One Tree Hill Director Austin Nichols: Baby Bump Takes Brooke/Julian In a New Direction

The CW’s One Tree Hill has baby fever when it resumes its eighth season this Tuesday at 8/7c — with an episode directed by none other than series star Austin Nichols. And while Nathan and Haley’s bundle of joy will most certainly be welcomed into the world by episode’s end, poor Brooke and Julian won’t be so lucky… again. We’ve got a preview of the drama to come, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes pics of Nichols’ directorial debut.

“What you think is going to happen for Brooke (Sophia Bush) and Julian may not happen in my episode,” a coy Nichols tells TVLine of his directorial debut.

Of course, he can only be referring to the one thing we are all expecting to see for the two by the end of the hour: the arrival of their adopted baby, courtesy of birth mother Chloe (played by guest star Leven Rambin). Instead, it sounds like that should be filed — for the time being at least — under “Not Gonna Happen.”

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“All I’m saying is that what’s great about our show, especially with Brooke and Julian, is we’re often led to believe that something is going to happen, and it ends up taking us in a different direction,” Nichols says. “There are five episodes left, but the possibility of a family for Brooke and Julian gets more complicated.” But from a glass half-full POV, he says that means things are “only going to get better.”

“The ending is going to be so sweet, after we go through what we’re about to go through,” he teases.

Tree Hill source echoes Nichols’ sentiment, telling us that Brulian’s seeming picture-perfect adoption agreement is perhaps not so perfect. Fans, though, are advised not to fret: By the end of the season (or series), the oft-pained couple will get the happy ending they richly deserve.

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And for what it’s worth, OTH showrunner Mark Schwahn is totally Team Brooke — even if Tuesday night’s baby venture doesn’t go off without a hitch. “It’s time for the clouds to part for Brooke Davis,” he says. “And while it may not be the journey that fans expect, ultimately it’ll be a satisfying and positive one for her.”

Schwahn also assures Tree Hill fans that Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Nathan’s (James Lafferty) Baby Lydia will arrive safe and sound: “Everybody can breathe easy on that one.”

Baby woes (and arrivals) aside, this week’s episode also boasts flashbacks to “Naley’s” love story, voiceovers from Jamie (Jackson Brundage), and Nichols’ aforementioned directing debut, which the star calls “bar raising moment” in his career.

“When I finished directing, I felt like I’d really done something new and bigger and better,” gushes Nichols. “It was an incredible feeling to accomplish a task like that. Tons of directors have come through and done it, so it isn’t something that’s miraculous, but to me, it’s miraculous.”

Check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes shot of Nichols in action, directing his real-life gal-pal, Sophia Bush:

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  1. Nancy says:

    Since when did this look like it was going to go smoothly? There was something suspicious about this adoption from the start.

    OTH is always terrible about letting viewers know EXACTLY where things are going. The only thing that would have surprised me is if this adoption went off without a hitch.

  2. brittany says:

    I hope brooke gets the baby

  3. mandie says:

    idk whats going to happen but if her adoption is not going to go through like planned i think that she should miraculously get pregnant and have a child of their own it would make it so much better because of all the struggles that she and julian have been through that would be an awesome ending finding out that she preggers!!

  4. brooke says:

    I love OTH and have watched it since the start I wish it wasn’t ending I’m gonna be so sad! I think it should continue for a long time!

  5. vicki says:


  6. Tanya says:

    I think that the birth mother is going to decide that she doesnt want to give the baby up for adoption but by then end of this season (series) Brook will miraculously get pregnant and have her own kid … not that we’ll actually be able to see her and Julian have the baby. I think they’ll just leave it at them getting pregnant.

  7. Drew says:

    Although I love Brooke and i’m happy that she’s getting a baby after everything she’s been through, the focus should be on Naley. This whole season has basically been about Brooke and Julian with minimal Nathan and Haley.

    • ugh says:

      Of course it’s always BROOKE BROOKE BROOKE. Her drama is totally going to overshadow the episode just like it always does. It’s so annoying. Her drama just has to steal NH’s thunder.

    • Misty says:

      I totally agree, I am so sick of all the Brooke drama. Enough already!!! And a miracle pregnancy really show can you get anymore predictable.

  8. Erika says:

    I dont think OTH should end they should keep it going especially with the brooke and julian drama and the new baby for haley they got plenty of stuff for episodes..

  9. imelda says:

    i read that brooke is having twins by the end of series so they mus bgoing 2 do a fast 4ward and they will get the ending they deserve

    • Kasey says:

      I dont know if its true but I “heard” that each tuesday jumps ahead like a month… like I said its heresay. Dont hold me to it ;)

  10. Katie says:

    I hope things go great with everything for both Brooke and Julian and Nathan and Haley…but i also think that the truth about the accident at the bridge with Brooke and Jamie is going to be reviled and Keller’s son did it or the birth mother had something to do with it too i cant wait to find out what happened i think Keller is the father of the baby and that he crashed the car into the one Brooke and Jamie were in

  11. A says:

    Seems like Mark prefers “Naley”. He doesn’t seem so “Team Brooke”. (Though I can’t judge of yet not knowing what he ahs plan.)
    This NH center episode with Jamie’s voiceovers and flashblacks and them getting their SECOND child, while Brooke is in the dump.. AGAIN.
    They better bring Sam back or at least give Brooke a real baby, even though I’m mad that it’ll be in the finale, WHEN WE MIGHT NOT EVEN SEE THE SHOW AGAIN.

  12. Kelly says:

    I agree with A. Enough of NALEY, so sick and tired of seeing, hearing and speaking of them. MORE BROOKE PLEASE!!!

