Exclusive: Castle Boss on 'Explosive' Finale and a Major 'Crisis' For Castle and Beckett!

OK, here’s the deal: I want to tell you that the May 16 season finale of ABC’s Castle is going to be mind-blowing. I’d like to say that it’s going to be epic, that it’s going to further along the investigation into the murder of Beckett’s mother (and in a big way), and that it’s even going to further along the relationship between the detective and our title author (though not necessarily for the better). But instead, I’ll let executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe tell you. Cool? Cool.

TVLINE | How much of the finale is about Castle and Beckett’s relationship?
It’s essential in the finale.

TVLINE | I feel like there’s nothing standing in the way of them getting together at this point. I was watching the scene at the end of Monday’s episode thinking, “And Castle isn’t making a move here because…?”
It’s very challenging. And it’s something I need to address for next season. I don’t think the audience is ready for [a Castle/Beckett romance] yet, even though the ‘shippers are crying out for it.  I feel like it isn’t quite time for them to get together as a couple. But I do recognize that they have to move to a different level in their relationship and there has to be a significant obstacle to them getting together. So for me it’s how I do that in an honest way.

TVLINE | Can you rule out a reappearance by Gina and/or Josh?
I can promise you that they will not be showing up in the final episode. That element is relatively played out for us. And our audience has extended us some good will on that front. But we have other surprises in store.

TVLINE | Can you confirm that there’s a significant death?
I can confirm that [someone] we’ve seen many, many times before does die in the finale.

TVLINE | Does the death tie into the murder of Beckett’s mother?
It’s both tangential and significant.

TVLINE | Speaking of which, is it safe to say there’s a breakthrough in that case?
We will learn a significant amount about the conspiracy…  Something happens to Hal Lockwood [the sniper introduced in this season’s “Knockdown” episode], and it opens up an avenue of investigation in such a way that Beckett feels that she can get close to the real person behind all of this.

TVLINE | Anything else can you say about the finale?
The season is going to end with a pretty explosive climax that has to do fundamentally with Beckett and Castle’s relationship. There’s a crisis that is very much intertwined with the emotionally raw aspects of Beckett having to deal with her mother’s case again. And it’s a cliffhanger. Fans should be prepared for that so they don’t bitch me out.

Thoughts? Do you agree with Marlowe that it’s too soon for Castle and Beckett to, you know, go there? And are you concerned about  this ominous sounding obstacle he’s planning to throw their way? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kelly says:

    First, in the case of Castle & Beckett, I will admit to being a shipper (sigh). I haven’t been that way since day 1 but Andrew Marlowe and his team have moved me to that position over the past 2+ seasons, most especially the current season. Before season 3 started I didn’t much care about the WHEN of it all but with 21 episodes now under our belt, I can say that I feel, as a viewer, that it’s really time to move forward in some significant way.

    Flirting and bantering is one thing but longing glances, declarations of feelings (overt or not), blatant jealousy, and “worst timing ever” boyfriends/girlfriends tend to stop meaning so much when it happens over and over and over again with little result. After some episodes this season, all of the fans out there (much like in my house) had to be asking “what the he** is it going to take- A dirty bomb set to blow up in your face isn’t enough? Freezing to death isn’t enough? Doing everything to find a mother’s killer isn’t enough?”. Does anyone even know why they AREN’T together? Do Castle and Beckett? (a reason that exists outside the apparent new “rules” of “proper” television etiquette, I mean).

    I have the utmost faith in Mr. Marlowe and his team. They have given me little to no reason not to. I just hope that this has nothing to do with pandering to a network or trying to keep fans on the hook for seasons to come. “Castle”, as good as it as, like any other show, was lucky to get a new season pick up. Shows don’t go on forever – even great ones. Moving things slowly is one thing but drawing things out because you feel like you may have longer than you actually do can get very dangerous. I don’t want to end up a bitter “Castle” viewer come the season where they are forced to end things quickly and unrealistically because ABC has shown them the door. You’ve given us viewers a bit too much this season, Mr. Marlowe, to start pulling back now. Either do it or don’t. You have proven that you are great writers and we know you can make either work…this in between stuff can only last for so long…like our beloved “Castle”.

    • Lisa says:

      This is a well thought out post.

