Exclusive: Castle Boss on 'Explosive' Finale and a Major 'Crisis' For Castle and Beckett!

OK, here’s the deal: I want to tell you that the May 16 season finale of ABC’s Castle is going to be mind-blowing. I’d like to say that it’s going to be epic, that it’s going to further along the investigation into the murder of Beckett’s mother (and in a big way), and that it’s even going to further along the relationship between the detective and our title author (though not necessarily for the better). But instead, I’ll let executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe tell you. Cool? Cool.

TVLINE | How much of the finale is about Castle and Beckett’s relationship?
It’s essential in the finale.

TVLINE | I feel like there’s nothing standing in the way of them getting together at this point. I was watching the scene at the end of Monday’s episode thinking, “And Castle isn’t making a move here because…?”
It’s very challenging. And it’s something I need to address for next season. I don’t think the audience is ready for [a Castle/Beckett romance] yet, even though the ‘shippers are crying out for it.  I feel like it isn’t quite time for them to get together as a couple. But I do recognize that they have to move to a different level in their relationship and there has to be a significant obstacle to them getting together. So for me it’s how I do that in an honest way.

TVLINE | Can you rule out a reappearance by Gina and/or Josh?
I can promise you that they will not be showing up in the final episode. That element is relatively played out for us. And our audience has extended us some good will on that front. But we have other surprises in store.

TVLINE | Can you confirm that there’s a significant death?
I can confirm that [someone] we’ve seen many, many times before does die in the finale.

TVLINE | Does the death tie into the murder of Beckett’s mother?
It’s both tangential and significant.

TVLINE | Speaking of which, is it safe to say there’s a breakthrough in that case?
We will learn a significant amount about the conspiracy…  Something happens to Hal Lockwood [the sniper introduced in this season’s “Knockdown” episode], and it opens up an avenue of investigation in such a way that Beckett feels that she can get close to the real person behind all of this.

TVLINE | Anything else can you say about the finale?
The season is going to end with a pretty explosive climax that has to do fundamentally with Beckett and Castle’s relationship. There’s a crisis that is very much intertwined with the emotionally raw aspects of Beckett having to deal with her mother’s case again. And it’s a cliffhanger. Fans should be prepared for that so they don’t bitch me out.

Thoughts? Do you agree with Marlowe that it’s too soon for Castle and Beckett to, you know, go there? And are you concerned about  this ominous sounding obstacle he’s planning to throw their way? Sound off below!

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  1. jennifer says:

    u say if castle and beckett if they become a couple the show ratings will drop and show will be off air.i watch grey’s anatomey all time its a lot of chactores be couples like.meriteth and derk are wife and husband, christina and owen are couple wife and husband,soon to be married wife and wife arisona and calile. the show is on 7th season. so basicly the show is still on air the ratings are still up i love the show. “so i haven faith in castle and beckett will couple and show will still on air and ratings will still up.” i love show castle i will always love it and i will always watch it nomader what happens…..

  2. Matt says:

    Honestly, I kinda liked the way the relationship was going in the last episode. Where they finally confronted a facet of their relationship and made some concessions. It’s an intense friendship. I like that a lot.

  3. Pam says:

    Mom and I watch Castle “religiously,” I even have my “tea with Castle” hour. Its something I developed. I have a cup of herbal tea and watch. Its a weekly ritual that eases me into the week. I digress. I think I know where this is going, (the season finale).
    The chief will be the one killed (much as I dread a character killed) during the investigation into Beckett’s mom’s death. Because of that, Beckett gets promoted and is head of the precinct for next season. This drastically changes her relatonship to Castle because her new position is more politically linked, more legally intertwined, and with a lot more responsibilities, she can’t just have fun with Castle when she’s got to be precinct head. She’ll probably feel guilty that it was her investigation that caused yet another peice of destruction and starts turning off to the ones she loves too causing her to distance herself from Castle in such a way that shes driving him away.
    I do hate when they kill off characters or try to get romantic links but I’ll still watch. I need my little ritual as much as possible.

  4. Dick says:

    My guess is that the eye is Director Vance’s eye, and Hetty will come in and replace him as NCI Directory, That lets Forlani come in for NCI LA

  5. Megan says:

    Hmm. I get an odd sense that the character we’ve seen “many, many ties” is not a pivotal character at all. Perlmutter for instance? Would make for a good tragedy without all the drama.

