Hoover Pulls ABC Ads to Protest Axed Soaps

Hear that? That’s the sound of a Hoover vacuum sucking all of the manufacturer’s forthcoming ad dollars out of ABC’s coffers and into an upright canister.

The first advertiser to step forth and protest ABC Daytime’s decision to dispatch with both All My Children and One Life to Live, Hoover announced on Monday that it was pulling its advertising from ABC as a whole effective this Friday. In fact, “We’re making every attempt to pull our spots from these programs sooner,” reads the message from Brian Kirkendall, Hoover’s VP of Marketing, posted to the company’s Facebook page.

AMC/OLTL Creator Agnes Nixon Saddened ‘Greatly’ By Cancellations, Hopes to ‘Keep Them Alive’

In a nice, personal touch, Kirkendall shares that his wife and mother are “both passionate viewers of All My Children and One Life to Live, as are many of my colleagues here at Hoover.” As such, he says that Hoover is “as disappointed with this [double cancellation] news as you are.”

Beyond not showing ABC the money, Hoover has set up the email address SaveTheSoaps@Hoover.com. The company will collect messages from soap fans and relay them to ABC through its own channels.

RIP, AMC and OLTL: Stars From Daytime and Primetime Sound Off on ABC’s Scrubbed Soaps

ABC announced last week that it was eschewing the two 40-plus-year-old soaps in favor of a foodie show called The Chew, and something else titled The Revolution.

“We’re 150% committed to doing what matters most to you,” says Hoover’s rallying cry to soap fans, “so if there’s anything else we can do to help or you have any ideas, please email [us].”

What do you think of Hoover’s gesture? And what other “Save the Soaps” efforts/campaigns have you gotten wind of since ABCD swung its axe last week?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Elle says:

    I hope this is a trend. It’s time fans of daytime stand up in support of soap legacies. Thanks Hoover!

  2. Crystal says:

    I am so grateful to Hoover for treating the fans with respect and support. As for Ms. Sweeney and Brian Frons, I won’t say it….

    I won’t be watching ABC and will be boycotting anything Disney.

    Hoover Rocks!

    • Debbie Tyler says:

      Thank-you Hoover for your support That why this weekend I will be buying one. Don’t like how ABC and Disney do business the cancellations of AMC & OLTL was a bad move if Frons have stayed out of it and let the Head Writer do there job the fan are there we want to watch as of now all ABC & Disney shows is off in my home

    • Elizabeth Newsome says:

      In the past decades, daytime TV has become a vast wasteland of bad behavior of people of a low class nature, those who refuse to abide by any moral compass. There is never any real, sincere, positive outlook or result. The only bright spot on TV is the nostalgic, historic soap opera, little daily serials that people can escape from stress. Who wants reality? Life is real enough for me. I stand with the Hoover company in boycotting ABC. I will no longer purchase Disney products or DVD’s, but I will continue to purchase Hoover products just like my grandmother and mother did. ABC is now an academic elitist company who believes they know what is best for everyone-how to eat, how to live, how to be “smiley”. Jamie Oliver, get a life. Parents are ultimately responsible for how well their children eat, stop using them to make money.

    • Jacky says:

      I have a feeling that after Brian Frons will end the two soaps America loves so much and it has loyal viewers for almost 40 years,after the shows will vanish from the air, Brian Frons will be gone as-well and I wish he will be jobless and not employable anymore…I will never watch ABC again, because they are betraying their viewers, and do not even try to find another solution, rather than to take the easy way out and cancel them!!! the new shows that are about to replace them are total garbage, and I am sure ABC will loose more money on them, because no one is interested in another boring cooking show(I never watch any one)and all those stupid boring talk shows(we had enough of them)…
      hope that the companies who advertised on the soaps, will stop financing them and not advertise on the new shows…ABC deserves it!!!and remember Brian, whats goes around,comes around, and it will come to bite you!!!

      • Jacky says:

        I have a feeling that after Brian Frons will end the two soaps America loves so much and it has loyal viewers for almost 40 years,after the shows will vanish from the air, Brian Frons will be gone as-well and I wish he will be jobless and not employable anymore…I will never watch ABC again, because they are betraying their viewers, and do not even try to find another solution, rather than to take the easy way out and cancel them!!! the new shows that are about to replace them are total garbage, and I am sure ABC will loose more money on them, because no one is interested in another boring cooking show(I never watch any one)and all those stupid boring talk shows(we had enough of them)…
        hope that the companies who advertised on the soaps, will stop financing them and not advertise on the new shows…ABC deserves it!!!and remember Brian, whats goes around,comes around, and it will come to bite you!!!so far Hershey Co. followed by Hoover Co.and I hope the rest will follow…

    • Kathy Yesian says:

      I am very grate ful I will not watch abc once the soaps are off the air……I have been faithful to act OLTL. For twenty years .If soaps are gone so is ABC to me

  3. Lisa says:

    Wow! It’s always good when an advertiser knows their audience and doesn’t rely on sales people from the network to tell them “what people want.” Nice job, Hoover!

    • Chris says:

      Exactly! The ABC people have been claiming that soaps don’t draw viewers. Well, from the reaction to the cancellations, it looks like ABC has really poor judgment and doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  4. Sheila Rice says:

    I thank its sucks that they are taking All my children and One Life to Live off I watch it every day I have been watching them for Thirty Three Years

  5. Vanessa says:

    As a 25 year fan of ABC soaps, I’m touched by Hoover for doing this for the fans and hope that other advertisers follow suit!

  6. Holly says:

    Go Hoover!! You’ve got my respect!

  7. Karen Wubqueen says:

    yeah to HOOVER…go buy a HOOVER BAG this weekend! Soap Fans will be LISTENED to!! We are so loyal… ABC needs to realize how important we all are. WOOT! Thank YOU HOOVER!! Here’s hoping many more follow!!

  8. Laura says:

    YIHAAAAAA!!!!!! Soap fans rule!!!!!!!
    SaveOurSoaps video :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmmxEmTWCKg

  9. CeeCee says:

    Finally a company that Gets that I matter.

  10. Barb says:

    I have new found respect for Hoover. My next vacuum will be a Hoover.

  11. tazzy says:

    Yay, Hoover!!! More companies need to do this! I’ll start writing letters to the email address Hoover is providing — and start encouraging other sponsors of ABC shows to follow suit!

    Way to go, Hoover!

  12. Mark Harding says:

    This corporate solidarity with soap fans, who’ve been left kind of bereft by advertisers for a long time, warms my heart. I don’t think folks can estimate how much regard this builds for Hoover

    Across all three networks, online streams and Soapnet, about 12 million people a day watch at least one soap. Those numbers aren’t trivial. Hoover gets it.

  13. Jessica says:

    I’m so glad they are hearing us. ABC should have considered the whole picture when they yanked two iconic serials off the air essentially beginning the demise of daytime. Please help us save our soaps

  14. deedeedragons says:

    Very smart move by Hoover people will remember this a hell of a lot more than a silly ad.

  15. kathlene says:

    I think Hoover is awsome!!!! Im so glad they chose their loyal customers over abc. I love Hoover!

  16. amb says:

    I am beyond thrilled by this news. I will forever buy Hoover vacuums.Hopefully other advertiser will follow suit.

    I just read on another website fans of Susan Lucci are planning walking protests in both NY and LA. Not sure when, but I hope this works. This used to work. Fans of Days did it in the 70s to support Deidre Hall when they thought she was killed off.

    As a way of protesting, all fans of ABC Daytime, who are planning on watching the Royal Wedding, should not watch it on ABC.

  17. Jenny says:

    Good for Hoover. Glad to see someone is listening to the viewers.

  18. Joanna says:

    Hoover is a class act and will have a customer for life! I can on;ly hope the other companies will follow suit and keep the pressure on ABC, so we can keep our beloved soaps on the air!

  19. Michele says:

    In an effort to make a quick buck ABC is missing one important thing – other then SciFi fans – the most loyal TV viewership in the US are those who watch daytime shows. Advertisers like loyal consumers. I can’t imagine ‘info’ shows other then Oprah carry the kind of brand loyalty, attention to detail, and daily viewership that daytime gets out of an audience.

    The daytime soap ratings landscape could even grow if the story lines weren’t constantly rushed leaving little places for characters to go and also reflected a little more of the diverse world we live in.

    As for the ratings themselves: Last week OLTL drew 2.6 million viewers (1.9 in household) and AMC 2.3 million (1.7 in household). Of that – yes – the Women 18-49 demos were between 500,000 – 700,000 BUT all demos should be desirable to advertisers and when you compare to night time TV you find this: (not to mention Soapnet is still getting eyeballs until it goes under soon)

    America’s Next Top Model – 2 miilion
    Shredding for the Wedding 1.1 million
    Minute to Win It 3.2 miilion
    Smallville – 2.3 million
    Supernatural – 2.2 million
    Nikita 1.8 million

    If I were the CW or Lifetime or OWN I would be scrapping some cash together and buying these tent pole shows from the Mouse. I would reduce them to three episodes a week (Mon, Wed, Friday) in a one hour format. I would downsize some of the cast using the core families as the basis for the revamp (Erica, Kendall, Bianca (AMC) and Dorian/Vicky and their kin (OLTL) – for instance) and I would bringing some new LOYAL eyeballs to my network. It worked for Buffy back in the day and I think it could keep these dense shows alive and fans happy.

