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Question: Please tell me these rumors of a Glee death during May Sweeps aren’t true! –Eric
Rumors of a Glee death aren’t true. Glee DEATHS on the other hand? That’s totally happening. Sources confirm to me exclusively that this season’s penultimate episode, which bears the ominous title “Funeral,” is about the death of several things. One being a beloved character. The other being a major couple.

Question: Do you have any Grey’s Anatomy scoop pertaining to Meredith and Derek? —Sam
TVLine’s double wedding theory isn’t looking so far-fetched after all. The synopsis ABC released for the May 5 episode — which revolves around Callie and Arizona’s nuptials — includes this telltale line: “Meredith and Derek make a decision that will change their lives forever.” My guess? They’re either getting hitched or adopting a baby. Or both.

Question: Michael, if you get a chance, can you ask Shonda Rhimes why Grey’s Anatomy is concentrating so much on Callie? Why not put the spotlight back on Meredith? —Iveta
You got it. But first some Callie scoop! Sara Ramirez reveals that not only does Bailey officiate Calizona’s nuptials, but she serves as the couple’s spiritual guide as well! After her disapproving mother fails to sanction the same-sex union, Callie gets a much-needed pep talk from the MD fka The Nazi. “Bailey says to her, ‘God is everywhere. God is in you and me.  Between us here in this room. And you don’t have to be in a church in order to marry someone and have a meaningful ceremony, union, marriage, wedding,'” previews Ramirez. “So at the end of the day, I think Callie starts to embrace and understand that the person she needs to look to the most for self-assurance, love and acceptance, is inside of her.”

Question: You’ve been slacking on Chuck scoop lately. Give us something good and maybe I’ll forgive you. —Jeremiah
Is this Jeremiah from ancient times? Or the post-apocalyptic one played by Luke Perry in the short-lived Showtime series? Eh, you’re getting scoop regardless. Despite the fact that Chuck‘s season/possible series finale is titled “Chuck vs. The Cliffhanger,” the episode has its fair share of closure. “It’s a good ending, but it also serves as a good beginning if we do get a fifth [season],” reveals leading lady Yvonne Strahovski. “I feel like every [Chuck finale] has had to be that because we never know, so the writers always plan for both.” Adds Zachary Levi: “It ends in the same Chuck way that we’ve ended any season or half-season that later became a full season. It’s open. You’re going to see the whole team collaborating and working together to make things right and have some closure about certain things that are really big, but also leave the potential for it to be continued later.”

Question: Is your six feet under blind item about a major death Ziva on NCIS!? Say it isn’t so! —Jenna
That’s for me to know and you to find out. This much I’ll say: Two of the 10 fatality slots on TVLine’s May Sweeps Scorecard are reserved for NCIS.

Question: Any new Bones scoop by chance? Hart Hanson can be tricky and makes me a little nervous. Anything to set my mind at ease? —Talitha
Funny you should ask. TVLine’s Matt Mitovich lightly grilled Teasy McCrypticson about the meaning behind the finale’s title, “The Change in the Game,” during a conference call with reporters. “The last two episodes of this season are going to run the gamut of tones that Bones does, from A to Z,” Hanson shared. “A lot happens in those last two episodes, and I think the title of the season finale, ‘The Change In the Game,’ is about as much as I want to say about it. I think it’s going to be one of those shows that the Bones audience will talk about and enjoy hugely. If anyone feels there’s an anti-climax to it, then I have totally failed at my job.”

Question: Throw me some Bones, would ya? —Cara
I see what you did there and I’m not amused. Please don’t do it again. Now for the scoop. Makes no Bones about it, Cara — Angela and Hodgins baby is gonna to be delivered by 90210‘s Mrs. Teasley! Actress Denise Dowse — best known as the stern but fair Vice Principal of the original West Bev High — will guest star in the season-ender as Angela’s unflappable baby doc. Speaking of the Bones finale, David Boreanaz confirmed on Twitter that Ryan O’Neal is back for the episode — although he didn’t say why. That’s where exec producer Stephen Nathan comes in. “He is on a bowling team that’s in the same league as our victim,” Nathan explains. “Because Max has had a bedroom-related accident, a space has opened up on the team that Booth fills.” Cue Boreanaz in acid-washed jeans.

Question: Hey! I need a One Tree Hill scoop. —Marie
Hey! The show will be revisiting Wagoneer-gate in a big way next week when Nate and Julian confront Professor Kellerman about that whole hit-and-run ugliness. “They’re going to set their sites on Kellerman, and whether or not he’s repentant or remorseful or combative is the dance we’re going to do,” teases exec producer Mark Schwahn. “Julian and Nathan almost lost the ones they love in that accident, and it’s fun to watch them be angry again. Julian has been so romantic and supportive, and so stable in Brooke’s life, and it’s nice that he gets to raise his voice and be angry and aggressive.” In other OTH news, it’s James Lafferty gone Wild!

Question: Are we going to see Elizabeth Banks/Avery again on 30 Rock before the season ends? —Frances
You will. Jack’s baby mama resurfaces next month with what sounds like some serious nanny issues. “Jack and Avery do not take care of their own baby and there’s a lot of drama surrounding that,” Banks previews. “But Avery’s a working mom, and just a great example to women, so that’s what I’m hoping to show on 30 Rock.”

Question: What is up with Rosie’s parents on The Killing — especially Mitch? Is there a darker story ahead for them (other than the grief of burying their child)? And isn’t Michelle Forbes a total fox? —Simone
I’ve spoken at length about Michelle Forbes’ bombdiggitiness so let’s cut straight to the first part of your question: Yes, I suspect things are about to go from bad to worse for the beleaguered couple. And based on what Forbes recently told me — and what we learned this past Sunday about Stan’s shady side job — I fear Mitch will bear the brunt of the heartache. “Mitch’s journey is that she’s betrayed by everyone,” Forbes revealed. “Every time she turns a corner she’s betrayed by someone or hasn’t been told the truth.”

Question: Do you have any scoop on my favorite show The Big C? — Kevin
Not just any scoop, and not just one, but three, all courtesy of exec producer Jenny Bicks. They pertain to the three new characters we’ll be meeting in Season 2:

| The doc Alan Alda will be playing will have a bedside manner to rival House’s. “He’s an awesome doctor,” Bicks says, “but he’s not all like the one that Cathy went to in the first season. He’s not the guy who’s going to hold your hand, [so what our heroine, his patient] has to deal with is, ‘Oh, wait, I don’t feel as comfortable as I did, but I feel like I’m going to live, which maybe is the more important thing.'”

| The stage IV melanoma patient Hugh Dancy will be playing could well be a new love interest for Cathy. After they meet in her clinical trial, they become “kind of soulmates,” says Bicks. “And maybe there’s a little attraction there, too. But it’s really about what it’s like to finally meet somebody else who’s going through exactly what you’re going through.”

| And finally, Cathy’s son Adam also meets someone who’s going through what he is — only instead of the teenage daughter of a cancer patient that he thinks he’s talking to over the Internet, it’s Parker Posey. “She’s very wacky and kind of takes him on adventures,” Bicks reveals. “He loves it, and she loves having him as a support.”

Question: What about some Californication spoilers? —Eckhard
The new season “does start three years later,” confirms Evan Handler. But not a whole lot will have changed, ultimately. “All the seeds were laid last season,” he hints, “for what comes into play this season.” Can you be any less specific? “It starts with Hank in New York,” he says. “And I’ve seen the shell of a very, very enormous Malibu beachfront home that Charlie Runkle now lives in without his wife. I don’t know how that will come into play, but obviously, they’re building a big set for Charlie’s house.” And since a casting call went out for Marcy’s baby, he adds with a laugh, “Maybe toddlers will be foisted upon me!”

Question: Any scoop on the next season of  White Collar? —Juliet
The future is… the past! The show is planning a flash(way)back episode in which we not only get to see what Willie Garson’s Mozzie was like at ages 5 and 12, we get to see his transformation from bullied youngster to shrewd con artist.

Question: I was wondering if you had any info on InSecurity. —Ginny
It’s a crippling disorder that afflicts millions of us and causes at least a few of us me to make fun of One Tree Hill to feel better about myself.

Question: When are we going to see some Peter/Bolivia interaction on Fringe? Any teases you could offer? —Jeff:
Only this one from exec producer Jeff Pinkner sent via email: “Peter and Bolivia’s story is FAR from over.” I’m intrigued by Pinkner’s choice to write “far” in all caps. Could that mean what I think it… ? Nah. There’s no way.

Question: Any Modern Family scoop — ideally Cam/Mitchell related? —Tom
It sounds like Cam ends up being the center of attention at Alex’s middle school graduation, and for all the wrong reasons. “I have [a lot] of physical comedy in that episode,” Eric Stonestreet tells TVLine. “I fall into a pool and I walk into a sliding glass door. It’s an excellent episode.”

Question: I know you have already given us a lot of tidbits about the upcoming Castle episodes, but we are still dying (no pun intended) for more! Any other items you can share about the upcoming L.A. episode with Castle/Beckett sharing a hotel room, or the explosive season finale? —Cheryl
How about some scoop on the episode sandwiched between those two? “Because the finale is serious and the L.A. episode is very much off-pattern for us, we had a lot of fun with the [penultimate] episode,” explains series creator Andrew W. Marlowe. “It’s about a death at a beauty pageant. We have Michael McKean (Smallville) playing a New York real estate multi-millionaire who runs the beauty pageant. Teri Polo (Meet the Parents) is in it as well. It’s just a fun Castle episode, but it also touches on the Castle-Beckett relationship, and also the Alexis/Ashley relationship, because Ashley is going off to college and that presents a complication for Alexis.”

Question: Any more scoop on the big obstacle coming up for Castle and Beckett in the Castle finale? —Andy
Something happens that “puts their identities fundamentally at odds,” hints Marlowe.

Question: Can you deny or confirm that the death on Castle will stick? Because I smell a fake-out. —Bree
You might want to investigate that smell because the death will stick. (What did you have for lunch today? That’s always a good place to start.)

Question: What’s up with the 3XK killer storyline on Castle? Are you ever gonna hear about that again? —Brittany
Yes, but not until next season.

Question: So… Supernatural. I just love that the brother dynamic has returned now that Sam’s got his soul back. Can we expect some great brotherly love in this season’s remaining episodes? —Julia
You can. As exec producer Bob Singer previews, “Dean is willing to trust him completely. And by season’s end, they are in total lock-step with each other, saving each other’s lives and having that relationship the fans crave.”

Question: Please tell as something about Dexter Season 6. Is there any news? —John
The show isn’t going to self-destruct under new boss Scott Buck, who took the showrunning reins from Chip Johannessen. “Scott had been with [Dexter] since the very first season as a writer, so I wouldn’t consider it a change in direction,” maintains Showtime president David Nevins of the behind-the-scenes shakeup. “Chip came in for one season — I love Chip, and he may well be working with us again soon — but Scott, and actually the staff around Scott, has been [around since] Season 1. There’s a lot of continuity to the old days of that show.”

Question: When is something going to happen between Ben and Leslie on Parks and Recreation? —Latifah
I’m going to go out on a limb and say in the May 12 episode, titled “Road Trip,” which finds Ben and Les heading to Indianapolis for an overnighter. In other P&R news, would you believe me if I told you Ben moves in with April and Andy? Would you? ‘Cause it’s true.

Question: Thank heavens Cougar Town is back. Got a spoiler for me? —Ron
On the heels of Monday’s popular Penny Can phone hotline thingy, exec producer Bill Lawrence tells TVLine that the show is planning another interactive gimmick. “In the third episode back, Laurie becomes obsessed with tweeting and she actually says what her Twitter name is on the show,” he reveals. “So we’ll be tweeting that whole episode as Laurie, which guarantees those seven followers 24 straight hours of content. A bunch of us are just gonna get a case of wine and do it for 24 hours.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Megan Masters)

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  1. Camilla says:

    :( with the glee scoop

    • Matt says:

      I’m betting on Quinn. It would serve too strong a purpose. At least to me it is a death that would rattle the show the most. It would lead Finn right back to Rachel. It would also resonate strongly with Sam and Puck. Are Mercedes and Quinn still close? Who knows, Glee abandons plots so quickly. I think I’m over thinking a Glee plot way too much.

      • Karin says:

        Dianna is one of their most popular actors on the show, they wont risk ratings..my bet is Becky

        • Alex says:

          But Becky goes to prom… they were casting an actor to go with her. I think it’s definitely going to be one of the adults… someone that would really affect rachel because there are pictures from a future episode with her crying.

          • Amy Leigh says:

            The picture you’re referring to is from next week’s episode and it’s when Finn knocks Rachel in the face as they’re practicing their dance moves for Nationals.

        • B. says:

          I don’t get this. Okay she’s pretty. But she can barely sing and dance. Plus, Quinn’s a Bitch :/ Not in a good way.

      • Mabel says:

        I think the couple death could be Rachel’s dads – there are photos of her looking devastated and mention of a “life-changing moment”… I don’t think they’d kill of any of the kids, especially not right before nationals.
        I agree it could be sue’s sister, or maybe shelby corcoran? That would affect Rachel and Quinn enormously. Or maybe someone in Sam’s family, seeing as they’re featuring in an episode before (which is unusual as the only family we’ve seen on glee so far is kurt/finn)?
        I think the deaths will definitely be adults, but I’m not getting too excited – remember who the last “dramatic death” was? The Warbler’s bird.

        • Anna says:

          I’ve heard that Beth (Quinn’s daughter) will be back for an episode or two. It would make sense that Shelby died and Quinn had to start taking care of the baby

      • Jesse says:

        Umm Rachel would die before they kill off Quinn. Even Rachel knows that nobody likes her.

        • Robert says:

          Rachel and Mercedes would be the LAST deaths to happen, considering they’re, you know, the best female singers. Quinn doesn’t have even 40% of the voice that they do.

          If it is a kid, I’m betting it’d be either Brittany, Santana (either one could have AIDS in secret), Lauren (obesity – heart attack), or Artie. Also, remember, Kurt is coming back to his old school – WITH his boyfriend also transferring by season 3. So therefore, they need to get rid of at least one kid – like they did with that football player quitting to make room for Sam. I hope it’s not Kurt that dies…he’s by far the best male singer on the show.

          If it’s a parent, odds point to Burt, since he already had a close call.

        • Lindsay says:

          I love Rachel so you are wrong.

