ABC Axes All My Children and One Life to Live

And then there were four.

ABC is confirming what has been rumored for weeks: All My Children and One Life to Live will end their storied runs in September 2011 and January 2012, respectively.

The twin cancellations will leave just four soaps on the air — Days of Our Lives on NBC, General Hospital on ABC, and The Young & The Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS.

AMC and OLTL — which have been around for a combined 83 years — will be replaced by a pair of generic-sounding (and cheaper to produce) talk/lifestyle shows, the food-themed The Chew and the makeover-centric The Revolution.

Contain your excitement.

“While we are excited about our new shows and the shift in our business, I can’t help but recognize how bittersweet the change is,” said ABC Daytime president Brian Frons. “We are taking this bold step to expand our business because viewers are looking for different types of programming these days. They are telling us there is room for informative, authentic and fun shows that are relatable, offer a wide variety of opinions and focus on ‘real life’ takeaways.

All My Children and One Life to Live are iconic pieces of television that have made an indelible mark on our culture’s history,” Frons continued. “Each of the shows has touched millions and millions of viewers and informed the social consciousness. It has been a privilege to work with the extraordinary teams who brought the residents of Pine Valley and Llanview to life each day, and we thank the cast, crew, producers and most especially the fans for their commitment to the shows through their history.”

Ratings for daytime soaps have been on a steady decline for the past two decades as viewing patterns shifted and audiences migrated to talk shows. In the past 10 years alone, the industry saw the cancellation of As the World Turns, Guiding Light, Port Charles and Passions.

In a statement, suds queen Susan Lucci — who has played the iconic Erica Kane since AMC‘s inception in 1970 — said, “It’s been a fantastic journey. I’ve loved playing Erica and working with [AMC creator] Agnes Nixon and all the incredible people involved with All My Children. I’m looking forward to all kinds of new and exciting opportunities.”

Okay soap fans, post those eulogies in the comments section.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Matt says:

    Wow. I expected one soap but not both. I guess ABC’s drama failures are making them take big daytime cuts….

    • jean e heathers says:


      ABC and Disney are NOT the family network they claim. Caving into trash TV will NOT increase their viewership. It’s called reality folks! There are no longer only 3 networks, their are hundreds. Naturally your viewership will drop but to blow away these iconic institutions makes me see what greed, corruption and glutony have done to the entertainment industry in this country. Hey, Frons, I look forward to the day when your office will be vacated as well. You are the worse thing that has happened to the entertainment industry. You wouldn’t know a good show if it bit you on the behind but as long as your greedy stockholders are making an extra penny then I guess it was worth it. May you all go down in flames!!!!!!

      • Matt says:

        “Naturally your viewership will drop but to blow away these iconic institutions makes me see what greed, corruption and glutony have done to the entertainment industry in this country”

        To call this trash “family” programming is absurd. I would hate to see what family values you represent if you think that soap operas should rule our daily decisions.

        Just saying….

        • Brian says:

          The only greed in play here is on the part of viewers unwilling to accept that their viewership is not worth what they want to be worth. Just look at the numbers, and try to do so without allowing sentimentality to continue to overwhelm rationality. My retirement accounts probably include investments in these companies and I’d be happy to join a class-action suit against a network that engaged in a pattern of pandering to so-called “iconic institutions” instead of focusing on providing the kind of programming that best supports my financial interests as part-owner of the network.

          • MissMel says:

            Actually, CBS cancelled “As the World Turns” to make room for a new show, “The Talk” and if YOU look at the numbers, you will see that this show isn’t doing any better in that time period than the soap was. The ratings for that time period are down 15% from last year when ATWT aired in that spot and it is down 17% in the target demographic of women age 18-49. It is consistently bested in the ratings by “One Life to Live.”

            The broadcast networks refuse to listen to what the fans want because they are certain they know it all and then they turn out repetitive crap, which is why they are constantly losing viewers to pay channels. If your retirement accounts are invested in the big three networks than I feel sorry for you, because they seem to be doing everything possible to ensure their own deaths.

          • Dara says:

            And how, exactly, are your retirement accounts doing? You sound like a clueless investor, going with whatever your broker tells you is safe. You probably have no idea as to what you are actually invested. You have probably been invested in some of the “iconic institutions” for which my tax dollars went to bail out, maybe even without knowing!

            Keep in mind that the niche cable channels are, for the most part, very successful, and they didn’t accomplish that by “following the herd.”

            You are too funny! “Part-owner of the network”, indeed! :D

          • kitty says:

            Maybe you should look at the numbers? Did you bother to look at OLTL ratings or are you just repeating the nonsense you read? 2.76 million people watched OLTL last weeek, and the ratings were going up. OLTL climbed up from the 3rd to the 2nd place. So don’t tell us it’s about the ratings. Also, do you seriously believe that viewers really want another food or weight loss program. There already is a whole channel dedicated to that. Incidentally, ABC could have EASILY made more money on soaps by selling them internationally the way other channels’ soaps are marketed. OLTL is also high among 18-48 women.

            Also, it’s hypocritical to talk about how the ratings of the daytime soaprs aren’t what they were 10 years ago when the ratings of ALL TV programs aren’t what they were 10 years ago. People use internet more often these days, so why not take advantage of that by selling ads for soaps on the web and counting the viewers there?

          • Arielle says:

            No Brian (is your last name Frons? You sure sound like you’re using his utterly asinine, nonsensical form of “logic”), the GREED is *absolutely* on the part of ABC/Disney which is currently cancelling two shows that have audiences in excess of 2.5 MILLION viewers and ARE making money…just apparently not ENOUGH of a profit for the likes of Frons, Sweeney, and the greedy bastards at Disney (thank GOD they gave up on their *sick* plan to try to actually *copyright* “Seal Team Six” in order to get to even try to CA$H in on the killing of BinLadin)! Please note for example that as far as the ratings numbers are concerned, the 2.7 million ABC soap viewers is a greater audience than ALL of the *prime time* Fox News Programming (ie: Hannity, Van Susteren, Baier, Beck, etc., other than Bill O’Reilly who’s viewership is 2.8 million…so only 100,000 more than AMC & OLTL…and this is in PRIME time — Source: In fact, that article talks extensively about the “dominance” of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show in the ratings war and even HIS total viewership is only 2.3 million (Please note that is LESS that the viewership of the soaps…and that 2.7 million is the soap viewership *during their regular timeslots*, not taking into consideration those who DVR the shows to watch in the evening, those who watch the shows on SoapNet (which Disney/ABC is ALSO killing, to turn it into yet *another* Disney Kids channel…because there aren’t enough of THOSE, right?) and the internet, nor does it consider all the TVs in waiting rooms, community rooms in colleges and retirement homes, office lunchrooms, etc. across the country that are tuned to these shows with multiple uncounted viewers. Personally, I think to accurately reflect the actual viewership of the soaps, one should likely DOUBLE that 2.7 million).

            These shows are MORE than solvent, they are MORE than successful. They are award-winning programs with viewership that is the envy of seriously popular prime time shows. The GREED that is being displayed by Disney/ABC to cancel this quality programming in order to put on more reality swill just because it’s “40% cheaper” to produce is absolute proof that all ABC/Disney cares about is to simply maximize their sacred profit margin. Of COURSE “The Chew” will be CHEAPER to produce! GARBAGE is ALWAYS cheaper than quality! IF these shows had no loyal viewership and/or were actually losing money…I might agree with your (and Frons’ if you’re not him) assessment, but they’re NOT…they ARE making money, they’re still being nominated for Emmys, and they have viewerships larger than the population of several entire STATES. The ONLY reason to cancel them is ABSOLUTELY greed!!

            There is NO excuse for the greedy money machine that Disney has become, and I vow right now that UNLESS they change their minds on this HORRIBLE decision neither the Disney Corporation nor ABC will EVER get another PENNY of my money. I will no longer watch their channels, I will no longer see their movies, I will no longer go to their theme parks or take the Disney cruise that *was* on my “bucket list”. I am DONE with ABC/Disney…as they are CLEARLY done with me.

          • Laura says:

            The numbers may reflect a decrease in viewership because of more stations, but they don’t reflect the viewership of those that dvr the shows or that watch them on soapnet. So, my viewership and others is worth more than the numbers indicate, and when they are off the air, the numbers will tell the REAL story. And it will begin with not having the tv on, and not buying any of the products that used to be advertised during the time slot- and perhaps even a direct boycott of any products that are advertised during the new shows. And if karma is what I think it is, then it will end with Brian Frons firing. By the way, I noticed that your name is Brian, you wouldn’t happen to be THE Brian, would you? I wouldn’t put it past that coward to post anonymously on a soap fan site disparaging the soaps.

          • Soapster says:

            Why get rid of two of the best Soaps on ABC? One Life to Live has been on for over 40 years, why ruin it? ABC is really going to hit hard when no one watches their new shows. I dont know about anyone else but I dont wanna watch people cook or learn about health and fitness, I wanna watch drama and be entertained!

          • mary says:

            i think is is so crazy taking off the soaps i will not be watching the shows that will take the place of amc and oltl

          • Jim Miller says:

            It’s all about money. I get that. But I can’t help but wonder how much you’ve thought this through. You obviously think that targeting the young audience is going to bolster your sagging revenues. I can’t see how throwing the older demographic under the bus is going to accomplish that. I predict that within 6 to 9 months the new ABC afternoon format will probably change… again. After all, in this business, revenue and ratings go hand in hand, don’t they? “Chew” on that for a while.

        • takeysha wallace says:

          I grew up watching all my children my heart is broken

          • dpoulson says:

            I agree, my heart is broken as well. I have been watching All My Children from the start. I sincerely hope that the network executives will reconsider. Soap operas have helped us to get through many phases in our lives. Especially AMC. AMC has grown over the years,becoming more multidimensional and multicultural. I was looking forward to seeing the next level. If the network execs and sponsors continue on this path that won’t have to worry about viewership.

          • Sheila Johnson says:

            I am deeply sadden about the news of cancelling ABC “All MY Children and “one Life To Live”. I started from the very beginning watching both Soaps in 1968; this is when they started on the air. I wish that somehow that ABC would change their minds and reconsider keeping these two very good soaps on the air. I am sure that there are still many fans out there who would agree with me. I vow not to listen to anymore soaps or talk shows that will be left on the air if “One Life To Live” and “All My Children” will be taken off the air.
            I have lived through blodo, sweat and tears watching these soaps, they bring out what is happening in the real world of today and sometimes help us to find solutions to the problems that are encountered in real life.

          • Lou says:

            I also grew up watching the “3” iconic soaps- AMC, OLTL, & GH. In the early 70’s I had at least 7 or 8 soaps that I would watch, but over the years the three have been steadfast and my saver in a odd way. They have taken me on trips of fantasy and reality. That is why I can’t believe the theory that they are being cancelled because of decline in viewership. I’m 58 years old and now handicapped. I look forward to my 3 hours a day that I can sit and zone out. Reality TV and News are for the most part is very depressing. At least with the soaps there is no true reality, unless they’re doing a feature on drugs, bullying, abuse, teen sex etc… In those they are educational and informational. How dare ABC and an idiot like Frons think that these programs aren’t worth their time and forbid ALL their monies that they would be loosing! OH to be making the big bucks that they make….Try tripping down to middle or lower case and see how much money really means. I guarantee that I will be one that ABC looses, and more of their viewership by taking these wonderful soaps off that have helped me through the years….good or bad I always knew when I turned them on my days went better. Erika, Viki,you have honored me with your excellance of your roles that you have conquered over the years. You are going to be sorely missed by me as well as many others. Go ahead ABC take these iconic soaps off the air and watch your ratings go even further down the poop shoot.

          • jane says:

            I hate reality shows, they are sooooo boring

          • Nina says:

            I am son sad, I don’t know what to has become trash TV.It started with the Bachelor, and everyone sleeping with everyone else.
            I would pay a lot of money each yr. have the soaps on a cable channel I would subscribe to.
            I will try to never watch ABC

          • pat says:

            As I grew up with this soap also, I feel so sad that ABC has taken a drastic turn for the worse, as they soon shall see. Shame on you for taking what was great daytime viewing and will turn it into bad daytime viewing!!! As for me and my family we shall watch the history channel or other informative shows that doesn’t bore us to tears!

          • Lana says:

            I to grew up on All My Children and One Life To Live. I started watching them from the first day they were on the air. It breaks my heart to see them go. What is life if you can’t have a little fantasy in it. I never felt the need to read romance novels, because all I had to do was turn on ABC and as my grandma would say, watch my stories! Of course they can be over the top at times, but that’s why they are so fun to watch. I think we need another cooking show and talk show like we need another hole in our heads. Get with it Frons, money isn’t everything, and what makes you think your new programming will get any better numbers.

          • Sonja says:

            I couldn’t agree with you more, I am 42 yrs old and have been watching both shows since I was little. I wonder if they will make all their shows available on DVD? I hope so, I would love to have them all from day one till the end. I think they have enough reality shows already, they are just about every channel.
            I am so upset that they are taking my shows off the air.