      There is such a fine line between too soon and not soon enough. Of all the shows I have ever watched this was the one I thought had that ‘Thin Man’ potential.

      AM had done a wonderful job so far with Castle and I trust him, but as others have said if we end next season and C/B are not together I really won’t have any reason to tune in for season 4.5.

    • Alexannie1949 says:

      I’m ok with Beckle never getting together. I watch the show for many reasons besides that. BTW, I’ve had this kind of relationship with someone and never knew the reason why we never hooked up. That’s real life. I don’t have to understand all reasons/facts/lies behind something happening or not happening to really enjoy and keep watching this show.

  2. 2 1/2 star says:

    Mark my words, Castle’s mother is going to get killed off. That fulfills the death that they are talking about with the character that we see “many many times.” Also, the death will significantly chill things on the realtionship front with Castle and Beckett because of the similarities of her mother’s death. Your thoughts?!?

    • Enzell says:

      At first I thought it was Gina getting killed off, because she HAS been in the series since the very beginning, and it would definitely create an impact on Castle & Beckett’s relationship. However, Gina and Josh are not making a comeback this season finale so that rules them out. (I wish it was Josh though!)
      I think it’s Capt. Montgomery getting the boot. I quote from SpoilerTV:
      “Capt. Montgomery’s daughter makes an appearance. She is 9 years old and has a semi-important role in the [season finale]”

      So why would the Captain’s never-heard-of daughter suddenly appear in the episode when the Grim Reaper pays a visit? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yup.

      • Veronique says:

        I’ve been reading through the different posts and indeed it seems very obvious that it is the captain that will die, while trying to protect Beckett. Most likely Castle gets hurt in the process as well so…my thoughts: to protect Castle she will push him away and tell him to stay out of (her) police business. Only this time she will not take “no” for an answer. She might even go so far as to get Alexis involved this time to stop him from risking his life. Maybe the words “because I love you” will actually be spoken but immediately followed by “I can’t allow anyone close to me anymore”. Hm…can already envision the looks on their faces when they have this conversation and the fans will be heartbroken…again but hope will flicker because we all know Castle will not give up…hence season 4…Good things come to those who wait :).

  3. Chole says:

    For crying out loud people calm down. Stop painting Castle with the same brush as Bones. These are two different shows, with two different showrunners. If Castle/Beckett are still being kept apart say end of season 4 and season 5 than I will join in the bitching …. but were not there yet. Castle is 2 and a half seasons in (seeing as Season 1 was only 10 episodes), give them a break!!!!
    Don’t take out your frustrations for Hart Hanson on Andrew Marlowe! HE lied to you, not Marlowe!

  4. Mike says:

    I started watching the show this past year. I really enjoyed it, so I have watched most of the early episodes on DVD.

    I have to say that the crime aspect of the show seemed much stronger earlier on he series and the interpersonal relationship was fun to watch as it unfolded.

    I think that viewers see three seasons as three years (and it really is in their lives.) If the characters can’t even be honest about their feeling and act on them in whatever manner after three years, then it should be dropped. It’s not unfolding as a romance. It’s just a cat and mouse game with the audience. And the producers know that. It rather reminds me of something teens lived though in high school. high school. That get’s too be tiring and detracts from the central story.

    Anyhow, that to say I really wanted to see the relationship resolved, either way, in the close of the season so a new aspect of each character could be explored. Done well, it could take the series to a new level. Of course, I now know that won’t be happening and Castle, in my opinion, risks being a formulaic show and will wind down slowly and be canceled.

    That’s too bad as I think Castle has fine actors and it’s fair share of brilliant scripts.

    I remember a quote from Jordan about Nikkie Heat being part Beckett and part Castle.

    She’s also part audience too.

  5. Ange says:

    I have to agree with the others who watch the show for the cases, quirky humor and great characters. I think the little crush on eachother teases are cute but if it becomes the primary focus of the show it won’t be as interesting to me.

  6. K says:

    I may be the minority here, but I trust Mr. Marlowe. I think it IS too early to get Castle and Beckett together…and I’m a diehard shipper. They shouldn’t be together this season, but next season they should FOR SURE. Castle is not going to be Bones. Marlowe has stated that the show is, above everything else, a love story. He wants Caskett as much as we do. Their relationship is still growing. In Bones, HH jerked us around for 6 years. He let the entire romance between Booth and Bren fizzle out by not letting them get together. I love Bones but I have to honestly say that I no longer look forward to it. It’s disappointed me time and again. Castle is not like that. I trust Andrew Marlowe. He has heart, not Hart.

