Idoloonies: Jimmy Snubbed! Haley Redeemed! Stefano Reconsidered! And Randy Silenced!

“Songs from the Movies Night” on Season 10 of American Idol will go down in history as the moment the contestants took back (some of) their power from Jimmy Iovine. Indeed, James Durbin, Casey Abrams, and Scotty McCreery all ignored the advice of the headphones-wearing mega-mentor, made like a Fleetwood Mac lyric, and went their own ways.

On this week’s three-part installment of Idoloonies, my cohosts and I discuss the outcome of this uprising — both positive and negative — plus the results-night redemption of Haley Reinhart, the unfulfilled promise of Paul McDonald, and the advice that Idol‘s increasingly inept judges’ panel ought to be giving to Stefano Langone. Along the way, you’ll get bonus clips from Buffy and Community, some sweet music from “artist” Randy Jackson, and an interesting viewer theory on why Pia Toscano’s ouster may have had a chilling effect on the remaining crop of Idol wannabes. So press play below — be sure to watch all three parts — then hit the comments with your own thoughts and opinions. And if you’d like to take a crack at cohosting an upcoming Idoloonies episode, shoot an email with a few paragraphs of opinion after Wednesday night’s Top 7 performance telecast (theme will be “Songs from the 21st Century”) to (be sure to include a contact phone number and a Skype handle). Finally, for all my Idol news and ridiculata, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

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  1. Gen of Montreal says:

    I admit that I barely watched this season but from what I heard from Pia Toscano, it wasn’t that great; she sounded barely in tune and totally generic. And the country singer is grating; he sounds like a parody of a country singer.

    • Steph says:

      IA– I’ve only seen the live performances and there are wayyyy too many people being overhyped this season.

      • forrest says:

        Is anyone else bored with this show yet? It is so predictable. Judges praise; the singers singing the SAME style every single week. Really, Really been there done that. I skipped last week for the 1st time in 3 seasons. The recaps and idoloonies proved I just missed Haylie’s result night performance. The rest was status quo. I don’t see any reason to change my perspective at this point. Please, Idol, prove me wrong.

        • Elizabeth says:

          Bored… I guess that’s the word for it for me (for you? and for me??)

          Let’s just say this: I’m not pulling for anyone in particular and I’m never shocked when someone is eliminated. The only element of surprise for me so far this season were the couple times Ryan Seacrest tried the “big boy hairdo”…

          • Lisagp says:

            Tivo season pass cancelled. BORED out of my mind!

          • Owen says:

            Blah blah blah…is this show still on? blah blah blah….its so boring…blah blah blah….can’t wait for X Factor/The Voice/Platinum Hit…blah blah blah…

        • RTW says:

          Chris Daughtry summed up Idol’s biggest flaw in just two tweets. Randy, J-Lo and Steven together couldn’t come up a constructive criticism if it took them two seasons.

    • Jennifer says:

      I can’t even look at Scotty without seeing the Mad Magazine guy….Alfred E. Neuman!! I can’t take him seriously.

      • For me, for you, dawg says:

        Thank you. I’ve noticed the same thing. I’ve been waiting for one of the late night comics to do a seperated at birth comparision of Scotty and the Mad guy.

    • mcdeallover says:

      You can call Pia boring, or having no it factor, but that girl can sing. The only performance of hers that was questionalble is when she sang after she got the boot and was fighting off tears.

    • jello aka aron says:

      Seconded… I was beginning to wonder if my wife & I were the only ones who thought that. There’s zero musical creativity there. He’s constantly taking all the cliche ‘country singer’ affectations, cranking them to 11, and layering on the cheese. It feels like a South Park version of a country singer.

    • Douglas Hall says:

      Pia?? “Barely in tune?” “NOT THAT GREAT??” I don’t know what you’ve been listening to, but it’s certainly not the Pia Toscano everyone else in the free world has been hearing. I am thinkin’ you need a trip to the ear doctor as your hearing has obviously malfunctioned. In a year or two, there will be many who will have forgotten who won AI 2011. There will be few who will have forgotten who finished ninth.

      • Jellybean says:

        If Pia were any more off tune, well sorry – her voice is SO bad I can’t even think of a snappy comeback – all I have is that awful sound in my mind now. She has a big fan base which consists mostly of family and friends who overpost everywhere, because a good voice, SHE DOES NOT HAVE.

  2. Danielle Notaro says:

    Poor Scotty?? Slezak, really. That kid could fart on stage and still come in first. And believe me I am not happy about that. He does absolutely nothing to stretch himself. And he’s been standing up to Jimmy for weeks now which I find arrogant. for the first time in 10 seasons I switched the channel when Scotty sang-he’s predictable and boring and where are the notes for that from the judges??!! He’s so white bread. You just know Nigel has chosen Lauren from the beginning. Oh my America. An all country show down finale. Blech!

    • Vetle says:

      I agree – except, I don’t think that it will be an all country finale. I think James, or even Haley can break that up – because in a top 3 or 4 situation, I think voters are mainly devoted to ONE of the country artists. Except – it will be at Lauren’s expense, which is a shame, because I think Lauren has performed way better than Scotty. Ever since Allison went home in top 4 (;_;) week, I’ve wanted a girl to reach the finals no matter who they are. I know “No Boundries” sucked, but imagine Allison Iraheta on it… I actually think she would be one of the few season 8 contestants who could’ve delivered a good vocal on it.

      What I really would like to see now in the finale is:

      Haley vs. James
      Haley vs. Lauren
      Lauren vs. James
      or even Haley vs. Casey – cuz of the duet alone.

      I think the finale will be:

      Scotty vs. James
      or Scotty vs. Lauren

      PUT THE GO ON SCOTTY!! WE (or at least YOU, since I can’t vote from Norway) DID IT TO GOKEY DURING TOP 3, WE CAN DO IT TO SCOTTY!!

      • karenb says:

        Oftentimes this season, I have tried to find a clever way of putting the GO in Scotty! Put the Scoot in Scotty?! lol
        I loved those idolatry shows! Good Times!

      • Marie says:

        Scotty has got to be in the finale. I would love for Scotty vs. Haley but I think it will be Scott vs Lauren. I absolutely adore Scotty and I’m not a country music fan. I can’t figure it out myself so don’t waste your time.

        • McFudge says:

          I have to agree he’s sung too many songs that are very similar. That said, I like him too. I think the reason is that he’s obviously a nice, normal kid who has his head on straight, and he’s got this very unusual voice that seems pretty effortless. I enjoyed his voice from the get-go, but what I really liked about him was that when he crumped during his Nuts of Wonder song in Hollywood week, he said after something to the effect of “If they put me through after that it’ll only be because of my low voice. *I* wouldn’t put me through.” You can’t not love that.