  13. Alicia Infante says:

    I think Brooke is going to become pregnant. That would be the ULTIMATE end to the season, then next season have their be complications, since of course she was unable to become pregnant, then make it difficult for her to keep the baby. BUT still in the end have her be able to have it and live.

  14. Sharon says:

    Is this the series finale? or the season finale? And why isnt Lucas and peyton coming back?

  15. iwish says:

    I wish Brooke DIED in 8×11. Such a pathetic waste of screentime this character is. She’s reduced Julian to a pathetic pansy.

  16. Sarah says:

    She gets twins. Miracle pregnancy, only on One Predictable Hill.

    I always wanted Brooke to adopt, that would have been loads better. Instead, it seems to be happy you have to have a husband and biological children. Nice message to women Mark.

    Love Nathan & Haley. Brooke & Julian on the other hand? Don’t care.

  17. A says:

    Wow, hatred much?

    A pathetic waste of screen time, is Quinn and Clay. Next, Haley. Haley used to be AMAZING and I love Bethany, but seriously, Haley has gotten so BORING for me.

    So, let’s see Quinn and Clay burn up in flames please.

  18. gross says:

    brooke cries bitches and whines all the time. i hate her character soooo much. alex and julian would have been so much better together. im tired of her constant tears.

  19. stephanie says:

    The end??? Please do not end the series!!

  20. oth4eva says:

    NOOO it cant END!!! i wanna see clay and quinn get married or have children or something like that. i like there relationship!!

  21. Harper says:

    I don’t get it… All season has been a season of fillers, (Chuck needs glasses… seriously?) and now Mark is forcing both baby births into one episode. Naley deserves their spotlight, as do Brooke and Julian. I’ll be a OTH fan until it’s pulled, but the writing is just lacking now. They could have done an amazing job this season with Brulian wedding, Naley baby, Mouth/Millie rekindle, Brulian pregnancy issues, and the inevitable Nate/Dan reunion. 5 years ago this season would have been written to be smart and funny. They have the talent, the writers have just let it go.

  22. Coddie says:

    I don’t want OTH to end, but if it must, Lucas and Payten should come back for at least the last episode.

  23. samantha ferry says:

    i think yall are all crazy if you hate the show so bad quit watching it. i love one tree hill always have and i love everyone in i hope it never ends.

  24. samantha ferry says:

    Oh and I really really want Lucas to come back He was the only reason I started watching it

  25. Ashley says:

    My friends baby was cast as one of brookes twin boys…and they are going to fast forward into the future because they also casted for older twin boys.

  26. Tracey says:

    I have been a faithful watcher of One Tree Hill from the beginning and loved every minute of it. I heard they are doing another time forward thing. So I wonder if after a not so happy ending of the adoption storyline Brooke gets pregnant and we see her and Julian having the baby. One could only hope.

  27. Brenda says:

    Why are the writers doing this to Brooke and Julian? They were really looking forward to being parents. Hopefully everything will turn out alright and give OTH fans what they want.

  28. Dolores says:

    I love OTH I have watched since the very begining and love every episode.I do wish Lucas and Peyton would come back. Its weird not having them on the show!

    • rebelkimmy says:

      I totally agree! The show was basically all about Lucas in the beginning, and then all of a sudden, when Lucas and Peyton are finally happy, they’re gone?? WHAT?!? PLEASE bring back Lucas and Peyton!!

  29. Melanie says:

    Well I’m a Brooke-fan since day one..
    So I kinda don’t like this thing.. It’s never easy for her..
    And I am SOOOOOOO thankfull that Peyton is out, I don’t know why but I never liked her.. And to all the people above, Brooke whines and cries and so on.. But she has reasons! I mean, she is the strongest, after all she’s been through, she’s still standing tall. I really admire her!

  30. Reagan says:

    Ok 1st of all.. if you don’t like the characters do not watch the show! Stop griping about it! OTH is awesome..I enjoy every character. No complaints! I hope either way by adoption or miraculous pregnancy Julian and Brooke get their baby. Please don’t end the show!

  31. Reagan says:

    Oh and Melanie.. I agree! Brooke has been through soo much and still doing soo well. She has a reason to cry when she wants to. And for the person named Gross.. u must be a man bc Alex is easy. She is not someone worthy of Julian.. whatsoever.

  32. Robert says:

    is this the last season of one tree hill

  33. Doreen says:

    I’m happy for Nathan and Haley about their baby girl Jamie is having a little sis.All the best 2 Brooke andJulian

  34. JOSH says:


  35. Jenn says:

    I do believe that Brooke will get pregnant but that in the end she’ll also get to adopt. They are doing a time jump at the end of the season but it’ll be less than a year so we’ll see Brooke have the baby etc. I personally love OTH and am happy that Brooke and Julian have found each other.

  36. blah says:

    did everyone miss the part where they said 3 episodes until the SEASON finale? not series…. there is a season 9.

  37. rose says:

    This episode was a really great one to come back to. I love OTH and make sure I watch it every week in HD. There is nothing better than to see my favorite show in a crystal clear picture. I knew something was going to happen with Brooke and Julian and the baby. That part was so sad. I really hope they have a happy ending eventually. I have my HD channels through my provider/employer DISH Network. I love that I get the most HD in the industry and it’s free for life. I am hoping that OTH will be renewed for at least one more season.

  38. Sonia says:

    I think brook will finally get her baby, but it will be twins. At the last episode,well at least I hope so!!

  39. couteney marlow says:

    i hope brooke and julian have a family. and i never want one tree hill to stop i want it to keep going lost of season. but that will never happen. so i want there to be 20 season with all of them with 22 episode. my favourite characters are brooke and julian. i hope to meet them one day and all the other character too.

  40. Karen says:

    I hope Brooke has twins and has Sam back in her life