Castle Boss to Bones Producers: Booth and Brennan Need to Hook Up NOW

As creator and exec producer of ABC’s Castle, Andrew W. Marlowe has spent a whole lot of the last three years keeping his title character and Beckett apart, and wondering how long that can go on. One thing he does know: He’d be getting pretty anxious right about now if he were Bones‘ Hart Hanson and the couple in question was Booth and Brennan.

Bones is heading into its seventh year,” Marlowe observes to TVLine, “and there comes a point where you put up or shut up. Otherwise, the characters become brother and sister. You can’t extend that tension that long without your fans breaking. And I know that people still watch the show and it’s still popular… I just think it [starts to] morph into something else.”

Major Castle Spoiler Alert: Season-Ending Crisis for Castle and Beckett

Mind you, Marlowe can certainly empathize with the position Hanson and his fellow Bones scribes are in. “Part of my challenge [with Castle and Beckett] is to figure out a way in which to do it when the time is right so it feels like a great moment in the series and a great next step in this love story that we’re telling,” he says. “But [we] also [have to] figure out how there’s storytelling beyond that.

“I’m on record in a number of places saying that there’s plenty of storytelling left after these guys get together, because there are complications in those relationships,” he continues. “Once you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t necessarily become easier. So I feel like I can afford to get to the point where these two actually sleep together and have a relationship, I just don’t feel instinctively that we’re there yet at the end of season 3.”

Bones Boss: Emily Deschanel’s Pregnancy May Result in Curtailed Season 7

If Bones does end up going there with its central duo in next month’s finale — and all signs seem to point in that direction — you can be sure Marlowe will be monitoring the on- and off-screen fallout next season. “Hopefully, Hart will find a way to do it where he can extend the storytelling,” says his Castle counterpart. “And if [he’s successful], it will certainly give some relief to the folks over at Fox that there can be storytelling beyond that.”

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  1. Megslin says:

    Stories get a lot more exciting once there is a relationship…by now I’m tired of the same old will they wont they contrived storylines to keep them apart…not every relationship is either a) boring or b) has to have cheating/death/severe personal issues to make it exciting. Just have them being together would be awesome!

    • darclyte says:

      The concern over a show going “Moonlighting” by bringing them together is fairly ridiculous these days. First, Moonlighting suffered because the stars didn’t get along, and that caused all sorts of behind the scenes mayhem that ended up bringing about terrible scripts, poor interactions, and the end of the series. If a series doesn’t have those issues, then good writing should prevail.

      Take “Chuck” for example. They brought Chuck and Sarah together, yet good writing has found new and different ways to mine their relationship once past the “will they or won’t they” stage. Getting into a relationship brings with it all sorts of different possibilities that good writers will work on.

      Another example is Peter and Olivia on Fringe. They really haven’t gotten into their relationship very deeply on the show, but what they have shown has at times been “early cute” as well as overcoming some pretty heavy obstacles.

      As long as Bones and Castle have good writers, bringing the leads together shouldn’t cause them to “jump the shark.” Poor writing and bad chemistry is what leads to that.

      • Trista` says:

        Could not agree more!!!!

        Moonlighting has been the bane of my existance (or rather the so called Moonlighting curse). Nothing could have saved that show from falling apart. You cannot compare shows like Bones and Castle to the wreck that was seasons 2 & 3 of Moonlighting. In contrast they are both smart, procedural heavy, character driven shows that lack the manic chaos that was ML. Emily and David have oodles of chemistry and they repect one another – another fundamental difference. David and Maddie may have cared for one another, but they didn’t respect each other or their differences. You can find a similiar theme in Castle. No – these shows should not limit themselves to will they or won’t they.

        • cb says:

          WTH there was a season 2 and 3 of moonlighting? I’ve only been able to find the first 16 eps. You’re talking about the vampire show with mick and beth yeah?

          • cb says:

            nvm I’m thinking of moonlight. 2 different shows

          • lacey says:

            In the 80s there was a show called “Moonlighting” starring Cybil Sheppard and Bruce Willis. The 2 lead characters hooked up but the actors hated each other and the writing failed them.

            “Moonlight” (2007) starred Alex O’Loughlin as a vampire named Mick.

      • bonescrazy says:

        To be a committed couple Booth and Brennan don’t have sex right away because they can wait for sex until they’re ready. Making out can make for a lot of passion because the brain is the most powerful sex organ!!

      • SAM says:

        You are right the so-called “Moonlighting” curse and Marlowe is right about fans being alienated by how Hanson is handling the Bones and Brennan storyline. Not moving them forward is just lazy writing. I used to love “Bones” but stopped watching it because I was beginning to feel insulted as a viewer with the persistent “will they/won’t they?” storylines.

      • Watcher says:

        The “Moonlighting curse” is really not applicable in any situation. Why?? because by the end of the series neither Cybill or Bruce could stand each other and it showed on the screen.. Bruce had moved on – big time – and that showed too. That’s why the show fizzled.
        As for Bones – both characters have been poorly written this season and I’m tired of Brennan still being the pretenous snob she’s always been. She needs to have a set back and become more likable, more human.

  2. sarah says:

    From Marlowe’s mouth to Hart’s ears ;)

    Marlowe may be my new hero!

    • Bess77 says:

      He’s certainly mine if he just keeps his word.

    • NickC says:

      Marlowe just ripped off the Bones formula…

      Ex Joss good guy…Check.
      Hot smart capable brunette…Check
      BackandForth will they wont they chemistry…Check.