  7. Eric says:

    Actually, Mr. Marlow could take a hit from the relationship developed between John Steed and Emma Peel. It was there, under the surface and very subtle. It complemented the series rather then defining the series.

    The writers were able to weave in the relationship with a few d=choice words and non-verbals. Steed loved Emma, but she was waiting for her missing husband to return, so what they felt for each other had to be kept to themselves. And it worked.

    In fact he should watch last episode together, “The Forget Me Knot” when Dianna Rigg left the show was replaced by Linda Thorson. The last few moments captured everything they felt with an economy and grace I have not seen in a long time.

    Just a thought.

  8. tahina says:

    what do they have under the sleeve? so no sex for Castle and Beckett-=can scratch that one off for season finale,and what else is there to keep them apart-no pregnancy please!

  9. Toni says:

    Maybe I’m crazy.. but despite the initial attraction which no one is denying, a legitimate relationship takes time. This was never love at first sight… Beckett was *infatuated* with Castle and he was completely content with life as a playboy, evidence of failed marriages as proof. They both needed to grow in order to come to a place where they even could be together. Now they’re approaching that place but everyone is spazzing that their own instant gratification is long past due. These characters have baggage that can’t just be solved with a few kisses, people. I think Marlowe has done the right thing up to now and will continue to have confidence in him.

  10. Kaitlin says:

    these writers are AMAZING. we have loved EVERYTHING they have done so far. they keep the show exciting. we’ll most likely love the finale (: so, my advice? RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. kris says:

    You can have so much fun exploring them dating. . . .you don’t have to have them getting married. Dating can have lots of problems. If they don’t go forward now the show loses that special quality.

    You have been so brave on other issues don’t wuss out now.

  12. Athena says:

    *sigh* Why can’t we fans have a break and finally have a happy season finale? I love some angst, but Caskett are in such a nice place at the moment. Why ruin it? Just…let it go.

  13. Amy says:

    I just hope this obstacle is honest and not contrived. If it is then I can accept them not being together for now, but would like to see them get over the obstacle and get together next season sometime.

  14. DocVap says:

    Mr. Marlow has my full support! Come on people!! We are going into sweeps week and a (very) long break, you can’t put Castle & Beckett together just as we are going into the summer break. Castle has always followed along the time frame of “real time” along with us to an extent. To finally put them together as we are going into the break means we would MISS the beginning of this relationship that we have WAITED to see!! It’s going to happen, we already know that, but I for one want to watch the romance and the love story as it progresses. I don’t want it to be cheapened by things happening too fast, that would ruin it. I think some people have unrealistic expectations of this show and I for one am thankful Mr. Marlow gave us the heads up. Now I can sit back and enjoy the rest of the season without getting worked up over the inevitable.

    • Lisa says:

      Wait! It is true that is too soon for a relationship between them, but I hope that doesn´t mean that Kate is going to marry Josh, or Gina is pregnant, or Kate is pregnant, or things like that. Because this is an amazing tv show, and not a soap opera or a maxican telenovela (I like mexican telenovelas anyway).

  15. Elisabeth says:

    Maybe Castle´s unkown father is the person behind the murder of Becket´s mother. So that it would be an obstacle and an honest reason to keep them apart. Is this too crazy?

  16. Sami says:

    Ok to all the castle shippers, you really need to simmer down. It is only in the third season for crying out loud! you guys need to be patient and see what Marlowe comes up for us because A) he is not Hart and B) this show has a totally different dynamic then bones. Bones has a woman scientist who is completely oblivious to the regular world and a guy FBI agent who is trying to help her and maybe love her. Castle is about a writer who follows a female cop (who is as down to earth as it gets) for his books and actually falls in love with her in the process! If that isn’t different than i don’t know what is. Just wait it out and i can bet they will probably get together by the end of the fourth season

  17. Kai says:

    The fans aren’t prepared to see a Beckett and Castle romantic relationship?

    Is he crazy? What is he reading? Does he think we want to wait around forever?