        • bear says:

          its gonna be becky there is a pic of sue holding becky and sue looks real upset and the couple is gonna quinn and finn

      • Jamie says:

        Could it be Carl? I know he’s not exactly ‘beloved’ as Carl.. but Ausiello is known to be tricky. He WAS beloved as Uncle jesse and Emma ‘loves’ him. And his death WOULD signal the death of Emma/Carl..

      • Erin says:

        There’s absolutely no way they’ll kill off one of the kids, let alone when we’re only at the end of the second season. Even though everyone seems to have individual characters they can do without if they had to, there’s way too much going on with all of them individually and together at the moment. Finn/Rachel, Kurt/Karofsky and Kurt/Blaine, Rachel/Finn and Finn/Quinn, Santana/Brittany and Santana/herself, Puck/Lauren, the list goes on. Plus, with only 5 episodes left of the season and a lot of huge things going on in that short time (born this way and all the Kurt/Karofsky/Santana stuff going on there, prom, nationals) there’s no way they can tie the death of one of the ND members in there. It has to be one of the adults, then, but definitely won’t be Will, Emma, or Sue. There’s too much unresolved for all of them too and, love ’em or hate ’em, they’re all integral to the show at this point in time. I’ve been thinking about this and since it’s a regular cast member, not a guest star, and supposedly a “beloved” one, does anyone else think it could be Figgins? Besides Coach Beiste, who I also agree is possible, he’s the only person I can think of who has enough of a presence on the show but not so much that it would completely throw a wrench in things. I don’t know, I’m kind of tired of speculating at this point because we just won’t know until it airs. I mean, if the backlash to the most recent spoiler scandal is any indication, someone letting this one loose (if the death is a person at all) would probably be skinned alive.

        Can’t we just have a 5 hour end of season marathon so I can watch them all now, back to back? Thank god the hiatus is over but with all the hype surrounding the remaining eps, even the week in between them is maddening to me right now.

      • Sarah says:

        Ok so I have been giving this glee death a good long thought and have come up with my 2 best guesses for the character who will die. My first is Burt because he had had the heartattack earlier this season. My second would be Puck because earlier this season when Puck was injuvy he was really taking a brake to be in his band. The producers had been saying if he did this again he would be off. Mark Salling had said “if I had to pick between glee and my band I would pick my band.” his chatacter would probably be killed for being a creep or something like that.

      • Amy foster says:

        I hope that it isnt rachel. i want it to be quinn or santana. Also it would bo good for finn and rachel to be together

      • kristin says:

        I bet anything it will be April Rodes (sp?)… RIght now WIll is wanting to leave Lima and go to Broadway with her.. If she dies he’ll have to stay..PLus it said it was a “beloved character” and everyone loves that little drunk lady… I seriously cant see them killing off a kid or Sues sister… just my thoughts

      • Nate says:

        Its becky whom dies. The Glee Cast was searching for someone to play the part of Becky’s Mother, and a Pastor. Its been revieled that it is a female, and is NOT one of the kids in New Directions.

    • Ang says:

      I think the death will be a side character, like Sue’s sister. It would be yet another attempt at humanizing Sue, only to turn her back into a cartoon villain again… I just don’t think Glee is the right kind of show to kill off a major character, especially one of the kids. But who knows?

      As for the couple I think the only two choices are Finn/Quinn or Kurt/Blaine. I don’t consider Brittany/Artie or Mike/Tina to be “major couples” since they are mainly on the sidelines. I’m leaning towards Kurt/Blaine breaking up to parallel Rachel/Jesse last season. Remember he egged her in episode 21? And Glee loves parallels this season.

      • Lily says:

        Whenever they mention a Glee death, I always think it’s gonna be their Piano Man.

      • Woodsse says:

        I would actually die myself if Burt got killed off, but I’m worried, cause he had that heart attack and it would affect a load of characters :S but he’s the best dad ever and Klaine has to be rainbows and sunshine forever. Period. Please no!!

        • Snsetblaze says:

          Burt’s my thought because of the word “beloved”. Burt is beloved. I suppose Finn’s mom might qualify. Sue’s sister has been in about two episodes as a side storyline and I’m not sure if she is “beloved.” Becky would be another character that might be more plausible but again is she “beloved”. What about Coach Beiste?

          • LeSo says:

            Mike O’Malley has already confirmed that he has a contract to appear in at least six episodes next season, so I think it’s safe to say that Burt will survive the finale.

          • taymarie says:

            I just thought about this..and I havent read every single comment so if someone has said this already then I’m sorry..but could it maybe be Holly?

      • Camilla says:

        Yeah Sue’s sister could perfectly be the character who’s getting killed…

      • Amy Leigh says:

        ITA about the death being Sue’s sister. Burt had crossed my mind b/c of his health issues but I don’t think they’ll do that to any of the ND kids in the episode before Nationals. I just don’t think they’ll kill off Becky either. She hasn’t been sick or anything so it just wouldn’t make sense.

        Sadly, I do think the “death” of a couple will be Finn/Quinn. The only Finn pairing I’ve ever actually liked.

    • babi says:

      Oh, Ausiello, just hope this is not a stupid death like that pavaroti’s. ok, that death wasn’t stupid, the stupid thing was to make such a fuss of it and it just a bird. ok, that’s sad, bit everyone totally thought it was going to be one of the characters. hope that’s not the case again, and that you’re talking about a human now.

    • pghgirl says:

      It will be coach beistie. She got cast on chelsea handlers new tv show.

      • Robert says:

        She’s beloved? She’s only been in, what, 4 or 5 episodes this season? And I thought for sure, before Paltrow broke up Emma’s relationship as a favor for Will, that Bieste would be the future romance for him.

      • Whatever says:

        Maybe her or Maybe the Principal to start a power struggle in season 3 that would allow Sue to become more developed. Could be a cast member just got a better job so they have no choice but to write them off. I doubt its Becky since they are rumored to be looking to cast a boy with Down’s Syndrome.

    • Carolyn says:

      I am guessing Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel) will be the one to die. My reason: a blind item posted about two months ago hinting that someone who is a major cast member of some unnamed show is being so difficult that the show is considering letting that person go. My immediate thought was Chris Colfer. He is young and just received back to back Emmy’s. Maybe getting a little overconfident. And I see his role is getting less and less and less every week. Some weeks only two to three minutes. As if the producers were testing the waters to see if the show could survive without him.

      This is just my guess.

      • Bookerguy says:

        Don’t you mean Chris received back to back Emmy “nominations” and a Golden Globe win? Kurt did take up a lot of the first half of the second season (that’s why he probably wasn’t on as much lately) so I hope it’s not him.

      • Eran says:

        I mean, this idea is just plain stupid. First of all I don’t think Chris Colfer is over-confident. This his acting debut and he looks like a sweet person. And I mean KURT? Are they going to loose their 3rd leading character after 2 seasons?

      • murley says:

        yeah in general they don’t get rid of an actor who is bringing awards and accolades to the show.

    • Eletanne says:

      I think that the character April Rhodes will be killed off. I don’t know if she is beloved but it would make sense because Will is debating about whether or not to leave to go star on Broadway. If she dies, then he can’t leave.

      • Rachel says:

        that is a good theory!
        i hope its her, she has over stayed her welcome.
        also the glee club has bonded a lot with her in the few episodes she has been on, and they would definitely be devastated by that

    • Adele says:

      Didn’t Rachel once say she dreams about her own death, how ppl would be sorry, could she fake it to really see if everyone is?

    • lauren says:

      I’ve heard that its kurt who dies! im a total gleek myself and love him but apparently he gets aids. :(

      • Seth says:

        Yes, because AIDS is something you contract and die of in one day. Somehow, I think that Ryan Murphy would jump at the chance of fully developing such a serious story line, rather than start and conclude it in 42 minutes.

  2. Jenna says:

    Ugh. Please let that be the episode where Finn/Quinn bites the dust.

  3. Kariin says:

    That picture better not include the character that dies

  4. Harper says:

    You know what the fans really crave re Supernatural? A return to Dean and Cas being friends and a return to having Cas in the storyline full time. This has been a long boring Season of Sam and the only episodes worth rewatching have been The French Mistake and My Heart will Go On. Hopefully as the season ends, the powers that be will finally wake up and feature the Angel that keeps winning awards everywhere.

    • sarabella says:

      Truly this. I would love for Dean and Cas to team up. Sam can team up with Bobby. Not only does Cas win awards, but so does Dean, yet both of them get sidelined season after season. It would be great for the PTBs to give the two popular character more to do than watch super Sam save the day over and over. As it is, the season finale sounds like another Swan Song. The first time was bad enough. I’m not watching the second version of it.

      As for Dean trusting Sam, wow, how about Sam earn it for once.

      • Sara says:

        This-especially the part about Sam earning Dean’s trust. Sam is such a Gary Stu.

        • M. says:

          Yeah, how can you earn trust back when you’re forgiven off the bat. It’s gotten to the point that I could believe the show would have Sam blind Dean or cut off a limb and he’d be forgiven the next episode or Dean would be yelled out for not forgiving Sam because it hurts Sam’s feelings.

          Please give Dean and Castiel something to do that’s about how cool they are and stop throwing them under the bus to prop someone else up.

          And ughhh if they throw Dean’s friendship with Castiel under the bus.

          I don’t crave the brotherly relationship especially when it’s more master/servant. If you want a good bromance, watch Hawaii 5-0. At least neither Steve nor Danny ditched the other for a demon.

          • Alana says:

            You remember that your darling Castiel, an angel, much more powerful than a human, beat Dean up into a pulp just because he didn’t agree with what he was doing, right? And that he only didn’t get forgiven for this in the same episode, but some fans said he was right for doing so, right?

          • @Alanna says:

            You remember how many times Sam has beaten Dean bloody and never even mentioned it again? That’s why his generic apologies never hold water. Because even if he is possessed or hopped up on demon blood, he never, ever seems to feel bad for the damage he does to his brother. Sam’s guilt is always all about Sam and making himself feel better rather than really having to confront what he has done to Dean. How the writers can pretend there is anything left to root for in this relationship, is completely beyond me.

          • M. says:

            @Alana I didn’t care for that beating either but Sam’s done it multiple times AND he’s blood. I consider Sam’s behavior a much worse offense AND some fans said that Dean deserved it because he’s such an overbearing big brother. So Sam’s not covered in glory either. If I took your argument seriously, then Dean should ditch both of them, not just Castiel.

          • Alana says:

            Nice spin. Because attacking SAM is a valuable excuse for what CASTIEL did, right?

            Oh and Castiel betrayed Dean, too during season 4. The difference is that Dean never gt to find out about it.

          • Alana says:


            So, that’s your excuse? That “Oh, it’s ok that Castiel beat Dean up because Sam did it too.”?

            You don’t have to like Sam, but this is the worst excuse for his behavior that I have ever read!

          • S. says:

            Mmmm…. What are all those “multiple” times that Sam has beaten up his brother except for in “Levee” during season 4? I can’t think of any other. Hitting his brother is more Dean’s thing. And, you know, I would have expected Dean to have more of a reaction to Castiel being pulverized by Lucifer in Swan Song if they’re so incredibly close.

          • @Alanna says:

            Nope it’s not OK that Cas beat up Dean but on the other hand, he actually apologized and didn’t make excuses for himself which is more than Sam has ever done.

            Let’s see, Sam beat the crap out of Dean when he was possessed by Meg and instead of apologizing, cracked and joke and then whined at Dean for not killing him like he promised.

            He got hopped up on demon blood and beat dean to a pulp and then went back and tried to strangle him

            He said yes to Lucifer over Dean’s objections, and beat him almost to death and nope, that was never mentioned again either.

            I know the samapologists will jump in at this point and claim that Sam wasn’t responsible for any of this because he was possessed or high. My problem is that Sam never even acknowledges that Dean was hurt anyway. And why would he? If it something doesn’t directly impact Sam, he doesn’t give a rats ass. The idea of his beautiful empathetic soul or whatever that hogwash was that Gamble was pedaling shows just how oblivious these writers are to how badly they have damaged the character in the name of giving in to their lead who likes to play the character dark, but then whitewashing him so that he remains blameless. Sam Winchester has become the most unheroic so-called hero on TV today.

          • Alana says:

            Castiel never apologized for beating Dean up. He apologized for not believing in him, which is NOT the same thing and it’s also something that I kind of liked because it showed us who was the only one that believed in Dean in the said episode: SAM.

            And please, stop trying to excuse Castiel behavior by showing that Sam did worst. I won’t excuse his behavior because there is none, as much there is NO excuse for what Castiel did.

            My point since my first comment here is: No, Castiel isn’t that much better partner than Sam. He also has his faults – which includes beating Dean up and betray him more than once.

      • Clare says:

        *As it is, the season finale sounds like another Swan Song.*

        I’m so mad about those interviews that barely mentioned Dean I could spit. Now there are rumors they are going to sacrifice one of the only two friends Dean has outside of Sam on the altar of the brotherly bond. I won’t be watching if the show gets renewed without Castiel. And I have a Neilsen box so I do actually register in the ratings.

        • Nic says:

          I don’t get the Sam hate in this column either.

          “Now there are rumors they are going to sacrifice one of the only two friends Dean has outside of Sam on the altar of the brotherly bond.”

          But if it’s Castiel or even Bobby, he is Sam’s friend as well. And Sam has no one outside his brother either, does he? They’re on the same path.

          I don’t get why people would sacrifice Sam and Dean relationship. I really, really don’t.

          • Clare says:

            I don’t want the brotherly bond sacrificed. Neither do I want the Dean-Cas bond sacrificed – which is what seems to be happening. Dean can have other friends outside of Sam. And Sam can have other friends outside of Dean. It doesn’t mean they aren’t going to still be a team and hunt together.

          • M. says:

            Because it’s not really a relationship or it’s so one-sided that I keep wanting to say to Dean, “Oh, dude, he’s soooooo not into you. Strangers, demons, monsters, he trusts all those critters over you.”

            Just you wait, the next season, something will go wrong with Sam, Sam will beat up Dean or laugh as something bad happens to him and Dean will just have to eat it because Sera Gamble thinks it’s HILARIOUS to see Dean get punked over and over again by Sam.

          • Nic says:

            Thank you, Clare, now I got you better.

            And M… What you described at the end of your comment is exactly what I DON’T want to happen. Enough of that crap. I just hope they won’t do that again. THAT is the kind of stuff that turns me off of the show.