      Im sorry but Castle is awful.(and im a Big Fillion fan)

      Bones is great and im ready to see them give it a try.
      The Moonlighting thing is stupid.As long as the writing is
      good then the actors/characters will be great.

      There should be a 4th option for people who want Marlowe
      to go away…

      • J says:

        And yet, I’ll watch Castle but not Bones… Hmm…

      • sno says:

        And I stopped watching Bones, but still adore Castle.

        • Jo says:

          What sno said. I stopped caring about everyone within a few seasons, while I still love all the characters in Castle.
          Don’t get upset just because someone told Hart what to do.

      • Jill says:

        You may have a point that as long as the writing is good the characters will be great. Unfortunately it hasn’t been good for Booth and Bones for a long time now. When I watch, and it’s not all the time any more, it’s for Cam, Hodgins, Angela and the interns.

      • Castle is a RIP OFF!!! says:

        I couldn’t agree more! How can someone who has basically ripped off another show comment on said show’s chemistry?! Castle is an utter waste of space because it’s not original. It’s basically a twisted version of something that is far better. Marlowe’s opinion isn’t worth anything. Come back when you have an ORIGINAL idea! And for all you so called ‘fans’ who have switched from Bones to Castle… you’re fickle and easily led. You’re basically watching a show which is a poor imitation of Bones at its season 3 stage. It won’t get to a season 6 let alone a 7th like Bones will. What can you expect for a rip off?!

        • dee says:

          Then Bones is a rip off of Moonlighting,Remington Steel, and Scarecrow and Mrs King.

          Bones is not an ORIGINAL idea its been done before in the shows I mentioned just in a different setting, but the same idea.

          • Jada says:

            Uh. No. Formulaic procedurals and total rip offs are different things. Castle or whatever the hell it is is a TOTAL RIP OFF. With such ugly leads. God. That guy. YUCK. I mean, I get that trying to be David Boreanaz is impossible, but does he have to try so hard and look so disgusting doing it.

          • Jada says:

            WHAT THE ARTICLE SHOULD be called. Castle Boss to Bones execs: Thank you for creating your show, because if you hadn’t then we wouldn’t have one. We’re running out of ideas, so get them together so that we can rip that off with no style or elegance. They may not have appeal, but we have actors trained to copy yours. Sorry that they’re no good, but they do devote all their time towards the effort. The end.
            Geez. This site should be shut down for perpetuating copyright infringement, plagiarism, and poor quality, ugly television.

  3. Stacey says:

    He shouldn’t talk. Given he’s stringing out ludicrous excuses already and not putting Castle and Beckett together. Have they talked about the “kiss” yet, not to my knowledge. Yes BONES is in a interesting place but I wouldn’t call out another show when you still are finding ways to not put your couple together even if you have less seasons. He annoys me. Just like Hart annoys me. One can say Castle and Beckett are emotionally ready to go there right now. Brennan wasn’t in Booth and Brennan until this season. But I pray for Bones sake they go there soon. But I hate he’s calling out another show when he’s putting up barriers on his own show.

    • Melanie says:

      They haven’t talked about the damn kiss because that would be un-Caskett like. I don’t think Caskett is ready to be in a relationship, even though I want them in one.

      He’s trying to be real with Caskett, and in real life, relationships like Caskett take far longer to get together. He’s doing fine with them. Good god.

  4. Bobo says:

    Honestly? I think AM is right, except I think it’s already too late for Booth and Brennan.

    If Season 6 has done anything, it’s turned me from a shipper into a really-couldn’t-care-less/don’t even watch hardly anymore. Season 6 should have been the season they got together (at the start), rather than the badly written and acted plot devices and obstacles they’ve thrown at them this year.

    Yeah, ratings are still good. Not sure they would be so good without the AI lead-in. Anyway, they don’t care, it’s a money-making business. They’ll milk it for as long as possible. Just saying.

    • Hilary says:

      I kind of agree but I think I still want to see them together just to see where it CAN go.

    • Amy says:

      I agree. Season 6 was the put up or shut up year. Now I just don’t care anymore. I haven’t watched since October.

      • Stockardguru says:

        If you haven’t watched since October, then why do you even HAVE an opinion? You’ve no idea what has happened.

        • Heather says:

          The first six years that Amy put in to watching and loving these characters gives her a right to have an opinion. There are plenty of people who only checked in a season or two ago and they have plennty to say, so why can’t Amy?

          And the last time I checked, this was America. Free speech, and all.

          • Stockardguru says:

            If you’ve ‘given up’ on a show, why do you care anymore? That’s all I’m saying so save your “Free speech in America” argument on something that is actually real and important, like Oh, I don’t know the Women’s Rights Movement or something similar, ‘kay?

          • Bobo says:

            Heather, I agree with you. Completely.

          • Jingo says:

            Stock – It’s the internet, everyone believes they have a right to say something dumb and then insult anyone that points out that it’s dumb, with the comment “last time I checked this is America” because that’s a reasonable excuse your argument makes no sense… hmmm… maybe it is actually.

        • cato says:

          Nothing has bloody happened in Bones this season, that’s the point. The whole season has been treading water (poorly) and even though i’ve kept watching it, it has, sadly, made me care much less. I feel like i’m being played like a fish on a line, for no reason, til i get old & die. This whole season has been a nothing. And to stay on topic: I prefer Castle now, even though that isn’t particularly good either, but at least it isn’t getting worse like Bones is.

    • tarc says:

      I’m with you: too late. I no longer care of they’ll get together, and pretty much think it’s too late. I’m really no longer convinced that they are compatible. The producers missed the window.

    • Sally says:

      Agreed completely. They missed their window of opportunity. Sexual tension? What sexual tension? It’s not even there anymore.

