Hellcats Team Teases An 'Inevitable' Romance, Taboo Relations, a Nasty Triangle and More

The CW’s pom-pom rom-com Hellcats resumes its freshman run tonight at 9/8c, and these final five episodes are sure to turn Cheer Town upside down. Let’s take a look at the show’s playbook. 

Team Darti vs. Team Davannah | Everyone loves Savannah (played by Ashley Tisdale), but unfortunately for the peppiest Hellcat, Dan’s (Matt Barr) true love is and always will be Marti. “For a couple episodes, we’ll get away from Marti/Dan/Savannah triangle,” Aly Michalka reveals. “But there’s always a connection between Marti and Dan, and the fact is, they have a history and there is this attraction to each other.” Showrunner Kevin Murphy echoes his star’s sentiments, saying, “It is inevitable that we will return to Marti/Dan [romance], but we’re returning slowly. The building blocks are already in the series right now, you just may not realize it.”

Hot for Teacher | Meanwhile, Marti and her former law professor will embark on a little lovefest of their own. “With Julian (Gale Harold), it’s a taboo relationship that makes things really interesting and sexy,” Michalka says. “Marti is mature for her age, and there is a connection with the intelligence level. It makes sense for them to have a relationship.” Obviously, things likely won’t work out because A) Harold is currently hard at work on The CW’s The Secret Circle pilot, and B) “If she wants to be with Julian, she’ll have to grow up,” Michalks notes, and she’s just not ready for that quite yet.

Alice and Louis Get “Nasty” | We’ve heard about the sordid past that Alice and Louis share all season long, but Heather Hemmens says the two may not remain exes for long. “We’ll see the culmination of a couple things Alice has been trying to achieve throughout the season,” she teases, “both with her trying to become captain and trying to get back [together with] Louis (Robbie Jones). She becomes very jealous of [his relationship] with rival Nasty Kathy (Magda Apanowicz), and you’ll get to see Alice get her groove on with her bad side.”

Sister Act | Longtime fans of musical sister act Aly & AJ 78violet will really enjoy the new dynamic when AJ Michalka joins Hellcats this week as someone with ties to Marti’s long-lost dad. Says the youngest Michalka, “Everyone will be fishing around to discover Marti and Dierdre’s connection, but it’s going to be pretty clear right off the bat — only one of us just doesn’t know yet.” And while we can’t reveal much more just yet, you should count on exciting performances from the sibs. “Dierdre and Marti sing together in Episode 20,” says Aly. “They do a Bob Dylan song, ‘Mississippi,’ and also a song that connects them to each other. It’s in an organic setting, at Marti’s mom’s house, and they’re just connecting over their love of music. There’s this instant chemistry between the two of them that brings them together.”

Finale Fun | The season-ender airing May 17 “will really focus on the various families and bringing it all back to cheerleading,” Murphy assures. “The Hellcats will go to Nationals, and we’ll find out what happens there… with a few really surprising twists, of course.”

Hellcats airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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  1. Jamie says:

    I’m kinda excited for it’s return now. It got boring for a while, but these eps looks great.

  2. bkwrm says:

    I really like this show but I am disappointed they are going to return to the Marti/Dan romantic relationship. They should just stay friends. There is no romantic chemistry between them at all. Same with Savannah. She had more chemistry in the few minutes with that firefighter than she had in the whole relationship with Dan. Basically IMO, Dan needs to go away.

    • kat1989 says:

      I agree with you Dan needs to go away…or at least away from Marti. It is too soon for them to be even thinking about that love triangle angle again…

  3. Bruce_F says:

    I’ve been following Hellcats all season long hoping for improvement but reading this leads me to believe they should just close up shop on this show.

    Going back to the Dan/Marti/Savannah triangle is a big mistake. Louis and Alice going back and forth is just as stale. Michalka saying her character (a student) having a relationship with her professor “makes sense” is very disappointing. On top of all this, nearing the end of the season when the tension and drama should be front and center in the promos, the show chooses to promote the stunt casting of Ali Michalka’s sister more heavily instead.

    With the endless promotional mistakes and the fact the show is already recycling ideas, I’ve run out of reasons to defend Hellcats. I guess this is why it’s the lowest rated scripted show on the CW.

  4. mgbhighlander says:

    I love the Marti/Dan chemistry. It’s one of the things that really works on this show.

  5. Sammy says:

    I love the Marti/Dan scoop, I was very disappointed when Dan chose Savannah and the episodes were getting a bit boring but I’m starting to get more excited

  6. kat1989 says:

    NO I don’t want to see anymore of the Dan+Marti+Savannah triangle. Give it a break for now. Give us something fresh and new to enjoy….MARTI+JULIAN works for me… I have been shipping these to characters together since their first scene together.I was kinda disappointed by tonight’s episode, it felt like a filler, something they just put in to keep us preoccupied until next weeks. And it worked for me at least I can’t wait for next week.

  7. Whimsical says:

    Do NOT, do NOT, DO NOT re-pair Dan and Marti. The only episodes all season that have been less than stellar were when you went for that cliched paring. Marti and Savannah work well as friends, and it’s a clever, fresh pairing.

    Do not wreck the good thing you’ve got going by falling back on tired old cliches of two friends fighting over a man. If you must break Dan and Savannah up it ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT be for Marti.

  8. Sienna says:

    Seriously? Marti and Dan have NO chemistry. Dan and Savannah have it in spades. Returning to the “one true love” crap is so juvenile and appallingly bad that I may have to stop watching altogether. Marti still hasn’t redeemed herself in my eyes for what she did to Savannah and the fact that Savannah may be hurt again *and* that Dan still can’t see what’s right in front of him is just intolerable.

  9. Kristen says:

    So, I’m obviously one of the very, very few that actually appreciate the Dan/Marti connection. There’s no better romance than one that is based off a friendship. Not to mention, why is anyone shocked by this? It was obvious that his heart is truly with Marti, but he chose Savannah b/c everyone insisted she was “better” for him. I like the idea of Marti and her professor. I’m not sure why some are disappointed that it “makes sense”. She’s in college, her teacher is obviously not that old, so why is it bad there’s an attraction both mentally and physically? I think it’s great, and will add some spice.

  10. Jason says:

    CW did not cast enough hot GUYS to go with all the giddy girls. Lewis and Dan as the male heartthrobs? I don’t think so. Why does Vampire Diaries know how to cast so well, and most other CW shows screw up casting horribly?

    This show cried out for a hottie in the vein of Colton Haynes or Travis Caldwell. What’s so hard about finding extremely hot young actors? Look what Pretty Little Liars found in Ian Harding.

    There are just some very serious casting errors made over and over again by The CW, and their new pilots certainly reflect it…one and all.

  11. Anna says:

    Upset the hear that Hellcats didn’t get picked up for another season. I hope thing will change and someone else besides CW will pick them up.