Agnes Nixon Saddened 'Greatly' By AMC and OLTL Cancellations, Hopes to 'Keep Them Alive'

Agnes Nixon, the legendary daytime scribe whose pen gave life to both One Life to Live (in 1968) and All My Children (1970), isn’t ready to write the serials’ epitaphs just yet.

“ABC’s decision to cancel All My Children and One Life to Live saddens me greatly,” Nixon, a winner of five Emmy Awards and as many Writers Guild Awards, shares in a statement cited by The 83-year-old storyteller then — in classic cliffhanger form — closed her missive by saying, “Although ABC has concluded there is no longer a place for our shows on their network, I will do everything possible to keep them alive.”

Nixon didn’t elaborate on her plan to have the soaps cheat death as Maria Grey and Tina Roberts often have, though the assumption is that, should an interested outlet come knocking, ABC would turn over the properties (for a proper sum).

Now I know what some daytime TV fans are tempted to think — that SoapNet could offer sanctuary for AMC and/or OLTL. But that won’t happen for two reasons. One, SoapNet isn’t in the business of producing original scripted programming. (General Hospital: Night Shift was an exception due to its low-cost existing infrastructure, in the form of sets and some cast.) Secondly, SoapNet’s own days are numbered; come 2012, the cable channel will change to Disney Junior, offering programming for kids aged 2 to 7.

Back to Nixon. Her statement also lauded the two shows’ “talented casts and crews” and a network that “allowed our teams to break new dramatic ground and always supported our commitment to the honest portrayal of social issues.”

“My deep gratitude goes to all the talented people who have contributed to [AMC and OLTL] over these many years; we were always family…. Equally important in that family are our loyal fans who shared this journey with us…. God bless you all.”

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  1. Sad says:

    It is really weird to think of these soaps being gone!! They both began when I was ia preteen and now I’m a grandma. I didn’t wath AMC much but knew a little of the characters but I watched OLTL with more interest. Please try to keep OLTL going even if it’s only on the Soap Channel. They really are good actors on OLTL and it is a little more entertaining. :(

    • TV Gord says:

      Sad, you didn’t read the story, I guess. SoapNet is going, too.

    • Marlene Holt says:

      Iwatched the very first episode as a teen,now I am a grandma of six…I hope All my Children finds another sponsor,if not hope Agnes Nixon writes books!

  2. Selat says:

    Both OLTL and AMC were Iconic. While AMC had The great Erica Kane, OLTL had the equally great Viki Lord. While OLTL has been the best daytime drama in many years, AMC had the iconic star power of La Lucci.

    It was a twisted “Sophie’s Choice” on the part of evil incarnate Brian Frons that led to both being killed.

  3. tani says:

    Both AMC OLTL doing better in the ratings and are much better soaps then GH who was not cancelled? so right their something is wrong with this decision, Both soaps still get millions of viewes which is more then some primetime shows are doing now.I think it would be worth it for some network like the CW AMC or even NBC whose daytime lineup is not all that great except for Ellen.I think having Days of our lives along with AMC &OLTL would be great for NBC.I really hope someone picks one or both of those shows up.

    • Timothy Burtlow says:

      NBC really is the only network who can afford these shows. Their lineup stinks now. Having Days, AMC, and OLTL will give NBC huge ratings. Their are rumors that sony could by All My Children, and One Life To Live for NBC. THis is just a rumor.I hope NBC picks up OLTL. It is almost number one in soap ratings.

  4. tazzy says:

    If anyone can find a way to keep AMC and OLTL alive, it is Agnes Nixon! I hope she can find a way — I support her wholeheartedly!

  5. Cye says:

    I would follow OLTL anywhere. Wish someone would pick it up!!

  6. Robin says:

    Soapnet is going to be Disney Jr.?! This is unacceptable…what am I to do when my DVR screws up for some reason and doesn’t record Y&R?! Oh wait I suppose I could get it online…hmmm still do we need another channel out there for little ones??! I don’t think so…and this coming from a preschool teacher.

    • Michelle says:

      Not only is it going to be for little ones, it’s going to be a 24 hour channel…which is NOT necessary

    • B Robichaud says:

      I have watched Y&R since the first day it aired. I was pregnant with my first child. Before that I watched soaps with my Mom when I came home from school for lunch, once I left home I started watching Dark Shadows, OLTL and GH. I am now a Mema to 6. I still love my soaps. When my children were small I watched while they napped. I record when I cannot watch due to work, or family schedules and watch at night. It has been my routine for over 40 years. I am downright insulted by the comments made by Frons, and not retracted by anyone at ABC/Disney. We soap viewers have NOT been evaluated/counted/treated fairly, and no one at the network seems to care. I find it very disrespectful to those who helped make ABC grow as well as to those daytime stars who have filled their pockets. Very sad indeed. But they will pay in ratings, oh how they will pay. Soap viewers will show them our numbers………and our loyalty!!

