Gossip Girl Exclusive First Look: Watch Dan and Chuck Battle Over Blair

It is So. On.

Gossip Girl returns from its two month-long hiatus tonight with the first of five all-new episodes and an answer to this burning question: Dan and Blair kissed — now what?!

Well, based on the following exclusive clip from the eppy, the smooch leads to what I can only assume will be the first of several tense encounters between Dan and B’s ex Chuck. The following scene also confirms what I long suspected: Dan has genuine feelings for his onetime nemesis.

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  1. Jones19 says:

    I can’t believe I’m actually rooting for Dan and Blair to get together but I just can’t support Chair anymore, Chuck has treated Blair like dirt and she deserves better.

  2. Katie says:

    This storyline with Dan and Blair has made Dan go from one of the least attractive whiny boys to, well, a very attractive interesting character.

  3. Reena says:

    So i saw this article about 3 mins after it got posted and no comments..yet there are already 56% for Team Dan and 43% for Team Chuck something feels a little fishy about that to me…TEAM CHAIR ALL THE WAY!!

    • L says:

      Fishy? Do you not get how percentages work, honey?

      • Hi "Klassy" Dair fan says:

        Hi “Klassy” Dair fan

        The poll is a joke since you can refresh and vote continously.
        Feel free to cheat all day but you should really dial back the snark. The person asked a legit question.

        • BK says:

          Is it legit to ask if there are concerns with all polls like this or just the ones with Dair in the lead?

        • Dair says:

          If you can refresh all day then either side could easily be cheating, so I do’t see why it’s considered “fishy” for Dan to have the higher percentage in the beginning

          In fact I’ve noticed that Dan or Dair usually are in the lead before these polls get linked on the boards, and the Chair army turn up and spend all day voting

          • Reena says:

            sorry i just asked a question and yes i do know how percentages work…i was wondering how BOTH could have been so high when i commented only mintues after the post went up…i guess this will teach me a lesson not to comment on tvline anymore :-(

          • Dair says:

            Both percentages will be high because it’s not showing the individual votes, it’s showing the percentages of votes? Even with say just one vote for each option, it would be 50% and 50% still.
            And no one is saying you can’t comment, but it’s not fair to imply that results are “fishy” just because it’s not your preferred choice in the lead.

        • Kris says:

          Now Chair is in the lead, does that mean that all the Chair fans are cheating and voting continuously? No, I severely doubt you think that. So it’s just when couples you don’t like are winning, good to know. Percentages mean nothing. If it said 100% Dair, that could mean 2 people voted for Dair. At the end of the day, it’s a silly poll, who cares if your choice is the most popular? If YOU like Chair or Dair, that’s all that matters.

    • Mia says:

      Well, I’m team Dan for now… I figure it will be Chuck in the end, but this is a fun story with Dan for a bit. I hope they don’t stop it before it gets going.

    • Elin says:

      Team dark night !
      Chuck is the love of her life and he makes her happy, just because Chuck and Blair argue A LOT dosn’t mean they dosn’t love each other.
      They have to end up together!

  4. maddi says:

    Dan for now, see where it goes, but ultimately Chuck

  5. Megan says:

    I’m team Chuck all the way! Blair and Chuck are the epic story and why I watch Gossip Girl.

  6. Matt says:

    One of FIVE new episodes, Mike. Don’t go underselling it.

  7. a says:

    Team Dark Knight.

  8. Melissa says:

    I think it’s hilarious this is even a poll question. Why would anyone want Blair to date a guy she doesn’t really like?

    • Dani says:

      Exactly what I has thinking. A true Blair fan would want Blair to be with whomever she wants to be with. I think we all want Blair happy. The happiest I’ve seen her is with Chuck, especially in the picture from EW.

      • Fizzylly says:

        But the saddest and most broken we’ve seen her is also with Chuck. And that was more recent. Chuck made her happy, but then he hurt her and that isn’t going to make her happy. All I want is for Blair to be happy and at the moment she isn’t going to find that with Chuck, they guy that SOLD HER FOR A HOTEL. Maybe, at some point in the future Chuck will redeem himself and be able to make her happy again, but that is not on the cards right now. This is also why I am not too opposed to Prince Louis, although I prefer Dan.

        And to the original comment: if you mean Dan, then have you been watching the same show as be for the last part of the season? If you meant Chuck, I agree.