    We are SO ready for a romantic relationship with Beckett and Castle. What we want to see is them go through all the things that normal couples do. If you can write it realistically and it’s portrayed in the right light, and the rest of the aspects of the show are still on par, then this show will keep going strong till season 10. You just have to be willing to write that for us. But don’t think that the viewers will stick around to watch you play “let’s chase the bone” for 5 more seasons.

  18. JustMe says:

    I just wanted to say that we are assuming that Beckett and Castle are going to have the whole “misunderstood” thing again. I don’t think so. I think “explosive” could be something so basic the trust between the two or it could be that “explosive” is exactly what it is. Something actually explodes. Maybe Castle is trying to help Beckett and ‘BANG!’ An end shot and you don’t see Castle coming out of the fire ball. Or it could be Beckett. Either way it would leave everyone on the edge of their seat and it would still be fundamentally about Beckett and Castle and the other would watch helplessly. The Death could be Perlmutter. Let’s say he finds something out about the case and is rubbed out before he can say what it is. Those are just a few other random ideas I thought I should through out there.

  19. Amanda says:

    Hooray. I’m going to comment on the points of the article that AREN’T ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP. Gahd.

    I’m torturing myself every time I read an AM interview, because he’s telling us NOTHING, but so much all at one time. I have NO idea who dies (if it’s a person, I am insisting it’s a metaphorical death of sorts), but now that I know there’s a cliffhanger? I have no idea what’s happening anymore.

    Now, does Lockwood die? Or is he beaten or something in prison? Something big has to happen in order for Beckett to feel she’s getting close. I initially thought that the case would be solved in this episode, since AM has mentioned in a couple articles about “who is Beckett without her mother’s murder hanging behind her?” but AM is a master at being completely vague.

    I’ve been dreading a cliffhanger, but I knew it was going to happen. We haven’t had a true one since the beginning (“It’s about your mother”, and “I’ll see you in the fall” SO don’t count) and I have a feeling this will be the WORST summer EVER.

    What I love about this show is no matter how many spoilers I’ve seen, nothing has been ruined. Nothing is ever as anyone makes it seem (even Ausiello does that with the (infamous to me) Glee “death” spoiler (it was a BIRD, for cryin’ out loud!)), so any true ideas? I got nada.

    “There’s a crisis that is very much intertwined with the emotionally raw aspects of Beckett having to deal with her mother’s case again.” This is the sentence that leaves me literally going “I HAVE NO IDEA” … is it the death? Is it something shocking that happens with Castle and Beckett? Cripes, I have a month, and it’s already killing me. The worst time will be after the promo for it on May 9th, and that whole next week before the finale.

    (I’ve also watched Bones and Castle from the beginning … how can we compare them at all? Seriously folks, I want to read comments about the spoilers, not 95 posts on how Castle is turning into Bones. Ugh.)

  20. RockinRobin says:

    I watch Bones and Castle.By the way I have to admit that Castle is the best. I watch Castle on Monday and then Tuesday before I go to work and then probably 10 more times before the next episode. I have never been like this about a show in my life. I care about Castle and Beckett’s relationship as much as all of you. Each week Andrew has satisfied me with the growth of thier relationship. I just hope he keeps it up. After each show I wonder how he can top that show without getting them together and he does. Keep up the good work Castle writers and please don’t let us down.

  21. lolo says:

    if one more person compares castle to bones i’m gonna punch a duck…
    but it’s like a roller coaster for caskett, there are ups and downs and if you get of to early, you don’t feel like you experienced it all, too long and you just want to leave so i think there’s a element of timing that needs to be applied. and try to think hard, with this; what will it be like when there together? like working on cases and at the precinct? in your head, how do you see that going? i’m a huge caskett shipper and i realllllly want them to get together, like realllly badly, ’cause i think them dating would be a fun time :). but really think about it. and even in really early interviews, nathan and stana knew there characters where in love from the begining and knew they end up together :)

    • Amanda says:

      “if one more person compares castle to bones i’m gonna punch a duck…” … just made me lol everywhere.

    • Kristine says:

      Great line! LOL The two shows are very different – there is no doubt. But both shows DO have leads that love each other and aren’t together, so it’s hard not to compare the two. I think that a lot of people that watch Castle & Bones because they are BOTH great shows (although I find Bones getting a bit old – I can usually guess the killer within 10 minutes and the relationship between B&B is getting tiresome). Just let it roll off your back. The comparisons are inevitable.

  22. dawn says:

    Come on! Fine. Let them take their time but no more crazy obstacles already!!!! I can feel the frustration already!!

  23. Kristine says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the show so far and trust the writers with where they are going to take it. That being said, they shouldn’t drag-out the Castle/Beckett will they/won’t they scenario for too many years – it doesn’t fit with their characters. They both clearly have feelings for each other, they both have no problem speaking-up and they both haven’t had such screwed-up previous relationships that they’ve given up on love. So why would they wait another 2,3,4 years to get together?
    I also watch Bones and have to say that I’m annoyed at this point that Booth and Brennan haven’t gotten together. It’s been forever and they keep regressing Brennan’s character to make it work. I don’t buy it.
    My 2 cents: Tease us viewers a little longer and then come up with some more great writing showing their dynamic together as a couple. I know it can be done. I think there can still be great fun with them in a relationship, don’t you?

  24. SQ says:

    I’m already bored by the ‘will they or won’t they’ get together nonsense. I tuned out part way through this season. It’s pretty obvious that the show is going to continue to tease this relationship for at least another season, so why bother watching it? Dragging out this sort of unrequited relationship for years just makes both of the characters look immature and foolish to me.

  25. Jane A says:

    Sounds like good fun.
    I’m in for the ride, and I think Castle would benefit from upping the drama since NF’s character is usually so chipper and easygoing on the surface. A dramatic cliffhanger would increase the tension.

    If they’re still dancing around each other when the chemistry is gone and the actors look old and haggard, a la Bones, I’ll curse the writers. But Castle and Beckett still have a lot left to learn and see about each other’s depths.

  26. Corey says:

    I bet you, the obstacle will be Beckett getting pregnant to Josh and for them to make some kind of committment to one another and for this season finale Castle being the one who wants to say something to her but then the mirror happens when Josh comes up and says they’re engaged or something. And then next season, I’m no writed, and I hate to say it, but Beckett maybe loses the child and Josh isn’t there for her in anyway, but Castle is, and things can go from there. But thats a bad way to enter a relationship me thinks.

  27. Saz says:

    Chemistry does not last forever and in bones booth and bones have become like bickering siblings and i still watch the show for its cases but i dont care anymore whether they get together or not, it doesnt keep me awake at night like castle :).

    however i understand beckett and castle not getting together this finale but would really appreciate if they immediately address the issue next season, DO NOT WAIT MORE.

    also i hope the obstacle between their relationship is not the result of beckett feeling betrayed by castle (we have gone down that road, dont need it again) and maybe its bcz beckett is protecting castle so she doesnt want him shadowing her anymore.

  28. Corvidae says:

    This is what I think will happen —

    Something happens where Castle and/or his family is seriously endangered…making Beckett back off. She will either fear losing him, or fear what his involvement with her will cost him.

    It sounds to me like Marlowe is not going to put any “artifical” barrier, i.e. Gina, Josh, or another insignificant significant other, between them. To make this compelling, it will have to be themselves keeping them apart, and struggling with that.

  29. castlefan says:

    I like to see that in the finale, Castle do something that will shock us all. maybe he kills someone and go to jail and season 4 beckett get him out of there.

  30. SueW says:

    First of all, why do we have to talk about any other show other than Castle? We do not need to compare Castle and Becketts’ relationship to ANY other tv relationship – theirs is unique which is why this show is so good and my favorite show on tv.
    Now, in response to Mr Marlowe: I don’t mind cliffhangers – as long as I know for sure my show is coming back and I won’t be left hanging, go for it. But, I do disagree about Castle and Beckett getting together in a relationship. They should be together. I believe in season 4 this show should be about how they stay together, not how they stay apart. They are two strong-willed, dynamic people with two different lives – how do they merge the two lives while continuing to work together? (emphasis being on TOGETHER)

  31. Maria Irene says:

    I think mister marlowe that if you continue with this inconclusive reletionship your fans Will watch something else!!! Be carefull !!!! Dear writer….????

  32. Lauren says:

    You gotta stop bashing Bones…Bones has NOTHING to do with this article. Both are amazing shows :D

  33. Anna says:

    How many levels does a relationship have???.Mr Marlowe could you answer the question and tell me in which one Castle a Beckett are.
    I haven’t recovered from Josh’s inconsistent 2nd chance and now this?? Are you the man who told us not to feel frustrated and be patient? Are you the man who told us to trust him because there was a plan??? What plan??

    Dear writers: you created the ship, you have to handle it and its consequences

    I don’t care about the “when” I care about the “how”.Beckett’s behavior after the freezer scene damaged the “how”. After reading the interview I have the feeling that the “when” will be an issue next season.

  34. enoughenoughnow says:

    There is so much more to this fine show than
    the sexual heat between the main male and female characters. It is a treasure chest of stories and wonder to be opened by us each week. I like not having everything all tied up in pretty bow. A neat little package is after all a bit boring.

    Let’s keep that itch that Beckett and Castle have for each other growing until it can no longer be denied. I am a patient watcher and want that treasure chest to be endless with more wealth to see for many a week to come. ;)

  35. Lisa Gerson says:

    I trust Mr. Marlowe to make the right decisions about what works for the characters. That said I will probably be cursing him all summer for leaving us with such a big cliff hanger. Just kidding Andrew, I’m sure you will do what’s best for the show.

  36. Emma says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t want to see Castle and Beckett get together right now? Everyone keeps bitching about it being three years of will they/won’t they… Technically it’s only been two and a half. The first season was only 10 episodes. It’s still really soon for them to actually get together. Plus, there are so many other great aspects of the show that get back-seated because Marlowe it trying to keep the Caskett shippers happy. What about the other characters? We still don’t know anything about Ryan or Lanie. Alexis is only on screen for like 5 seconds every episode to help Castle connect the dots, then she’s gone. What about Martha? The Captain? Every single episode can’t be focused on the Castle/Beckett relationship, because then when they do get together it really will be over. They need to develop the other relationships and characters on the show so that those of us who don’t want to see Castle and Beckett together can still have something to look forward to and be invested in once it finally does happen.

  37. castlefan says:

    Mr. Marlowe said in the Josh/Gina question, that there is gonna be “other surprises in store”. does that mean that there’s gonna be another “Josh/Gina” obstacle showed up?? or the surprises mean that either Josh/Gina get killed in the finale. It’s not Josh, so maybe Gina.

  38. Faithful Fan says:

    I applaud Andrew Marlowe and the writing team for doing a fantastic job with Castle. I don’t think they’re doing a “Bones” AT ALL. When Mr Marlowe says they will get together when the time is right and not at the end of the series I have complete faith that he’s being honest with us because he’s done NOTHING so far to indicate he’s jerking us around.

    Those of you that want them to jump into bed together right now are not looking at the bigger picture. Perhaps that’s partly to do with the “instant” generation we’ve become where it’s drummed into us that we deserve everything instantly, please… just sit back and enjoy the journey it’s worth taking time over!

    There’s so much story still to tell and once they’re actually “together” you can’t go back and tell any of those “starting to fall in love” kinds of stories and that includes issues that crop up along the way. Perhaps some of you are too young to know how relationships work. It’s not all smooth sailing people! Things happen and people don’t always fall in love instantly and have everything work out perfectly without any problems along the way.

    It’s a dance, it’s a developing story and there’s no sense jumping to the last chapter when there’s still so much to fill in. Once they DO get to that last chapter, I look forward to beginning the next “book” as it were (the post-together stuff) because there are soooo many stories to tell there too.

    I’m enjoying and looking forward to it all, the before, the discovery & falling in love, the getting together and eventually the being together.

    As some have already said, we need to also remember that there’s more to Castle than just Castle and Beckett, Castle has the best ensemble cast I recall seeing and each of the characters is unique and likeable and interesting all on their own (or together “Esplaine”!) and I want to see more of all of them too.

    As for the cliffhanger.. as hard as they can be they’re a great way to keep people interested over a long break and they DO have a way of getting us all emotional which after all is what we’re all here for in the end. That “emotion” doesn’t have to be a bad thing either, people seem to be jumping to the conclusion that any kind of cliffhanger must leave us on a negative note, that may not be the case at all!

    Mr Marlowe – thank you and your team for a fantastic show. Don’t let the few negative folks get to you, you really are doing a fantastic job and I look forward to tuning in every week.

  39. Monica Myers says:

    The “yo-yo-jerk” has to stop~Enough Already! It’s Sooo Very Obvious about Beckett’s & Castle’s feelings for each other-Well, Let The Music Begin..Enough with the teasing. They are Sooo Pretty Together & ‘have Such Wonderful Chemistry that I say-“Why Not”??? Something Very Hip and Very Positive would not hurt at all..The writers are
    Very Clever, I know that they could write an Active Romance in the mix between Castle & Beckett that, if cleverly thought-out could turn-out to be A VERY SUCCESSFUL & H-O-T ADDITION to what is already
    a ‘Must-See Show’!!! …

  40. Kerrie Godding says:

    AAAAARGH! A cliffhanger!!! Oh please, if you must insist on a cliffhanger, then please be one of the first shows back in September.

  41. Riana says:

    There is so much more to “Castle” than the development of the relationship between Castle and Beckett. I mean, as frustrating as being strung along is, I am not quite ready for them to be together. I mean, then the waiting is over. Yes, the suspense is killing me, but what next after the suspense is over? Are they really going to get married and live “happily ever after?” liekly not. I agree, lets get all “obstacles” out of the way before they develop a romance. But I love the show for so much more than just those two!

  42. CAS says:

    Ooh, I hate it when one of the characters die! I love Castle so much–only thing I set aside time for every week!! (Just please, please not Ryan…he’s so much fun and his eyes are so cute) Love this show!!! But I do hate cliffhangers. So torn.

  43. Obie says:

    It’s time for them to get together. We need some creativity on the part of the writers to deal with the idea that couples can have interesting plots written around them. The relationship aspects have just become tedious.

  44. Steve says:

    I love the show, love Castle, love Beckett, but if they aren’t together by the end of the season, I will probably stop watching. I’m just not interested in being toyed with for years on end. I might watch the rest of the show via Netflix once it is cancelled for sucking because they Castle and Beckett never get together.

    Oh, and don’t pull a House and make the relationship totally suck once it does happen. There are hundreds of shows about couples that are in a relationship or married. You don’t have to reinvent the concept, and it doesn’t have to ruin the show.

    Please pull your head out of your ass, listen to the fans, and get them together already. The show won’t be worth watching for much longer w/o it.

  45. Lanncoleman says:

    Castle is one of the few shows I watch and I love all the characters. Can’t imagine a regular character being killed off. As far as I am concerned the writers are doing EVERY thing right or I wouldn’t be tuning in every week.

  46. TXSerenity says:

    Am I a shipper? YES
    Do I want Beckett and Castle to hook up? HELL YES

    BUT, I love the storylines and the witty banter between the two. That is what keeps me going. Right now I am more worried over who gets killed then who hooks up. I could handle the captain or Martha (I would still be very sad), but to lose anyone else would kill the mood. I feel like I am watching a Joss Whedon show. He kills off main characters with abandon. (Did you see Firefly?)

  47. Alecta says:


    I am certainly not keen on any of the main characters dying. Obvs, it won’t be Castle or Beckett. I hope it’s not Ryan or Esposito, either. The contribute so much, on several levels: Greek chorus, stooges, straight men.
    But really, the ensemble is so tight that any loss will change the entire dynamic, and that’s the whole point. One wonders about the impact of the Captain dying – who would the replacement be and would that person tolerate Castle? If no, then what? Hmm…

  48. westsiderny says:

    I am getting tired of the Castle series, especially of Beckett’s attitude towards Castle. Lately she has been making despotic gestures every time Castle talks to her or she treats him as if he were an idiot. No respect whatsoever. It will not affect me if they never get together. She thinks she is better than him and I don’t like that. I am sure that if it was the other way around, women will be protesting on the streets against Castle…

  49. Castle and Beckett are TOTALLY ready for a bigger relationship! They also need to kiss for real, not as a distraction!!!

  50. k says:

    As much as I would like to see Castle finally make a move, it makes sense to me to draw it out a little while longer. beckett is still messed up over her moms case, and her character wont be emotionally ready for a serious relationship until that part of her life is concluded and she has her answers.