  7. Robert says:

    If Agnes Nixon does find a way to save our soaps many will be very happy. I will watch and laugh when ABC’s replacement shows bomb in the ratings.

  8. Irene says:

    ABC is going to put on more idiot shows just like the other channels have. I know what that will do to the daytime ratings. Apparently the idiots at ABC do not.

    It is a terrible thing to throw all those people out of work, especially the casts that took pay cuts to keep the shows on.

    Television has changed. It is not about the fans that watch the shows, it is about the politics and truth to tell, I am sick of it.

    I hope the next announcement is that ABC is down the tubes and we will never hear of them again. After these two soaps go off the air, I am taking this channel off of my schedule and they can go to the devil for all I care.

  9. David says:

    This is so sad, I grew up with these shows, my mother always smirking at Erica’s latest husband…One Life To Live has Viki and Dorian the Original Frenemies…I just hate to see them go, I suppose it would hurt less if they weren’t going to just be replaced by crap-o-vision reality trash and yet another talk show (that will likely not get renewed itself). I hope Agnes and some other network or producer can save them. It’s like a part of my childhood has just begun to fade away. So sad.

    • Marcie says:

      I agree and truly hope that someone is creative enough to pick up these shows on another more intelligent network. Broderick was just brought back to AMC as writer and Howarth was coming back to OLTL in new Todd story. Frons couldn’t wait to see if these changes would boost the ratings…make changes and then cancel before you see the benefits of changes…not well thought through. Perhaps Agnes and some collaboration with other networks (Cable) and actors will create some options. Soapnet was never what it should have been. My Cable company charges extra for that channel, but it didn’t really serve the soaps like I thought is was suppose to, so I just recorded rather than pay to view on Soapnet if I missed. Why couldn’t the soaps be supported on cable. Can’t keep these long time soaps on the air, but can keep all the crapola reality TV and talk shows on the air…really, seriously. When the soaps had good writers and the stories honored their history, they were better escapism for the soap fans than any of these other shows. Please collaborate…keep soaps alive!!!

  10. Amanda says:

    It’s funny to me that the news about Soapnet(owned by Disney/ABC) came out in May 2010, but no one seemed to hear it until now.

    It does seem like in this day and age with soaps being canceled off networks that we would have a channel dedicated to just soaps, new and old. There’s a channel for everything else. However, I think even if a cable network wanted to buy the soaps, ABC would make them so expensive that a deal would never happen. ABC doesn’t want to have the soaps become super profitable for another network because then ABC execs would have egg on their faces.

    • B Robichaud says:

      I cannot remember the price, but I did read it someplace and it was a super huge, ridiculous amount. So I agree, I am afraid they don’t want to sell. If they don’t feel the audience exists why the high price? They don’t want to be proven wrong. Rather they are willing to admit it to the public or not, these execs know that soaps have a huge following. Selling to a competitive network is like telling us to go watch that network. They’re not going there, they are stupid, but not THAT stupid, and they are covering their proverbial backsides!!

  11. Kim R says:

    Maybe OWN will pick AMC up. O loves it! :)

    • Marcie says:

      Excellent thought…Oprah, she could support this effort…OWN..Awesome idea. She has been doing some tributes recently on her final season shows to Soaps. Great idea…the fans should get behind this. Come on Oprah…you can do it!!!!

    • Jeanne says:

      My thoughts exactly – OWN Network would be perfect. I use to watch Soapnet at night when I came home from work to catch up on AMC and OLTL. Please Oprah – help save our favorite soaps.

    • Kate says:


      However, the magazine notes that ABC doesn’t expect to get any offers for the soaps, and representatives for the Oprah Winfrey Network and the Hallmark Channel have apparently said they have no interest in either soap.

  12. amb says:

    Soapnet does have original programming. Being Erica. 3 years now.

  13. Mongo says:

    Soaps have been a training ground for actors for years. Where will the ABC nighttime shows get their guest stars?

  14. Jessica says:

    I think FOX or CW should pick one of them up- they have no soaps in their line up which is why I never turn on either one during daytime hours. If they put either of these soaps on I would watch! Somebody needs to step up and save the day! They can change the format to half hour to save money!

  15. Piper says:

    I hope that one of the women’s channel’s will pick up the shows, even one of them in some form. half hour or the crazy combined theory. whatever, I would be happy for a crumb. They would get a fairly large built in audience and yes costs are high, but since Frons wanted the shows to be canceled he did nothing to try to cut costs. I am sure they could do something to make it work. OWN, Oxygen. Lifetime, WE etc would all be a good fit.