          • yeesch says:

            Maybe because some of us are tired of Dean being all about Sam, and the showrunners thinking that this is all the fans want to watch.

            No Mr. Singer, not all fans crave the regression of Dean and the focusing on Sam. What some of us crave is for Dean to have some respect, loyalty and love, something he rarely gets from his family, and he’s gotten from Cas.

            What some of us want, is Deann and Cas to have the friendship without having Dean once again being sidelined so that Sam can have his share, especially since I’ve yet to see any of Sam’s storylines or characters shared with Dean.

            Some of us are just tired of Dean and Sam relationship because it’s always only about Sam with Dean as an afterthought. I enjoy watching Dean and having a story about him, but I never got that except for season 4, then the show pretended that season 4 never happened and gave everything to Sam and now it’s all about Sam and this is why some of us are sick and tired of the Dean and Sam relationship. If only Kripke and Singer would listen to some of the Dean fans, instead of ignoring us each and every season.

        • Shawn says:

          Castiel isn’t popular without Dean is that what your saying lol. I think so too. Castiel is a hangeron and a very boring character. Plus Collins, not the best actor.

          Its time for this show to get back to what it once was, great, tense and family orientated. Kill Castiel please, its about time, he’s like a cockroach.

          Leave the acting and the chemistry to Jensen and Jared.

          • casfan says:

            Cas isn’t the boring character on this show. I can tell you who is boring, the one who is the Marty Stu of the show, and it’s neither Cas nor Dean, try again. I also think that Misha is a good actor and the chemisty between Dean and Cas far outsizzles that of Dean and Sam, which is what I believe is behind all the Cas hatred. I wonder how many of the anti-Cas fans would hate Cas if he was all about Sam. I’m betting not many. Just like not many hate Bobby anymore since he’s become one of Sam’s biggest cheerleaders.

          • Louisa says:

            Funny, I think Sam is a hanger on and a very boring character.

        • timotey says:

          Actually, from what Jensen said at the JiB con in Rome, episode 621 is pretty much all Dean and he will have a very “sensitive” – what he called it – storyline there. On the other hand, ep 622 should be Dean-light – Jensen finished filming 3 days earlier than everybody else – so you can probably expect Dean-in-peril and Sam-to-the-rescue.

          IMHO, the Eve storyline will turn out to be pretty Dean centric – when you see the ep pictures, Eve’s always looking at/focusing on Dean. Also, from what Jensen said, he will be filming a scene in the panic room, with him on the inside and Bobby and Balthazar on the outside.

          • Tony says:

            Oh please I don’t want Dean being Dean-in-peril and needing to be RESCUED. For god’s sake let him do something on his own for once. I don’t want him rescued by Sam or Castiel or anyone else. I want Dean kicking ass and taking names, something he’s gotten to do less and less as they’ve tried to shove Sam more and more into Dean’s role and sure as heck could care less about the pathetic sidelined “domestic drama” they tried to shove Dean into to give them an excuse to take away his role and give it to Sam.

            So yeah the last thing I want is yet another episode, a finale no less, where Sam saves Dean. If that is what happens, well then I guess I know not to watch now. Thanks for filling me in on that.

        • TeamWinchester says:

          Oh, boy! Are we supposed to be scared now???

        • Nic says:


          Thank you for saying “some of Dean fans”. Because I’m a Dean!girl and doesn’t feel this way at all.

        • Nic says:


          Thank you for saying “some of Dean fans”. Because I’m a Dean!girl and doesn’t feel this way at all.

          (Now hopefully in the right place. Sorry again)

      • TeamWinchester says:

        What the fans really want was exactly this!!! Sam and Dean together again!!! The brotherly bond is the heart of Supernatural and Sam and Dean’s relationship will always be the most important relationship on the show!!!
        Thank you writers! Eat it haters!!!

    • Jenn says:

      Good luck with that. The showrunner’s pretty much in love with Sam. I was really excited when the show veered away from him (he’s the reason I stopped watching circa S2 and didn’t come back until S5 to catch up), and now there’s more boring Sam stuff. Yay. On a side note, I would love to see Cas and Dean actually in sync again. They haven’t even had a good reason to have them fighting this season – just obviously conjured up drama that doesn’t really fit in the story.

      • M. says:

        Yeah, it’s pretty obvious how much the showrunners love Sam. All they do is talk about him and his beautiful soul and it takes prodding to get anything out of them about Dean.

        This show isn’t about the “epic love story” between the brothers because I don’t consider it a great epic portrayal of love to see a souless monster torment, lie and abandon for half a season. Seriously, that was a big old yuck. If you wanted people to get back on the Sam train, giving a half season of that was the worst thing they could’ve done and I’m not getting one because he’ll probably go bad again and it’ll again not be considered his fault.

        • laugh says:

          “”This show isn’t about the “epic love story”””
          Sure it is! It’s the epic love of Dean for Sam and Sam for himself. Oh, and the showrunners making sure everyobody loves Sam and they all live just for Sam.

          No wonder this show has become such a mess.

      • Ray says:

        They never were in sync. He manipulated Dean right out of the box and is still doing it. Castiel is not his family, he is a whiney needy week excuse for an angel that thinks he’s gods gift. And guess what, he’s not. Apparently humans are..meaning Sam and Dean. Get rid of Castiel, he’s a bore and he’s not worth the time on screen.

        Plus he makes Dean look stupid and Jensen.

        • M. says:

          I think Sam makes Dean look even more stupid. He ditches him for college, ditches him for a demon, messes up his home life with Lisa and Dean still sticks by him. This one-way crap just makes me think that Sam is going to eventually kill Dean and then people will mock Dean for being stupid enough to have stuck by Sam so long.

          I still stand by my statement that next season, we’re going to get ANOTHER round of Sam going bad, kicking Dean in the ‘nads, running off and probably getting busy with the Mother, then crawling home when things go bad for him and Dean goes “There, there, it’s not your fault but mine.” Because that’s just how it rolls on this show. Besides Sera needs her hit of shirtless Jared.

        • Louisa says:

          I sense you having some problems with working out what is real and what isn’t. How can Castiel make Jensen look stupid? Perhaps you and the other haters should head back to the Septic Tank and get your story straight, because Cas can’t be “weak and needy” (I assume you meant weak, and not days of the week? There’s an a in it) and also be too high-powered to be viable on the show in season 7.

    • Nic says:

      “You know what the fans really crave re Supernatural? A return to Dean and Cas being friends and a return to having Cas in the storyline full time.”

      Errrrrrrr… Not really, no. This fans crave exactly what the Producer said, thank you very much.

      I like Cass, I do. I enjoy the Heavenly war storyline, too. But he’s not the center of the show. Dean, Sam and their relationship are. And I’m glad they came back together. I missed that a LOT. No Castiel ever could make up for that.

      • Harley Jayne says:

        Agreed a lot of fans don’t agree with her. I think Cas has played his part now and can just be no real loss if he was cut or turned evil. The show is about Sam and Dean, started with them, will end with them and it always will be, the REAL fans know this.

    • Kat says:

      Not this fan. Cas had his role to play in season 4 when the writers were breaking down the Sam and Dean relationship. They don’t really need Cas now, though yes they need other characters to interact with but an all powerful angel ally who can get them out of any situation is no good for a show like this. They have to get rid of him so they are putting a little more effort into his storyline now, kind of how a bulb burns brightest right before it dies for good, that’s Cas’ storyline. It’s going to get all exciting and then he will betray Dean and Sam and then at the last minute he will sacrifice himself to save them and he will die for good, as he should and lo and behold show will survive his loss, believe me it will.

      • Julia G. says:

        That’s a really good point about Cas being too powerful to be around on a regular basis., There wouldn’t be a sense of danger for the bros anymore if Cas can beam down and bail them out anytime they get into trouble, like last episode for example. I’m torn when it comes to Castiel. I love the character in small doses, but I don’t see how he can remain after the angel story is wrapped up, unless he becomes human, in which case he’s far less interesting.

        • M. says:

          Funny how Castiel’s too powerful when it’s obviously OK to make Sam the greatest, bestest hunter with a full arsenal of demon-killing powers and smarter and all that jazz. They might as well let Dean move back with Lisa since it’s obvious they want Sam do it all himself.

        • Louisa says:

          But he doesn’t beam down and bail them out every time, and never has. Why should he suddenly start doing that in season 7?

    • Leilana says:

      You know, I am so sick of fans like you thinking that you speak for the entire fandom when you don’t. No, all fans don’t crave Dean and Cas being friends or Cas having a storyline full time either. I’m sorry that you hate Sam, but that does not speak for the entire fandom so stop doing it. More fans than you know want the brotherly bond back. And I see so many people ranting and complaining and going on about Cas Hate? I see more Sam Hate here than Cas Hate by a long shot.

      • Flor says:

        *No, all fans don’t crave Dean and Cas being friends or Cas having a storyline full time either. I’m sorry that you hate Sam, but that does not speak for the entire fandom so stop doing it.*

        Well, Leilana, not all fans crave Sam and Dean full-time, or Sam having a full-time storyline for the entire first half (and more) of this season. I’m sorry that you hate Cas but that doesn’t speak for the entire fandom. Some of us like all three of them, like to see all three of them get decent storylines, and want to see all three of them in season 7.

    • Trudy says:

      What crap. Castiel is the only one making me not want to watch supernatural. Misha can’t act to save himself and every time he’s on more than 30 seconds its like a dead fish acting.

      Jensen and Jared are the show and the fact that this is the most asked about question an tptb know its important if not the most important aspect of Supernatural show is amazing.

      Angel storyline = boring as hell. Bring back someone that the boys can actually bond with and go up against that is challenging.

    • May says:

      What are you on??

      It fine that you like Castiel but please these Cas/Dean shipper hissy fits are beyond entitled and isane. Go back to reading your Destiel slash and learn to separate your fanon from canon.

      • Br. says:

        Right back at you. Your post is just as entitled, if not more so, as some of the others. Go back to reading your Wincest slash, how about that? Or whatever tickles your fancy.
        The hate going on here is getting ridiculous. People like different characters and that’s fine, but you don’t have to hate on those that you don’t like. Just ignore them. Hey, I don’t like Sam all that much. Doesn’t mean I want to see him dead. It’s a shame that some people want to get rid of a character that is liked by many. You don’t like Castiel? That’s your right, but there’s no need to spread your hate and insults. He doesn’t destroy anything; he isn’t responsible for bad episodes. Why blame a character for a sucky season who’s barely there in the first place? Blame the characters that have actual screen time, or the writers and their bad scripts. I like Supernatural, but there are way better shows on TV and SPN needs all the viewers it can get. Why alienate one fanbase for the other? Sam, Dean and Castiel work just fine together. There’s no need to get rid of anyone.
        Regarding NCIS and some comments: I’m amazed there’s Tony hate. I’ve always thought he was a favourite. Then again, I don’t dislike any character on NCIS. I like them all.

        • May says:

          O.o You really need to take a steep back from your computer, dude. There is no Cas hate here or in my comment only Casfans like you going nuts over a tiny spoiler about Sam and Dean’s relationship. I hate delusional shippers, jc. *grumbles*

    • magoghair says:

      Please speak for yourself. I like cas ,but NO WAY do I EVER want the boys separated again…and I think the fact that so MANY fans HATED sam and dean separated actually speaks LOUDER to the writers then extreme cas fans….The core of supernatural IS FAMILY,not Dean and an angel….even as a cas fan ,I have to admit to feeling like the angel storyline is done. I’m ready for that more intimate FEELING the show had in season 1,and cas,the angel storyline really does NOT bring the intimate feeling back….

      I love the relationship between sam and dean,and I’m really LOVING having that brotherly bond back…you can definitely tell the soul of supernatural is back ,now that they brothers bond and relationship is much stronger then it ever was before

    • @Harper says:

      This isn’t directed specifically to you only but, wow, I’ve read most of these comments and I feel like the majority of the people commenting here is watching a completely different show than the one I’m watching and have watched for six seasons.

      Also, seriously, the Sam hate in this thread and its viciousness is baffling me. There’s no SPN without Sam, there’s no SPN without Dean. The show has two lead characters. If after SIX SEASONS, you still hate one of the leads this much? Step away. No, really. We’re not talking six episodes, we’re talking six seasons! That’s, like, torturing yourself voluntarily by watching over a hundred episodes featuring a character you deeply hate. That’s some hardcore masochism right there, wow…

  5. Lucie J says:

    I love Sam so much and he’s why I watch Supernatural, can you give me some Sam scoop for the finale please? Plus it is great news to hear the winchesters will remain a cohesive unit, i’m not a castiel fan so it makes me very happy to hear its all good in the brotherhood.

    • inglewood says:

      Sam saves the day all by himself and his bright shining soul. The end.

      • A Sam Girl says:

        LOL Wow. Dean/Cas fans a little bitter? I can’t believe what a bunch of big babies you all are acting like. Grow up. If you hate the show that much and the brotherly dynamic that actually BUILT this show, then go watch something else. Maybe that’ll help remove the knot from your panties.

        • Em says:

          I’m a Dean/Cas girl but I understand it’s the brotherly dynamic that built the show.

          I just don’t understand why people think Cas has ruined that, the return to that dynamic has been what this whole season has been about. I don’t get why people think he’s pushing the brothers out.

          Of course this show is about Sam and Dean, that won’t change. It’s the blind hatred for Castiel I really don’t understand.

        • Novalee says:

          Wow..rude much?..this isn’t personal we’re allowed to voice our opinions even if it differs from yours WITHOUT being called names..Name calling is used when one doesn’t have the vocabulary and intelligence to make a concrete argument. And as far as Dean/Cas…I do hope it wasn’t your intentions to make that sound like this has anything to do with slash..it’s about a good story and a solid character. I never said I hate the show and none of the other Cas fans hate the show..We just like it better with Cas!

        • Dawn says:

          LOL, so Sam gets yet another free pass and a brother who trusts him implicitly despite all the crap he has dished out to Dean. Yeah, that’s just the sort of brotherly bond I want to see on my screen.

          • Nic says:

            What did Sam dish out to Dean after he got his soul back? Before that doesn’t count.

          • Karen says:

            @Nic, give it a rest. Of course it counts: Even Sam admits it was him. He did have his brains at the time.

