The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Week

Coming soon to your screen: the return of the Cul de Sac Crew, the Bravermans bid us adieu, and a new Doctor Who. As a supplement to the awesome features and original reporting TVLine has coming your way, here are 27 shows you may want to keep on your radar this week.

Gossip Girl Exclusive First Look: Dan and Chuck Battle Over Blair

8/7c Chuck (NBC)
| Get your TPS reports filed and put on your grooviest paisley button-down, because Gary Cole is back as Sarah’s pop.
8 pm House (Fox) | Thirteen’s back but it’s Martha Masters’ number who may be up, as the plucky med student’s morality is put to test.
9 pm The Chicago Code (Fox) | A multiple shooting puts Teresa’s job in jeopardy.
9 pm Gossip Girl (The CW) | “Dair” I ask if you’re Team Chair? Did you know Nair removes hair?
9:30 pm Cougar Town (ABC) | Reading comprehension is everything on the interwebs, so pay close attention: Jules & Co. are back tonight — and again on Wednesday. Our Big Carl overfloweth!
10 pm Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) | Sean Combs guests as a visiting NYPD detective hoping to “rap” up a case.

90210 Spring Breakdown: Adrianna Is Burned, Girls Go Wild and Teddy Gets a Boy Toy!

Glee (Fox) | Pint-size Charice and her oversized pipes finally makes an encore, while Gwyneth Paltrow’s Holly covers that Adele gal.
9 pm Hellcats (The CW) | Go ahead and judge me, but even as a zombie, Aly Michalka is dead-sexy.
10 pm Parenthood (NBC) | The Season 2 finale is every bit as good as you expect it to be. (Much more on that in my Inside Line column here!)
10 pm Body Of Proof (ABC) | Fans of series regular Geoffrey Arend’s real-life wife, Christina Hendricks, can double their pleasure when the Mad Men stunner plays twins. Sure, one of them is a corpse, but… don’t spoil the moment.

American Idol: What Should the Top 7 Sing for ’21st Century’ Week?

8/7c The Middle (ABC) |
It turns out that Frankie is rather obsessed with the royal wedding — and all the wallet-thinning commemorative trinkets that come with it.
8:30 pm Better With You (ABC) | Apparently we (and Maddie) have been fed a bit of hooey as to how Mia and Casey actually first met. Any guesses as to the true (sordid?) circumstances?
9:30 pm Breaking In (Fox) | This episode offers much Lex appeal as Michael Rosenbaum’s Dutch comes to the fore. Fay-ace!
10 pm Happy Endings (ABC) | TVLine readers by and large seem to like this new comedy. What’d I tell ya?
10 pm Justified (FX) | Raylan is gunning (probably literally) for the mystery someone who tried to have him popped last week.

Community (NBC) | Flashback alert No. 1: The study group reflects on fun times gone by (but the kind we never saw before, so no, this ain’t no crummy clip show).
8 pm The Vampire Diaries (The CW) | Flashback alert No. 2: When Katherine met Klaus.
8 pm Sidney Lumet marathon (TCM) | Turner Classic Movies tributes the late director with greatest hits such as 12 Angry Men, Network and Dog Day Afternoon.
9 pm Bones (Fox) | In this “planted pilot” episode setting up a possible spinoff, Geoff Stults (October Road) guest-stars as “The Finder,” a onetime associate of Booth’s who has an uncanny knack for losing things. OK, I’m yanking your chain — he finds stuff.
10 pm 30 Rock (NBC) | The show’s 100th episode finds Liz scrambling to save “TGS” from Kabletown boss Ken Howard’s axe. Will Tom Hanks somehow save the day?

Supernatural Exec Previews Wild West Episode, Ponders a Musical Outing

8/7c Smallville (The CW) |
Booster Gold gladly hogs the spotlight as mild-mannered Clark increasingly dodges it.
9 pm Supernatural (The CW) | AKA How the Old West Was Fun!
9 pm Fringe (Fox) | Hopefully now featuring 0% animation, this week we’ve got Walternate stirring up trouble over here.

9/8c Doctor Who (BBC America) |
The good doctor is back in, with his first time trip of Season 6.

9/8c Game Of Thrones (HBO) |
Daenerys learns a few tricks to, ahem, please her husband. You can get Cosmo in Westeros?
10 pm The Killing (AMC) | The brand-new suspect, the one who was writing Rosie poetry? I totally knew he did it. Case closed! What?
10 pm Treme (HBO) | Season 2 picks up 14 months after Katrina — and still stars recently minted Academy Award winner Melissa Leo!

Which of the above is must-see TV for you? And by all means, hit the comments to politely share tune-in recommendations of your own.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Hilla says:

    Oh god, how can I survive without a “Good Wife” episode for 3 weeks? so hard !

  2. Carrie says:

    PARENTHOOD!!! For the win. : ) Best show on television right now. Cannot wait for this episode.

  3. Kathryn says:

    AHHHHH There’s too much going on tonight!!

  4. Hilary says:

    TVD: I think you mean how Katherine met Klaus.

  5. John says:

    Ha! The Fringe animation caught me off guard as well. But I could see the reasoning. Saved Nimoy a lot of work time, which he probably wasn’t up for. Plus, they could throw in the cool Zeppelin ride with the mysterious guy that may want to kill Olivia.

  6. Nicole says:

    Can’t wait for Doctor Who!!! only 5 days to go!!

  7. alice says:

    Aww, I liked the Fringe animation. Even thought Peter did’t look anything like Joshua Jackson, when that bubble popped up over Walter’s head “How Wonderful!” I thought the same thing.

