American Idol Recap: There's Only One Sure Way to Get Him to Go...

Sitting through American Idol‘s Top 8 results-show telecast was kind of like going to a modern-day multiplex where your every whim can be satisfied. There was the animated tearjerker about the bright-eyed woodland creature who’d been in captivity too long and yearned to escape to wide open spaces. There was the horror flick about the (sexy) zombie who refused to die. There was the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo-esque thriller about a kick-ass heroine overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. And there was even a sweet teen romance — or was it supposed to be a brother-and-sister comedy? — with a somewhat muddled marketing campaign.

Idoloonies Interview: PIA TOSCANO on Her Dream Rap Duet,
Love of Ballads, and That Ghastly Jumpsuit

But the good news is that regardless of your Season 10 allegiances, Thursday night’s show had a relatively happy ending. Which isn’t a knock against ousted contestant Paul McDonald. It’s just that Bradley Cooper lookalike with the appealingly sandpapery voice and the megawatt smile seemed totally at peace with his eighth-place finish. “It’s okay, man. It’s okay,” he grinned as his fellow contestants bade him goodbye. “It’s been good times.” And then, the Alabama native took a special request from the World’s Most Beautiful Woman, and gave a loose, angst-free exit performance of “Maggie May” (a far more appealing swan song than his wretched Wednesday-night cover of “Old Time Rock and  Roll”) before getting released back into his natural habitat — rocking out with his band the Grand Magnolias and (hopefully) recording absolutely stunning duets with fellow Season 10 contestant Kendra Chantelle.

Joining Paul in the bottom three this week were Stefano Langone (who should probably start bracing himself for another “you almost got sacked again, amateur!” pep talk from Jimmy Iovine) and Haley Reinhart (because even when there are no women left in the competition, Nigel Lythgoe will probably recruit a couple of females from the audience every results night to sit on the Silver Stools of Doom and bid tearful goodbyes at the end of the telecast).

American Idol Performance Night Recap: Reel Talk

The bottom three configuration, of course, means that only Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery, and James Durbin have avoided a bottom-three placement this season.

But getting back to the subject of Thursday night’s telecast, let’s do a rundown of the night’s performances, with letter grades for everyone:

Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery: Lady Antebellum’s “American Honey”
If I didn’t know better, I’d wonder if Idol was trying to subliminally suggest a Season 10 final two consisting of these fresh-scrubbed country teens by having them perform together for the second time in three weeks. But Uncle Nigel would never try to manipulate his audience in such a clumsy, obvious fashion, would he? In all seriousness, though, this was a very pretty moment for Lauren and Scotty, if not a show-stopping one. The harmonies were spot on, even if Lauren didn’t look 100 percent comfortable with her partner’s lean-and-flirt vibe. Oh, and whoever styled Lauren tonight gets 1,000 Save the Chicas points! Lauren must memorize the following mantra: Age-appropriate pastels > Metallic animal prints. Always.
Grade: B+

Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams: “Moanin'”
I’ve got a confession to make: From the moment Haley took the stage tonight till the moment she hit her last note, I didn’t manage to take a single note aside from the word “pincurls.” That’s pretty much because I was freaking the frak out over how sensational Haley sounded putting a sultry, scatting spin on this jazzy ditty. Haley’s growl is a real force of nature, but it’s even more wondrous — and easier to appreciate — when it’s matched by those velvety softer tones that she should really utilize more often. I defy anyone to tell me this doesn’t qualify as one of the Top 5 vocals of Season 10. Unfortunately, Casey’s grasp of the melody kind of fell to pieces on his solo bits, but he harmonized nicely with The Lady Reinhart for the remainder of the ditty, and he scats like a champ, so I can’t be too mad at him. Grade: A-

Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean: “Don’t You Wanna Stay”
Oh man, the Original Flavor Idol is still so sublime, is she not? I loved every second of this duet, but if I could make one suggestion to Kelly’s duet partner: Check the fit of your hat, so as not to go all “masquerade ball” on the home viewing audience, okay? Grade: A

Rihanna: “California King Bed”
Probably the strongest live performance I’ve ever seen from Rihanna, but still not all that pleasant to listen to. Naima Adedapo, there is hope for you, girlfriend! Grade: C+

Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone, James Durbin, and Paul McDonald: “The Sounds of Silence”/”Mrs. Robinson”
I’m not the only one who kinda wished that it had just been James and Paul and their guitars tackling a single Simon and Garfunkel jam, rather than adding Jacob and Stefano and turning it into a quartet, right? While I did enjoy seeing Jacob physically quake with the desire to bust out of the staid arrangement and get his Gospel on, the whole shindig was akin to tossing takeout meals from your local Indian, Chinese, Italian, and Thai restaurants, tossing them into the food processor, and creating a single unfathomable flavor profile. Does. Not. Want. Grade: C+

And now, on to our awards ceremony for the evening!

Time-Wasting Segment That Could/Should Have Given a Massive Publicity Boost to Michael Johns or Bo Bice or Carly Smithson or Kris Allen or [Insert Another Talented Idol Alum Here]
That interminable bit about Rob Reiner advising the Top 8. You could see half of ’em sitting there, bewildered, as Reiner added lyrics to the Chariots of Fire theme none of them had ever heard, thinking “What in the name of bad Vaudeville shtick is going on here? And when can I stop pretending to laugh and get back to practicing my number?”

Person Who Needs to Drop Jack Black as His Primary Musical/Life Influence
Growly McPullingfaces

“Why the Face?” Punch Line of the Night
“Thanks for listening to an old, fat Jew.”

Retort Brought to You By the Words “Oh!” and “Snap!”
Kelly Clarkson, responding to Ryan Seacrest’s claim that he was emceeing a “very short results show” and needed to “get right to it,” with a perfectly timed “Just like a man.”

The “Let’s Hope They’re Writing Something Awesome Together” Audience Sighting Award
Pia Toscano and Didi Benami

She Whips Her Hair Back and Forth Award
J.Lo’s absolute beast of a braid! (And, of course, I’m using “beast” as a positive)

Ryan’s Subtle Critique of Randy’s Mind-Numbing Critiques
Our host, cheekily reviewing Scotty McCreery’s feedback on “I Cross My Heart”: “Randy said, ‘Yo, yo, yo! A star is born.'”

Moment That Warmed Even My Ice-Cold Recapping Heart
“Go Uncle James”

The “Who the #^@% Keeps Swearing?” Prize
Anyone else notice that the sound dropped immediately following Ryan’s announcement that Paul was headed home?

