Castle Boss to Bones Producers: Booth and Brennan Need to Hook Up NOW

As creator and exec producer of ABC’s Castle, Andrew W. Marlowe has spent a whole lot of the last three years keeping his title character and Beckett apart, and wondering how long that can go on. One thing he does know: He’d be getting pretty anxious right about now if he were Bones‘ Hart Hanson and the couple in question was Booth and Brennan.

Bones is heading into its seventh year,” Marlowe observes to TVLine, “and there comes a point where you put up or shut up. Otherwise, the characters become brother and sister. You can’t extend that tension that long without your fans breaking. And I know that people still watch the show and it’s still popular… I just think it [starts to] morph into something else.”

Major Castle Spoiler Alert: Season-Ending Crisis for Castle and Beckett

Mind you, Marlowe can certainly empathize with the position Hanson and his fellow Bones scribes are in. “Part of my challenge [with Castle and Beckett] is to figure out a way in which to do it when the time is right so it feels like a great moment in the series and a great next step in this love story that we’re telling,” he says. “But [we] also [have to] figure out how there’s storytelling beyond that.

“I’m on record in a number of places saying that there’s plenty of storytelling left after these guys get together, because there are complications in those relationships,” he continues. “Once you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t necessarily become easier. So I feel like I can afford to get to the point where these two actually sleep together and have a relationship, I just don’t feel instinctively that we’re there yet at the end of season 3.”

Bones Boss: Emily Deschanel’s Pregnancy May Result in Curtailed Season 7

If Bones does end up going there with its central duo in next month’s finale — and all signs seem to point in that direction — you can be sure Marlowe will be monitoring the on- and off-screen fallout next season. “Hopefully, Hart will find a way to do it where he can extend the storytelling,” says his Castle counterpart. “And if [he’s successful], it will certainly give some relief to the folks over at Fox that there can be storytelling beyond that.”

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  1. Tom says:

    I realized with the last Bones episode I don’t really care anymore if Booth and Bones hook up. They teased it for too long. I just don’t care anymore. They’ll probably wait until the show is a couple months away from being canceled, then they’ll have a wedding to try and bring fans back. It’s too late, Bones has gone the way of Gray’s Anatomy for me — a show I used to like.

    BTW, I think the solution to the Moonlighting effect is to allow a relationship between the main characters, but don’t change the basic premise of the show. Just because the two central characters are in a relationship doesn’t mean every show has to be about that relationship. I think that’s where other shows have gone wrong, they lost sight of the things that made fans like the show and put too much emphasis on the two central characters and their relationship. That’s when it gets boring.

  2. ANGRY says:

    “there comes a point where you put up or shut up” EXACTLY!!!!!! I’m so sick of HH lying to us with his stupid teases! Also, notice how in the poll 84.84% of people want Booth and Bones to get together ASAP!! For chrissake, take a message, Hart Hanson!!!!

  3. SB says:

    I don’t think Booth & Brennan could EVER get to a brother/sister relationship. They’ve never been that way. Sweets always described them as having a surrogate relationship, so i completely disagree with the producer from Castle. I also don’t like the way he was talking about Bones as if he knows it well. I’m pretty sure Bones is on it’s 6th season while Castle is only on its 3rd, therefore the Bones crew know far more about what works with the ‘will they won’ they plot’ then the crew over at Castle.
    I like where Bones is going and i like the ride viewers are on while watching, waiting and hoping BB will become the ultimate couple. So I’m not worried that they will wait too long or become more like ‘brother and sister’ than boyfriend and girlfriend, cauz us Bones fans know that they will be a couple. It was always Hart’s intention for them to be. And i trust that he’ll put them together at the right time.

  4. finovo says:

    I was willing to go along with a lot, from the stupidity with Zack, to the idiotic brain tumour fakeout, to shifting Bones from Aspergery to brain-damaged, to Hannah as Booth’s great love. But when he proposed as part of a pissing contest with Sweets? That’s when I gave up. That’s a show that no longer has a clue what it’s doing or how to write its own characters plausibly anymore.

    I hold out hope for Castle, which has had its own missteps, but has delivered on a larger level at a very nice pace. Now if the network execs will just let Marlowe write their story the way he wants to write it, I’m pretty sure most of the audience will be happy to watch that relationship grow.

  5. Sheldon W. says:

    Marlowe is right about ‘Bones.’ Hanson and his team have put the biggest possible obstacle to the Bones/Booth pairing into the show, by having booth fall in with someone else, and examining that situation thoroughly and wrapping it up.

    Now it’s time to put up or shut up.

    Whatever its faults might be, ‘Chuck’ has shown that a show can still be not only viable, but enjoyable long after the lead couple has, well, coupled up – which puts the lie to the old saw that putting your lead couple together is death for a series.

    Keeping a lead couple apart for too long is simply lazy writing.

    Get on it, Hart!

  6. Jessabean says:

    I do have to say that I am sick of the will they/won’t they crap. However, both Bones and Booth had some beautiful moments this year:

    – When Brennan burst into tears admitting that she blew her chance. I thought it was very humanizing and a far cry from Season 1, 2, or 3 Bones.
    – When Booth vents his rage over not being wanted by the women he wants/has wanted.
    – … I know there’s another one. It feels like there should be 3. :)

    My feeling is just that the S5 ender and S6 opener were SO contrived that it stretched us all passed the limits of believability. It was like an unforced error; a cliffhanger when there really didn’t need to be one.

    Anyway, my $.02 on the situation.

  7. Beth says:

    WHAT THE HECK is this man talking about?
    I’m sorry, but Castle it’s a DAMN copy of BONES. And it’s not nearly as GOOD.
    Mind your own show Marlowe.

  8. Rosa says:

    Me, I’m a Bones fan till the end. No matter when (not if) Booth & Brennan get together. Me, I’m not too worried about when they get together, because in my opinion, any scenes with them in it are precious. The show is NOT all about relationships, the characters and their stories/development is kinda what makes the show; and the cases are just so intriguing, and bring out the best/worst out of them. Although I ship B+B with all my heart, I enjoy them just getting there, because we all know it will happen eventually. But you know what I love about Bones the most? They CONSTANTLY involve the audience. You always feel how and what the characters are feeling; you battle with them, you feel happy with them, you feel sad with them, you feel angry with them, you cry with them. THIS, I think is what makes a good show, and that is what Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan and the rest of the Bones crew have done so exceptionally well. Many times they have kept us on our toes, they have made us laugh and they have made us cry. Not everybody will be happy with the way an episode/season or whatever goes.
    Same goes for Castle, I LOVE it also, and I ship Castle & Beckett with all my heart. I applaud Andrew Marlowe and the rest of the Castle crew for writing such a brilliant script.
    But again, I am not going to get angry/stop watching if they don’t get them together soon. I am there for the long run….
    As for Andrew Marlowe saying that he thinks Booth & Brennan should get together soon, well done him for saying what he thinks. Sure, Bones & Castle are compared a lot, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I don’t think it is fair for anyone to say that he should mind his own business, he’s allowed to say what he likes.
    I’d take my hat off for both Andrew and Hart any day, they are in a way, my heroes; creating two of the greatest television shows ever in existence. My life would be incomplete without them!!!
    Thank you Hart and Andrew! I love you guys!!!!

  9. Dora says:

    For me Bones has become the new JAG. I turned from shiper into a really-couldn’t-care-less viewer, because the show is all about the non-relationship these days. It’s all about what can we do to not get them together. For me it’s too late for Booth and Brennan.
    JAG showed you how not to drag out the back and forth and Bones is tarred with the same brush.

  10. Imzadi says:

    Honestly, the only TV show I can think of, which handeled the will-they-or-won’t-and everything after perfectly is Farscape. There is no other romantic relationship, that was better done on TV.

  11. Matt says:

    The relationship Booth & Bones exhibited in the coma dream episode was a wonderful Nick & Norah Charles kind of relationship. It was something that would work on _Bones_. However, that episode was panned by the fans — which may spooked Hart Hansen and delayed the start of the relationship by several years.

  12. Meg says:

    Okay, so here’s an idea. They need to give Emily time off to have her baby right? So have Booth and Brennan hook up in the finale, and then when the season resumes have her on vacation somewhere trying to clear her head so she can decide whether or not she is willing to make that relationship work. She could have phone conversations or a web chat or too with Angela for advice and that could satisfy viewers for a couple episodes. Problem solved. But will they do that? Probably not.

  13. Nee says:

    Okay, I have to weigh in on this. To everyone who’s talking about Marlowe minding his own business-I’ll point out his show has already been picked up for another season, while Bones is hanging in limbo. And that’s because Castle is still fresh and fun enough to keep the fans coming back week after week, while even the most die-hard Bones fans are starting to get sick of the lukewarm chemistry between two characters that were all but burning each other up in earlier seasons.

    This entire last season of Bones has been a hot mess from start to finish. It was great to see Bones coming around, but the whole Hannah thing threw them off. And I hate to say it, but Hannah WAS the rebound girl. So he really should have put more serious thought into it when Bones said she was still interested. Instead, they had Booth all but convinced he didn’t want Bones anymore. Really? After 5 years of being nuts for her, six months with a new girl, knowing how Bones is and that she’d need some time to chew on the idea of them being a couple for a while, she says she’s ready and he leaves her dead in the water?

    There’s no realism there. No struggle. Not enough back and forth. Not enough conflict over having your current girl and the one you’re still in love with in the same room. And they killed Bones for me. She started off kickass, and even when she softened up she was still the one to walk away at the end of the day. I was sickened by the episode where she wound up cowering in the corner waiting for Booth to rescue her.

    The characters are no longer realistic, the chemistry is lukewarm at best. I stopped watching “House” this season for that precise reason, and if things don’t come around dramatically I’ll probably do the same for Bones. Castle, however, will still be at the top of my list. Why? Because Stana and Fillion have both confirmed Marlowe intends to get their characters together sooner rather than later. They’re dancing right now. Right now it’s still real. Let’s hope Marlowe remembers to continue to practice what he’s preaching.

  14. Jessie says:

    WHAT? Who’s this guy?. And, who watches Castle anyways?
    I, personally find Bones one of the few shows that keeps me interested. Not only because of the ‘will they/won’t they. I think has a LOT of other elements working along and making it work. Besides, I don’t think I’ve seen a cast that has so much chemistry, all of them, It’s fun just to see them on a scene,talking… I love it.
    And as far as I know, Bones is on it’s 6th season… So, Mr Marlowe, mind your own stuff would ya? Get Castle into a 6th season, THEN, and only then you can TRY and give another show runner some advice. PERIOD.

    • Rosie says:

      Who watches Castle anyways? What a terrible argument… it gets more viewers than Bones most weeks. And it’s already been picked up for another season, whereas Bones hasn’t, yet.

    • dee says:

      I watch Castle. Tried watching Bones when Castle kept getting compared to it. I don’t see the same chemistry on Bones that I see on Castle.

  15. Laura says:

    Bones has become a joke….. Booth and Brennan act more like
    brother and sister. Time to either have them act as a couple
    or move on to other people to love.
    If the writers have Brennan become pregnant….
    who is the father?
    Walter from the Finder
    pregnant from some drunken after dinner night of sex with
    a new person?

  16. Sarah says:

    Im pretty sure BB just did hook up in The Hole In The Heart…. About time

  17. clf says:

    Could not agree more it is time for them to hook-up now and become a couple. We have waited for 6 yrs now and us fans that want them together have not been able to do that. I hope you will let them become a couple and rais their child next season and also I hope we get to see some action with this like kissing or at least hugging.

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