          • Nic says:

            He had the brain, but not his soul. I don’t think he was right, I hated the first half of the season exactly because of Souless!Sam. I hated him. But I don’t think it was Sam, this SAM fault, it’s all. *Shrugs*

          • @Nic says:

            Sam confessed to it. Sadly, they won’t really deal with the fact the mean, selfish, cruel thing in the first half of the season is a permanent part of who Sam really is. And until they do . . . I don’t care about Sam because the writing is dishonest, insulting and boring.

            If Sam had stayed with Jessica, he could assault her, choke her, punch her in the face and the writers would blame it all on her for being “overbearing” and not being understanding enough and have her apologize over and over to Sam. That’s creepy and it should be creepy no matter what kind of relationship it is.

        • Cody says:

          The brotherly dynamic may have built this show in the beginning but it isn’t what kept the show alive. Season 5 would never have happened without the influx of new fans Castiel brought into the show: even the Js have said they were amazed the show was renewed back then. I really don’t understand why fans like you can’t just let the brothers have another person in their lives? You know, for five minutes every third or fourth episode? Your obsession with it being so insular really mystifies me, actually. The “bro-bond” isn’t threatened by Castiel and if it is then like someone else commented, it can’t be all that strong can it?

          • mera says:

            Wincest has ruined this show because the showrunners have chosen to pander to only that part of the audience and have incorporated some of the fanfic’s worst tropes into their story. That is, Dean is pathetically devoted to Sam no what the cost to himself. Meanwhile,
            Sam gets away with murder over and over again and gets forgiven everything without even having to acknowledge the damage he does to his so-called loved ones. It’s the emotional wincest on this show that is the reason they’ve never been able broaden the stable of regular characters and why the show has become so boringly claustrophobic and nihilistic and why the two lead characters never seem to grow or develop. That makes them boring and one-dimensional, something I never would have said about the characters in the first four seasons of the show. Too bad the show didn’t end then.

          • Leilana says:

            I don’t even see where it says once in this spoiler about Cas or Cas ruining the brotherly bond. o.O I don’t even hate Cas, and I don’t think he’s a threat on Sam and Dean’s relationship either. I don’t see anything wrong with Cas being their friend, but I see nothing wrong the brothers having their bond back. In fact, I’m seeing more Sam hate here than I am Castiel hate. I feel it’s unnecessary from all these fans who are tearing them down and unnecessary for each character. Let it go. Just because Sam and Dean are back to being brothers again doesn’t mean that they can’t have Cas has their friend too.

          • magoghair says:

            I have to disagree…cas may have brought in new viewers,but he is NOT the ONLY reason this show is on the air…I like cas ,but NO that statement is so far off from the truth its NOT even funny. The reason this show STILL works IS STILL because of the brotherly bond.STILL because of Jensen and Jared,and STILL because of the amazing storytelling and writing…WITHOUT that brotherly bond..the show wouldnt have lasted….I’m sorry but dean and cas would NOT have carried the show…without sam there is NO supernatural,without Dean there is NO supernatural…its just the FACTS….I dont care how much anyone likes cas…without that brotherly bond,this show would die

  6. Alyssa says:

    Thanks for the scoop, but where’s the Vampire Diaries love? And when did OTH become a weekly AA staple?

    • Kris says:

      When One Tree Hill became amazingly awesome ie. (it always was BUT especially) this season. Looks like someone is suffering from insecurity.

  7. OMG says:

    OMG…the producers at Fringe even dream of bringing Peter and Bolivia back together…..If dey even think about it….we r soooo gonna have a problem!

    • Aimee says:

      This would be the only thing they could do which would royally piss me off.

      • Donna says:

        Peter and Bolivia have a child together… DEAL WITH IT!

        • Aimee says:

          Yup, a child deceived from deception. No need to get nasty.

        • Alice says:

          Yeah… but it’s not like they’re gonna have joint custody. Unless you want to see Walternate slicing a child up, a-la-alterna-Broyles, every time his grandson goes to visit Daddy.

      • WillThisWorkNOW says:

        Only this one from exec producer Jeff Pinkner sent via email: “Peter and Bolivia’s story is FAR from over.” I’m intrigued by Pinkner’s choice to write “far” in all caps. Could that mean what I think it… ? Nah. There’s no way…

        I have a feeling this means that OUR Olivia is the character that he teased would be dying on Fringe.. and we’ll be stuck with the AltOlivia for the rest of the series. I’m SO bummed if that’s true!

    • Jamie says:

      Only this one from exec producer Jeff Pinkner sent via email: “Peter and Bolivia’s story is FAR from over.” I’m intrigued by Pinkner’s choice to write “far” in all caps. Could that mean what I think it… ? Nah. There’s no way…

      I have a feeling this means that OUR Olivia is the character that he teased would be dying on Fringe.. and we’ll be stuck with the AltOlivia for the rest of the series. I’m SO bummed if that’s true..

  8. Leanne says:

    I hate Castiel Harper, so its your opinion not necessarily anyone elses. Sam and Dean are the greatest.

    • Harper says:

      Who just won the TV guide fan favorite for Favorite nonhuman? That would be Castiel. There are many, many, many fans who love Castiel. So your opinion may not necessarily be everyone elses also.

      • Karen says:

        I agree with you too and I’m sick and tired of being told I’m not a proper fan of the show because I’m a Cas fan. The brothers can have other friends, it won’t “split them up” since this is essentially their story. I’m not interested in a tedious rehash of the early seasons with Dean doing nothing but orbit Special Sam. I want other characters interacting with the brothers.

      • katie kate says:

        LOL @ Favorite Non-human win. Did he also win second runner up Character In A Trenchcoat?

        • Shona says:

          Well it’s more than what Jared won. In fact, IIRC he came last out of the list of favorite TV actors. Not that that stopped him from hogging the limelight at the TV Guide interviews.

          And now his ridiculous fans want to give him an award at a convention in front of Jensen and Misha because the poor widdle baby can’t win any internet polls on his own. LOL!

          • magoghair says:

            I’m sorry but that comment was uncalled for. BASHING the actor is NEVER acceptable. I’m a dean girl that is so VERY tired of NASTY extreme dean gils making the rest of us look like Nasty 13yr olds…

            Jared IS an amazing man,an amazing actor that JENSEN see’s as a VERY good friend…I’m pretty sure he wouldnt appreciate your comments of HIS friend…anymore then I DO…grow up…comment on the characters and the show but NOT the actors…

    • Novalee says:

      I agree with Harper..Cas is an awesome character. He’s what finally caught me up in the story of Sam and Dean…They need to have Cas in every eppy~!

    • Ginnna says:

      I also love the Castiel character, so your HATRED is your own opinion & not necessarily anyone elses. As Harper said, the fans of the character clearly have a loud voice, a strong presence, & should be considered significant. And don’t you worry, I think Sam & Dean are fantastic (when they’re well written…which doesn’t exactly include most of this season).

      • sisterella says:

        Count me in as a Cas fan and not much of a Sam fan. I’ve had it with the Sam show. How about the Dean and Cas show Kripke? Oh wait, I forgot. Sam is your avatar and therefore, the one who gets the plots, the hero finale and everything. Blah, no wonder I’m bored to death with Supernatural now.

  9. Rufio Rufio says:

    Winchesters against the world, I hope Castiel turns evil and betrays them, he became much more interesting the last episode when he showed a menacing side. I don’t like him nor buy him as their friend but i could totally understand him being their enemy. I love Sam and Dean.

    • Julia G. says:

      I find Cas much more interesting as a bad guy goo, Rufio. There must be something wrong with me, because I’m a Sam girl who loves Cas as well, especially as a powerful angel like this year. I don’t think we’ve seen enough of him this season, but it looks like we’ll get plenty of Cas leading up to the finale. I can’t wait to find out what he’s been up to and the conflict his actions will probably create. Should be great drama. About many of the other comments, SPN is not the Sam show. The last 3 seasons have been heavily Dean centric, so I’m happy that this year Sam got more play, which is only fair with his return from Hell.

      • Leilana says:

        There’s nothing wrong with you, Julia. I’m a Sam girl too who actually likes Cas as well. I look forward to his story and how it’s going to play out and what his secrets are and such. I’m beyond happy that Sam has gotten more play this year as well and wasn’t just sitting around as wallpaper in the background not getting to say anything or do anything or have the big scenes. I’m happy that Sam has finally gotten some attention this season. More than he has in a long time as a matter of fact. The EDGs just aren’t happy about the fact that it’s not all Dean centric all season long and they’re pissed that Sam is actually getting some of the attention for once. But that all being said, I’m quite looking forward to more revelation on Cas’s story and the return of my two favorite brothers and their bond.

        • derk says:

          Sam being nothing but wallpaper for fives seasons is the biggest peace of Samgirl proganda out there. The entire show has revolved around nothing but Sam and Sam’s problems for SIX years. And still you people are never satisfied. The joke is that this season has been the most samcentric yet and Dean has been reduced to nothing but mother-henning Sam from the moment he found out Sam was alive. He hasn’t been allowed to care about anything or anyone but Sam (except for the few minutes he was allowed to angst over Lisa and Ben.) He hasn’t been allowed to be angry about the fact that Soulless Sam blew his life with Lisa out of the water, which the begs the question, how much could he possibly care about them if he’s more focused on making sure Sam doesn’t feel bad about anything? Dean’s characterization this season has been a joke and you can blame the biggest, most extreme Samgirl of them all, Sera Gamble. So yes, of course you’re happy with this season because no one else matters on the show except Sam which is pretty much what the past five seasons have been about, except they actually let Dean his own personality and a couple of other relationships every now and then.

          • Leilana says:

            That’s your opinion, derk. Not mine. Just like I think your EDG whining about all 6 seasons being about Sam is the biggest bunch of whining, obnoxious hoohah I think I’ve ever seen. *shrugs* Stop being so emotional. You’re the perfect example.

          • derk says:

            Leilana, how astute of you to point out that my opinion is mine and not yours. Did you miss the part where I was disagreeing with you? I guess your ESG rationality and your incredible sense of entitlement mean you just assume that everyone should agree with everything you say. Must be a shock when that doesn’t happen.

          • Leilana says:

            Really, derk? Is that so? Huh. That’s funny. I don’t recall ever saying that I expect everyone to agree with me. Where’d you pull that from? The Happy Meal you seem to be a french fry short of? Funny how I got the same impression from you. And last I checked, I actually am NOT an ESG just because I’m a Sam fan. You wanna know the real shocker here is? I’m actually a Dean fan and a Cas fan too. :O *gasp*

          • derk says:

            Leliana, sorry but I ain’t buying it. I would never guess that you were Dean or a Cas fan by reading your other posts. You seem like a stereotypical ESG with a major chip on her shoulder because Sam isn’t the most popular character on the show, ergo, it’s because he’s been wallpaper for five years. You can insult my mental health all you like, but at least I’m honest in my preferences and I’m not a hypocrite who claims to like all the characters that I’m bashing. I’ve noticed that’s a very common trait among sam fans, especially the more extreme ones. Also how is your view that Sam has been “wallpaper” for five years any more rational or sane when the guy gets top billing, the big promo pushes from the network and has been the center of the story for the entire run of the show? You sam fans can scream about how mean the EDGs are but you won’t be satisfied until Dean and Castiel are so marginalized that people barely remember that they exist on the show. Congrats by the way since the show has taken a huge step in that direction this year so you’re propaganda campaign is clearly working.

          • singel says:

            Exactly this. The show has always been about Sam and we’ve had Sam fans state this over and over when we complain about the inequality between the brothers. However, it still doesn’t stop them from whining that there is not enough Sam, that Sam is missing, that there needs to be more Sam.
            So this season Becky Gamble gave them exactly what they wanted, and it’s still not enough.
            I say, give the Sam fans the total Sam Winchester Show, only spare the rest of us the drivel and have the Dean and Cas spinoff. That way, everyone but the Wincestors will be happy, and truly, two brothers? Ugh!
            BTW, this was one of the worst seasons ever. I didn’t buy season 5 DVDs and I certainly won’t be buying this Sam Winchester Show one.

          • Leilana says:

            You just keep telling yourself that derk if it makes you feel better.

          • magoghair says:

            I hate to tell you this ,but its NOT proganda(sp?).I’m a Dean girl ,but even I can tell its just what samgirls want from their character. Its NOT any different then us deangirls wanting more,and better storyline for dean. you can sit there and argue the finger points of who got more screen time or who got more story,or who got more pov,but in the end if its NOT what you want for your fav character YOUR NOT going to be happy…and we all have a right to rant and rave and yes be whiny…so stop being a bully and allow sam girls the same right you would want for yourself…

    • M. says:

      What a boring scenario. Obviously the bond is so weak between the brothers that any and all third parties must be made evil or die. Wonderful . . . wonderfully boring that is.

      As far as evil, why not make Sam totally evil? GOD himself had to intervene to keep Sam from becoming a demon. That’s sad.

      • LOL says:

        Well, Sam does have that special shiny, bright, and oh so wonderful soul that will once again save heaven and hell. And Sam is the special Marty Stu who must have everything Dean has, only better, and Sam did go to hell for far longer than God has been alive, and has suffered more than any human in the history of mankind, and will still sacrifice that bright shiny and oh so wonderful soul to save everyone and their uncle and Dean? Dean who? Oh wait, he’s the guy that stands by and watches Sam do all his wonderful things and wait for Sam to save him just because really, there is no hero but Sam.

        And Cas? Wait. The Samfans will love him once Cas turns his back on Dean and Sam takes Cas into his fold and Cas will become all about Sam. See how fast these so called brotherly bond champions will change their tune.
        And because Krike and Gamble give the Samfans and the Wincestors eveyrthing they want, this is exactly what will happen in season 7. Oh, and Dean who?

        • Tony says:

          Sam Winchester is one of biggest the Marty Stu’s going. He never has to take responsibility for his actions, he’s forgiven for everything, somehow other people are either to blame for his actions OR the people around are somehow made complicit by the writers immediately having them do something as bad or worse than Sam so Sam doesn’t look so bad. They actually made killing hosts and drinking their blood a GOOD thing in Season 5 JUST so Sam could look heroic for doing it, instead of like a murdering addicted ba$tard. Meanwhile the whole mytharc role they’d build up for Dean since the beginning of Season 4 was taken away and given to Sam and left Dean with nothing except to get his brains beat in.

          Meanwhile Dean is made to take the blame not just for his own flaws, for which is apologizes completely and clearly so there can be no doubt, but for Sam’s as well and maybe even Bobby’s too sometimes. They take Dean’s storylines away and give them to Sam. They try and take Dean’s personality characteristics away and give them to Sam.