          • Debra Shopp says:

            I vow to never watch any show on abc again and l hope and pray that another network picks up these shows ..l am so sick of reality tv.. we live real life every day so to come home and watch amc and oltl is a great break l am 41 years old and have watched these shows from when l was 8 with my mother there is nothing good on anymore ..dancing with the stars tha ceither cant dance or who are dancers the bachelors who either never get married and never stay married people who cant sing and try..l so sick of these shows how about going back amake me laugh tv sucks now and now your gonna take off my soaps seriously leave us something.. i will watch gh on l hope they dispose your whole company l will block your channel and pray you go off the air!!!

          • Rose says:

            I am heart broken, OLTL is my all time favorite,ive watched it with my mom till she passed and contuined, sometimes I could careless for GH. This is bull crap.

          • Dot says:

            I like Dr Oz – but is it true that his daughter who I believe is a nutritionist will be on CHEW?? – Tried TALK – just doesn’t click – I like Ellen but tired of her dancing – If I want talk I scan the guests – Regis first 15 minutes – 1 hr Piers Morgan – didn’t watch Larry – Wendy has personality – Joy Behar – but when talk shows go POLITICAL with pundits stop watching – I like Craig Ferguson, J Kimmel, and David Lettermen – oh yes The View –
            I started watching ALL MY CHILDREN when I was home recuprating from surgery – that show NEVER GETS BORING – GOOD WRITING – last time I watched a soap was when MacDonald Carey was on Days of Our Lives with Tony Geary the bad guy –

          • Bonnie says:

            I feel the same way…My heart is broken, to watch something all these years, just when the story line is getting great and they want to cancel it for non other than another STUPID cooking show? REALLY? You want to know why society is getting FAT? All these stupid, boring cooking shows! All My Children is my escape from reality and I love spending that hour every afternoon just watching someone eles life in termoil, even though it’s not true…makes me happy for what I DO have. FOOD? NOT happening and after AMC stops airing, my viewing of ABC will be NON existant!

          • Sandra Ruben says:

            I have watched these two soaps all my life. It is like a death in my family. Scan through the channels and see just how many cooking, health, weight loss etc shows and channels there are now. Dont think we are stupid that you can blame the ratings and viewer counts–BULL. You just want to get rid of the soaps cause you can produce other shows cheaper. Not as many in the script and much less of a payroll. Greed———–you could care less about your audiences. Well we wont watch your new shows. Turn about is fair play!! You cant get away with messing with the citizenry. You will get burned ABC/Disney

          • KEISHA EDWARDS says:

            I am in agreement with you…My whole life is going to be messed up..

          • Linda Bell says:

            My heart is broken too. I will keep my television off during the
            hour “All My Children” is on after they take it off. I will not
            turn it on during that hour until they bring the show back on.

            If everyone would do the same maybe we can get it back. When they
            find out they aren’t going to make any money from that darn
            cooking show maybe they will come to their senses.

          • Cathryn says:

            That is so right my heart is broken into pieces and I still think that ABC needs to put them back on the air.

          • MADD says:

            I am soo upset they are canceling these shows. i have watched these shows since i was a little girl. Not only are they canceling the show they are not even tying up the lose story lines. they are leaving viewers hanging. I cant believe this is happening. I really hope they reconsider and make the shows continue and be available on cable or the internet.

        • paula says:

          I don’t like what you said soap they are base on real life you think we need another talk show not i want my soaps.

          • Charlie says:

            I am so disappointed. Are you sure you want to take these 2 soaps off the air? What next.! We are retired and look forward to OLTL and GH. Please do not remove GH too. I guess we will have to go to another network to find a second soap. This is so terrible to remove these 2.
            Talk shows are everywhere……..

          • lorrie says:


          • kassie says:

            I think that it is bull these soaps are the best and im so mad that they want to end them.

          • Tenee says:

            I agree with a lot of ppl on this matter. I heard about it and thought, “This can’t be true?” My mom and my grandmother had turned me on to soaps when I was little. There was no such thing as cartoons between the hours of 11 am to 3 pm (unless Oprah had a good show on, then 4 pm, lol) It was Young and the Restless (CBS), All My Children, One Life To Live, and General Hospital( all ABC SOAPS). Just because there are rating drops mainly because there has to be two working parents or a single parent trying to make ends meet, does not mean that we don’t watch the soaps. Hell, men had even got into it. And what is going to happen to SoapNet? Two of their core shows are going off the air… We won’t even be able to watch it at night or on the weekends to catch up. I catch up on my lunch hour (online – or I thought that it was genius to have soapnet on. We could watch it anytime. I don’t watch TV that often because REALITY TV and TALK SHOWS have taken over whre it makes it ridiculous to watch. I watch my current events, but I want my mindless entertainment – Soaps were it. And now you are cancelling them? For what… It is just stupid. Maybe they need to create another cable network in order to keep the shows going. Like they should be. It would be an end to an era, and that sucks. You will lose more watchers because of the fact that at least ppl were watching and had the chance to watch during the course of thier day @ leisure. Little to no watchers, no money. Barely were their ever a rerun on soaps unless a holiday hit, so everything is new. Reruns and syndication is what is going on now because shows are seasonal. Daytime Emmy’s anyone? Nope. There is no competition there and is filled with this other crap. This was not a thought out idea and stop overkilling us with all of this trashTV. I for one will go to cable and netflix.

          • JoAnn says:

            I had a lot of respect for ABC not putting on those reality shows, but now you wanna take off the soaps, what the hell were you thinking? These icons have been here forever, and other shows have come and gone. Wake up Brian Frons, maybe you need to be replace and the rest of your staff, who apparently have blinders on. You know there is a saying…If it’s working leave it alone. f another station picks up soaps, you can bet, I and many thousands of others will follow our soaps. Have you given any thought to how many everyday topics they bring to the surface, bullying, rape, alcoholism, and so much more. come on ABC…WAKE UP…

          • Tina L says:

            I am very disapointed as well, I started watching the abc soaps in 1976. its the time during the day that all of the viewers get to relax.if I can’t watch them on time I dvr them. I can’t tell you the last time i missed one. I’m heart broken. I will not be watching any of the replacements that you come up with. I don’t watch talk shows or cooking shows now and i’m not about to start. you guys are making a huge mistake. THANKS ALOT.

        • GDT says:

          These two soap operas never ruled our daily decisions, but help calm our nerves after working hard all day. No soap opera ever played a role in the decisions I have to make on my job or with my family. Those are decisions I make with my own mind and what I think if right and wrong. All My Children and One Life To Live are entertaining not influencing. People don’t run in front of trains, or jump off bridges because they saw it on a soap opera. These two soaps actually help me relieve stress and forget about all the worlds killings and troubles. ABC really is going to do unjust to people like myself.

          • E Stuckey says:

            I am in complete shock about ABC’s decision. I enjoy recording One Life to Live
            And watch it at lunch. We all need a cooking show like a hole in the head. Very upset!!!!!

          • ANNIE THIEL says:


          • Sonja says:

            I agree with you and all the post above you! I am outraged like you if I don’t get to watch them during the day I ALWAYS watch them at night on Soap Net WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING?
            I guess us the fans didn’t mean anything to them after all.
            I would love to get a hold of the ones doing this and shake the day lights out of them.

          • PJ says:

            PLEASE… must reconsider this decision to take these soaps off the air….I will refuse to watch anything on ABC if you take them off. I so look forward to watching them and tape them religiously and am so thankful for soapnet….and the only reason I got soap net was so I would NEVER miss anything on AMC… is my favorite show to watch in the whole world….I am 51 years old and can’t imagine life without it…..I am begging you at abc to reconsider this move and leave them alone……I would actually pay to watch them…..I LOVE THEM……Pine Valley is like my second home…..

          • L. Sanders says:

            I agree. It is a stress reliever to watch All My Children. It is a dirty shame for ABC to take these soaps off the air. I do not watch reality TV on any channel. In fact, I watch AMC on cable. I do not watch any of the fringe media networks like ABC, NBC, CBS. Too liberal for me. It is a very sad day for me, and I hope with all my heart that some cable network will pick up AMC and continue it. I have been watching since 1969. Sure I worked, taught at the university level for 30 years, but still found time to keep up with AMC. It never influenced me either. Just a nice way of escaping the daily stress of work, etc. It is great entertainment. Reality shows are not at all entertaining. No talent, just cheap production. And….we have enough talk shows on radio and TV.

        • jersey says:

          to get rid of these iconic shows that i grew up watching, like a passing of a generation to put on another dumb, boring, talk show is many shows stay on as long as these have? i don’t think it’s the ‘people’s choice’ that they be taken off. i believe we didn’t have a choice. those stations that are pulling these loved shows will lose dramatic ratings..i know when the time comes i will make sure not to tune into those channels when that 1pm time comes..neither of the shows they listed to take their place seem remotely interesting, and they already have a bunch of the same type shows on already…now two shows that aren’t replicated like the rest of tv will be’s a shame because all that’s on these days are dumb reality shows that are consuming tv, and talk shows that bore the heck out of me..

        • Maureen Crowe says:

          I AGREE!!

          • Kim Moore says:

            I agree as well! I am extremely upset and pissed off. I will definitely NOT be watching anything on ABC due to this decision made without the viewers opinion. We should have a say since we have to pay the cable bill in order to view these show it is a travesty. It’s taking away my only joy and peace of mind during the day.

        • Linda Bell says:

          Well, my dear, I would much prefer to be in fantasyland forgetting
          all my troubles and all the world troubles than to have to think
          about food 24 hours a day.

          • Cathryn says:

            I agree fisrt they say we all need to lose weight and now they want to put a food show on the air knowing that will make us hungry even when we are trying to get some pounds off of our body so please ABC could you all please think about putting those soap operas back on.

      • Amanda says:

        Twitter is crashing. I wonder if this has something to do with it.

        • Bobbie says:

          I’ve watched One Life To Live since it has been on and I really hate to see it go. They all see like family and I will really miss this show. Bromg them back on. I look forward to seeing them every day. I can hardly wait for Monday to see what will happen the next week. One Live to Live and General Hospital are two fo my favorite hours of the week days. The new shows won’t do nothing for me.

      • anonymous says:

        “caving into trash TV”…so what exactly does that make soaps? Not-trash TV?

        • Astrid says:

          Not trash TV, Soaps are the way we deal with not reading novels, they have wonderful people who make way less than ither shows and work harder than you can ever imagine. It takes time, devotion, for the writers to come up with new stories for the main characters. Yes it is repetitive, but hey isn’t life reptitive. This is was the ORIGINAL drama, going back to radio, women tuned in to their favorite show while they did house work. Now that there are less stay at home moms, becuacse we have to work for a living the networks are crazy to be concenred about thier ratings, all TRASH TV fades with time. These shows have been on forever and are classics, not fleeding shows but staples, that are now getting ripped out and one day the IDIOT who made that choise will see he just nailed his coffin shut.

        • mr.manning says:

          y are u here if you think soaps are trash?

      • Leslie Brookes says:

        I would just add to that and say, with the cancellation of these shows I will have no reason to tune in to ABC again.

        • prestwick says:

          Who do they think is going to watch these new talk type shows? Who are they kidding. This is a bottom line move and they will LOSE viewers, not gain them!

          • april-ann says:

            That is absolutely right. But if truth be told, they are seeking a smaller audience for these “infomercial shows”. Their premium shows will be on cable. That is where they think the money is. ABC stopped supporting fans’ beloved soaps when the O. J. Simpson court hearings began. There was really no reason to pre-empt AMC and OLTL, since anyone and everyone who wanted to watch any of that boring bullsh*t could see it on CNN 24/7. But they did it anyway. As far as daytime serials are concerned, you never, ever, want to convince fans that they don’t need to see their show daily. But ABC did that. I know that I’m one fan who never really ever came back after that.

          • takeyshawallace says:

            Let’s bycott abc until they agree to keep all my children on the air

          • kimclark says:

            ,i thank this is big mistake, and i know that these stupid shows thats replacing our favorite shows,is not going any where.every channel you turn to now is some food show or somekind of housewife show.i hope the networks loose there butts over this.then they will be force to put our favorite shows back on the air.

          • Lou says:

            I couldn’t agree with you more prestwick. If people want to watch more food shows go to the food network, or just type in and you’ll get just about any recipes you could possibly want. If they want to see more talk shows- Wait, what? Noooooo do we REALLY need more? NOPE, don’t think so. Viewers WILL go to other stations and boycott ABC. Just a fair warning in advance People who think they know better than the viewing public! I just can’t believe the idiocy of the network for doing this. What is going to happen to all the actors and actresses? This is so not fair to them! And definately not fair to all their fans! Shame on all involved in taking my beloved soaps off the air!

          • Carrie says:

            You are right I know a lot of people who love the two soaps and will not EVER watch ANYTHING on ABC again! It is rediculous for them to think that committed fans of the soaps will be happier with another stupid reality or talk show! LAME!

        • Mustangsally says:

          Too bad ABC has cancelled One Live To Live. They can now cancel me as a viewer when it is done, as this is the only thing I watch on their network. I truly think they should rethink their decision. Cancelling AMC I understand as I quit watching over a year ago, because it had become so terrible. I do not watch reality shows and I do not watch talk shows!

          • Hon. Betty Ann Canizio says:

            I grew up watching these shows, and they have become like family members. I have a very serious job and loved watching AMC & OLTL, along with GH. I found it relaxing, I laughed with them, I cried with them and cheered them on. However, I will no longer DVR anything ABC has to offer. There is a strong fanbase for these soaps and you will find it out when your new shows tank! You made the cast members of ABC uproot their lives and move to the coast and then cancel them. That’s cold and you have lost a viewer for any of programming that ABC has.

            Reality shows are boring and a dime a dozen, will you have snookie as a host? Goodbye ABC

          • misty janssen says:

            i have never watched any reality tv show they all suck!!! i have been watching all my children and one life to live since i was like 5 years old. i can not believe they are doing this. i will no longer be tuning into to abc during the day. and if they needed to cancel something why couldnt they cancel the view or inside edition or something, besides they have the news on a few other times during the day anyway. i am really upset by this news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Pat V.S. says:

            I couldn’t agree more. I wouldn’t dream of watching those talk shows. I’ve watched OLTL since it started – it’s the best soap on ABC. What a huge mistake!!

          • Kate says:

            I am devastated over the cancellation of these two excellent shows! I have literally watched All My Children since the very beginning, even before its first airdate of Jan. 5, 1970, ABC ran a 2-day pilot of the show on Dec. 29 and 30, 1969, which I saw at the age of 15 because I was off for Christmas vacation that week. Immediately I was hooked onn Phil, Tara, Kate, Joe, Ruth, Phoebe, Charles, Mona, Nick and of course, a teenage Erica. These were the mainstay characters of the day, and the stories spun abround them were magical, even in the day of fewer sets and less grandiose plotlines. When I entered college in 1972, we had huge “viewing parties” in my dorm and we all watched the Pine Valley happenings as well as the goings-on in llanview, where a very young Viki had just married Joe and we all loved Wanda and Vinnie, Karen and Brad, Doctor Larry and the rest of the gang. To lose these shows is truly like losing beloved family members that brought so much joy over the last four decades…lots of tears and laughter, too.

          • Bonnie says:

            I’m devastated……..I watched OLTL when I was pregnant with my first child, that was 34 years ago. Since then I have taped it (because I worked every day), and have faithfully watched it for all these years. I think they should take off the talk shows……Esp. The View and The Talk…….BORING!

            Guess now that I’m retired and finally can watch the show, it’s a HUGE disappointment that the soaps are leaving the network.

          • Michael says:

            I agree I too stopped all my children for the most part a while ago. But I love one life to live and am very not happy about this. I don’t always get to watch as my work schedule won’t allow but every chance I have I tune in. This is a crap decision. I am so over all the stupid talk shows

        • The Faulks says:

          I agree. I am heartbroken. Grew up watching these shows. Remember Dark Shadows? What’s the world coming to when our idea of “entertainment” is reality embarassment and watching people do everyday stuff such as that which goes on in our own homes. One of the main functions of television and movies is escape from reality.

          • Jill A Bianchet says:

            I cannot believe it! I have watched both from the beginnig. We held a potluck funeral luncheon when Jennie died at work. We used to put up enevelopes at work to get donations when co-workers were ill or someone died to buy them a gift. I put one up when the tornado destroyed Ruth and Joe martin’s house! What will I watch when I eat my lunch.Enough of the realtiy TV shows. I can watched screwed up pelope all day . I jsut go to work and there they are. I will be watching cable movies once this change happens

          • Tori McCord says:

            I remember Dark Shadows. lol. Remember the Edge of Night? It use to come on at 3 after GH. Wow, this is going to be very hard to accept. I was in denial for months over the rumors but now the confirmation is just so heart breaking.

          • MR says:

            I agree totally. Cannot believe they cancelled both shows and replaced with more talk/realty shows. Talk about flooding the airways!! These new shows will not bring in more viewers but drive them to cable chennels. Sometimes you need to be thankful for what you have. They could bring back Dark Shadows and Edge of Night for a different type of story but sounds like ABC is just copying everyone else but far to late as usual. Surely they would not touch GH but would not put it past Frons. Save some $ and get rid of Frons with someone who knows what is going on in daytime TV.

          • connie says:

            I started watching both of these shows from the beginning with my mother. I lost her several years ago now the this. We would talk everyday about the comings and goings and Erika and Vicki. I recoird them now so that I can watch them when I get home. I am really pissed.

        • Monica says:

          I’m with you on this I will never tune I to ABC I won’t have a reason tool!! I’m very upset with this decision

          • KK says:

            I am so depressed over the cancellation of these shows. What will people like my mother do. She is a widow in her 70’s and this was her entertainment, she says this was her company, she is ready to let
            General Hospital go because she believes it will go in the next year or so. I agree especially now that the other soaps are gone. Over 40 years I have been watching these shows, what a big mistake ABC.

          • Amanda says:

            I can’t believe I am reading this this morning. I want to know WHY they would cancel their #1 show, that wins awards ALL the time, but are keeping their 2nd rated show general hospital? makes NO sense. I have been watching AMC since I was a kid with my mother, and I think this is the best writing they have ever had!!! I too will be boycotting ABC. There is nothing that intrests me on that network, CERTAINLY NOT some stupid cooking and lifestyle shows… dreadful, as if there isn’t enough. I don’t get a chance to watch alot of TV but AMC is one of my guilty pleasures! THIS SUCKS ABC!!!!!

          • jenn says:

            I am with you. This is nuts! I have watched AMC for 20 years. I tape it every day and watch it at night with my daughters. ABC is totally nuts for getting rid of my favorite show ever. I watch nothing else on that channel and ABC can kiss my butt! I am so angry about their decision I want to scream. These people are family to my household. You can not take it off the air!

          • Kelly says:

            I can’t believe the cancellation either. I used to schedule college classes around my soaps. Now I can’t even think of a reason to turn the TV on after their cancelled. Another food show? Are you kidding me, half the population is overweight and you want to add another food show or another talk show? Please, we have way too much reality tv as it is. They may be cheaper for you to produce, but hopefully no one will watch, I certainly won’t. I pay over 100 a month for cable, internet and phone. For the most part the cable stations have little to watch and now the networks don’t either. Bad move ABC, you are going to regret it and not get the ratings you want, but as long as it’s profitable for you, less cost equals more profit even if viewership goes way down. Clearly a money driven motive at a time when things are so hard for most of us. We want to escape into drama when we watch tv, not see a bunch of rich kids misbehaving or yet another cooking show. Humanity has continued, obviously enough of us know how to cook!!!!

        • Paulette says:

          I will no longer be watching ABC, that was my 2 favorite shows and I dang sure won’t be watching another cooking show or talk show. This really breaks my heart.

          • Janie F. says:

            I totally agree…there are SO many more channels…for ABC doing this….it will be my last time watching it….I will find something else…but it sure WON’T be on ABC!!!!!!!

          • Viv says:

            Same here….I will not watch those shows. There are too many talk and cooking shows on TV now. I am so SHOCKED!!! I look forward to coming home after work and relaxing with these two great shows. Now…Nothing!!! I can’t image what I am going to do now….
            My heart is broken too….This is so very sad….

        • anonymous says:

          I agree wholeheartedly….BYE bye ABC,,,,,,,,,,,

          • Linda says:

            My daughter came home from work and tod me she heard on the radio that AMC and OLTL are going off the air! I have been watching these shows with my Mom since I was a young girl. I am so upset!!!! More talk shows and stupid reality shows PLEASE I thing you need to rethink this. Most people that are home during the day don’t want any more talk shows and reality shows.I think they all are STUPID!!!! I am controlling myself, Brian Frons I want to be cursing you out right about now. You will see what a big mistake you are making. You will loose more viewers than you reliaze. Remember this post you will see.

        • Gianna Greer says:

          I have been watching All three ABC Soaps for over 35 years, I am also heartbroken. Alot of us not just with the charactors but the actors too. I Am going to boycott ABC, and perhaps even my beloved Disney Parks too. I know how Oprah loves All of them, perhaps she can put them on her new network. Im sorry for all of you fans, I feel sick. And my dog died recently, now whats next.

          SHAME ON YOU BRIAN FONS!!!!!

          • Karen says:

            I agree with so many other viewers. I started watching AMC & OLTL back in the early 70’s ! With all the negative going on in the world it was great to “get lost” in another world if just for an hour or two. I also do not believe that viewership has declined ( just more stations to watch ). What a terrible judgement call :-( .
            P.S There are already an overabundance of talk and reality shows, bad call ABC.

        • Mary says:


        • Cynthia Plude says:

          I agree with Leslie Brooks — the only reason I tune into ABC is to watch AMC and OLTL — after they go off the air I will no longer have a reason to turn on channel 5 — it would be nice to see these shows picked up by another network — there sure are enough of them out there

          • Crystal says:

            Me too I have been watching these some since I was a young girl, Why can’t another network take on these soaps, Like SoapOperaNetwork,or Oprah’s channel! Then I heard that they weren’t going off the air they were just moving them out to Californa. And All My Children was moving to another building and One Life to Live was moving into their old building and much bigger! I don’t know what to believe I hope they don’t take them off completely just move them to another station. What is this world coming to watching crazyass talk shows and cooking show, and don’t forget all these damn realities shows!!I am sooooo sad if they take them off!! please someone take them on their channel!!

        • Gee says:

          I too am heartbroken once again. I just started watching OLTL after growing up watching ATWT on CBS. I am not surprised to see it happen, but truly disappointed. Talk shows are no better than soaps. Dedicated fans will turn their backs on ABC. I did CBS.

        • rose says:

          I agree- ABC is making a big mistake. The new shows they are planning can be seen already on the Food network and TLC format.

          • Helen Adamson says:

            I have watched these programs for years, I am truly shocked that ABC is telling all these people their fired, here we already have so many people unemployed & ABC isn’t any better, looks like I WILL NOT BE WATCHING ABC any and who knows you will be taking GH off shortly/Then what your going to replace it with is a another sad sad song, you honestly think people are going to watch that O believe you might have another think a coming. VERY VERY VERY disappointed fan for ABC

        • Phyllis Parliament says:

          I am not only upset over the cancellations I am FURIOUS!!!! I cannot believe they may be replaced by another cooking/reality show!!! I am sick to death of “reality” crap! I am so angry I honestly feel I will no longer watch ABC shows!!! First Oprah announced her departure and now this………Wow……what fools!

          • Bernie says:

            I am agreeing with you. I also will not watch any ABC shows. I will bury that channel as it is dead to me. How dare they take the two shows off the air. They must have lost their minds. They are replacing the soaps with two stupid shows. I hope ABC’S ratings really drop.

        • Deborah says:


        • Esther Meyers says:


        • Barbara Choquette says:

          I think the executives all have their brains in their you know whats. Looking at the ratings should tell them something. All of the people posting messages should tell them something. DOES ANYONE READ THESE POSTS? You aren’t making friends of ABC, on the contrary just to many enomies to count. Watching ABC will end when these two soaps end. I am very disappointed with your decision.

        • Anna Brignac says:

          I hate reality shows!!!! The soaps are the only shows I watch in the daytime and I watch them on Soapnet if I miss them. Shame on you for caving in. I guess I just spend my time on the computer and not watch ABC at all anymore!! I wish you NO LUCK with any of your new shows.

      • Laura says:

        YEAHHHH…i cant wait for the day abc goes down…for doing this…someone should fire Brian Frons!!!!

        • angela murphy says:

          I agree 100% he should be fired.I will stop watching abc because of that crap also.It figures most men hate soaps and love pissing us off by taking off our favorite soaps.They’ll replace them with more stupid game shows or that reality crap they keep putting on the air.Pretty soon there won’t be any soaps because the ones responsible are a bunch of selfish and greedy jerks…

        • jeannie langguth says:

          when my (fifty something) children were little there was a wedding taking our interest, i believe on another network – we dressed up white gloves and all and watched the wedding while we and our children had tea and pastries – i will always have this memory and so will my children (4 girls)- i will miss these two shows and possibly general hospital in the very near future!!!


        • mr.manning says:

          literally! i mean seriously what a dick

      • Steve says:

        Jean, I have to say that your post shows an utter lack of understanding of the TV business. First of all – it is a BUSINESS. If ABC can replace their soaps with other shows that get similar ratings but cost less, then that’s what they’re going to do. That’s what CBS has done. They are responsible to their shareholders to maximize revenues, not to keep a dying genre alive for posterity.

        Secondly, as you pointed out – there *are* hundreds of choices now. The networks don’t even produce scripted television in all of their primetime hours. How can you honestly expect them to produce scripted programming in the daytime hours when they are competing with hundreds of channels for fewer eyeballs?

        Serials are not dead, BTW. They will live on, but in weekly form in primetime where there are more viewers watching. The five-day-a-week daytime serial is dead. Times change – they don’t make wagon wheels anymore, either. The people who made wagon wheels moved on to other, more vibrant industries. The same thing will need to happen with those who make daytime serials.

        Finally, if you think that soaps are somehow “family” programming, then you are seriously deluded.

        • Rafferty says:

          While I agree with you that it’s a business decision, as a viewer I have also made a business decision that I will no longer watch ABC or ABC Family once these shows go off the air. If I’m alone in this they won’t feel it, it’s true, but if enough people do it, well, hey, you remember when NBC thought it was great idea to have Jay Leno on 5 nights a week at 10 p.m., we’ve seen the way the wind blows on great ideas like that.

          • tuthfari says:

            I have no reason to watch the soap channel at night, except for General Hospital. I always looked forward to seeing those ABC shows for relaxation. I can’t imagine a talk show that could replace them….not for me! As much as I love Oprah or Dr. Oz …..etc……My opinion probably doesn’t matter,but…..I just can’t believe it!!! This will keep me from watching too much T.V.!I guess I’ll start watching a different channel….maybe that will tell them how we really feel. Who are the people making these decisions????

        • Dara says:

          Yes, and it is my business if I refuse to watch ANYTHING that ABC airs, which means I’ll never see another advertisement on ABC, either! ;)

        • tvwatcher says:

          ABC is a serial killer. They could have dropped the shows to 2-3 days per week. The fans could have lived with that. ABC would still have had its loyal viewers. They could have tried out their cr^p shows on the other days of the week.
          Why doesn’t a cable network buy these shows? Even if they only produced 2-3 shows per week, they would gain loyal viewers. And it would be better than the endless CSI/Law&Order/NCIS reruns.

        • Eurydice says:

          Well sure it’s a business decision. Just like running nothing but infomercials all day long is a business decision, but it’s not an entertainment decision – and this is the entertainment business.

        • Pat says:

          The comment from Steve about the “five day a week daytime serial is dead”, it’s far from dead. Steve should go and watch the sleezy tv that has taken over nighttime tv. You’re entitled to your comment Steve but as stupid as it sounds you may want to go and watch your hundred other choices that’s out there and leave the soaps to the million other people that enjoy them.

        • Arielle says:

          Steve…they won’t have “similar ratings”…if you think for a MOMENT that the likes of “The Chew” will draw the same 2.5 million plus viewers that the soaps do, you’re DELUSIONAL!!! And as a matter of fact (in regards to your other condescending comment) I actually DO understand television. I have a degree in television production and have worked in the industry. What Frons is doing is WRONG and ABC/Disney WILL end up paying for this serious mistake unless they do the RIGHT thing and reverse this HORRIBLY BAD decision !!

          • Linda Bell says:

            I absolutely agree. When they take “All My Children” off I will
            forever turn my television off during that time until they bring
            it back.

            If everyone would turn their television off during the hour “All
            My Children” was on after they take it off this week they won’t
            make any money on “The Chew”. Then maybe we can get “All My Children Back” on the air.

      • Kim and Nikki says:

        If I wanted to watch “reality” I would stare out my front door! I want All My Children God D@MN it!!!!!!! What’s wrong with you people? Do you know what you’re doing?!!! I hope ABC crashes and burns now.

        • vicky says:

          hey i just read your comment and i dont know if you believe in god or not but his name is not god damnit its god without the damnit and you should be ashamed of yourself and apoligez to god after all he lets you get up everyday

          • TvWatcher says:

            Hey Vicky

            People can say what they want, if they want to call it god damn it then they can, it’s a free country… Stop trying to tell people what to say….

          • Sarina says:

            Hey, Ms. Vickey I am with you on this one, i know I should not be getting off the topic, I just thought I would back up Ms. Vickey. Under NOOOO circumstance should anyone be using the Lords name in vain, especially not to make some one bring back a soap. I also feel that if you (TvWatcher) can tell a corporate company how to run THEIR multi-billion dollar bussiness then someone should be able to tell you about something that means sooo much more to real people than a soap. It sounds like you want to crash and burn with gasoline drawls on. I am just saying. Thanks Ms.Vickey for being nice and to the point. I mean God did wake all three of us up this morning.

          • DSHOPP says:


        • Betty says:

          I along with a million other people grew up viewing OLTL and AMC. I wont change to some other reality show. This just is not right. I record these as I work then watch them to relax at night. Nothing will take their place. I might as well give up my dish network and just buy movies. As far as I am concerned all the news, and criminal stories they blow out of proportion just are not worth it. I can hear the news on the radio. Thanks for the past soaps but the future does not hold much for me with soaps. This really stinks.

      • Melodi Riley says:

        Wow,good bye abc, you won’t be worth watching now.

      • Melodi Riley says:

        I have watched both all my children and one life to live for when they go off the air I am finished with ABC.

      • Janie F. says:

        well said…I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • KMM says:

        AMEN to that. This absolutely sucks. I am so sick of game shows & talk shows (with an exception or two). Absolute stupidity.

        • Evelyn Freeze says:

          I am so sad to see my soaps go I am a SR. citizen and these two I have been watchng for years I do Not like talk shows they are trash tv not much I watch on Tv now they think new is better not always so sometimes old out ranks it and what is the saying everything old is new again I think we need to take stock about everything not only tv and decide what is best for us not let someone else do it for us

      • susan says:

        so sad to see all these great actors go off the air after making
        thenm part of our family,…have been watching both of these since 1978 and all the in andouts will all be very much missed

      • Dale_G says:

        Soaps are trash tv, probably even more trashier than the talk shows that will replace them.

        • Esther Meyers says:

          Seems to me more of us like soaps than not.I won’t get into a debate.All I have left to say is ,ABC YOUR LOSING ME.

      • send a message to ABC says:

        Send a bar of soap to the traitor at:
        ABC Daytime
        320 West 66th Street
        New York, NY 10023

        • Gloria Mendez says:

          Well I can’t believe it THEY Are taking All my Children & OneLife to Live off the air. I have been watching these soaps since I was a little kid with my Grandma. I just can’t believe all of a sudden they are getting off the air. I mean on One Life to Live it’s just getting good . Does Tess leave and Jessica come back to be a Mom. and Natalie does she get married again and be a good mom.their is so much stuff going on in OLTL.Anyway they are both great soaps so don’t take them off the air.I mean Jake and Erica just got married.Jesse and Angie just and a baby.Thank You for listing to me a ABC Fan. G.A.M

      • The Angry Monkey says:

        You are SO right, Jean… people shouldn’t watch other people talking on TV, and they should be watching devious, manipulative TV characters who do semi-nude bed scenes on public TV…. yes, the LATTER is definitely family TV!

        • Eurydice says:

          Where have you been? Devious, manipulative, semi-nude has been family TV for quite a while now – also rapists and psychopaths and serial killers. A talk show about cooking isn’t going to change that – it’s just cheaper to produce.

      • mr.manning says:

        you are the best!! love that last part about them “going down in flames!” yea i hope frons burns in hell

      • Barbie says:

        Women of America.Is this not against our rights.Women watch these shows everyday.Brian Frons do u hate women?I dont know what to say to u i never liked u from day one when u were on Soap net with Carly on General Hospital.It seems to me that u are STUPID or dont care one.Women if we don’t stand up for this cause we are doomed.Don’t bye any of the products that sponcer these shows such as Hidden Valley Suave,Allegra,Clorex Fresh Step which is owned by Clorex.See u need to go on these websites and see what all their products are and then Boycott them.It goes futher that u think.So Brian Frons if u want war u got it.We are women hear us Roar.

      • Deborah Skiles says:

        I cannot stand the fact u r taking off oltl & amc. I started watching These stories since I was in high school. I know that u r trying to target 20 & under but what about the 50 +s who make up 60 to 70 % of ur audience who cannot stand 1 more cooking show or fix ur body show. PLEASE! The soaps deal with all modalities of everyday life & helps u find solutions to real problems. Which would greatly help the youth today. Please think about what u r doing. This is the most blatant move I have ever seen of not caring what ur viewers want. Very disappointed

        • Clara says:

          I am sadden over the decision for Brian Frons to cancel our Soaps. LIke millions of fans what are we going to do. I and my daughter, and yes my husband now have been watching OMC and OLTL from day one. Eric was still a teen, and Vickie not much older (as Nickie) We use to rush home from work, and watch all the eposidoes that we taped back then on VHS, and probaly before even tapes came out just plain old TV on local station. What the heck. What do we have to do to keep both shows on the air. I had gotten away from General Hospital for a while, but were back to that, now that were retired. So much of our relaxing time, will be entirely stripped. This world is falling apart. When I’m finished with this post, I’m writing a letter directly to President Brian Frons. Lets hope and pray that he has a conscience to listen what the long time fans hav to say. It’s important that we all stick together. is there a petition going around? Please in from me.

          • Linda says:

            After “All My Children” is off the air after this week I am
            going to turn my television off during the hour that “All My Children” would have been on and I will not watch anything they put on during that hour until they bring back “All My Children”.

            If everyone would do this maybe we can get our show back.

            I am heartbroken and feel like someone in my family has died
            because of their decision. I like the fantasyworld because
            it gets me away from my own problems and the worlds problems
            and we have enough cooking shows. They are ruining television. Men have their sports which I hate why can’t we women have our soap operas. It’s not fair.

      • jenny says:

        ABC made us buy Hoover’s products and Hershey’s chocolate, and as long
        as they profited by us, they kept the shows alive, now they are cancelling the shows, they don’t need us anymore, like an old rags…
        I am very glad to hear that Hershey and Hoover companies will cancel their advertising on ABC, now we will buy more Hershey chocolates and and Hoover`s products!!!who want’s reality shows (we are more tired
        from them than from the soaps) I hope ABC will loose and go under, after they cancel our shows…they have to get what they deserve, and to loose all their shows and advertisements!!!We will call every company who advertises on ABC to take their show to other TV companies…

      • Leah says:


        • Pamela Bradshaw says:


      • Agnes says:

        I agree 100%. the rating for abc will go down, I believe and 100’s of people also agree with me, that taking these soap opera off the air is a huge mistake, you really have no idea what you are doing. Abc will not be seen by me, after this. This is incredible, these soaps is what keep us ladies entertained, and replacing them with food shows is so dumb, that is why they have the food network channel, just put those shows on that channel, and leave the soaps on.

      • Lori Gillespie says:

        I agree. None of us who have followed these fabulous shows are the kind of people who want to watch the drivel that they are going to replace them with. I would rather watch andy griffith re-runs, and I probably will. The last thing I want to watch is anything like “the chew.” They want to stop entertaining us and start telling us how to live. Real Americans won’t take it. As Jean said….may you and these replacement shows go down in flames.

      • Ronald R. Johnson says:

        Can’t wait for the new crap program CHEW to chew up Ch. Nine and A B C and spit them out in little pieces. What I’ve seen so far is a bunch old weird looking people who will fall by the way side quick!
        I sure would like to know which IDIOT chose the new crap programs and will be fired when they fail! What is a real shame is up to now Ch. nine has been such a great station, at least till Kathy tried to be reporter, judge, jury and hang man too! That was the start of their down hill and maybe Kathy now knows how little she knows about trying to convict people! Bye A B C and the sooner the better!

      • Sue says:

        I agree. Taking All My Children off the air is criminal. It sucks! I hope the new shows flop, I certainly won’t be watching!

      • Emily says:

        I doubt ratings are going to go up…Maybe the new shows will save the network money but they won’t make money. “The Chew” …sigh o.k. It looks so corny…some people will watch it, sometimes I doubt it lasts three seasons. ABC is going to become a deadzone during the daytime…get different writers if anything for the soaps not repeat the same old stories…but I still watch lol…I work at night but get up for OLTL…maybe AMC but always OLTL!!!!!

      • Suzette says:

        I couldn’t agree more, I’ve been watching these shows from the beginning and it really saddens me that they’re going to cheap talk shows. I will not be watching your new shows!

      • Gail schwartz says:

        Right on on ur comment. We should boycott their abc products. They lied nobody watches any more. Not live anyway people work etc. But there is dvr’s DVD recorders and yes stll recording vcr’s. Left.shame on u abc.

    • Nicole says:

      I still have never gotten over Santa Barbara being canceled!

      Both AMC and OLTL have both seen better days, so I am not as sad about this news as I once might have been.

    • Melissa says:

      I haven’t watched AMC in years but OLTL was the best of the soaps left on the air.

      My grandmother and mother passed on their love of ABC soaps to me and I had planned on passing that on to my children. Heartbreaking! This is a travesty.