      • cato says:

        The chemistry is totally gone now. They waited too long, and now if it ever happens they’ll blame the Moonlighting curse for the results. Thats a pretty good curse, its self fulfilling!

    • Former B&B Shipper says:

      I agree, I think that they (HH & writers) really nicked the jugular on this once great show. They completely destroyed the chemistry between these two. I’m just feeling left cold now by it all.

  5. Tausif Khan says:

    I would rather see Mal Reynolds and Angel fight it out.

    • Melinda says:

      Bwahaha! I love Mal, but Angel is “fast like a freak.” I think that Angel would have the upper hand in that battle. (Hmm…now I’m thinking of Mal Reynolds and the crew of Serenity as vampires. Watch out, reavers!)

    • Liz says:

      I remember that happening once. Angel got knocked out and Buffy finished the job.

  6. Jenny says:

    I think it’s tricky to pair up the main couple, but it worked in Grey’s Anatomy AND Chuck (although – the meticulous attention being paid to the wedding planning is…ridiculous at this point). I think it also worked with Monica and Chandler on Friends.

    At this point, I think it’s sort of a cop out not to pair up a couple that’s destined to be together, because the writers are afraid to enter new territory. I’m tired of the will-they-or-won’t-they dynamic in so many shows these days.

    • Jenny says:

      OH! And Coach and Tami Taylor. Yes, it’s a different genre, but really. I think it’s lazy writing to keep couples apart these days. It tells me that the writers don’t know how to write an interesting couple.

      But clearly the Bones writers do know how to write a couple, because I love Angela and Hodgins. So…suck it up and write Booth and Bones together too. Because the sexual tension between those two is going to rip the universe apart if they don’t do it soon. Srsly.

    • Sarah says:

      I don’t think it worked out so well on Grey’s Anatomy. Meredith and Derek are completely dull and lifeless now. Even Meredith individually is nearing being unwatchable (she was my favorite character for the first 4 seasons). All she does now is run around barking advice to other characters. Derek is there only to tell her she’s right or to hug her. Massive snoozefest.

      • Stockardguru says:

        I think Grey’s Anatomy has taken a completely different turn. It doesn’t even focus on Meredith and McDreamy at all, or any other characters that have been there for 7 years. It’s all about Callie and Arizona and Sloan. Whilst I adore Sloan, the storyline they have now is unwatchable. Why would you ruin he and Lexie to make ‘Calzona’ a happy family. Rhimes allowed two HUGE characters go so she could keep a mediocre pair and bring in virtual nobodies to run around and get us interested in. I thought the point of the show was to follow the interns who we started with and the few large characters that came with them at the beginning, Now, we’re two major interns down, have a show that revolves around ONE character (and not a Grey, strangely enough), That show was ruined two years ago when Izzie left and George got killed. It was bad enough when Denny died, now she’s recycling storylines for sub-par characters? This show needs to change it’s direction fast, or just leave us in peace already.

        • Brittany says:

          I couldn’t agree with you more! Everything you’ve said, I feel the same way. Why did the focus shift from the main characters? Not that I don’t love Sloan, and even Callie, but why why why has Meredith (and Derek) become SUPPORTING characters? Maybe they should rename the show “Torres Anatomy.” It’s ridiculous!
          And as for Meredith and Derek being boring as a couple…no, they aren’t. They were at the forefront of the show until Season 7 premiered. Yang’s storyline and Calzona’s storyline became the dominant arcs of the first half of season 7. While I was more than happy to see Yang get some great screen time, I thought that after a few episodes, the focus would shift back to Meredith and Calzona would shift to the “B storyline.” But that hasn’t happened yet. And season 7 is almost over.

          • Stockardguru says:

            Yeah, I thought that too about the Calzona stuff. I haven’t stopped watching (and won’t), because of my favorite Vet Characters. But you don’t just write a show revolving around a group of characters for five full seasons and then just kill them off or let them leave. Heigl and Knight left because Rhimes wasn’t giving them story-lines.
            I do love Yang, but I like her with Meredith too. Basically with Karev they are the only originals left (besides McDreamy, the Chief, and Bailey). As far as I am concerned, the rest of the characters should have the back-up story-lines.
            She should just give Calzona a spin-off. I’d hate to see Sloan go, but she has pretty much ruined him and Lexie, now. And a new Dr for Karev to love? How convenient.
            With what is going on with ‘Greys Anatomy’, it pisses me off when people diss ‘Bones’ and say how much it’s changed, or that “Brennan is so different and stupid”, or this “do you even have a TV” BS. B&B always joke with one another, hello. ‘Bones’ is a solid, fairly consistent show, and one of the better shows that is even aired on TV. All the so called ‘fans’ do is complain about it (have you ever looked at the IMDB boards about it? My goodness, everyone that posts there hates it!). I still love Grey’s, because it still has what it did in the beginning, and I might complain about it, but I would never give up on it (even after that sing-along, sheesh). It gets the ratings even after all the changes it’s made, but Bones is virtually the same and they’re not even sure if ther’ll be a season six because people are too impatient with it. Give me a break and grow up. We can’t all have what we want when we want it.

      • Aiden says:

        I think the show has just evolved–as it should naturally after 7 seasons. I don’t think the Meredith/Derek relationship became dull at all, only different.

        Some shows actually work out the relationships of the characters so well into the story once the tension has been resolved. See Chuck and Sarah from CHUCK, for example. Season 4 is currently a blast– absolutely fun, thrilling, and unpredictable to watch. It’s incomparable to the adventurous 2nd season because it’s rather amazing and exciting in its own respect.

        If Hart Hanson navigates it well for Booth and Brennan, the show may actually improve in quality as it explores the effects of this change to the characters and stories.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Blech. Booth and brennan have no chemistry. I like booth with that reporter. She was dynamic and cute. As for castle and beckett–they can totally get together ala mcdreamy and meredith. It would work because they have a ton of chemistry and great writing behind them.

  8. AC says:

    And this is why I love Fringe… relationships happen eventually… then the world blows up ;)

    I think it’s funny that Castle’s producers are giving advice on this front.. Castle and Beckett about kill me with the will they/won’t they…

  9. stout says:

    Too late, they’re already at the brother/sister level. Zzzz.

  10. Ingmar says:

    The show is just as fun with them just working together and being close friends but I think it is time to do something fresh on the show, and a hook-up may give that :) They still have tension and I don’t agree with the brother-sister thing since they dont have the sister/brother chemistry. Hanson wrote them perfectly. 2 strong characters that are fighting to be ready for eachother in a proper relationship. But I hope they go there in the S6 finale :) Then in S7 they can show them as a couple, having couple troubles but also couple fun!

    • Stockardguru says:

      Finally someone I can agree with. I am so tired of people commenting about things (anything) so negatively. Now they’re dissing MY show, and my second favorite female TV character ever? Now way. Booth and Brennan have too much chemistry, that’s the real problem. How are they going to make their hook up explosive enough? That is what Hanson is juggling. It’s gonna have to be really, really hot and sexy.
      Whoever said they don’t have chemistry must either be blind (or very young) or idiotic, because their chemistry is amazing!

      • LORAC says:

        there used to be chemistry. “used to be” being the operative words. this season is pale compared to the previous 5 and just watching it, in my opinion, takes effort. the get-together does not have to be “really really hot and sexy”, – Hart have booth just get in the damn cab already and hire the writers you had in the first season, because that is where the chemistry was left.

        • Stockardguru says:

          It’s going to have to be better than Booth’s prior love scenes, yes? He has always had hot and heavy scenes with the ones he DOESN’T love, so what in the heck do you think should happen with the one he DOES love and has never haid a piece of?

          Yeah, their chem., was off this season (intentionally I think). But Hannah was there, what do you expect? What the problem was, was that Booth was blinded by the rebound romance and he even turned on Brennan when he told Hannah what Brennan said when she admitted she loved him. How were they supposed to act? Booth shut down and got desperate, and didn’t even see signs from Hannah that she was ‘not the marrying kind’, which most viewers got on their first site of Hannah, and you know when she said or implied it thirty-five freakin times.

          Their ‘chemeistry’ is slowly building again. I agree about the cab thing. I think there is definitely something there.

  11. Steph says:

    YESSSSSSS. Please, get them together<3 The last thing I want is their relationship to become brother/sister-y. They're epic and they're my favorite couple BY FAR. Please, give the fans who have stuck with it for 6 years what they deserve.

  12. Dominique says:

    Yes, THANK YOU!! At least he understands that the show is slowly ruining this beautiful couple they have by just NOT letting them be together. There’s only so much ‘will they/won’t they’ they can do before it becomes boring and people lose intrest.

    • Bobo says:

      I think the chemistry between Booth and Brennan has pretty much disappeared lately. I’d love to see it back, but it’s just gone.


    My issue with BONES is that the producers have played way too many mind games with the audience over the last several seasons. I have always loved the show, but I am sick and tired of the “will they or won’t they” stuff. Enough already

    Too, the way the writers have DIGRESSED Brennen’s character is annoying. It is like everyone else’s characters have grown and changed–but for some unknown reason, they have written Brennen this season the way they wrote her first season. It is insulting and feels very contrived.

    • Derek64 says:

      No, she was better in the 1st season. Now she just seems autistic.

      • ava says:

        I completely agree! Season 1 Brennan was kick-ass, intelligent, and had emotions. She was not completely oblivious and did not act at all like she does now.

  14. Mikaylah says:

    I 100% agree with his statement about the relationship morphing into something different if you wait too long. I feel like NCIS has completely missed their chance with Tony and Ziva, if not already then SOON. After a while you just stop caring, or get so fed up with being jerked around.

    • Pocki says:

      Oh they totally missed their chance with Tony and Ziva. I used to love that show, and the characters and their relationships. But at some point it just stopped moving forward. I think I must’ve held on for half a season or more of just standing still, hoping that something would happen. But it didn’t, so I quit watching. Apparently a good decision it seems.

  15. trustno1 says:

    While I think it would be great if Booth and Brennan were finally together, I question AM’s motives. It seems to me that he wants Hart Hanson to put them together so that would be his guide for when it will begood time to put Castle and Becket together in the life of his show and how will it work after putting the couple together so he could follow it’s lead if it works and avoid it if it doesn’t.

  16. mdb says:

    Marlowe is a very smart man & excellent writer!!!! Castle is going so well and building so organically. Bones never did it always seemed uneven to me. Now there is no chemistry left in Bones, the whole show seems tired & forced. It is all I can do to watch.

  17. Anita says:

    I think Mr. Marlowe should worry about his own show. I have to say I find it so funny that “shippers” (any show) always use the same arguments over and over. Its “Coach and Tami” are together and “TPTB don’t know how to write a relationship”. If people watched FNL they’d know Coach and Tami were never a UST couple, there was never seasons of story of them being apart & their starting point/foundation is completely different than these other couples. As for TPTB never having had a relationship and/or not knowing how to write a relationship – maybe they just don’t want to write what you want to see.

  18. Lisa says:

    I’m almost tired of caring!

  19. Kristen says:

    It’s time, Hart. Make it happen.

  20. K says:

    I agree that it is too late. Booth and Brennan are at that brother and sister level now. After this season it would be anticlimatic. I feel sorry for all the fans who have stuck with this show season after season. They don’t deserve to have to watch what is being done to this show now. Many faithful viewers will be dropping this show anyways after this season. It really doesn’t matter what they do. I don’t like Booth or Brennan as characters after how they are being written this season. They will probably have to put Booth and Brennan together, but after what has happened this year it will make absolutely no sense at all. What a waste of viewing time this show has become. They have ruined everything great about it. They had something wonderful going for them but decided it wasn’t working for them. Hart and gang have dropped the ball with this show and it is painful to see what they might continue to do with it as the season ends. The season can’t be over soon enough in my opinion.

  21. Amanda says:

    I’m more interested in the Castle aspect of this article than what it means for Bones just because I have really enjoyed the way that AM has handled his characters thus far. I’ve gotten so disenchanted with Booth and Brennan that at this point, I don’t really care what Hart Hanson does or doesn’t do. I care what happens to Castle and Beckett. After that last interview, with Marlowe talking about “obstacles” and so forth, it was starting to sound like things were going to take a weird turn. But I agree with everything he’s said here. Castle and Beckett don’t have to be in a relationship yet. But they also don’t need obstacles. Obstacles are what killed Booth and Brennan for me. Castle and Beckett’s story can play out and grow the way it should, and it can work as a relationship when they get to that point.

  22. sima says:

    From marlows mouth to NCIS producer ears! In regards to Bones too, its time…. ill lose interest in season 7 if they don’t get together.

  23. Obviously says:

    Focus on your show! Hart doesn’t need his opinion on his show. I’m sure he knows from the way the fans have been reacting that people want Booth/Brennan together. Let’s see where Castle/Beckett are in a few years. He’s talking a lot of trash but most Will they/Won’t they couples don’t get together until the end. That’s just the truth. He will not be any different.

  24. Jo says:

    I’m so glad this man is behind my favorite show! Finally a showrunner that has the courage and the brains to think outside the box, instead of falling into the same SL over and over again. I used to love Bones. But now BB are like brother and sister, and I can’t even imagine them together anymore. It’s too late. I don’t care anymore. Now with Castle I’m not frustrated yet. I do think they should get together next season though. But for the moment, I’m enjoying the journey. It makes sense. And there’s always progress. It’s not like Bones.

  25. Clo says:

    Bones started to lose it for me after season 4. Going into season 7 and keeping them apart is just ridiculous. I care a lot less now. I would have been really excited about it a season or two ago.

    -As for Castle, their chemistry is much stronger than Booth and Brennan’s. If they don’t get together by next season I can see being very frustrated.

  26. Derek64 says:

    I watch and like both shows. HH has made a lot of stupid decisions, but quite frankly, Marlowe isn’t in any position to criticize.
    He clearly wrote his show from the beginning to cater to shippers, yet he differentiates between ‘shippers’ and ‘fans’ like the shippers’ expectations are far out there… when they are probably like 80% of fans in some way or the other.
    Either way, if this turns into a full-blown fight between them then I’ll be here with popcorn at the ready.

  27. Pocki says:

    I am sincerily tired of all this “keeping the mains apart forever” thing. It has been this big thing for such a long time, and by now it’s starting to feel like you believe in the curse just cause someone says it is a curse you know? I’m always so happy when I watch shows that break this “rule”. And I haven’t actually watched a show where it died once IT happened. I don’t believe you can only do it in sci fi and comedy, I really don’t. Seriously, sci fi is just as much drama as a procedural show (which is what we’re dealing with in the cases of Bones and Castle) yet they managed magnificently with main characters coupling up in shows like Farscape, Battlestar Galactica and Fringe… just to name a few.

    • AC says:

      I’ve always said that sci-fi has the best love stories. They tend to be epic because the focus is not on the relationship. However, the love between two characters does give a more human feel to dire circumstances. Fringe shows how it can be beautiful and not ruin the show.

  28. Meg says:

    I hate to agree with most of the commenters here, because when season 6 began, I looked forward to Bones all week, and was in front of the TV every thursday with a bowl of popcorn. I still watch it, but I’ll usually catch it later in the week, and I’ve certainly stopped telling my friends to watch it. The Booth/Bones heat has died and the writing just wasn’t there this season. Brennan, in particular seems like a parody of the character she used to be.

    This is why I have so much respect for the writers of Fringe. They did not string their fans along with the “will they won’t they” question for season after season. They followed the natural progression of the story and did what felt truest to the emotional states of both characters. I think that shows a great respect for the audience as well as confidence that the show has enough depth and substance that they don’t *need* to lean so heavily on unresolved sexual tension.

    • Tarc says:

      Apparently, the Hollywood nitwits by into the idea that the ‘Moonlighting’ effect is real. It isn’t – beyond the fact that the leads *lothed* each other increasingly and that it reall accelerated when they got together, the writers were mostly at fault for dealing with the romance as a noir fantasy until they actually got together, and then the bizarrely switched to a rather unpleasant more realistic style. It didn’t work for the show, the audience, or the actors. OTOH, there are MANY shows out there that deal with romantic relationships between their leads very well – Marlowe among them. Or Fringe. The whole Moonlighting-effect fears are hogwash, and a poor smokescrren for bad writers hiding their shortcomings.

  29. Lexana says:

    The Booth/Brennan drama is turning into the Mulder/Scully drama of the X-Files. It’s time for the writers to p*ss or get off the pot as my granny would say. The producers of Cheers had it right when they got Sam and Diane together after the first season. They managed to keep their on again/off again relationship interesting until Shelly Winters(Diane) left the show due to GOOD WRITING. If viewers lose interest once Booth and Bones are together it will be due to the failure of the writers, not the idea of making them a couple in the first place.

  30. K says:

    I love that another producer is openly saying that what Hart and company have done to their show should never have happened. Bones will be an example of what not to do if you want to keep your audience happy and engaged with your show. Season six will be shown in college classes as what not to do if you hope to keep the chemistry of your lead actors alive and strong.

    The Bones curse will surpass the Moonlighting curse because the Bones producer’s should have known better. They wrote this aweful season thinking they knew better than what history has proven with every other show that has gone downhill using the exact same storyline and plot. Significant other storylines are boring. When used in late seasons they are a sign that a shows television writer’s and producer’s aren’t able to come up with an original and entertaining story anymore. They become copycats that get paid way more than they should. If a show gets to this point the writing staff needs to be let go. Fresh ideas need to be brought in but significant other storylines need to be left out of a series after season four of a show. It no longer works and is just plain lazy writing.

    The people behind Bones should be ashamed that this is what they have reduced themselves to. They now have the media, other show producers and their own fans saying what a mess their show has become. If I was them I’d be embarassed. Not arrogant and proud like they often come across now.

    • Obviously says:

      Hart has been arrogant I agree but he knows that people want BB together. He knows that the will they/won’t they has gone on for too long. The Castle creator has no business calling him especially when the two leads on his show aren’t together. He looks so immature and seems like he desperate for press.

      • cb says:

        wake up

        You’re comparing a show in it’s third season to a show in it’s sixth. I’m sure by the sixth season castle and beckett will be together unlike bones.

        • Obviously says:

          Exactly. Let’s see where Castle and Beckett are during season 6. They won’t be together. LOL. I would bet money on it. This guy is all talk.

      • Kath says:

        I think it’s rather brave of Marlowe to say that because he could put Castle and Beckett together and it might fail. He’s putting his money where his mouth is.

      • Tarc says:

        Actually, he does – and Marlowe’s correct. Period. Full stop. Marlowe’s been developing the Castle/Beckett relationship throughout the show in a natural way, and it’s closing in on the real deal – in a reasonable amount of time, and before the weight of siix seasons makes the whole charade pointless.

    • Aimee L. says:

      No wonder Mr. Hanson wants to do a crossover between Bones and Fringe. Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman know how to handle love between two lead characters!

    • Bobo says:

      I couldn’t agree more K. If they were going to do this tired significant other storyline, the least they could have done was made sure it was written and acted well. And that it didn’t require explanation after the fact by the producers and showrunners.

    • Jill says:

      Well said.

      It’s past time for HH to put Booth and Bones together.

  31. Amber says:

    On the Castle front: I felt that at the end of Season 2 that Castle and Beckett came thisclose to really becoming a couple and then Gina showed up. On the Bones front: Never felt that way at the end of Season 2. Brennan wasn’t ready yet. It just wasn’t time. Now, we’re a much closer to them getting together. I laugh at the idea of Booth and Brennan’s chemistry ever being brother/sister like. I love both couples for what they are. And I will continue to watch both shows. For the fun of it, Booth and Bones-Bam!Baby

  32. Kira J says:

    I think after a certain amount of time not putting the couples together or making a definite decision about their relationship is just stupid and manipulative. Season 4 was really good and I was so disappointed with how they ended the season–Booth’s brain tumor and the alternate reality coma–it made no sense and was a complete cop-out for the fans.

    Ultimately, I haven’t watched the show with the same dedication since then. I wish they would just man-up and make a decision, because I won’t put up with the constant stalling for another season.

    Or at least, they could have Brennan and Booth decide to have a baby since Bones will be pregnant next year. I think that would be a very different storyline for television.

    • Meg says:

      I agree. I actually think that they should have gone through with the baby idea. That would have given it a very interesting dynamic and would have only made the “hannah thing” and others that more of a big deal/problem. And in the end they could be together with their child. That would have been cute at least. And entertaining.

  33. Stockardguru says:

    I think it’s completely ridiculous that all the people that call themselves ‘Bones’ Fans have nothing but bad to say about the show. Personally, I love it. I want Booth and Brennan together, and I think good writing is the key to everything and Hanson is still bringin’ it. He’s got great characters who’ve all got perfect comic timing. I will admit that there has been a bit of a lukewarm feeling between Bones and Seely, but that was due to Hannah. With a character like Brennan who has so many issues, you can’t just throw her in the water. She has to be sure that she won’t get hurt- because she loves him too. At least they are a duo that should be together, unlike the ‘Moonlighting’ duo and the “who’s the Boss?’ pairing. Bones is a totally different show than ANY other on TV, and I hope it stays on for at least two more seasons. I’ve even given up on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ to look forward to ‘Bones’ each week. I just wish internet idiots would stop ruining it for me. It’s the single best TV show on TV right now. If you people want to bitch, bitch about how awful ‘Grey’s’ has become. Now THAT is sloppy writing.

  34. Morgan says:

    What is Marlowe doing giving Hart Hanson advice…Castle’s been on the air less than half the time Bones has been on. Obviously Hanson’s doing something right considering he’s sustained a solid viewership base for nearly 7 years.

  35. Sarah says:

    AM is such a smart showrunner and his stories have beautiful continuity (both for the characters and the relationships on Castle). It really makes me excited to see where he brings Castle/Beckett in the future because he’s looking at his story as a whole, in that he wants the whole thing to follow together to reveal a complete and satisfying story. I’ve never been more comfortable with letting a show play out the way that the showrunner wants it to play out because Andrew Marlowe puts the story on the screen. I don’t have to have him explain what he meant in an interview because he and his staff have beautifully put it in the show. Castle is a wonderfully written, produced and acted show. I’m thrilled its getting the recognition that it receives. As for Bones, I plead the 5th because my mom always told me to keep my mouth shut if I could say something nice. So, thanks Michael for an excellent article and thank you Andrew for making Monday’s “Castle” night in our house!

  36. ThatBob says:

    Both showrunners need to remember that they aren’t writing soap operas here — Bones and Castle are both, at heart, procedurals. You can’t let the shippers take over and run the place or ignore the crime stories in favor of all relationship, all the time. Get them together or don’t but don’t forget what the shows are about. If the crime stories are strong enough the shows can survive relationships; if the relationships are all uou’ve got and the mysteries suffer, then the show is in trouble no matter how happy the shippers are.

    • Unhinged says:

      Amen. Don’t watch Bones or Castle. But I do watch NCIS and I fear what will happen to the show if they give in to shippers.

    • Rosie says:

      In my opinion, the mysteries have been suffering in Bones for quite a while. I barely even pay attention to the cases week on week anymore, because they’re actually quite dull.

      Castle, on the other hand, has some great action packed cases, and even if there’s an episode without much Castle/Beckett shippiness, the case is often enough to leave me feeling entertained.

  37. Fergus says:

    If you ask it’s more interesting once you get a couple together, sure the will they/wont they is cute at first but becomes boring fast.

  38. Michele says:

    I dont understand why people worry about pairings happening. In the books that Caste inspired the fake Beckett and Castle hooked up in the first book.

    And although I don’t read the Kathy Reichs’ books I can only assume the same holds true like most mystery series books.

    You can create tension through many means – I, for instance, don’t watch Bones or Castle for the eventual hook-ups I watch them for the way the characters are written and all the things they face. The Moonlighting thing happened and then destroyed the show because that was all the show was about at that point in the series run.

    I agree – Bones should go there ASAP and hope it can keep audiences interested.

    And Castle should as well and then write the series as smart and fun as the books the series inspired. Just because characters are a couple doesn’t mean the sexy, arguing, and funny goes away

  39. Derek64 says:

    Keeping Mulder/Scully apart worked just fine up until season 7. It’s because their relationship wasn’t such a huge focus as it is with Castle/Beckett. This wasn’t the case for Bones either in the beginning, but ever since season 5 they’ve made it all about the relationship and the cases have suffered.

    • Lightspeeder says:

      I know this is an old post. But, I have to agree. Scully and Mulder are one of the best and most iconic pairs ever!

      And, yet the X-Files was so much MORE than just a WTWT type of show. Some of these other shows seem to focus SO much on the WTWT aspect. That can drive some viewers away.

      Not to mention Gillian and David are superb actors! They didn’t need any huge sex scene to show how much Scully & Mulder loved and cared about each other. They also have a “once in a lifetime” chemistry as said by Robert Patrick. Which, definitely made any scene with them together truly great. As there was a certain magnetic intensity always there.

      Anyways, regarding Castle. It’s interesting to see quite a few Castle fans over at IMDB unhappy with the WTWT factor. So, it’s not just Bones.

  40. Missy says:

    The dragged out back and forth on Bones is what caused me to STOP WATCHING that show. I don’t care about Booth and Bones at all anymore and I lost all interest in the show as a whole. I do care about Beckett and Castle, for now, but if that show takes six plus seasons for them to get together, I’m quite certain I won’t still be watching. The Bones’ holdout has ruined the onscreen chemistry between David and Emily. Doing the same thing to Stana and Nathan would be a tragedy.

  41. E says:

    I think he should have put them together this past season. I stopped caring Season 5. What bothers me most is not putting them together but destroying the chemistry that made this show. It is definately lacking this season and I think HH threw that away.

    IMO Castle has much better writing than Bones does. (except for earlier seasons of Bones). Castle does not have to rely on the Caskett storyline alone because the stories are interesting and I love the dynamic of Castle with his mother and daughter. It seems like HH “reset” the chemistry of the entire cast. May have been a good idea short term, but his entire season to date is off. I am not sure he can get that back. All of this ridiculous “humor” that they have put into the show with Brennan being the “joke” has just turned me off. Yes, I still watch on TNT when the new episodes are repeated, but it just does hold my attention like it once did. It is no longer must see TV

  42. Mary Ann says:

    I’ ready for Castle and Becket to be together next season. I just don’t think people will wait much beyond that, no matter what “good excuse” you give, it’s too contrived. HAve writers so little faith in their ability to keep a story going AFTER the relationship??

  43. Kat says:

    Marlowe needs to take his own advice and start getting Beckett and Castle together. They’re not as overdue as Booth and Bones but we need to see some real progression and yearning there. As for Bones…it is past time for B & B to get together. We have seen them develop a solid trust and a real partnership. We’ve seen them deal with illness and danger. We’ve really seen them do everything solo so it makes sense for them to now become a couple and take the relationship to the next level. And I’ve got to say that if FOX doesn’t renew Bones and leaves us hanging with no resolution after all these years I will be boycotting the network!

  44. Mdz says:

    Please pair them up..Please!!!! It´s been almost 6 entire seasons with all this tension and expectation…that’s a really really long time!!! Booth and Brennan should get together and start dealing with couple problems…

  45. Sarah says:

    SING IT!

    This show is at a point where it’s hard to watch. Are we really supposed to believe after x many years that Bones is STILL completely out of the loop with society? If she is as smart as they constantly tell us, shouldn’t she have caught on by now? She seems to be interested in societies, so why doesn’t she care about her own?

    The show has just become incredibly dull and unbelievable by now.

  46. John says:

    I like both shows been watching Bones since the start will be with it till the end i still like Brennan & Booth although they’ve both acted like selfish idiots this season but it has produced one of my fav eps of the whole series The Doctor in the Photo saw Emily totally break Brennan down but the end result was a confession that was too little too late and could well have destroyed her friendship with Booth, nevermind any chance of a relationship between them. As for Booth’s selfish idiotic done for all the wrong reasons proposal to Hannah and his self pitying whining after she turned it down, all of these things made great tv i love that they’ve made the characters act in thoughtless ways kind of like real people.

    I hope that Hart has the backbone to not listen to the fans and never put them together it would be better if he kept them apart as i don’t think they’d work as a couple they are just to different, but i agree if it ever was gonna happen it should’ve happened by now. Bones fans wanting a happy ending for a will they won’t they have already gotten it with Hodgins and Angela, all the more reason if Hart does gave to the fans the relationship should be short and fall apart spectacularly.

  47. John says:

    I like both shows been watching Bones since the start will be with it till the end i still like Brennan & Booth although they’ve both acted like selfish idiots this season but it has produced one of my fav eps of the whole series The Doctor in the Photo saw Emily totally break Brennan down but the end result was a confession that was too little too late and could well have destroyed her friendship with Booth, nevermind any chance of a relationship between them. As for Booth’s selfish idiotic done for all the wrong reasons proposal to Hannah and his self pitying whining after she turned it down, all of these things made great tv i love that they’ve made the characters act in thoughtless ways kind of like real people.

    I hope that Hart has the backbone to not listen to the fans and never put them together it would be better if he kept them apart as i don’t think they’d work as a couple they are just to different, but i agree if it ever was gonna happen it should’ve happened by now. Bones fans wanting a happy ending for a will they won’t they have already gotten it with Hodgins and Angela, all the more reason if Hart does gave to the fans the relationship should be short and fall apart spectacularly.

    As for Castle i hope if they are gonna have Castle and Beckett in any kind of relationship they should do it by the end of season 3 and destroy it by the end of season 4, so they can start it all over again if there’s a 5th and 6th season.

    I always hope that the will they won’t they on tv shows end badly as it always makes for better tv that way rather than sucking the life out of a shoe with fantasyland happy crappy endings.

    That goes for House and Cuddy as well. after all i don’t want a repeat of the shoved on the fans long after anyone cared anymore Friends Ross and Rachel getting back together in the final episode.

  48. Amy says:

    If Booth and Brennan are not together by the end of the season I am going to be so, so mad! They have already waited too long as it is. I am glad Andrew Marlowe is aware of all this and I have faith that he will not mess up Castle and Beckett. Hopefully they will be together next season. I still think Fox has ultimately been behind keeping Booth and Brennan apart. Ausiello had a blind item a few years back about a network making a show keep the central couple apart. I have always thought it was Bones and the previous article posted today about the pregnancy all but confirms that. Hopefully ABC will not do the same for Castle.

  49. Kath says:

    Your poll is missing the option I would vote for — he should have put Booth and Bones together 3 seasons ago.

    At this point, I am so turned off by the behavior of Booth and especially of Bones, I only watch for the supporting characters.

    I very much hope Andrew Marlowe won’t make that mistake.

  50. sam says:

    I agree with others who think AM should just mind his own business and focus on his own show. He knows that Castle is constantly being compared to Bones (because it is quite similar) and is just looking for what to do/not to do with his own characters.

    If B&B get together and all goes well, that would be a sign to get C&B together – and vice versa. I think it is a cheap attempt to find a storyline for his own show which makes me care even less about Castle.

    Yeah HH can be annoying at times, but I’ve never seen him going around telling other people how to run their shows.

    And what really bothers me about this whole situation is how everyone seems to have forgotten that Bones is NOT supposed to be about relationships. People are watching/not watching specifically because of B&B which is complete crap. Their relationship is only one aspect of the show as a whole. I want them together as much as the next shipper, but that isn’t what keeps me tuning in. If you want to watch something all about relationships try a chick flick.

    • Elle says:

      I am not a shipper, but in terms of watching the show, there really has been no focus on anything else but the relationship. The whole Hannah storyline was to show Brennan had made a mistake. Now Booth is angry, etc. I don’t even find the cases interesting anymore.
      Hodgins and Angela are not interesting to me (after the Wendall fiasco) and the squints have just become too comical. So if people are only focusing on the relationships, I think it is because this is what the writers are focused on. At least that is how I see it and what has made me lose interest. I think Castle still has better cases.

    • Jill says:

      If ‘Bones’ is not supposed to be about relationships, specifically the Booth/Bones relationship, then they need to stop having people talk about how much they should be together, they need to stop having Sweets write a book about how much they love each other and don’t know it, and they need to stop with the stupid start/stop other relationships they have been doind since season 1. Bones isn’t ready to get married and have children and she may never be, while Booth wants it badly. Let him marry a nice woman who wants what he wants and stop pushing Bones at him.

      HH has shown enough contempt for his audience that if he won’t listen to us, I’m all for Marlowe giving him advice. Maybe he’ll listen to another producer since he won’t listen to his audience.