Fall TV Preview

Bones Boss: Emily Deschanel's Pregnancy May Result In a 'Curtailed' Season 7

Fox has yet to officially renew Bones for the fall, but any possible Season 7 will likely be “curtailed” as the result of pregnant series lead Emily Deschanel being due to deliver in late summer/early fall.

Noting there are still “a lot of decisions to make” as to how to accommodate Deschanel’s pregnancy – Do they write it in? Shoot around it? — Bones executive producer Hart Hanson said in a Monday conference call, “Season 7 would probably be a curtailed season in some respects; we don’t know how much yet.”

I asked Hanson if he meant that Season 7 would simply start production later? Or would there be fewer episodes? Would Deschanel be MIA in some…? His answer: “All of the above.”

Castle Boss to Bones Producers: Booth and Brennan Need to Hook Up Now

Ironically, Bones might have avoided any impact on Season 7 were the show not hung up in renewal talks. “One possibility, if we had enough scripts in the pipeline, would have been to keep [production] going through the summer, and take the hiatus when Emily went to have her baby,” Hanson says. “But we don’t have any scripts… because we haven’t been picked up.”

Instead, Hanson is pondering options such as shooting episodes without Deschanel/Brennan, pausing production all together once she takes maternity leave, or starting late and delivering just “16 or 18 episodes” versus the usual 22.

“I’m ready to pitch a bunch of alternatives to the network, but we haven’t had those conversations yet” because of the renewal talks, Hanson says. “We’ve had creative conversations about how to get out of Season 6, but we haven’t had any… about how to get into Season 7.”

Bones Spoiler Alert: Are Booth and Brennan ‘Going There’ in the Finale?

At the end of the day – once Bones is officially picked up – Fox “will weigh in heavily” on how to accommodate Deschanel’s maternity leave. “For example, if we were to do four episodes without her, is the network interested? Or does their testing show that that would hurt the show?” Hanson poses. “I need to be ready for any one of those contingencies.”

(Thus far, as the show finishes filming the Season 6 finale, Hanson says, “We’ve had no cause to show or hide much of Emily.”)

But where do things stand with the Season 7 pickup, anyway? Hanson notes that Bones‘ previous, two-year renewal wasn’t handed down until just before the network’s annual upfront presentation to advertisers, so “anywhere between now and May 15 we will come to a deal. I’m very confident that we will come to a deal.”


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  1. TJCrinc says:

    I say just have booth and brennan hookup in the finale, and include the pregnancy in the next season!

  2. Paul says:

    Well if they start later they should still do the full 22 episodes by just playing them straight with an episode every week or doubling up for two hour nights!

  3. Jeff says:

    Meh – this is Hart Hanson’s fault for holding out so long on having Booth/Bones come together as a couple – they could have simply included it in the show as a plotline for them having a kid.
    Actually, they could resurrect the “Bones wants a baby” plotline and have her pregnancy be explained that way.
    Or do what most shows do and just show her standing behind a table, a bush, a couch, etc.

  4. SnazzyO says:

    Dear Networks:
    – To quote Proverbs: “A failure to plan is a plan to fail”.

    How many times do you need to prove this? Just sayin’.

    Treating both House & Bones like wanna-be’s? Idiots. You WILL lose stars, you WILL have impact.

    More power to Emily D for going on with life.

    We will get what we get, I’ll deal and blame the Network for my disappointments.

  5. MAY :D says:

    I think they should not have an episode without Bones, she is the reason I watch the show, not the relationship between Booth and Bones but her character.. its just amazing and Emily Deschanel is just a brilliant actress.

    Honestly I don’t care whatever they do in season 7 I just simply want another season :) But I would probably go with a shortened season than one regular one without Brennan. I mean so what if there are 22 episodes but there are like hiatuses that you can’t even count. If they have a shortened yet continuous season, that would make me more than happy hehe :)

  6. NB says:

    For me, Bones has ceased being a show about Brennan and by extension, Booth, and has become more of an ensemble. If you look at other shows, the leads are pretty much in every scene save one or two. There are plenty of scenes that take place on Bones where you don’t see Emily or David. It shouldn’t be such a big deal to write her out for a few episodes. My god, it’s not like it’s the end of the world and she’s leaving for good. If the X-Files can continue on (albeit badly, but I digress…) without Mulder for a WHOLE SEASON, for goodness sakes, then Bones can survive without Brennan for a couple of episodes. I think it speaks poorly on fans to not want to watch a show without her, knowing she’d be out on maternity leave, not just taking a vacation from the show. Personally, if I know ahead of time WHY she’s not there, then it doesn’t become an issue for me, especially for something as important as having a child. Which is WAY more important than some tv show.

  7. julianne says:

    The show could go a few episodes without the Bones character. I would love to see shows with weird buddy themes like: Booth/Max and Booth/Jack. I kinda miss the interactions between Booth and Jack ever since the pregnancy, and Booth and Max are a lot alike but really funny together. They have some great physical altercations. What if they had to work together and track down Bones.

  8. Lindsey says:

    I think it could work with having a few episodes where Bones is not there. I mean. she wouldn’t have to be completely missing. They could have a video chat (where you only see her from the neck upwards) or phone calls to the lab while she is away somewhere or something. 4 episodes like that wouldn’t be that bad. Bones isn’t just about Bones…. there are so many other characters and it would be cool if they got a little more screentime than they usually do.

    I’ve also got nothing against a shorter 7th season. I’m used to British tv where theres 5-10 episodes a season. Its not that bad. In some respects its better because every episode is memorable instead of having 22 episodes, but half of them are kinda crappy.

  9. Sporkfairy says:

    I would definitely tune in to watch an arc of Bones episodes without Emily D, with a kidnapping of Dr. Brennan or Amazon/Africa hiatus. The kidnapping arc would be much more interesting in developing the Booth – Brennan relationship.

    I’d also love to have some good reprises of interesting prior guest stars worked into the plot arc, chiefly Cyndi Lauper, Zooey Deschanel, and Stephen Frye. That would certainly draw in the discerning viewers.

  10. cherry says:

    I think they can go without Emily (but only for a little). Maybe they could make a ongoing episodes, or show more of the other characters background. We never found out why when Samantha Pickring mentioned Juan Gozman her investigation was terminated!!! We can do a little rewinding =)

  11. claudia says:

    I can do without Brenna for a few eps… so long as they have finally do it before she leaves!

  12. Walt Gekko says:

    My solution:

    Start filming late and run a full 22-episode season anyway, either with sped-up filming or making the season January-through-July, ending during the “July Sweeps” (yes, July is a “sweeps” month). If FOX is not concerned about losing viewers to the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals in June, that to me may be the best compromise is to simply have the season run a bit later than usual.

  13. Mandy says:

    she could easily go consult on something. I could see two or three without her, but no more than that.

  14. There are other aspects of the show says:

    What a bunch of babies you all are. What about fans who like the show as a whole and don’t watch just for Brennan/Brennan? Why should we be penalized? What about the rest of the cast why should they too be penalized? I think they should continue on, it’s been done before. The writers would look lazy if they ditched the show because she wasn’t apart of it.

    You don’t want Emily/Brennan free episodes then turn it off.

  15. nrs says:

    Is it my imagination but has Booth suddenly aged a lot this season? He was gorgeous last season (not to mention all the other seasons) and now looks very haggard, his face is puffy and droopy. Any way we can get to the banter of the old days where Booth was totally protective and caring, but also very much in charge, with Brennan kicking and screaming the whole way? It seems they both been dumbed down. And yes, make the baby their baby. That would be way cool – with Brennan running away when she realizes what has happened and Booth trying to find her. Only let’s get Booth to start working out and get back in shape.

