Rate the New Office Boss: Good Or Just Ferrell?

Big screen funnyman (and erstwhile Anchorman) Will Ferrell showed up for work at The Office Thursday night, and from where I sit, at least, the sometimes cartoonishly exuberant or overblown personality got it just right.

As Michael introduced his would-be replacement, Deangelo Vickers, to the staff — and the gents had some back-and-forth over their “meet cute” (to steal a trope from Kelly) — I fretted for a moment that the new guy had been lazily cut from precisely the same cloth as the Dunder Mifflin boss we’ve known for years.

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But as the episode unspooled, and Deangelo shed some of his affable sheen, I appreciated that Ferrell was playing a more grounded character than Steve Carell’s, that Deangelo is someone who could actually exist in the real corporate world without being called into HR on a daily basis.

That said, it did sadden me some to see that Deangelo cannot be won over with cute baby/poop anecdotes or a faux appreciation for Arizona deserts. But man, does he like a calculated pratfall or mouthful of SoftSoap.

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The episode as a whole was as enjoyable as this Ferrell fan expected, though not without its narrative problems. For example, I believe we (as well as Dwight) need some honesty from Michael about why his No. 2 didn’t merit so much as a reco letter for the No. 1 job. But that Debbie Downer plot point was offset by amusing sequences such as Erin’s anxiety over how to answer the reception phone, or Michael’s impromptu shave at her rather unsure hand.

Other smiles came from Kevin’s distaste for bald people, Darryl being slipped cowboy boots, and Kelly’s flirty, movie-style come-on to Deangelo, complete with hair flips and nibbled sunglasses stems.

What did you think of Will Ferrell’s first day at Dunder Mifflin? Did he meet, exceed or fall below expectations?

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  1. Mike D. says:

    I agree with everything stated in the article, but I am a little confused as to why anyone’s a little shocked that Dwight didn’t get much consideration.

    After re-watching the episode (the title escapes me) where Dwight gives Stanley a heart attack, I think it’s safe to say that he should be lucky that he kept his job at all! I don’t think ANY consideration should have come his way. (In a real world sense, of course!)

  2. Hal Feldman says:

    Conceptually, I loved how the two bosses met at the bar and were able to play off each other before they even knew who the other one was.

    Ferrell’s character is well developed for him and you can see how he can make it his own from the very first time he steps into the office “This’ll do…yes this’ll do.”

    I think Carell was too slapstick once again. The show is always on the razor’s edge (pun intended) of complete office lunacy and therefore believability.

    As the two explored the office together, you could feel Michael’s pain. I laughed less than I did wince at his journey of losing his grip on the office.

    Not the best episode…HOWEVER, I think Ferrell will bring new life into this show and it’ll be fun to see where he can take the cast.

  3. Joe says:

    There’s a problem knowing that Ferrell will only be there for 3 more episodes. You’re just waiting to see what the undoing will be and how we get to the next manager. It’s hard to take the character seriously in the context of the show as you know he’s a special guest star.
    That said, I liked a lot of what he did in the show last night. Will kept the over the top under the top for a change and let Michael shine on his way out the door. As for Dwight not being considered for the manager position I have no problem buying that as most of the antics he’s done within the office have been borderline illegal. I love Dwight, but him being made manager would be dumb. He’s better in the role he’s in now which is disgruntled employee who looks at the new manager with contempt.

  4. Josh says:

    I was very pleased. I felt Will was respectful of the show and Steve, and therefore didn’t go into his over-the-top zaniness.

  5. AZDave says:

    Most unfunny half hour of television I have seen in quite some time.

  6. bob says:

    i loved when they met in the bar the opening scene i thought was very funny, and am looking forward to the rest of wills episodoes

  7. kimburle says:

    Liked the bar scene. Liked a lot of the office scenes. Hated the make Andy a buffoon scenes. Just made me sad overall that Michael will no longer be there.

  8. Jacob says:

    Ferrell’s character was nothing but a heartless version of Michael. I’m not a fan.

  9. Larry Lee Moniz says:

    It would have been a lot funnier if Dwight did get the promotion to Manager, and over the next couple episodes, fails miserably enough for Corporate (Sabre) to send in a replacement. Enter Will Arnett.

  10. Sam says:

    It made me realize that no one can fill michaels shoes for a while. It was a bit painful. Will is the perfect transition guy. We need time before a new person starts. Maybe it will be Pam!