      • Joe says:

        Here’s the script for the rest of the season. Build up Scotty as an unstoppable force who can’t be beaten. Get Haley off the show this week or next and then turn the narrative into Wittle Wauren against all the big bad boys and then marvel at how Wittle Wauren knocks off giant boy after giant boy, as the female species last hope, only to pull the ultimate upset and take down the freight train that is Scotty in the finals.
        I think Nigel rigged this thing to get all the women off the show so he could put the focus on Lauren. He knows the sentiment that a woman can’t win the show and what better story to use to break an artist than she beat the expected result?
        I don’t think my votes or your votes count for anything. The finale power ballad has been written for Lauren for awhile now and I wouldn’t be shocked if she isn’t already rehearsing it.
        The only way I’ll believe the show isn’t rigged is if Lauren goes home. Otherwise, this thing is in the bag. They want a 16yo who they can control and market and they are suckering in America at the moment with some underdog narrative about her. They needed to get Pia out of the way early to take the attention off of her and put it all on Lauren. If she doesn’t win the show, I’ll eat my hat.

        • Cheryl says:

          Joe,that’s exactly what I think, too!

          • djm says:

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – when it comes to Idol I am SOOOOOO cynical, however I think Joe is right too. Sorry, but for Lauren to never have been in the bottom 3 so far is just shocking – she is SO lack-luster on that stage it’s beyond insane. She has a lovely voice, yes, but good lord is she forgetable when it comes to her performance. So I do believe that the producers are guiding the narrative of the season – and guiding it towards a Lauren victory. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it wasn’t her & Scotty in the finale and it was Lauren and Casey or Stefano or James or Haley – I mean why leave anything up to chance? But yeah – I think they want Lauren, they might settle for Scotty, but either way one of them is going to win.

        • Musicfan5 says:

          I completely agree with everything Joe said. The Producer “orchestrated” finale will be Lauren and Scotty. And if the choice comes down to those two, I actually see Lauren winning. Scotty has a very hard core, traditional country voice. Lauren is much more mainstream, kind of Carrie Underwood 1.0 (she’s not an upgrade from Carrie, hence I couldn’t assign her the 2.0 moniker, but she’s clearly cast in the same mold.). Idol wants a young winner and they clearly want to cash in on the young country/Taylor Swift phenomenon.

          I agree, I think Pia could have been a threat to the coronation. I know no longer give Idol the benefit of the doubt when it comes to vote totals. During Season 7, when Paula started to give Jason a critique for a song he hadn’t yet sung, it was clear the judges were NOT judging and the producers were scripting comments and a pecking order.

          On an unrelated note I am looking forward to The Voice…

    • Doug in Cheyenne says:

      A Disney princess is born…sort of!

  3. Mike says:

    Great Show. I hope you can get all three of those guest co-hosts back. I have a little crush on Dani Rait. Completely agree on everything said about Paul.

  4. SybilT says:

    Michael, is there some way that you can hack into the audio feed during the live shows with that noise you used to block Randy’s voice so that I never have to listen to his useless comments ever again? I would be eternally grateful.

    • Taylor says:

      I choked on my soda when the Charlie Brown womp womp womp replaced Randy. Genius.

      • JBanana says:

        no kidding!! best use of a Peanuts reference ever. And I loved the duck/geese/whatever quacking too. The sheer brilliance of Jason Averett astounds me. Another hilarious episode!

    • Skitty says:

      Bwahaha! Totally agree that a Charlie Brown edit would great each time Randy opens his over-praising, platitude spewing mouth.

    • allie says:

      Ditto! This is a great idea! We could even go a step further and do it to all the judges – Randy gets the Charlie Brown Mom sound, J-Lo gets the chirping birds but her laugh can be heard and ST/Ellen gets crickets. Love it!

  5. Helen says:

    Great Idoloonies this week! I always wonder if the contestants watch? Do you know? Because I feel like they could do so so so much better if they listened to you. Also if (when) they replace ‘Ellen’ they need to call you up. No one knew who Simon Cowell was before 2001, so why can’t Michael Slezack be next? We know he’d actually give them places to improve!

    • Vetle says:

      Sooooo true. But then we have Nigel…. UGH.

      • JAson S says:

        I have to disagree. Slezak has awful taste. He likes the sappy ballad way too much to be a credible judge. And he hates most of the cooler stuff!! (Oh wait that kind of describes Simon too!)

        • Vetle says:

          I don’t think it’s necessarily a matter of taste. As a judge, I think you’d have to be impartial and Randy especially knows which contestants he likes… or pretty much all three judges this season. Slezak is fair, especially when he’s grading a performance.

          Anything, really, is better then this.

          I don’t know what you consider cool, but if I remember correctly – Slezak has praised a handful of James Durbin performances. Some Pia ballads and Lauren’s Candle In the Wind. Haley’s midtempo Bennie and the Jets. I’d say it’s pretty diverse. It’s all about understanding what the song is about – and doing a killer vocal.

      • Lana says:

        I’m shocking everyone as I love Nigel!! There I said it. However, it could be because my very, very favorite show is So you think you can dance. Also these three judges were great during auditions,and I was loving them until the actual competition started and they became deaf. I also love Scotty so I’m really in trouble with my fellow idoloonies. I love deep voices and I do love me some Country, but I am crazy about Adam too so maybe that will bring my stock up some. I do find it silly about the girl, guy thing but I have to remember I graduated from High School a long time ago and the guy/girl thing is very adolescent. It really doesn’t matter if its a guy or a girl who wins, it matters that they don’t suck. The group we have this year is very talented just more varied than they’ve ever been and that makes it fun.

    • forrest says:

      I agree. Great Idoloonies this week. Spot on critique of the remaining contestants. Thanks again.

    • JOHN says:

      …I agree, Michael S. would be a fantastic judge…..I also say UGH to Nigel…..but let’s be honest…AI is a BUSINESS…and if you have watched the numbers of watchers… is GREAT….it’s all about DOLLARS first….and everything else (including these young contestants)….comes in a distant second!!!

      • JOHN says:

        ….whoops, forgot to note that AI is pulling 21 -22 MILLION viewers per week….and 30 commercial spots are bringing in $485,00.00 each!!!

        • JOHN says:

          WOW…I’ve got to learn to proof read…..that should have said 21 – 22 million per episode…..and $485,000.00 per 30 SECOND commercial spot……sorry!

  6. Lizbeth says:

    Love Idoloonies every week. So, thank for doing such a great job

    Just want to mention that lets give credit where credit is due. It was Casey who brought Moanin to the Idol stage. And I bet he did it to show the audience just exactly what his friend or GF can do when not being screwed by Jimmy I, Nigel and the rest of them

    Here is Casey in high school playing Moanin with high school jazz band. First, you will hear a drum solo before the song.

    This song was written by Bobby Timmons–it is not the Mingus Moanin. First done by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers as an instrumental (I believe). The version that Casey and Haley did is from an album by Lambert Hendricks and Ross

    • Ronnie says:

      Absosmurfly! Casey gave Haley a huge boost of confidence with Moanin… there is no way she does that without him there. She obviously was unhappy about “Call Me”, and I think Casey has just given her a performance that strengthens her ability to fight these producers who obviously aren’t interested in helping the women contestants, if not actively against them.

    • Hmmm... says:

      Haley did this pre-idol too: July 2010 with the Ken Spurr Trio
      You can still hear much of that in the Duet
      (There’s a bonus: At Last ; she hasn’t shown all of her range yet)

      • Hmmm... says:

        Oh, forgot to mention — you can hear some of her “scatting” from that version of Moanin’ in the studio version of Call Me — the “mews” and other sounds.

      • Ronnie says:

        Thank you for that great clip of Haley! More people need to see this… and the real bonus is that it is 12 minutes and 51 seconds of Haley and some sweet ass Jazz!


      • Lizbeth says:

        Thanks–I didn’t know that! I guess I didn’t give credit where credit is due. Sorry Haley. I thought it was all Casey, but, obviously they both knew the song. Those two are a musical match. Thanks for the links!

        Hoping for a Casey/Haley finale–even tho I know it’s a long shot

        • Hmmm... says:

          No, just pointing out that it was something she was very familiar with — enough some to have done it professionally.

          But, all the same, the real point is that someone applied some “genius” to it — there’s no way the original would ever have played well on the idol stage — just no way of knowing who it was right now (I’m sure we’ll get the story later).

          • Lizbeths says:

            Forgot to mention that I looked on you tube for one of them doing the song in the past. I knew that there was probably no chance that anyone on AI suggested it–LOL. I only found the Casey video cause it had Moanin in the title

      • RTW says:

        WOW, WHAT RARE FINDS! Somewhere, deep down inside, my gut told me these two had some influence behind the song choice. Thank you for these links, I love these two even more now. I highly doubt Scotty or Lauren could ever be that inventive w/ their song choices. This season, it’s battle between artists (Haley/Casey) vs. pop stars (Scotty/Lauren).

    • karen Anderson says:

      I disagree that Casey was the teacher in this situation. Haley performs with her high school jazz band and obviously was comfortable in the genre on the Idol stage. This duet actually opened me up more to Casey, as previously I’ve had a problem with all the facial ticks and affectations that Michael points out. But with Moanin’, I thought he did a great job of harmonizing. I enjoyed and appreciated him more than I ever have this season.

      • Delon says:

        I was just watching Spinal Tab the other night and the resemblance between the young Rob Reiner and Casey Abrams was spookily uncanny. Forget about him being Seth Rogen’s younger brother; he is your son, Rob!

        Slezak, why can’t you simply call Hayley’s performance of Moanin’ as the best vocal this season?! Who gave a better performance than that during the live shows, tell me.

      • Yo says:

        Poor Haley seems always to be undercredited, undervalued. I don’t much like everything she sings on Idol, but I think she is better than most, if not all, of the competition. I would love a low-key jazz-ish album from her; She has an Adele sort of voice, only with a better, smoother vocal. I sure hope “Moanin” propels her; she deserves some recognition and I think Casey gets it for the duet because he is perceived as smarter. Not so, not so. She is an intelligent singer and it would be nice to see a woman get credited for more than a “sexy” performance.

    • julie says:

      Thank you Lizbeth for the history of Moanin’, and to all the commenters in this thread for pointing to Casey’s and Haley’s history with the song. (It was obvious to me from their results night performance that they were both well acquainted with it.) What strikes me is how much better that duet was than either of their earlier performances of Moanin’ — I think they should hook up musically after Idol, whatever happens on this (increasingly) stupid show. I wish they would BOTH lose their affectations though. I’d like to see a natural Casey and some moods from Haley other than “sexy”.

  7. dj says:

    Thank you for saying what need to be said. Now I just hope someone is listening. It’s a sad day when I look forward to the results show more than I do the performance show. Jimmy Iovine is hopeless and worthless, with or without his camera-hogging sidekick. The judges are also hopeless and worthless. Let’s just hope that the contestants wander over here and figure out what they need to work on, because nobody on the show is telling them anything worthwhile.

    • mars says:

      Yes yes yes! I also look forward to the result shows (and subsequent videos from Jim Cantiello and Michael Slazek) than the actual performance shows.

      I’m so checked out. Wednesday nights are comedy nights on ABC for me!!!

  8. oriharakaoru says:

    Thank you for pointing out how LITTLE the ~professional producers are bringing to the competition. I really MISS how contestants like Cook, Kris, and Adam could reinvent a song into something completely new. So far all the arrangements have been karaoke with the notable exception of Naima. And, yeah, the backing tracks to the studio versions? Not exactly impressive.

    I don’t even understand what they’re bringing to the table, tbh.

    • mars says:

      I never thought i would miss those guest mentors from previous seasons, but even though some of them sucked, some actually gave constructive critisms (I thought Adam was great as a guest mentor).

      Idol changed it up because so many people disliked the weekly mentors, but now we’re stuck with Jimmy every week and it’s 100 times WORSE!!!

      Seriously, it’s like watching the idol ship going down in flames.

      • julie says:

        Yes Adam was a good mentor, and Harry Connick a great one. They are there not only to push the contestants toward their potential, but to educate the viewing public — about music and the art of singing, hopefully. What do we learn from those sleazy producers? How to capitalize on idol votes? That Miley Cyrus can’t sing? That the music biz wants to make more pablum to sell?

  9. Dani C says:

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Tuesday isn’t complete w/out Idoloonies. First thing, Jimmy is a douche…or a turd sandwich, take your pic. Loving all the Buffy stuff( Miss Kitty Fantastico; Spike….mmmmm) but way to almost make me cry by throwing that scene with Buffy sacrificing herself. I know it’s delusional, but i refuse to give up on Haley making it to at least the top 3. I actually power voted for her last week 1) because she really needed it to stay alive and 2) i will not let the teenie-boppers and their mom’s win! We saved the Rocker, now lets Save the Growler! Can’t wait for tomorrow.
    P.S. I will be super-bummed if it is a Scotty (who i always forget is in the competition) and Lauren Finale…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Lauren says:

      Save the Growler! I love it!

    • Leslie says:

      Um, this mom of teenyboppers happens to love Haley and Casey and Paul and Scotty—stop with the accusations, you have no idea how people vote—well, except for most of the teenybopper girls.

      • Dani C says:

        Awesome! Im glad you like Haley and i hope your voting her. That being said, i think most watchers and message boarders would agree that Idol has been over-taken by girls voting for cute boys. And for all we both know, my assessment of the voting could be correct…so take a chill pill, i meant no offense.

    • allie says:

      Oh please, I’m a 40 something mom and can’t stand Scotty. Haley is the best and most interesting although I keep hoping James will break out and do something really good. Mostly though I am just BORED.

