Blind Item: A Sex-Rated Surprise Is Coming Up!

Especially observant TVLine readers may have noticed that I quietly updated our May Sweeps Scorecard on Wednesday to expand the list of “Couples having sex for the first time” from two to three.

But what those same readers may not have noticed was the loud gasp I let out just moments before I updated the chart. Because unlike the other two entries, the two characters at the center of this top-secret, season-ending, cliffhangery hook-up have never shared a longing glance or a romantic moment.

Spoiler Alert: Who’s Dying on Glee?

In fact, if you were to ask me who the last two people I’d ever expect to have sex on TV were, I probably would’ve named these two. It’s that shocking.

Coupla hints: First off, we’re talking about a very popular series that has already been renewed. Second, the duo in question may or may not be be in a compromised mental state when said shenanigans transpire. Finally, setting up a doozy of a storyline for next season, the walk of shame that follows the one-night stand is witnessed by someone — in this duo’s eyes, the worst possible someone!

Finale Scoop on Fringe, House, Bones and More!

So which show is ending its season with an outta-nowhere sexscapade? Guess away in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. naomi says:

    Can’t be will and sue because they had the whole episode of funk. Where they did this storyline, it isn’t anything related to glee.

  2. Leithen says:

    Most unlikely ones I can think of would involve The Good Wife

    –Alicia and Eli, or Alicia and Cary.

    Why? Definitely a compromised mental state, at least on her part.

    • Miv says:

      I like this as an idea. It would definitely be surprising. I don’t know if I’d call TGW a ‘very popular’ show, though.

  3. Jenny says:

    I don’t know why, but I keep thinking of the Big Bang Theory. My guess is Penny and Raj witnessed by Sheldon! lol Probably won’t happen, but hey it’s a guess!

  4. Mandy says:

    What if it is Bobby and Laurie and travis sees them?
    I hope not because I want Laurie and Travis to end up together!

  5. Jess says:

    I totally agree about Big Bang Theory. I’ve been speculating on Penny/Sheldon for a hot minute. I’m also going to throw in my guess on:

    The Office: Andy/Kelly, witnessed by Erin

  6. sturla says:

    Chris will see Owen and Teddy together in bed

  7. ellysha says:

    i dunno why, but my first thought went to bones… (although im not sure whether its been renewed or not?)
    maybe like angela and booth and brennan sees? definately would not see that coming … its probably a long shot though lol

    • booth_girl says:

      Since the show has not been renewed and she’s very pregnant and giving birth in the final, seems so very unlikely.

  8. Stephanie says:

    McGarrett and Danno on Hawaii Five-0. Witnessed by Rachael. If this was Showtime or HBO and not CBS. (hey, a girl can dream)

  9. O.O says:

    Laurie and Travis on Cougar Town

    • Darcy says:

      No, they’ve flirted before. He says unexpected.

      I’m thinking Laurie and Bobby in Hawaii after a few drinks and some penny-can. Those two would make such a cute couple.

  10. Jess says:

    Patrick and Grace witness by Teresa. Hey, a girl can dream lol.

  11. teddy says:

    Rachel and Quinn from Glee?

  12. Wksm says:

    How about Sheldon and Penny witnessed by Lenard? That would be a shocker!

  13. Danielle says:

    Liz lemon and Jack Donaghy witnessed by Frank Rossitano.

  14. Lily says:

    My first thought was also Chuck And Serena! Weird it was the first comment I saw…
    Seen by worst possible someone is GG or Vanessa. Or Georgina. I don’t know. Maybe not.

  15. Jenny says:

    Sam and Dean witnessed by Castiel. Or God. Or Bobby.

  16. rgm31 says:

    I think its gonna be Morgan and the new girl from Criminal Minds and Garcia will be the witness!!

  17. John Crud says:

    Sheldon and Amy from The Big Bang Theory. The only way they would do it is if they weren’t in their normal state!

  18. ms. guided says:

    Leslie & Ron from Parks & Rec. with Andy or Tom as witness.

  19. Guccichild says:

    Hmmm…If it’s Glee:- Will & Sue witnessed by Emma or Will & Beast witnessed by Sue OR Blaine & Karofsky witnessed by Kurt ?!?

    If it’s TBBT:- Penny & Sheldon witnessed by Leonard is pretty damn unlikely

    If it’s Fringe:- Olivia & Walternate witnessed by Peter! HAHAHA. Considering the world ending consequences of who Peter chooses…. that could be interesting!

  20. Amc says:

    How about Laurie and Travis on Cougar Town?

  21. David says:

    Amelia and Sam on Private Practice — Definite game-changer.

  22. fernando says:

    Dereck and Mark-Greys Anatomy haha

  23. Skye says:

    How about Santana and Quinn from Glee…we know Santana is in love with her bestie (whose currently unavailable) and Quinn’s the most repressed lesbian ever (why has no-one drawn the parallels between her treatment of Rachel and Karofsky’s of Kurt?)…what if they hook up and the walk of shame is witnessed by Rachel…who would undoubtedly want to throw them a Pride Parade immediately…

  24. And Who Disguised As says:

    Sheldon & Penny, TBBT. You don’t need to be a genius (or a nerd) to predict that.

  25. boidiva02 says:

    Christina and Derek on Grey’s… That would surely cause dramatic ramifications..

  26. Miv says:

    Will and any of the students on Glee, witnessed by Sue.

  27. Mike says:

    It’s Penny and Raj. Somebody on the twop boards went to the taping and posted it over there.

  28. Tracie says:

    Ziva and McGee…busted by Gibbs

  29. Ren says:

    I noticed some other people have mentioned a possible Big Bang Theory hook up. That was my first thought also, however I have a different pairing in mind – Amy and Leonard getting together, witnessed by either Sheldon or Penny.

  30. wooster182 says:

    OMGOSH! What about Leslie and Ron and Ben sees them? Would break my heart a little.

  31. je says:

    Ziva and Gibbs

  32. Rob J. says:

    I’m going to ignore for a moment the fact that The Vampire Diaries hasn’t officially been renewed yet because, well, c’mon, it’s one of the net’s biggest hits, it’ll be back.
    Elena and Katherine would certainly be a surprise — not to mention audacious — coupling.

  33. alec says:

    Shelden and Penny on BBT.

  34. Kate says:

    Okay, well my vote is in for April and Jackson on Grey’s Anatomy. Just because she is a virgin and he is her best friend… I could absolutley see him pulling the “I’m your best friend and will respect you and make your first time special… blah blah blahhhh” but anyways thats my guess.

  35. Amanda says:

    Ok I’m going completely random here. Eli and Alicia. Peter sees them.

  36. Dw says:

    I read on another site from someone who claimed to be at the show taping that Penny and Raj hookup on the finale of BBT and alcohol is involved. This could be it

  37. AJ says:

    It has to be Penny and Raj and witnessed by Sheldon who cannot keep a secret.

  38. Lauren says:

    Even though I love fringe and Walter. The thought of pairing him with anyone kinda grosses me out. The only couple I want to see together on that show is Peter and Olivia (our Olivia, not Bolivia).

  39. Sarah says:

    What about two characters on Bones? Maybe Sweets and Cam? We haven’t seen Daisy in awhile, and Sweets might be getting lonely. Maybe after the group goes out for drinks to celebrate after solving a murder? Or it could be Cam and the intern that Angela slept with before?

  40. Brad says:

    Everyone think about it. It’s going to be Penny and Raj from the Bing Bang scene by Lenoard. They will both be hammered drunk.

  41. Darcy says:

    Bobby and Laurie on Cougar Town! Obviously, they have too much wine, flirt over penny-can and then Jules or Travis catches Laurie exiting Bobby’s Hawaiian hotel room! BOOM!

  42. cic says:

    I think Fringe, with Walter and Astrid (hey, it has to be an unlikely pairing) and Peter catching them. Besides with all of Walters drugs in the laboratory, they have a valid excuse for a mishap.

  43. JT says:

    Quinn and Rachel.

  44. sophie says:

    Gibbs & EJ on NCIS and Tony sees them?
    More clues please ?

  45. dani says:

    Penny and Sheldon on big bang?! Haha probably not but would be hilarious!

  46. Lee says:

    I’m going to go with Community, Abed and Annie, witnessed by Pierce!

  47. mel says:

    ^ It would make more sense if it were Gibbs and EJ, since they seem to hate one another. With Tony being the one to walk in on them.

  48. yahoo says:

    Ted and Nora on HIMYM, witnessed by Barney

  49. me1023 says:

    I am thinking Sam and Rachel from Glee witnessed by either Santana or Finn…

    Popular Show and never even talk to each other. Alcohol would play a factor b/c it is Prom night…

    This gets my vote..

  50. Flo says:

    Sam and Rachel from Glee.
    Its a fairly popular show, the couple have barely talked in past episodes and I guess either Finn or Quinn witness the walk of shame?
    Plus I think I heard some rumor to do with a weird Sam coupling?