Oh, Baby! Grey's Anatomy Pics Deliver Scoop?

Hopefully for the fine folks in ABC’s photo department, Shonda Rhimes is somewhere nodding in approval of the pics just released for the penultimate episode  of Grey’s Anatomy‘s current season — because boy (or as the case may be, girl) do they seem spoilery.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey’s Anatomy and More

The air date: Thursday, May 12. The place: Seattle Grace’s pediatric unit. The faces: Meredith, Derek, Arizona, and a little someone we will dub Baby Jane Doe.

In the series of photos, Mer and Der are seen discussing something with Arizona, and alternately hugging the wee one. Derek in particularly seems to bond strongly with the lass. (Or, he could just be relieved he doesn’t get shot in this finale.) Oh, and in Mer’s hand: a copy of Your Baby’s First Year.

Something such as the adoption of, say, an abandoned/orphaned baby is in keeping with what Rhimes told TVLine’s Michael Ausiello about the season finale airing May 19. Titled “Unaccompanied Minor,” that episode will leave Mer (among others) “in a position that’s surprising” — to them as well as viewers. “Fans are going to be very surprised about a lot of the things that happen.”

Do you think that’s where we are heading? Or could these photos not be as they seem? And how nice is Derek’s watch? Think it’s one of those super-expensive kinds only a world-class doc can afford?

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  1. Ana M. says:

    I think we’re being deceived. This might push them to adopt but doubt they’ll get to keep this baby. It’d be too easy.

  2. xav says:

    I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion. It could be a baby they’re adopting or it could be a small child that needs brain surgery, hence two neurosurgeons and a pediatric surgeon.

  3. lene says:

    Adoption is such a beautiful thing. And just as amazing as having your own BIO baby. But, i want MerDer to have their own baby.. Because i want to see Meredith pregnant, and MD go through it together. Maybe a high risk pregnancy with lots of drama? I’d love that.

    • Lana says:

      A high risk pregnancy with lots of drama??? Something like that would NEVER happen on Grey’s!

    • Christine says:

      There’s already enough baby drama with Callie, I don’t think we need to go through that again with Meredith.

      • Caro says:

        If THAT would be a good reason NOT to write this storyline for Mer & Der, all the MerDer fans will be PISSED. That would mean we can’t have our happy baby story line because there already was one?! That’t too absurd! And Shonda already said that one baby on Grey’s didn’t mean there couldn’t be more babies. Something like that, read her Tweets.

      • L says:

        Yeah, it seems like the past two seasons have been all about baby drama-with Mark’s pregnant daughter and Mer’s miscarriage and Callie & Arizona disagreeing about children last season, and this season it’s doubled with the whole C/A/M storyline, Christina and Owen disagreeing about kids, and MerDer trying to have a kid.

    • jenifer burton says:

      have greta have gppday

  4. janet says:

    …Or a watch a succesful actor can afford!
    I forsee them getting the baby then a tenuous custody battle come November sweeps.

  5. Kelly says:

    If Meredeth and Derek manage to adopt a baby in the U.S. in 2 seconds it will be the biggest smack to reality since Izzie was allowed to steal a heart and a total travesty of showcasing the real, LONG process a couple has to go through to adopt. Social Worker visits, home studies, recommendations, PASSING A COMPLETE HEALTH CHECK (on that alone they’d fail). There’s NO WAY those two would EVER be given a baby in real life.

    • Renee P says:

      Says who? Have to disagree. You must live in a different part of the US than I, or not in the US at all. Sure adoption takes time but it isn’t impossible. And a couple who are both doctors stand a better chance adopting a child than the average person. On another note, the baby is cute! Hope you’re right Matt!

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I would think that would only be if they were adopting through the state or from an agency but if they found a child through a private adoption, while the process may take time, it might not be as rigourous.

  6. Stacy says:

    How very Brothers & Sisters.

  7. Lyss says:

    I think that they are going to want to adopt, they’ll fall in love with her but then her mother will come back and they’ll be heartbroken. But THEN Meredith turns up pregnant! Oh how I wish!

    • Caro says:

      ME TOO!! I think they will be able to adopt the child, and hopefully they will find out Mer is pregnant after that as well. That would be terrific! But there’s no doubt in my mind Meredith & Derek will adopt, since the MerDer fans (the majority of the Grey’s viewers) have been bugging Shonda for months now because we all feel passed over and cheated on with this whole Callie/Mark baby thing. (Which I hate.) So I think Shonda wanted to tease us MerDer fans that the baby is coming!! She couldn’t be so cruel to make us think this baby will be the one they are going to adopt, and then take that hope from us, after the fact that we have been hoping for so long that Meredith will get pregnant! I know many fans will be angry with an adoption instead of a pregnancy, so to leave us with empty hands, would really anger the fans… and she wouldn’t do that, is my guess. She loves Mer & Der and will give them a baby, only not the ‘easy’ way most people will have their babies. I think Shonda wants to create SOME MerDer drama… since they’ve been so happy. I think that’s great, that they’re happy, and would love to see more growth in their relationship, characters, etc but I’m still waiting for that…

    • victoria says:

      I think that to that would be amazing because there baby would be very cute

  8. Tina says:

    Aww Arizona is wearing her wedding ring. Cute.

  9. Kayla says:

    Of course they’ll get a baby, McDreamy himself promised in the last episode *rolls eyes*. How many babies does Grey’s need? They just did one with Callie. Ugh, too many babies.

  10. Adriana says:

    I think they are no going to adopt, at least not that soon. I think Meredith will be pregnant by te end of the season.

    • Caro says:

      No, Mer won’t get pregnant that easily because that’s what every MerDer fan wants. Well, at least 99 out of 100. And the picture perfect doesn’t exist in Shondaland, so she chooses the second best because everyone is bugging her about it. She’ll give Mer&Der and therefor us an adopted baby. It’s not that standard, it’s a bit different and that is what Shonda loves. Besides, don’t forget she adopted a child herself, so it’s kind of an honor of her to give Mer & Der also an adopted child. It’s special, different, it’s so Shonda.

  11. Tracy says:

    I think adoption is awesome and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what happens with Meredith and Derek. But I think this baby, cute as she absolutely is, is ultimately a red herring, hence ABC releasing the pix. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they do successfully adopt only to have Meredith realize she’s pregnant, which is what happened to Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelly.

    • c s says:

      That would be pretty unsurprising. Considering they’ve only been trying for a year. Usually you need to try for years before people accept that there might not be a biobaby.

    • Caro says:

      That’s what I’m hoping for, too! I’ve been thinking about Michelle Pfeiffer from the beginning, I really really hope Mer will adopt AND get pregnant! That would be awesome, right?!

    • Steffie says:

      Make something up why don’t you? For the record, Michelle Pfeiffer adopted Claudia Rose before she even met David Kelly.
      I’m also going to go out on a limb and note that plenty of babies need adopting not just black ones which seems to be the choice of TV shows. Thus totally missing out on the heart wrenching storylines of how and/or when to tell your child they’re adopted when it’s obvious that they are in the first place?

  12. Liana in San Diego says:

    Well, that ain’t no baby- that child is at least a few months old if so I really hope they are not going to try to pawn it off as a newborn! Shonda Rimes fails again in the realism department.

    Adoption is indeed a very long process, and thinking that because they are doctors gives them a jump in the line is erroneous thinking. These are people that have ridiculous hours, so Mer/Der are likely to spend NO time with the baby and dump it off on a nanny; any agency looking at them would consider someone else on the list.

    It’s all just getting worse than your average soapy soap opera. YUCK!

  13. s says:

    of course MerDer can’t have their own damn kid just like they can’t even get married for real @@ its all about the other characters getting married/having baby drama/babies. What a joke

  14. Rosa says:

    I doubt they will end up with that baby but I’m sure they will get a baby by season’s end or discover Meredith is pregnant. Meredith wants a baby so she’ll get one. Derek will look on lovingly while leaning against the wall as a Snow Patrol song plays. Meredith always starts the season wanting something and gets it in the final. Come on, its season 7, we see the pattern all the time. A surprise would be if MerDer didn’t adopt or become pregnant.

  15. Sally says:

    Is it not just Callie’s baby? They prob just visiting it! Arizona is there too

  16. Jessica says:

    I remember reading sides for an upcoming episode where a couple of Arizona’s patients from Malawi show up. Maybe the baby is one of them?

    I like the picture of Derek, Meredith and Arizona. Derek looks like he’s smiling, while Meredith and Arizona are giving him WTF looks.

  17. Barbra says:

    Derek is smiling because Patrick Dempsey is making like $100K per minute of screentime this season. Where do I sign up for THAT gig?

  18. Ingmar says:

    I have a feeling they WILL adopt, but this child? It gives the impression they are trying to play with the audience minds.

  19. Anna says:

    By the way picture 5 of 6 is Ellen Pompeo not JC

  20. Katrin says:

    I remember there was a casting call for colored baby girl twins in an abc-drama. I don’t remember if they were meant to be regulars though, but it seems the show is Grey’s Anatomy. That could make adoption possible…

  21. Margareth says:

    I think Meredith and Derek are the only ones who should have a baby. They have a stable relationship, they clearly love each other, they have good jobs and a house. I hope they get a baby by the end of the season. Adoption or not.

  22. O says:

    I love these pictures, they clearly show how great parent they would be. Adoption is a very beautiful and noble thing BUT I REALLY WANT FOR MERDER TO HAVE THEIR OWN CHILD!! PRETTY PLEASE!

  23. smd says:

    How long can they drag the baby story out? Mer was talking about kids rooms in the season FOUR finale!I don’t see them going through another pregnancy after this years story. I do see Cristina, Adele, Dr.Wyatt and the ghosts of Ellis’ and Susan having a biological baby before Meredith. Very disappointed in the small and limiting storyline of their infertility. It could have been a great storyline for them but TBTB decided two minutes per week was their max.

  24. Kray says:

    I just dont know anymore what to think of the show. I love it but lately… :( Ya know I dont care if Mer and Der addopt. However I turely want them to have there own kid soon. I wish they would get over the whole two women one man raising a baby (maybe if it lives) and get back to Mer/Der, Christina/Owen, and finally do something intersting again with them. I mean really to me the three parent thing is not of any interest to me. Oh and Miranda and her man :) lets see that go somewhere positive Please.

  25. Celia says:

    I would love to see an UNCOMPLICATED, SUCCESSFUL pregnancy on Grey’s! Meredith and Derek NEED a biological baby, though the adoption storyline would be pretty great too. Just great in a different way.

  26. Ev says:

    Is it me, or does Patrick Dempsey look like such a natural holding thatbaby?? I know he’s a dad, but if he just doesn’t look 1000% more adorable…lol!

  27. Candace says:

    Somebody clarify this for me: can a couple adopt a baby if they aren’t legally married? Post-it nuptials are cute and everything, but would it get them a baby? Maybe this means a real wedding for MerDer. Personally, I’d like to see that happen. But, I’d also like Dr. Burke to come back in the form of Blair Underwood (because we all know The Event’s gonna tank). This, of course, is unrelated to the point at hand, but I thought I’d get it out there in case anyone was listening.
    Mrs. Jackson Avery