    But hooray for New Doctor Who. In Utah (seriously Moffat- you finally shoot in America and you pick Utah? Way to play right into the European stereotype that America is all cowboys and….oh who am I kidding, I can’t stay mad at you. :) )

    • Nick C says:

      LOVED the thought bubble as well.I liked the animation but what i like even more is that we will never have to hear Olive do here William Bell voice…god that was bad…Cougar Town is funny but the face lifts that 2 of the stars have are so bad it makes me think “-hy so Serious?”

  8. jules says:

    30 Rock is gonna be awesome! :DD

  9. Jessi says:

    It’s been a really long wait for Doctor Who. I wouldn’t miss it for anything short of death or dismemberment.

  10. Amber says:

    I can’t wait for Dr. Who!

  11. Gata says:

    Must see TV for me is: Cougar Town on both Monday and Wednesday, Bones, and 30 Rock.

    I don’t watch any of the other shows.

  12. LG says:

    Woo-hoo Who!!

  13. Thom says:

    I guess you must have missed the purpose of the animation on Fringe. I thought it was the best episode ever and Emmy worthy myself.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Thanks for the vote of confidence but no, I didn’t miss the purpose at all. I just didn’t care for it, and found it to scream “Nimoy is semi-retired and wasn’t available to appear on camera.”

      • swthompson says:

        I respectfully disagree!

      • MST3K says:

        I was disappointed with the animation. They could have avoided all the awkwardness by putting Bell into a computer from the beginning. Then we would never expect to see Nimoy. Seeing the animation took me right out of the story and had me wanting to see Nimoy. I wasn’t a huge fan of Olivia doing the Nimoy voice.
        Still loving the season though

    • starbuckcubed says:

      Loved the animation too.

      I was thinking the mystery man could be an illness. Peter alluded to them maybe kicking something lose up there. Since they were in her brain I was thinking it wouldn’t necessarily be a real person. But who knows, it’s Fringe!

  14. Lina says:

    Can´t wait for the Parenthood finale. I know I will cry. They have to renew this show!!!

  15. kitkate says:

    are you seriously recommending that your readers watch “Better with You”? Really? Really? I don’t care if it’s because you like Joanna Garcia or some other actor on it — that show is execrable. I won’t belabor it because, as Triumph once said about refusing to insult Tom Arnold, “It’s like pooping on poop.”

  16. Julia says:

    New Who, so freaking excited! Geronimo!

    • Not so "Fantastic" or "Brilliant" says:

      I love Doctor Who, I love Matt Smith, I love Stephen Moffat. I hate, hate, hate that they decided to make “Geronimo!” 11’s “catchphrase.” ‘Allons-y” was pushing it. But Geronimo? It always sounds forced and kind of hokey.

  17. katie says:

    Yes a new episode of Chuck! And it looks like it’s going to be a good one! :)

  18. Sourabh says:

    Did I say last week was awesome?

  19. raven says:

    No Nikita? So disappointed.

  20. Gerald says:

    What about 90210 which also starts this week? and Nikita? Why Matt!!!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      And I quote: “As a supplement to the awesome features and original reporting TVLine has coming your way….”


  21. Stef says:

    What about TRAFFFIC LIGHT??? Totally underrated!! Tuesdays @ 9:30 PT David Denman (Roy on The Office) is hilarious!

  22. Amber says:

    I’m hoping there will be a new LOLA on this week, as I am really loving the revamp. Which is good, because I couldn’t stand the first part of the season, and I was so angry at how horrible it was. Hurray for the revamp! Justified, as always, is my favorite thing on your list of must watch shows.

  23. abc123 says:

    Matt, I hate to be “that guy,” but could you please add that ABC is doubling up on Happy Endings this week (again!)? They sprung it out of nowhere and the more people know about it, the better. I’d hate to have to lose the BEST NEW COMEDY OF THE SEASON!

  24. madfashionista says:

    I must say that I am simultaneously looking forward to and dreading tonight’s episode of “House”. The show has gone from must-see to must-annoy. Can TPTB actually believe the tripe they’ve been serving this season is well-cooked?

    Instead of her brother, Thirteen should kill off Masters. And let THAT be the medical mystery. An actual “game-changer” would be for House to stick around PPTH and work the case himself.

  25. Pam says:

    I loved the last Fringe. It zigged and zagged all over the place and kept me guessing. The only part I really did not care for was Broyles’ LSD trip but it was nice to see him smile.

  26. LGB says:

    The Chicago Code has become Must See TV for me – and for everyone I know who’s seen it. Clarke, Laurianne & Beals knock it out of the park!!

  27. sofia says:

    Even though Glee has been sucking for the past i-don’t-know-how-many-episodes (probably the whole season), it is ALWAYS on the TV Worth Watching This Week’s list. ALWAYS. It’s not fair for the TV shows that are ACTUALLY worth of being watched and are RARELY or NEVER on this list.

  28. While I may always be excited when there is new Community to look forward to, I am especially looking forward to this week’s venture as it promises a unique outlet for Community’s creative team to explore and anybody who has followed the series this year knows that Dan Harmon and his writing staff exceed creative expectations more often than not.

  29. Kevin says:

    Can’t wait what’s going to happen on the season finale of “Parenthood” which is still in question for a Season Three pickup and I wonder what will happen between Crosby and Jasmine to finally get back together and start a new life with that new fixer upper house and can Amber can survive from that car accident?

  30. Kim says:

    LOVE the new show Breaking In!!!!!! It’s very funny!!! If you haven’t watched it, you should. Dutch is the best of all. :)