        • Melissa says:

          Well, why don’t we just wait and see what Blair says tonight? Perhaps she’ll just come right out and tell us who she likes and who she doesn’t.

        • momo says:

          Sometimes.. the person who makes you the most happy can also end up making you the most broken. Because Chuck matters so much to Blair and she loves and cares for him most, anything Chuck says/does will have a greater impact on Blair than anyone else ever will.

      • L says:

        I have it on good authority that picture is from in between takes. It is Ed/Leighton.

      • Kimmie says:

        I’m sure those tears in her eyes were tears of happiness after he sold her out to his uncle for his hotel.

        Chuck sure knows how to treat a lady!

      • Dair says:

        “The happiest I’ve seen her is with Chuck”

        I guess you missed the part were Chuck pimped Blair to his uncle to save his hotel, and it all ended with Blair looking totally miserable and thinking she deserved no better. It wasn’t for nothing that they had Dan telling Blair that she deserves to be with someone who makes her happy. Does that sound like someone who was happy with Chuck to you?

      • Robert says:

        You do know that the EW photo was a behind the scenes in which the characters were both out of character? It was intended as a visual joke (they were on a Chair?).

        As far as being happy, you have to be kidding me. Blair is in agony most of the time with Chuck. She was never as happy and at peace with Chuck as in the scene where she came to Dan after being fired from W. Just look at her face when she says, “And I’m here talking about it with . . . Dan Humphrey.” And falling asleep on Dan’s shoulder? She was never that at peace with the rapist and pimp.

        Even Dorota and Serena could tell there was something different with Blair after spending time with Dan. Dorota was almost alarmed at how happy Blair was feeling.

        I think in the next 4 to 5 episodes we are going to see Chuck Bass’s last hurrah. I also expect Dan to fade very slightly from the picture. I think Dan and Blair’s big time together will be the bulk of Season Five. She has to resolve for the last time how she feels about the Rapist/Male Ho/Pimp before moving on to something more grown up and fun.

        • Allie says:

          I don’t know why people keep saying this- the *producers* have said that wasn’t a BTW shot.

          And if you think Blair was never happy with Chuck, presumably you skipped all of S3 up until 3×17? Opinions are one thing, but don’t try to rewrite history.

    • DanBlairTrueLove says:

      Totally true, someone who will hurt her in the worst possible way is not supposed to be the love of her life. Team DAN !!

  9. buffy says:

    Team Pauper all the way, Blair deserves a little happiness in her life, and Chuck is just dragging her down. But I don’t know who he will choose, and the poll is 50/50 atm D:

  10. Laura says:


  11. Hannah says:

    Definitely Team Chuck. I’ve been watching this show for four years. I fell in love with CB way back then, and I want to see their story through to the end. They’ve both been vulnerable and damaged and lashed out at those around them, but they’ve shared a deep love that exposed their humanity to the audience.

    Now Blair’s matured faster than Chuck, and he’s still making quite a few mistakes, but I have faith that the writers will see him through and he’ll eventually be the man Blair deserves – not just the man she loves.

  12. Marie says:

    Wow, that clip? Dan really doesn’t get Blair at all, does he? He’s just putting her up on a pedestal like he did with Serena.

    • Nadia says:

      How is that? So, Blair’s NOT intuitive? She DOESN’T Laugh or cry at movies?

      Jesus, what inhuman BITCH she must be then? No human emotiosn what so ever? All she does is scheme, scheme, scheme.


      And this is why I can’t take Chair stans so seriously, because you all have a one-sided view of Blair instead of accepting her as a character OUTSIDE of the ChuckxBlair dynamic!

      TEAM DAN!!!!

      • Dair says:

        Word! People always used to argue that Chuck got Blair more than Nate, but really Chuck’s view of her was just as one-sided. Whereas Nate didn’t appreciate Blair’s scheming side at all, it seemed to be the main thing to appeal to Chuck, but that is not all that Blair is

        I was practically throwing things when Chuck fell for Eva and made a big deal to Blair about he should have known that someone “good” would never want to be with him, that just shows how he views Blair

        Dan is not just idealising Blair from a distance, as he did Serena, because we have seen a friendship develop, and we know as well as Dan all the things he has in common with her. And Blair was not putting on a front around Dan. He even tells her that she’s an evil dictator of taste and helps her decide on her future career, yeah that Dan sure doesn’t get Blair at all

        • Kris says:

          This is why I much prefer her with Dan. He’s the only one that fully understands her. Chuck sees too much of Blair’s dark side while Nate only wanted the version of Blair she put-on to make him happy. Dan knows all about Blair’s dark side but sees her good qualities as well.