And now I turn it over to you: How are you feeling about Paul’s ouster? What kind of post-Idol career do you expect him to have? Were you surprised Jacob avoided the bottom three? How did you feel about the night’s musical performances? Sound off below, and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Amanda says:

    I absolutely loved Casey and Haley’s duet and hated the horrendous boys’ group. I am a big fan of the smaller group sings though, so I hope Nigel keeps letting us have them. I don’t think it’s a marketing ploy on his part — Haley needed a new partner because both of hers were eliminated (Pia and Thia), and so did Jacob (Naima went home too).

    So uh, this is my petition that we keep the small group thing for a while longer.

    • Jem says:

      Yep we should totally keep it longer… Until the amount of contestants are enough to form a group on their own.

    • eat me says:

      Scotty and Lauren for the finale.

      • Leila says:


      • djm says:

        My guess is that the producers would LOVE that and will probably do whatever they can to ensure it happens, but I honestly do not think that Lauren deserves to be on the show right now based on her performances let alone in the finale. Here’s hoping she goes soon, if not next.

      • Snsetblaze says:

        That would be a finale that I would skip. And two albums I wouldn’t buy.

      • Sally says:

        Save me from even considering the notion that Scotty and Lauren will in the finale. Two adolescents who think a great song is that horrible Miley Cyrus thing that Lauren sang? And doesn’t anyone else find Scotty’s holding of the microphone somewhat creepy? Yuck…Haley for President!

      • Delirious says:

        Scotty, yes. Lauren, uh, not so much, k-thanks. I’m still thinking Scotty would be quite good given stuff out of his country thing (even not “feeling” the song as much), while Lauren proves night after night that she doesn’t even care about what she sings – she just feels “aw, idly-tiddly-hapee, y’all” to get the attention.
        TBH, my bottom 3 this week would’ve been Jacob, Lauren (as a serious warning to her) and Stefano, with Jacob & Stefano as bottom 2, and Jacob being ousted. And I still think they should go with the “once we have a bottom 3, have the judges save one of them before knowing the ‘order’ (like, they could save the least voted, dropping someone else in the process, and not even know it), and then do the elimination between the remaining 2” system. I’m thinking we could see quite a big improvement in results there.

        • Delirious says:

          … improvement, that is, without sacrificing audience input (or minimizing the sacrifice), like Slezak said last week’s Idoloonies with Alexis Grace. Forgot to mention that. :P

      • um says:

        Scotty yes. About Lauren…was that a joke? Lauren will not be in the final 2.

    • darclyte says:

      Where has THAT Haley been? While I wasn’t crazy about her look, she sounded great. That was her best performance. She need to try to find jazzy/pop songs and go with them. She was the worst Wednesday and probably should have gone home, but she was the best Thursday so maybe she can take that and grow with it.

      • Leila says:

        I thought she looked gorgeous, polished, and the hairstyle was perfect for the jazz number.

        • Dan says:

          I think she’s looking better and better each week. And her demeanor on stage and the way she acts when in the B3 is endearing.

      • djm says:

        I have not been a Haley fan – sorry, watching her “perform” just creeps me out – but last night HOLY COW she was AMAZING!! It’s the 2nd time this season (the first was Stefano’s wild card performance) that I actually hit the rewind button and watched again. She was just so FIERCE!!! I hope to god someone pulled her aside and advised her to keet THAT up – she’d be a fool to not ride the wave of last night.

        • Selena says:

          I agree Haley actually didn’t annoy me last night. She needs to go for the softer vocals. I know the judges encouraged the growl, but I think she over does it.

          And she was in the bottom three because she was one of the worse ones on Wed. That song did nothing for her

      • gregk says:

        Thank America for (barely) keeping Haley on! With Pia gone, she is now my fav.

    • Logistics says:

      Casey is a troll who’s sole purpose is to horrify me via my own television every Wednesday and Thursday.

      • Chris says:

        Right there with ya!

      • Karen says:

        That’s how I feel about Jacob! OMG HE NEEDS TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

        • dj says:

          I can’t believe he not only didn’t go home, but he avoided the bottom three completely! I am a Paul fan, but I can admit that his vocals haven’t always been stellar and he’s an acquired taste, but those who are voting for Jacob can’t see his nasty ‘tude and wonky vocals? Not only that, when they cut away to the couch, he was tickling (a seemingly creeped out) Lauren and laughing during Paul’s farewell. Not cool.

          • sherimoonzombie says:

            So agree about Jacob and Paul both. What the he** is it going to take for Jacob to hit the bottom?? I’m a big Paul fan, but I knew he was living on borrowed time. I’ll sure miss the fun and energy he brought to the show.

        • djm says:

          That’s how I felt about Paul – thank GOD America (or the producers)did the right thing and sent crest white strips home. Too bad we have to see him in the finale.

      • Janie says:

        What is up with the growling? Didn’t JLo tell him to stop when they saved him?

      • photogirl says:

        With the guttural strained sounds, teeth clenching, & growl it seems like the poor boy is constipated. Not an attractive performance style at all.

      • Me says:

        I have to leave the room or mute the tv when Casey is one. I can not stand him. He creeps me out to for some reason. YIKES!!!

    • justin says:

      I have to admit, after Wednesday’s pretty awful performance of Call Me I was really hoping Haley would hit the road, but then she came out and gave the best performance of the night alongside Casey and was so glad I was wrong.

    • kai says:

      Love the small groups, but it is not equal. I have been listening to American Honey in the car and thinking it would be perfect for Lauren. It was better in my head, then in real life. Perhaps it was because I am getting so tired of Scotty’s eyebrows and weird movements. If he would just cut those bad habits, he’d be great! I do like his voice. But I do feel it’s unfair. They are obviously giving some people hot numbers, and then lumping the rest of them together for the boy band. Simon and Garfunkel? How could you get more uncool for the guys? Or I suppose that’s the point. They were trying to highlight the girls so they don’t get voted off. But seriously, Sound of Silence? WTF!!!!

      • Marie says:

        You completely lost all credibility when you knocked Simon and Garfunkel. Paul Simon is, quite simply, one of the most brilliant song writers of all time. And no one can sing his songs like Art Garfunkel. While I wasn’t in love with the boys rendition of either “Mrs Robinson” or “Sounds of Silence”, I was still glad AI had them attempt to tackle those masterpices.

    • JOHN says:

      …I agree…Keep these small groups…..oh, by the way…to people mentioning that Scotty had intonation problems on the duet….his ear monitor was not working…..did you not see him pull it out of his ear early in that performance?

    • Joe says:

      Casey & Haley (Haley specifically) were great last night. They should really think about teaming up and forming a big band/swing band and picking up where Harry Connick left off. They’d make a mint from the older sect and bring a lot of young new fans to that kind of timeless music. They don’t need to do cheesey pop.
      What the show really needs to do is let James & Jacob do a duet of Easy Lover by Phil Collins & Phillip Bailey. The two of them would blow that out of the park. I’m surprised they haven’t thought of that yet.

      • marie says:

        Just an aside, the superb Mr. Connick has hardly “left off” yet – saw him live this past summer and he was incredible.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          heck, Marilyn Maye is in her 80s and still performing the American Songbook tunes. She packs people into nightclubs and her voice is as good as it ever was.
          Clearly there’s a market for this type of music jazz and standards.

    • Owen says:

      Okay, Slezak can * my fat *. Haley’s “growls” are okay and Casey’s aren’t??? I don’t understand why that is but okay. Casey’s growls get in the way of Slezak enjoying his performances? You graded him pretty highly on his performance on Wed, which was full of growls and faces. As if Heley (who, don’t get me wrong, I do like) doens’t have a HOST of perfromance flaws that make me want to turn away as well. Now, Casey not always hitting notes, I can understand how he could be put off by that, but didn’t Slezak on Idoloonies a couple of weeks ago forgive Paul for being off pitch, saying maybe being on pitch isn’t everything? Who cares if Casey makes Jack Black faces,he freakin’ sells the song. And usually a lot better than “bend-at-the-knees/walk/bend-at-the-knees/walk/razz/bend-at-the-knees” Haley. Be consistant *wipe.

      • Coco says:

        I am there with you. Slezak has rarely said anything purely complimentary about Casey without an insult thrown in. He calls him off pitch every week, even when he isn’t off pitch. It’s damn annoying. And Casey losing the melody? Okay, that’s pushing it. Casey is a bazillion times more musical than Haley. She may have a bigger vocal range, but Casey carried the duet stylistically and took Haley along for the ride. I have no doubt about that.

  2. morgan says:

    Ohhh Haley, sultry, sexy, divine – yes i sound like a slezak fanboy, but by god that performance alone should see her safe next week, even if she tramples all over pussycat doll’s don’t cha, or some such awful song choice.

    I would say I’d miss you paul, but I feel 8th place finisher Paul McDonald sounds just right.

    • RTW says:

      She rocks, pops, scats, growls, sings jazz, country and the blues! Morgan, I’m right with ya, this girl is amazing and sultry, and when she’s on point SHE IS ON POINT! That was a slammin duet…and again she is damn sexy!

      • Adam Leonard says:

        Love Haley’s sound. Hate Haley’s performances. Here’s the problem with Haley: no matter what she’s singing, no matter the words, the mood, the message of the song, she’s always got a massive “pageant smile” on her face. She’s got to connect with the song, use her face and manner to help communicate it’s meaning, and recognize that this is not the talent portion of a beauty contest.

        • Adam Leonard says:

          *its* not *it’s*. Major pet peeve of mine. Only thing worse is switching “your” and “you’re.”

        • Holly says:

          I could not agree more! It was really disconcerting watching Haley smile her way through “Piece of My Heart” last week, even though her voice sounded great.

          • josie says:

            All the contestants do this and it’s annoying. If you are singing a song about being in prison, yearning for freedom, mourning a lost love or having your heart broken, we won’t hold it against you if you are not smiling.

          • Brittany says:

            I don’t get the pageant vibe from Haley actually. I think she’s just kinda awkward and perhaps a little bit ditzy, which is what we see in her performances. She’s definitely not as poised as many of the other contestants up there, but she’s also, what 19? She’s still very young. Maybe she’s ready for people to start throwing things at her up there since she is a frequent bottom 3-er (even when she sang “Bennie and the Jets” she looked like she was bracing herself to be scolded while standing there waiting for the judges to critique and seemed genuinely shocked when J-Lo gave her an [appropriately] awesome critique). If you’re going to throw the pageant label at someone, throw it at Lauren (and Pia and Thia)!

        • Musica1 says:

          I’ve always liked Haley’s voice but didn’t love her. She always seemed fake to me like one of those child prodigy singers with a big range but who fakes the emotional part with a well placed growl. Last night’s duet was the most genuine performance she’s done. I still hate Casey though.

        • flower says:

          Actually I have found that if I close my eyes and just listen, Haley is superb! She has some quirky mannerisms (a bit awkward and insecure) that she needs to overcome because it makes the viewer uncomfortable. But without the visuals, she is enjoyable to listen to. Am I the only one that finds myself fast forwarding through most of the contestants’ songs now? I listen for 20 seconds or so and I can’t take it anymore. The quartet was horrible.

    • Shannon says:

      The girl is channeling some of the female jazz greats of yesteryear and needs to stick around as long as possible, while keeping her tiny feet firmly planted in the genre. No more of this, “color me your color, baby because I’m more than happy to ditch the jazz just for the sake of this lousy theme” crap. She found her jazzy, bluesy hue two weeks ago and its perfectly complementary to her stunning instrument.

    • The Wheeze says:

      @ Morgan. I really could not understand the slezak & co. love for Haley until tonight. She looked and sounded spot on. That by far was the best vocal by any of the contestants on either Wednesday or Thursday. If she can perform like that for the rest of the show I will gladly jump on her bandwagon. That’s a BIG if though.

      • allie says:

        I actually think it was the first AI “moment” we’ve had since the live competition began. She was fantastic – I wish she was a bit more consistent b/c if she was like that ll the time she would be the front runner. Loved it and Casey wasn’t bad either – he certainly LOOKED better. Who knew he was tall and slender underneath all those shapeless clothes he wears every week?

    • Delon says:

      Haley was unbelievable last night. OMFG.I agree that she should get a free pass for next week solely on that performance. Melinda Doolittle must be very proud of her. I just wished Casey would shut up and i could only listen to Haley’s awesomeness. Perfect!

      • gazebo says:

        Yes! If only Melinda Doolittle could come and be her personal coach and mentor! She would help Haley WAY more than Jimmy whatshisname and his clown sidekick.

  3. GIGI says:

    Hailey has been my favorite since this season began.

    I’m so happy to read that others are FINALLY realizing Hailey’s talents and hopping on board

    My hope this week is that Hailey growls less and performs a soft jazz tune or an acoustic guitar verson of s song which would display her technical prowess

    Go Hailey and let’s hope that Simon or others who rule at Idol don’t sabotage our talented dark horse

    • Brittany says:

      I think is Haley is great and I hope she goes far, but I also am rooting for her because I can’t stand most of the other contestants. There are maybe 2 other people left that I like/tolerate at this point, but she is the only one whose album I would buy, depending on the songs she records.

      • Leila says:

        That’s right, I’m voting for Haley because my old favorites Kendra and Pia are gone.

        • S says:

          You have impeccable taste. :)

          • Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

            I tend to actually prefer the boys most years to the girls, but this year they’ve been sorely lacking (and they’re cleaning up). I hope Haley stays in as long as possible until King Scotty is crowned.

  4. Karen Anderson says:

    Haley, oh my God! She was AMAZING. Go Haley!

  5. takakupo says:

    Wishing Naima was here as opposed to any one of those lackluster guys.

    Boom! Fire!

  6. takakupo says:

    Just saw the duet between Haley and Casey.


  7. SpyKi says:

    My Haley is still here! So happy, she blew me away tonight and I’ve been a Haley fanboy since hollywood.

    • IdolIdol says:

      Yes me too Spy K

      YOu and were raving about Hailey since the season began

      I’m so happy that our girl is finally getting the recognition that she deservs

      Hailey choose a song next week that knocks it out of the park!!!

      • SpyKi says:

        That’s what I’m hoping for. She seems to be gaining more fans every week and it makes me so happy.

        • Idolidol says:

          I agree SpyK

          The support for Haley seems to be growing

          • Jason S says:

            Don’t forget me. I’ve been harping on Slezak’s poor treatment of Haley since the beginning too! Glad Slezak and the rest of you all are on the bandwagon now. I suggesteveryone go back and watch the earl performances as well (especially Blue) and you’ll see it was always there. You just didn’t see it!!!!!

          • agrimesy says:

            @Jason S ~~ I hope people will indeed go back and watch Haley’s earlier performances with new eyes. Way too many viewers were slamming Haley for her awkward stage presence and “whatever” attitude that they apparently didn’t listen to her voice. This kid has raw talent. She’s headstrong and needs direction, but Haley has star quality. I’ve been behind her since Georgia on Hollywood week. Wouldn’t it be awesome if she could come from behind and make it to (dare I say it) the top three?!

  8. Serge says:

    Haley and Casey’s duet is easily my favorite performance of the season. Heck- my favorite of the last two seasons. If Haley keeps putting out performances like this, she should get to final 4 easy.

    • GIGI says:

      Yes and Hailey’s Benny and The Jets was one of the best performances on Idol ever

      • B.Rich says:

        Agreed, Haley now has the top 2 performances this season.

      • Coco says:

        Benny and the Jets was AWFUL! Sorry, but it was so over the top cheesy. Top two performances this season are Casey/Haley duet and either Casey’s Georgia on my Mind or James’s Mayby I’m Amazed.

  9. ohbabs says:

    Missing Naima too, but Haley just killed it tonight. First time I really appreciated her. Obviously someone had the talk with Jacob and he toned down his mannerisms, picked the right song and delivered. As stupid as we voters are made out to be, there are more times than not that we do what we are supposed to and vote for the performance. Jacob’s performance Wed night was better than others (definitely moved me and i have never been a fan of his). it is not alll about the tween girls.

  10. whootowl says:

    Voted most likely to sing at the best Spring Break Party of 2012: Hayley! That’s where my iTunes dollars are going these days.

  11. ohbabs says:

    p.s. agree with you slezak on the jason hat. For some reason it offended me. Like how rude. What happened to traditional values? removing your hat when indoors is the courteous thing to do. what up with these cowboys? I actually prefer nail polish on my men.

    • Old Toothless Cougar says:

      Yeah, the hat was really annoying, but they all do it. Tim McGraw…George Strait, anyone? Scotty can start wearing one and then he’ll stop getting criticized for all the Howdy Doody mannerisms since we won’t be able to see his “cute” face.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      It’s not unusual for the country singers to wear their hats indoors for performances, but Aldean’s would probably violate France’s new law prohibiting any type of veil or headgear that covers the face! It looked silly.

      • Billy says:

        Heh, yeah, that hat was silly and so gauche…gotta give Scotty credit for not going there (at least not yet)! Nothing screams “I am an ignorant and stupid poseur” like wearing a frakn’ cowboy hat. Unless, of course, you really are a honest-to-God cowboy.

    • Robin says:

      He always wears the hat that way. I’ll take Jason Aldean anyday over crap like The Blackeyed Peas and Kesha.

    • The Wheeze says:

      As long as he can sing like that, and makes a pair of jeans look that good, he can wear a brown paper bag over his head for all I care. Oh and having Kelly Clarkson as your duet partner doe not hurt either.

    • photogirl says:

      My first reaction to this last night was “oh look, it’s a singing hat”. It looked ridiculous. As soon as Kelly came out and started singing I didn’t even see (or hear) the singing hat anymore. She was amazing and she looked gorgeous.

  12. Mursal says:

    I’m starting to notice a pattern…the sound drops as soon as the contestants start whispering to each other after the results are announced. Maybe the Idol producers don’t want us to know what they are saying to each other? I don’t think there can be that much swearing…

    And personally, I would like to know what the contestants say to each other. It humanizes them! :)

    • Shannon says:

      Agreed. We have the displeasure of hearing Jacob’s pre-taped preach-fest, but we can’t hear a little spontaneous and human banter? And I’m curious as to who the main trucker-talker is. Stefano always looks like he’s been through hell the second he exits the bottom 3, so I wonder what’s even going on in his head much less leaving his mouth. And then there’s the obligatory hug from James once he gets back to the safety zone. Heh, I kinda get a kick out of their little bromance. I want Stefano to be safe again next week (but still in the dreaded stool line-up) just so I can watch him run crying into the oddly consoling arms of the metal head once more. I guess that makes me kind of a sadist, but it’s not like little Langone can last much longer on the show. Uggh, then they’ll really be a squeezefest between both dudes when he finally leaves…

    • Shannon says:

      Everybody’s talking on screen/I don’t hear a word they’re saying….

    • GingerSnap says:

      I think it’s Stefano. He’s been involved in every one of these sound drops. He must have a real potty-mouth.

  13. Debbie M says:

    I need to get a download of Casey and Haley’s duet for my iPod! It was freaking fantastic!

  14. Aiden says:

    Well, that was a nice and light results show. My favorite parts are definitely Kelly Clarkson’s entire segment (especially her zinger to Ryan) and Paul Mcdonald’s happy and positive exit with “Maggie Mae”. Paul just seemed so cool and content for their “good times” on Idol that my heart just felt glad he can return to The Grand, an amazing collaboration with Kendra Chantelle!

    Oops, gotta add that the Pia sighting was a bonus too!

    • dj says:

      Agree! Also, Paul can rest his voice and treat his vocal cord nodules before the tour. Whenever I see Paul, I think of that internet commercial where they say, “There’s the happy guy!”

  15. Tahoe Mike says:

    Haley Rocks!! That was the “Moment” of the season so far.

    Wow, Kelly Clarkson and Lauren look like sisters.

    I like Scotty, but he is on my nerves with the flute grip/ head tilt thing.

    • Lee says:

      Is it just me, or does Scotty kind of look like Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman when he’ singing?

      • The Wheeze says:

        You are not alone Lee. My husband said that the first time he saw him. Everytime he make a face, arches his brows, or tilts his mic I am reminded of that.. =) I still like his voice, he can be hard to watch.

      • Amy says:

        OMG! Exactly!
        I’d been saying Howdy Doody, but Alfred E. is more spot on!
        ps…i’m not a fan (and I love country music! well as other types) …but I believe we’re in for a karaoke, Jive-packaged, stereotyped “country crooner” as Idol this year.

      • Eurydice says:

        It’s not just you – it’s eeeeeeeverybody, eeeeeeverywhere, on every board, on every site, over and over and over and over.

        The kid’s a teenager – that’s when everything’s out of proportion.

      • Leila says:

        He’s always been compared to Alfred E. Neuman AND George W Bush. That’s one of the reasons I can’t stand to watch his performances.

      • S says:

        You’re definitely not alone. I’ve been so distracted during Scotty’s performances for the first few weeks because I kept seeing Alfred E. Neuman and started laughing. haha.

        • Lana says:

          Scotty does not look like Howdy Doody or Alfred E Newman, heck James’s ears go out much more than Scotty’s and thats what Doody and Newman have in common so if you are going to make stupid remarks like that at least get the right ears!! Scotty is a cute kid and Bush is not unattractive no matter how you feel about him politicaly so that really is not that much of an insult, though everyone thinks it is. His voice is awesome and he will learn to change some of his tics such as leaning and eyebrows…you aren’t just born with stage presence it has to be learned just like walking. It’ll happen. By the way George Strait’s hat never covers up that gorgeous face of his and there is quite a few cowboys who don’t wear their hats so low in the front.

  16. Luke2 says:

    I’ll have to listen to the Ca-ley duet once again because I don’t recall Casey having problem with the melody as Michael”Can’tBringMyselfToGiveGrowlyFullCredit”Slezak remembers…

    • takakupo says:

      Michael has been giving Casey TOO MUCH CREDIT this season. He gave him a b+ on his performance on Tuesday (and quite frankly, Casey didn’t have a grasp on the melody once during his duet but the performance still got an A-, so please. Spare us all). Michael has been banking on Casey’s efforts during Hollywood week to show its face again but it hasn’t. Lots of boring performances and asinine faces. I really do wish that Casey could bring back that Hollywood magic but he just HASN’T!

      • Tarc says:

        Blah blah blah. Othewr than teen Spirit, Casey’s been killing on the show. This week was a double home run, with both Nature Boy and his duet being best of Idol for a couple seasons (with the possible exception of some of Lambert’s work).

        • takakupo says:

          If as in killed you mean he got $hit faced drunk and ran his car into a family of songs therefore massacring everything left in his metaphorical automobile that was respect….then yes. He killed it. But if you meant he did anything but interpret Nature Boy WRONG and bring down the duet between himself and Haley (she saved that piece like a mermaid can swim), then no. You’re SOOOOOO very wrong. And comparing him to Adam Lambert, who even when he wasn’t waling on a song, sounded like he was actually caressing it, is tantamount to thinking shooting yourself in the head will bring you true happiness. It’s a downright lie.

      • Coco says:

        Are you nuts? Slezak is one of Casey’s harshest critics.

    • Eurydice says:

      Haley did a great job, but a duet isn’t just 2 people singing side-by-side. Casey’s musicality and energy (and generosity) added to Haley’s performance. Maybe his voice isn’t as good as hers, but he’s a really good musician with an excellent understanding, especially considering he’s only 19.

      • Leila says:

        Good musicians typically start very young and have a natural great ear for music. Casey’s performances have some rough edges but he has amazing potential.

      • Lizbeth says:

        I agree. Casey was great. That is a tough harmonic line to hear and he did it wonderfully. It is not just doing harmony in some major chord. Nobody else on the show could have done that. Would bet money the idea for that song came from Casey. He likes obscure jazz and has said it in interviews.

        It took me awhile to warm up to Haley–but I loved her performance of Blue. It was great. I cant understand why folks didn’t like it. That yodeling is not easy and went with the song. OH well

        Hoping for the Casey/Haley jazzy finale. It will be a hell of a lot more interesting and entertaining than the Scotty/Lauren one TPTB have planned

        • wendeeloo says:

          Wouldn’t that be the best? A haley/casey finale would be my choice but I have a feeling – if Haley can keep doing what she did Thursday – we could have a Scotty/Haley finale – That would be interesting. I just know if Haley and Casey both go – I won’t have much interest in the show anymore, and Slezak and Idoloonies will be the only place to be.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Eurydice – excellent points! Haley clearly has the better vocals of the two but Casey has a lot of musical talent. I don’t think he is “American Idol” solo-singer material but clearly he belongs in the music industry.

  17. darcy's evil twin says:

    I agree with Aiden regarding Paul’s cool, upbeat exit. Compare that to the drama of Casey’s exit/return and I guess all I can say is there’s no comparison. I believe Paul is better off without Idol, doing his own type of music.
    I thought Lauren and Scotty were quite good on “American Honey”.
    And as for the duet between Casey and Haley, all I can say is, “WOW”. The downside is it really amplified the fact that Casey’s vocals aren’t that great. I think he’s a wonderfully talented musician, though. Haley, on the other hand, was magnificent.

  18. Joel says:

    Agreed Haley finally landed a nicely-matched song for her on the mental roulette wheel that runs her decision-making. Too bad it was an exhibition, not a competition. People won’t remember it next Wednesday when she brings out “silly college girl” again.

    What I was really hoping to hear people say is that she showed Casey to be the musical fraud he is. Casey and Rihanna have only one thing in common: THEY CAN’T SING. He can be in an “America’s Most Interesting” or “America’s Most Empowered Nerd” competition someday.

    With Pia sadly gone (I honestly think she can take a tiny bit of blame for keeping us at arm’s length, and for choosing to wear that smock dress), I like Scotty or James or the Grown-Up Tiara Toddler to win it all. Until then, we’ll have to sit through weeks of goodbyes for Haley (lightning just doesn’t strike often enough, and when she’s bad she’s reeeeeealy bad), Stefano, Casey, and Jacob.

    And worse, we’ll have to sit through the Ellens giving them even more gold stars. Forget bad or non-singing, if there’s one thing that’ll make me stop watching, it’s pointless praise.

    I’ve always enjoyed fast-forwarding through Idol shows. It’s the only way to save sanity. But nowadays when I hold down that button, I’m SO VERY tempted to not release it at all.

    (P.S. TVLine, I’d end the shooting-somebody gags. Still too soon.)

    • candace brown says:

      tired of the whole Pia thing. She’s gone… move on. And lest not forget, that this was her 5th (and final) try for Idol.

      So, she’s soo freakin awesome that she was passed up 4x previously and never even made it to the air. The judges saw that something was missing in her all those times and this time the audience simply confirmed it. fin.

  19. Tahoe Mike says:

    Anyone else think that Paul and Bob Harper, from Biggest Loser, might actually be the same person or at least separated at birth? I just really noticed it tonight.

  20. Gami says:

    No, Michael, you weren’t the only one wishing it were just Paul and James singing Sounds of Silence/Mrs. Robinson. I actually made that comment tonight when they had their few lines together. Those two definitely had a nice sound together.

    • Pam says:

      I said it last night too. Jacob and Stefano were just wrong for Simon & Garfunkel, but I guess TPTB didn’t know what else to do with them. Honestly, before the performances on Wednesday night, I was hoping that Paul would sing Mrs. Robinson, because I thought that would have been a perfect song choice for him.

      • Brittany says:

        They also had a good vibe together, jamming on their guitars and looking like they were having a blast. I also wish that Paul had sang “Sounds of Silence” for his actual performance. Pretty guitar and light vocals are perfect for him.

        • Blair says:

          I know poor Paul is gone, so I feel almost guilty for saying this, but did anyone else notice when it got to the last “sound of silence” note, Paul pulled out his “hoarse-whisper/hannibal lechter” routine? I almost died laughing! (sorry)

  21. RalphK says:

    Why was Jacob Lusk NOT in the bottom 3? WHY? WHY? For the love of all that is good in this world WHY? Why was he not sent to the moon, Alice?! TO! THE! MOON!!

  22. dkw says:

    I have to disagree that Scotty’s harmonies were “spot on.” He seems incapable of phrasing a note without that twang, and when he’s harmonizing in those short bursts, it is jarring. He sounded pretty flat as well. I thought their previous duet was far better and that this one highlighted Scotty’s weaknesses when he sings outside of his comfort zone.

    • Brittany says:

      I agree! I don’t like Lauren, but I was thinking, she is wiping the floor with him on this song. He does not sound good. I thought the opposite was true on their last “I Told You So” duet. Scotty sang way better than her. Also, agreed, Michael, the second Lauren walked out in her yellow dress, I thought WOW, she looks really good and age appropriate and like she’s not trying too hard. I don’t particularly find her attractive, but I thought she looked stunning last night and the girly/flirty country outfit is a good fit for her. She also didn’t seem to have the crazy dark, glittery, bright colored stage make-up on, I mean she still had tons on, but it was a more natural look and was more suited for her.

  23. done says:

    The two singers who I actually enjoyed listening to have now left back to back. I admit that James is good at what he does, and Scotty is good at what he does. But it’s not the kinds of music I listen to. So I’m done with this year’s show. Might try again next year.

    • Brittany says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Pia and Paul are the two whose albums I would buy. Haley is a maybe and James, while I love him, is not my genre.

    • Ana says:

      I agree. Haley and Casey are maybes, but Paul is definitely someone I would buy an album from. But I must admit he didn’t give his best performance on wednesday.

  24. Christina says:

    The right one definitely went home this week. It could have been Stefano or Jacob too and the right one would have went home. You can throw those three in a bag and pick one out for the next three weeks and the right one will be going home.

  25. NedPepper says:

    Haley’s performance tonight might have been the best performance from ANYONE this season. That was sexy, cool, and scat-tastic. Now if we can just topple the country couple from making it to the final two. So BORING.

  26. Walrus says:

    I’ve been telling my wife for weeks that Haley’s voice (more specifically, her tone) was perfectly suited to Jazz/Blues/Torch singing. I’ve heard it in her all along, and I loved she performed a jazz number tonight. She could put out a Norah Jones-type album (yeah, I’m old, I still call them albums) and I’d snatch it up.

    • takakupo says:

      The problem is that Haley doesn’t take herself seriously enough to hit the type of relativity and speciallness that Norah Jones does (or did with her first Grammy winning album). I love that you are trying to get people to think about Haley going in that direction :] Though I fear that people are going to try to tell her to be more FUN and VIBRANT and do crazy pop songs. Haley definitely has the capacity to have a fun Album but only if it’s in the style of Contemporary Jazz/Classic Femme Rock (A la Janis Joplin and Tina Turner).

  27. agrimesy says:

    I think Slezak has it right concerning the dramatic, almost cinematic vibe these Idol shows have taken. It’s making a lot more sense to me now how the season is panning out. I don’t think I can fool myself any longer that American Idol is some microcosm of pop culture paving a golden-bricked road to the American dream. Nope. It’s just good TV . . . and that’s just the way Uncle Nigel wants it.
    That being said, this results episode belonged to the girls! Lauren sounded great and looked amazing. Haley gave me an increasingly rare Idol moment with Moanin’ (wish it hadn’t been a duet with Casey-clear-my-throat). Kelly reminded me that there really hasn’t been any Idol winner measure up to her awesomeness. Even Rihanna sang the best live I have ever heard her muster. Yup, folks it was good TV that could have been great if not for the fact that Idol is getting less and less like a music show and more and more like a soapy sit-com.

    • takakupo says:

      OMG! I think you just nailed it! Fuller and Co. are trying to make this show into “Good television” as opposed to what it used to be (fulfilling the American Music Man/Woman’s dream). Lets go back to those days, yeah?

      • Amy says:

        I second that agrimesy comment.
        I had that “ah-ha” moment a few weeks back and posted here on it.
        I think that’s what’s had us all frustrated…we’ve all still been thinking we’re following the “original” Idol agenda…discovering/finding raw talent and launching/nurturing a star and their career afterward. We’ve all still been playing by that premise, yet the show I believe has (maybe for a while now) become about making a good Idol tv season.
        And not that I like that, but, as I posted, I can see the logic–
        you have an iffy/ailing music business vs. a still #1 after 10 years tv empire. I also think even their treatment of alum post-idol is all based on meeting numbers quickly to support the machine, or out they go to get ready to highlight & spend on the current season.

        • Eurydice says:

          Sure. I didn’t come into AI from the beginning so I’ve never thought of it as a true musical competition. Otherwise, why would they have all those tug-the-heartstrings personal stories, why the drama with the judges, why the glimpses behind the scenes which are edited to make a contestant look humble or arrogant?

          To me, it’s been a reality show like many others, with much more emphasis on a “story line” than what happens to the contestants after the season is over. (Kind of like how nobody cares if the Bachelor actually marries his final pick.) Somebody will win, the audience will declare it a triumph or a tragedy – and then everybody will forget about it and wait for the new season.

  28. T says:

    Favorite part of the night? KC’s duet with Jason Aldean and her hilarious banter with Ryan Seacrest. Interesting that the judges didn’t give KC and JA a standing O, even while the crowd was standing. I mean, it was Kelly Clarkson singing in The House That Kelly Clarkson Built. Maybe J Lo wasn’t comfortable with knowing that Kelly could sing her out the building? Anyway, someone ought to give KC a daytime talk show – she’d be hilarious and singing and having a blast. I’d watch!

    • takakupo says:

      Really getting tired of the needless J. Lo bashing as if she’s constantly jealous of anyone who has a better talent than her. It’s really stupid and unnecessary.

    • GinaBallerina says:

      “The House That Kelly Clarkson Built”! I love that! The banter between her and Ryan was awesome. Kelly has The Best personality. I did notice the lack of a Standing O when Iggy Pop got one (whatever) but what bugged me more was Ryan’s treatment of Kelly. He “really has to get to the results.” Could he have sounded like a bigger dork? Even if someone is standing backstage frantically motioning for him to keep things moving along, he should have ignored them and taken the fall for it later. You don’t insult our original Idol like that. He really didn’t have 30 seconds to give her? What an utterly crass way to treat a truly classy woman.

      My mom pointed out that he somehow had the time to talk to Rihanna later. He wouldn’t have tried the crap with her that he did with Kelly. Disgusting. I don’t like the difference I’m seeing in the treatment of Idol alums versus “real singers.” As if Kelly, who has been on the music scene since 2002, is somehow inferior to Rihanna, or all singers.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        What GinaBallerina said!

        Except don’t call Rhianna “a real singer”, LOL. Celebrity, yes. Singer, NO!

        Kelly, on the other hand, is a fabulous vocalist!

        • GinaBallerina says:

          If you’ll notice, I did put real singers in quotes. I am in NO WAY comparing the two. What I should have said was Idol alums vs. non-Idol alums. : ) I was just trying to point out the way they are treated differently.

      • dp says:

        ugh I know I hate that ryan took his time chatting with rihanna,(ugh) about her stupid tour but brushed kelly (delightful idol Queen B) off like she didn’t even matter. Just when I start to warm up to ryan he brings back the douchiness….

  29. dctoronto says:

    I don’t know who taught Haley to use her voice like that but all I can say is WOW! Great lesson on restraint and when to let loose. Jacob could learn a lot from her. Casey was very good but he too needs to learn the power of restraint.

    I was wondering when I first saw them on stage last night if the powers that be are starting to pimp Lauren and Scotty; given it was there second performance and in the same genre.
    I commented to my husband that I felt no connection between the two which at first glane is odd given their similar ages and interests in country. I then realized what is is, apart from Lauren giving off a pagenty vibe she also never really seems connected to the song and her environment.

    • chistosa says:

      While I understand your point, I don’t believe it is intended to promote one pair or group over another. They are the same age and prefer the same genre. Lauren doing a duet with the older guys could be a bit creepy and I can’t think of more of a mismatch than Scotty and Haley. It is just the easiest way to have them perform in an age appropriate way. And I can see that really working on the tour.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I agree with chistosa.

      I have enjoyed both of Scotty and Lauren’s duets. Not crazy about them separately but together I think they are wonderfully entertaining. And Lauren was actually wearing age-appropriate clothing last night!

  30. Chmarin says:

    Not even a California King Bed can fit Jacob’s fat a**.

    I bet the bottom 3 stools speed dialed for Jacob cause they couldn’t stand the physical pain Jacob’s a** would inflict on them.

    • takakupo says:

      Lol, if you would have had a little more restraint your comment would have made me roll out of my seat but as it is I only chuckled :D

  31. Jtocrafter says:

    I’ll sure miss Paul with his gorgeous raspy tones and sweet smile. His Maggie May was out of this world!
    He was the highlight of the competition for me and every week I looked forward to hear what he would do. Of all the competitors, he is the one I am most likely to buy a cd from (at least if The Grand Magnolias is anything to go on). He will be missed!

  32. Robin says:

    Is there a theme next week? That was a great show last night. Keep the duets and group numbers coming. More of that, less of the Rob Reiner/Russell Brand sh!t. David Cook next week…yeah!!!

    • Alison says:

      Next week’s theme is “Songs from the 21st Century”

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Oh, NO, we’re going to be treated to a bunch of depressing “Coldplay” songs.

        On the “up” side, does this mean we’ll get to hear Jacob sing “Single Ladies”? Sorry, I could NOT resist that one.

  33. marie says:

    I had been fearful for Casey this week. I didn’t know if his gamble with Nature Boy would pay off. but I’m very glad you did, not so much because I thought it was a perfect vocal, I didn’t – I’ve seen that take on the song done infinitely better by Jamie Cullum and his former bass player, Geoff Gascoyne – but because it was a terrific slap in the face to that arrogant know it all Iovine. I imagine Casey thinking at the song selection session, Yeah, right, what has this dude’s advice done for me, got me sent home!

    Good for him, good for artistic integrity (kudos to James too on that), and good for jazz on Idol – and good for the audience supporting them and their ideals!

    Haley WAS terrific in the duet – love to see her continue with that kind of material. Kelly is always superb. I was entertained and at the end of the day, that’s what I want when I watch Idol.

  34. Scarlett says:

    Paul: we’ll be waiting for your new music. Spinning Grand Magnolias in the meantime.

  35. SharonM says:

    I’m enjoying the results shows much more than the performance shows this season. The contestants are much more relaxed during their duets, and it’s nice to see they get to sing an entire song. Casey and Haley were great fun to watch, and I even thought Rhianna was pretty good this time. Made a note to myself to look up Jason Aldean on Google images. No idea what the dude looks like since he was basically all hat last night.

  36. Lynne says:

    Has anyone else noticed that there’s a resemblance between Scotty and Alfred E. Newman?

  37. DFT says:

    I thought James and Paul actually blended pretty well together. I was enjoying it more than the previous contestant duets…until Jacob and Stefano joined in. Whoa, wait a minute. Did I miss a Didi Benami sighting?! Back to the DVR…

  38. raun says:

    I am thinking the final three will be Scotty, James, and Lauren. Would not be surprised to see Scotty walk away with the win..

    • B.Rich says:

      I know that outcome is pretty much inevitable, but I’m holding out hope that people will tire of watching him pull face and hold his mic like he doesn’t have opposable thumbs.

  39. cmp says:

    I beg to differ Slezak. I do believe Lauren has been in the B3 at least once at the very beginning. It is the night she unleashed the Poor Widdow Wauren Pouty Face when told probably for the first time in her life that she wasn’t the best thing since sliced white bread and pork ribs. Casey and Haley’s duet was terrific. Wish she’d adopt that genre from here on. I actually enjoyed her for the first time the entire season. Glad Paul is gone. I think he is too.

    • raun says:

      I believe your right…lauren has been in the bottom three…Scotty and James have not.

    • melon says:

      No, Lauren wasn’t in the bottom three that night. She pouted when the judges dared to gently criticize her performance. She was safe on results night, though.

    • Pam says:

      Lauren, Scotty and James have never been in the bottom 3. Aaaannnd….there’s your final 3 right there, whether you like it or not. The finale will be the ultimate contest between country and rock – Scotty and James, with Scotty taking the crown. ~sigh~

    • Michael Slezak says:

      Nope, I checked my facts. Lauren has never been in the bottom three. But she did pout nonetheless.

  40. Sandi says:

    I’m not especially sad to see Paul go but I was definitely hoping it would be Jacob or Stephano. Am I sadistic that I so wanted Jimmy Iovine to green light Jacob’s original song choice of Dream the Impossible Dream. If that wouldn’t have gotten him sent packing, I don’t know what would.

    If either Jacob or Stephano aren’t next on the hit list then there’s no justice left.

    • raun says:

      Totally agree with you,, Jacob is getting to predictable, and Stefano is sweet but in over his head. Think producers are surprised that Scotty is turning out to be the teen girl magnate.

  41. uncommittedfan says:

    Did anyone else notice the frequent camera shots of overweight women in the front row?

  42. Scott says:

    If the next people to leave are Stefano, Jacob and James, then we’ll have a pretty good final 4.

  43. Jake says:

    Haley was phenomenal last night! Easily one of the best performances of the season by anyone. She’s getting my votes from now on based on that show-stopper – incredible. Casey wasn’t bad either, but Haley stole the show. Fantastic!

    Made the absence of Pia a bit more bearable…

  44. GSOgymrat says:

    I was disappointed they paired Scotty and Lauren together again, I would have liked to see what a different pairing would have sounded like, maybe Lauren and Paul singing “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”. Lauren did look pretty in that yellow dress. Haley really showed her stuff last night and I hope she can do it again next week. I agree that the guy who sang with Kelly needed to adjust his hat. Who was that masked man?

  45. idolistic says:

    Look at the comments above and you understand why women have such a hard time winning this show. Haley is a a babe and yet just about every woman above blasts her look last night or every night for that matter. YOU women are jealous that your man sitting next to you wishes you looked like Haley and so ….she will not get your votes!

    • Eurydice says:

      I think you must be posting to the wrong place. There isn’t a single criticism here of Haley, except one which says she smiles too much. It’s Scotty, Jacob and Casey who are being bashed for their looks.

    • hooch says:

      People are blasting her look ? I thought everyone was saying how hot she looked (wed night & last night). And btw, I am a woman and I posted a comment on how amazing she looked. I also commented the day after she sang “Blue” that I loved that dress too.

    • Leila says:

      Vote for the Worst always said she was ugly. I wonder if all their girlfriends/wives look half as good as Haley. Maybe she doesn’t have a perfect face, but her hair and body are gorgeous. Nobody needs to look like a Barbie to be hot.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      enough of this already. I’m a woman, a baby boomer, and I love Haley and have voted for her consistently since her “Blue” performance.

    • karenb says:

      kiss my a@!, idolistic! I’m both hot AND voting for Haley! Nice try, Jackwagon.

  46. ChristineOH says:

    I don’t think the producers are setting us up for a Scotty/Lauren finale, I just think they’re too unoriginal to come up with different pairings. Country with country. Jazz with jazz. I fast forwarded through Rob Reiner. The I would have preferred they used that time to add a duet and split up the foursome into James/Paul and Stefano/Jacob.
    I did not love the Lauren/Scotty duet. It paled to the original, and wasn’t as good as their last one. Lauren is my favorite remaining contestant, so I hope she starts kicking some butt.

  47. Tracy says:

    I’m so curious about Haley’s comments about song choice on the performance show. I am dying to know what she had to pick from and I’m guessing the producers’ list didn’t have much for her. I hope it will be many many weeks from now when Slezak interviews her, but I’ll be waiting to know.

  48. stact says:

    HALEEEEEY!!! Haley was fabulous tonight! I am not surprised because I downloaded three of her songs for itunes, and she is FREAKING AMAZING in the studio version of her AI performances. She sounds way better than Pia. I happy that after last night everyone now knows that this girl can SANG. She gets neverous during performance night and she chockes. She obviously needs to get over this by next week or else she’ll be gone.

  49. adamfan says:

    THINGS THAT DRIVE ME NUTS (in a non medical way):
    — JLo concentrates too much on her looks, I wish she would put as much energy into judging as she does into looking pretty.
    — JLO PLEASE STOP F$%^ING READING NOTES WHILE YOU ARE GIVING YOUR CRITIQUE, it makes you look like a Nigel puppet.
    — Why is Jacob there?
    — Why is Scotty getting a pass, the kid looks weird while he sings, he does not hit every note and is constantly praised.
    — Haley’s singing does not match her looks, you cannot sing raspy Janis Joplin while looking like a 16 year old going to the prom.
    –Why do we not have previous Idols come to mentor, there are some that have been quite successful.
    — Anyone associated with the Black Eye Peas should be banned from the show.
    –Stop trying to influence the contestants so much. This is their competition not a showcase for the GREAT talent of Jimmy Iovine.
    — Useless Steven Tyler should be replaced with Kim Kardashian, hey why not? It would fit the show’s credibility.
    –After Randy gives his usual “yo, yo, so check this out” critique Ryan should look at him and say “Ok, just so I can move on, can you say something constructive”.
    –Randy should get zapped every time he announces that a singer is “in it to win it!”

  50. Tee says:

    Haley is amazing…amazing.

    There’s something about her – makes me want her to sing Gonna Take A Lot of Love – by Nicolette Larson. Or Everything’s Alright from JC Superstar. She’s one of those girls who brings the fun and the voice every time.

    She’s gorgeous too – but that makes me jealous!