    • Donna G says:

      I’m a 40 something non-mom who can’t stand any of the perceived “cute” boys this season. I will admit that I absolutely love David Cook and think he is/was one of the best contestants ever on this show. I also liked Adam and Kris. They all brought so much originality to this show. Something that is completely lacking this season. It’s almost seems as if none of these contestants have seen any of the past seasons. Not saying that all that originality actually transferred into huge money making hit makers, but at least it made the show entertaining which is a money maker (for now). Pia was also one of my faves even though I’m not big on the sappy ballads, you can’t deny talent like that. I’m sorry. Scotty makes me cringe to watch even though his voice doesn’t cause any visceral bodily reactions, there’s just something about him that rubs me the wrong way. Was very intrigued by Casey at the beginning of the season, but now as hard as I try…I can’t stand him. The smugness just makes me want to vomit. For some reason, I really adore James. Maybe because I’m a rocker at heart. I know that he can have a little bit of “fullofhimself-itis”, but I think that out of all of the contestants he is one of the few that is really trying to push themselves and grow. He actually puts a lot work into his performances…love him or hate him. I’m also really coming around on Haley. Really didn’t like her or get her early on, but am loving her now. Save the rocker and the growler!! Beyond that…I’m going to have to agree with the overall sentiment of complete and utter BOREDOM. I usually fast forward through most of the other performances. Never, ever used to do that before this season, but I can see much better karaoke at the local dive down the street.

  10. davey says:

    Jacob Lusk comes off as a parody of a gospel singer. He could be on a SNL skit.

    I’m waiting for the Paul McDonald interview.

  11. Marie says:

    I’m mainly a lurker here but I wanted to give an gigantic shout out for Hayley this week – where the hell has THAT girl been??? I’m glad that Paul has left, or come as close to choosing to leave as an Idol contestant can. I don’t think his talent or style ever translated well into the large venue – I can see him being very very successful in smaller venues. Honestly, I’m not sure why I’m even still watching the show, other than to see what type of dramatic exit James and Jacob have planned. I’m sure neither will go quietly.

    • Marie says:

      Should have clarified – the results show Hayley, not the performance show Hayley. Also – I think we should find a way for Willow and Tara to come blow magic sparkle dust on Randy during the show and disguise his meaningless babble as background music or swaybots clapping, it would be much more useful as either.

  12. Deb says:

    Casey, Scotty, and frankly all the others need to take chances and “make some popular songs their own” or at least re-imagine them. Covers can be your friend IF you have enough musical talent and imagination to figure out how to perform them in a way that allows the audience to connect with the song and to see who they are as “artists.”
    Thanks for the Kris Allen video to remind us of what’s missing this season. These kids, even Pia the voice, have been sadly lacking in musical imagination.

    • Doug in Cheyenne says:

      I’m not entirely convinced that it is a total lack of imagination, rather a fear of the “MACHINE” (the producers, and Interscope). It wasn’t until a week or two later that, after Jacob rebeled (for stupid reasons, granted) that the others noticed that he didn’t have his johnson cut off and handed to him, that a couple of others ventured out (Casey and James) and told Jimmy to stick it. Jimmy “the geek” and his pack of dork producers are in a large part resposible for the “lack of imagination”. Ladies you can rebel also, you know!

  13. astral_monkey says:

    Only reason I’m still watching Idol this season, is so I can watch Idoloonies and know what you’re talking about!

    Surprised there’s been no Jacob / Oprah comparisons so far.

    Also, you’re always so down on the themes (rightly so), any suggestions for improvements? How would you feel about an Idols Idols week – Original Songs from Former Idols?

    • Taylor says:

      I’ve always secretly wished for that. Wouldn’t mind seeing them tackle Idol songs because there plenty of good ones out there.

  14. unicornwasp says:

    oh my god, thank you for the part where tara curses randy!

  15. Joey says:

    This Adam guy is kind of a downer… I’m not criticizing him; I’m just not feeling what he’s got to say. Hmmmm.

    • paige says:

      I definitely agree with ya on that.

    • Tahoe Mike says:

      That Adam guy made me wish I was Darth Vader and could choke him out through a video link. You have opined here for the last time!
      I was just composing a no more guest hosts post in my head, and then Dani Rait came on. Carry on Admiral Dani.

    • AJM says:

      I am glad someone else agreed with me. He wasn’t all that interesting and I didn’t really agree with him. NGL, I am also slightly jealous. I work on Fridays (in a store) so I can’t try to be on the show.

  16. Liz says:

    I actually think the contestants’ standing up to Jimmy was just a total farce concocted by the producers as a response to those who have been critical of the Jimmy & other studio producers mucking things up. Part of the storyline that the singers are really ‘artists’ who have their own vision. Not buying it because in the end it’s still the producers pulling strings trying to get their favorites into the finale but also trying to placate the critics along the way. Oh & just get rid of the judges, they aren’t contributing anything that’s worthwhile anyway.

    • Cobb says:

      I won’t speculate about whether it was contrived by the producers, but I do think the performances are being overrated. Jennifer Lopez certainly isn’t going to make herself the bad guy by bringing down the bright eyed singer who stood up to the big bad producer. She’d much rather be the “I knew you had it in you, you’re special!” beacon of support. As a result we have some of the worst hyperbolic praise handed out by judges eager to be protagonists in these bedtime stories.

      Not to take away from James or Casey, they were very good, but they were being handed imaginary Grammys, for the love of god.

  17. blingedup.susan says:

    Idoloonies….always worth the wait.

  18. Leslie says:

    You know, if you take a look at musicians in any genre, they all have “weird” affectations. Some move, some don’t. Some move gracefully, some don’t move well at all. MANY make faces when they are deep into their songs, some are just plain beautiful to look at and no matter what faces they are making–they will be adored. Some always do pinwheel moves on their guitar, some fling their mic around—some fall, some dance, some stand still and just sing. Is Steven Tyler always pretty when he sings? Does Bob Dylan enunciate his words all the time? Is Alanis Morrisette known for her crazy dance moves?? NO!!! So all this bitching and moaning about Casey’s faces or how Scotty holds the mic or even Jacob’s faces or how Haley moves—IT’S PETTY PEOPLE!!! Can they sing? Did they do justice to the song? Most of these kids are AMATEURS and don’t have perfect stage presence yet—but to hear people harp on Casey’s faces or Scotty’s sideways mic is really getting old. I don’t think Casey thinks about what face he’s gonna make, I think he gets into his music and he’s energetic and passionate and it comes out in his face and his voice and his hands and his feet. I don’t think Scotty thinks about how to hold the mic—does he hold it up to his mouth so we can hear him? Cause that’s all that matters. I don’t think Haley is going on stage to sing her song with the goal of being slutty—-yet people accuse her of that all the time—she’s young, she’s passionate, she’s into the song that she is singing. It’s called individuality–if they all stood up there like robots, you’d be bitchin’ about that too—oh wait, you did—with Pia. These poor kids can’t catch a break.

    • yep says:

      I agree, especially about Casey. I don’t think he’s making faces to scare people, that’s how he feels. Plus I like his faces. What’s he supposed to do, stare at us like a slack jaw yokel?

    • Johnny says:

      Thank you for posting this. I think its annoying how people get so worked up over the way somebody holds a MICROPHONE. Seriously? That is going to ruin a performance for you? Some people need to get a grip. And I think the rearrangement of songs is kinda overrated. Nobody cared about “rearranging” songs until Blake Lewis started doing it-more so David Cook though. The first 5 idol seasons were great and produced the biggest stars. And there was barely any rearranging of songs. I love that idol is going back to its roots this year and is back to being a singing competition instead of a “rearrangement competition.” I would LOVE to see some of these criticizers go out there and do what these kids are doing. I’m SURE they would do “sooo much better.”