        • Thais says:

          Chuck should’ve stayed with Eva. He was at his best with her. That was the phase when he was more mature. When it comes to Blair he acts like he can have her whenever he wants, the way he wants. What he feels for her it’s not real love, it’s not even sane. It’s not healthy at all. Blair should not be with him now, nor ever! I hope her endgame is with anyone but Chuck. If that cannot be Dan, them let it be the prince!

      • Liz says:

        I think it’s really funny that you think the Chair fans have a one-sided view of Blair when really, Dan only likes Blair’s good side. He has criticized her dark and bitchy side on numerous occasions. He HATES that side and it’s a part of her that he does not accept. He was just there when she was upset. Sure, chuck may have hurt her, but it is better to know someone and have loved them, than not know them at all.

    • Pall says:

      You’re kidding me right Marie? Dan gets Blair more than Chuck. Chuck understands the scheming part of Blair. But that’s only a miniscule part. Dan understands the rest of her. He isn’t putting her on a pedestal, he’s merely acknowledging how good of a person she is.

      • Marie says:

        No, I am not kidding you, Pall. And unless you missed the first half of S3- and are planning on ignoring the last few episodes of this season- it should be abundantly clear that Chuck loves both sides of Blair. Her good qualities and her flaws. Dan thinks all of her scheming and bitchiness is caused by Chuck, and that’s just flat-out wrong.

        • Dair says:

          Why would Dan think that ALL of her scheming and bitchiness is caused by Chuck though, he has taken part in many of Blair’s schemes himself since the first season “Don’t worry virgin, I’ll talk you through it”. And they were scheming together just this season to help out Serena.
          I think that people are reading way too much into Dan’s line that “With you she was always caught up in schemes and take-downs, but that’s not really her”. I think Dan is just saying that she’s more than that, she will also cry at movies and she is very intelligent etc. Don’t forget that Dan was surprised this season when he assumed she would try and take him down for the position at W, and she utimately played fair and showed that she was capable of more than that. Whereas with Chuck she was nothing but caught up in scheming, the original connection in seson 1 was about getting revenge on Serena, and earlier in this season she was reduced to playing destructive games with Chuck
          So I just think that Dan is more arguing that she can be more than that, rather than saying she’s not a schemer at all. Because we do know that Dan is well aware of the schemes that Blair can come up with to help her friends, so for people to turn that defense of Blair into putting her on a pedestal is a little bit of a reach IMO. At least I don’t get the feeling that’s how the writers intend for it to be taken after how genuine they have made the friendship, and even had Dorota comment on how happy Blair is lately. I think we are meant to believe that Dan gets Blair

          • Dair says:

            And also even her happy period with Chuck was introduced with them playing cheating games to humilate a third party. He just doesn’t bring out a good side of Blair, with Nate she tried too hard to be the good girl maybe, but Chuck is just bringing out the other extreme and fans try and argue that Chuck therefore gets all sides of her just because he embraces the bitchier side of Blair
            But actually I think her friendship with Dan is the most balanced because he can still tease her about being a dictator of taste, or scheme with her when it comes to say exposing Georgina in the way that Nate never would, but he also no longer considers her snobbish and bitchy side to be her defining qualities. And I really think that Chuck does half the time, look at the way he spoke about Blair to Eva, or the pleasure he takes in trying to destroy Blair after Eva left and they are scheming against one another

    • D says:

      Um. Blair is intuitive and intelligent. She is all these things. If you really don’t believe she’s all these things, why would you want her with your fave Chuck (cause you don’t care about Blair at all). THis is not how he talked about Serena.

    • Natalie says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth Marie. He’s idealising Blair just like he did Serena in Season 1, and each time he felt ‘let down’ when the parts of her personality he didn’t like were shown he went all high and mighty on her. Blair has a personality that incldes a dark side, and when Dan was faced with that he will treat Blair the same way he did Serena.
      Chuck wants the whole woman, lightness and dark, faults and virtues. That’s what loves about. You can’t pick parts of the person to love, you’ve got to love the sum total.

      • Dair says:

        You are wrong about that, Dan does see Blair’s dark side. Look at their scheming at one another during the magazine arc when Dan was convinced that Blair would double-cross him, and was suitably shamed when Blair decided to do the right thing. He has NEVER put Blair on a pedestal, from the beginning he has seen her as the embodiment of the upper east side, and knows exactly what sort of a person she can be. He is just seeing the good person that she is underneath that as well

        That’s the difference between Chuck and Dan. Chuck gloats in Blair’s dark side and her snobbish side and encourages it, whereas Dan inspires her to aim higher and makes her WANT to find her better self.

        • AH says:

          Dan didn’t care about her darkside earlier because he wasn’t ‘in love’ with her then. Now that she’s spent time with him instead of Chuck, he thinks he’s cured her of her scheming and manipulation. Once she’s found her footing again, whether it’s actually scheming or being a successful woman, he’d drop her or become offended by her success, like he did with Vanessa in S3 (Tische sl) and S4…or Serena in S1, etc. when she proved not to be everything he thought she would be.

          • Dair says:

            What makes you think that Blair finding her footing means becoming a schemer again though? Blair’s most henious deeds have been bcause she is feeling insecure and low, the W magazine plot showed that Blair can rise above it when she tries and I don’t see anything wrong with Dan getting that and encouraging that side of Blair. I’m sure I will be accused of not being a true Blair fan for this, but truthfully what was fun in the high school seasons is now becoming a bit ridiculous with the way Blair acted in France towards Louis and treaing him terribly because she thought he was the driver. Maybe it’s time that Blair did start growing out of some of that stuff, and handling herself more like an adult.
            It’s fun to see Blair teasing Dan about his car or joking about being in Brooklyn with him, but at the same time she was still travelling in his car and turning up at his flat in Brooklyn. That shows much needed growth for Blair IMO, season 3 already made me think that what was cute in high school was now starting to make Blair look a little ridiculous and out of touch
            And Dan never become offended by Vanessa’a success, he was just upset because she competed with him for the only place, I think it’s natural for anyone to be taken-aback at losing your dream like that. It wasn’t about Vanessa being successfull

  13. Rebecca Foote says:

    i was always a hardcore chair fan, but im now really rooting for dair. They just get each other, they are a very unlikely couple but they just work. they are just exciting. I know it will probs never work out but i personally love them.

  14. Olivia says:

    Team Dark Knight all the way. They aren’t ready to be together now as they have a lot of issues to work through but I want to see them work through them as soon as possible.

  15. n says:

    I love Dair! They have tons of chemistry! I was a huge Chair fan…but Dair just work better <3

  16. Kate says:

    OK so i was a Chuck and Blair fan for four and a half seasons but this scene is just proving to me more and mroe that Chuck doesnt really care for Blair’s happiness anymore, he used to in late season 2 and parts of season 2 but now he just wants Blair! I mean it took Dan to tell him things about Blair and what she needs for Chuck to lay back a bit! For now i am totally Team Dair!

  17. Christin says:

    Team Dan. Blair deserve to be with someone who makes her happy.

  18. Esther says:

    Also, note to Ed Westwick’s stylist. Why do you keep dressing him as a 50 year old Wallstreet douche? It’s getting worse than Dan’s plaid collection.

    Someone just push Chuck off the cliff and erase his memory or something, he’s becoming the most deplorable character. He used to be likeable in earlier seasons but now he’s a hot mess, JFC.

    • Esther says:

      Oh Team Dan, by the way. That was easy. Psssh.

      • Angela says:

        LOL at your comment! couldn’t have said it any better. Chuck’s the perfect bad influence to Blair. Dan allows Blair’s personality to develop. It’s good to see a nice, normal relationship sans the scheming!

    • Dair says:

      I used to love Chuck in season 1 with the eccentric outfits they put him in and when he used to be FUN, he has become such a mess of a character since his father’s death turned him into a ~businessman.

      Don’t even get me started on the whisper…

  19. Here we go.... says:

    Can we please not turn this into a CB fans go crazy in the commnts post? I mean its a fictional couple, please just calm down, I just feel like it has went so over and beyond with campaigns and spamming, its doing more harm than good I bet. All y’all are doing is making sure we get a triangle bc geting our voice heard does not mean they dont know Dair has fans, and they love all the buzz so what better way to keep it than keep Dair vs Chair going.

    • ... says:

      Not be rude or anything, but there are just as many DB comments as CB comments. And I don’t see any crazy CB comments.

      • L says:

        Oh they’ll be here soon, don’t you worry.

      • I says:

        Just give it a minute. I am a CB fan actually, but this campaigning stuff is embarrassing like whoa, its a tv show and the entitlement is ridic at this point, they are going to do what they want I just don’t see the point in trying to win polls and make sure yo7u drown out all other fans voices, its just really OTT.

        • Serena says:

          A sane CB fan? You’re a rare breed! It really does make the whole fandom look bad when people are sending death threats to the writers and threatening to kill themselves if C&B don’t end up together. SMH.

          • I says:

            Hello nice to meet you, I am in ~hiding. I want Chair to work it out when Chuc actually earns her love, and right now Dan is being a friend, what’s wrong with that? Maybe it will wake Chuck up. I don’t want Chair together for the sake of being together, until they are ready to tell the story of Chuck deserving Blair, they both need to do what they need to do. Blair deserves happiness and I can’t deny her that if the show is teling me Chuc can’t offer it. I suppose that maks me a horribe Chair fan in this fandom, but I don’t care.

        • Dana says:

          I, you are a truly rare breed. If other Chair fans had your attitude, we might actually get a Chair that was balanced and great as it used to be. However, apparently most Chair fans think emotional and physical abuse is aces,and just want Blair to be Chuck’s slave judging from the comments. No thank you. FREE BLAIR.

  20. amira says:

    CHUCK! HER TRUE LOVE! the worst thing they’ve ever done the darkest thought they’ve ever had we’ll stand by them through anything because in the face of true love you don’t just give up!
    #savechuckandblair #teamdarkknight

  21. Steph says:

    Team Dark Knight! And why don’t you make a poll people can’t cheat on, Ausi.

    • tori says:

      Hey Steph, you team dark knight-ers ARE the ones who cheat. Im not saying it’s you, but it’s definitely your whack job fandom. Humpdorf FTW. :)

  22. Melissa says:

    Btw, polls where you can vote as often as you want are a total waste of time. It just turns into a battle of who’s crazier.

    The idea of Dan making Blair happy is pretty absurd though. He certainly didn’t make his last girlfriend very happy, and Blair doesn’t really like him anyway, so… I guess he won’t get the opportunity to cheat on her with Serena. That’s something.

    • Crista says:

      I know. So funny some are team Dan when he’s a known cheater.

      Chuck and Blair, folks.

      • Chen says:

        So… Blair shouldn’t be with Dan because he’s cheated. But she can be with Chuck, who has raped girls, constantly goes to prostitutes, and tries to control her life?

      • Dana says:

        Chuck cheated on Blair with the interior decorator, abandons her, only wants her when someone he wants more dumps him, and OH YES SOLD HER FOR A HOTEL. Now, he’s going to hurt her again according to spoilers.

        Apparently, Chair fans think Dan thinking BLair is intelligent and intuitive is INCORRECT, so tell me again, why you want Blair with Chuck and what you’re seeing on screen that makes you think Chuck cares about her.

        I stood by Chair for a long time, but no longer.

        • Dair says:

          Exactly, Chuck has a consistent pattern of only running back to Blair after the “most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen” dumps him. He did it with the call-girl from season 2, he did it with Eva from season 4, and with Raina from season 4. All of those women dumped him first, he never choose Blair over any of them.

          About the one time he was fixated solely on Blair was back in season 1 time and that was a looong time ago now. And even that season ended with him ditching Blair at the airport for some new girl to sleep with

          • Dair says:

            Oh and season 3 saw him make a total of one grand gesture, and when Blair was late meeting him he just gave up on even trying to win her back after that, and slept with Jenny on the very same day

        • Allie says:

          Who said Blair wasn’t intelligent and intuitive? You’re just making up arguments to respond to.

          We said that Dan is only seeing Blair’s good side and ignoring her flaws, because he wouldn’t be able to deal with them. And because he’s apparently convinced that they’re all due to Chuck’s bad influence (as are you, I guess). So how do you explain early S1 Blair, exactly? Because that’s the Blair most of us fell in love with, not some Vanessa v2.0 who judges scheming even though she does it anyway and sits around eating takeout and watching pretentious movies. We want Blair to be awesome again, not all Humphreyed up.

  23. Dee says:

    Dan and Blair. So badly.

  24. bonnie says:

    Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck!

  25. moo says:

    I have always thought Dan was the most boring and useless character on the show. But for some reason, I love him and Blair together. She actually makes him interesting and he actually makes her more likable (even though I love her scheming, witchy self). However, I do love me some bad boy Chuck as well so I am extremely torn.

  26. Beth says:


    So excited for this! #TeamThePauperIsTheRealPrince

  27. Laura says:

    Team DAN all the way. Chuck is repulsive. Dan and Blair breathed new life into this tired dying show. The Chuck Bass Show wasn’t cutting it at all. Kudos to Penn and Leighton for making this journey so worth-while.

  28. Carrie says:

    It’s all about Chuck and Blair and I can’t wait for them to reunite. You know it’s coming!!!!

  29. Leslie says:

    YAY for Chair! I’m always team Chair! Wahooo!!!!!!!!!

  30. Sophie22 says:

    TEAM DAN!!!!!!!! Dair is the only reason I’m watching GG at this point!!! I want them for ENDGAME!!!! Brooklynate Dan Humphery ROCKS!! Plus he makes Blair happy, content!! What more to ask for??

  31. L says:

    Chuck & Blair is the most digusting, abusive, REPULSIVE relationship on TV right now, bar none.

  32. Roxie says:

    Team Dair FTW! Can’t wait to see tonight’s episode!

  33. Lexie says:

    There’s no doubt that it will always be about Chuck and Blair. Always. Some can wish all they want for Dan d but NO, it’s all about Blair LOVING Chuck, not Brooklyn trash. Blair doesn’t love people with Jerry Curls.

  34. Tab says:

    The Princess and the Pauper. Most definitely.

  35. BPenny says:

    OMG, how can you like Chuck??? He behaves like a dic*…

  36. Annie says:

    No more abusive Chair games please!! I’m done with chairs and any other pieces of furniture!! Chuckles only remembers Blair when he’s about to lose her!!

    On the contary, Dan and Blair are real OTP material!! Just the idea of the two of them is sooooo freaking romantic!! HE’S THE REAL PRINCE FOR BLAIR!!!<3<3

    • joanna says:

      Delusional Dair fans. Read the recap, It’s over.

      • Serena says:

        Let’s wait till the finale, alright? Better yet, let’s see what happens in season 5!

      • Dair says:

        If Dair fans are so delusional than why have Chair fans beeen freaking out so much this season, and spamming the writers with begging for Chair endgame? I didn’t see the same response to Chuck and Eva or Blair and Louis earlier in the season, because people knew that those couples weren’t a threat. But the build-up and careful treatment of Dair? Says it all really

        Dismiss Dair as a joke as you will, but the fact is that more and more shippers are starting to realise the writing is on the wall. Even the writers are now saying that Chair endgame is not a sure thing

        • Allie says:

          Yeah, the writers never said any such thing, sorry. They’ve repeatedly said that they have definite endgames in mind for some of the characters.

          • Dair says:

            Exactly, around season 2 and 3 they made comments to the affect of Chair being endgame, and now this season they have started saying that nothing is for certain. I can’t be bothered to dig those interviews up right now, but trust me they are out there
            And that’s why Chair fans are now suddenly everythere with shouts of ENDGAME, because they are starting to get that it’s no longer a sure thing
            People wouldn’t be freaking out as much and sending threatening and abusive messages to the writers for some one-off fling like Louis. The careful development of Dair clearly means more than that, they are being seen as a HUGE threat to Chair, whether people can outright admit it or nor

        • fan75 says:

          Only a threat because unlike Clemence (Eva), Tika (Raina), or Hugo (Louis), the GG producers probably wouldn’t fire Penn Badgely from the show.

          Still though the only threat to Chair is Chuck himself, and thus the purpose of all the messages is not only to reunite Chair someday, but moreover to not forget about rebuilding CHUCK BASS as well.

          Chuck is a great, many layered character, and most fans hate to see those nuances lost in his sudden portrayal as a 2 dimentional villain for the past year or so…mainly so the writers could give conflict to CB and explore other pairings such as Ban, which has made Blair very boring to many people…and now even slightly judgemental too?