  16. 4thjet says:

    I wrote ABC to complain and they just sent back a standard form letter to contact various departments about certain types of complaints but no where to write to about show cancellations…..going to research into that. I think might come under “audience relations”.
    Anyway, loved these 2 soaps since I was a kid and am a grandma now too. Great actor training ground, love that when OLTL brings back a character it’s usually the same actor that started the role.
    I hope some smart channel picks up these shows!
    Did you read what is replacing them? Cooking and lifestyle shows???
    Like there isn’t enough of them!?!
    If I want to watch cooking I’ll get the Food Network!
    Very sad time for all soapers!

  17. Kat says:

    Anne Sweeney is President of ABC Daytime and I don’t know why she hasn’t fired Frons. Or Guza since I am a GH fan and he is the worst headwriter the show has ever had! Maybe ABC only wants to show horrible trashy reality tv that is cheap to produce? Good thing there are other networks to watch!

  18. Steve says:

    I have to laugh every time I read one of these delusional soap opera addicts decrying reality or talk shows as garbage, or somehow less worthy than soap operas.

    News flash: soap operas ARE garbage, with their generally awful acting by underwear models and clichéd storylines such as characters back from the dead, evil lookalikes, evil twins, amnesia, mobsters-with-hearts-of-gold, switched paternity results, long-lost children, plastic surgery explaining recasts, and women who fall for their rapists. In fact, reality shows are probably more worthy that soaps, because at least people are watching reality shows. Whereas most of America – with the exception of a tiny, deluded, obese, poorly educated, and unintelligent minotiry – has already realized that soaps are pure garbage.

    Good riddance to a poorly-made, unintelligent, ridiculous genre.

    • Kirby says:

      Thank you! I could not agree more! Soap operas appeal to the same types of people who voted for Bush and Palin – the terminally stupid!

    • Linda says:

      While I do not disagree with you about the worthiness of soaps, I do think it improper to say that soap fans are deluded, obese, poorly educated, and unintelligent. I think if you did a survey, you’d be surprised to find that soap fans come from many backgrounds. It is possible that some have college degrees, some do not; some workout and are in shape, some do not; some are quite intelligent, some are not. You have a point, but you need to study the art of persuasion and the methods of backing up your view. Just use more facts, examples, statistics instead of broad unsupported statements. Then your opinion will have much more merit. Good luck…..

    • Shawnie says:

      Not true. I have a BA and a Masters. I am not uneducated, obese, or deluded. And by the way, I voted for Barack Obama. Let’s not make assumptions that make you seem disrespectful. If you actually followed soap operas, you would realize they tackle big issues, such as, rape, homosexuality, teen violence, teen pregnancy, bullying and much more. Be respectful of the people who love these shows and have for many years. In some families, watching these shows and talk about the issues that are portrayed. Sometimes, parents don’t know how to approach these difficult topics and soaps give them a springboard to talking with their children. Thanks.

      • Shawnie says:

        What I meant to say is “In some families, watching these shows is a tradition. The families watch and then talk about the issues that are being brougt to light.” I just got so frustrated with some of the comments made about soap viewers. There is more to it than the shows being garbage. Thanks.

  19. cindy says:

    Stop being stupid ABC.we the fans don’t want the soaps taken off.since were who make the ratings,Our opinion counts.

  20. amy says:

    ABC to replace with new programming…Can anybody else say Nate Berkaus Show and how in the world that show is on the air and will people watch that kind of show instead of shows like AMC and OLTL

  21. sheila macdonald says:

    I’m devastated. I’ve watched AMC for 35 years. That’s about all I can say about it.

  22. Dennis Holder says:

    Maybe LiIfetime TV can pick up the soaps

  23. Carol says:

    We are protesting ABC and Disney for the foolish choice of canceling All My Children and One Life to Live. As of the announcement to cancel these soap operas,I have been boycotting ABC network and will continue to do so until they reconsider canceling. ABC network is only on my TV during the hours of my soap operas. What a foolish move ABC (Another Bad Choice)

  24. jeannehealynewcott says:

    We as fans are doing what we can to save the wonderful entertainment you have provided all of us for years and for me I have worked lived on differant coasts raised a child took care of an ill mother reinvented myself every time my husband transferred and one constant in my was One Life to Live! I am truly heartsick over this and I beg ABC everyday on the phone and email and have called all the sponsors everyday. Oh Agnes I really hope they change their minds big mistake making all the over 50 women feel insignifigant regards Jeanne Healy Newcott

  25. Timothy Burtlow says:

    One Life To Live rocks and is really getting good. All My Cildren can go, but not One Life To Live. Please anybody save One Life To Live.

  26. vanesa janer says:

    ABC/DISNEY r simply rolling with the what the masses prefer…. trailer trash and pregnant teens all seeking reality they and entitlements so they can sit home getting fat rather than working …… go to hbo or showtime ….. seriously-who watches abc anyway???? If it werent for soapnet i wouldnt have seen these shows in years……. perhaps rosanne would produce them in hawaii??? She hates abc too!