Gossip Girl Exclusive First Look: Watch Dan and Chuck Battle Over Blair

It is So. On.

Gossip Girl returns from its two month-long hiatus tonight with the first of five all-new episodes and an answer to this burning question: Dan and Blair kissed — now what?!

Well, based on the following exclusive clip from the eppy, the smooch leads to what I can only assume will be the first of several tense encounters between Dan and B’s ex Chuck. The following scene also confirms what I long suspected: Dan has genuine feelings for his onetime nemesis.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Team Dark Knight #savechuckandblair! True and epic LOVE!

  2. Kimmie says:

    Team Donut! Team Donut! Team Donut!

    Chuck comes off as such a creep here. So he can sleep with Eva, Raina, any girl he chooses, but the moment he gets one whiff of Blair being interested in someone else he goes all stalker-like and starts plotting against her. Nice. How goddamn romantic. Not.

    Dan knows and understands the real Blair – after only spending a few months with her. Chuck hasn’t managed to understand her fully despite knowing her practically his whole life.

    I’ve always loved Dan as a character and hated Chuck. The above clips sums up why perfectly.

  3. Sofia says:

    If Blair chooses Chuck, I’ll simply stop watching the show!! There will be nothing there for me worth watching!! Enough with Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck!:p He had his shot and he blew it! Let’s focus now on what really matters, the DAIR LOVE!!!The writers had their kiss on the making for four years, that must count for something!! TEAM DAN 4EVER!!!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Let’s see…should I root for the guy who traded his girlfriend for a building. Took, and took from her- without ever giving? Yes! I think I should root for the guy who had a mutually destructive with Blair. Definitely Chuck wins.

    Because, really- why would I root for the guy who’s mature, who has more than scheming in common with Blair? The guy who wants her to be “happy” and who believes she “deserves it”. Yeah, why root for that guy?

    Yeah, I totally vote for the romance that’s superficial and filled with lust, over romance that started off slowly, that was built on the foundation of friendship. That had a true connection.

    Seriously though, the best argument I hear for Chuck/Blair is that they are endgame. And this is from young girls who do not understand relationships that are strong and realistic. That are deeper than the superficial passion shown between Chuck and Blair.

    Here’s something to remember: Dawson and Joey may have been thought to be “endgame” for the first few seasons- they may even be called “soulmates” but, spoiler alert-! She ends up with Pacey. And when these two got together a once dying show suddenly had new life in it. Sound familiar?

    • Allie says:

      No, I’m pretty sure the best argument you hear for Chuck/Blair is that they love each other. Generally one of the best reasons for two people to want to be together.

      And is the “new life” in this show the sound of 700,000 viewers turning it off? I get that some of you like the storyline, but it’s undeniable that ratings have gone off a cliff.

      • Laura says:

        Abusive husbands “love” their wives too. Love by itself does NOT make for a good, healthy relationship. Sorry.

      • D says:

        Chuck hurts Blair over and over. He talks about how other women are better. He is indifferent to her pain. He doesn’t love her. There is no love on the screen.

        Even if he did love her, there is no way she should be with him. He’s done way too much.

      • Allie says:

        Here’s the thing- it’s way easier to fix Chuck’s issues and make him into the kind of guy who’ll make Blair happy, than it is to make Dan into someone Blair could legitimately fall in love with. That’s just not possible without fundamentally changing one or both of those characters.

        • Kimmie says:

          I am so sick of Chuck’s issues it’s not even funny. The guy is rotten to the core. ROTTEN. Stop thinking that guys like Chuck will change for anything or anyone. Have we forgotten that he once tried to rape 14 year old Jenny? Three years down the line, he’s pimping out his own girlfriend for a hotel. Chuck has serious, serious issues with women. He thinks of them as objects that can be manipulated and toyed around with for his own gain.

          The best thing about Dan and Blair is that NEITHER of them have to change to be happy with each other. They share common interests and are intellectual equals. Dan encourages Blair to grow up and knows how to see through her mean exterior, Blair does not put up with Dan’s stuffiness or judgemental ways. Best of all, they make each other happy. That’s all any two people need in a healthy relationship.

