WB Lawyers to Sheen: Stop Claiming You're In Talks to Rejoin Men; Charlie's Camp Reacts

In the wake of Charlie Sheen’s intimations that he is in talks to return to CBS’ Two and a Half Men, where he reigned as TV’s highest-paid sitcom star, lawyers for Warner Bros. TV fired off a letter to the winning warlock assassin’s camp, saying: Stop fronting.

Specifically, the letter (as cited by The Hollywood Reporter) says: “As you know, there have been no discussions, there are no discussions, and there will be no discussions, regarding his returning to or having any involvement in the series.”

Most recently, Sheen claimed to a Boston radio station, “There’s been discussions, but I was asked not to divulge anything.”

Even after WB’s legal team issued the above letter, Sheen’s peeps stood their ground, with his lead counsel claiming to TMZ, “There have been discussions as late as Tuesday, and all parties have been involved — Warner Bros., CBS, Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen.”

WBTV’s legal team stands by their original missive.

Are you glad to see the lawyers call Sheen on the carpet and, hopefully, muzzle his misdirections?

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  1. babi says:

    LOL whoever believed charlie is equally retarded

  2. Tmk says:

    It’s about time they called bull on sheen.

  3. Michael Sacal says:

    This is the song that never ends…

  4. Tucker says:

    Called out publicly. Kudos to WB. I’d have lost major respect for them and CBS if there were actually negotiations going on.

  5. Debbie says:

    Charlie Sheen is the new Paris Hilton. Dude get help and in the process a life without killing anybody.
    What is weir about all this is Mel Gibson is a paria because he offended people and have problem with his wife…C.S. almost kill his wife and the medios coverhim as a super star, like if everything he do worth to write about, give me a breath, I dream with the day never see his face or hear his name again

  6. eva205 says:

    The WBTV execs say, “Sorry, Charlie.” Charlie, go and enroll yourself in a hospital. GET OFF THE “CRACK”, CHARLIE. Instead of thinking that you are God’s gift, get a little humility and clean up your act.

  7. Kris says:

    LOSING!!!!Duh! xD sorry Charlie….WB is Winning this time….. as….actually….they ever did….hope he realizes now, how pathetic he is ^^

  8. Mikaylah says:

    Lol. Thank goodness. I would really hate for them to hire him back after all this.

  9. Danielle says:

    The last gasp of a desperate man. I sincerely respect WB for being firm in this, and not cashing in on the publicity by taking him back.

  10. Lisa says:

    Thanks god someone shut him up on his BS!! this man is so nuts!! why would anyone pay money to see him any more is beyond me!!!

  11. sal says:

    I love Charlie Sheen.

  12. Janelle says:

    I love him too… he’s psycho… The best train wreck to come out of Hollywood… ever! I never thought he was going back to Two and a Half Men, though. He’s so done! Can we say whacked out on drugs?

  13. potch says:

    He’s a deuche. That’s all I have to say.

  14. Marty says:

    Charlie who?

  15. nanagrant says:

    Hope he wasn’t counting on that three million an episode he said it would take for him to go back.It is sad to see a person sink so low but he brought it all on himself.Is too messed up to know he had it made.Hope he gets the help he needs before it is too late!

  16. SnazzyO says:

    He worries me. I hope someone is making sure he doesn’t hurt himself or anyone (physically).

  17. WWP says:

    Now, now, now…all you folks are totally discounting the very real possibility that the VOICES IN CHARLIE’S HEAD did indeed engage in conversations with him about getting his job back. (as in, “Dude, you managed to screwed up a highly paid, relatively easy job–What the hell is wrong with you?”)

    I bet this happens a lot and so it’s not surprising that Charlie might have finally mistaken them for real conversation…

  18. zoot says:

    What is sad is we will probably read in a few years how Charlie Sheen is BROKE. Sounds like he is trying to get back in because he spends so much frikkin money.

  19. Amy says:

    As long as Charlie’s swaddling himself in a John Lennon T-shirt, maybe he should call some of John’s lyrics to mind in his next relationship with a woman:

    I used to be cruel to my woman I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved
    man I was mean but I’m changing my scene and I’m doing the best that I can

    Any chance Sheen will change his scene? Embrace John’s pacifism, intellectual interests, and efforts to lead a meaningful life?

    More likely he’ll change his T-shirt to something more appropriate — like his own meth-aged face.

  20. Eurydice says:

    The WB’s legal team issues an official letter and Charlie Sheen’s “lead counsel” responds to TMZ. Which side sounds more credible – hmmm, let me think…..

  21. hru says:

    Dear God,

    Please let Charlie go away.

  22. Kitty says:

    I believe there were conversations. They went like this: Charlie “PLEASE TAKE ME BACK”. WB “No”