    Good on Hoover for supporting the fans and giving themselves a lot of free publicity today.

    • Aimee says:

      Fan loyalty and critical acclaim saved the sci-fi drama FRINGE on Fox. It is the kind of show with an intense following of viewers that will go through anything to see it.

      Soap fans, stick up for your scripted TV!

      • Michele says:

        As a Sci-Fi fan who has stuck by just about every great show that has been on the bubble I completely agree. It’s time for the viewership to tell the suits what they want to watch and not have the suits force it down the audience’s throats instead

        I think Captain Tightpants (aka Mr. Castle, aka Nathan Fillion) should be proud of his former viewers from his days on OLTL after watching twitter explode with organized campaigns to
        go at ABC in the wallet.

        It brings this Browncoat some serious joy.

  20. Becki says:

    It’s about time corporate America took a stand on the side of the consumer! Thanks you, Hoover, for standing with us against the idiocy of Brian “the soap serial killer” Frons and ABC.

  21. Maggie says:

    Thank you. Soap operas are a dying art. We have enough of the same ole same old on television. We don’t need daytime reality shows or another cooking show. There are already 2 food networks and there is even a reality channel. Soap operas take the time to cover sensitive social issues, and actually follow through with them, without rushing through them in 30 minutes to an hour. They have been part of my life for 40 yrs and many other people feel the same. The world and television is changing enough, and not always for the best. We need the soaps, they are television at it’s best. Thank you Hoover for listening. I hope other sponsors will follow.

  22. Mary C. says:

    Horray for Hoover!! They care about the viewers unlike ABC! I need a new carpet cleaner. I have an older model Hoover Steamvac. I will be replacing it with a new model! Thank you Hoover for supporting the soap fans of AMC & OLTL!

  23. Steph says:

    At least one company understands where it’s bread is buttered. I can only hope other advertisers follow suit. Show Hoover your support. Like them on facebook and follow them on twitter @HooverClean.

  24. tazzy says:

    So, am I the only one who can’t get the link to work?

  25. Phyllis says:

    I have watched AMC and OLTL since they first aired. I am done with ABC I have already removed Castle and DWTS from my DVR to do list. Shame on you Fond for being so petty

  26. NEK5552 says:

    What fans should start to do is start going to website and emailing every compnay you can and ask them to pull their aids to, and when they do if you can afford it buy a product that they sell and mail the barcode to them in our thanks. If you can afford to buy a hoover buy one and mail the barcode in for our thanks. I am going to start emailing companies now. Who is with me !!!!!!!!!

    • NEK38583 says:

      I have emailed Walmart and Subway so far. Please email these two cooporations to and every coporation you can think of that advertises on ABC abd ask them to follow hoover lead and pull their ads until ABC realize what a mistake they are making.

  27. Nanci says:

    Thank you Hoover ,hope more will follow your example!

  28. Amanda says:

    WTG Hoover, this is something all Daytime fans past and present will remember when they need to shop for a Vacuum

  29. Sharon says:

    Thank you Hoover! We fans tune into our soaps EVERY DAY to watch our favorite characters – that’s why they have STORYLINES, and that’s why we keep coming back. Talk shows and cooking shows don’t have a cliff hanger. Who cares how the fish is cooked or if Robert Pattison has another movie coming out? If daytime is reduced to all reality shows, I have no need to tune in – I have plenty of reality in my own life.

  30. Jackie says:

    Cheers to Hoover!

  31. Jen says:

    I’m impressed by this move by Hoover, and glad to see an advertiser take a stand beside soap viewers. The soap operas are iconic shows with loyal viewers, and I’ve been watching them since I was a child. I have no interest in watching reality television shows that take the place of soap operas.

  32. p says:

    Way to go Hoover you have gained alot more respect from a lot of people. GO HOOVER

  33. Angie247 says:

    Thank goodness companies are taking a stand. I will definitely send my email and I think I need a new Hoover.

  34. imasoapfan says:

    I’m so pleased that Hoover is supporting All My Children and One Life to Live and both show’s fans. I knew that Hoover vacuums were well respected products, and now I respect the decision-makers running the company too! We won’t forget Hoover’s support!

  35. Dr. Donald G. Boudreau says:

    Hoover Rocks – and the next and every vacuum thereafter purchased for our home — will be a HOOVER. They obviously took the high road and made a class act decision, listening to their customers, how un-ABC-like of them. They (Hoover) are the first of what I am predicting will be a groundswell of public opinion in favor of corporate sponsors distancing themselves from the ABC/Disney “There’s something rotten in Disneyland” movement being led by Frosweeney, et al. emphasis on the “weeney”. This infamous decision, on their parts, could and should end up seriously tanking their careers – if not jeopardizing the entire network — to boot! Who woulda thunk?…
    Boycott all things ABC and Disney EXCEPT the soaps! Screw the Chew and damn the Revolution. ONE LIFE TO LIVE RULES! Oh, the boycott extends to RR and Batali, who publicly gloat and stand to profit off of the misery – created by these hatchet men and women at ABC/Disney…

  36. Clo says:

    Next time I buy a vacuum cleaner, it will be a Hoover. Thank you.

  37. AC says:

    I am not much of a soaps watcher. However, scripted television is in danger. Pretty soon there will be no more stories. Reality and lifestyle shows are cheap, but I’m so tired of them.

    My family uses Hoover products and have for generations. They have gained my further support for supporting scripted and acted television.

    • I agree says:

      AC I couldn’t agree more. I listen to more than watch the soaps but it’s a bad sign of the future about scripted TV.I hate reality shows and am tired of talk shows. Hoover has my respect for taking a stand. These are tough times for all.

  38. Alex says:

    Why do I feel like Hoover is getting all pissy because they have data showing that a large portion of people who buy their products watch these two soaps?

    Maybe I’m being cynical, but I can’t see why any major corporation would care unless they saw it as a dent to their own bottom line.

    • Eurydice says:

      Well, yeah. Why would Hoover buy ad time on the soaps in the first place if those viewers weren’t important to their customer base? And by pulling all their advertising, that means they think ABC as a whole will no longer reach Hoover’s desired demographic. I think what you’re missing here is that a company and its customers communicate through business even though there can be an emotional component behind it.

  39. MsT05 says:

    Finally, fans that get it. I suggested soap fans take it to advertisers years ago to protest lack of diversity on-screen and behind the cameras.

  40. Darcy says:

    I am ecstatic!!

    I know ABC will spin this off as no big deal but it just proves that we can make a difference against the almighty Mouse House and the ineptness of their head of daytime who continually fails at everything he’s done..Instead of all these people losing their jobs on these two shows some who moved across country only to be let go…I feel deeply for them .. Kudos to SpinV she’s fearless

    I’m glad they sided with the little guy us regular Joes and we got lucky his wife and mom are fans of the shows! LoL I applaud and am cheering Hoover they stood up for this genre which is more than I can say for the mouse house and their cesspool of lies.

    Bravo!! I knew my vacuums are Hoovers for a reason.

  41. Tracy says:

    I’m so proud of Hoover for standing up to Save Our Soaps! They are smart enough to know that soaps fans won’t be watching cheap replacement shows.

  42. bookoworm says:

    THANK YOU, HOOVER!!! WTG– My next vacuum product will be a Hoover!

  43. Angel says:

    I need a new vacuum… I know what brand I’ll be buying!

  44. Melissa says:

    I called the ABC phone number & let them know I would not buy any product advertised on their stations. Thank you Hoover for understanding that soap fans will put their money where their mouths are & women are still the main buyers of household goods. Thank you for hearing our voices. I feel as a viewer that my opinion does not count but your voice as a sponsor might get their attention. Again, thank you!

  45. Leslie says:

    You know, it’s bad enough that ABC cancels quality night time shows all the time—but now they are cancelling the soaps? WTF??? I am DONE with ABC. I will watch my ABC shows via netflix—I will not watch anything directly on ABC again. Oh, and I’m going to the store to get me a Hoover!

  46. Justin says:

    Good for Hoover on this publicity stunt. The press they’ll get will be better than the ads they put on any show, soap or otherwise.

  47. Thank you so much for your support of the fans of AMC & OLTL. I am 74 yrs old and have been watching these soaps since day one. Needless to say ABC is taking away something that myself and many more older people enjoy. There are enough talk shows on already and who needs a food show. I applaud you for pulling away from ABC and I hope more will do the same. Hopefully with you doing this ABC will reconsider this stupid move. Thank you so very much.

  48. Laura says:

    My next vacuum cleaner will definitely be a Hoover! Standing up for people’s feelings instead of putting profit above all else is all too uncommon in today’s business world. Thank you, Hoover! After 40 years of watching AMC, it’s nearly impossible to imagine coming home from work and not being able to keep up with all the characters. Maybe I’ll clean house more – with my new Hoover!

  49. MJ says:

    Thanks Hoover for taking a stand. Obviously Hoover choose to advertise during the soaps on ABC for a reason and it must have been a financial gain for your company. Hopefully other sponsors will follow suit and ABC will reconsider.