Community's Brand-New 'Clip Show': We Preview 12 of the 78 (!) Can't-Miss Moments

The Community crew has really been holding out on us! Sure, we’ve seen an adventure or two (zombiepocalypses, paintball wars) over the years, but this Thursday’s installment (NBC, 8/7c) presents Greendale in a whole new light — one alternately featuring ghosts, glee clubs, and a great love (or loathing) of something called The Cape. As “clip” shows go, this episode is rather epic, boasting some 78 separate (and brand-new) scenes. I’m here to dish on 12 of the standouts. Plus, find out what the cast and creators have to say about the laborious undertaking.

The Return of Annie’s Boobs | Troy’s vent-dwelling monkey comes out to play — and in no way was that a euphemism. The notorious pen thief, Annie’s Boobs, makes a rare return to the study room to set in motion this week’s trip down memory lane.

A Rousing Glee Club Performance | I’m sure this comes as no surprise, but wait ’til you hear the pipes on Alison Brie (Annie), Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley) and Donald Glover (Troy). Gushes the lovely Miss Brown, “This might be my favorite episode, it’s so great. You will learn something about everyone that you did not already know. And pay attention to the flashbacks — look at the walls and everything because it’s a full-immersion experience.” Adds Joel McHale, “This whole episode is joke-heavy in that there are so many scenes, you have to hit it and move on. It has the pace of that movie Run Lola Run. You will not be able to catch your breath.”

A Zombie-tastic Flashback | It’s brief, but fun.

More Stop-Motion Antics | Also brief, but even more fun — probably because I’m a sucker for animated Abed.

A Never-Before-Seen St. Patrick’s Day Adventure | Turns out, the one holiday Community seemingly overlooked this season wasn’t overlooked at all. There will be talk of leprechauns and lots of green hats. “This could be our silliest episode yet,” Danny Pudi reveals. “There are a lot of costumes — and why not? It definitely had the most bits-per-minute — BPM, a new term I just coined — out of anything we’ve done.”

An Unexpected Love Affair Is Revealed | A secret season-long hookup will come to light, and the manner in which said affair is outed will be awesome. Also, look for “one shot that will be provocative,” McHale advises. “You’ll know exactly what it is when you see it.”

A Tribute-Slash-Trashing of NBC’s The Cape | Abed loves The Cape. Jeff does not. This will be a (hilarious) point of contention for the two throughout the time-hopping half-hour.

A Love Song Montage for Three Separate Greendale Pairs | Actual couples need not apply for this honor. It’s like showrunner Dan Harmon and his gangbusters team of writers decided to pay homage to all of those fan-shipper videos on YouTube. Three times. And it’s absolutely brilliant, ripe with slow-motion glances and an accompanying song fans will no doubt appreciate.

A Greased-Up Chang | The wonder that is Ken Jeong continues to wow the Community crowd with his complete willingness to do, well, anything in the name of a good laugh. “This episode has some of the funniest visuals we’ve ever seen for Chang,” Jeong tells me. And having previewed the episode, I can confirm. “It gives me chills just thinking it,” Jeong says of the joke-dense episode. “It is one of the most ambitiously [written], pure effing funny scripts I’ve read. Period. TV or otherwise.”

Six Separate Dean Pelton Costume Swaps | Not to be outdone by Chang, his rival Greendale outcast, the Dean will pop up several times in a plethora of his always eccentric costumes. (Side note: This might be my favorite moment in the entire episode.) “There a lot of midriff, very sexy,” Jim Rash promises with a laugh. “And there will be a ton of very great screensaver moments for everyone.”

A Paranormal Sighting | The ghost of one of the study group members makes a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it guest appearance during one of their never-before-seen field trips.

An Episode-Ending Tag Unlike Any We’ve Seen in Community‘s Nearly 50-Episode History | Set your DVRs accordingly — or hey, just watch the show live!

Mind you, these are just 12 of the 78 separate scenes that make up Community‘s latest innovative outing. I offer a tip of the hat to Dan Harmon — who, in a rare moment of actually accepting a compliment from me, says, “I’m pretty proud of it. It’s a way to once again subvert the medium of the sitcom, particularly the clip show, while still respecting it.”