      • RT says:

        I have no doubt that I couldn’t do “sooo much better” than any of the contestants, which is why I didn’t audition for the show. Doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to form opinions about the contestants, since I am a regular viewer and fan of the show. It’s kind of the point of the show to like/dislike contestants and then vote, or not. I do find Casey’s faces and Scotty’s leaning to be distracting during their performances. If others don’t, that’s fine too. I don’t think Idol has gone back to it’s roots this season, it really has become a karaoke show. The rearrangement of songs has provided the best performances and moments in the show’s history. There is nothing like that going on this season which has made things boring, or at a minimum – bland. Anyone with any spark of creativity, gets voted off for their efforts. For the first time since watching this show every season, I don’t have favorite. I honestly don’t even care who wins. I still watch the show to know what’s going on from a pop culture standpoint, more than anything else this year.

    • Caroline says:

      Great Idea!! Slezak for judge!! Or at least mentor. Someone who would be honest, give them something they need to hear, some reality, the judges are just lame this year. And I love them all, but they are just not good judges, they can’t find it in themselves to give these contestants some real help.

      • Caroline says:

        oops, that post ended up in the wrong place somehow, but since I’m here, I think that performers can definately turn you off with their facial tics, dance moves, etc, because not everyone is going to like everything, obviously. Example, Jacob makes me nuts with his facial gyrations, but that’s just my reaction, and I don’t like his singing anyway. I wished that Paul could take his flying around the stage and grinning down a notch, because I DID like him and I found that distracting.
        I think the real thing here is, IS IT REAL?? I think that’s where a lot of people get turned off, the antics, etc, don’t feel real, it’s more like they’re doing what they think they should do rather than what they really feel in the music.
        Has anyone noticed that in prior years when they were forced to sing themselves off the show, how much BETTER they sounded?? Once they knew they had nothing to lose and stopped trying so hard to be perfect, they gave the performances we’d been wanting to see all season. Let it go, people! Let it go!! That’s the secret!!

    • Jamie says:

      Add to the mix of legendary singers with weird movements (while singing), Joe Cocker.

      There are plenty of artists I’ve loved to listen to over the years, but find painful to watch. And, back in the days before videos, when I was a poor white girl who couldn’t afford to buy albums, there were singers I fell totally in love with on the radio. When I’d finally get to see their faces at some point, I was sorely disappointed sometimes. Good thing music is for the ears, and not for the eyes. Sometimes I prefer to be left in the dark with my mind’s own images.

  19. Stafford says:

    Once again a great episode. The only thing I look forward to this season of AI is your recap and Idoloonies (amazing production and the sound effects of Randy had me cracking up). While I thought last season was painful this season is even more disappointing given what I thought were such talented contestants. Uncle Nigel has totally screwed the pooch this season with his manipulation and edits. You are absolutely correct that he thinks we are stupid (although the Pia elimination does make one pause).

    If there is a foregone conclusion that Scotty will be crowned could we please stage an intervention and teach the kid how to hold a microphone? Perhaps it could be Jimmy’s only teachable moment this season.

    • Leslie says:

      So, how exactly is one supposed to hold a mic and who decided what is proper and what isn’t? Geez, it’s no wonder he thinks we’re stupid when all they see and hear from us is people moanin’ about faces and arms and mics.

      • RT says:

        There is nothing wrong with people not liking the visual affectations of a performer, just like there is nothing wrong with the fact that it doesn’t bother you.

  20. Lizbeth says:

    So happy that you brought up the Iovine problem again. As I have said on here before–how are we going to have “moments” when this guy and his cohorts are running the show? Now the “moments” have to happen on results night–when Iovine isn’t around. It seems he doesn’t care about creativity in the least–just wants them to go out there and do some karaoke version of some mediocre hit. I guess that is what he considers an Idol moment.

    In addition, Iovine is coming across as a total jerk. I can’t stand him and don’t like his sidekick either. He is not the bad guy you love to hate–you just kind of hate him period. Bad tv personality like Kara. I wish he would just leave and work on Pia’s record or something. She is going to be singing on DWTS next week with her “boyfriend” Mark Ballas. Interscope is keeping her in the spotlight. (She is getting the royal treatment for a 9th place finish–so lets not worry about poor Pia anymore)

    For me, Casey is the most creative and ballsy contestant on the show. He has taken the most risks with song selection. I like his taste in music too. I mean he brought I Put a Spell on You, Nature Boy, Moanin, etc to the idol stage. You are right about some of his face making. He is fairly dramatic–LOL. But, it’s part of his charm. I am not sure why you got on him about Jack Black. They were talking about movies with Rob Reiner–weren’t they? That is probably a movie hero of his. I get what you say about the faces. But, when the camera comes up to almost his nose and he is told to turn and look at it–what should he do? I don’t know–I guess he should dial it back. So should Scotty with some his weird stuff–LOL

    I have given up on the judges. Clearly, it’s Nigel’s way this year. He wants no hint of Simon in the building.

    Hoping for a jazzy Casey/Haley finale!

    • a says:

      It is Nigel’s year as you say. But you know what’s odd? On his dance show they give actual critiques. They call out the dancers for not doing something right, or doing it fully, or whatever. They do it all the time, so what’s he thinking.

      • Lizzy says:

        that is EXACTLY what I was thinking – Nigel and his gang o judges on SYTYCD are MORE than happy to give criticism and advice and to call things for what they are. As much as he annoys me, Nigel usually has his finger on the pulse of the audience (at home) but he is NOT getting the message that we are UNHAPPY about the lack… absence…dearth….abridgement, absence, curtailment, dearth, decrease, default, defect, deficit, depletion, deprivation, destitution, distress, exigency, exiguity, inadequacy, inferiority, insufficience, insufficiency, loss, meagerness, miss, necessity, paucity, poverty, privation, reduction, retrenchment, scantiness, scarcity, shortage, shortcoming, shortfall, shortness, shrinkage, shrinking, slightness, stint, want of true judging.

        • Yo says:

          Nice vocabulary! Or thesaurus. I think the judges have difficulty criticizing the performers without criticizing Iovine. They are crippled.

        • Liz says:

          Well, the reason the judges aren’t being critical is because they are still in the business of selling records. Jennifer is taking full advantage of her time on the show by releasing a new single almost every week! She is obviously trying to push her upcoming album considering she’s been pretty irrelevant for a while now. And Steven, same thing to a point. After this, he will most likely still be creating new music and touring, and probably wants to clean up his image from the previous Aerosmith (quitting, not quitting) drama. And lastly, Randy, well, let’s face it, he’s never made much of a contribution in the past. Why expect anything different now? I do think he was trying to step up and be more critical, but what can you do with Jennifer constantly cutting you off that you are wrong. Uhmm, each judge is supposed to give their honest opinion, otherwise, just have Jennifer speak for the group. I was thinking Simon would not have put up with that, he definitely, would have put his hand up and said, Let me finish…it’s my turn now. Oh, I miss Simon…

        • Templar says:

          You used dearth twice, so FAIL!

  21. Ablo says:

    I’m kind of surprised so many people didn’t know the song Moanin’ — it’s such a good song.

  22. Lo says:

    no comment on the blossoming casey/haley romance?! moanin’ appears to have been a music camp song for casey, and he picked an awesome time to drop a killer duet right in haley’s lap.

    will our hero make the top 3 *and* get the girl? tune in next week….

    • haley's credit says:

      wow, nice way to make casey sound like some kind of musical genius with haley getting a free ride.

      haley owned this duet. casey was lucky to get some of the stardust.

      there are videos on youtube of her singing this song professionally, not just some music camp.

  23. LuvinDC says:

    What about the horrible quote from Jimmy during James’ rebellion — “Do you think I’m an accident?” What a buffoon! Jimmy needs to go!

    • JOHN says:

      YEP….arrogant, ego-craized so called record producer…Iovine and the three stoogies have really created chaos for the contestants….and for us in the audience!

      • @galaga6846 says:

        Yeah, Jimmy rubs me the wrong way. His fake street-cred accent, his tiny leather jacket, his arrogant full-of-himself-ness. And, with the exception of Scotty (I’m not a country fan) I think the best performances last week were the ones that rebelled against him and William.

        I really like James Durbin. I like rock music, and I think he puts on one Hell of a show. I do agree though that his “this is what America asked for” comment was uncalled for. C’mon dude, are you serious? I think he lacks charisma, until he starts to perform, and he wins me over. I think he’s very un-sophisticated, and he needs to learn when not to open his mouth. And thank you Michael Slezak for saying what I’ve been preaching for weeks. It’s unfair to compare him to Adam Lambert. It’s true. They’re very different. And, the Idol machine seems to have brought that on.

        The editing of Idoloonies is so clever! I look forward to it as much as I look forward to Idol itself (maybe even more). You do a brilliant job. Thanks.

  24. Georgia says:

    I think since Slezak thinks the judges are being so positive he’s being extra negative lately. Can barely find anything to like about one guy. I think Stefano has as much chance to win as anyone else. He has a 1 in 7 chance. So does Jacob. So does… Haley. Everyone does. Pia… is gone. And half the people that complained about her didn’t even care about her til she was gone. Including Slezak. It’s time to get over that. A lot of valid points but… I don’t know, I just felt like… according to idoloonies is there anything to like at all?

    Also, it’s a little early in the season for moments. We’re coming into “moments” time now that it’s halfway so don’t give up hope.

    • Johnny says:

      People will ALWAYS find something to complain about and hate on no matter what. I still think this is one of the strongest seasons ever, but obviously no matter how good a season is, people will still find something to whine about. It happens every season. I also think Pia’s “I’ll Stand By You” was one of the best idol moments ever. Oh well.

  25. KathyP says:

    I am surprised that there have been no comparisons to Jacob & Pia…wait no tomatoes! I mean about the standing behind the mic and just singing (yes I remember the awkward hip thrusting, thanks Michael for the constant visuals). NOT that I care one hoot in hell about Jacob but it goes to the overwhelming theme of idoloonies this week about the NON-judges. I want a smackdown of each of those judges. This week at least we will see some fab talent when David Cook will school those kids with his new single ‘The Last Goobye'(shameless plug).

  26. Jill says:

    I can’t help but think that Paul being OK with the elimination because of the wrapping of the Twilight movies. I think he just wanted to tell everyone he’s dating a semi-famous actress and get laid now that she’s back in LA. It just seems so weird that he’s so vocal about this relationship.

    • Leslie says:

      WHAT????? You are being facetious, right?

      • Canadian Rose says:

        Yep. Paul told the world he is dating Nikki Reed while on Regis and Kelly this week. They met at the Red Riding Hood premier that they showed us on Idol….seems a bit soon to be sharing but then again he called her his girlfriend and is moving to LA now.

    • zaza says:

      I don’t know why she should mind him “sharing” about their relationship. She was the one totally crushing on him at the premier. He didn’t even know who she was!

  27. t (tobias) says:

    I’m trying to quit Buffy cold turkey right now. Thanks a lot Slezak.

  28. Christy says:

    Ok. I will start by saying I can take of leave Scotty as an artist because I’m not really a country fan. However. Things to point out. Your critique of him as been a bit heavyhanded….

    1. He’s 16? Cut him a break. He’s finding his feet in a very difficult process. yeh yeh he put himself into it but he also is doing it with a lot of grace and a marked amount of success doing just what he’s doing.
    2. Pushing him too far outside his comfort zone could give us another “Nuts of Wonder” moment and end up causing him to lose support and votes. Do yI think he needs to stretch a little, sure. I enjoyed the Elvis number a LOT but I don’t need him to go off book and do something crazy. The kid isn’t going to cut anything other than a country album. LEt him be. He’ll find his way and he’ll probably discover some fun things he wants to do OUTSIDE of the idol microscrope and insane pace of the show.
    3. Just because you think a microphone should be held a certain way or an arm should be moved at a specific an acceptable trajectory doesn’t mean that is HAS to be. Part of what I love about Scotty is that he is unique in the way he expresses himself. I love that he is a little corny and freshfaced. I pray to GOD he doesn’t lose that in this whole process and I’m proud of him that thusfar he hasn’t. He holds the mic the way he holds it and moves the the way he wants to move. I think that bit of uniqueness is going to creep into his music later on as well and we’ll see some interesting choices from him. It just may be while he’s making albums and sackloads of cash instead of during the next 7 weeks.

    Give the kid a break.

    • country mic says:

      IKR… I think some other country singers also hold their mics this way. Frankly I never even noticed how Scotty held his mic. I only see ppl complaining about it on the internet.

  29. Joseph says:

    Been watching also and still waiting for an Idol WOW , not sure if I will see it here though because we did not just lose Simon we lost the old band that had the ability to work with the singers and tailor a song for them.
    The question is does the band that should be working with the singers have either the skill set and direction to help craft that special cover that will be noticed.

  30. Jamie says:

    I’m not going to comment on the Idol contestants and their personal styles (or lack of). Not that I don’t have a lot to say about them–I do. But, as much as I’ve looked forward to Idol in the past, this year, I find myself anticipating your (Michael’s) take on things much more. I only wish your ‘show’ was an hour long (or more). On the other hand, always leave them wanting more.

    I’ve read many a post in many a forum that suggest you as a “dream” judge on Idol. I agree with the sentiment. You’d be awesome. You are so knowledgeable of the Idol world and of music and of all the subtle nuances going on with each contestant’s performance. (I do wonder how many times you watch the performances back before doing Idoloonies though!) You are so well-spoken (no ums or uhs–you speak quickly & confidently without any fluff and just barrel on through), constructive, and friggin hilarious at times that I am more entertained by you than any Idol performance this year.

    If I were an Idol contestant, I’d be studying your Idoloonies faithfully every week to see what pointers you had for me. Idol producers, judges, and even Nigel would do well to pay attention to your ‘critiques’ of them and the contestants, if they don’t already.

    So I just want to say thanks for entertaining me and making sense of the Idolunacy that is American Idol, in a witty, informative, constructive way. And as much as I’d like to see you as a judge on Idol, I’d be afraid that Nigel would control you and suck the life out of you and you’d end up being just another nodding bobble-head with no real opinion or lose your command of english (Randy), or just sleep thru performances only to wake up in time to say “Beautiful! The first half of the song was really beautiful..and the second half..well…it was equally beautiful.”

    Anyway, thanks for Idoloonies & for “keepin’ it real dawg”! (Ugh)

    • karenb says:

      Great post. Agree 100%!! Sleazak for Judge!

    • Caroline says:

      Agreed! Slezak would be a great judge, they need a shot of reality here.
      I don’t think the idea to have Iovine and company do the whole season was a good one. It was better when they had different mentors for different shows. And his arrogant remark about do you think I’m an accident?, Well, that begs a reply that I won’t bother to make.
      Adam was a great mentor, he was honest without being cruel or sarcastic. When he thought it was boring he said so. When he said there was “nothing going on up here” referring to a contestants facial expressions, he was right on, you have to give people something to look at and something to listen to and you have to make a connection to the audience so that they feel they’re in it with you. And I don’t mean a fake, scripted thing, people sense when you’re just not that connected to the song yourself and it’s a turn off.
      I’ve read a million posts about people who went to see Adam, and they always end up saying, “he looked right at me”, or “he looked right in my eyes” and even though in reality he probably could barely see us, he always made us feel he was singing just to us, and that is the mark of a real star. This is an openly gay man who makes everyone from the tweens to the grandmas just go crazy, and that is no mean feat!
      I’ll say it again, people you need to get comfortable up there, you need to connect to the audience, and then even if you’re a little pitchy or awkward, no one will care because they will just fall a little in love with you, and that’s what will make you a star!

  31. ken says:

    slezak, really?! defending james durbin and saying he was one of the more enjoyable performances this week. in the words of seth meyers and amy poelher, really?! — Thank God for Adam W. summing up everything I feel about James: not a viable recording artist, will not produce a top-100 hit, ego-maniac, and doing what adam lambert did (but poorly). i do love the haley/buffy comparisons. averett has been doing a phenomenal job with the editing.

    • Leslie says:

      I like James, I think he rocked—and the studio version is even better! I think you are wrong about him–and the ego-maniac stuff—what is that, how is he an ego-maniac? Because he’s having fun? Because he’s overjoyed to be on Idol? because he gives us his all? Because he gets big-time love and he responds to it? Please, that’s not ego, that’s enthusiasm.

      • @galaga6846 says:

        He’s just un-sophisticated. He doesn’t really know how to be tactful. But, he can learn. He’s awesome.

    • Caroline says:

      You know, it took me a while to like James because to be fair, I couldn’t help the Adam comparisons and it left him lacking. But I’ve since started trying to see him for who he is, and I think he has a genuine talent, albeit maybe a limited one, but that is the same for a lot of artists. The comparisons to Adam are unfortunate, because let’s face it, there is just no one who can compare to his vocal ability and stage show. Even those who don’t like him should be able to objectively admit that, or else you’ve never really listened to him.
      It’s the same for people who don’t like Scotty because he’s “too country”. Well, geez, that’s who he is, that’s where his strengths lie. I would like to see him stretch a little, maybe try something different, move away from the old school a bit. There is a lot of good current country out there and I’d like to see him give it a try, something a little younger and funner since he IS only 16 years old.

      • galaga6846 says:

        I don’t get the Adam love, never had. I find his tone grating, where as I find James’ tone to be smooth and pleasant. James does an 80s metal scream, and Adam can do the same scream. It doesn’t make them the same.

        And, Adam’s fans have kind of ruin Adam for me. Sure, I’m bringing up Adam, but it’s relevant to the conversation. They bring up Adam whenever possible. They’re worse than the Clay or the Constantine fans.

  32. SpyKi says:

    That Haley/Buffy part was incredible. I love this show.

  33. James says:

    Good as always Slezak! I would bet all my poker chips that Stefano goes home this week…

  34. Lolman says:

    That last co-host sure is a cutie-pie! Dana Rait is in it to win it baby!

  35. Brian says:

    My relationship with the show is changing so much. Right now I am so irritated with the judges that I have a hard time watching it. Then there are the edits all these contestants are getting. The girls are treated terribly. The men are generally okay in that regard. The producers and Jimmy Ivine seem to want so much control over these contestants that many of them have hard time coming across as sincere. Those that do, do there own thing are being told they are wrong. The judges don’t critic they praise, no matter how bad it is. I know I am preaching to the choir, but really. I don’t know what to do with this show. Each season since Kara joined started to suffer for some reason. The season Kara joined there were too many criticism some of them useless. Then Paula left, one of the worst things to happen to the show. Then Ellen joined and was mostly useless. Then Simon leaves, which is the worst thing to happen to Idol. and Kara and Ellen both end up leaving. Randy who used to occasionally give some strong criticism is incapable of doing so now. Steven Tyler who I loved at first can’t seem to say anything, but “beautiful”. Jennifer Lopez just wants to love everyone because if she tells anyone that it wasn’t that good she may cry. Its pathetic.

  36. Skitty says:

    Loved the Buffy additions, awesome job Jason. On to the judging which has become mere ego stroking of the contestants. Bear with me here.
    I watched the first 2 episodes of CMT Next Superstar which bills itself as being from the producers of Idol. The judging on this CMT show is everything that Idol is missing this year. The judges give the contestants actionalble critiques…and the contestants express gratitude and incorporate the judge advice into their performances. So my question is since the Idol producers are using judging in the best possible way on CMT, why oh why are they not doing it on Idol?

  37. houster says:

    Slezak, I think somewhere along the line you need to address the weird stuff going on with Pia Toscano: Appearing in some sort of an Idol “reunion” piece this week; her singing on Dancing With The Stars on April 26th, with rumored boyfriend Mark Ballas dancing to her song; tabloid press re Ballas vs. Pia’s allegedly dumped NY boyfriend. Also check out Pia’s interview with Richard Johnson in

    Is this the best way to build a music career/create buzz? Or will it lead to a crash and burn of an extremely talented vocalist?

    • Skitty says:

      I am very tired of seeing/hearing about Pia all over the place. E! news devoted most of a show her a couple of nights ago and she is all over other entertainment sites. Pia must have an aggressive publicist because her only “accomplishment” thus far has been to not win a reality show.

  38. Jason S says:

    I always kind of felt like Casey was always making jokes and doing comedy. SO in a sense I feel like he is auditioning for SNL or movies and yes Jack Black does have a good movie career. Maybe his aspiration is to be an actor who can sometimes sing.(Remember Jennifer Hudson made it in movies)BTW The “Hook” is “Call it Heavy Metal” are you guys idiots?