  6. Bonnie says:

    Okay, so I’m very worried here. If I didn’t know that Castle was coming back in the Fall, I would think you were about to destroy 3 years of a relationship that we have all been hoping would bloom into something more than it is. I love the show and all the characters and I’m very upset that someone is going to die in the finale. I have my suspicions as to who it is and I’m already in mourning. What really bothers me though is that not only have you been keeping Castle and Beckett apart romantically for 3 whole grueling years but now you are talking about something bad happening to their relationship — don’t know how much more I can handle. If you don’t want to “go there” (as you put it) with them just yet at least don’t make their situation get worse! You know we would be happy with a little flirting between them and a kiss or two now and then or a secret little smile, etc. We don’t need much at this point to make us happy — just don’t make them pull further away from each other. One week you show us a little hope and then the next you take it back — come on, give us a break! Love makes the world go round — it does not make it come to an end!

  7. Angela says:

    Who cares if they get together. What I want to know is WHO’S GONNA DIE?!! I really have serious concerns about this. I mean really, I like all of the characters and if it’s one of the main group… well I’ll be annoyed. And I wonder when they are going to bring back that serial killer guy who kidnapped Castle- I think it was last season, he has to come back right?

  8. Coyote says:

    OK, the plot-lines are interesting, if somewhat contrived, and sometimes some logic in the denouement is just finessed. It could be interesting with no romantic connotations between the principals.

    L&O always had a foxy ADA, but there were only a few vague allusions ever to romances, and IT (the original L&O) is the best crime show that has ever existed, bar none.

    However, the producers of Castle are the most sadistic of all time, with constant Peanuts (the viewers), try to kick the football held by producer Lucy. Some day, I will just give up, and I note that L&O LA is going to take you on now. Danger, danger, even though it is really lame.

    For those of you who denigrate those of us who are distracted by the sizzling undercurrent of sex, just shut up and let them get it on; then we can be on the same page again.

  9. Lluvia says:

    Why every scriptwriter and producer is determined to think if the main characters get involved to each other, the audience will be tired of???
    There are many other series, maybe not of this type, but still, where the main couple are together and yet people wacth and like it.
    Does anybody remember the slaughter thing happened with X-Files series and their main characters??? Bones is right now getting closer to that disaster, I can easily see Brennan getting pregnant by some alien’s experiment o_O
    And I agree with many of you thinking that we don’t mind ‘very much’ this back and forth with Castle and Beckett, because we are in season 3, but is this is going to continue, it will get boring and frustrating.
    And OMG who is going to be killed in final season??!!

  10. Melanie says:

    Definitely NOT too soon to get them together. I mean, come on! Look at Bones. I don’t watch that show anymore b/c I’m tired of being jerked around. Couples can be just as much fun to watch as people in a will they-won’t they dance. Relationships are hard, and they’ll have plenty of ups and downs. Break ups, even… and makeup fun. Give us that, please! Enough freaking torture.

  11. Becca says:

    I agree they do not need to be “together” yet, they need more one on one time, and we all speculate on what Beckett is thinking but she has never voiced it she almost did once, she need to loose Josh , and we need to see her coming to grips with what she is feeling and voicing it some maybe not out and out saying it, we all know where castle stands he has always made it clear he wants to be with her , them go out have fun together some her letting loose a little more , something to this effect .. All i know id i just can’t handle another scene like castle getting on that elevator …and her watching, it hurt more than him walking away from her with Gina because she knows how he feels , he has no idea how she feels other than she keeps shooting him down … the next level, i want them to work towards the complete togetherness, but i want them to realize that’s what they are doing too.. I think that even when they do get together they will still be just as they are now, they can still have the sword play , the fights , him driving her insane ,
    just on another level of intimacy , maybe they can even start the next level and it be a secret, (kinda a CSI ,Grissiom and Sara type thing )… i guess i’m am rambling all this stuff is floating around in my head …sorry too much coffee .. I’m Finished .. Becca

  12. Ashley says:

    I understand that the writers want to keep things very vague and even separate between Castle and Beckett’s relationship, but the thing is it’s high time for them to at least talk about having a relationship or to even dive into it feet first together. I’m a huge Caskett fan, but that’s the main reason why I’m somewhat irked. Personally, I hate the fact that shows end on a cliffhanger, especially one that can’t/won’t be picked back up until at least September. Now, how are fans supposed to live through those long months? Personally, I love this show and it’s my favorite one. I love the writers but sometimes it’s not the fans that can ruin a show it’s the writers. They think that the audience, and I’m using that word apprehensively, cannot handle the two leads getting together. The audience and fans have been clamoring for their relationship to at least go a little farther since the kiss of this season.

  13. Trisha says:

    Dear Mr. Marlowe,

    You are most DEFINITELY loosing out on fans if u dont take the Castle-Beckett relationship to the next level…..Look, what happened to BONES….

    Oh and solve the mystery of beckett’s mother’s murder already ….seriously U DON’T need it to spill into 6 seasons….the suspense is fading out already!!!

  14. lynn says:

    Remember the books when the characters got together but were ambivalent and still had banter? I agree that good writing can carry a relationship and it would be a chance to have Beckett more involved with Castles family and writing. Neither would tolerate losing any independence

  15. karyna says:

    why the final of serie why is to small for the finish soon ???

  16. Becky says:

    I love the show, but really think Castle needs to be a little more forward. I am beginning to think maybe he likes the opposite sex? Even if they don’t “get together” yet…at least make “SOME” progress…getting a little snoozy!
    Can’t wait for it to be on again. Monday’s are not the same without Castle!
    P.S. Castle you are “HOT”!!!

  17. moosemom says:

    keep the show as it is, as much as i would love to see them do exactly what they did in the book with the “lime and tequila” well, A stolen kiss once in awhile. Wouldn’t hurt It would make the show true. If Castle is to get shot and Beckett reveals her true self to him would make it just even better. Keep it close but not too.

  18. MichelleC says:

    If it is done right, characters can go years before they get together. Bones didn’t quite do it right, but they are coming back. JAG did it really well, so it is possible to drag it out over years and years.

  19. T says:

    I’m ready for Castle & Beckett to do something…they don’t have to be “together” just yet but let’s have some “HEAT”. The flirtations are cute but they are getting old.

    I’m getting bored with the show now. If they don’t get together by the end of this season…something needs to happen in the next season otherwise I will lose interest.

  20. Evelyn says:

    Honestly, I am fine with Beckett and Castle not getting together. I would be fine with it if they never got together. One thing that needs to stop though, if you have no intention of them becoming a couple soon, is the “almost confession” they have every other episode. It’s getting very played out. Either Castle or Beckett is about to tell the other how they feel, or ask the other out, then SURPRISE, something happens or someone shows up to prevent the confession. I am in no way saying to get rid of the tension between them, because that has been there since the beginning. It’s also what makes their relationship so interesting. I love the show, and I fully intend to continue watching as long as it’s running, just please, cease the attempted “confessions” if it’s not going to go anywhere.

  21. Lori P says:

    My bet the castle death is the Captain. And the item that puts Castle and Beckett fundamentally at odds is the Mayor’s involvement in the cover-up of Joanna Beckett’s death.

  22. Doug says:

    It’s always sad when a character gets killed off in a show. The acting and writing is so good that I/we feel close to the characters and care about them. I agree with a comment above, BONES is a good example of the not-so-good story line of the on again, off again relationship. Please don’t get weird on us like the characters are becoming on BONES. I would hope that the Beckett/Castle relationship would advance. Perhaps you could expound upon his writing a bit more and create some unique situations (without the death of the cast) for them to do as a couple. What could happen at the Hamptons over the summer if Beckett were to visit and they came across a murder there? What could happn if a murder took place in Castle’s bar, both were there, and for whatever reason, they had to solve the murder while not leaving the bar? They were close ot radiation contamenation and lost a moment with the entry of the guy in the blue coat; they were nearly frozen to death and said nothing to each other about feelings; they were nearly killed by a nuclear explosion and instead of saying anything as possible last words, he just pulled the wires; and he goes to make an offer to celebrate their survival and Josh walks in. Don’t toy with us so much on that aspect, please. They can still enjoy the relationship they now have, only go deeper with it. I’m sure your writers can come up with quality crimes stories to solve and write about. The one thing that does seem a bit odd is that Castle hardly ever seems to write. We know he hangs around Beckett because he’s in love with her and won’t say it. Couldn’t his creative juices be put into another book or into a movie or a TV show — and that could offer a few more story lines? We love the show! Thanks!

  23. Louise says:

    Personally I think Castle is a stand-alone show. Being a fan of Bones I too get tired of keeping them apart. Having them actually realistically get together could push the bounderies. I think it would be awesome to see progression, have them deal with being in a relationship and everything that comes with that and watch the changing dynamic. Nathan and Stana have such an amazing chemistry I believe they could be the exception to the rule and continue to bring in the fans.

    People love a good romance and I think it would be awesome to show not just the initial sparks but what happens after..to me that would be exciting too.

    On the finale: It’s my theory that the Captain is somehow involved with her mother’s case and dies but I cant shake the feeling that Beckett’s dad knows more than he’s letting on. We’ve only seen him once before and I think there’s more to it. Cursed Cliffhanger though..I guess we’ll find out soon enough..darn you 3-4mth summer hiatus…grrr.

  24. Suz says:

    As with Bones the same old same old – they just can’t commit to a
    relationship. What crap. Put them together this is getting
    too too tedious. Then they can operate on the old Hart to Hart
    theme, with a few sexy scenes involved. Sounds like something I for
    one would watch.

  25. Hammy says:

    I think one of the most successful relationship models on TV was Ross & Rachel from Friends. They had the initial “Will they Won’t they” tension for a while, then they got together, then something happened and they broke up and had to deal with what their relationship looked like as they tried to get their friendship back, tried to be with other people, tried to decide if they could be with each other again, and eventually got back together presumably for good. It had ups and downs and kept the dynamic interesting for the whole series. I think it would be best for Castle to do something similar to that – don’t wait forever to get them together, because there’s plenty you can do with the relationship after they come together initially and it probably won’t be an easy road. People rooted for Ross & Rachel to the end and they got together initially fairly early on in the series. Waiting forever for an initial coupling like on Bones or The X-Files would be a big mistake.

  26. caskettfanalltheway says:

    I think what Mr. Marlowe is doing is amazing! First off dont get me wrong i so want castle and beckett to get together but i really dont want want to them together yet i love the the whole chemistry thing where they look into each others eyes or when beckett tells castle something that he didnt know about beckett the reaction that we get from him i love it.
    Second i have a feeling that the captain will die i believe that he knows more about becketts moms case then he lets off. lets face it he uses the whole beckett your to close to this case a lot but whenever she goes behind his back to try to solve it he doesnt get mad unless its involving a case about her mother then he gets mad at her.
    And finale mr. marlowe and his cast and crew are doing an amazing job they have given us such a great show. so in a way he kinda deserves to jerk us arowund for a bit. so for all the people that are mad at him get the stick out of your butts and open your eyes because without him you wouldnt have your favorite tv show

  27. Asya says:

    OKAY GUYS. I think we can all come to a joint conclusion:
    Everybody wants to see Beckett and Castle close.
    Everybody wants a kiss here and there to keep us going.
    And everybody wants the show to keep its chemistry and fun.
    So the only logical way of continuing is to keep them apart – but add more romance scenes or kisses in! It would keep the ”shippers” happy yet leave some plot for later seasons as well.

    I agree with Christopher – real life is not so thought over like this! The couple in question would have probably hooked up several times by now with an amazing chemistry like this. It would be likely, however, that they might have not solved their emotional issues yet (so the writers should work on more smut and just plan out the relationship however they want). Besides, it would give great after kiss awkward moments with Ryan and Espo!

    And about the death; it can definitely not be a main character. Like the upcoming death in the Bones episode the Hole in the Heart (where, sorry to spoil it for you, but intern Vincent dies) they will kill off someone less important yet still loved/hated like Josh!

    Come on writers, we know you wont disapoint.

    PS. Mr. Marlowe – an end of season cliffhanger? Really? WHYYYYYYYY

  28. Asya says:

    Oh and also, about everybody comparing their relationship to BONES: Its not the same thing. Booth and Brennan have a more emotional relationship and were not as flirty whilst Castle and Beckett have nearly been non-stop fun. Castle and Beckett can never have a ”brother sister” relationship. Ever. Don’t compare an apple to a pear! And besides, Bones fans are more hooked than ever and the ratings are amazing – so its not really a valid point.

  29. Gina says:

    Aaargh! Can’t wait for the finale!

  30. Kathleen Bell says:

    I love when they finally address each other as Rick and Kate. Now get them together, really together. HIs mother and Alexis would be thrilled too! How much longer will this pain go on? I love these two. They could start off “sneaking around” so there would still be sexual tension. And the guys in the office would love speculating on it.

  31. Rylie says:

    I think Castle and Beckett will get together because the tragedy in this episode. It will be someone very close to either one or the both of them. I can`t wait!!!

  32. Donna says:

    Shot? What? What? No!!!!!
    Come on guys. I hope to H… that she’s just stunned or injured and fainted or something. You gotta be kidding … do you know how many people are now up in arms about this? You’re in deep doo-doo if she’s dead!

  33. Carl Sellars says:

    Well just watched the “final” show of the season and you suck….I am a dedicated watcher of Castle since it hit the airwaves…you dont have a “finale” without danging the carrot….we dont even know when the next show airs….the story line was great, acting was great, and you suck…NOW WHEN IS THE NEXT CASTLE!

  34. D23 says:

    All I can say is that we better not come back in the fall with a ‘Bobby in the shower’ dream sequence like Dallas. After being on the edge of my seat tonight, that would do me in

  35. MR says:

    I don’t know why everyone thinks there can’t be exciting chemistry when characters get together – there can if you do it right! It’s like a romance novel people – yeah, you play it out until they get together, but then there are still so many avenues for drama, tension and further problems that in many cases romance novels have sequels! I enjoy the show very much now, and I would certainly not stop watching it or anything – but I wish everyone would stop acting like getting together is the end of the book, when there could still be great sequels!