Don’t miss another artfully genre-bending installment of NBC’s Community Thursday at 8 pm.

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  1. Amy says:

    I cannot wait!! Community is such a hilariously wonderful show and has one of the best ensembles on right now. This is definitely going to be one of those episodes to watch more than once to catch everything. I love it when shows do episodes that play heavily on the history of the show. It always leaves fans feeling appreciated.

  2. R says:

    This is going to be awesome, but the Jeff-Britta thing has been hinted at all season long and I’m not too happy about it. :(

    • Raksha says:

      Preach! I an in mlove with Jeff-Annie, but the love affair is sure to be between Britta and Jeff, because in the Cooperative Calligraphy episode, Britta had hinted at something like that. Ah, the pain!!

      Community still rocks, though!! ;-)

      • Mikos says:

        Settle down there shippers! There are some things you need to know:
        1 – Jeff/Britta shippers, enjoy it now – these two are about the fast and furious, if it’s not rough it’s just not fun, anger and self loathing sex.


        2 – Jeff/Annie shippers, be patient – she’s just too young for Jeff right now and he’s got some Britta-oats to work out of his system


        3 – stop being shippers, you are Community fans and should be better than that

        • stevenjaba says:


        • Christine says:

          I love number 3! I have ships for other shows, but I really try not to ship Jeff with anyone on this show because the show is too awesome to be caught up in stuff like that. I would love this show regardless of which ship is going on. With that being said, I just don’t really care for the idea of Jeff and Britta as a couple. I think they work best when they’re calling each other on their crap and they have more of a sibling feel to them. If they have been hooking up, my guess is that it means absolutely nothing to either of them. She went on a date with that guy in the episode for Shirley’s baby shower, and she kissed Troy last week. It’s simply a friends with benefits type of hook up, and I hope they don’t make too big a deal out of it.

    • stevenjaba says:

      Annie’s character is too young for Jeff. The idea of them getting together skeeves me out. He’s what, 35, and she’s 19?

      • Bec says:

        Jeff is either 32 or 33 and Annie is 20. It is sad I know this.

      • Miss Nonny says:

        I’m personally more inclined towards Jeff and Britta. Don’t know why so many want Jeff and Annie to hook up since we wouldn’t even *have* a study group if it weren’t for Jeff wanting to hook up with Britta!

        Jeff & Britta > Jeff & Annie

  3. jamie says:

    If you don’t want to be spoiled about who the secret hook-up is, don’t read any summary of the episode (like I did on tv because it says it in the summary. You’ve been warned. Can’t wait for the episode though!

  4. Nick says:

    Probably the funniest show on TV right now, definately can’t wait to see this.

  5. josh says:

    Best comedy on tv period. When I first read “Clip show” in the title of this article, I thought,”Come on, a clip show, Community is too good for that!” Of course I was right, Community NEVER disappoints. Community can even make a clip show interesting! I’m pumped for tonight’s episode!!!

  6. Sourabh says:

    Wait, Abed loves The Cape? Well my friends can stop saying I’m like Abed now.

  7. meg says:

    I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!!!!

    This show is fanfrakkingtastic.

  8. Becca says:

    I love the group as a whole incestuous family like the Brady Bunch, but I rather see Jeff and Britta as friends rather than lovers. It isn’t unexpected either after the hints they been throwing this season. If we are supposed to be shocked maybe the synopsis shouldn’t have had Jeff, Britta, and secret trysts in the same sentence.

  9. Mikey G says:

    So damn funny. Best show on TV.

  10. THIS episode exceeded expectations. Also, thanks to all for the comments regarding my blog. Very much appreciated.

  11. Sam says:

    Where has your blog BEEN all my life? Oh the insight! Oh the inspiration! Oh the 300 SAT words!

  12. sashay says:

    How awesome! This guy is like the ‘Professor Professorson’ of Michael’s site. I love how in love with his own insights he is…truly breathtaking self-esteem. Look forward to many more blog references by Chris Griff 3.

  13. Todd says:

    Who needs Community when we could have actors doing staged readings of Chris Griff 3’s blog posts!

  14. I am also posting in this thread says:

    Something something Chris Griff 3’s blog.