  39. sierrarose says:

    Some random comments: I can’t believe that Casy is getting so much of a pass on “Nature Boy”. It was not the song selection or that he did a jazzy performance. It was that he was pitchy during much of the song, he even seemed to clear his throat at least once during it, the only part he seemed OK was at the end. He reminded me of the folk singing guy in “Animal House”-the guy who was singing about flowers till John Belushi came along and smashed his guitar. In Idol world, I guess that guy would be James Durbin. I don’t get the negative tone to remarks about James. He is as capable of anyone of having a Top Forty hit. Rock is more about passionate singing than it is about hitting the right note all of the time. We have had plenty of gritty rock singers on the radio. And why the comparisons with Adam Lambert? Can’t he be accepted for who he is or is any guy who likes rock and has a big voice going to get compared to Adam? I am betting it will be James and Scotty in the end with James winning the title.

    • Caroline says:

      Agree on the pass for Casey, I thought he was pitchy, but it was an ok performance.
      James, well, the comparison to Adam is unmistakeable,and goes to the hair, clothes, and his screaming vocals. I’ve gotten to like him better as time goes on, I think he’s limited in his vocal capabilities, which is the one thing that is unlike Adam, but it doesn’t mean he can’t be great at what he does do well, which is hard rock. When he did the ballad his singing ability was not so impressive, he needs to just do the right thing for his voice and style.

  40. trev says:

    great review once again! More Community clips please!

  41. Leest says:

    Dear Michael,

    Please button your shirt up just a wee bit more.


    Someone who is looking out for you

  42. ariel says:

    Scotty is my favorite this season. He is one of the most consistent contestants, but I agree with you saying he still has to push it. I think he kind of achieved it last week with Elvis, but I know he is capable of more. I don’t think he has reached maximum potential yet (same can be said for Lauren).

    And to those saying he’s only in this competition because of the tween vote, I am far from being a tween. I don’t like him because I find him cute. If we’re speaking of “cute”, that would have been Stefano. I like him because I think he has a great amount of talent and potential. So does my husband, and he’s a guy.

    Lastly, why does everyone think he will win? I mean, I would like thar to happen but am I the only one who thinks Lauren has already been chosen to win this?

  43. Malcolm says:

    OMG! That evil Nigel Lythgoe shot gets me every time! HAHAHA! But yeah, not a very big Haley fan but I see potential. I really hope she and Lauren can both survive till at least the top 5, then I’d be satisfied at least. I also think James is capable of more restrained vocals, it’s just he needs to work on it a bit more. To me, Maybe I’m Amazed for a good part was more restrained and he sounded good on it. I don’t agree with the guy in the video who said James is not a viable recording artist because of what he’d bring out. I’m confident James can produce a balanced album.
    Jacob needs to be less pitchy, I agree, but I still think there’s room for growth there, if you like him or not.
    And Stefano, I’ll just have to agree with everything said in the video. :(

  44. Lan says:

    I have trouble viewing your vids and I was wondering if you could please upload them on Youtube. I have grown to hate that loading symbol that just keeps on circling and circling for the vid to buffer. Please and thank you!

  45. amy.. says:

    100% think that Scotty’s song choice had everything to do with memorizing lyrics.
    Remember “Nuts of Wonders” HE DOES NOT MEMORIZE WELL.
    I googled Everybody’s talkin’ and Scotty would have done great on that song, but he would have messed up the words.

    • amy.. says:

      I would dare say his song choice(s)
      It would explain him going against Jimmy more than the others and keeping in his “lane”

      • Caroline says:

        Scotty is never gonna live down that nuts of wonder, hahahaaaaa
        I’m not sure there is an artist out there who has never forgotten the words, esp in a live show. Sometimes you just lose the train. I think this mostly happens when you are not connected to the song you’re singing, it’s not really something you WANT to sing, but you’re putting in your time. The best thing he could do is pick a song that he really likes singing, and the words will just be there, because you’re telling the story you love.
        And this brings to mind a really awful Elvis show where he sang “standing there, without any hair” when he forgot the words..eeeek…so that shows ya.

  46. Nat says:

    OMG, seriously Slezak for the love of God, *get over* Pia’s elimination already! She was a sharp-singing Celine-wannabe, and is only turning out to be a fame-hungry opportunist. The fact that you’re even claiming that she’ll be the best-selling contestant this season (with the incredible Allison having sold only, what, 50,000 copies?) is an insult.
    And that first co-host Adam, what a tool – did he like *anything*? Or is Pia the only untouchable beacon of wonder who can do no wrong?
    I’ve been a fan of yours for years, but you’re increasingly making me angry; I think you’re really out of touch this season. Claiming that Jacob was flat, and not mentioning how Stefano was flat *throughout his entire song*? At least you’re finally giving some positive comments to James, but even then it’s clear you’re out of your element with how to judge hard rock.

    • @galaga6846 says:

      Yeah, get over Pia. She’s going to be fine. Everyone knew it, so they didn’t vote for her. Now, she’s more famous than all the rest of last season’s contestants, combined. The reason why Allison’s album didn’t sell is because it was teeny-bopper horrible. It was an embarrassment. I hope she comes back. I love her!!!

  47. Yo says:

    This week’s Idoloonies was spot on. The Slazak analyses chrystallize for me what I thought, but was not articulate enough to write. A great episode; you nailed it! Yes, Lady Lopez didn’t just throw Haley under the bus last week, she threw her under the entire fleet five seconds into her comments. Who didn’t know then Haley would be in the bottom three? “Moanin” was indeed a moment, although I notice the judges didn’t say so, in part because it was an unknown song, but also because it was soooo good! I do not download performances, but I would have downloaded that one. Jacob needs to heed your advice; he has a marvelous instrument he seems not to have a clue what to to with. “Bridge” was his best performance because he pulled back, but I would bet he doesn’t have a clue why; he doesn’t know from restraint. Casey seems to be mimicking someone, god knows who, but since he and Haley both growl, I’m going wager it’s part of jazz treatments?

    Thnks for Idoloonies; I may just watch the show tonight, and in truth, I wasn’t sure I would (at least without a Scrabble game or a book for diversion).

  48. Sharkey says:

    Slekak…”All good things start with Haley.” OH PLEASE!!!

  49. Chris says:

    Michael, I think your assessment of Jacob was so true. I thought, at first, that he would do really well but now it’s obvious that the songs exist only to show his awesomeness. The man refuses to sing the melody. I thought both Lauren and Haley out sang their male counterpart on the results show. Coincidently, Paul is better with a female counterpart. Why do you think Nigel has nixed all criticism? He’s a good judge on his dancing show. I thought last year that criticism of Lee was dialed back towards the end because they realized he might win and it would be hard to market someone your own judges thought was bad. But that’s not the situation this year, the likely finalists can all sing but just need guidance (just not from Jimmy Iovine).

  50. karenb says:

    As far as Scotty being ready to “leave the Idol stage and make a bunch of $$ for Idol….” well, I say–please, go do it, already! Leave the stage! I can’t take another week of him!

    And I wouldn’t be so sure about him winning it all. We’ve all seen this movie before….the “front runner” doesn’t always prevail. I would def keep my eye out for Haley and who knows…(bring the hate!) Stefano may surprise us all!

    This season is so boring, even more so now that Paul is gone. I’m just tuning in now to see what Haley does and to see if Stefano can pull something out of his a..!!