!

      • Ryan says:

        Based on the spoilers that are out for the finale, it sounds like they DID wrap things up for this to be the last season without knowing for sure. Of course, if they did and we get another season anyway, it wouldn’t be the first time. We’ve had two perfect series finale-feeling episodes for this show already and, at some point, you’ve got to stop jerking the fans around.

        Sure, it’d be nice to have the final season promoted all year, but the CW unfortunately doesn’t care enough about this show to do that. They’ll always choose OTH’s future at the last minute.

        • Kris says:

          But if Mark and the cast decide that its the last season and end it that way, The CW can’t stop them. I think the real problem is Mark. He’s so attached to his “baby” that he can’t let go. The only reason he wants to do another season is to get to episode 200. I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of next season he’s saying “I think we could do it again” the guy doesn’t want to let go, even if the cast really does. James definitely doesn’t seem thrilled at the prospect of another season but I would hope he’d suck it up for the fans.

          If Mark wants to do this right, he’ll get back Peyton/Lucas, announce One Tree Hill’s final season at upfronts, get rid of that stupid theme song karaoke and use the original, and keep Season 9 13 episodes. That way, we can have a focused 13 episodes without bringing in a slew of new characters, that wrap the series up completely.

    • Cassidy says:

      You probably wouldn’t even be able to tell that Nathan was part-time, because if you guys don’t remember Haley was part time in season 2 and she was in just about EVERY episode. so..

    • Stephanie says:

      I agree I do not want Nathan to be just part time…what are they going to do to his character that would only bring Nathan out for part time…it doesn’t make sense…if Nathan can’t be in the show…I don’t see how it will work…so they might as well just end the show now…Don’t get me wrong I would like another season, but I just don’t think Nathan should be part time…Naley was my favorite part of the show…I loved Leyton as well and Bruillian is pretty good as well…but Naley was the BEST!!! The show would not be the same without Nathan!!!

  6. Dick Whitman says:

    Ugh please let it die already.

    The CW has some interesting pilots in the works and I’d hate to see some of them not make it because of this piece of crap.

  7. Kate says:

    YES! So stoked… One Tree Hill wouldn’t be the same without Naley. All you haters, quit talking! Don’t watch it! End with season 8 and don’t ruin it for people who are happy about it. I can’t wait.

    • Danielle says:

      I agree! let those of us who are happy about this news, be happy :) I would love one final season of this show with the originals! One big happy ending.

      • lorna says:

        Um, I believe we’re all entitled to an opinion. This season is a bit better than last, but still the show is not even 25% of what it used to be. Chad and Hilarie are deeply missed, Naley are too cheesy. I liked Young Kellerman, stupid they made him the drunk driver. I would prefer s3 of LUX, but that’s not happening. :(

  8. Erin says:

    are these actors that desparate for work? there are no more stories to tell. dead horse beaten x10000.

    • john says:

      Totally agreem the actors that signed for s9 are just desperate for work and know they won’t be getting any offers when OTH ends. Look at James. He’s the one who has a project he wants to do and he’s the only one who is NOT (so far) coming back full time.

      Its so funny…sophia on her twitter acct. She sounds SO fake. “we have signed for s9 so time to beg the cw to pick us up…we appreciate ur support!!”

      PLEASE! The only thing she cares about is getting more $ and having a job. What a fake twit.

      Joy seems like the most down to earth of them all. Check out her twitter. She doesn’t beg the fans to donate this or that like sophia.

      Having said all that, I’m looking forward to s9 since they’ll all be back…now if james comes full time and CHAD comes back too like he might, then ill be really stoked!

      Let’s have a perfect last 9th season. Chad, sophia, joy, james at least part time, Lee and then the s7 newbies…hopefully minus chase. And I hear s9 will be centered around rivercourt storylines. Perfect last season!

      Although like someone else said I can see mark ruining it and next yr say “I think we can go on” and do a 10th season to get 200 episodes . He really can’t seem to let go of his baby.

  9. Will says:

    Are you kidding? Is this an actual joke? WHY would The CW even think of ruining One Tree Hill? The show should have ended 4 years ago yet they continued to drag it on and on. When will it die?

  10. Debi says:

    Oh, for crying out loud – after the nuclear apocalypse all that will be left on Earth will be cockroaches, kudzu and One Tree Hill.

  11. Erika F says:

    I have to say as one of the BIGGEST FAN of OTH, its been on for eight seasons thats great. But this show its not how it use to be. Everytime I turn around theres a new face on there. It doesnt make sense to me. I would like it to have a perfect ending. we dont have Lucas & Peyton, and now they are saying we won’t have full time NALEY. Lets just let it go. This is my opinion.

  12. Blake says:

    Honestly, it wouldn’t bother me one bit if Nathan came back only part time. He bores me to bits! He stopped being interesting during season 3, once he turned “good”. He was fun as the messed up troubled rick kid.

    It could give room for some good stories and give Bethany yet another chance of showing off her acting range.

    Season 8 has been wonderful. Such an improvement over last season.

  13. Rachel says:

    OTH was a wonderful show and it inspired me through some difficult moments in my life. But I feel it’s time to end now. A season with Haley without Nathan? That would add to the unrealism that has been OTH without Lucas and Peyton. I could accept them leaving, people move to different places, but not coming back for moments like Haley’s mom’s funeral or Brooke’s wedding?
    Besides the stories that have been told this season at least aren’t what they used to be. I’ve grown with the characters and I could always identify with one of them at least in some form, in some feelings. But what we have now is something that feels very close to a cheap soap opera. It’ll be sad to see it come to an end, but I do believe it’s time.

  14. Kirsty ellis says:

    I love one tree hill don’t get me wrong. But how many more storylines could they get through? I hope they do it justice and bring back the original gang. Especially as I’m a huge Lucas+Peyton fan. At least Chad Michael Murray wrote on Twitter that if there is a season 9 then hopefully he’ll be back. I’ll be looking forward to that. And on a last note, if James Lafferty does come back only part time then I sincerely hope the producers know what they’re doing!!

  15. Erin says:

    I’m hoping to see Shantel Van Santen sign on as well. I’m a Quinn/Clay fan big time.

    • Ingmar says:

      She is signed :) She was already signed for 6 years so she was already locked.

      • julie says:

        they seriously signed her for 6 years? didn’t she just join, like last season or something? that’s optimism i guess.

        • Kris says:

          I know, isn’t it crazy? Are they planning on focusing seasons 10-13 on her or something? 6 years is a bit much considering the show has GOT TO end next year.

  16. Linda says:

    If they do get a next season, The CW would be smart to advertise it being the last (like they’ve done for Smallville this season), they might up the ratings a bit that way.

  17. K says:

    I suppose that part time James is better than no James, but part time!? I respect that he has other projects but seriously… oh well, I’m grateful anyway, I love this show no matter what anybody else says.

    • C says:

      I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but what other projects could he possibly have in the works? He’s really not that talented of an actor. I’m sure people are not banging down his door to have him appear in their tv shows/movies. Chad though he’d have a lot of options too, and I haven’t seen his face since he left the show.

      I actually don’t even watch the show anymore, but I don’t know why anyone would turn down guaranteed money/work in this industry. Work does not come along very often, especially if you have little to no talent.

      • Jamie says:

        Actually, he has a lot of things he’s doing on the side in addition to OTH. He does have his own company you know, so it’s not like OTH is his only job. Might want to brush up your info.

        • Kris says:

          Plus he’s got that nature show with his brother and Stephen Colletti. James is a smart guy. He knows the market for him as an actor isn’t that big so he’s got lots of other projects to fall back on. He has his own sports choreography company that I’m not sure, but I believe they use on One Tree Hill (not so much this season).

      • lorna says:

        Agreed, everyone thinks James is incredible, and he has had his moments, like when Dante hit Haley with his car, but he’s pretty bad.

  18. Sky says:

    I don’t beleive this article unless Joy confirms it herself.

    • Esta says:

      Um, what part of “Bethany Joy Galeotti has officially signed on for a ninth season” do you think is unclear? LOL

  19. Sonia says:

    Ok, I’m not sure how to feel about this news. I have watched every episode since the very beginning. 8 years is a long time to just let everything just fall apart. OTH has been my favourite show for a long time, although I enjoyed the earlier seasons more, the newest seasons have been a nice way for this original highschool drama to grow-up with it’s viewers. I really don’t want it to end but with the main original cast getting smaller and smaller, I’m not sure how much I will enjoy it. I do like the introduction of some of the new characters and it wasn’t horrible when Chad and Hilarie left, but if we lose James to only be part-time, I don’t think I can handle that. NALEY have and will always be my favourite. So I guess we will see what happens. I LOVE Bethany (Haley) and Sophia (Brooke) but how can they focus ONE Tree Hill on Zero of the Brothers, you kinda lose the original plot all together.

    • Erika F says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE. the show was based on the scott brothers. Not having any scotts on the show except jamie and haley (thru marriage) will be just as dumb.

    • rita says:

      i agree with u one tree hill is my fave show of all time but i don’t think i can watch if there is no naley and how will they write nathan out. if all the cast want to stay then i’ll watch but personally i think it should end now and we hav an amazing end to an awesome show.

  20. Brit says:

    Love this news!!, the show owes it to the fans to end on a good note!.. The fans have kept this show going for the past a couple years. Just remember even though your commenting negative on the show, your still commenting which means your talking about it!.

  21. Shanelle says:

    Chad and Hilarie are one of the main ppl in OTH and they have to atleast come back in the season finale. iv been a one tree hill fan from the start. flashbacks of the earlier seasons in season 8 made me tear..and Lucas and peyton and hopefully the baby they had would be shown in the season finale.. please include them in the end.. there a MAJOR part of this show. always will be.. and hopefully the finale wouldn’t be after season 9.. I LOVE THE SHOW!!!

  22. TY says:

    I have been a long time fan of OTH since the first time we saw Lucas bouncing the basketball across that bridge. I have grown with the characters, I have cried with them, I have laughed with them and I have loved with them. I always admired the integrity of the show, that was until Season 7. It feels on some level that OTH has lost it’s way. It turned more “Gossip Girl” than OTH. I have still watched, because I feel as if it would call my loyalty into question if I didn’t and of course being a loyal fan, I am and have been curious. But it became less real, when the heart of the show, Lucas didn’t return. It is less believable that Haley would lose her mother and Lucas wouldn’t be by her side. Or that Brooke would get married and Peyton wouldn’t be there. I appreciate the writers and creator’s efforts, but it wasn’t realistic to the original integrity of the show. I think if you can’t stick to what made the show great in the first place, then you should let it go. I will always support the actors as they go on to thier future endeavors but at some point, we all have to move on.

    • Erika F says:

      DIDO it has lasting longer than I thought it would with all the new people on there. And the fact that Brooke and Haley were going through so much and their best friends didnt come back that was VERY UNREALISTIC.

  23. Danny says:

    I really need to start watching “One Tree Hill.” I remember Chad Michael Murray during the fifth season of the late, great “Dawson’s Creek.”

    • Erika F says:

      Seasons 1-3 were the best seasons of OTH you have to watch it. And than watch season 6 and up and you will see why we think it needs to end. I’m gonna watch it till the end because I wanna see where they will take the characters.

    • Michelle says:

      it will change your life.

  24. YasmineLoveNaley says:

    OMG ! I’m so happy :) ! BJG forever :)<3 ! OTH the best show ever !!!!!!!!!

  25. Lauren says:

    i love this show my best bud Lisa got me into this i started watching it season 2 and never stopped i love the story lines and drama it brings Naley and Leyton are my favorite couples on the show and when Leyton left the show i said i was going to stop watching the show but i did`t i stayed because i love drama and i got new couple to love brook and Jullian and if it end i would be very sad because i have never missed an episode but if ends it also means and the actos and can start working on new projects witch i love to see .

  26. Kate says:


    Geeeeeeeez, high school years were awesome, the two years after time jump were a lil hmmm but still good, but just before Chad and Hilarie left it was going downhill, The CW have so many interesting pilots lined up for next year, get rid of the sinking ship and give us something new!

  27. Sam says:

    THX a lot!!!! I’ll LOVE THIS SHOW 4 EVER

  28. Michelle says:

    seroiusly? Nathan part time is better then no Nathan at all! OTH NEEDS A SEASON 9! Lucas might come back for a couple episodes and Nathan can just be traveling a lot with his new CAREER! stop hating if you dont have anything positive to say why say it? no one is making you keep watching. there is no reason for you to care if it continues if you dont like it. STOP WATCHING AND STOP HATING. OTHS9 will be amazing :)

  29. Jason says:

    What’s wrong with a 13-episode order….to “tie things up,” as if they haven’t been tied up last year and this entire season. Knowing an end date can help the writers build toward it, and also free Up space, either next fall or at midseason, to introduce a new show. Let’s face it, with Smallville gone and other shows nearing that stage, there HAVE to be some new hits developed rather QUICKLY.

  30. Robert says:

    I hope that if there is a season ine that there is more drama and a little less happiness for the characters at least at times. how has gotten a little boring.

  31. lauren says:

    Yes! Sad that there wont be as much Naley but maybe that could mean they’ll be better when there are.

  32. Cassidy says:

    I love this news!!!!!!!1 AHHH this is great!!!

  33. Mayra says:

    I love OTH, it’s one of my favourite shows, but I honestly think it’s time…
    Another season should only be considered if P. Sawyer and Lucas can be back to say goodbye once more, cause that would be awesome. Otherwise, I would glad say goodbye to the show, while it’s still good.

  34. Emily says:

    VERY HAPPY about this!! I hope James is back full time though! Nathan and Haley have always been my favorite couple.

  35. Cat says:

    I can’t believe I still watch this show, but I can honestly say I will be sad when it finally goes. Glad to hear that Bethany and the others have signed on for another season…just in case!

  36. anne says:

    someone explain that he has an entire life to new projects and dvd movies .. .. I need a whole season naley

  37. C.C. says:

    I love OTH and think it deserves a final season. I realize that the final show of this season is supposedly going to be good enough if it doesn’t get a 9th season, but really I think Lucas has to return for the ending. I love Naley, but I don’t think it will be that big of a deal if James Lafferty may only be on part-time. If you review most of the season this year, it seems that his part hasn’t been that huge anyway. I figure if the show comes back for even half of a season, James would be back – and hopefully Chad Murray. No, the show isn’t the same as it was, but they can’t keep telling HS stories, and in my opinion the show is still great. I think the CW needs to at least give it 13 episodes so the people that have been fans since the beginning, like me, can say goodbye properly and not just in one fast-paced episode that tries to tie everything up.

  38. Bethany Willis says:

    I think James is doing that new show Wild Life. That looks much better anyway since we get to see him get all rugged! ;)

  39. BearDogg-X says:

    Every real fan is ready for the show to just end and is tired of being jerked around by the endings of the even number seasons(4, 6, and 8) looking more like series finales than season finales.

    I don’t see how a Season 9 will be “amazing” when the show has gotten extremely boring and redundant.

    Leyton, Naley, and Brooke & Julian have seen and done it all. What more do you want?

  40. Hannah says:

    OTH has been such an important part of my life & cannot leave yet – we need season 9 for more incredible life lessons, inspiring quotes, and fantastic music! Lets see one last season, with Leyton back and a 9th season that is just as powerful as Season 6 was. So glad to hear that almost everyone has signed on- come on James, we need you! Naley cannot be Naley with a part-time Nathan :( Season 8 has been lacking the intimate Naley moments so if season 9 is going to be successful we need you fulltime!

  41. wooster182 says:

    As much as I loved the first 3 seasons, I’ll be a little irritated if this show goes as long as BH 90210. That is the definitive teen show and there hasn’t been another as good that deserves to go as long. Plus, I’d love for Sophia Bush to get on a show that is going to give her the notice she deserves.

  42. dee says:

    hope one tree hill come back for season 9. make the fans thrilled and happy. i remember watching from beginning and been my favorite show every since… hope chad and hilarie returns fans would love to see them again… please bring back one tree hill #1 show on cw

  43. cb says:

    If they do another season they better get peyton and lucas back preferably for the season. I’d like to have them there at the end. If they aren’t coming back leave it at 8 the last 2 seasons haven’t been as good I don’t think. I watch 1 to 6 over and over I have only watched 7 and 8 the one time I originally watched them.

  44. ashnick says:

    I really hope they do finish it with the original characters coming back and making a final apperance but I really hope they end it with Brooke FINALLY becoming pregnant. That would make my series finale complete!

  45. lux says:

    I have watched one tree hill since the very first episode. My work sceduled is even set to where im off tuesday nights. When the cast in the show are happy I am and when their sad I am. The show is more than just a show, it’s more than entertainment, and it’s more than an obsession of mine. One Tree Hill is part of my life. I’ve grown up watching this show, and i’ve grown into a bigger better person with this show. This show not only gives me a great laugh or cry, it gives me hope and it fills part of my heart. This show gives me a reason to think and beleieve that there are greater things in this world for me. Without it, I don’t know where I would be. I hop they give it another season.

  46. 4ToTheFloor says:

    Damn.. u all gotta stop going ‘OTH needs to end! OTH needs to end’ Mark Schwahn or his colleagues probably reads this.. OR not.. but still.. Season 7 and 8 were good.. i liked all seasons.. they all had different storylines.. but sometimes theyve repeated a few storylines.. but its still a top show.. so its all up to The CW! i support some CW shows.. definitly.. CW! get up some Lucas n Peyton! just even if its a bit! and Chad (Michael) Murray n Hilarie Burton shouldnt bitch about they agenda, asif they dont have 1 or 2 weeks for rehearsing & filming a few OTH scenes! CMONNNNNNNNNN!

  47. 4ToTheFloor says:

    Damn.. u all gotta stop going ‘OTH needs to end! OTH needs to end’ Mark Schwahn or his colleagues probably reads this.. OR not.. but still.. Season 7 and 8 were good.. i liked all seasons.. they all had different storylines.. but sometimes theyve repeated a few storylines.. but its still a top show.. so its all up to The CW! i support some CW shows.. definitly.. CW! get us some Lucas n Peyton! just a little screentime! and Chad (Michael) Murray n Hilarie Burton shouldnt bitch about they agenda, asif they dont have 1 or 2 weeks time for rehearsing & filming a few OTH scenes! CMONNNNNNNNNN!

    • Jamie says:

      Hilarie is a regular on White Collar and she’s doing a great job over there on a MUCH better show. I would not blame her one bit for not returning. She’s gone on to bigger and better things. She’s moved on and she has a family now.

  48. Luciana says:


  49. patty says:

    I have seen every episode of oth. And like many of u I would love to see a season. 9. It has been a huge part of my life. I think it would do honor to the show to end it properly and how the fans want. There is a good chance that chad would return but not hilarie so they would have to explain peytons absence.. maybe she died of breast cancer.. or something. If she refuses to return at least we can have Lucas and Sawyer. Lucas could be the single parent..just like Karen was. That would be such good storytelling. As far as pt Nathan .. as long as he is on the show that’s what matters.. but plz no more new faces.

  50. Shaun says:

    We need one more season!! The season can’t end until there is a baby in B. Davis arms!! Hopefully the doctors were wrong and she will get her baby! She deserves it!