Ratings: Smallville Up, Up Over Last Outing

Smallville winged its way back from a four-week hiatus with semi-super numbers.

The first of the show’s final five episodes drew 2.3 million viewers, up 5 percent over its last original outing. In the 18-49 demo, Clark & Co. jumped 11 percent (to a 1.0).

Elsewhere this Friday:

8/7c | ABC’s Shark Tank sank its teeth into series-high numbers with a total audience of 5.3 million and a 1.6 demo rating. CBS’ Chaos matched its unspectacular performance last Friday with 5.5 million viewers and 0.9 in 18-49. Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares was also flat (3.7 million, 1.6), while Friday Night Lights kicked off its final season on NBC down versus its year-ago season 4 premiere (3.5, 0.9).

9/8c | Supernatural spiked 5 percent in viewers (2.2 million) compared to its last fresh outing, while the sure-to-be-renewed drama was down a tick in 18-49. Fringe‘s first new episode in three weeks (no spoilers! haven’t seen!) was also down a smidge (3.6 million, 1.4). ABC’s What Would You Do was virtually unchanged and CSI: NY aired a repeat so, um, no one cares.

10/9c | An encore of CBS’ Blue Bloods was the night’s most-watched show (7.8 million/1.0). NBC’s Dateline and ABC’s 20/20 netted a 5.9/1.5 and 5.1/1.5, respectively.

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  1. Steph says:

    Glad to see Supernatural’s ratings went up a bit, especially after coming off of a long hiatus. I expected them to be down.

  2. mgb says:

    Tom Welling has developed into a wonderful actor, as last night’s episode, “Kent” highlighted. Television is losing a beloved series in Smallville. I will miss it tremendously.

    • Carrie says:

      He’s really good as Clark Luthor and even CL pretending to be Clark Kent. The look in his eyes and his whole demeanor changes when he plays CL.

  3. AlistairCrane says:

    Last year, Supernatural was renewed early in February 2010. I hate the waiting this year—-they’re torturing us!!!!

    • jen says:

      Last year we were spoiled. Every other year we’ve had to wait. Season 2 was picked up a mere 2 days before the season 1 finale aired. At least this year everyone is expecting a renewal.

  4. Anna says:

    Nice to see Smallville ending on an up note; but those are some seriously ugly numbers for the other scripted shows last night.

  5. AndyLuvr says:

    Good for SMALLVILLE. Wonder how the Nielsens did with the hard to reach male demographic.

    Not only have Tom Welling’s performances gotten better and more nuanced throughout his tenure at SMALLVILLE but he also got way hotter, which I didn’t think was even possible. Gone is the twinky Clark from Smallville High and hello to the Mister Man we now see onscreen!!!

  6. John says:

    Considering that just about everyone who’s been interested in Friday Night Lights has already seen season 5 one way or another, I’ll be curious how those numbers hold. I myself have just set my DVR to record the rest of the season so I can relive it, especially that glorious finale (which I hope to God they air in its extended-length entirety).

  7. Jo says:

    Haha Aus. You should work for the CW press dept, you have a gift for spin! The last Smallville episode was the season (and near series) low, and tanked in most of it’s demos. Surely the only way is up!……by a mouth wateringly impressive 5%!! (Grrrr. Don’t have a sarcastic smiley handy.)

    • Dee says:

      Woah- did not know that. I thought they were down as well. Thanks Jo!
      Is CBS sliding a little extra in Ausiello’s pocket? I wonder who the major advertisers are on this site?

    • Carrie says:

      Other websites simply noted the same thing, that the show was up 5%. He’s not the only one putting a positive spin on it. It’s just a fact that it was up 5% from the last new episode. It could’ve had the same amount of viewers or lost viewers, but the ratings improved, which is obviously a positive thing.

      • Esta says:

        Okay it is not just me – up is up, really not “up” for debate. Obvs some fans who gets panties in a wad when CL kisses Tess don’t want to see that the numbers went up. Amazing.

      • Jo says:

        It’s kind of sad that John Schneider’s guest episode got such average ratings. IMO, if the Cless stuff hadn’t turned a lot of people off, the Kent episode would have had much higher viewing and demo numbers. Also, IMO, if JS hadn’t been this episode the ratings would have really tanked.

  8. jordan says:

    I don’t know who does the tv ratings here but they are wrong. I look at a few other sites for the ratings in the demo department. They all have Fringe at 1.3, Kitchen Nightmares at a 1.5 and Shark Tank at a 1.5. You have all three of those shows at a tenth of a point higher in the demo. And all week I’ve noticed you give lots of other shows a tenth of a point higher in the demo than everyone else. I don’t get why this site is giving out the wrong information in the ratings so often.

  9. robert says:

    Smallville is the best show ever and Tom Welling is Superman and I loved last nioghts episode and the teaser trailers were awesome and the whole episode was awesome, i cant wait for the final 4 episodes and guys everyone, listen up. . if Smallville was still on tues, wed, or even thurs, it wpould have many many more millionf people watching it, remember that friday is a dead night for telivisiona nd Smallville still kicks ass on whatyever night its on, it beats fox and nbc and abc sometimes so . . . . look up, up in the sky and remember the greatest show ever created. . . SMALLVILE and Superman Tom Welling

  10. Jerri says:

    Can they finally cancel Supernatural? it’s getting boring

  11. Brian says:

    Smallville only gets 2.3 million viewers (btw a top 10 show of all time), and boring, run-of-the-mill, predictable, repetitive genres such as cop shows like ‘Blue Bloods’ get more than twice the viewers for a repeat, let me repeat that, for a FRICKIN’ REPEAT.
    Americans are uneducated, unadventurous television watchers sticking to doctor, lawyer, or cop shows, while great shows like Smallville get hosed.
    wake up america

    • DJ Rogue says:

      Let’s not get crazy now, Brian. Smallville only became a “great” show around season 8. Up ’til then, it was a boring, predictable and repetitive show.

  12. Dan says:

    So I know I may draw the ire of Smallville fans which I am one of but does anyone else think this last season has been a big let down…There have been a few GREAT episodes, but for the most part I think the cast and storylines have seemed a little stale…Tom Welling continues to shine and Erica has had a few bright spot but episodes such as last night kinda sum up the evening…There were some really nice moments last night such as Clark talking to his dad about how much he meant in the other world, Clark Luther and Tess’s chemistry, and the last shot of Jonathon Kent ringing Martha’s bell, but overall the episode had very little in it to push the story forward…Now I know that some will say it was all about Clark letting go of the farm and in a way his old life and persona but they have approached that subject 5 different ways this year and everyone one of them ends the same way and that is Clark realizing he has a greater destiny (STALE). Im hoping the last 4 episodes will start an arc that is fresh and that ultimatly shows us Clark as Superman…Ive waited 10 seasons to witness him in costume and Id perfer it not to be the last 10 minutes of the final epsisode.