  16. Allie says:

    They could handle Emily’s absence quite easily — by having Brennan disappear, with Booth & the Jeffersonian crew desperately trying to find her. It could finally make Booth realizes what she means to him — they could flashback some of their better moments at the end of shows from previous seasons — and would be the perfect test of the ‘squints’ skills at a time that it matters the most.

  17. amber says:

    i’d hate to have the show carry on without emily deschanel… i’m hoping for a longer season 6, then EmDesch go on her mater leave, then season 7. OR OF COURSE JUST HAVE BOOTH AND BONES MAKE A BABY :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  18. Liz says:

    what about another time jump? i obviously don’t know how the season is going to end, for the relationship with booth and brennan, but if they get together, it’s not that far out of the realm that she could be pregnant. they can even more it ahead almost a year, to make it not so unplanned pregnancy. brennan was all ready to have booth’s baby 2 years ago when he got sick. if they actually get together i could totally see her wanting to get pregnant sooner rather than later. she’s practical and the older you get the harder the pregnancy. also she’ll have been around angela’s baby for a while and it’s really easy to get baby fever when you around one all the time. there, solved the problem. hart, i give you my permission to run with it.

  19. Sara says:

    I guess i could watch some episodes without Emily. She’s of course very important to the show (she’s freaking Brennan, the first carachter!)but all the others are also important and very in first lane like her. So if the producers of “Bones” need to do that, then i will greatly accept the change. Let’s hope that is not going to be too long because i will truly miss Brennan!

  20. Aqua says:

    Here’s my solution to the problem … Bones gets kidnapped and they frantically work on trying to find her. when they eventually do, she is quite seriously injured and spends an episode or two in hospital fighting for her life. They can shoot a few scenes ahead of time, Angela and the other squinterns visiting her, Booth visiting her (and professing his love to her – Or is that wishful thinking?). I think this could be good, because I love the episodes where Booth worries about her and is protective over her. Also Booth has been blown-up, shot, kidnapped and had a brain tumor removed. In all these episodes Brennan had to deal with the stress of all that. Now it’s his turn. He has also been a bit off towards her in this season and just like she had to be brought to her senses about her feelings for him, this could help give him perspective about her and help him realise just how much he still cares for her. But it won’t work if she is completely absent from the show. She doesn’t have to be there all the time, but at least some of the time. I could handle her absence (though not competely) if the storyline is still based around her.

  21. Clf says:

    I love the show Bones and I would rather have a shorter season or have them write new scripts now and or come back early and take a break when she is on leave. She makes the show and I am not fond of shows without her in them.

  22. Renee says:

    They already put ‘Bones’ as pregnant as the season 6 finale…why not keep working with that? Please? And I think it’s really creative, finding all the ways to hide the baby bump while filming – like behind her ‘dad’s’ wheelchair, for instance :) And now that everyone knows… ‘Bones’ is Bones! It wouldn’t be the show without her!

  23. tiffany mena says:

    I think they should have tempe as a prego and start with her taken care of the hodgins baby or start with her at her alteralsound(srry not good speller only 13 1/2)with booth next to her or just start like usual about Finding a body and booth coming in and telling her she needs to take a break and sit or tell her she should eat because she has been working to long(and she ask him to make her something realy weird to eat)

  24. Tracie says:

    Write her pregnancy into the story. At the end of season 6 she told Booth that she was pregnant and that the baby was his. I have been waiting for this type of thing since I began watching the show from the very begining. If the program is afraid to cut it short for her maternity leave, have the show somehow have Brennan and her baby abducted by some nut case killer. Have the Jeffersonian team looking for clues for the next few months,(besides solving other murders) and at the end of the season, have her and baby shown alive in some remote cave or something with the team and Booth getting ready to storm the place. To keep the show going during her absence, have Booth and or the team having flashbacks from previous episodes while they try to find her and the baby. Just throwing something out there.

  25. Amanda says:

    I watch the show for Brennan. but I would still watch the show with or without her. Sure it won’t be the same with her gone but the show must go on.

  26. Elina says:

    Yes, replace her with someone who can actually act.