Exclusive: Castle Boss on 'Explosive' Finale and a Major 'Crisis' For Castle and Beckett!

OK, here’s the deal: I want to tell you that the May 16 season finale of ABC’s Castle is going to be mind-blowing. I’d like to say that it’s going to be epic, that it’s going to further along the investigation into the murder of Beckett’s mother (and in a big way), and that it’s even going to further along the relationship between the detective and our title author (though not necessarily for the better). But instead, I’ll let executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe tell you. Cool? Cool.

TVLINE | How much of the finale is about Castle and Beckett’s relationship?
It’s essential in the finale.

TVLINE | I feel like there’s nothing standing in the way of them getting together at this point. I was watching the scene at the end of Monday’s episode thinking, “And Castle isn’t making a move here because…?”
It’s very challenging. And it’s something I need to address for next season. I don’t think the audience is ready for [a Castle/Beckett romance] yet, even though the ‘shippers are crying out for it.  I feel like it isn’t quite time for them to get together as a couple. But I do recognize that they have to move to a different level in their relationship and there has to be a significant obstacle to them getting together. So for me it’s how I do that in an honest way.

TVLINE | Can you rule out a reappearance by Gina and/or Josh?
I can promise you that they will not be showing up in the final episode. That element is relatively played out for us. And our audience has extended us some good will on that front. But we have other surprises in store.

TVLINE | Can you confirm that there’s a significant death?
I can confirm that [someone] we’ve seen many, many times before does die in the finale.

TVLINE | Does the death tie into the murder of Beckett’s mother?
It’s both tangential and significant.

TVLINE | Speaking of which, is it safe to say there’s a breakthrough in that case?
We will learn a significant amount about the conspiracy…  Something happens to Hal Lockwood [the sniper introduced in this season’s “Knockdown” episode], and it opens up an avenue of investigation in such a way that Beckett feels that she can get close to the real person behind all of this.

TVLINE | Anything else can you say about the finale?
The season is going to end with a pretty explosive climax that has to do fundamentally with Beckett and Castle’s relationship. There’s a crisis that is very much intertwined with the emotionally raw aspects of Beckett having to deal with her mother’s case again. And it’s a cliffhanger. Fans should be prepared for that so they don’t bitch me out.

Thoughts? Do you agree with Marlowe that it’s too soon for Castle and Beckett to, you know, go there? And are you concerned about  this ominous sounding obstacle he’s planning to throw their way? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Latte says:

    I think they are going to kill off Martha!!!!

    This will they or won’t they is getting very old. Please give the viewers some credit abd stop teasing us by seeing how close they can get without getting together.

  2. Alexannie1949 says:

    So much about the Castle/Beckett dynamic will be drastically changed by them going there. Yes, I agree, it’s way too soon. A good deal of the appeal of the show is that tension between them and how they both feel more about the other than they’ve said so far. Don’t take that away yet. Obstacle, no obstacle. Sometimes the only obstacle in getting together with someone is that we are a legend in our own mind, or we’re afraid, or whatever. In other words, we’re the only obstacle. I could easily see a hookup being prevented just because of something either of them THINKS about the other one, true or not. Great show and I’ll keep watching. As soon as they hook up it’s just like any other show on the air.

  3. rd4 says:

    The show has been amazing and I have faith all those involved will keep it that way. If you don’t like how the show is going, don’t watch. While I’m interested to see the outcome of their relationship, I don’t obsess over it. I have my own relationships to put that energy towards!

  4. Crystal says:

    Yes, to keep it interesting as I’d begun to find it almost as formulaic as Perry Mason used to be when on the his show you could almost certainly bet that the person on the stand at 40-minutes into the 60-minute show was the guilty party. I’d started to see a similar pattern in how I was choosing the whodunnit on Castle. My husband was laughing about it that I’d get the criminal before the detectives or the writer…but I’ve always hoped the writer would get the detective! Yes, this show does remind me of Moonlighting (Cybill Shepherd, Bruce Willis, circa mid-80’s), so to keep it light and moving they have to have Castle and Beckett remain like two like magnets – they can remain in close proximity and it is magnetic but they are repelled by some unseen force – unless a cataclysmic event happens to change the polarity of one of them (Beckett, I’d say) to make the stick and be one – but wouldn’t that be a new show?