      • ger says:

        Yes, that great family heirloom – sitting on your butt for 2 hours a day watching TV.

        • Astrid says:

          Listen up buddy, you don’t get it do, just like chick flicks, ie Gone With The Wind, WOMEN dictate shows, women share a bond when they have someone mutal to hate, mothers and daughters who don’t see eye to eye bond over mello drama, that is what all these women share with thier daughters. Either your mommy never gave you love, or you are just clueless as to what women want, in any case you are still clueless. Classics aren’t action movies you broo over, it’s the dramas that rule the world. Get over yourself. All us women who love our soaps, make the household tidy by the products they see in the commercials amd generally keep the world going by looking for a little distraction and thanking God their lives are not as messed up as the ones on TV is what make us tick. We want the passion you see on there, the devotion women have for thier two hours of TV is becuase that is thier therepy. Love it or leave it, women have dictaced every facet of your life. Learn abour it, maybe then you will find a suitable life partner to show you the passion we share for our soaps.

          • jane says:

            When women get together, they can be a very strong force…especially
            when it comes to day TV…

        • marie says:

          Don’t think of it that way, sitting and vegetate,the fashions, the topics,and the resolutions of the topics was better than going
          to a shrink, and definately better than stupid reality shows, well
          to each his own.

      • Courtnay says:

        It’s definitely the end of a family tradition. One of my earliest memories is ironically Erica Kane and Adam Chandler thanks to my mom’s love of ABC soaps. While I haven’t watched AMC and OLTL in a while – I’m too busy to keep up with more than one soap and I stuck with GH – I’m very sad to see this happens because it’s just one more sign that the genre as a whole is going to be gone before we know it. Primetime soaps may be serials, but it’s not the same. Find me one that stays on the air for 40 years, where you can grow up with the characters… That is what I’ve always loved about soaps. Unless things are a MASSIVE hit, even lasting 5 years is a miracle in primetime anymore.

    • Stef Betancourt says:

      I am so disapointed in ABC I guess I’ll have to follow the networks that are loyal to their daytime viewers. SHAME ON YOU

      • ger says:

        Which networks would those be? The one that dropped As the World Turns & Guiding Light or the one that canceled Passions?

    • Laura says:

      This really sucks…I only watch ABC because of AMC,OLTL,AND GH. How can abc DO THIS….i mean we already have enough talk shows. DUMB DUMB DUMB….im so so so dissapointed. I wont be watching ABC anymore after they cancel my soaps. These soaps have been around for so many years, im so sad to see them go…please dont cancel them.

    • LAURA says:

      YEAH BRIAN FRONS YOU SUCK….how could you even think to do this….reality T.V and talk shows sucks….we have enough of them….leave the soaps. I’m sure alot of viewers will stop watching anything on abc….and i hope they do. These soaps have gotten me through some times…and they are relaxing to watch after a hard day. What is daytime T.V without soaps….SOOOOO STUPIDDDDD!!!

    • Diana Anderson says:

      I have been watching “All my Children” since it started and I am SHOCKED that they would cancel…….such a travesity!!!

    • dorothy says:

      These are my favorite soaps. All the rest can go. i won’t be watching talk shows. I am sick of all the talk. It was nice to have
      some fantasy in my life. Fantastic actors.Sorry this is happening. Probably won’t be watching much more tv. It was great to listen to
      all the depressing news and have these shows to watch for relief.

      Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

    • Susan says:

      This is not fair. I lost Another World then As the World Turns and now All My Children. I have been unemployed for almost 8 months and AMC helps me get thru the days. This really hurts!!!

    • jen says:

      I cannot believe ABC.. cancelling not one but both All My Children & One Life to Live!!!! I am 36 years old and have been watching these since I was born!!! These are great shows…. I watched them with my grandmother!! I currently watch with my mother and my sister… How dare ABC do this to us!!!!How can we stop them??? Oprah’s new network would have room.. Isn’t Oprah an All My Children fan??

      • evelyn says:

        i have deen watching amc and oltl as long as they have been on the air.they are like my family please don’t take them off the air.

        • gayle says:

          i totally agree i been watching amc and oltl sence i was a kid i love these shows me and my husband watch these everyday never miss one show of amc or oltl this really suxs that u guy’s can do this to all of us ppl that loves theses too shows i never watch abc again that for sure cause u guys are taking our favorite shows from all of us it is very unfair of u guys to do that goodbye abc cause u guys take amc and oltl off im never watching your channel ever again

    • angeleyes1962 says:

      Abc you suck , dont take off AMC AND OLTL take of the sports but not our soaps there are enough boring food and talk shows already if you take the soaps of close your doors ABC because you will have nothing worth watching!!!!!!

    • DeAnn says:

      Business people? ABC just made the biggest mistake in history! I will never watch a show on your network again! Hope Oprah sees a great opportunity to pick up these two soaps and the rates will score. Soon enough ABC will be gone too. ABC take your network to another country.

    • Sandy says:

      I am NOT HAPPY that ABC is taking off my 2 soaps.
      Talk Shows are not my kick, I dont watch them.

    • Kelle says:

      This really p*()@# me off. I may seriously refuse to watch ABC anymore at all. What is the matter with them? Not everyone like to watch reality crap on prime time. There are so many people young and old that have grown up with Soaps. They keep morphing into more crap so maybe everyone should stop watching television!

    • Asia Green says:

      I’m so upset that abc will be cancelling the soaps i grew up on these soaps well if u think your rates r dropping r at stand still now watch out they drop once the show goes off the air im to upset i will never watch abc again

    • MAGS says:


    • cathy says:

      this is bull crap ….. i can’t believe that not enough people watch AMC that would keeep it on the air….I will never support your other shows and do understand that change is good but after watching AMC with my grandmother who was a great great fan and brought me onto AMC and have been watching for like 30 years…..this is NOT ACCEPTABLE you greedy greedy people…some things are better left unchanged andI am sincerely appalled at the fact that you cannot keep a tradition going in these times of too much change when in fact we all know in our hearts that simple days should be back and people were happier and life was better…shame on you……..errrrr

      one ticked off fan
      the cast is the best and know
      that if these people gave a rats
      ass you would still be in a job…
      ooops excuse me i guess that does
      not matter as they still are……

    • Andy says:

      I think this is a bad decision. We have enough talk shows already.
      Why not do what the spanish stations do and produce soap operas that end. They last for about four or five months. I’m sure that this will be better than talk shows.

    • Barb says:

      If the networks think that all the viewers have gone to work and are not out there watching daytime TV, do they not read or listen to the news?? So many people are now out of work…plus if they aren’t there to watch the soaps then what makes the networks think they will be there to watch the new shows??? HMMMMM think about it.

    • Sandee Stuczynski says:

      I sure am not very happy to see my soaps go. There are way to many talk shows on TV already. :-(

    • A J says:

      I feel as if I am loosing two close family members. I don’t believe a full search has been done regarding the audience of viewers. Like myself, Soapnet on my TV so that I can watch it at night. I watched the very first show of All my children when I was in college. In fact,long before Tivo and Soapnet,I scheduled ALL of my classes around when they were on. I made sure my lunch was around 12:30 when it used to come on. At that time I was also in shape because I ran to the Student Union Building to get my seat for the shows. Reality shows and cooking shows are now a dime a dozen who cares about them? Not as many people as you may believe. Is there anything I and the other million fans can do to save it? If not can I at least as a 30 year plus fan get tickets to the last viewing of the shows?

    • rosemarie says:

      This a shame. I can not count the years I have been watching these shows.
      This is my family.
      With family far away, they have always been a part of my life.
      Please do not take these shows off the year.
      I even watch these shows on Soap network.
      Why did you move to Calif. If you were thinking of taking the AMC off the year. Do you not have any feelings.
      All those people would be out of work!
      Lets fight the stats. Keep people workings.

      Who did you ask if they were watching the two soaps?
      You did not ask me or my friends!

    • Lisa says:

      I too have watched AMC and OLTL from the beginning. In college our sorority house had ABC on all afternoon. Luke and Laura were as popular as JR and Sue Ellen Ewing. What a great addition was Soapnet so when you can’t watch during the day you can catch it when your schedule permits. For those of us who have been faithful viewers for over 30 years, these shows are institutions and the characters old friends. I am sad to know they will only be accessible for a few months more. ABC Family claims the 700 Club does not reflect the views of ABC Family. Evidently fictitious shows that present social issues with a conservative perspective or characters who pray and listen to Christian music do not reflect their views either. How sad they have taken their lead from the liberal media and chose to replace the launching ground of many successful actors with reality trash. I for one will not be watching day time TV or soapnet once these two shows are gone forever.

      • DSHOPP says:


    • Alice Niehaus says:

      I will not watch the replacement shows, guess I’ll join some friends and start watching “Days” You don’t understand this is my down time and it won’t be the same ever again. I’m 61 years old and have been a loyal viewer since the beginning of these shows. Shame on you for ruining so many afternoons.

    • susan ray says:

      we have to many talk shows now and also cooking shows the reality shows are really not that good. the life styles are not that great either because nobody of the economy


    • Kim says:

      I think it is sad that abc would pull these shows. Many have been watching these since the shows beginnings. What will happen to the elderly who have thought of these characters as a big part of their own lives? For some these shows have been the highlight of their days for years. It is quite obvious that abc doesn’t really think of their faithful viewers.

    • 41yr fan says:

      Just what we need. Get rid of something people enjoy and replace it with some contrived reality junk with a bunch of airheads talking. We don’t need View or any more idiots telling us how to think and live. We are aren’t stupid We have too many talk shows with mindless dribble and self gratification by the stars.

    • CC says:

      Cancelling All My Children is just about one of the crazyest thing to occure this year. I hope you relize that the reallity shows for the most part are junk. You have to be out of your mind to cancell two of the daytime shows that has keep ABC at least in the hunt.
      This is as nuts as CBS letting their morining staff be replaced. I will not be watching ABC anylonger and I now do not watch The Early show anylonger. These moves are just a joke. I would wish you good luck but you do not need it as you are knocking viewers off by the dozen.

    • D.H. says:

      More talk shows, who needs them? I cannot believe they are taking AMC and OLTL off and leaving on the The Bold and The Beautiful and GH. General Hospital is so far fetched and boring. Who is really into the mafia? Good luck with your talk shows because I am not interested.

    • Juli says:

      Well, all I can say is, I am bummed. I have watched “All My Children”
      since the 70’s, and because I work, caught up with storylines in the summer vacations. When Soapnet came along,I was in heaven,because I could watch the show daily. It has been a fun respite from a pretty harsh real world in which we live. Erica Kane and all her sourrounding characters have been wonderful to watch. This is sad news, and I am sorry ABC (Disney?) can’t afford to keep it going.But, thanks to Susan Lucci, she made her mark in television history.

    • Colleen Devison says:

      You will lose millions of viewers to your stations! People who watch soaps are loyal and devoted viewers. If we want talk shows there are more than enough of them….too many. Soaper’s want an alternative to talk shows!OLTL and AMC are iconic in the industry. I for one will not tune in to your new programs.That is why most of us have satellite and cable movie channels so we can tune out talk shows and infomercials. To ignore and close out the female audience who have been loyal and who rush out and buy cosmetics etc. that are paid ads on these programs is utter stupidity on the part of the idiot making this decision!!!!!!!

    • tonya smith says:

      Are yall crazy, I have been watching all my children sense i was a teenager, I also watch these stories, with my mother when i was a teenager and now that I am a grown women I still watch them. You must not take this soap off the air, what Iam going to do, I heard that the two stories would be replace by a cooking show, WHAT, as if we need those, I am heart broken please done take ALL MY CHILDREN OFF THE AIR, SAVE MY STORY.

    • marion says:

      I think its TERRIABLE TO CANCEL All My Children and One Life To Live. I have been a fan for over 30 years,It was an escape from reality 2 hrs a day.SHAME ON YOU FOR CANCELLING I don’t know how you got those figures of the show declining, everyone I talk to still watches them and also many celebrites as well.I for one and others like me will not WATCH THE NEW PROGRAMS.

    • L Clements says:

      I am so upset about the cancellation of these 2 shows. They have always been in my life. How can you do this to your viewers! There are so many talk shows on TV today that it is pathetic. All they are doing is promoting the distruction of good entertainment. or put someone down and generally bore me silly. I love coming home to watch my stories and have a great day. SHAME ON YOU!

    • pam from virginia beach says:


    • DEBBIE CANSLER says:

      Really Really is a let down…When I use to watch Days of our lives…not good any more…take them off…and keep All MY CHILDREN AND OLTL….PLS PLS….The stories help my everyday life…when it is all messed up….they make it seem sooo small because they have 10 times the messed up life …lol….

    • Cathy says:

      Since CBS is climbing in the ratings in prime time, the might be wise enough to pick up these 2 award winning shows. I won’t watch the new shows so I’ll be tuning in to another station. Maybe they could continue at their regular time on Soapnet. ABC dropped the ball……again.

    • Heaven says:

      This is a dumb move by ABC to cancel these two shows and i will no longer be tuning into ABC to watch anything about food ….I see enough crappy food shows !

    • TAMMY LUCIANNA says:


      • TAMMY LUCIANNA says:


    • Mary Daffron says:

      ABC says that they are out to reach the 18-34 year old demographic and they are not watching SOAP OPERAS…I beg to differ, what do you thin these 18-21 year old college students are watching while not in class? STUPID they are scheduling their classes around the soap operas…… I know because I have been to the local university and spoke to these viewers. They schedule their morning classes so that they are free to watch the Young and Restless, and Days of Our Lives… then they schedule their afternoon classes so they can watch AMC, OLTL and GH….

      ABC, you need to wake up, if we want to see Mario cook, we can watch the Food network or the Cooking Channel…If we want to listen to a bunch of chattering monkeys going nuts we can all go to the zoo…I don’t want to listen to a bunch of rehashed nonsense from the View or The Talk…. I myself would rather watch Julie Chan on Big Brother than the Talk….

      As for soap operas effecting the way our children act, most kids are in school during the ours of 12pm and 3pm, or they are playing video games or being productive in other ways. You want to blame something for messing with a kid’s head, blame the so call children’s programming that you put on… You have young girls and boys moving to music like they are professional dirty dancers… You have networks that air shows like Toddlers and Tiara, just a bunch of spoiled little brats, that really need a good spanking….

      We have celebrities that dress their children at age 3 like little prostitutes….I am talking about K.H. & T.C…. Talk about a child that is going to be a spoiled brat, move over Britney you will soon be forgotten as the bad girl….

    • Dottie E says:

      The two soaps that you are taking off are the only one’s I watch. I guess I will just turn the channel. Go figures the big wigs who make the cuts are to stupid to know any better.

    • antoinette says:

      Hi I do not agree with you taking off the soaps millions of people sill watch the the out of work people. the people that work that tape it so they can see it when they come home. And don t forget the people that work at home. IT will be a big mistake to take all my children and one life to live off the air millions still watch.

    • Lula says:

      I have been watching AMC & OLTL since I was in JHS. I’m really surprised that both shows are being cancelled. I hope there is a way to keep them on.
      The producers should Stop doing boring story lines that are going to keep viewers away. I must admit that as much as I love AMC & OLTL there are some story lines that I’m getting tired of. To keep viewers interested you must offer something worth watching.
      If the soaps are being cancelled for more talk shows, I won’t be watching. The talk shows that are on the air all do the same thing.

    • Terri Childress says:

      This suxs. We get enough reality shows and have our own life issues. Sometimes soaps are just a get away and great plots and very relaxing> I truly think this is a BAD thing. Stinks!!!!!

    • martha johnson says:

      THIS IS OUTRAGEST!!!!! I cant believe they r taking these 2 shows off the air! I have been a fan since I can remember because my dad watch ALL MY CHILDREN since I was young!! I am disabled & watch these soaps everyday. As alot of family & friends. My dad still watches ALL MY CHILDREN thanks to directv. I REMEMBER TAKING DALLAS & THE CARRINGTONS OFF AS OR NIGHT TIME SOAP. i WAS STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL AND HATED IT AS I DO THIS. WISH U COULD CHANGE U MINDS AND LEAVE OUR ABC SHOWS ALONE

    • Marie says:

      I had hoped the rumors weren’t true but I see they were. This is soo disheartening. ABC soaps have always been my favorite since I was a child. Now with these 2 soaps disappearing and Soapnet being cancelled as well they will become another victim to greed. I would love to know which viewers and/or age group was polled for their reasons. Obviously, it wasn’t the middle aged/senior citizens… imo. What the heck do we need more talk, cooking, reality, etc.. shows for? We are overrun with them now on public and cable networks! I also noticed that AMC & OLTL are being picked up by Prospect Park for online viewing and possible cable viewing. All I can say is that I hope they don’t make PPV as the cable industry is already taking a toll on our wallets as well, especially when you are disabled, retired, etc…

    • melissa says:

      I am really disappointed. I don’t watch much T.V but I tune into All my childern and one life to live. I grew up on these two shows it would be a tragedy for me and millions of others who feel the way I do. I know I’m only a little person in this big bad world but please don’t take my soaps away. Hey I have a suggestion why don’t you take General Hospital and Bold and the beautiful if you want to remove somthing that’s not really being watched. Why don’t you guys have a veiwers chioce or something. Give us the reigns and let us decide since we are in fact the ones watching it.

    • Eileen Midman says:

      ABC has always been my favorite TV Channel. The cancellation of these 2 soaps, which I have watched since college, will result in my never turning ABC on again. I don’t think I will be missing much since the President of Daytime for ABC is cancelling the best of the 3 daytime dramas. Obviously, he has no consideration for all the fans!

      Eileen Midman

    • Jo Ann says:

      When AMC and OLTL goes off the air, that’s when ABC goes off my TV. It always has to be about the money. How about giving something back to your loyal fans. Can’t you guys combine AMC and OLTL and make it one show to save some of our enjoyment and the actors from losing their jobS? Ratings, what a joke!

    • Rhonda says:

      Pleaseeee rethink taking these soaps off the air.. I watch these every night cause if I miss them durning the day I D.V.R them EVERYDAY,!!!! I’m just sick over what I am hearing… I don’t want more talk shows!!!!! I have watched theses soaps with my mother & grandmothers sence I was old enough to remember!!!!!! Don’t do this!!!

      • Rose Diaz says:

        I myself have watched All my children since I was 15 years old along with one life to live with my mom. Now I am 61 and still watching and telling my mom about them as she no longer can see she enjoys listening to me talk about them. What will she have to look forward to now, such a shame on ABC for taking away our make believe lives for a while and let us pretend all is wonderful in our soaps. Please reconsider your drastic decision

    • Julia Mauk says:

      While this statement will date me, I have been watching All My Children over the last 42 years. I was 12 the first time I watched it with my great-grandmother, it was her favorite. Some time later (in the 90’s actually) I began watching One Life to Live with my mother. I know many people who record the shows for evening viewing, I wonder if the ratings include the number of people recording the shows. For me I am disabled and watch daily now however, I am beginning to watch the soaps on the other networks so that when my faves end I will have something to watch. I watch or listen to Good Morning America & The View (which I love)& of course Regis & Kelly so that’s enough talk show for me. I heard that the shows were being picked up to be showed from their beginning to their end but cannot find any info on this. Does anyone else know about that? My shows will be deeply missed.

    • Lynda Blow says:

      I feel that these cuts are really ridiculous! I wish we could all boycott ABC. If there are fewer viewers during the time that these shows are playing then ABC should spice up the shows somewhat…..NOT cut the soaps.
      One Life To Live is FINALLY getting good again….only to go off the air……is plain crazy!
      There are more than enough talk shows out there….too much reality TV! Be different….don’t follow all the other networks!

      PLEASE RECONSIDER….keeping One Life To Live. I LOVE that soap!

    • Koy Chiu says:


    • Wilma says:

      We have more cook shows than we need.please help keep the soap’s on air I will miss them so much

    • marie says:

      Thanks for all the years of sometimes funny informative,
      and watched how some of the serious topic it was going to turn out.
      Hats off too all GREAT JOB, I will miss AMC and One Life, who needs
      another food show, I DON’T . bYE

    • donna says:

      to whom it may concern i can,t believe that they are taking all my children and one life to live off the air they are the best soaps on tv and always has been since the day they begin their rating have droped only because there are a lot of homeless people now who did have homes and did watch the soaps but don,t watch them now because they are homeless and i don,t believe this is fair all my children and one life to live should not be taking off the air they are the best soaps on but if they are taken off the air where they are then i believe they should still be on tv on another network they should not lose their place on tv.

    • elaine charbonneau says:

      i grew up watching AMC AND OLTL. now they wont be on the air anymore. i think that is the biggest mistake of ABC. you are going to leave all the fans disappointed and boycotting ABC during the daytime. the new shows will not last as long as these two shows did. i think this is a big mistake

    • Linda Bell says:

      When the time “All My Children” comes on Monday thru Friday after
      the show is gone I will turn off my television in protest during
      that hour and I will not have my television back on during that
      hour until they put “All My Children” back on the channel.

      If everyone who loves “All My Children”, like I do, would do the
      same they wouldn’t put another stupid cooking show on. We
      Americans are fat enough; we don’t need any more cooking shows. I
      want to be entertained not have to think about food 24 hours a day.

    • Brenda H. says:

      I’m devastated that your ending these wonderful programs. And just when the story line was getting good, on AMC David was bringing people back from the dead, and now your just going to leave us hanging. On OLTL the original Todd is back, oh happy day. And to replace them with talk shows. I absolutely hate talk shows, there are too many of them on tv the way it is now. I guess I’ll be watching the Lifetime Movie Network from now on, as they have some good family style movies, either that or I’ll be streaming more Netflix movies.

    • gloria says:

      I can’t believe they are removing either one of them….I’m really ticked. I have watched both since I was a child. please don’t do this.


    • Karen says:

      I am SO disappointed the the cancellation! I will NOT be watching ABC in the afternoons anymore!

    • Beth says:

      Once the soaps are gone, there is nothing during the day worth watching. I hate reality shows. When the reality shows entered prime TV, I quit watching prime TV. I will do the same with daytime. My grandpa used to say, “Why fix it if it ain’t broke.”

    • Lisa Shaw says:

      I have to admit that I am heart broken that my two favorite daytime shows, since their inception, are leaving us. And, just when I was finally able to retire and be home to watch my shows. I will miss both AMC and OLTL as will my mother and a lot of other people I know. I guess our generation just doesn’t count for anything anymore. As they say, out with the old and in with the new. I feel so discarded though. Now my house will be even cleaner, I guess, with the two hour void I’ll have to fill up with dusting something. :’-(

    • Donna says:

      I guess you’ve heard it all from the fans of AMC & OLTL, but to replace these shows for cooking shows? Are you all nuts at that network? The viewers don’t mean a thing? Wait til the ratings come in for ‘The Chew’. Only a ground hog would watch it! With all the talk shows & the cooking segments they have, why in heavens name would you think a soap viewer would enjoy watching a cooking show instead? Soaps have been a staple entertainment for decades & the two highest rated soaps weren’t enough for your ratings? I think it’s that you don’t want to pay for the actors. THEY are what made you rich in the first place. How greedy can you get. Saving money was your incentive; watch what losing it will do in a few months. You’ll be begging to have those actors back. By then, you won’t be able to afford them. IF I were them, I wouldn’t give you the time of day for any amount. Time for YOU to feel the pinch for making such a greedy decision.

    • Great-grandma Donna says:

      I guess you’ve got plans in the works to kill off GH too, huh?
      I’ve been watching it since 1964 when I first got married. AMC & OLTL followed. It was a wonderful way to be entertained while ironing,folding the laundry or any housework. They were like FAMILY & you just murdered them off! This decision was based solely on greed.
      It’s all about the money. See how much comes rolling in when the ratings hit rock bottom. You deserve to see what it’s like from the gutter looking up.

    • Mary Ann says:

      I’ve been watching abc soaps for over 30 years, just like other have done. Now you want to cancel All My Children and One Life to Live, after all these years. What a shame to cancel theses shows, to put on
      food shows that don’t even interest most viewers. They are BOARING..
      That leaves me out from watching that program as well as thousand other
      viewers. We won’t be watching the new programs you are replacing the 2 soaps with. Meaning, less viewers for abc during the 12 & 1 PM showings. What a shame, to cancel the soaps………….

    • lady q says:

      i am so mad yall taking all the soap operas off i wish yall could work it out for one life to live i really like that soap and yall did us wrong with all my children…plz do something..

    • Cathryn says:

      I really think that they should of left the two on and just found another chanel to place those shows on I will not look at abc until 2pm and then at 3pm I dont like the show that they put on in the place of ALL MY CHILDREN

    • Sherry Watkins says:

      I am devistated at All my children and One Live to live going off the air. I have watched both of these soaps since I was a child along with my mom back than. I taped the shows every day and watched them on my off days. I can’t believe that you left the fans hanging in the middle of a great story. These soaps will be sadly missed.

    • laura says:

      all my children should be put back on tv its not fair to fans like myself and one life to live needs to stay on as well. please bring all my children back on tv and keep one life to live fans please defend our shows

    • Billie says:

      Please bring back All My Children and take off The Chew,
      or we all call it The Puke. We do not watch it.

    • Pamela says:

      I couldn’t believe what happening. I loved All my Children. Like so many people I’ve watched these shows for years. I always taped so I could watch another day. I will really miss them. I don’t like any of the other, never have. They should really think about letting One life to live end. To bad there isn’t a petition to sign. If there is, it might help.

    • Lori says:

      I am so disappointed that one life to live is going off the air. First we lost All my children now another soap opera. Well I will not be watching shows that are on ABC’s after Jan.

    • Old news, but still good. The traditional “soaps” (along with reality TV) are just vapid wastes of veiwing entertainment. I would also like to se the subsidies that we all pay for sporting events get offloaded onto the people that actually want to watch them as well. Instead of spread loaded on everyone.

  2. Kelly says:

    Oh No!!!!!!

    • AlistairCrane says:

      This makes me so sad. I’ve grown up watching OLTL—-Marty is my favourite character and her gang rape is possibly the show’s most infamous storyline. Such a crushing blow to lose TWO soaps at once, especially while the horrid General Hospital lives on.

  3. Renee says:

    Such a sad waste. First Guiding Light and As The World Turns now All My Children and One Life To Live. Sacrificed for what? Talk shows and reality shows? No thanks I’ll just read a book.

    • Frances J. Troup says:

      No thanks I will not watch any shows which are taking the place of the soaps. AMC AND OLTL are precious shows to me and I am not interested in the changes.

      • Amanda says:

        Agreed. Brian Frons is a giant a-hole.

        • Dawn says:

          “Agreed. Brian Frons is a giant a-hole.”

          I agree too! And he claims “viewers are looking for different types of programming these days. ” Yeah, sure, I want to watch more reality shows or boring talk shows!!!! SNOOZE!!!

          What’s next? GH? It’s the only left. NBC got rid of Another World and Santa Barbara, and their ratings took a hit. Nice going Frons….looks like ABC will get kicked to the curb too. But you don’t care do you? You got your nice check.

          • Del Coro says:

            If people watched these shows, they’d stay on the air. Not enough people watch them to pay for their production. End of story.

      • Vada-Marie Garner says:

        I have been watching AMC for 22 years!! I started when I was 10 & had strep throat & I was hooked! I even had to fake a serious illness for a week to watch Trevor & Natalie’s wedding (well, actually Trevor & Janet since Natalie was in a well). And faking out a Dr, 2 parents & a partridge in a pear tree is no easy task-I too, deserved a daytime Emmy for my performance! LOL

        But seriously, ABC, WE DO NOT WANT ANYMORE REALITY TV!!! Theres too much of it! We live in reality, and watch the made up worlds of comedy, drama, soaps, sitcoms & dramadies to ESCAPE REALITY!!! Please, I implore reverse your decision!

        And what will become of Soap Opera Network? Can you not move AMC & OLTL to that network so that fans can still have their shows?

        Oh, Salem, please stay where you are! DAYS is all I have left!!!!!

      • rosemarie allison says:

        why did you comment to this.
        get the h off this site.

      • Mary Ann says:

        Frances, I agree with you. I won’t be watching those show replacing All My Children and One Life to Live, just like the other thousands of
        views that hate to see these two shows cancelled. Maybe they get the hint, and put the soaps back, that would be great…… what do you think about that…

    • Teresa says:

      I agree with Renee.

    • Kim says:

      First? Honey, it started back with Santa Barbara, and then Another World on NBC. . .Another World having been the first show to go to an hour, and SB being one of the best shows to ever be on daytime. I’d say that Days will follow. . .and CBS will pull theirs soon after. People just don’t watch tv anymore like that. And it’s sad, because saying goodbye to these shows isn’t just losing jobs for talented people, or gaining another senseless talk show. It’s losing a piece of television history.

      • Canadian Teresa says:

        You know a lot of people don’t understand the bond that some people have with soap operas. The bond includes a vast area of things. Some girls with relate to watching it with their mothers when home sick from school. Some will associate it to getting home from school, or watching it during the summer holidays. My Mom calls them “her stories” and I remember watching Edge of Night with her while eating lunch on a tv table, and that was in black and white. Another World was my all time favourite and when they took it off, I kind of skipped around to AMC and GH, or DOOL, but nothing every replaced it for me. Miss you Rachel, Mac, Iris, and Steve Frame.

        • Jolene says:

          So this its the stupidest move abc could make…in time they will see that. They are trying to save money then should take the current bunch of crap they are running at night and keep the day time soaps… I personally dvr my shows, that ive watched growing up with my Aunts n Nanny, so I can’t watch them after work when the kids go to bed its my time and now I have nothing for me. Thanks alot Abc

    • AlistairCrane says:

      Actually, Passions was first in 2008 followed by GL in 2009 and ATWT in 2010. Sad, sad news!

      • jill says:

        I don’t think you can say passions was first, the first one *I* remember (and I’m not *that* old at 31) being cancelled was Loving in ’95. I am certain loving wasn’t even close to the first.

        • AlistairCrane says:

          Passions was first in terms of the rapidfire cancellations that have come in the last three years (Passions, GL, ATWT, now AMC and OLTL). Before that, cancellations were few and far between. When Passions ended in 2008, no soap had been cancelled in almost 5 years.

        • DSHOPP says:


          • Rebal says:

            I thought the edge of night went off befor Ryuns hope went. I can say I will not be watching any of the shows that replace are shows or any thing else that comes on this channel later. I hope ever one follows threw with what they are saying and not support these new shows.

      • Courtnay says:

        Ryan’s Hope, Loving, The City, Port Charles (ABC), Santa Barbra, Sunset Beach, Another World (NBC)… ALL predate Passions’ cancellation. Check your facts.

        • Liam says:


        • AlistairCrane says:

          For f**k’s sake, you morons! Obviously Passions wasn’t the first soap ever cancelled, jesus h. christ! I’ll re-post because you’re too blind to read:

          Passions was first in terms of the rapidfire cancellations that have come in the last three years (Passions, GL, ATWT, now AMC and OLTL). Before that, cancellations were few and far between. When Passions ended in 2008, no soap had been cancelled in almost 5 years.

          • Dave says:

            Hey, Alistair, do ya really feel that it’s necessary to take the Lord’s name in vain? Look it up. It’s 1 of His 10 Commandments!

  4. Marisa says:

    Dear AMC & OLTL,

    In an effort to lose some of our viewers, you’ll need to pack your bags and go.

    Sincerely, ABC

    PS: Tell Agnes we still love her.

  5. Laura says:

    What a sad sad day. i will miss these 2 shows tremendously.

  6. Samantha Goddard says:

    ABC has lost their damn minds. NO ONE NEEDS MORE REALITY. We get ENOUGH reality. We need three hours in the day where we can focus on things that are way crazier and way more romantic and hopeful than what we have. General Hospital is the WORST of the three, ABC. The WORST. What have you done?

    • Patricia says:

      very, very sad day for me – been watching AMC since its inception in 1970, OLTL since 1979…agree whole-heartedly with Samantha – these soaps take you away from your “real life” for a little while…ABC, you will regret this – and for more talk/reality shows, really?? Shameful!

    • Dana says:

      I understand you are upset about the cancellations, but I for one LOVE General Hospital and have for over 20 years. The show and soaps in general have gotten so much better. I will not be watching any reality shows either.

    • Cincy says:

      I couldn’t have said it better. This is such sad news. Apparently ABC does not want people watching TV during the day because who is gonna watch that dreck? NOBODY.

  7. Tom says:

    Wow. I never thought it would actually happen.

    • rosemarie allison says:


      • Linzey Witherup says:

        My mother and I were just saying the samething. We are diffently intrested!!!! My email is please contact me.

      • Betty says:


      • SANDY says:


  8. xav says:

    For talk shows? Whatever. They sound terrible.

  9. Laura says:

    This news sucks! Do we really need more talk shows? I’ve been watching these shows since I was a little kid. I can’t believe they are canceling both shows. Any talk about which show is going off the air first?

  10. Dave says:

    Sucks … but, really, television is a business at its core … and daytime dramas haven’t been profitable for a LONG time. That leaves, what, four soaps in total still airing? Guess Soap Opera Digest’s days are numbered, too.

    • Marisa says:

      I was thinking the same thing about the soap magazine biz. Lots of people are going to lose their livelihoods.

      • Courtnay says:

        Anybody know what the total job loss is between the two soaps and the further downsizing of the soap magazine industry?

  11. Amy says:

    This is a HUGE mistake in my opinion. Those replacement shows sound totally uninteresting. AMC and OLTL have been around for years, never thought I’d see this happen.

    • Tom says:

      I agree Amy i have watch amc for many years if miss anything wife filled me in.OLTL i have watched for long time and story lines are always fresh. GH has had so many new people if i miss watching any soap it will be GH bad move ABC Welcome my new network Drew Carey

      • Astrid says:

        Finally a man who understands!!!!! Love it. My dad watches the soaps with my mom, it’s thier time and no one better interupt them. It’s a way of life, the Fantasy.

        I agree with everyone who says this is a mistake. I do hope Oprah will take them up on her network, even if its only and hour or two a week. It will be better than nothing. Most of our biggest stars started in soaps. I hope they all remember how lucky they were to launch thier careers from these tiny shows that make no money, they made actors better, they made story plots intresting and made sense. In my younger days, my best friend and I babysat during the summer we would be on the phone during commercials to chit chat what just happened, now my daughters wont have that opportunity. I knew Erica wasn’t forever, but I just thought I’d see Erica be Erica in her 80s. I guess that will never be. Alas AMC are the initals of my son becuase that is how much I loved my show, now it will be gone. Men never knew our dirty little secret, soaps kept us women sane. Now there will be more drama in the homes since it wont be on TV, and not the fake drama from the reality shows, this is real drama. Thank you Mr.Bozo for thinking $ not values.

  12. Kate says:

    Ridiculous– the replacements sound horrible. At least they saved General Hospital. For now.

  13. VJW says:

    I hope they change the names of those 2 new shows. Their premises sound good, but the names are awful.

  14. LaLa A. says:

    holy cow.

  15. Jasmine says:

    This is very bad news. I have not watched ones episodes of The Talk, and will not watch any of these other awful reality shows.

  16. Tina says:

    And how freaking dumb is the name “The Chew.” I will refer to it as “The Barf.”

    • BillK says:


      The first time they make some disgusting dish it will forever be known as The Spew.

      • Esther Meyers says:

        I am going to miss my soaps ,but barf,and spew crack me up.Thanks I needed a good laugh.I agree,who needs a cooking show,you can get free cookbooks at the library.Ive got it.Call it ,spew stew.

  17. Karen says:

    Dear Brian Frons and Amy Sweeney:
    The absolute last thing daytime (or nighttime) tv needs are more BORING reality shows! If I want food shows I will watch FoodNetwork. One thing I won’t watch is ABC. You ruined these icons with your dirty grimy hands and you’ve now managed to kill them. Wishing you none stop failure and disaster in all you taint.

    • 3dhouseofmagic says:

      Wanna bet they (eventually) try to bring on former soap stars as guests on these shows when they inevitably tank???

  18. Nina says:

    Food and health & lifestyle? Really? Aren’t there WHOLE networks dedicated to that? Are there that many people left that STILL don’t know how to eat healthy, exercise, get off their butts and not mix plaids and stripes?

    If the soaps weren’t making the network money, that’s one thing. I can understand that. But to replace these soaps with unoriginal programming that makes you yawn just reading the press release makes no sense.

    • Courtnay says:

      There ARE whole networks dedicated to it. And if I wanted to watch those shows I’d be watching those networks… I watch soaps for the break from reality…

    • Judy says:


      No reason to watch ABC but it will save me $$$. I can cancel my DVR that I used to tape these shows.. everyday. No need anymore.

      • lrobison says:

        my heart is breaking because i don’t have anything to look forward to on my days off. i don’t like reality shows. how much reality can you stomach. there are to many shows on tv at this time. all of the networks will compete for high ratings and they will all fail, because reality is reality; all the topics are the same; just on different days. maury, i am sick of looking at these screaming women when you
        say; “YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER”.
        I believe that soaps will return, when they really start losing money.IT’s all about making money and NOT WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT.

  19. ROXANNE says:


  20. Amanda says:

    This is just so sad. I feel so bad for the cast and crew of both shows. So many people are going to be without jobs. I wasn’t a fan of OLTL, but my Mom watched when she was young. I thought loved AMC and started watching in 2004 when I graduated high school. Over the years I watched many of the soaps and would switch. I loved Guiding Light in the 90s and grew up on that on as well as The Young and the Restless. Then I watched As the World Turns in the late 90s/early 2000s. Sad to see GL and ATWT go, and now AMC. At least I still have Y&R and I know that will be the last soap to go since it’s the highest rated. Just so sad to see what once was a great genre and springboard for many talented and Oscar/Emmy winning actors go.

  21. Vi says:

    blame it on the view

  22. maria says:

    No will watch these shows. People watching soaps are the most loyal fans of any shows. The Chew and The Revolution will CRASH AND BURN. Guaranteed.

    • Meesh says:

      Agreed. What other show would I dedicate 5 hours a week to (10 for me b/c I watch both AMC and OLTL) for over 20 years? They have been a part of my life for so long, I don’t even know what life will be like without them. Not just that- we get involved in all the plots and start to feel like you actually know the cast/characters. You almost have to mourn them in a way because they are leaving your life.

    • Pam357 says:

      I was saying the exact same thing…no way I will EVER air those shows on my TV….I hope they crash & burn….they have no clue how loyal we fans are….the new shows could be the best thing on tv and not one soap fan would watch!

      Sad day , the soaps have been in my life for as far back as I can recall

  23. LINA says:

    who the crap is gonna sit and watch talk-shows and some stupid food show. i rather wath one life to live or all my children….. DON’T DO IT ABC

  24. Teresa says:

    They should have named the new shows “The Dumb” and “The Dumber”

  25. Lynn says:

    WTF!!! Those are 2 great soaps…it’s a shame they are being canceled!

  26. Kassie says:

    This is so stupid! Ya know ABC there are people who don’t watch The View. I am happily one of them. You’d rather lose a 3 hour viewer for stupid shows that won’t be watched. The head of ABC daytime should have been fired years ago.

    • mj says:

      After these shows are off the air…The only way to show them is to TURN OFF YOUR TV DURING THE DAY!!! DON’T WATCH THE NEW SHOWS OR TAPE THEM!!!! If you need to watch TV, then please don’t watch ABC!!!

  27. Barbara Darlin says:

    To all those who reassured the cast, crew and fans that they would not be cancelled…SCREW YOU! The Chew and The Revolution will never have this viewer. There’s enough reality crap on TV now…day and night. So glad you found another way to cut expenses.

  28. tazzy says:

    Shame on ABC and Brian Frons. History won’t look kindly on either of you.

    These shows have a wider following than you realize. I will never watch ABC daytime again. In fact, I may drop ABC altogether.

    • Teasley says:

      Yet again, the so called “genius’s” have made a decision not for the good of the PEOPLE (viewers),but to make a buck. That’s what it all comes down to these days in TV land.
      The ridiculous idea that the view is a wonderful show is a Joke!
      Joy Behar belongs in a padded cell, she is so far to the liberal left, I bet she walks sideways.
      Everyone knows ABC is on a huge downslide; they won’t even be in business in a year or two. These exec’s will soon learn what it is like to be looking for work just like the million other “regular folk”.
      Unless, of course…Obama decides to BAIL THEM OUT at the taxpayers expense. All he has to do is print more money, right?
      Cable TV looks better and better.

  29. Cindy says:

    Well, you won’t see me watching these 2 new shows. Ever. I hope ABC loses their shirt on producing these 2 new shows and I hope they fail miserably.

  30. Michelle says:

    Anyone want to put an over/under on how long GH lasts? So sad. I’m dreading the day Days gets canceled. :(

    • Pennagirl says:

      GH will last only until 2013…it should be renamed General Mobster. The writers and producers have done ALL the soaps and injustice.

    • Lisa says:

      Agreed….GH is a goner as soon as the two new shows prove that they are the least bit profitable. ABC didn’t want to cancel all 3 soaps at the same time lest it be called a “soap killer”.

  31. Marisela says:

    I am crushed!!! I’ve been watching both of these soaps for over 30 years and I look forward to seeing them every day when I get home from work. I can’t believe this is happening.

  32. amc says:

    I feel like I’ve been kicked in the gut. So sad. So misguided.

  33. Kristin says:

    this is so very sad….there are so many of us that have lived with these 2 shows for many many many years. I watch ABC all day long, and now I suppose I will not. I am not interested in 2 more View related shows….1 is definitely enough. I truly believe that ABC is digging its own grave.

  34. Maureen says:

    I love how they say people are looking for “different types of programming”, yet they are replacing these shows with a cooking show (we have multiple channels dedicated to the topic, not to mention Rachael Ray) and a transformation show (um, Hello…The Biggest Loser!). GH is not going to last long with two shows like this leading in and no more Oprah on the back end. If ABC was smart, they’d move The View to Oprah’s time slot. Now, I realize that not ALL markets air the same line-up, but more major cities do.

  35. Jessica says:

    WHAT AN IDIOT he doesn’t know anything

  36. Julie says:

    I’m just sick. What a waste.

  37. vhancock says:

    brian fronz is a liar, he doesn’t care what the fans think. we’ve been calling, emailing, faxing, and mailing our pleas and they’ve been ignored. i for one am no longer going to watch abc/disney, i will no longer buy disney products, and i will no longer visit disney theme parks. they’ve made a huge mistake and will lose viewers and money from this decision.

  38. John Presutti says:

    Total shame… ABC has no idea what a major mistake..
    Not only do they mess with prime time shows and end them before they deserve to go but to cancel two iconic long running daytime staples to jump on the bandwagon with more cheap tawk shows… such a shame..
    Instead of trying to improve his daytime dramas Mr Frohns has been trying his best to let them get canned with the least amount of viewers to be upset. I for one think he will have a backlash.. I will spread the word to even Boycott The View.. No Oprah NO AMC NO OLTL No Regis.. Mr Frohns.. ABC will be behind the cable shows in his ratings race !! Shame on you !

    • Sue says:

      100% Agree. I am speechless. Didn’t ABC just say a couple of weeks ago that AMC was safe? In the meantime I have been writing them to please not cancel OLTL. So much for fan input. And the nightime schedule. If it weren’t for DVR I would NEVER know when Grey’s, Desperate Housewives or Brothers and Sisters is airing a new episode. On top of all of this they cancel new dramas at the drop of a hat, i.e., Detroit 187 (though not official I know it’s coming). They never give their drama’s time to develop, i.e., Life on Mars, DIRTYSEXYMONEY. I don’t watch The View and once Oprah is gone that is it for me and ABC daytime!! How heartbreaking for all of the fans!

  39. Barbara says:

    Wel this is very shocking and makes me very sad and mad at the same time. Your taking shows away that I grew up with and thinking that I want them replaced with stupid and nothing to do with life shows. Granted soaps aren’t even close to real life but they gave us a way to feel something we couldn’t in real life. I’m going to never watch ABC again and will tell all my friends to not watch either. This stinks and so does ABC right now.

  40. Jane says:

    I haven’t watched either soap in a few years, but this still makes me sad. Can’t they just take the best parts of both soaps and move it to another network? Can’t Soapnet save them???
    And both shows they mention sound boring and won’t last a year I bet, and all day will be filled with infomercials in no time. Yuck!

    • David says:

      SoapNet has already been canceled- It’s being replaced in January 2012 with Playhouse Disney…

      • Kat says:

        I can not believe that all this is occurring. I have been with these soaps for so many years. I am crushed as many other fans. Now soapnet is going to! Errrr! This is my space after work. There is no reason now to keep the dishnetwork package I have. My husband will be crushed to, there goes speed channel. Oh, I am sure many others too! ABC you will go down and that dosnt mean in history! Boone wants to watch stupid crap like what you are putting on air. We want our soaps, and that’s the bottom line. Be real! Let us keep our fanticies, our cliffhanger Fridays. We love our soaps. What about the peeps who work on these soaps? What of the jobs that are being lost? What is this world coming to? Oh ya, reality shows!!!!!

      • Esther Meyers says:

        I guess I’ll just turn off the T.V all together.I’m decusted now.I was watching reruns of Ryans Hope on soap net.

    • Bill says:

      Or at least just take them down to once or twice a week. Just because a network doesn’t feel motivated to meet the production costs of a five-day-a-week recording schedule doesn’t mean it has to axe them altogether. Or does it? We don’t have the inside track.

  41. Zoraya says:

    This is a sad sad state of affairs you guys have going on over there at ABC. I cannot possibly imagine what you guys are thinking to remove the type of shows that require the most loyal type of fans. You will never ever find a talk show or reality show on ANY network that will generate the type of life long loyalty and passion than a soap opera generates. I am a life long soap fan and if you think that I will watch some bitter sweet replacement for my daytime soaps, THINK AGAIN!!! You have just lost yet another fan ABC!

  42. lisa d wadford says:

    I simply cannot believe that you people are gonna ax these shows!!! Oh well.. once amc and olto is gone, so am I!! Good luck with your so called cooking show… your gonna need it!!!!!

    • kitty from Brooklyn, NY says:

      I’m 62 years and have watche these shows since they’ve started. my aunt who passed away in 1994 watched them every day some times we’d
      watch toegther or discuss them over the phone, they became like family. some times I would go into a diner and they would be on the waitress would be watching we’d discuss they shows. The conversation about them would sound as if they were people that we knew in our lives. I know for sure I won’t be watching the new shows.

      Reality shows stink I am not a fan and I do not watch any of them.
      period over and out!!!

  43. Brenda Williams says:

    I hate you for doing this for another talk show. This sucks! I have watched AMC since it began. Shame on you, shame!

    • Brenda Williams says:

      And, I’m not done. You suck, really. To toss these people out of a job not to mention disregarding the fans which have been more than loyal. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of and I teach high school.

  44. Jen says:

    I don’t watch AMC much anymore. Work keeps me away from home too much. But I have so many fond memories of watching it with my mom as a little girl, and all through high school and university too. And even now, whenever I have a sick day or some time at home, I look forward to catching up with my stories.

    The end of soaps signals a fundamental change in the world of TV. A sad change, in my opinion. I will miss the diversity these soaps offered. I don’t want 300 channels that show the same darn thing all day long. I want choice. I want different sorts of art. I want to be able to choose from different creative styles.

    Instead, I’m being forced to live in a world where only reality and faux reality (like CSI/Law & Order type shows) survive. And that’s a huge bummer.

  45. Bob says:

    Hey, are your viewers also telling you that producing talk shows is a lot less expensive than soaps? Don’t portray it as radically changing demographics with soaps. All of daytime TV is down. You’re just deciding to produce the least costly shows you can, just like in Prime Time. Makes sense from a business perspective, but not for your viewers. Why not just cancel the rest of them and cut all your bloated costs?

  46. Sunny says:

    Brian Frons is the world’s biggest loser a-hole! I hope every one of his new projects fails and they finally kick is butt out of the business. Funny how his “baby” GH, which sucks because of his constant interference, is still on the canvas. They’ll be gone soon, too.

  47. Denna169 says:

    Wait a minute. Did I not just read something that the powers-that-be told the AMC cast that they weren’t being canceled?! Wow. I usually have too much to say, but I’m honestly speechless right now. I guess I’m sorry to see them go, but I’m glad GH was spared. A cable network needs to pick one or both up. They’re doing better financially than networks these days and the people need an alternative. Wow, ABC, you really suck.

    • Pam357 says:

      He did indeed tell them they were safe, I saw susan Lucci discussing it…saying how it was only a rumor that she had her schedule thru next year! How sad is that to lie to these people…lead them on…have them making statements to fans only to kick them in the teeth later. He is a huge A hole and i pray his new shows are epic fails

  48. Kiki says:

    WHAT!!! i’m completly devistated :'( what a sad day …

  49. Nicole says:

    Well, this absolutely, positively sucks.

  50. What a sad, sad day for daytime television.
    I cannot believe that two beloved ABC daytime shows will be gone in just a few months. While I mostly view GH I still tune into AMC and OLTL. I cannot imagine a world without Erica Cane and Victoria Lord.

    “Love in the Afternoon” is being replaced by “Junk in the Afternoon” and I simply will not watch reality TV. If I wanted to see a cooking show (which I do not) I would choose one of the many, many shows now on cable, the same goes for weight loss (and I personally dislike weight loss shows).

    Disney is also canceling SoapNet as well to replace with yet another children’s programming channel.

    Why not give us SoapNet on another channel? I’d gladly pay for it and I’m sure other soap fans would, as well.

    Move AMC and OLTL there. If you can’t possibly keep them as separate shows then combine them. Keep all of our soaps on SoapNet, keep reruns of our favorite soapy shows and sell advertising of products that we pay viewers would buy.

    There is a market out there Brian Frons and Anne Sweeney. Don’t just shove us aside… we’ll just go online to webisodes, another network, etc. But once you inevitably kill GH those TVs will remain “Dead in the Afternoon”.

    • Tammy Amos says:

      I too have watch the soaps all my life AMC OLTL GH Y&R. I cant believe that you are cancelling them. Yes, I work during the day but I am able to watch them dailey on the soap net channel which is great. I don’t watch talk shows or reality shows or even cooking shows. So now what? I have even named my children after some of the soap stars. What is really going on with all of this?

    • Clara says:

      I can’t beleive it either. Read my post. My entire family have watched All My Children, One Life To Live, and General Hospital from day one 25-35 years. We would tape on VHS when we were employed, now retired, we still enjoy mroe so now. Pleas lets keep the Soaps on the Air. I am going to write to the President Brian Frons, to take this vital matter into consideration. Do we all need to form a MARCH?


      • Juanita Roldan says:

        OMG I am so with you on this. We need to do something if we can to stop this mess. I have been watching All My Children and One Life to ive snce i was 3 yrs old b/c my family watched it. Now 37 yrs old i cant imagine not being able to see it. My heart isliterally broken. I’m shocked and wish there were something we could do!

      • Anonymous says:

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