Hilarious House Video: What's Got Robert Sean Leonard's Feathers Ruffled?

House star Robert Sean Leonard is crying, ahem, fowl over a subplot in Monday’s episode that pits his Wilson against Hugh Laurie’s title grump.

What’s the, um, birdbrained storyline that left the Sahara Desert-dry-witted Leonard with egg on his face? And what’s with all the cockamamie puns in this story? Press play and find out…

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  1. chickenfan007 says:


    I LOVE Robert .. LOL

    The chicken is the Cuddy’s substitute in House’s life???? LOL

  2. janine says:

    wow, you really made it seem like RSL was seriously upset over the plot, when clearly he is being sarcastic…way to mislead.

  3. J says:

    I’m not grumpy, I was just saying that what Ausiello said is in no way a representation of what RSL was saying. It doesn’t come over the same way in print as it does in the video. For people who read this but can’t watch the video (like most outside of the US) this article is very misleading.

    • DarkEmy says:

      But actually, this video is (thank god) available for everyone. Even me, who comes from a country most of you’ve probably never heard of… (Slovenia)

      • Sarah says:

        Hey I’ve heard of Slovenia ;) But I still have a problem with the why the text is phrased – I can’t watch the video on my phone and was a little mislead until I saw the comments. Pair this with the recent article about how he wants to leave the show and go back east… can lead to misinterpretations.

        • DarkEmy says:

          Well kudos to you :D You’re one of the few…
          At first I’ve read this article on my phone as well and I agree, it really was misleading …. Well, that’s what we get for reading tabloids :D

      • clémence says:

        Of course I know Slovenia (maybe because I’m french and I’ve ever been !)

    • Davad says:

      He used so many bird puns in the writeup, it came across as silly to me. He used fowl for foul for heaven’s sake.

    • Annie says:

      There are plenty of clues in the text that this is a joke. Ausiello tells us in the headline that the video is “hilarious”. Then there are all the goofy bird-related puns, which are acknowledged to be puns. Why deliberately use such corny lines (and admit they are so) in a serious story? How could you interpret this as anything but a joke??

    • gati k says:

      I don’t think it is misleading at all. Especially the part about running after the chicken and then going home. Yes, there is his dry humor, but he didn’t come across to me as saying “I am embarrassed that all I have to do now on screen is running after chickens. Oh, no, haha, I’m joking. Truth is, I love these scenes”.

      • gati says:

        Also, AUSIELLO, could you post the entire interview? Is this the same interview where he said that he is likely not to come back?

  4. Ada says:

    how intelligent , what bad fanfic did they get this from? I mean, I’m not a fan of ANY pairing and I hate Huddy most of all so I’m not bitter at that at all but this is so stupid

  5. Disgruntled says:

    How about joining this century and making your embedded videos idevice viewable? I expected more from a site that JUST launched a few months ago.

    • Shania says:

      Maybe it’s your server. I didn’t have a problem with it at all & I’m in Canada.

      • b says:

        Are you watching it on an iPhone, iPod, or iPad? That is the complaint – those devices don’t load flash, and this is just about the only site I read regularly that still uses flash video.

    • b says:

      Gotta agree, I’m tired of not being able to watch Idoloonies on my iPad.

      Flash video is soooooo 2007.

  6. ffn says:

    I’ve missed House and Wilson pranking each other. I’m actually looking forward to this episode now. And RSL is just amazing :)

  7. Allison N says:

    yesss! It has been too long since there has been any House vs. Wilson fun! Plus there are chickens. Where could this go wrong?

  8. Casey says:

    I figured it was about a joke, which am fine with. BUT I can’t see for sure because the video won’t play on my iPad. Lame! Guess I will go elsewhere for my tv news…

  9. French fangirl says:

    Nice ! maybe it’s look like a fanfic, but after all that Huddy drama and 13 loaded past, I like the Idea of some HouSon goofing around.

    And I don’t know for everyone else but seeing all the duckling reunited made me grin stupidly, so glad Thirteen is back, and I’m going to appreciate the last episode with Master… ;)

  10. Midori says:

    House is jumping the chicken.

  11. Annette curtains says:

    I love RSL and I can’t wait until he is finally done with this show and he says what he REALLY feels about the show especially Huddy.

  12. Jessica says:

    House may be jumping the chicken but next to House nailing Harold the geek with the Spud Gun in ep. 18 that is the funniest scene since House drugged Arlene and Wilson in “Larger than Life” LOL

  13. SnazzyO says:

    I love this guy.

    He needs some RECOGNITION please.

  14. maria says:

    This video brightened my day! RSL is awesome, love seeing him running after the chicken and the whole explanation. State Supreme Court hahahahaha!

  15. Richard says:

    Press ‘Play’ where? There’s no embedded video that I can see.

  16. House may be jumping the chicken but next to House nailing Harold the geek with the Spud Gun in ep. 18 that is the funniest scene since House drugged Arlene and Wilson in “Larger than Life” LOL

  17. Sandra Lugo says:

    lol this rsl is sooo funny i can’t tell if he is ever serious tho

  18. Sherry McKamie says:

    Which wants to leave the show and go back East?????

  19. ssammson says:

    this is too funny i almost died laughing! i cant wait to watch it!

  20. lori says:

    its times like this im glad my husband looks like house and doesnt act like him…although i wish he had his money…love hugh laurie!!

  21. M McKinnon says:

    Australorps are black. Just saying. I thought this show prided itself on accuracy. Maybe chicken stuff does not count.

    • Jack says:

      Accuracy? Ohnonono… certainly not in later seasons. The continuity errors are piling up at an alarming rate ever since season 6, and check out politedissent.com for analysis of the show’s medicine

  22. Danielle williams says:

    I love house its my no. 1 show. I wish i knew a man like house, his intelligence alone is sexy,but i love the fact that he is in ur face honest! Soo hot!


    I love this! This is sooo much better than House on drugs THANK YOU!

  24. melitta says:

    I love house I can watch it over and over….. I always make sure the DVR is set to record them all…… he is the bomb always keeps ya laughing =^]

  25. hank lentzsch says:

    A-1 house welcome back 13!

  26. melitta says:

    Hilarious az ever I love this do it get it dun n ur face addiction of always bn rite lol=^]

  27. Jack says:

    RSL should do stand-up or host SNL.

  28. konut says:

    While House is the best series on the tube, this is clearly “jumping the shark”. Even an insane Dr. on drugs would not bring a live chicken into a hospital, much less a bet between 2 Drs. one of which is supposed to be sane. They need new consulting Drs., or they forgot to pass this by the consulting Drs.

  29. ariel says:

    Oh gosh its HIlarious cant wait to watch the full episode…im so happy 13 is back I missed her spunk on the show…

  30. lisa maire says:

    Wilson your so damn sexy you rock the show when I see you I smile

  31. Jhen says:

    @MISPLACEDNANA… urm, House is on drugs…

    RSL is so funny, idk why some people take what he’s saying literally. *shakes head*

    • Visitkarte says:

      …Maybe because he said he was done with House M.D.?

      • ... says:

        Did anyone even read the whole interview? He said contractually he was done. He said if there was another season he assumed he would do it, but that he wasn’t sure yet. I don’t know why everyone is saying he’s leaving when it hasn’t been confirmed yet

  32. ALL says:

    Robert don’t love huddy. (Alka Seltzer rule!)
    Thank God Huddy is over for good :)

  33. luminous says:

    I just want to add to the Wilson/RSL love. Can’t wait for House and Wilson and chickens. House and Wilson and ANYTHING. And I agree that I think we will eventually hear some interesting things about the show from RSL. He is so genuine and direct and honest. And so talented.

  34. Donna says:

    I love house, and that episode where the we fpound out that the pt was a serial killer and the man eat human bone’s OMG!!!!!

  35. erin bowers says:

    Go ahead Shore!
    We need MOAR Monster Trucks,Hookers,Spud Gun contests,Hooker Green Card Wife,Cannonballing from a 8 ft balcony into the pool, Segways in the hospital, Serial Killers and of course CHICKENS !
    Great writing!!! What happened to the show I just to love. What complete BS. Nothing but gags to bring in the 18 under male demo and their ratings are still in the tank losing out to DWTS. HAhahahahahahah

    This show used to be about Medical Drama now it is just another version of Scrubs. Since your writers have no original ideas. I suggest ending the show while it still may have some dignity
    OH Wait I spoke to soon ….that’s right chickens in the hospital

    • Lmao says:

      So now you say the show used to be a medical drama, too bad that when the huddy stupid soap opera you used to say the medical aspect of the show was never its core! Pathetic and bitter huddy fangirl, lol

  36. erin says:

    Well since today is the last day for negotiations between Fox and NBC I can only hope that they don’t come to an agreement and House is taken out to the woodshed like OLD YELLER and given a decent burial.

    It was once a good show but now it is just a shadow of it former greatness.

  37. jyng says:

    oh oh… gotta watch this episode…

  38. derekmorgansFakeGF says:

    RSL is what makes House awesome TV viewing. Yeah I’m definitely watching this. RSL is sooooooo funny!! I love him :)