Gossip Girl Exclusive First Look: Watch Dan and Chuck Battle Over Blair

It is So. On.

Gossip Girl returns from its two month-long hiatus tonight with the first of five all-new episodes and an answer to this burning question: Dan and Blair kissed — now what?!

Well, based on the following exclusive clip from the eppy, the smooch leads to what I can only assume will be the first of several tense encounters between Dan and B’s ex Chuck. The following scene also confirms what I long suspected: Dan has genuine feelings for his onetime nemesis.

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  1. Jane says:

    Team Pauper Vs. Team Pimp for the last 5 episodes. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.” Time to move on to something better Blair. Move on to Dan.

    • ana says:

      Ok so I first heard that on Bones. About Brennan and Booth. Who are obviously going to end up together despite that quote. What does that tell you?

  2. Grod says:

    If people need Dan to make Blair likable then they are clearly not her fans!! seriously Why would I ship Blair with someone she doesn’t love and clearly doesn’t want to be with! And Dan oh Dan he falls for any girl that will kiss him or talk to him or have a threesome with him. The second they don’t fit his description of “ideal” he drops em’. And ultimately it will always be Serena for this kid. I definitely don’t want that for Blair. So Chuck all the way, he has lots of growing up to do and I will wait for him to become the man that can be with Blair.

    • Lexie says:

      I know, right! Dan wants to hook up with anyone he looks at so why would I want him with Blair??? Look at the stupid clip. Dan is missing that Blair has manipulates people all the time without Chuck’s involvment. What is Donut even talking about? Maybe he has amnesia. Team Chuck.

  3. chairrrr says:

    i like dan…for now.
    but the writers, leighton, ed and everyone can agree that blair and chuck are clearly endgame. just because chuck has done some terrible things in the past doesn’t make him a bad person. so for all the dair fans that write chuck off because he used to be an idiot with a horrible family life…you are basically coming off as judgemental assholes. just saying.
    and also…dan used to be a serial dater too…remember the summer after he broke up with serena? and cheating on vanessa? and writing a story about chuck’s family life?
    he’s had a past too.

  4. Mega says:

    What’s interesting about this clip[s and what many are missing is that Dan is basically saying he doesn’t accept all of Blair. Blair IS a schemer and manipulator, Chuck never made her one. Her soulmate would love ALL sides of Blair, not just the vulnerable one. I’m so Team Chuck

    • MSC says:

      Uh, huh. Dair fans are missing the point of the clip. Dan isn’t liking all of Blair here. Chuck is her one and only because he loves everything about her. Not just one side.

    • Grod says:

      EXACTLY!!! thank you Dan for confirming why I never will like you to be with Blair.

  5. Mairead says:

    team dark knight <3

  6. S says:

    Team Dark Knight all the way! And if Dan thinks that Blair scheming is bad, he doesn’t know her at all. Scheming is what Blair does.

  7. Adrian says:

    Dair all the way. For everyone saying that it’s over. Wait for the finale it’s gonna bring the love triangle to a head and you will see where Blair’s heart truly lies. I was a chuck/blair fan until season 3 it got boring. Everyone needs to recall how everyone thought they were becoming a repetitive bore when they were together. I think Chair fans like when they need to get back together but when they are it gets old fast. Dan/Blair have made Gossip Girl exciting again at least relationship wise its interesting and i hope they end up together.

    • Jackie says:

      RAPE is a VERY strong word, you should look it up before tossing it around.

    • MSC says:

      There is no triangle. The only triangle in with the prince and Chuck. Catch up on spoilers. Dan actually starts making out with Charlie, Serena’s cousin and he won’t even be around Blair while she is choosing between the Prince and Chuck. She loves Chuck, that’s what you’ll see.

    • Justine says:

      And Blair and Dan together won’t be BORING??! They have nothing in common. It’s only a matter of time before Blair runs back to Chuck because Chuck is where her heart lies and Dan runs back to Serena, or Vanessa, or Georgina, or Olivia, etc.etc.

      • crista says:

        They already proved to be boring. Look at that huge drop in ratings. No one cares about them. Chuck all the way!

  8. ana muller says:

    Ok so everyone thought Dan was a useless character, I personally always hated him and the boring humphreys. But the minute he starts being interested at Blair he goes from a 0 to a 10! That’s how awesome Blair is :) I’m still rooting for Chuck though and always will be. Chair <3

  9. Lucy says:

    When you love someone, you go back to them even if they do pimp you out for a hotel. Your right Chair fans, NOW THATS true love! LOL SMH

  10. Donna says:

    Chuck and Blair!!!!

  11. StEpH says:

    Team Dark Knight!

  12. Janet says:


  13. Ashley says:

    Team Dark Knight! Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck. <3333

  14. Carri says:

    The Dark Knight reigns supreme!

  15. bon45 says:

    It’s all Chuck and Blair for me!

  16. Melissa says:

    Chuck!!! Nothing can match 4 seasons of history. #savechuckandblair & #redeemchuckbass in season 5.

  17. crista says:

    So Dan likes Blair when she’s weak? Thanks for making my decision Humphrey, it’s Team Chuck. Blair is a born manipulator and schemer and anyone dumb enough not to realize that doesn’t understand our girl at all.

    • you look so dumb right now says:

      oh so not being a schemer = weak.

    • Brian says:

      Have you seen the latest episodes? I think you haven’t. Start with 4×10. She was laughing, she was smiling with Dan. Then she wanted to call him, when she was at her internship. She watched movies with him, she kissed him, not the other way round. Just watch it :-)

  18. lmao says:

    So, Chair still has fans? Wow, people must really really hate Blair.

    • MSC says:

      We have more fans than you think , honey. And you obviously aren’t aware of what this preview says.Dan doesn’t get every bit of Blair. Chuck does.

      • D says:

        Chuck does. He even knows her market value, and what exactly he can trade her for, and every way she is flawed and not as worthy as his current love of the moment.

        • crista says:

          I love that’s how Dair fans try to promote their couple. They can’t so it without bringing Chuck in it. Obviously they aren’t tat compelling if this is the only reason you can come up with.Pathetic.

          • Dair says:

            What are you talking about, plenty has been written about the appeal of Dair on their own??? I can link you to plenty of articles raving about Dan and Blair bringing new life to the show

            People are only bringing Chuck into it here because umm the whole point of this poll is pitting Dan and Chuck against one another, so of course people will discuss why Dan is the better option for Blair than Chuck

          • Allie says:

            That must be why 700,000 people stopped watching the show, Dan and Blair were just too awesome for them to handle.

          • Dair says:

            Er ratings have dropped in the second half for every single season pretty much. Season 4 might of started off at lower ratings, but if you compare season 3 to season 4 then the drop for season 4 is actually far less, even if the overall ratings are lower.
            But feel free to believe what you want, and blame just the two characters. Obviously it’s unheard of for a show to lose viewers from the 1st and 2nd seasons to the 4th

  19. Tanya says:

    Chuck! Chuck!

  20. mona says:

    Blair and Chuck, Chuck and Blair FTW!

  21. Nicole says:

    I love the Dark Knight! He’s Chuck Frickin’ Bass!

  22. Whitney says:

    Go Chuck!!! You are her soulmate!

  23. anne says:

    Team Chuck :) Dan is pretty much irrelevant imo.

  24. Lana says:

    Dan just doesn’t get it does he?

    • Allie says:

      He seriously doesn’t, it’s the same thing he does every time. And as soon as the girl slips off that pedestal he puts them on, he gets judgmental with a vengeance.

    • Lucy says:

      Your right, he doesn’t get that she’s worth the price of a Hotel. Then again I guess Chair fans wish they could be whore’d out by they’re BF too!

  25. Leigh says:

    Chuck , of course! What a silly question!

  26. Rose says:

    People who bring up spoilers are “proof” that Dair is dead or Chair will happen kinda miss the point of spoilers and sites like this. The are getting as much publicity for the show as possible and drive the fans crazy. Also just as a person who watches shows (normal ones, so this could break the rules just out of bad writing) you don’t have Chair get together at seasons end, you do Dair.

    The season should lead to a DAIR hookup at the end, with Chuck/Prince used as the obsticles for Blair to realize her feelings, as the clip has shown Dan already has. Then season 5 is the aftermather with Serena and Chuck trying to get their “soulmate” back. It would actually make a good season and give Chuck and Serena something to do thats not boring, IDK actually have a love square is that so bad, then when the series ends have this fight of who should end up with who

  27. Meg says:

    Dan is idealizing Blair, he did it to Serena too. He can’t see every side of Blair, as others are saying. So guess what? He’s not her true love. Team Dark Knight!

    • Carly says:

      I totally agree. Dan is suddenly developing feelings for the “intellectual art film fan” Blair but he absolutely hates the scheming ruthless B. He hated Chuck and Blair for what they did to Jenny. Dan said so himself at B’s birthday party. He will never understand her the way Chuck does. Team Dark Knight!

      • Meg says:

        No he won’t understand her like Chuck does. Sad that some fans are really missing that in what Dan is saying.

  28. Mags says:

    Calm down! jesus.. you would think these are your besties or something. This is a freaking tv show. Who is perfect on tv shows? NO ONE Chuck treats Blair badly and is has been vice versa ( anyone remember her getting back with Nate??) She is also kissing her best friends first love. In real life this wouldn’t be happening and if it did shame on you Blair. Blair and Dan are also keeping it a secret from Serena which Blair and Chuck did also from Nate and everyone else . I also remember correctly Dan pretty much throwing Vanessa to the curb like she was nothing to him either, but he’s the good guy.

    Be careful of who you call a ” good guy ” or ” bad guy ” because on this kind of show no one is better than another. They just make different mistakes.

  29. Penny says:

    I was actually excited for the Dair storyline when I heard spoilers about it, but then the execution just really fell flat. Blair’s so boring when she’s with Dan! If they’re this lame now, I can’t even imagine if they were legit dating. Hopefully the writers can either fix Chuck or find someone more interesting for Blair to be with.

  30. Molly says:

    #teamdarkknight, CB are meant to be together and Chuck really loves her,so anybody else is out of equation. I want Blair to be happy with the person who makes her his priority and who meant it with all his heart. Chuck FTW.

  31. Lacy says:

    Team Dark Knight, Suckers!

  32. Vittra says:

    Team Chuck all the way! Chuck understands Blair, loves Blair and supports Blair. No one will ever make her happier than he can. I’m with Blair, she and Chuck belong together.

  33. Minxie says:

    Dair, please. The only reason I’m watching the show after ignoring it for a year. Don’t let me down, writers!

  34. Regina says:

    DAIR!!! Team Pauper all the way. This new couple has breathed a new life into the show. I hope the producers don’t mess up this awesome pairing.

  35. Chrystal says:

    Team Dark Knight!

  36. Maggi says:

    Oh Ed….What are you doing to me? <3

  37. Maryl says:

    Chuck and Blair. Have people just started watching this show? They were meant to be and they’ll find their way back eventually. TEAM DAKR KNIGHT!

  38. jenna says:

    Chuck and Blair will find their way back to each other! CHAIR!

  39. Veronica says:

    I love how nobody’s even pretending to give a crap about Serena anymore. Eh, who needs a best friend anyway?

  40. Debbie says:

    DB were boring. I wanted to like them but they helped me better than sleeping pills to put me to bed. Team Chuck!

  41. Monica says:

    I want Blair to end up with DAN!! Dair is the couple with the best built up on the show! They have so much potential for greatness!!<3<3

  42. Mary22 says:

    Chuck makes me sick!! TEAM DAIR FOR LIFE!!

  43. Sally9 says:

    Dan is the ultimate prince charming!! Team dark horse Brooklynate Dan Humphrey!!

  44. pffffft says:

    Forget about Chair and Dair….the REAL OTP of the show is NATE AND DAN. When will we get that hot storyline? Now that’s what I’m talking about!

  45. Nina21 says:

    Awwww that vid is pure AWESOMENESS!! I actually tried not to be spoiled, but I just couldn’t resist to click on the “play” button!! The way Dan sees Blair..I can’t even..Gosh! I’m so in love with those two!!! TEAM DAIR!!!!

  46. Caro says:

    Dan, always. Chuck is a narcissistic, abusive manwhore.

  47. Maria Rita says:

    Ausiello and fellow fans –

    1. How about you start asking the writers what they plan on doing with Serena because they clearly seem to have forgotten about her?
    2. Take away the Chuck and Serena factor and DAIR becomes as boring as stale toast.

  48. Dair says:

    Team Dan! Chair got old in season 3 to be honest, ever since Chuck tried to sell “the love of his life” it is has become a disgustingly abusive relationship that Blair needs to cut all ties from

    It would be one thing if Chair had honesetly apologised and tried to make amends, instead he tried to blame Blair for it, throw ultimations at her, slept with someone else when she wasn’t quick eough to respond, and has fallen in love with two other woman this seson alone. He is a repulsive little man, and Blair could do so much better

  49. EE says:

    Please, just don’t turn Blair into a judgmental hypocrite for the sake of this pairing. We have enough of those on GG already (Dan, Vanessa, I’m looking in your direction…)