          • Allie says:

            Are you kidding? Neither of them have to change to be happy with each other? They would have to change to even consider dating each other. Blair’s barely even the same character I loved in S1/S2.

            We’re clearly watching different shows.

    • Laurynn says:

      Let’s not even compare Dan/Blair to Pacey/Joey. Pacey and Joey were amazing and Pacey is a million times better a character than DONUT could ever dream of being. Besides Dawson/Joey/Pacey is not a good way to compare shows being that GG and Dawson’s Creek is WAYYY different.

      • Mya says:

        Not really though. The premises might be different, but the patterns are very similar. Joey/Pacey went through seasons disliking each other, Dawson and Joey were touted as being the show’s ship. But when ratings started to flag and the show was losing its’ mojo, they put together Joey and Pacey, who despite initially disliking each other, found they had a connection that couldn’t be denied. It was a dark horse ship that soon became the reviving factor in the series. I’m sure you’ve been watching the multitude of articles about it being released over the hiatus; everyone is waiting for tonight with bated breath.

        But you can plug your ears and pretend that there are no similarities, but Dair parallels Pacey/Joey in so many ways, CBers should be nervous! :P

  5. dani says:

    And when I thought I couldn’t love Dair any more… I watch this. Dan is just perfect for Blair, he just is!

  6. Erica says:

    I love Chuck and Blair and hope their story is the one they continue. This last set of episodes was so boring that I just stopped watching altogether.

  7. Maria29 says:


  8. Darla says:

    Team Dark Knight

  9. Katherine says:

    TeamDarkKnight all the way. No one understands or loves all of Blair the way Chuck does. He needs to be redeemed before she takes him back but he’s her soulmate.

  10. Nadia says:

    I want Chuck and Blair! Only reason to watch this dumbass show.

  11. Saya says:

    I’m proud to say that I’m a Dair shipper from season 1!! It’s like a dream come true to see them together!!! THE FATE IS SEALED!!! AND THAT MEANS DAIR ENDGAME!!!!!

  12. Molly says:

    Blair only schemes with Chuck? Is Dan for real?

  13. Cindy says:


  14. skittish says:

    Is that even a question. How could I possibly vote for “Basshole” if this clip lists all the reason why they are wrong for each other?!

    All in for Dair. Team Pauper FTW.

    Chuck has the stick so up in his a$$, not even funny. The way he acts around like Blair is his property, I can’t…

  15. Jenna34 says:

    Duh! Team Dark Knight!

  16. eclairsnmacaroons says:

    This is not a reliable poll since that you can totally cheat! I don’t want to waste my time on voting.
    İts enough to just look at the picture above and answer..I can’t see who the other person is while Chuck is there.Enough said.
    #TeamDarkKnight ofcourse.No need to compare.

  17. Fizzylly says:

    I’m Team Pauper all the way, but that’s to say I haven’t like CB. For the the first three seasons I was all for CB. They were interesting and they worked together. Nowadays, I just don’t see it. They’re dragged out and are starting to get boring. Also, both the characters have changed and really they aren’t right for each other. Dan and Blair are right for each other now, that may not always be the case and maybe I’ll go back to CB, but at the moment I dare to Dair.

  18. Amy Cash says:

    I know all you are saying how bad Chuck has treated Blair, and she deserves to be happy. What about all those chances for Chuck to be happy that Blair tore apart? It’s because they belong together. They can’t allow the other to be with someone else. Dan is just a temporary fix. Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck.

    • CJ says:

      Eva? That would be Eva. That’s the only chance for Chuck to be happy that Blair tore apart.

      Seeing as Chuck has sabotaged Blair’s move on attempts many more times than Blair has done to him, on top of all the terrible things he’s done, the only reason people fix on Eva is that Chuck fell in love with her (as he quickly does with everyone BUT BLair). So, Blair is not critical to Chuck’s happiness (actually he seems to resent and dislike her frequently), and her fixation on him has been destroying her life. So give Blair some dignity and let her move on, please.

  19. Tammy says:

    team Chuck. chuck and Blair belong with each other.

  20. Francesca O'Reilly says:

    Chuck Bass. No contest. He sees and loves all of Blair: The dark and the light, and he would never judge her.

    I don’t want her to take him back until he’s proven himself but I root for them to work it out because they’re meant for each other.