          It even bleeds over into real life, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins win polls and awards, and sure enough they make sure Jared Padalecki is somehow right in there in the center basking in the glow of the attention Jensen and Misha have brought. In the promotional material like CW’s book end promos – Jared is the one who gets his little solo shot standing in the doorway. Yet they keep telling us, and have told us since the beginning, that this is a two lead show where the leads are equal. So why is Ackles always treated like an afterthought in the promotional material? Why whenever they talk about upcoming storylines and spoilers, it’s Sam, Sam, Sam all the time and all Dean gets is “Oh he’ll be worried about Sam” and maybe some sort of busy work – in Season 3 they talked about “sex and cheeseburgers”, this season it was that lame, half hearted domestic drama that everyone knew was only there to give them an excuse to try and turn Sam into Dean and get Dean out of the way.

          I want Dean and Castiel to remain friends, I loved their growing friendship until it was decided in mid-Season 5 that it needed to be cut off before it flowered too much and of course Sam had to be included equally in any relationship because heaven forbid Dean has a friend who is more about him than about Sam. And heaven forbid Dean should be allowed to care about that friend too much.

          • magogahair says:

            Please keep your comments to the characters…bashing the actors is NOT acceptable. Jared is a REALLY good friend of Jensen so I’m sure he wouldnt appreciate your rude commments about Jared.

            I’m a dean girl that can see that Jared IS VERY talented. Just because he doesnt win the tv polls does NOT mean he isnt,and implying that,when its obvious from watching him on the show that he is VERY talented is just hateful and embarassing to the rest of us dean girls…you make us look bad…

  10. tahina says:

    So no House spoilers now that 13 is back and with Masters gone, seems no more characters are worth mentioning anymore? Come on Mike!

  11. Charli says:

    I love me a bit of Sam Winchester. And I’m so excited to see the news that Sam and Dean will be more in step than ever, the writers are completely right in finally realising how much more invested, happy and in love with Supernatural us fans are once Sam and Dean are back on track. Nothing can beat them when they’re a team. They are Butch and Sundance, Tia and Tamara, Sonny and Cher.

    I’ve never been a Castiel fangirl in fact i don’t appreciate his character but i am intrigued to see if he turns on them as it looks as if they’re heading in that direction with the finale.

    Thanks Ausiello you’ve made this spn fan very happy.

  12. Georgia Girl says:

    I wonder if the death on Glee is the answer to Ausiello’s blind item about a diva being written off…http://www.tvline.com/2011/02/blind-item-hit-show-may-give-diva-the-boot/

    • Kris says:

      He already said that blind item is NOT Glee.

      • Jase says:

        Wait, I know Ausiello said the Blind Item was not Lea Michele, but when did he confirm that it didn’t have anything to do with Glee in general? People in that thread were still speculating Darren Criss last time I checked.

        • julie says:

          they were guessing him but considering he was one of the group that went to coachella this weekend, i’m guessing he gets along just fine with most of the cast. if it is that show, i can’t imagine who it would be but it’s definitely not him and lea’s been ruled out.

      • ava says:

        Ausiello said the diva’s name does not begin with “L” b/c so many ppl were guessing Lea Michelle. He never said it had nothing to do with Glee.

        I’m thinking Kurt or Blaine, whichever one is the diva will be killed off. Then once that death happens it counts as a death of a major couple.

  13. Paige says:

    I think Carl bites it on Glee leading to the breakup of his and Emma’s marriage.

    • Jase says:

      Karl is hardly a beloved character. I wonder if Burt Hummel will die since he already had a heart attack earlier this season and the actor (Mike O’Malley) has already landed on another/new show? I would be so sad if it’s him though!

      • Glenda says:

        I was thinking the same thing. Watching “Sexy” again after reading this article made me think of it and I think it would be a great loss to Glee if Mr. Hummel dies. I sincerely love how honest and loving his relationship with Kurt is…I think he serves as inspiration to real parents who have gay children about the type of relationship they can have with their children.

        Glee creators, if it’s Mr. Hummel you’re thinking of killing off, PLEASE RETHINK IT…even if he has another show, we only get to see him once or twice a season, surely something can be arranged. If anything–Kill off Terri– I really dislike her character!!

  14. Wist12 says:

    oh here we ago, let the Peter hate begin. just kill off AltOlivia so this idiot Olivia fans will shut up.

    • Aimee says:

      I love Peter the most; I’d rather Faux go find a vortex or suffer some noble death, but the producers are intent on keeping her around…

      • Marie says:

        Some of us actually like AltOlivia and the entire show as it is. The producers have already acknowledged that Peter and Olivia are Meant To Be/Fated Hearts Love Across Universes Whatever, so can’t the crazy shippers lay off the hate already?

        • Blue Inc says:

          I know, right? Be happy they’re currently together. Most other fandoms can only hope to be that fortunate.

          • Wist12 says:

            I don’t care if Peter and Olivia get together or not but its getting freaking annoying to hear day after day Olivia fans whining about Peter having feelings for Fauxlivia and whatnot. Peter deserves better and he deserves better fans.

    • Ginger says:

      Look! It’s Gleebee!

  15. xav says:

    I’m really, really hoping that Meredith and Derek AREN’T getting married, at least not now. It would send a horrible, undermining message in regards to Callie and Arizona’s message on the part of the writers that no matter how many interviews their actors give about the wedding being about “love” and “not about politics” that it is, in fact, NOT about love and IS about politics. Because Meredith and Derek chose to not get legally married and can choose to make it official whereas Callie and Arizona can’t.

    Plus they tried for less than a season to have a baby. Boring, boring retread to have them adopt after only a few months of trying.

    • Denise says:

      ICAM, an adoption storyline after barely trying to have a baby is so anti climatic. I don’t care much as I find Derek and Meredith soooooooo boring these days.

      Thanks for the Modern Family scoop! Love Modern Family.

      • seriously says:

        Yeah…look where the ratings are. Maybe, just maybe if it became GREY’S Anatomy again those ratings, atleast some of it, might jump back up. You know, the one’s who haven’t completly given up on Callie’s Anatomy

        • NewPhenom says:

          I think the Callie/Arizona/Mark storyline is great- it’s interesting and different and unlike anything else on TV! Plus Sara Ramirez is insanely talented. And her & Mark are hilarious. It’s good to change it up a bit, we’ve had MerDer storyline since literally the first episode, there is only so much that can happen to them. The beauty of Grey’s and why it has lasted so long is that it has a lot of depth in its cast and different characters to explore.

  16. Ryan G says:

    I wish they would kill off the angel on supernatural, he’s very yawn-inducing. Is he related to Bobby at all? The Winchester boys are good looking i wonder if the finale will end in one of them dying again it seems kind of a tradition now.

  17. cheryl says:

    kripke forgetting about the brotherhood when he got all dewy eyed over an Angel is what screwed this show in S 4 and 5. The angel who I happen to like alot has overstayed his welcome by a season and a half and Kripke needs to stop shoe horning him in. He created the Apocalypse 2.o in the form of a civil was in heaven (which wasn’t a bad idea on its own)

    • Em says:

      Really do not understand all the hate for Castiel.

      He’s hardly been in this season, the focus has been entirely on the boys cementing their friendship and relationship again. That’s always been the central dynamic and it will continue to be.

      Cas has shown to be another integral aspect of the show in the same way that Bobby is. He’s part of the show’s history and mythos. I don’t understand why people are so willing to dismiss him when several times Dean and Sam have referred to him as their friend.

      Shoe-horning him in? Jesus get off your high-horse already.

      • singele says:

        I agree. Cas has barely been on. This season has been all about Sam and all about Dean being all about Sam. The one that is boring is not Cas, and it’s not Dean.

      • Kady says:

        I agree so hard with this comment. I’m not interested in watching a rehash of S1-2 of Supernatural, it’s bad enough that S6 has regifted Dean’s mytharc to Sam. The show needs other characters and for me that’s Cas.

      • TeamWinchester says:

        You don’t understand the hate on Castiel??? Are you kidding me? Most of the comments about this spoiler are full of Sam-hate and you don’t understand the Cas-hate??? Please…

    • sandi says:

      Kripke has never forgotten about the brotherhood and how it props up Sam at the expense of every other character on the show, including Dean. Sera is even worse because she’s all about promoting Jared at the expense of every other actor on the show. Jared Padalecki has gotten himself the sweetest gig in the world where he gets all the credit while riding on the coattails of other more popular and talented actors. Just look at the TVGuide article if you want proof of that.

      • Leilana says:

        I’m sorry, but the comment you just made about Jared was very out of line.

      • magoghair says:

        That comment about Jared is NOT acceptable…its bashing…Jared is a really good friend of Jensen’s and I’m pretty sure he wouldnt appreciate your RUDE and NASTY comments…keep your commments to the characters…NOT the actors…

    • Rylin says:

      WORD! Castiel is easily my least favourite character and I’m sick of the little shippers shipping him with anyone he ever has a conversation with, he let Sam out of the panic room, had a hand in the apocalypse and as far as I’m concerned can go jump. He’s conveniently never mentioned that to Sam and Dean and I can’t wait to see if he betrays them, then see how much of a ‘pass’ his fans give him.

      Sam has only ever done anything for the greater good, he drank the blood to stop Lilleth, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and Dean is no saint.

      Thank god there are still rational fans who appreciate and know that this show has always been Sam and Dean. Anything else is easily replacable but they are not. The writers need to stop writing in little Castiel lines and moments purely to satisfy a few louder than most fans.

      Lots of us disagree and aren’t a fan of his nor of his overinclusion in this show that we used to adore. I get that there are fans but there are many that are not fans too. Just putting that out there.

      Roll on the Dean first half of the finale and the Sam second half and the perfectly balanced winchester ending.


      • Dawn says:

        “Sam has only ever done anything for the greater good”


        Oh but of course if it turns out Castiel is acting for the greater good he won’t get the same free pass you give Saint Sammy will he?

        • Flor says:

          LOL, this! Of course he won’t get the free pass. They already deny Cas was manipulated as much as Sam and Dean were in season 4. Only Sam gets excuses. These are the kinds of twerps who say it’s all Dean’s fault Sam turned to Ruby, because Dean was too busy “wallowing in self-pity” after Hell to pay attention to ickle Sammywammy.

  18. Kate says:

    I love all the Castle info, but what on earth does “Something happens puts their identities fundamentally at odds” mean?

    • Zahra Habib says:

      It means that their cover of ‘an engaged couple’ will be forced to get married…

      I believe they will pretend that they r soon to be married couple and that will lead them, not willingly on beckett’s part but in order to get the truth of so sort, they will have to go thru with acting and will agree to get an annulment later… but they will get married. Hence the bedroom scene. I bet its a honeymoon suite, a gift by the enemy.

  19. as524 says:

    oh please let one of the NCIS deaths be ZIVA already

    • NoChance says:

      I’ll second that.
      And I’ll raise you a Please don’t be Tony.

      • as524 says:

        will second ur please not Tony

      • tejas says:

        Doubt Tony, Gibbs or Abby are at risk. The only reason Ducky might possibly be is if David McCallum was choosing to leave for health reasons or something (which hasn’t been even whispered anywhere). Ziva and Vance are the only truly expendable ones in the main cast. McGee’s kinda on the cusp, except that he’s still got a lot of story potential. I’d hate to lose Vance, though, he’s been coming along well.

      • seriously says:

        Please let it be Tony. His backside is getting old

        • Gitte says:

          I’m thinking it’s Ziva.
          Cote De Pablo is (as far as I know) the only one of the regulars without a contract for season 9.
          I don’t care that much about Ziva anymore to be honest.
          IMO the core team is Gibbs, Tony and McGee. (+ Abby and the Duckman)
          As for the second death I’m thinking/hoping EJ…

    • Jenn says:

      SECONDED. Only way to fix a Canon Sue? Kill it. And let Cote de Pablo move on to a show that actually showcases her talent in a well-written, realistic, non-criminal role model for young women. One who isn’t only defined by the men in her life and doesn’t have to resort to threatening violence to get her way.

    • pl says:

      I hope that the NCIS death is Tony. He is the lamest and m ost stupid character on NCIS. Free Gibbs, McGee, Ziva, and Abby by killing off Tony! He sucks!

      • j says:

        Then NCIS will be cancelled soon after.

        • Chiara says:

          No, it won’t, just as it wasn’t cancelled after Kate’s death. It would only be cancelled if they killed off Gibbs, the show is centered around him, not DiNozzo. Tony with his childish behaviour has been going on many people’s nerves for a long time across all major NCIS boards (NOT counting that weird little IMDB place with its handful of obsessive, stalkerish, bullying nerds like NavyResGirl, Woodcat or SkippyWhereever). I know these people think Tony can walk on water, but he is not really all that popular in the real NCIS community. The show could easily manage without him.

          • as524 says:

            believe that tony comes out 2nd in popularity only to Gibbs with Abby 3rd….
            Also most Tony fans, navyresgirl included, are right up there as the first ones to lambaste the writers & SB for the way they’ve ‘developed’ tony since the need to fix & resell Ziva came about. Jesse Stern wrote a very good ep that was heavy tony for MW’s directorial debut….

          • Minerva says:

            I have to thank you Chiara because I’d never been to the IMDb board before and found navyresgirl’s recaps and really like them. If you hadn’t mentioned her name I wouldn’t have checked them out.

            I’ve only lurked so far just like I do on all the other boards but I like that the people on that board are mostly nice to each other even when they disagree. It’s nice that they don’t name call.

          • Unhinged says:

            The IMDB board is actually alright. It’s tame, very different from the CBS board. I do see that the three names you list are against ruining the show AKA Tiva happening. So maybe that’s why you think it’s bad.

          • Blix says:

            It wasn’t canceled after Kate’s death because the show wasn’t as big a deal in season 2, sad but true. Without Tony, the show loses the one character that makes it significantly different from other procedurals on the air.

            And, Tony not all that popular?! He’s second only to Gibbs.

            Perhaps, you should creep up out from under your Tiva rock and take a look at the REST of the fanbase before you decide you speak for all of us.

          • Tonyfan says:

            Tony is actually phenomenally popular. His fans have complained about how they’ve written him as a total idiot for the past 2 seasons but I see mainly love for him and Weatherly all over the place. Ziva, on the other hand, is widely disliked on most forums on the internet. I have seen some obsessive, stalkerish, bullying nerds but they’ve all been Ziva fans who throw hissy fits if you dare make the slightest negative comment about their princess. Interestingly, “obsessive”, “stalkerish” and “bullying” sums up Ziva’s character which is presumably why she attracts those kinds of fans who have the same characteristics.

          • Minerva says:

            One more comment on your comment because it’s really bothering me.
            Don’t all people who post to boards have a right to their own opinions? You have that right. I have that right if I ever decide to post anywhere. And so does everyone else. Why do you feel it’s necessary to go after people like you do? I’ve been following this site and haven’t seen any of them here calling you names.
            It’s a TV show where each of us have characters we like and characters we don’t like.
            I haven’t seen any negative comments from the people you mentioned about Cote, just the character she plays. There is a difference you know.

          • Ancient says:

            @ Minerva: Just to make sure: You think you have already figured out the IMDB board which you have only reently discovered just by looking at it? LMAO. Hon, I was one of the first members ON that board, yes, even before Little Opinionated Miss Navy came along before season 3. And let me tell you something about this board: It USED to be a nice place where people with differing opinions and preferences could discuss in an open, tolerant and rational way. Gradually, the Tony fanatics took over and most of the fans of other characters left or were systematically driven off that board by Navy and her little bootlickers: The McGee fans, the Ziva fans, fans who had a critical opinion of the show, the characters and the writing. Nowadays, if you dare to voice your opinion and don’t do as the VIP posters say, you will be labelled a troll and put on ignore. You talk about the right of every person to voice their opinion? I am all for it, Minerva. Only… you won’t find that on IMDB and I am sure you will think of my words later if you stick around long enough and observe some more. And as for Navy and her observations: If you take a closer look at those you will notice that she dislikes, perhaps even hates Ziva with a vengeance and it clearly shows in her Observations, where she very cleverly puts Ziva in a bad light wherever she can, interprets scenes her way and leaves parts out that are not to her liking. Other people will bully newbies on that board until they leave or start threads which have the only intention to provoke one part of the fan community and to ridicule their opinions. I am sorry, Minerva, if THAT is the kind of freedom of speech you are looking for, you will feel quite at home. And just for the record to the others, I started one of the first NCIS boards in seaon 1 in my country which is still one of the biggest to date. We ALL get along, we don’t allow bullying and we don’t have members who think they have more rights to voice their opinion just because they have been on the board longer than others. As for Tony’s popularity: Show me, please. No matter where you have been looking those past two years, from FoN to Ops to TVwP to TNCIS to IOFF to INCIS to the boards in other countries many others people have been complaining about fratboy Tony and said they wish he was gone because he is a guy in his 40s whose actions are no longer funny, but embarassing. Many, many people are now simply tired of him. Yes, he is still popular, but not nearly as popular as he was in the early days. Would his death kill this show? Absolutely NOT. What will kill this show eventually is the horrible writing, which is responsible, for example, for the fact that NCIS has not been able to get a rating of 9 or more ONCE on tv.com this year. Oh and one more thing regardin Little Miss Navy? Following NCIS cast and crew on Twitter and trying desperately to get them to answer ONE of her three billion questions one day is one thing. Following these people’s PRIVATE interests, such as their church and their choir: That is STALKING. And that is exactly what Navy does in the case of Pauley Perrette. It is a good thing she has no been blacklisted by several members of the cast and crew. They certainly have their reasons.

          • skippy_downunder says:

            Thought I’d chime in. If you’re going to accuse me of bullying because I don’t like Ziva at least get my name right. Thank you. I never stated Tony could walk on water. What is the real NCIS community? The TIVA supporters? Those who hate Tony. If in fact I’m a obsessive, stalkerish, bullying nerd becuase I’m against Ziva then actually couldn’t you say that about anyone who’s agaisnt a character?

          • skippy_downunder2000 says:

            Oh and I want to thank you for giving supportive arguments to my Anti-TIVA stance Chiara. Always good to hear supportive statements

      • Blix says:

        Which will be soon followed by a plummet in the rating and cancellation.

    • Sabrina says:

      If Ziva dies, then this show officially loves killing women. 2 major deaths have happened in this show and it’s Kate and Jenny. Minor character Agent Lee died. Ziva took Kate’s spot, so now she might die, and we can just get another woman and kill her too, right? Heck, let’s just kill Abby and EJ, too. Uh no. (Well, maybe people wouldn’t care so much about EJ..)

      • Tonyfan says:

        I think the show does actually like killing women. It views it as a form of angst it can pile on its male heroes. On this occasion though, I’d be happy if they killed off Ziva. They’ve made mistake after mistake with her character since S6 to the point of alienating a huge number of fans who now dislike her intensely. I think the show, at this point, would be stronger without Ziva.

        • JaguarXK says:

          The show has nothing to do with it. If the female actors don’t want to renew their contracts that is up to them and out of the writers/directors hands.

      • seriously says:

        Don’t worry about Ziva. We all know how popular she is, her haters especially hate the fact that the media falls all over themselves to report anything Ziva or Tiva..leaving Gibbs and Tony…you know the main ‘it’ of NCIS out of the loop.

    • Blix says:

      Oh, DEFINITELY second that!

      Please put us out of our misery and get rid of her already.

      And, also another second for NOT offing Tony!

    • windyg68 says:

      It’s more likely going to be Ziva’s boyfriend Ray I reckon, still Ziva centred but not her. And maybe one from EJ’s team.

    • Catherine says:

      I highly doubt it.
      There is as much support for Ziva as there is against her. I personally love her character and would be so sad if she left.
      Plus NCIS can’t really afford a sexism debate. Both main characters they have killed off so far have been women so if they do it a third time that’s a little hinky. With how well the show is doing, I just don’t think they’d want to go there.
      And if they really wanted to kill Ziva, they would have just done it with the whole Somalia storyline anyway.

      • Lexie says:

        Second That!

        I admit, I used to hate Ziva, but she’s totally grown on me. I really like her now, and honestly, I don’t want them to kill off anyone. I LOVE Gibbs, Tony, Ducky, Ziva, and McGee and probably would stop watching the show if one or more of them were killed. They’d never kill off Abby, and even though she annoys me sometimes, I don’t want her gone. The only two I’d like gone would be Vance or EJ. And even Vance has grown on me! The only character I don’t want gone and really like but wouldn’t be crushed to be gone is Palmer… And I don’t mind EJ’s team, just EJ.

        • JaguarXK says:

          You don’t see enough of Palmer to love him. If he left, you wouldn’t even notice. Ziva was so much better in the first three seasons that she was on the show – she had character and strength instead of just being another person on any TV show.

  20. Dessy says:

    Fauxlivia better stay the hell away from Peter. he’s olivia’s.

  21. C_S says:

    I don’t care what he teases, I’m pretty sure I’m at the end of my tether with Hart Hansen.

  22. tejas says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Ziva be one of the NCIS fatalities.

    • pl says:

      Please please please please please please let tejas go find a life.

      • Jackie says:

        I second pl’s sentiment.

      • tejas says:

        LOL!!! At least I don’t spend my time stalking other posters in article comments. “Get a life”? Sounds like something you might need. I have one.

        • redreh says:

          I’m sorry tejas, but you really need to take that back. All you do it go to and from Ziva- and Tiva-lovers posts and talk about how much you hate them. It’s impossible not to notice your presence.
          In fact, Ziva doesn’t even have to be mentioned and there you are. So, sorry, but those of us trying to talk about the show we love are more than slightly bothered by your ever-present comments, but never surprised.

          • tejas says:

            LOL!!! Oddly enough, I go to watch a show I love and there’s that horrific character Ziva on there. She ruins every scene she’s in and every episode where she’s the prime focus. And then I go to discuss this show I love and there are all these bizarre people who are so in love with her they can’t seem to see what a drag she is on an otherwise good show. It’s mind-boggling. They’re so obsessed with her that they stalk anyone who doesn’t like her and who doesn’t have a problem standing up and saying so. Fortunately, she doesn’t have all that many fans. I hope CdP’s next job works out better for her and that she develops a higher class fanbase.

          • Blix says:

            So, people who DON’T love Ziva/Tiva (and there are plenty of us out there) are no longer allowed to comment our own opinions on a public forum because it makes Ziva/Tiva fans unhappy?

            Too bad. Grow up.

            The NCIS fanbase far exceeds only those who love Ziva/Tiva. There are plenty of us out there who either don’t like Ziva/Tiva, or would REALLY rather the show drop that lame, painful “plot” and move on to better things.

          • redreh says:

            You guys completely missed the point. But whatever.

    • Ben says:

      My prediction is that one of them will be Jimmy Palmer!

  23. JohnDoe says:

    Is it me, or are we getting scoop for the same shows over, and over, and over again. There are more shows (and far better ones) out there than Grey’s Anatomy, Bones and Castle…

    • Bennett says:

      I agree! Each time I check this site, it’s Bones, Castle, House, Supernatural, blechhh. Not any of the shows I watch. How about more info on Justified? Dexter? We got a crumb today but it’s been months. Mad Men? Breaking Bad? You know, the QUALITY shows.

  24. Anita says:

    I cannot wait for Supernatural on Friday nights! Castiel is the best angel ever!

  25. Elizabeth says:

    The Emmy committee should just save themselves the hassle of nominating anyone else and engrave Michelle Forbes’ name on the Outstanding Supporting Actress trophy. Talk about heartwrenching.

  26. Natalie says:

    If Kurt and Blaine are the major Glee couple breaking up, I will stop watching the show. It took SO long to get them together, it will be the worst thing ever if they break up.

    • Jenn says:

      I disagree – this show lives off of characters breaking up and then hooking up with someone else, and then maybe floating back and forth. It would be no fun if anyone on Glee actually had a stable relationship.

      • Jase says:

        Yeah but straight couples can break up and rearrange because there are no shortage of straight characters on the show. Who would Kurt and Blaine hook up with if they broke up? They’d have to bring in all new gay characters (and please, no one say “Karofsky”, that’s just gross).

      • Marcus says:

        Speak for yourself. I’d love to see at least a couple of stable relationships on Glee, to balance out Mr. Schue being a giant manwhore and Finn still not knowing which girl he wants to be with after almost 2 freaking years.

    • Sabrina says:

      I agree with Jenn. Have you seen one stable relationship on Glee? And Blaine chose Rachel before Kurt. Of course he realized he didn’t really want her, but he went with her first thinking he was bi! I mean, Jeremiah, Rachel, then Kurt. If I was Kurt, I’d be like “You’re gay and you even chose Rachel Freakin’ Berry before me.” I don’t think this major couple breaking up will be Klaine, though. I’m thinking it’s Fuinn. But I still think Klaine will break up, and in that time Kurt will go with Karofsky. He’s getting redeemed, and by like middle of the next season, he and Kurt could be cool with each other. Not saying Kurtofsky is endgame, but I’m thinking it WILL happen. Regardless of how long it lasts. And I have it on good word from my Klaine loving best friend that Klainers hate Kurtofsky because they are so afraid of them happening. So she talks poopoo about Kurtofsky too so she will convince herself that Klaine is inevitable. But, whatever happens, I know one thing….PROM QUEEN AND KING, BITCHES!

      • Marcus says:

        I’m far from being a “Klainer” but if Kurt and the fat bully ever hook up, I’m done with this show. Anybody who’d date somebody who made their life hell and threatened to kill them has zero self respect and portraying that on TV would be hugely harmful. People who ship this have serious mental problems.

  27. lauren says:

    Oh I can’t wait to see what Nathan and Julian do and what Kellerman says its been a long wait to see what he’ll say the smug but head now has to deal with Nathan the dad

  28. Stephanie says:

    What is Sue’s sister was the one to bite the dust?

    I certainly love her, making her a beloved character. And I feel like she is one of the few characters where it makes sense medically for her to die. I don’t see anyone getting murdered or committing suicide. Also Kurt’s dad is coming back next season, so not him.

  29. Beth says:

    I’m really curious to know if the death of a Glee character has anything to do with this blind item: http://www.tvline.com/2011/02/blind-item-hit-show-may-give-diva-the-boot/

  30. maggie says:

    Please let one of the NCIS deaths NOT be ziva!! She’s the best character, even in front of gibbs. Her or abby I wouldn’t be able to handle dying.

  31. anonymous says:

    If they kill any of the regular kids on Glee I’m done. Its just cruel to do that and this is not the kind of show for that.

  32. anonymous says:

    Ausiellio,is it one of the regular characters Ausiello or a re-occuring character that is dying in Glee?

    • Celina says:

      It’s not a regular character because all the regular characters are accounted for in the scenes in NYC for Nationals if you look at all the photos from their filmings.

  33. redreh says:

    Who will it be? Not Ziva, please, but TWO PEOPLE? Oh sweet LORD my heart can’t TAKE IT. Who? Where? When? WHY?
    Here’s hoping it’s only the NEW PEOPLE. I’m just… so sad sad.

    • Minerva says:

      I don’t think there’s much of a chance that at least 1 of the 2 deaths won’t be a regular.
      I’m guessing one of the guys on EJ’s team and Ziva David.
      Each losing a team member would bring the two teams together to finally bring down the Port to Port killer. I have a feeling that the deaths will come in the episode “Swan Song” – the 2nd to last episode of the season rather than the last one of the season – “Pyramid”.

      • redreh says:

        I think you’re right that it will be one of each team, but I sincerely think it would be idiotic to take out one of the main five: Gibbs, Tony, McGhee, Ziva, and Abby. It just wouldn’t make sense. Their chemistry runs the show.

        That leaves Ducky, Palmer, or Vance. I’m thinking Ducky is more likely. He’s not necessary to the show’s survival, but he will be sorely, sorely missed. I don’t know of anyone who dislikes Ducky. If it’s Vance, while I like him a lot, I know plenty of people who don’t like him, so it won’t make much impact.

        Just…getting rid of Ziva–what was the point of the end of season six and the beginning of seven? And it’s too like the fate of her precursor, Kate. It would be a bad idea on so many basic levels.

        • Minerva says:

          I guess I’m just concerned about Ziva due to no news whatsoever about Cote’s contract and that it’s been reported that she’s going to be in New York City to do the David Letterman Show on April 25th – the day before the last day of filming on April 26th.
          It just strikes me as odd that she wouldn’t be on set for the last day of Season 8 filming.

          • Jess says:

            I don’t think they will kill her off but they might have her fate hang in the balance between seasons, like Season Six/Seven, though that’s a bit repetitious. I think she will resign but they’re probably keeping it silent for now just to cause Ziva fans panic, LOL.

        • as524 says:

          the point of end s6 & start s7 was that SB grossly over-estimated ziva’s popularity in the fandom….in his mind NCIS fans loved ziva & tiva & would be outraged over her getting beaten in somalia. come to discover that many fans cheered that scene – especially after ziva had the audacity to assault tony in aliyah & tell him she wished he was dead…that killed any liking of ziva for many & put the writers in the bad place of needing to rebuild a character (which they did at the expense of tony & gibbs)

          • seriously says:

            Ziva is still liked by the majority of NCIS posters i’ve read from. Good thing most watch the show, and go on with their daily lives, not spend God knows how long on a message board dissecting every little thing. Wanna know the irony? Ziva is the most talked about character on NCIS. Seems no one can get enough of her when her name pops up everywhere. Her haters can’t seem to stop talking about her, and her lovers adore her/talk about her. It’s a win-win for NCIS and CBS

    • JaguarXK says:

      Haven’t they already confirmed that at least one regular is going to die? One of the two deaths will probably be someone new though. There’s too many to keep them all alive.

  34. Anon R says:

    The Glee character that’s dying had better not be in that picture. I’ll be crushed.

  35. Novalee says:

    I love Castiel. He has shown to be an integral aspect of the show in the same way that Bobby is. He’s part of the show’s history and mythos. And part of Sam and Deans short list of friends…

  36. Renee says:

    Oh crap! TWO of the deaths are NCIS? Better not be any of the regulars! I willing sacrifice EJ and Vance and the two new guys can join Gibbs team. I can work with that.

    • barb says:

      I am thinking Franks or Kort is one of them. Either EJ or Ziva( I hope no). This would be a good time for a spin off.Anyone for NCIS Rota? Michael Weatherly,EJ team? How about Nia Long as the female, Palmer as the ME. Have it on Thusday nights.

    • JaguarXK says:

      Why does everyone hate Vance? What has done to make everyone hate him?

  37. Bee says:

    omg glee death? i don’t want anyone to go :( please let it be something random again like that bird dying in the regionals episode. really hope it’s not darren criss since he’s not a series regular yet and all.

  38. E says:

    Really excited about NCIS and Castle finale episodes. I wish I could get more excited about Bones finale. Hogela’s baby and B & B undercover is just not finale worthy to me.

    Hopefully there will be a Season 7 of Bones for the show to come back with storylines I can get into.

    Sorry for being such a downer. I do love Castle and NCIS though (and Parenthood)

  39. anonymous says:

    “The Glee character that’s dying had better not be in that picture. I’ll be crushed.”

    If any of those characters die I’m going to be really pissed off. I love all of them except Quinn and even if she died I’d be angry. This is Glee. Not lost or Buffy. There’s no need to kill people off.

  40. Moon says:

    What does Shonda need to put the spotlight back on Meredith? She is boring and the actress can not act all.

    • Babygate says:

      Well, Ellen Pompeo is an amazing actress, but I agree that the spotlight does not have to be on her character all the time. I’m glad Shonda is spreading some of the focus around.

      • Michelle says:

        Around is one thing but completely focused on Callie is another. I am tired of “Calzona” and of Arizona in general. I long for the first 2 seasons…

        • NewPhenom says:

          Ahhh Calzona rocks they are the most interesting couple on Grey’s… I’d love to see more of them and also more of Owen & Cristina

    • Britt says:

      Did you completely miss the scene in the elevator in the musical episode? or any of her interactions with.. well, ANYONE? Meredith is the reason Grey’s Anatomy was created, so don’t hate.

  41. kym says:

    If NCIS is Ziva I will genuinely stop watching. I’ll be so angry if for the 2nd time they kill the only female agent (not including Abby of course) I reckon Palmer or Ducky could be a surprise death?

    I imagine if Ziva does end up being one of the deaths we’ll have another A.J Cook scenario on our hands are Cote De Pablo is phenomenal as Ziva though I do miss the old traits of her.

    • NoChance says:

      If one of the deaths is Ziva and it was Cote’s decision to leave for other career opportunities or to take a break from full-time work will you still stop watching?

        • NoChance says:

          Wow. I guess I like the whole show too much to stop watching if just one actor decides to leave.

          I can understand stopping watching if the show writes out a personal favorite but not if that person decides to move on. When Rob Lowe left “The West Wing”, despite Sam Seaborn being a favorite character of mine I kept watching because the show was just that good.

      • redreh says:

        I think the biggest concern is if she’s the Blind Item. If so, she’s killed off simply because the writers randomly decided to. Which is just… it makes no sense. It’s the most popular drama on TV because of how all the characters mesh together. Regardless of the ten or so Ziva haters who parade this website and pounce on her any chance they get, most people love the show as it is, and don’t want it to change.

        I just think killing her off would be a really, really bad idea. Same as killing off Gibbs, Tony, McGhee, or Abby would be a bad idea. The only two deaths I can see in NCIS paying off in the long run are Vance, Ducky, or some of those new members we met. Palmer seems like he’s being trained to take Ducky’s place in these last few episodes. But even if it is just he or Vance taken out, they will be sorely missed.

        I love the show as it. That’s why I watch it.

      • windyg68 says:

        No I won’t, it will still have Gibbs. They have killed off women leads before and the show went on.

    • Jenn says:

      I’m sure there are fans that would stop watching, but I would actually start watching the show again if they killed off Ziva. I’d watched for years and just couldn’t stand to look at that character and how she was written anymore during the current season. And technically, this is the third female team member to be disbanded (if she goes) – Vivian Blackadder (pilot) and Kate. And she would be the third female killed off – after Kate and Jenny. That’s if you don’t count Paula. This show kills women.

      • tejas says:

        Given that episodes that are promoed as Ziva-centric tend to do poorly in the ratings, I don’t think it’ll be much of an issue. She just isn’t a huge draw.

        • seriously says:

          lol. Keep telling yourself that. NCIS made it big, #1 show for the first time ever and got the attention of everyone when….that’s right…during the Ziva arc. More than 20 Million people tuned in. Loves it

          • tejas says:

            Even the show’s PTB recognize that the jump in popularity happened as a direct result of USA flooding reruns of S1 and S2… NCIS got wildly popular on the strength of its first two seasons, NOT on the questionably popularity of the new girl. Ziva regularly comes in next to last in front of Vance in terms of popularity.

          • JaguarXK says:

            I agree that Ziva isn’t one of the most popular but I wouldn’t say that she was the least popular. Gibbs, Tony and Abby definitely come above her but I would say that she was parallel with McGee. She provokes a stronger response than McGee. Nobody ever gets worked up about him.

  42. Shaula says:

    Great to know about Dean and Sam relationship. Thank you, Ausiello! ♥

  43. Nancy says:

    Thanks for Grey’s scoop on Callie. Calzona is my favorite!!!

  44. Susan says:

    I’m so happy The Big C is coming back so soon. That’s an awful lot of new characters all at once though.

  45. Kady says:

    How can Castiel possibly be taking away from the brothers? He has hardly been in this season – and look at how the ratings have tanked, below 2m for several episodes and the demo falling below 1 for the first time ever last week. It’s a shame some of the nastier Cas-haters in the SPN fandom feel Dean can’t have anyone outside of Sam. If the brotherly bond can only exist if Dean has no one else to lean on, then it can’t be very strong can it? If Misha doesn’t stay with this show, the Casfan exodus will see the show canceled mid season 7.

    • Shaula says:

      Actually, for a CW show and for a Friday the ratings are good. I don’t think it has a lot to do with Castiel, to be honest.

      I’m not a Castiel hater, far from it. I like his character, Misha and his storyline. But I’m for the brothers ALL the way. I think there’s a balance. There is no need for any kind of hate. But I can see that I’m the minority here.

      • Lere says:

        I’m with you, girl!

        • Shaula says:

          Thanks, Lere! :)

          • Julia G. says:

            I’m with you too! I love the brothers most, but I like Cas too. I just don’t see how he can remain on the show if the angel storyline wraps up. And I wouldn’t want him “falling”, becoming human. I like him all powerful, like in season 4 and this season. As far as the ratings, I’m pretty sure the decrease in viewers is much more about SPN being on Friday than the lack of Cas, lol.

      • Cattie says:

        You’re not the only one who is all for the brothers! I like Castiel and I LOVE the brothers together. A lot of fans do. I hate how some people instantly think that just because you want the brothers together you hate the brothers having anyone outside their relationship.

        The show’s rating have gone down because it’s on Friday night and there has been a few episode that have been pre-emptied so their rating were low. It doesn’t have anything do with what characters are there are not. The show is doing really well for the CW. It’s the third highest rated show on the network, just behind The Vampire Diaries and Smallville.

        This season has been a bit of a mess, so I don’t understand how anyone can say it’s about anyone or anything. Oh, well. I’m glad for the positive news and it fits with the second half of the season. I don’t like how the EDGs are attacking Sam as much as they are, but it’s their right and I can take pleasure in knowing that just because you’re vocal doesn’t make you the majority of fans. I just hope that we’re not thought as everyone thinks that way, because we’re not. There is a group of us that are really enjoying this season!

        Thanks for the Supernatural spoilers!!

      • NonnaSu says:

        I’m with you, Shaula…..I like Misha Collins and enjoy the character of Castiel, even though I liked him better in Season 4 when he was more badass. I see no reason to “hate” any of the characters. They all have a part to play and I think the three of them mesh well. But the brotherly bond is what hooked me and keeps me watching. So if the guys are on the same page and have each others’ backs, all the better!

      • Lala says:

        You guys rock! I was getting so depressed reading all the Dean-Cas Anti-Sam posts on this thread. Cas is a very good character. I enjoy watching him a great deal. But, to me, he’s the fourth most important aspect of the show

        1 Sam & Dean tie
        2 Their relationship
        3 Impala
        4 Castiel

      • whatbalance says:

        What balance? There is a balance between Dean and Cas. They like and respect each other and one isnt’ always about the other. With the Winchesters, more than half the time I don’t think that Sam even likes Dean, never wants to be with him, and constatly puts him down, and then I have to watch Dean be all about Sam, while Sam is so snobbish he can’t see past his own ego, and this is balance? By who’s book? Certainly not mine.

        As for the ratings, yes, they have fallen and it hasn’t been just the move. It’s been the boring storyline and the redundant retelling of Dean’s story, only it’s Sam’s now. I don’t know if the lack of Misha will have an effect, but the ratings for this show are so low, are the PTBs willing to risk the few fans who are still bothering to show up?

        I’m ready to give up this show because I’m just tired of seeing Sam do everything and Dean do nothing but watch. Screw that.

        • Alana says:

          Castiel has so much respect for Dean that he beat up him, betrayed him more than once and now is at last lying and hiding things from him.

          Oh and he cares so much about Dean that spent one entire year knowing that his brother was alive and how much it was hurting Dean to think he was dead, but couldn’t take not even 20 seconds to appear to him and say: “Hey, Dean, stop drinking to ease your pain. Your brother is alive.”

          So… Yeah. I can see a lot of balance here.

          • haha! says:

            Bobby did exactly the same thing but I see you’re not screaming for his head. Double standards, thy name is SamFan.

          • Alana says:

            I didn’t talk about Bobby because he wasn’t relevant up until now, but yeah, I think the same about him, believe me.

            And just to be clear: I don’t hate Castiel. I just don’t get why Castiel fans close their eyes to everything wrong he did, including against DEAN, who some of you claim that you like so much. And remember: At the beginning of the season he said himself that he didn’t come down because of DEAN. He came because he needed their help. Just don’t let your Sam hate blind you so much. All I’m saying here is part of the storyline, nothing more than that.

            And it’s funny that you’re thinking of me as a Samfan, because I’m actually a Dean girl. But differently than some, for ME loving Dean doesn’t mean I have to hate Sam.

          • Flor says:

            Uh-huh… but of course you don’t hold Bobby responsible do you? Or Sam, whose decision it was not to tell Dean. Neither of them were fighting a war. o.O I seem to remember Sam beating Dean. And lying to him. And not taking even 20 seconds to tell Dean he was alive, not even over the phone…

          • Alana says:


            Didn’t you read my previous comment? I do hold Bobby responsible for not telling Dean. Even more than Sam and Castiel, actually, because Sam was soulless and didn’t care and Castiel was fighting the war while I have no clue why Bobby wouldn’t tell Dean. There is no excuse for him either. (I dare hope that there’s still a hidden reason)

            But guys… This notion that “It’s ok that Castiel did all this to Dean because Sam and/or Bobby did it too or worst” that you Castiel fans are showing is a terrible excuse. I didn’t and won’t defend Sam and Bobby actions against Dean, but please stop using them to “defend” Castiel. He’s NOT perfect and he’s NOT that selfless either.

    • TG21 says:

      I doubt a Casfan exodus would have much impact on the ratings. Why do the Extreme Casfans think that just because someone does not like the character of Castiel that it means they don’t want Dean to have a relationship outside of Sam? Maybe it’s not about Dean and Sam, but that they don’t care for the character or the angel storyline.

  46. Babygate says:

    People’s complaints about the attention Callie is getting lately are getting a little ridiculous. Callie has been in the background for 6 seasons. Sara is a phenomenal performer that has always been overlooked. It’s good she’s finally getting some quality screentime. No matter what happens, Meredith always gets most of the attention anyways. This white wedding epi was supposed to be about Callie and Arizona’s wedding and all the attention is being instead focused on why MerDer are not there and the speculation about whether or not they are getting married. MerDer were present for Alex and Izzie and Cristina and Owen, but they can’t make it to Callie/Arizona’s wedding. What does that say about where the show priorities really lie?

    • Britt says:

      Okay. Sara IS an incredible actress, a wonderful singer, and she deserves screen time. But to be honest, the entire Calzona storyline IS taking over the show, and it’s taken away from the other plots on the show. Meredith has barely gotten any attention this season, save for a few scenes here and there and “Golden Hour,” whereas the rest of the season has been focused on Callie and Arizona, their breakup, this baby storyline… etcetc. Meredith and Derek’s baby storyline might have been more developed had it not been for this, and also, neither of them are portrayed as being particularly close to either Callie OR Arizona, whereas Alex, Izzie, and Cristina are three of the principal characters that have been alongside Meredith since the beginning. And seriously, why did you start watching GREY’S Anatomy? I mean, seriously.

      • Tracy says:

        Calzona/Mark baby story is only “taking over the show” if you’re a MerDer fan who gets easily jealous if any other character(s) get attention. It happens every year (remember the accusations of Addison’s Anatomy, Izzie’s Anatomy, Christina’s Anatomy, etc.?) and this year it’s to Callie and Arizona. As one who likes BOTH Calzona and MerDer I’m quite happy that this couple that’s been in the background for 2.5 seasons is finally getting their due. Meredith and Derek have had their spotlight for 5 seasons, they can afford to take a step back for a half-dozen episodes.

        • NewPhenom says:

          Just because the show is called “Grey’s” Anatomy doesn’t mean the show should always center around Meredith… the beauty of the show is all different kinds of characters and storylines so that one character does not become overdone. Meredith is a great character and she has gotten years of attention and almost every aspect of her life has been examined, it’s good to spread it around. I love the attention that is being paid to Callie, she has been in the background for all the major storylines in years past. She is a highly developed character and Sara Ramirez is a great actress, so I think paying her more attention is a great move.

  47. GleeHater says:

    “Rumors of a Glee death aren’t true” Darn it! I was hoping the whole cast would die in a plane crash or something ¬¬

  48. savannah says:

    I’m all for the Supernatural brothers getting along and being a team but the show’s obsession with Dean being All About Sam is way, way old (and kind of creepy). This whole season has been about caretaker Dean- so not interested in watching S7 being more of the same. I’d love to see Sam put on his big boy pants and be All About Dean for a change. Now THAT would be character growth.

    • vynn says:

      You mean all during season 2 when he was trying to help Dean with how Dean felt about when their dad died or all season 3 when he tried to save dean from his deal or all season 4 when he tried to save the world and Dean by taking out lilith or all season 5 when he bent over backwards trying to make it up to Dean and trying to stop Lucifer which at the end he was able to do only using a lifetime of memories of his brother?

      • sammyrella says:

        You mean like all of season 3 when Sam listened to Ruby? Or all of season 4 when Sam replaced Dean with Ruby and nearly killed his brother because of her. Or all of season 5 where Sam made sure he placed all the blame for going with Ruby on Dean? Or all of season 6 where Sam treats Dean like crap then gets forgiven not only for that, but for everything else that Sam has done to Dean and never made amends? You mean all the times Dean has stuck by his brother through thick and thin? I never saw Sam bend over backwards for anythig that didn’t serve his own desires. The lifetime of memories were after Sam saw his own toy soldier, it wasn’t even about Dean, it was all about Sam.

        What will we get in the finale? Sam talking to Sam about Sam, or the usual, Sam being all about Sam and Dean being all about Sam.

        Give me Cas and Dean anytime. It’s better than the Sam Wichester and his what’s his name brother show that we’ve been getting since the middle of season 5.

        • vynn says:

          well by the logic of counting the actions of Sams body against him while he was in hell then would you be fine if we found out that Deans soul was never returned and was missing and it had been Johns soul but with only Deans memory since if that was still Sam this would still be Dean.

          • funnythat says:

            Sam had his soul in season 3, 4, and 5 and I never saw Sam’s attitude towards Dean change much excet for a couple of episodes in season 5, when he wanted Dean to go along with his great big stupid plan. As for being possessed, yeah, Sam was possessed by Meg once, and I never heard him say he regretted what he did to Dean. Instead, he sat there and moaned about what he did to a stranger, and what he did to Jo, and not one word about what he did to his brother. Same with season 4 when Sam listend to Ruby and beat up his brother, abandoned him for a demon, the apologized for releasing Lucifer and never an apology for what he did to Dean.
            Singer and Krike think this is the relationshiop I want to see for Dean? Think again guys. The Dean and Sam relationship has got to be one of the worst relationships I have ever seen and to think that once again we will have this kind of destructful relationship just makes me want to barf.
            Maybe when Sam regresses to the Sam of season 1 and 2, only a much kinder to his brother version, I may buy it. You know, the few times that we saw Sam actually care about his brother, instead of constantly whining and talking about himself and his stupid destiny and how he’s so special and why can’t he be normal and stuff it Sam.

        • LindaH says:

          Well Sam couldn’t have released Lucifer if your golden boy Castiel hadn’t promised Dean that he would save Sam if Dean did what Cas asked of him then immediately betrayed Dean by releasing Sam from the panic room. And since he kept his mouth shut about THAT little stunt ever since, Castiel managed to look like he never betrayed Dean when he had betrayed him on every level. He also is possessing a body that didn’t want to vessel him any more. Jimmy was done and only took Castiel back because Castiel had taken control of Jimmy’s daughter and blackmailed him into being a vessel again. That was as bad as a demon taking possession of an innocent human.

          I’m on the Sam and Dean against the world train and no angels needed. Keep Castiel as an antagonist and I’d be happy. But for goodness sake, let the show remember all the evil Castiel has done.

          • TG21 says:

            “…let the show remember all the evil Castiel has done.”

            You said it right there. Cas is a whiny, self-centered, mentally challenged, back-stabbing low-ranking, body-snatching, child-torturing, pathetic angel. Good riddance. I hope so much that he is one of the deaths and that it is permanent this time.

            The show is at its best when it is about Sam and Dean working together. Both Sam AND Dean have done things to betray the other. Get over it. And all of you still outraged about the Dean/Michael storyline being dropped, just remember that the Season 3 writer’s strike caused the Sam storyline to be dropped. It works both ways.

            And sandi -attacking Jared Padelecki because you prefer Castiel &/or Dean is so not cool. Grow up.

          • lulu says:

            Of course your golden boy Sam doesn’t have to be held accountable for making his own choices. No one forced him to walk out the panic room door. No one forced him to trust a demon over his own brother and drink her blood. I guess his Standford-educated brain couldn’t figure out that there might be something shifty about that or trusting the same demon who lied to him for an entire season about helping to save Dean and the same demon who relished the idea of Dean burning in hell right in front of Sam. Nope that wasn’t Sam’s fault at all. He told us so himself when he claimed he ran to Ruby to get away from Dean’s bossiness. The brotherly bond is a farce.

          • everyone says:

            Funny how it’s never Sam’s fault. Sam wouldn’t have released Lucifer if he had listened to his brother instead of a demon, which common sense should have told him. Sam blames everyone else for his choices and still gets a free pass to forgiveness and heroism. Blah.
            The Dean and Sam train? So that Dean can be all about Sam and we can watch Sam do everything while Dean is sidelined? Thanks but no thanks.
            Give me Dean and Cas anytime.

          • Cheryl says:

            Thank you! Cass already betrayed both boys in S 4 but all evidence from that crime scene was removed by kripke in S 5 to ensure Cass had a reason to remain on screen and not be killed off immediately by Dean. I like the Angel but kripke made a very bad choice in dropping the idea of both brothers getting played (Dean by Cass as just as much as Sam was by Ruby.)

          • Louisa says:

            “Well Sam couldn’t have released Lucifer if your golden boy Castiel hadn’t promised Dean that he would save Sam if Dean did what Cas asked of him then immediately betrayed Dean by releasing Sam from the panic room.”

            Oh please. Are we supposed to believe Sam would still be sitting in the panic room if Cas hadn’t released him? If Cas hadn’t released Sam, Zachariah would have killed Cas and sent someone else to do it. Dean would have been trapped in the green room and Sam would have been at Lucifer’s mercy. At least as it is Cas chose Dean and Dean got to Sam before Lucifer took him. And Sam didn’t have to walk out of the panic room. He could have, you know, listened to all the warnings he was given about what he was doing. Your constant handwaving is pathetic, Linda. Place the blame where it really lies: Sam let a demon lead him around by his dangly bits.

            By all means, come back and argue that Sam was manipulated. SO WAS CASTIEL.

        • Lala says:

          It’s like talking to a child. No. No. It’s like talking to a lamppost.

        • Mare says:

          Preach it!

          I am seriously so sick of this lopsided relationship between Dean and Sam. It’s become as much of an illusion as the illusion that the show is about “two brothers,” when it’s really about “Super Special Savior Sam Winchester and his doofus older brother whom he has to put up with.”

          It’s ridiculous how much this show promotes the brother relationship on the back of Dean. Dean, who is required to protect/save Sam on one hand, and then blamed for it on the other. I still remember Sam BLAMING DEAN for his running off to Ruby. Because apparently, Sam can’t handle being responsible for his own bad choices. I still remember Sam NEVER apologizing for betraying Dean for a demon, trying to murder Dean, or belittling and mocking Dean for his hell traumas, as he did in Season 4. Oh, he took responsibility for Lucifer being freed, but he NEVER took responsibility for what he did to his brother.

          But like always, Sam’s hateful actions are swept under the rug and Dean is made to just take it. Because Dean is ever about Sam and Sam is ever about HIMSELF.

          I’m just truly disgusted by the incredible one sidedness of this brother relationship. And I’m disgusted that once again, Sam is getting a free pass from everything he did.

          One upon a time, I used to love the brother relationship. Because I thought it had potential. I thought it was something that would grow into being mutual as Sam matured and saw his brother as his own person, saw past his childlike view of who he thought his brother was and saw who his brother truly is. Instead, it’s become one of the sickest, twisted relationships on TV.

          And the sad part is, with the two biggest Sam gurls on the planet in charge of this show, Eric Kripke and Sera Gamble, it will NEVER get better.

          • Kat says:

            Mare I just find it so amusing that you think show is so imbalanced now. Jensen himself has said that the first half of the season was Dean heavy and he is exhausted. People like you would not be happy with less than all Dean all the time but luckily TPTB seem to be aware that fans like you are on the extreme fringes of viewers and cannot be listened too.

          • ugh says:

            I agree totally. Sam doesn’t have to really do anything, since he’s always the hero, no matter what he does. But like you said, both Gamble and Kripke seem to have their heads stuck up Sam’s butt and they really can’t see anything else.

            Seems to me I recall Jensen not being happy with the way Dean was being written. Also, you may recall that while Dean was on a lot, he was still only and all about Sam. I suppose that just means everything is normal, since Dean’s only reason for existing should be Sam, but some of us really don’t agree. Maybe someday when a show you like has a character that you like being sidelined because the showrunners don’t feel he’s necessary exept for what he can do for their favorite character, you will understand.
            @Singer, Gamble and Kripke, not all of us really want the Sam Winchester show with what’s his name, his brother, who was he again?

      • julie says:

        I’ll give you season 2 but season 3 was just as much Sam whining about being left alone as it was trying to help Dean. And forget season 4- Sam was barely there for Dean when he got out of hell, belittled Dean, mocked Dean’s hell memories, beat and choked Dean, confided and trusted a demon over his own brother and only felt bad because-oopsie! Sam screwed up and let Lucifer out instead. After all that, Sam needed to bend over backwards in season 5. And after all that, I’m sure glad the little plastic soldier was there to trigger those memories because obviously Dean’s beat up face and pleading voice wasn’t enough to reach Sam.

        I think Sam loves Dean some of the time, maybe even most of the time. But I don’t get the feeling it’s this 24/7, “my brother over everything else in my life” obsession for Sam like it is for Dean.

        • S. says:

          OMG!! Sam doesn’t love Dean 24/7 my brother is everything!!!!! Sam only loves Dean “most of the time”!! It’s becoming increasingly difficult to take most of the comments here seriously.

          • @ S says:

            OMG!!! What do you means it’s not OK for Sam to choke Dean and drink demon blood (among other demonly fluids from Ruby) and not apologize for any of it?

            Seriously, am I supposed to be thrilled that the bar is set THAT low for one Sam Winchester? And he still can’t clear the bar?

          • samisboring says:

            Sam may love his brother, but it seems to me that Sam replaces his brother with the first thing that crosses his path. Sam doesn’t want to be with Dean, as he’s been showing and saying since season 1 and the only times Sam even bothers with Dean is when he needs something from him, otherwise, Sam doesn’t seem to really care one way or the other if Dean is there or not. In many cases, it seems that Sam would rather that Dean is not there.
            I’m betting that if Cas turns his attentions to Sam, Sam will once again drop Dean like a rock, leave him behind and the Sam fans will be thrilled with Cas and want to keep him and get rid of Dean.
            Hey, I’m a Dean and Cas fan and if they got rid of Sam, I’d be happy. There’s nothing worse than a character who becomes the blackhole of the show and sucks everything in him, which is what Sam has become.
            Give me something else to watch show. I’m tired of watching Sam, Sam and more Sam.

          • S. says:

            “Sam would rather Dean not be there”

            See, it’s comments like these and so many others up thread that make not sense to me whatsoever. We just had an episode, The French Mistake, in which Sam didn’t want to stay in a world where there are no monsters and no Lucifer. He wanted to go back to his crappy world because Dean was his brother in it. It’s all there in the show. It would be really nice to be able to discuss what’s happening based on canon, not some over the top, warped version of events.

        • Shona says:

          I wouldn’t even give Sam season 2. Once Simon Said rolled around, he was back being all about his own destiny. Wah! Wah Wah! I could be evol Dean! You have to kill me Dean! Dean why didn’t you kill me? Dean you suck and I’m better but you have to be responsible for me anyway. Daddy said so. I’m better than him too and I think you’re pathetic for listening to him but if he tells you to do what I want, then you have to do what I, er, I mean what Daddy says.

          There is nothing heroic about Sam Winchester. He’s the most self-aborbed character on TV.

  49. emily says:

    Oh I hope the dead guy is Burt. Or Kurt. Or Blaine. Or Brittany. I’t gonna be like Christmas!

    • missy says:

      Brittany?? Are you serious? If she goes the best lines of the show go. She’s the best.

    • Marcus says:

      Burt’s actor is signed for 6 eps next season. Blaine is one of the most popular characters. Kurt is RM’s mary sue. Brittany gives Ian Brennan a character to write totally nonsense comical lines for.

      It’s more trolling like when they said the bird dying would have a major effect on regionals. My bet is on Sue’s sister or the little retarded girl.

      • Terri says:

        The little girl is not retarded. She has Down Syndrome!

      • YouAreABigot says:

        Do not call lauren potter retarded you dickhead.

        • V says:

          Becky (Sue’s little helper) is the one that will die. They cast her mother. She does go to prom, but that is the episode before.

          I’m betting the couple will be indeed Quinn & Finn, it makes sense it’s the episode right before the finale right? That would leave space for Finn & Rachel to reunite for the finale!

  50. Nick says:

    Do you have any predictions about How I Met Your Mother. I need to know who is getting married