  5. caskett says:

    i think that is that is not very soon bec. we dont want to see alot of seasons without name for this releation ship which between castle and bekett and every time this love wait the fans get punish more i knew that there is 4th season for castle iget mad when iknew bec. itold my self 4th season mean that is theier love wont appear now iam egyptian live in egypt the episode of the season aired on monday and ihave to wait until thursday to download the episode from the internet waitting the final words “i love you” if i just can hear this words maybe i’ll die when ihear it so plzzz make it hurry and again it is not too soon

  6. nena says:

    I think the show is moving at an amazing steady pace. I love the castle/Beckett relationship and agree that jumping to soon would not do the show justice. The supporting cast are fantastic and also interesting the whole show just works at the moment.

  7. Shawn Edwards says:

    In other words he used several hundred words to NOT tell us anything about who is going to be killed off… :-/

  8. Chris says:

    I’m not sure how long most of you have been watching television but its has been proven time and time again that once the leading male and female characters do get together after the show is a few seasons old….it KILLS the show!! Moonlighting is an example, the X-Files is another (and you want to talk about being patient, it took Scully and Mulder the better part of 8 years to get together and you people complain about 3-5). The comparisons to BONES is absurd because the characters are so different, the chemistry is different. I don’t think I’d like to see B&B together at this point. I kind of like the scenic route for Castle and Beckett and wouldn’t mind if they waited to the very last episode to completely solidify a relationship between them. Castle is definitely one of my “Must Watch” shows, especially since I was a huge fan of Firefly and Nathan..(Castle’s Halloween costume of Mal was awesome). Let the writers do their thing, enjoy the show and stop BITCHING!!

  9. I’m not even sure Castle and Beckett need to get together in the end. Once they do it’s downhill from there. The relationship can be just as dynamic if they decide NOT to go there. I guess it’s more a question of how long the writers think the show is good to run. Once Beckett and Castle get “involved” the clock starts ticking for the SERIES finale.

  10. Ash says:

    I agree that it’s too soon for them to be together. This is the part I love the most between characters…the little games…the attraction without gratification. It’s fun…it keeps us on the edge of our seats…I love how their relationship has grown into a solid friendship plus some.

    I was Lostie….so drawing things out until they are almost PAINFUL is cake for me now. I’m enjoying the building chemistry and the banter…I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the finale.

  11. Kari says:

    I think their relationship is exactly where it should be. I’m in no hurry at this point to see them hooked up, although I’d not poo poo it if they did.

    And, for me…as long as they continue to give “Firefly” fans little bits of shiny to play with, I’ll keep watching. Nathan Fillion is incredible. He has show-stopping chemistry with every person I’ve ever seen him on screen with. Whether he’s portraying a friend, parent, captain, enemy, etc…

  12. STW says:

    Mr. Marlowe & Company,

    CASTLE is the show I look forward to watching most. Writing, acting, directing, casting — excellence on TV.

    The desire that some fans have to put Castle & Beckett together is, of course, to be expected. Romantic tension begs to be resolved. That’s the nature of tension.

    The reality of shows like this, however, is that they tend to lose steam once the couple becomes a couple. So the questions you and the creative team have to ask and answer are “Can we sustain the show, honestly, if the two become a couple?” and “Can we sustain the show, honestly, if they don’t?”

    I have a good friend who is among the “negative Nancy’s” — who thinks that Rick & Kate must get together. Yet he has also seen show after show go down the drain once the relationship gets established. So, he’s negative about the show’s future.

    I disagree strongly. These two characters have been written so well, and are being cared for so well by their creative team, that I think they can withstand being a couple, in some way. I think this because Beckett is so strong, and Castle so newly mature.

    But, if you need to take them apart again before putting them together, I trust you. I don’t want this couple to be prematurely together. I do believe, though, that you can keep their relationship an integral part of the show, while continuing to give us great mysteries, even if they are “together” in some way.

    Beckett is not Nikki Heat — so the Heat/Rook approach in the Heat books is not quite right for Castle/Beckett. But it’s a hint at what can be done.

    Thanks for the excellent show.

    P.S. Stana’s acting, and the directorial choices in the final seconds of this last episode was superb. Well done to all involved.

  13. fargus says:

    McMillan & Wife ran for six years. I can see Castle and Becket as the same sort of relationship… except that she’s the cop.

  14. marla says:

    Yes I would like to see Beckett and Castle get together. I do not agree with Marlowe it is too soon. I think they have great chemistry between them and us fans would love to see them in a relationship finally.. Never too soon. I am a devoted fan would love to see it.

  15. MDK_Longtime Castle lover says:

    Dear Obsessed Castle/Beckett fans,
    Stop comparing Castle to Bones. Marlowe gets it, NO BONES dragged out storyline! He won’t do that, because he knows it would piss people off. However, Castle and Beckett do need a little more time. I see where he’s going, but I know there will be some surprises along the way and I’m all for them. The show will continue to be great for many more seasons and at the perfect moment C&B will finally come together amazingly, and that perfect moment will happen long before C&B ever get boring.
    Thank you

  16. My wife and I love the show . The writers have done an incredible balancing act with the Castle/Beckett relationship. Us bitch ? Not likely , we plan to enjoy the ride while it lasts . May that be a very long time .

    BTW: we don’t believe the romance/drama stops with the wedding. With Castle and Beckett we’re pretty confident that the “fireworks” will continue ..

  17. JO says:

    I’m more concerned over a significant death. I do not want the Captain taking the fall or Lanie. I would much prefer not to lose anyone at all. To kill off one of main team members would really mess with that group dynamic. That would ‘kill’ this show even faster than lack of romance between the two leads getting together.

    And on that note: I DO NOT CARE if Castle and Beckett get together. There is NO chemistry whatsoever between the two and NOT every show with leads of the opposite sex need to end up together! I believe it would ruin this show which is clearly about the team. Yes, they kissed and it was painfully obvious to anyone with eyes that these two should not be together at all.

    As for those who talked about the pathetic “Bones” show. First the problem with that show is NOT the lack of romance between the leads. It’s the sad excuse for the female lead and her lack of acting ability. That’s why people quit watching it….it’s plain bad-no mystery-and bad, bad acting. Get a good actress for Temperance and show would be worth watching. ‘Castle’ should in NO way be compared to ‘Bones’. That would be comparing steak to mudpie. ‘Castle’ is clearly the superior show.

    • Jovida says:

      Wow…does somebody need a high colonic and a hug?

    • Kari says:

      Wow, I agree that Bones stunk horribly, but I definitely disagree that Castle and Beckett have no chemistry. Just like real chemistry, not everyone will see it, even if it’s there. I think it’s a bit much to say that anyone with eyes can see that they have no chemistry. I have great vision, and I see it plain as day.

    • Jovida says:

      I agree…I really don’t want to see any of the cast members leave. But NO CHEMISTRY between Fillion and Stanic? All I can say, JO, is you’re either blind, or you must have flunked chemistry! I would have liked a better first kiss because I did think that Beckett was (as she should have been) more interested in knocking out the bad guy, but it was pretty good.
      As for Bones…I think it’s the guy who plays Booth that’s a one dimensional actor and brings nothing to the party. However, I still enjoy the show EVEN though I don’t care if the main chraracters get together. ooooh…I’m such a maverick!

  18. Linda says:

    Very well put Kcat 10. I don’t know of a single viewer that is not “in love” with the idea behind the show as well as the cast.
    I dread the day it ever ends. I look forward week to week to the next great “dodge of the bullet” for Becket and Castle. Every week leaves me going “awwwww”.

  19. rick says:

    Seriously, folks. Have we not reached the grown up stage yet where it is possible to have meaningful relationships with the opposite sex without being romantically involved? I don’t know how you people fare at work, but the professional and business community seems to have no problem with non-romantic opposite sex relationships, either as colleagues, competitors, companions, and even cronies. Why can’t TV?

  20. Das says:

    Personally, I think they should mimic the books and let them “hook up” but maintain the relationship as is. The show reminds me alot of Moonlighting and as long as there is sexual tension the show will continue. But, as soon a they become a couple the show will be over.

  21. Victoria says:

    I personally find it tiresome that Beckett and Castle go back and forth and to the edge and then back and to the edge…… just do it for Pete’s sake!

  22. sarburns3 says:

    I like to think that the writers on this show are smart enough (as they have shown in the past) to keep us interested in the Castle/Beckett relationship without them actually getting together. I think it’s important that their partnership and friendship grows before their romantic relationship.

    And for those who think that ratings will suffer because of the absence of the relationship, look back at one of the highest rated shows of all time…Friends. Ross and Rachael didn’t get together until the season 3 and they broke up in season 4. The same senario could happen for Castle and Beckett. Even if they get together next season or even the season after, they could still have a major fallout which could create an interesting dynamic in their partnership and friendship, which is why it’s important that they have that foundation before they embark on a romantic relationship…so that there’s conflict and tension in later seasons and it’ll still be interesting for the audience to watch the show. If they get together too soon and last as a couple, the sexual tension between them and the playful flirting and bickering won’t be as prominent or as funny/interesting and the show may lose some of its steam. It’s better to keep them apart longer.

    • sarburns3 says:

      Honestly though, this is one of my favorite shows. I absolutely love it and I have great faith in the writing, directing and the acting so I’m not worried at all. Bring on the finale!

  23. Retired Fan says:

    I’m old enough to remember Saturday serials at the local theater and real “cliffhangers”. The difference is that, way back then, you only had to wait one week to get you heroes off the cliff and back to the action . . .

    Regarding the loss of a character . . . What part of ensemble cast do writers not understand? Chemistry is everything, even involving the minor (set piece type) characters. The only show I recall that didn’t suffer when characters were replaced was M*A*S*H (a rare phenomenon). Having been in the military, as many fan friends were, replacement and rotation of personnel didn’t seem as jarring in a military comedy/drama.

    I can’t list all of the shows that diminished in quality when the cast was tinkered with to advance a particular plot line. I’ve read the collateral “novels” written by “Richard Castle” and, as the kids would say . . . I wouldn’t mind an occasional Castle/Beckett hookup (friends with benefits?) ala Rook/Heat.

    • Joivda says:

      Excellent point! (friends w/benefits) I couldn’t agree more. Don’t these poor characters deserve a little happiness now and again?

  24. Jovida says:

    I really don’t think you need the L.U.S.T. (Long Unresolved Sexual Tension)factor on Caslte. Sexual tension is a crutch. If you have good writing to begin with, why not let your characters evolve; have normal, healthy lives instead of always being in angst? GAH! That gets SO boring and predictable.

    Loving, sexual couples did not/has not hurt shows like ‘Hart to Hart’, ‘Ghost Whisperer’, ‘Chuck’, ‘The Closer’, ‘Burn Notice’. I could go on, but I think I make the point. Why can we not have both on Castle, too, Mr. Marlowe?

  25. Elaine says:

    Strong fan of this show and enjoy the interaction between Beckett and Castle, the supporting actors, including Castles’ family. Everyone works well together and we care about their characters. That said, can we keep the Beckett/Castle “wedding” for the series finale and just have a few of those monumental kisses and a little flirting as a preamble? It spices it up without “finalizing” the characters.

    One of my favorite shows last year was Dylan McDermott’s team of renagade cops. He was edgy and neurotic and each episode had you sitting on the edge of your seat because you didn’t know what he was going to do next; keeping it just about inside the law. So, someone had the bright idea of giving him a love interest– and then the writers went overboard with an overwhelming dominant blonde character (his boss no less!), and bam, goodbye. The show was cancelled for this season! Talk about being pissed off!!!

    So, please keep Castle going with good scripts, a little sexual teasing, and a very pleasant hour to look forward to each week. Thanks!

  26. Kari says:

    So many people see the relationship as having this “destination”, an “end point”…constantly looking forward to something different or better happening…just enjoy the ride (in real life and in TV land)! It’s about the journey, not the destination!

    And, to those mentioning that so many shows have already played out the “will they/won’t they” thing…there are also many shows that have couples together, too. Neither scenario in that regard is overly original.

    Most couples don’t work together, so as much as I like the idea of them being a couple, I really don’t know if their work relationship would be able to stay the same…I’m glad I’m not a writer, that’s for sure! I’d have NO idea how to make that work!

  27. Courtney says:

    Look, I love this show, and yes, at times, I want to pull out my hair waiting for them to kiss, but c’mon… let the writers do their job. That’s what they get paid to do and if our input really matters, then they shall please us in the end. In my younger years, i was an avid Buffy & Angel watcher & those shows lasted longer than the relationships that happened on the show, so haters need to shut up & just watch the show. The plots are good enough to keep me happy, so im not going anywhere. :D

    Besides it’s fun watching the flirtatious bantor between the 2 characters & Nathan Fillion has definitely earned a “hot” title thanx to this show & his flirty acting. I never thought that much of him from 2 guys a girl & a pizza place… and firefly didnt make enough of an impression… so kudos to u, Nathan, for being so darn cute with ur acting on this show. ;D

  28. Jeanne says:

    Though my years of watching TV shows: Moonlighting, JAG, Bones, Whose’s the Boss, where there is an attraction between the male and female lead characters, once they become a couple or get married, the writers seem to lose the edge. I sure would hate to see that happen to Castle. I have watched the show from the beginning and I really love it. The only two “shows” who seemed to be able to have couples work together and still keep the show interesting was Hart to Hart and the Incredibles.

  29. Katie says:

    I think there should be an episode next season where Alexis and Gram gets kidnapped or something.

  30. Melodee says:

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Don’t put them together yet. As much as I would like to see it, I agree with the other responses that it will lose something and the series will tank. Part of the appeal of the show is the bantering and the “almost together” so many times. Even in real life, sometimes the timing is right but for whatever reason you suddenly stall or don’t make that move. Just before they were locked in the freezer it was a great and pleasant surprise to see them liplocked. Great series. It’s one night I don’t have to try to figure out what to watch – or which is the best of the worst.

  31. Vicki says:

    I would watch Nathan Fillion watching paint dry. (dreamy sigh…) Oh, you say there’s a romantic lead in the show with him? Really?

  32. IndyStacy says:

    I’ve been impressed at the way this show has aligned mystery novels, TV show, and an upcoming movie. My question is whether the movie and the finale have any overlap.

  33. Gene says:

    I think they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If Castle and Beckett get together it could ruin the show, Remember Moonlighting, The Nanny, and Who’s the Boss to name a few. Characters got together and the show went down. On the other hand if it takes too long people may lose interest.
    Personally I don’t think they are ready!

  34. Melodee says:

    I also enjoy Castle’s poker games with real writers, not fake people. I didn’t realize Steve Cannell died until Monday’s episode.
    He wrote many great shows. I hope they bring in a few more players as 3 is too few.

  35. Tom says:

    I’d just like to echo the many other posts — please don’t turn Castle into Bones. The Bones writers destroyed the show by playing the relationship tease too many times. Either put Castle/Beckett together or drop the subject and let them be work colleagues. Don’t play the game where they move to the brink of a relationship every ratings sweeps period, then back off.

  36. Kriss says:

    A significant obstacle to their getting together?? C’mon, really? That ploy is getting a bit trite. If you are a really good writer you will find a way to let their relationship be solidified, romantically speaking, and still maintain the sparks that make this a dynamic police drama. The characters of Becket and Castle are intelligent and motivated. Just keep that in mind and let them work even more closely together on the tasks/cases at hand by adding a “closeness” that they know how to keep in check on the job. You will lose viewership by “toying” with your audience. The people who watch this series are not your average run-of-the-mill nighttime TV or reality show boobs… they are people who expect, and deserve, good writing and honest plot and relationship twists. Don’t jerk them around… it will come back to bite you in the ratings!

  37. CarolV says:

    Hey – Does anyone remember The Thin Man? Nick and Nora Charles and their dog, Shasta? They had the same sort of chemistry that Castle and Beckett have and they were great, great, GREAT together! I’d love to see these two get together but, regardless, Monday night is heaven with Castle following Dancing With the Stars…My favorite night of the week!

  38. joe says:

    i am ok with holding off on the casket relationship, cuz if they get together, the mystery and angst will be gone. and marlowe said the death is gna be significant and tangential to becketts mother’s death, so im pretty sure its gna be montgomery, cuz i think he is behind it somehow

  39. p johnson says:

    No show died because the romantic leads got together! The lack of engaging story line does that. I am sick and tired of Bones and Castle’s hanging the viewers out to dry on the romance. If you have confidence in your story line, writers and actors, it will live on. I am not going to watch either of these shows after this season. I hate the tease of almost getting kissed then turning away, same for these shows. I am a romantic who can only take so much.

  40. Amy Dutton says:

    It’s time for the two of them to tell each other how they feel already…all relationships have obstacles to overcome! If they didn’t, no one would truly know how to appreciate a good thing when they have it. Castle’s writers are AWESOME!!!! This show is not just about the relationship between Rick and Kate… I’m sure they could manage to keep the witty, fun banter without killing the show! I don’t want to see Kate with another man or Rick with another woman. They don’t have to be in a totally crazy, head over heels, I’m in love with you relationship…but their relationship def needs to move forward. It’s getting boring watching them flirt like crazy with each other only to be disappointed that it doesn’t lead anywhere. It actually irritated me that neither one of them told the other how they felt when they thought they were going to die in that freezer! Just my opinion, but if you can’t tell someone you love them when you think you are going to die when can you tell them? I Love this show!! It’s the best show on TV right now!!! The writers are great and I have faith that they will keep going in the right direction!!! I love cliffhangers…it’s what keeps people coming back for more!!! I can’t wait to see what’s in store! :)

  41. Oh, honestly. Saying stories can’t be as great or greater once the characters have a relationship is nothing but LAZY on the part of the writers. So, you have to work a little harder to make it still SIZZLE, it can be done. To whit, Nick and Nora Charles; anything by Diana Gabaldan. Castle and Beckett are each very strong-willed, and neither will “disappear” into a relationship. Let them go at it! In more ways than sexually! Let them drive each other crazy in both good and bad ways. Let her try to make him grow up. Let him try to make her loosen up. Let them have to pretend not to be involved, instead of not interested!

  42. Mling says:

    All I can say is Castle is the kind of show my husband and I can see over and over again and each time we see something we missed! Every actor is so perfectly cast and the writers are amazing! However the finale last season was so upsetting I wanted to throw something at the screen. PLEASE do not do anything like that again. No more other love interests. The progression has been so well timed to mature Castle and soften Beckett and allow her to trust. It would be ok for others to be interested in them like last Monday and to have it end so adorable like it did. That is not too slow, its perfect. Just don’t go backward!!!

  43. Lynette says:

    I don’t think it’s complicated at all to put these two together, and you don’t have to put them together – just to break them apart either even if you do think it would be better television. A natural progression of things would to have them date, develop the relationship deeper for the next year – maybe 2 years if you really needed it – than lead them actually to marriage. How funny to have a husband/wife team working the streets together – but still keeping up their rhetoric about how much they can each drive each other crazy! It’s a maturing of the relationship and the television series – not just keeping them apart for the sexual tension you feel it keeps on the show. There are so many angles and ways you can play this out: Castle’s concern for his wife and her job as a cop vs her refusal to not do her job – more tension for ya, leads to great “makeing up” for ya! There are so many ways and possibilites. If Beckett can date random guys, then there seems to be no reason why she can’t date someone who is a very close friend. I would still say that Beckett needs to open herself up here to Castle before a relationship would work out well together (though after the bomb scene I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t have bonded as needed after that).

  44. Amy Dutton says:

    Their relationship needs to move forward but I think you are right about Montgomery! Somehow I think he either knows what happened or was involved in some way. I’m not sure who he’s protecting though…maybe the Mayor (and himself). I think he cares about Kate too though, and maybe that’s the real reason he didn’t want her digging into her Mother’s file again. He doesn’t want to see her killed like her Mother was for getting to close to something. Rick’s “friendship” with the Mayor may be where the obstacle between Rick and Kate comes in. They’ll work through it though and come out stronger in the end!

  45. Katie Bee says:

    Mr. Marlowe, you have my full support. I love this show, even as many times as I’ve pulled my hair out over it. Caskett will happen eventually, and it won’t be Bones (as you’ve said) – I have faith.

    That being said, I have a feeling Capt. Montogomery is going to die, and it’s going to negatively impact Castle and Beckett’s working relationship – and thus romantic relationship. What could be more fundamental to C/B’s relationship than the precinct, and Captain’s support? And central to Mrs. Beckett’s case – I’d say Roy fits that bill superbly.

    Thanks, Mr. Marlowe. Love your work and the world you’ve created with Castle.

  46. Melissa says:

    I don’t really care one way or another about any romance in Castle’s relationship with Beckett. I just hope they remain good friends and partners no matter WHAT happens.

    As for the death of a character in the season finale, I can only hope it isn’t Castle’s daughter.

  47. kliker says:

    Sorry you’ve decided not to move the relationship any further along. I would say to the ones that say the show would die an early death if they came together…poppycock! That’s the time for creative writing to ramp up. I’m getting to the point that I’d just rather see Castle start working with a guy(like Hawaii 50 or something) to solve hard nose cases than this sterile nambie-pambie style between Castle/Beckett. I mean now it seems to make Castle look like he’s some ball-less man toward women or or maybe some gay guy. I’ve watched this show since it’s inception and have gone along so far but I’m thinking now I won’t have to set my DVR to record another channel at this time slot. Too bad.

  48. Kylie says:

    As much as I would love to see Beckett and Castle get together there are so many story plots left undone. For instance the writers could plan a trip on a murder investigation and have Beckett and Castle have a little fun while away…..but I do agree that once they become a couple that the tension and suspense will be lost for the characters.

  49. ashley says:

    well i think it is a little soon for them to get together but they should do it soon and people this is on a completly different show so stop refering it to other shows!!!! and the cliffhanger should be interesting

  50. Rylee says:

    My guess as to what will happen:
    It turns out the other cop that’s in on the conspiracy is captain M, and either Beckett, Castle, Ryan, or Esposito will have to shoot him, and he’s the one who dies. That’d be intense!