    • CJ says:

      He judges her all the time. His speech to Eva about how awful she was? His ultimatums? “You went up there on your own?” “That’s why it took me so long to say I love you, because I can’t trust you.”

      He might love all of her (although I certainly don’t see it) but not nearly as much as he loved Eva, and DEFINITELY not as much as he loves his hotel.

    • Dair says:

      Would never judge her? Clearly you missed the way he spoke about Blair to Eva, and the way he said right to Blair’s face (after his precious Eva left) that no one good could ever love him

      And in season 3 he was telling Blair that he could never trust her, and he judged Blair for the way she treated Vanessa in season 2 as well. I’m not saying he wasn’t right in that case, but still it’s a real reach to say he has never judged Blair.

  21. Helen19 says:

    The show will go back BEING BORING AGAIN WITHOUT DAIR!!! TEAM DAN!! And I don’t want them to get together until Chuck proves worthy of her! NO WAY!! DAN IS BLAIR’S TRUE SOULMATE!! I WANT THEM TO END UP TOGETHER!!

  22. Luti says:

    I just know that the writers will let us down in the finale and force another unbelievable CB reunion but still Dair has and will have my heart. They’re amazing!!! TEAM PAUPER FTW!

  23. Nancy says:

    TEAM DAN!!!!! Dair is my OTP!!<3<3

  24. Dana23 says:

    Chair isn’t true love! When you truly love someone you don’t try to destroy him! That thing that if she’s not happy with him, then she should not be happy with anyone else and vise versa is the definition of SICK LOVE!! So no more please!!! GIVE US THE AWFULLY ROMANTIC FAIRYTALE-LIKE DAIR STORYLINE!!! AND PUT THEM FOR ENDGAME TOO!!

  25. Claire says:


  26. lisa says:



  27. Lara says:

    I’m sorry, but Dair is just not what I look forward to on Mondays. It’s Chair that has been keeping me interested for four years. I’m all for the writers “trying” new ideas and couples, but at the end of the day, I want Blair with Chuck. honestly watch the first two seasons again and there’s no way you can deny Chair!

  28. Candy says:

    Oh, look, a poll that starts out with a Dan lead and is eventually overturned by crazy CB fans who have nothing else to do but to vote over and over again, like every other GG poll on the internet. I’m shocked, really.

    • DN says:

      They r crazy! I don see the point why they need to votes zillion times! It’s BIAS! They really need to stop using votes! Dan was (is) leading!

      • NYR says:

        Don’t worry, every pool, in which you could vote only once, was won by Dair. So take this one with a pinch of salt.

        • NYR says:

          *poll :-)

        • Allie says:

          Not even a little bit true. There have been plenty of one-vote polls won by Chuck, and plenty of multi-vote polls where Dan fans voted their little fingers off all day long. Let’s not get into a comparison of who’s crazier here.

          • Dair says:

            Dair won every single Live Journal poll when there is no option but to win once. I’m not just saying this because I’m a Dair fan (well okay maybe I am partly :P ), but honestly these days I only see Chair winning in these type of polls when you can refresh and vote again and again. And that’s only after their fan boards link to these polls, initially it’s usually a lot more balanced, and then suddenly it’s nothing but people shouting for Chair over and over.
            But go to a moderated discussion board and nearly everyone is excited and talking about Dair. I do honestly think that a lot of these votes and campaining are the same small group who are just trying to shout the loudest to still be heard. It just doesn’t match up with what I’m hearing from Gossip Girls fans otherwise

          • Kate says:

            Noope. Show me multi-vote polls where Dan win, i thought it’s always been little Chuckistan who has no life.

          • Allie says:

            1) Every board suffers from self-selection- you’re not hearing from fans who disagree with you because they’re on different forums.
            2) You have to have a livejournal account to vote in livejournal polls. Many of us don’t, because it’s not 2007 anymore.

    • Dair says:

      LOL I love how the latest page of comments is almost nothing but people shouting for Chair over and over. You can really tell whn they’ve arrived, and it just shows what happens to these polls what they get linked on the fanboards and the Chair army turn up
      Not an accurate representation of the majority of fans, just the hardcore zealots. Even the fans spamming the writers on twitter are often the same ten people spamming them again and again.

  29. Donna says:

    TEAM CHUCK and BLAIR!!!!! True love!

  30. mel says:

    Chuck and Blair!!!!!! the writers have been writting Chuck like crap so that Dair could happen but its seems like Chuck is going to do some changing in last episodes and season 5 will be about Chuck maturing into the man Blair deserves

  31. Vanessa says:

    Dan is the cuttest :’) I just love him so much!

  32. DN says:

    Dear WRITERS,

    STOP USING VOTES!!! It IS NOT AN ELECTION CAMPAIGN! and this vote can be manipulated EASILY!!!

    Just DO and WRITE naturally and THINK what is THE BEST for YOUR CHARACTERs!!!

    If U want Blair grow up to be a BETTER person and REACH her DREAM – than LEAD her to DAN!

    If U want her to be High-End Bitch with no self-esteem – than LEAD her to CHUCK!

    NUff Said!


  33. Meg says:

    Thank you Ausiello, for the awesome, awesome sneak peek. That seriously made my heart soar into the air and make somersaults.

    GO DAN!!!

    (And you can vote more than once on the poll…so I fully expect Chuck to win this poll even though it won’t mean anything. Other than some Chuck fans have a ton of time. Which they spend death threat tweeting and poll voting and killing everyone’s buzz. So, Dair fans, don’t waste your time, just let them have the poll. We can have this lovely scene forever, and there’s nothing they can do about that.)

    • Mya says:

      It’s pretty sad how some fans spend hours on end, voting again and again for a poll that TPTB won’t see and won’t care about. It’s awfully telling that a lot of television blogs are writing about Dair and what they’re bringing to the show. Even the seasoned professionals are acknowledging and anticipating the greatness that is Dair :D

  34. Lizzy says:

    Team Dan and Blair. Chuck is a selfish douchebag, he thinks he’s all that…NOT!!

  35. Allison says:

    That clip showed why Chuck is the right guy for her and why Humphrey isn’t. Dan has started to idealize her like he idealized Serena: Blair was only involved in schemes and takedowns due to Chuck? Think again Dan. She did multiple schemes and takedowns with you too buddy! (Not to mention she did them before she was involved with Chuck.) The real Blair does schemes/takedowns AND cries at Italian movies. That’s ALL of Blair. But Humphrey only sees her light side now. He has a sudden case of “feelings” induced amnesia.
    Nice guy, but an idealist.

    So I vote for Chuck (once he’s finally “made it up to her” for all the awful things he’s done).

    One more thought:
    People talk about Leighton’s chemistry with Ed and her chemistry with Penn. But I think Penn and Ed have pretty good chemistry together. DUCK FTW!!

    • Hannah says:

      This comment basically sums up my feelings on the topic. The selective amnesia that Dan suffers from is starting to bother me. The pedestal that he put Serena on back in season one seems to be coming out of the closet again..

  36. Vin says:

    I can’t get over how perfect they are

  37. Clara says:

    Dan is sooo cute!

    TEAM Pauper \o/

  38. GGfan73104 says:

    Team Chuck!

  39. mm says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, because I used to ship Chair for all eternity, but Dan and Blair bring out the best in each other. Chuck and Blair bring out the worst, as seen in the infamous hotel incident. There’s a multi-level attraction for Dan and Blair that makes me think they could actually last. But, this show is more concerned with various sexual combinations than any lasting relationship so I’m not going to let myself get too attached.

  40. Blue says:

    Team Dark Knight!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chuck and Blair are meant to be

  41. Franny says:

    CHUCK! They belong together. Chuck is the only man Blair will be happy with. TEAM DARK KNIGHT!


    What people FAIL TO UNDERSTAND, apparently the writers do to when they are the ones that wrote the freaking story for 3.5 years. BLAIR LOVES CHUCK!!!!! That doesn’t just go away over night because a donut has suddenly become interested in her. Blair loves Chuck, Chuck loves Blair and in the end TRUE LOVE pervails all. Even if Blair chooses the prince, or Dan as of now it’s only a matter of time before she goes back to Chuck because SHE LOVES CHUCK so much that it consumes her.

  43. Cindy says:

    Team Chuck any day! It amuses me how people keep forgetting Serena. Blair is not a friend betrayer.
    Also she has no feelings for Dan. Why do people want Blair to be unhappy? Hasn’t she been sad long enough?

    • Dana says:

      Where did that pain come from? Chuck.
      Who has helped her with that pain? Dan.

      Yes Blair loves Chuck, but she needs to move on because 1) he does not love her in return 2) he is toxic and abusive.

    • i says:

      I cannot even with this comment and I am a CHAIR fan, but hve you not noticed Chuck is the one who makes her unhappy? Ome of you little fangirls need to realize you can’t change someone with love nor is love all that is needed to be in a relationship. I want Chair to work it out but it has to be on Chucks side atm Blair has been growing, and Chuck hasn’t, I don’t want them together till the story tells me that Chuck deserves her, until then Blair is free to do as she pleases and try to be happy. As a CB fan I care about both and I hope Chuck works on himself, but Blair has been and so she can’t wait for him forever especially since he chose to jump into relationships to escape rather than face what he did and try to change, that is on him.

      • Cindy says:

        Again and I will explain this like I am explaining it to 5 year olds. If you watched the show you would realize Blair can not be happy without Serena so since Dan and Serena were in love in the second half for Blair to suddenly decide she wants Dan she has to lose Serena. If you don’t understand this then perhaps you should watch the show. I love the accusations of fan girls and crazy Chair fans but Dair fans can not in anyway justify their couple except to attack Chuck. If you hate Chuck so much why don’t you want Blair with someone else instead of trying to steal her BFFs man. I think a lot of it is projection. You realize you are not Blair and she is not a real person don’t you? If Chair offends you and hurts you as women (Which is a lie) the perhaps you should watch a different show. Don’t make this show about your insecurities.

        • Um... says:

          I’m not trying to speak for I but she’s a Chair fan. She hasn’t said anything about Dair.

          Someone objects to a character being sold for a hotel and it’s all about ‘their insecurities’. Nice try. If you hate Blair so much that you think all this is warranted and it’s fun to watch her cry over Chuck falling for other women or being sold for a hotel, why do you want her with your favorite Chuck? Maybe you should take a look at yourself first, hon. Chuck is a horrible character at the moment. Maybe they will redeem him and show that he does love Blair, but that has not been what they’re showing us, even a lot of Chair fans feel that way.

          As for Serena, I don’t know how she feels about Dan. She seemed as happy with Ben as Chuck did with Raina. Maybe over time she won’t care. Blair’s not going to be with Dan in the short term, anyways. However, it’s getting less and less probable that they’ll ever make Chair rootable.

        • I says:

          Ok, you did not even read my comment in the least, I said I care about Chuck and Blair, never mentioned Dair, and generally you just proved my point so whatevs. I am not the one watching the show wrong.

          I dont have insecurities, but unlike a lot of Chair fans I dont want them together to WIN or just for the sake of being together. I want Chuck to deserve her, he doesnt, thats not hating him thats being factual. I dont care if Dan, Nate, Prince, Rufus etc make her happy, as long as she is, b/c she deserves it, Chuck put her through the ringer and she has every right not to want to settle for that. I got why Chuck was in his relationships, but you know what he should have worked on himself and then he would have been ready for Blair when she was ready to try to be in an ADULT relationship.

  44. no one says:

    Love Dair!! :)

  45. Keera says:


    I used to support chair but I can’t stand the way chuck treats Blair and Blair/Dan have this amazing chemistry :)

  46. NYR says:

    Can’t wait for Dan and Blair holding hands, Dan and Blair going to the movies, Dan and Blair joking and smiling, Dan and Blair talking. Season 5, you better come good.

  47. Stefana says:

    Team Chuck! He isn’t a static character. Wait until these writers finally let him be awesome again. I can’t wait!

  48. cm2 says:

    Ausiello, can you post a poll where people can only vote once next time? Thanks!

  49. Steph says:

    Dair is the best thing to happen to GG in a loooooong time. Hell, their adorableness is why I got back into watching GG! Dan and Blair have a lot of potiential, I just really hope that the writers don’t marginalize it for a tired ship. At least explore it!