Parenthood Finale Mysteries Solved: Time Jumps, Faux Reunions, Baby Bumps and More!

Now that you’ve had time to process Tuesday’s six-hanky Parenthood finale, let’s get our post mortem on via a batch of burning questions with executive producer Jason Katims.

Did Jasmine and Crosby reconcile in the episode’s final moments? | “I wouldn’t assume that,” Katims cautions. “Although they were finally talking — and I think we definitely earned that after Crosby spent so many episodes just trying to have a conversation with the woman — I don’t think that conversation necessarily leads to fixing all the problems that they have. The verdict is out in terms of where they are when we pick up with them next.”

Speaking of which, assuming the show gets renewed, will there be a time jump between seasons 2 and 3? | “My instinct is there would be a time jump,” Katims confirms. “The [new season] would [pick up] in the fall and follow the calendar year, so it’s the same time of year as people are watching. But I would be open to not having as big of a time jump too.”

Several beats in the finale — namely the retainer subplot and the hospital waiting room sequence — felt like callbacks to the 1989 Parenthood feature film on which the series was based. Intentional? | “It was and it wasn’t,” Katims responds. “I loved the movie and I’ve always tried to maintain a link with the show, sometimes in more subtle ways than others. I wasn’t super conscious of it with those particular examples but I definitely like to keep it in mind.”

Haddie and Alex were still going strong in the finale. Might Michael B. Jordan return on more of a full-time basis next season? | “It’s a little too early to know that,” he hedges. “It’s also pretty challenging to do that because we already have such a big cast. We have 15 series regulars, which is more than most shows…  But I love Michael. He’s such a great addition to the show and I would like to continue to write for that relationship. Once we get picked up we’ll need to find out what his schedule is and go from there.”

Why make Kristina pregnant? | “It was so out of the blue — that’s what I liked about it,” says Katims. “It was so unexpected.” Well, unless you caught the NBC promo that featured Adam lifting a positive pregnancy test out of the trash. “I had mixed feelings about that,” he admits. “Normally I don’t mind teasing things. I don’t think it ruins the viewing experience. But while it didn’t give away who was pregnant, it made you ask the question.” Of course, given Parenthood‘s uncertain future, Katims acknowledges, “It seemed to get people talking about the show, and it it helps boost our ratings that would be good.”

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  1. Julie says:

    Mike, the Kristina pregnancy/Adam losing his job storyline is also lifted directly from the movie, although in the movie, the Steve Martin character wasn’t fired; he quit his job, which led to an easier resolution as far as him getting his job back. That won’t be so easy for Adam, especially given the economy.

    I loved last night’s episode and will be so sad if the show is canceled.

    • DL says:

      True, but this is TV, after all. Besides, we’ve never actually seen Adam happy at work, and I think maybe he’ll be inspired by what Sarah’s doing and go for something he really loves (even if it means less money at face value). Also, despite the fact that he “let him go” I’m sure that Cory (as well as Gordon, if he still “exists” in the Parenthood universe) would give Adam a glowing recommendation. I’m optimistic that he’ll find something.
      And in the meantime he can always work for Joel. ;)

  2. Allison says:

    I think the season finale last night was one of the strongest episodes yet. But they are all great in my opinion. Zeke’s speech to Amber was brilliant and made me appreciate Craig T. Nelson more. I loved the nods to the movie. This show HAS TO continue.

  3. Mikaylah says:

    I think there will definitely be parallels between the pregnancy on Parenthood and the one on Grey’s Anatomy. Both Kristina’s and Callie’s pregnancies were unplanned when two other main characters are having trouble conceiving. I imagine that it will be very hard on Julia, who wants another baby so badly.

    I love the show and hope it comes back. :)

    • Maria says:

      I immediatly thought of Julia as well and hiw hard it’s gonna be for her. Julia & Joel are my favorite couple and it broke my heart when they couldn’t have any more kids

    • rowan says:

      Unless Julia has a difficult time and a long wait to adopt a child, She seems to have moved past the point of jealousy of someone’s pregnancy and is looking forward to having her own child through adoption.

    • H says:

      And recall last season how conflicted Kristina was when Julia initially thought Sydney might be in the autism spectrum only to find out that she was actually gifted.

  4. Samantha says:

    I don’t think I’ve cried and laughed so much during any single episode of any show I’ve watched and believe me I’ve watched and do watch a LOT of shows. This was a great season finale, so hoping it comes back for a season 3. Mae Whitman and Lauren Graham had me in tears, I truly believe they embody every mother/daughter relationship. We’ve all been there with our mothers or vice versa at one point in our lives. They should both submit the season finale to the Emmys.
    As soon as Adam walked through the day I knew it was Kristina that was pregnant.

    • Baileygirl says:

      There are only a few shows on TV that I never want to miss..The Fabulous Beekman Boys, Gray’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters and most of all, PARENTHOOD!!! This is the best show on TV in many a year! Excellent story lines and even better acting. Love all the cast!

  5. Justin K says:

    I’m like a little school girl when it comes to the show! I loved the finale. I hope that we get another season! Jasmine and Crosby will probably work it out. I kind of thought that the Asian lady that julia helped didn’t want her baby and Julia was going to adopt it (alittle too melodramatic, eh?) hahaha. Loved Adam’s reaction to Christina’s pregnancy. It was so in character. I could sooo see that. The finale as a whole was phenomenal. Love the cast. Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman kill me every time with their crazy good acting.


    • B says:

      I thought the same thing, partly based on the promos. I thought that Julia was going to adopt that baby. When I saw the promo last week, I didn’t really know what was going to happen but I thought the positive test was somehow Julia’s.

      I LOVED the speech that Craig Nelson gave Mae Whitman. Everything about this episode was perfect. It is my FAVORITE show!!

  6. Tausif Khan says:

    If Katims keeps Crosby and Jasmine separated it will be really interesting to see that story line develop as it does mirror so many modern families.

  7. Janet says:

    Loved the finale! I really hope this show comes back. After last night, it has moved to the top of my list. It’s always hovered there but that sealed it. It now beats out The Good Wife for me.

    Just loved the whole feel of the show. And now I need find a copy of the movie. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it.

  8. Caryn says:

    I freaking LOVE Parenthood. So deeply. I cried and laughed. I watched in amazement at the acting abilities of Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Mae Whitman, Max Burkholder . . . and ALL OF THEM! : ) Could not live without another season.

    • b. rose says:

      I agree with Caryn-could not live without this show.
      I watch The Good Wife “On Demand” later in the week. So I get both of these EXCELLENT shows, but Parenthood just took it to the top at the finale.
      Yes, come back! Come back next season!
      B. Rose

  9. Jasmine says:

    I really enjoyed the finale; however, I would have liked to see more interaction between Jasmine and Crosby. She loves him, she loves his family yet she didnt offer any comfort to Crosby? That didnt make any sense. I think them talking at the end, was hopeful however, seems easier to make fans hate Jasmine than to love her. Loved Alex’s support in a bad situation. Loved Joel! He was great with Crosby, and of course with my love Julia! I would like for them to adopt, surrogacy, or for her to explore surgical options. Amber was still over the top, but was better with Zeke. Loved that Kristina and Adam are expecting, not Alex aHowever, Max demands so much of their time

    • Rhoda says:

      ITA, we are given too little of Jasmine’s heart. I am a little peeved with this aspect of the writing for Jasmine, how can you simply have a character act/ react without getting into their motivations? You can’t leave it up to the audience to fill in the blanks. She rarely gets the long introspective talks which are so important to understanding/ liking a character. I hope they fix that next season. But i appreciated the hint of a possible reconciliation, or at least trying to work things out. I love crosby and Jasmine as a couple, but i’m so over the internal drama; i won’t mind seeing them dealing with external drama related to Jabbar and their relationship issues gradually dealt with in the background.

  10. Jackie says:

    I loved the season finale! I thought Adam’s reaction to the unplanned pregnancy was one od the most realistic reactions I’ve ever seen. Happy in the end, but completely overwhelmed and slightly panicked. The Amber/Sarah scene had me in tears as did the scene with Amber and Zeke. I was so happy because it finally seemed to sink in about Amber’s self-destructive pity-party attitude. Also I agree that a lot of last night echoed the original movie but as it is a great film (and the origin for the series) I don’t necessarily believe that’s a bad thing!

  11. Carol says:

    So how wonderful would it be if Julia and Joel adopted Adam and Kristina’s baby? I don’t see them being able to deal with Max’s issues along with the demands of another child, so that seems like a great way to go. Remember, you heard it here first!

    • Joe says:

      That would be the dumbest plot twist ever.

    • C says:

      Carol, I had the same thought. But can you imagine giving your child to your sister? You’d have to see the child regularly. How guilty would you feel? Especially knowing you could have supported them even if it would be a strain. I don’t think that will happen.

      I do think it will be great to see how Max handles a new brother or sister. I don’t know anyone with Aspergers but I am very interested in the story line.

    • Renee says:

      You’re not seriously presuming that a family who has one child with a disability can’t handle more children, are you? Come on.

    • teecie says:

      Really dumb idea

  12. Ronda says:

    Parenthood is fabulous, from the characters to the storyline to life lessons learned. The cast does a wonderful job expressing their joy and
    Pain that we feel it in ourselves. I LOVE this
    show everything about it. My husband enjoys it too. Please keep it on. So refreshing to see real life situations that aren’t violent . I love how this family reacts toward one another with lifes ups and downs. Please continue to keep this wonderf show on.

  13. Tausif Khan says:

    Also was the hospital in the finale the same hospital they used to film Scrubs?

  14. JBP says:

    I just hope this brings Lauren Graham the Emmy she has deserved for years. She deserved it for Gilmore Girls and her work on Parenthood is even better. Here’s to many Emmy nods for Parenthood….and a definite renewal for next season!!!!

  15. Kevin says:

    Last night’s Parenthood season finale was an amazing way to end the quiet dramedy on a lighter note but at least more than one actor has already move on from the NBC series and that would be Minka Kelly who’s already been cast in the ABC reboot of “Charlie’s Angels” and I think it’s one of the biggest hits of the Fall TV season. Wonder how NBC is going to respond about Season Three one month from now until the upfronts begins.

    • bkwrm says:

      Minka Kelly was only a recurring guest star NOT a series regular. Her being cast in another show has nothing to do with Parenthood’s renewal chances.

  16. Alex says:

    Every single cast member needs to be given an Emmy after that episode. Seriously. Or at the very least, Peter Krause and Lauren Graham, who are the heart of the show to me. The show so deserves another season, and I feel like it will get picked up, especially given the strong ratings from the finale.

  17. Erin says:

    Loved, loved loved the season finale. I wish they’d hurry up and renew it already! My two favorite scenes were Zeke’s talk with Amber (I was wiping away more than a few tears during that one) and Julia just melting when she was holding the baby and realizing that she does want more kids. And I also loved the last scene between Adam and Kristina-I had guessed it was coming, but they played that beautifully.

  18. Jeri says:

    Love this show!!! I can’t believe that they may not renew it, it has to be renewed!! This show always makes me cry too.

    Minka was more of a guest star so her absence is not that big a deal. I never expected her to stay.

    All of the others, especially the family, have got to stay!

  19. AWmC says:

    Just cannot express how much I love this show. So down to earth. So real. Love the brilliant writing and the amazing cast. Every episode lives up the the high standard. Last nights finale was just too much…i’ve never cried and laughed so much…Mae Whitman and Lauren Graham were exceptional. Hoping they do the right thing and renew the show!

  20. Lisa says:

    You’ve GOT to renew this show. This show is so much better then Grey’s anatomy!!! The actors are so down to earth and sincere. The relationship and interations make you feel that you are part of their family. Zeck’s speach to Amber was absolutely awesome. It’s great to see there are terrific writers out there i just hope there are smart people who will do the right thing and RENEW, RENEW, RENEW.

  21. Larissa says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!! The minute it started last night, I was sobbing. I pretty much sobbed, then laughed, then sobbed through the entire episode. I love Lauren Graham…when she cries, I cry. I loved the storyline with John Corbitt…I loved this season! Great acting, great writing. This show can’t go off the air!

  22. ShortyMac says:

    I could tell from the season finale preview that the pregnancy test wasn’t Haddie’s. It would be too soon after she started having sex and it would seem like she was being “punished” for it. I would think she and Alex would be more responsible and so far they are.

  23. Becca says:

    This is by far the best show on tv in years!! Everything about it is Real to Life!!

  24. Jeanette Marable says:

    I love Parenthood. I can relate to real life circumstances. Hope there’s another season. Haddie and Alex are great role models. I would love to see that relationship continue and expanded.

  25. Maggie Mae says:

    The only thing missing was the wisest of them all: the matriarch. Camille speaks softly but carries a big stick unlike the rest of her clan. I would hate to see her become just a cheerleader.

  26. wise sage says:

    The finale was terrrific…just in time to get ready to fall in love with Friday night lights. That Michael B. Jordan is proving to be an American Actor able to cross through different characters seamlessly. He just stands out with great believable performances.

  27. Carter says:

    anyone else notice the hospital they were at was Sacred Heart? love PHood, it’s one of the best shows on TV. i hope it sticks around for a long, long time.

  28. S says:

    GIVE CROSBY A FRIGGIN HAIRCUT. I seriously cannot stand looking at him.
    Great episode though!

  29. linda says:

    Loved the episode, but i think Alex the sweet guy was overdone, it was thick as honey.

  30. MBJ says:

    A fine show that hopefully will be renewed for season 3. Lauren Graham, IMO, is arguably the best pure actress on that show…and shows it week after week. Overall, a great ensemble cast, good writing and relevant story lines. Not many better shows on tv.

  31. Matt says:

    I’m surprised that Adam can’t whirl around and sue the bejesus out of his company for firing him after slipping him drugs without his knowledge.. talk about a built in HUGE settlement option. One call to a lawyer “let me tell you about my boss who slipped me pot against my will/consent, oh and he’s the company owner of a multi-million dollar enterprise”

    That whole storyline.. wow.

  32. Kajumajo says:

    Please bring this show back! The characters (as well as the actors!) are so great! Best show on NBC!
    When will we know if it was picked up again?

  33. Kevin says:

    Wait until May 16th when the Fall TV upfronts arrives beginning with of course NBC.

  34. Wendi W. M. says:

    This is by far the best written, most realistic and entertaining view of the modern family that television has ever produced. Coming from the “Father Knows Best” era, I have seen just about everything. The message has something for every age and every person. Each character’s story is beautifully and carefully developed, and the viewer can relate to just about every charcter’s situation, whether directly or indirectly. The plot and the characters are simultaneously funny, poignant, and dynamic. This is the best show on television, period. I pray that the “powers that be” realize the gem they have, promote the program properly to gain new viewers, and renew the series Parenthood. If I knew who to contact directly to promote the renewal, I would do so. However, I do agree that Alex’s character is a bit unrealistic; no recovering addict at this young man’s age is that evolved (after 6 months sobriety) and healthy when it comes to male/female relationships especially with a high school girl.) Crosby is a bit strange (unappealing too) and not well suited for the beautiful Jasmine, but other than that; the show is perfect. Peter Krauss and Craig Nelson are brilliant; Bonnie Bedelia is always superb, and the young man who plays the young Asberger’s son is fantastic. Having raised two children as a single mother, I recognize Lauren Graham and her tv daughter as realistic and heart-wrenching. KEEP PARENTHOOD!

  35. Gloria says:

    I’m not a huge TV fan – BUT – Parenthood is the ONLY show I watch. It will have its Season 3.

  36. Marcia says:


  37. Jonhro says:

    Modern Family and Parenthood are the only US TV shows I watch in Australia for all the reasons mentioned by others here.

    This is a show that keeps viewers coming back for more, once they take a good glimpse – and that takes time, partly because parenthood on the surface sounds uninviting and seems cliche, until you watch it.

    In time the network will end up with an large army of loyal viewers.