          Some of you might not find Blair boring now…but just look at the dismal ratings the show’s gotten since January. :P

          • Riley says:

            Look at the dismal drop off LAST season when Chuck/Blair were together and the dismal ratings the first half of this season when they hooked up. You guys are giivng yourself too much credit.

  37. June says:

    Team Dark Knight. Nuff’ said

  38. Deskynowsky says:

    TEAM PAUPER TEAM DAIR TEAM DAN !!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  39. lindsey says:

    Ok I just have one question for everyone that is voting for Chuck. How can you vote for them and claim they are eachothers true loves when he sold her for his hotel? He sold her. I will never get past that.

    • Chen says:

      ~Love makes everything simple~

      see, Dan and Nate are horrible because they think Blair can do better than constantly scheming. Chuck ~truly gets her~ and that’s why he has the authority to decide who she dates.

      • sno says:

        “that’s why he has the authority to decide who she dates.”

        And I though that only she had that authority.
        You seem to make Chuck a bit more controlling that what I though he was. Yes, indeed a pair made to last.

        I liked Blair and Chuck until he sold her, after that, no more Blair and Chuck for me. Blair personality would never get pass that, no matter how much she liked him, that was too much for her. Ofc, this is a tv-show, so she can get hit in the head and forget all about it.

      • Alicia says:

        There’s so much wrong with everything you just said. Has the authority to decide who she dates? He has not authority over her whatsoever. She’s a big girl. I think she’s allowed to make her own decisions.

  40. Melissa says:

    If people are really getting their hopes up like this, there are going to be some awfully disappointed Dair fans tonight…

    • TK says:

      They won’t. Actually, it looks like this season finale will leave all the couples storylines open-ended.

      • Melissa says:

        Not open-ended re: Blair’s feelings for Dan, though.

        • TK says:

          Do you mean she has no feelings? I think it’s too early to talk about this. I think the kiss will clarify it. They don’t show the kiss on purpose.

          • Melissa says:

            The recaps of 4×18 and 4×19 were released on spoilertv (I think), if you don’t believe me.

        • B says:

          Its pretty clear to me that Blair is in deep, deep denial. Why else would she stay in bed for a week faking sick? Why not run straight to Chuck? She DID feel something and it freaked her out. So she pushes it down and ignores it. I guarantee you DB is NOT over. Not yet.

    • TK says:

      Yes, but not the recap of the finale. We better wait for it.

    • Riley says:

      Except the writers letting Blair have feelings for Dan have left that opened, added to the fact that Blair defends him and snubs Chuck.

      You guys and your selective memory amuse.

  41. Joanna says:

    Chuck and Blair people. Get over it, deal. They are endgame.

  42. josey says:

    TEAM DAN I loved chuck and blair for a while but after season 3 it just got annoying and stale for me.Dan and blair remind me of pacey and joey the opposites who didn’t like eachother but once spending time together made a genuine emotional connection.The chemistry between the actors are insane and it’s got me interested in a potiential love story in years.Dan may be considered the underdog but to me he is Blair true prince and many ways where it counts and means something.The little things like getting a girl something to eat because she so busy tiring herself out to think about herself it’s just so sweet and sexy all at that same time.

    So yeah Team Dan lol

  43. Stella25 says:

    Dan is the ultimate romantic character!! Let’s not forget that he’s been walking around the city thinking of her! That he went to her house and he wasn’t willing to leave until he knew for sure what was going on between him and Blair! That’s the ultimate girl dream! To have an awesome guy to appear in ur doorstep ready to face his true feelings for you..<3<3<3

    Dair is the best thing that has ever happened to Gossip Girl! They better not ruin it!!!

    • Nikki says:

      Tonight it will clearly say she LOVES CHUCK! So team CHUCK! I always like a winner and that’s Chuck!

      • Connie says:

        Yes, but tonight she will also tell Chuck that he’s not half the man that Dan is…

        Watching Dan and Blair together always makes me happy. Even when they are awkward and unsure and think the worst of each other, they still understand each other far better than anyone else on the show. It’s truly a credit to the GG writers and Penn and Leighton that these past few episodes have been so good.

        And I’m just gonna say it… CHUCK SOLD HER FOR A HOTEL! A HOTEL PEOPLE!

  44. MSC says:

    I’m Team Chuck. Blair is in love with Chuck , not Dan and that’s not changing anytime soon, thank God! It will always be Team Dark Knight for me. They have the obstacles and the story that has the most to tell. Plus, they loves each other like no other on the show. Team Chair!

  45. Emily says:

    Team Chuck, because I don’t like or care about the Humps. But… why is this poll constructed to vote multiple times?

  46. Sunny says:

    TEAM DAN!! He brings out the best of Blair!! I actually wasn’t much of a Blair fan, until I saw her with Dan! She’s a whole new person around him! More mature! DAIR FTW!!!

  47. Elana says:

    Chuck is her one and only and I can’t wait to see Blair and Chuck back together.

  48. Levi says:

    Chuck is so pathetic in this scene. The guy is like a psycho stalker.

    • C says:

      I actually don’t find him pathetic, but yeah, he IS like a psycho stalker.
      But that’s why we love him.
      And that’s why Blair loves him too.


  49. Isabel says:

    Team Chuck! Blair deserves someone who loves all her sides: light and dark. They love and fully accept each other. Just need a bit more growth.

    • Beth says:

      Regurgitate the girlsssssssss spin harder. Seriously.

      • Lizbeth says:

        What doessssssssss that even mean? We don’t need people to tell us what to think or want. We never have.

        Yes, Chuck sold Blair for a hotel, but I find it interesting that everyone seems to think Dan is the best boyfriend on the face of the earth.


        • Chen says:

          Dan cheated on Vanessa, but Chuck used to rape girls. And he tried to rape Blair’s best friend. And then sold Blair for a hotel. After constantly trying to control her life. So I’d say he’s the worse boyfriend out of the two.

          • chan says:

            yeah, u’re super right. despite he’s worst and i’m not very fond of him either, blair’s still his only true love. Dan is good but isnt suitable for blair. i cant be so selfish to see Chuck suffers from losing his loved just because i hate him.

        • Dair says:

          And Chuck CHEATED ON BlAIR. They were supposed to be a couple at the end of season 1 when Blair was waiting for him at the airport, instead he was hitting on some random girl with “I’m Chuck Bass” and giving her the flowers meant for Blair. He ditched Blair for her too, and thought he cold make it up to her in the season 3 premiere with a bunch of flowers

          Find all the reasons to dislike Dan that you can, there will still never be a lower place than Chuck

          • Dair says:

            *Season 2 premiere

          • MSC says:

            Oh, now Dair fans are making things up about Chuck cheating on Blair. Wow, you guys are desperate. TEAM CHUCK!

          • Dair says:

            Oh I’m not making anything up, honey. Rewatch the end of the season 1 finale

            Blair was waiting for Chuck, and were they or were they not a couple at that stage and planning to spend the summer together? Sure looks like cheating to me. The first girl that Chuck would ditch Bair for, but sadly not the last

          • Allie says:

            Cheating on someone requires actually being in an exclusive relationship with them, which was never stated or even implied on the show.

          • Dair says:

            Chuck and Blair very clearly were in a relationship at the end of season 1. That was what Chuck’s speech at the wedding and the kiss were all about, Blair had every right to think that he was serious about her after that and urgh I hate the games that guys will play with “Well we never SAID we were going to be exclusive”. You only have to look at how hurt and humiliated Blair was at the beginning of season 2 to get that she was expecting more than to be ditched so that Chuck could sleep around all summer
            Chuck knew that Blair would not be up for an open relationship, you are just making excuses now for the way that Chuck has always taken Blair for granted and emotionally abused her

          • fan75 says:

            What about 2.03 when Chuck admitted to Serena that he’d been virtually impotent since the S1 finale, since he abadoned Blair at the heliport? He may have been trying to mess around with other girls…but apparently some things weren’t working right because he missed Blair. lol. Talk about physical ‘committment.’ :P So if that WAS true then he was UNABLE to truly have intercourse with the interior decorator from the finale. :P

          • mac says:

            LMFAO Chuck never cheated on Blair!

          • Dair says:

            Of course he didn’t, just like he never sold her to a rapist for a hotel, right? ;)

          • Allie says:

            Jesus. A week of going on dates does not = a monogamous relationship. Unless they agreed they were exclusive, you can’t assume it. And most importantly, *Blair* has never indicated that she thought Chuck cheated on her. Obviously he ditched her and that was sh**ty, but don’t make up stuff he did wrong just because you hate him.

  50. Alexa says: