ABC Axes All My Children and One Life to Live

And then there were four.

ABC is confirming what has been rumored for weeks: All My Children and One Life to Live will end their storied runs in September 2011 and January 2012, respectively.

The twin cancellations will leave just four soaps on the air — Days of Our Lives on NBC, General Hospital on ABC, and The Young & The Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS.

AMC and OLTL — which have been around for a combined 83 years — will be replaced by a pair of generic-sounding (and cheaper to produce) talk/lifestyle shows, the food-themed The Chew and the makeover-centric The Revolution.

Contain your excitement.

“While we are excited about our new shows and the shift in our business, I can’t help but recognize how bittersweet the change is,” said ABC Daytime president Brian Frons. “We are taking this bold step to expand our business because viewers are looking for different types of programming these days. They are telling us there is room for informative, authentic and fun shows that are relatable, offer a wide variety of opinions and focus on ‘real life’ takeaways.

All My Children and One Life to Live are iconic pieces of television that have made an indelible mark on our culture’s history,” Frons continued. “Each of the shows has touched millions and millions of viewers and informed the social consciousness. It has been a privilege to work with the extraordinary teams who brought the residents of Pine Valley and Llanview to life each day, and we thank the cast, crew, producers and most especially the fans for their commitment to the shows through their history.”

Ratings for daytime soaps have been on a steady decline for the past two decades as viewing patterns shifted and audiences migrated to talk shows. In the past 10 years alone, the industry saw the cancellation of As the World Turns, Guiding Light, Port Charles and Passions.

In a statement, suds queen Susan Lucci — who has played the iconic Erica Kane since AMC‘s inception in 1970 — said, “It’s been a fantastic journey. I’ve loved playing Erica and working with [AMC creator] Agnes Nixon and all the incredible people involved with All My Children. I’m looking forward to all kinds of new and exciting opportunities.”

Okay soap fans, post those eulogies in the comments section.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ann Jackson says:

    I am so sad they are going to take All My Children off the air i love that show i remember when i was a still in school my mom & dad would watch it i have watched it for years i’m going to miss it but i wish all the actors & actress the best i will miss the show

  2. tracey johnson says:

    I will miss.this show a lot

  3. Joanne Bolton says:

    I have watched All My Children and One Live to Live for over 35 years and the day they take these two programs off the air i will stop watching ABC. This is a big big mistake for the network we need to do something. Who wants another cook show…. not I. Lets March!!!!

  4. Toni says:

    I think it’s a mistake also to take AMC & OLTL off the air. I also will not watch the reality shows, I watch a couple on night time TV and that’s enough for me. By the way how do they do the rating for tv shows?

  5. Nancy says:

    I can’t believe it!!!!! I have been watching both All My Children and One Life To Live since I was little. Now I will only have General Hospital left to watch. Is there any way to change the networks minds? I will be lost without my soaps. I don’t want this to happen. I will be so sad when I can’t watch each day.

  6. Nancy brittain says:

    I think it is awful that ABC is canceling these two soaps! I am a 68 yr.old widow who looks forward after a day of chores and exercise to relax and watch AMC and OLTL every day. Will not watch any reality TV as I don’t watch it now!!!

  7. DIANNE COWART says:

    Are you serious???? There are so many people that watch these 2 shows. I agree we should boycott ABC. Talk shows and reality shows are so boring . We have supported these 2 shows for many years. i work during the day,but record them so I can watch at night. I am very disappointed and feel there should be some serious rethinking before this is done.

  8. LONA HUFF says:


  9. Mary says:

    I have been watching AMC and OLTL for over35 yars. I have cancelled already cbs after they took of GL. I am 65 and it was a relaxation time for me. Reality shows i hate,lately i watch less ana less tv, dr Oz makes me feel sick and Oprah I don’t like. Now if you cut also despeerate housewives, it will be over for abc. Soap opera were paid by products like Johnsons’s , washing powder but now it more and more paid by medications advertising, so don’t tell me it is too expensive. Or don’t medications sale anymore…. too much of side effects and lawyer to be paid. For us it will be ADIOS ABC as it was ADIOS CBS

  10. Alexis Tezzo says:

    NOOOOOO! pleqase Don’t :( I have been watching the show since I was 7 and can’t get enough, atleast just try for a new time slot on another station. you just can’t end the show that will break everyone and GH sucks ALM and OLTL are the best! ;(

  11. Noena says:

    I will not watch whatever they put in those time slots! I think that ABC is making a huge mistake!

  12. Amy says:

    I have been watching OLTL since i was 13 i am now 34, it has become a part of my life and this is pure crap to take it off the air! I look forword to each episode when i get home from work! I cryed when i heard it will no longer air, my husband held me and said we will not watch ABC anymore once it goes off and i agreed. I can not stand GH or AMC, get rid of them instead!!!!!! OLTL is luke part of my family

  13. Susan says:

    I have been watching All My Children for 9 years. I watch it while I work out and I will miss it soooooooooo very much. The reality shows replacing it sound incredibly boring. I hope to find something else to watch at noon PST as that is my lunch hour when I can work out. I NEED All My Children to motivate me to go to the gym. Pllllllllllllease ABC keep AMC on the air!!!

  14. Anna Baldin says:

    Please, pleae, pleae don’t take AMC off the air. I’ve been watching it for years and I can’t imagine not being able to sit down at 1:00 with my lucnh and losing myself in the storyline. There must be another network that will pick up this show? I will never watch ABC again once AMC goes off the air!

  15. Sandy says:

    I can not believe that you are taking AMC & OLTO off the air. All we need are more talk shows about cooking and health. You talk about your rating, but taking these off and replacing them with boring shows is crazy. Talk about rating dropping. I guess I’ll have to start watching CBS.

  16. Helene says:

    I have been a loyal and consistent fan of ABC soaps since 1974. replacing this iconic programming with another “talk show/soup” is just adding another of the same already on the air for how ever long it will last. Oprah was the only one that had a success story that lasted for 25 yrs. these replacements cannot hold a candle to her. I guess what it all comes down to is momentary money makers and not what the public viewing wants. ABC just lost one loyal viewer…with I’m sure many more to follow! Good Luck with your decision ABC!!

  17. Adrienne says:

    Huge mistake!!! Look how many viewers ABC is going to loose, and this blog is only a small piece of a very big pie folks! What on earth are you thinking and whose brainstorm was this…probably some ABC exec. who just thinks they can line their pockets with more green by thinking another boring talk soup/show will bring in more of it (LOL)!! Good luck with that. After you loose your viewing population, how will that bring in more $$$ ? Guess I’ll check out CBS soaps or NBC, you will loose this viewer as soon as AMC and OLTL to off the air repectfully.

  18. Michelle Gallagher says:

    I grew up watching All my Children and do not go a day without watching now or taping it, I don’t watch talk shows, news shows I want to lose myself…now I will just stick with True blood on HBO and my books on tape …ABC you just lost me totally that was all I watched other than the local news.

  19. Boo Kitty says:

    I think ABC is making a huge mistake. There are talk shows and reality shows everywhere on cable how could they possibly think that another one is going to generate more viewers. I personally will not be watching the new line up I am angry they are throwing these two iconic shows away. What a shame.

  20. victoria says:

    goodness… nothing but “i will boycott ABC” and “this is a huge mistake” blah blah blah… hey listen. these are just shows.. shows that have been around for a long time yes. but honestly, not the end of the world if these shows end. just give it a rest already. don’t get me wrong i love watching one life to live just as much as the next person, but am i going to freak out because these shows aren’t going to be on anymore. no of course not. It is just Television… if you are sure you are not going to like the shows that are going to be replacing the shows.. then just don’t watch them. go out in the real world and live your lives. and yes one life to live and all my children(for a time) were great. but everything must come to an end at some point. so just let it go already!

  21. Consuelo Reedy says:

    I just want my soaps to stay on air. I don’t get sports that much and yet the keep airing basketball, football golf ect. if you were to cut the seasons I would be fine with that because sports are a mindless thing for me personal and we don’t need anymore tv talk show they are no good cook channel is already there. I’m not the one to beg so this is my last plea if you cut them out I will not watch abc channel except for gh and after amc goes off i will wait for oltl to come on and after jan 2012 i will not watch tv until gh comes on and if you cut gh i will never ever watch abc I already don’t watch your station as it is I will not watch it after this so here is my plea.

  22. Leslie says:

    This is sad i cant believe you guys are getting rid of all my children and one life to live. I have been watching these two shows ever since I was little when my mom put me onto them I would hate to see them go. I havent had time to watch them during the day so I watch them on Like me many people have had to turn to soapnet or abc to see what is going on because we have to work or go to school living is not FREE!! If you think by cancelling these shows you will make more money your wrong you will loose almost all of your viewers because no one wants to watch trash tv. I will watch up until the shows are cancelled then no more abc for me.

  23. laine says:

    I am sure that ABC daytime has made a dreadfull error. The last thing we need is another talk or reality show. Certainly I shall not be watching. OLTL and the others allowed for a little escape from the hard world in which we live. I hope some other stations pick the soaps up at the same time slots and then we’ll see how wonderful ABC’s ratings are.

  24. Crystal Cantwell says:

    I cant believe they are going to make such a stupid move! There is no way those shows could be on as long as the Soaps everyone as grown up with and love. I dont care about ratings with the exception of y&r, abc are the best soaps on, and I watch all of the soaps on every station. If they cancel those shows I will no longer watch ABC, wash my hands of them!

  25. Sophie says:

    You want to see your sales fall then take these two shows off watch how it will happen the people that watch them now do you think there going to sit there watch talk shows and let me tell you if your doing it for the younger generation your wasting your time they all have to work not sit around and watch any tv shows so what does that leave you ????????

  26. Jackie Smith says:

    Just to let you know…..I watched As the world turns and Guiding light for many years until they cancelled them….I then turned to another channel and started watching One life to live even though I had never seen it…..I guess that when all the soaps are gone, I will not be watching daytime….could care less for talk shows and especially cooking, fashion or gameshows…..

  27. dianeB says:

    Well I too have watched AMC and OLTL for # of years. I record them faithfully and watch them in the evenings. With taking these shows off I would not have the need to watch afternoon TV. So one less viewer here in Canada!

  28. Cynthia says:

    I have watched both AMC and One Life To Live for almost 30 years. I think this move is a bad one and I hope it back fires. I will not watch anything that takes the place of these two shows and I will make sure that everyone I know does not either. These shows were heading toward a 50 year mark which is unheard of today and I feel they should make it. Most people that I talk to can not believe that ABC would take these shows off. I am going to pray that they change their mind or the new shows fail!! YEA!!! I will miss the shows and nothing will ever replace them.

  29. Diane says:

    I will not watch abc again. At least we knew AMC was fantasy and took us away from reality for a hour each day. What abc calls reality t.v is a joke!!!!

  30. Phyllis Taylor says:

    I find the fact that they are removing All My Children and One Life to Live repugnant. I have been whatching both since the seventies. In fact I no longer have a reason to watch Abc at all, with the acception of maybe….. the nightly news. i can think of at least one viewer they have lost. I wonder what ABC has to say about that!!!!!

  31. John says:

    I just can’t come to grips with this move. My whole family watches and been watching from the start. My recorder is set every day to the three shows just in case i miss them. ABC, you are making a big mistake! For our household, I can’t think of another show, or reason to even have you on if this happens.

  32. Drdebi says:

    Goodbye to ABC. Big mistake. We watch history and informative tv except for these 2 soaps. The rest is junk. Did ABC check soap net to see how many actually watch these 2 soaps. I can’t watch in the day, only at night. Does anyone have the answer?

  33. JOY says:


  34. Ashley says:

    Me and my mom don’t like the idea of All My Children and one life to live are going off the air. We loved the shows when I was in high school I couldn’t wait to come home early to watch AMC and OLTL. We are going to miss seeing them

  35. theressa mazur says:

    where are earth do the executive producers of ABC have their brains??? Because it sure isn’t in their heads! The one reason I watch ABC is for the soaps “all my children, One to Live and general hospital. I dont waste my time watching cooking shows and other life styler shows. if i want them i will go on the internet….

    I have watched these shows for over 40 yrs!I was raised on them and my daughters were raised on them…..

    So when these shows go, its goodbye to ABC, you have nothing to offer me as a tv audience

  36. Smitht says:

    OK, Yes taking these shows off the air is NOT a good thing. Talk shows and reality tv has taken over. Where is our escape. I know AMC and OLTL are not true tv, but we all need a little time out of our everyday life. Reality tv and talk shows do nothing but talk to celebs or make new celebs. So lets indorse them more because they don’t make enough money as it is. The bottom line it is all about money, talk shows come and go because they can’t hold the tow. AMC and OLTL’s longivity should speak for itself.

  37. Anna Badalamenti says:

    What a shame…honestly for some these shows bring so much joy to so Manu people. Havent we learned anything these days, sometimes simplicity is best… When these shows first were being aired, think about it, w e were in such a better place… Simpleler times..wish we could all go back to those good ole days…honestly I just cany believe sad, such ashame…what’s wrong with people……

  38. Laura says:

    My husband and I are very upset that these shows are being taken off. Because of our work schedule we have to DVR them. We can’t wait to watch them. They take us away from our problems for awhile. It’s our little get away from the world, our time to unwind from the hectic life for a couple of hours. I’m just glad that my mom is no longer on this earth cause she would be madder than a hornet. She is probably turning over in her grave anyway. Dont take them off. If you don’t want them, then put them on another channel. Don’t take them away from us.

  39. Luciano Carnicelli says:

    Absolutely not a smart idea. Granted they are more money to make then another talk/reality show but the year of the “reality” show and another talk show is coming to an end…And I believe the paid sponsors will agree sooner then later….and you will be out of luck.

  40. Nyka says:

    I cant believe AMC is being cancelled. I have been watching this since I was alittle kid with my mother and grandmother. I had something to look forward to when I got home from work and unwind. Its being taken off the air for some garbage show to replace it. I am pissed!!!

  41. Marilyn Rollolazo says:

    I will not be watching your new shows. I think you are ignoring a very large audience who have been faithful viewers. I started watching AMC in 1971. I hope another network will pick up the show. I doubt that your new shows will have as long of run as any of the soap operas. This will prove to be a very bad decision.

  42. Donna says:

    Brian Frons———COWARD——

    This is digusting. ABC has made billions through out the years
    and feel justified in cancelling years of dedicated viewing

    Boycott ABC

    Let is too die

  43. Tracy says:

    I add my message to the many here, none of which will (sadly) ever hold weight with the powers that be at ABC. I seriously doubt any of these opinions are looked at or taken into consideration. Interesting that the audience voting takes great weight on shows like “The Voice” and Idol”….why can’t ABC allow the audience to vote on whether they love the soaps?

    In the 70’s and 80’s, I only watched ABC. It was my favorite network any time of the day or night. Today…well, the ONLY show I watch on ABC is All My Children. So, ABC will lose my viewership altogether after this decision.

    Who in their right mind likes reality TV? I have enough reality in my own life, thank you very much, I don;t need to feed on someone else’s troubles or exaggerated illness, economic struggles, teen pregnancies, drug abuse and hoarding collections. And certainly not the stupid stunts that are a agonizing and pitiful cry for attention. The Jerry Springer generation is among us, and god help us all.

    Personally I find the cancellation of soaps a way for the patriarchal CEO’s to force women to watch “whats good for them”…shows that TELL women information that they want them to hear. (“Back in that kitchen! Make these recipes! Listen to these views that we want you to hear and follow!) No more strong Erica Cain characters who take on the world and the men and prosper in the face of all efforts to thwart her determination and talents. She is the original warrior-woman.

    Soaps will surely reemerge on cable, as the need for escapism and “silliness” in story lines are part of the fun that soaps provide. It is precisely that they are so on the edge and just plain crazy sometimes that we love them. Nobody really believes people die and come back, or that soap characters can save the world from mad scientists (remember GH’s mad scientist who was going to freeze the world?) Its a (primarily) women’s escape, just as car crashes and alien warriors are (primarily) a man’s.

    It a sad day, but intelligent women will find their voice in other ways and will get their entertainment in serials on cable networks. And I look forward to that day.

  44. Renee Greiner says:

    This is still hard to believe….it just does not seem right to take these off the air. There is enough stupid Reality shows and so many other shows that just wont fulfill the absence when these are gone.

    I grew up watching these with my mom. My children ask why I watch them…well its some what of a comfort thing. These have become a part of peoples lives as well as we feel we grew up with alot of t he cast….lots of senarios have touched our hearts and kept us so interested.It really is a shame that you are taking them away from all the soap viewers. PLEASE RECONSIDER LEAVING THEM ON THE AIR AND IF NOT DONT TAKE WHAT IS LEFT OFF THE AIR. I watch all of them as many of us do!


  45. Keisha says:

    I love All my children & One life to live. There has to be something that could be done to keep it around?

  46. Linzey Witherup says:


  47. Lexi says:

    Hey guys, im 15! I’ve been watching Soaps with my mom since the day i was born, without these shows there is no reason to watch ABC anymore. ABC was good at one time, now all there is on ABC is crappy reality TV shows that are copies of each other, and what they only last for a few months cause they dont have enough viewers? This is JUST PLAIN STUPID OF ABC!

    Get the shows back or im boycotting ABC (and im sure theres many people who would join me),
    Lexis Age 15,MN

  48. Diane says:

    Well, I just have to say something about this. I kept seeing stuff about this when it’s over, when it’s off the air and I was like, what are they talking about. I have heard anything about AMC or OLTL going off the air so I did a search and here I am…shocked, totally shocked!! I have watched the Young and Restless when I was a teenager in high school. My teacher would let us watch it cause it came on at 11am before our next class would begin, we might not see all of it but boy did that start something. Then I started watching it as an adult but added AMC and OLTL, ya know when your home pregnant and waiting cause you’re due any day and then home for 6 weeks before ya go back. Then I got a dvr!! The greatest thing since the microwave. I could watch it anytime I wanted.. then I lost my job at the end of 2009 and started watching AMC and OLTL everyday. I couldn’t dvr anymore cause I couldn’t afford it but I still would watch it. Plan my schedule around it. Realizing I was quit addicted to it! I realized the other day when I was watching OLTL and GiGi was dying, I started to pray God to heal her, I had to stop myself cause it was a show. But let me tell you that when you watch these soaps they become kinda real in your world and they’re real people. My heart went out to Rex. I have laughed out loud so much lately, at Tad and Jake and Janes’ reaction to Erica’s family. Sometimes it is so real and other times it so not real!! I mean how many times does Matthews girlfriend need to take the pregnancy test out of her purse to decide to do it or look at the pregnancy test to believe if it is positive or negative, it just cracks me up. David and Dorian crack me up by the way and i am ready for someone to slap the jerk Todd Manning, not the Todd Manning that has been a way for years, in the face a few times. Anyway, I am sad about these 2 icon soaps going off the air, I definitely will not be watching a show called “The Chew”, it sounds disgusting. I will boycott ABC too if it will make a difference, cause I liked watching them cause it made my problems not seem so big compared to the ones on the soaps, which it never ends with the drama does it. CRY, CRY, WEEP, WAIL!! YOU’LL BE MISSED!!

  49. Suzanne says:

    Please!!! You can not take away the soaps. I’m a nurse and I work sooooo very much and so hard. The only thing I look forward to is the soaps, especially All My Children. I’ve watched them since I was a little girl and I am now 36 yrs of age. I believe there are plenty of soap fans left. Maybe the story lines need an uplift not an axe. Please keep them on the air. I would be willing to give up some of my pay!!!!Ha Ha. Really SAVE OUR BELOVED SOAPS!

  50. TIFFANY says: