RuPaul's Drag Race: Who Do You Want to Win?

That “pppllllffftt” sound you hear is one of two things: The air quickly draining out of this third (and borderline interminable) season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, or me making a raspberry sound to underscore my feelings about a generally uninspiring final three.

Indeed, on Monday night’s show we bid echa pa’lante to kooky bundle of energy Yara Sofia, who had a full scale stripping-and-sobbing meltdown while lipsynching for her life to the tune of Patti LaBelle’s “I Think About You.” That leaves us with three QWIs — queens with issues — left in the running to become America’s next drag superstar. Let’s take a look at the gals’ strengths and weaknesses — in a Twitter-friendly 140 characters or less.

Raja: Fab ‘money’ gown. Feroshe runway strut. But personality too studied, not funny. The gaff-in-face RuVC bit was a gag sandwich. Clown makeup?

Alexis: Curvy underdog with big heart, big stage presence, even bigger fake bazooms. Taste level is questionable, though, and not improving much.

Manila: Always impeccably appointed — all three runway looks served hardcore glamor this week — and she’s witty, too. But where’s the star power?

Which of the three finalists do you want to see take home the crown? Glitter gun to head, I’d go with Alexis, but mainly I’m tuning in this season just for Ru’s patented brand of ridonkulata. I cannot tell you how many times a day I’m prone to randomly shouting: “Ooh, grrrrrrl! You got She-Mail!” Please tell me I am not alone. Take our poll below and then hit the comments to explain your vote. And for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Helga says:

    Raja all the way. So much style and sass. Love that gal.

  2. judd says:

    Raja for the win..just love her

  3. ... says:

    Alexis easily. Raja’s a wannabe model with an awful personality and Manila’s got the double whammy of bad make-up and a reliance on Asian stereotypes working against her.

    This season has been an extended coronation for Raja, so I fully expect her to win in a couple of weeks, but it’s the third straight winner that I vehemently disagree with.

  4. oriharakaoru says:


  5. Jen says:

    Raja is absolutely the best!!!!

  6. Jen says:

    My heart really wants Alexis to win, my mind says that Raja will be picked. Manilla, however, is a dark house (oooh girl!) based on her back-to-back wins. I don’t want Raja to win, and here’s why; 1) She’s ‘a Heather,’ they’ve been nasty and I don’t care for them 2) Raja came into the competition with a “I’ve worked in the industry for a long time, I know Adam Lambert, I’m better than everyone in the WORLD” attitude, and 3) For all of her ‘experience’ she isn’t as visually stunning as either Alexis or Manilla. And the voice? No. I don’t think her lip syncs/performances have been as tight either. Granted, she has definitely turned it out, mama, this I don’t deny. I’m definitely NOT hatin’, Raja’s totally talented! I’m just not as impressed with her as I feel I should be at this point.

    • Scott says:

      Raja is a guy not a girl she never looked like a woman and the voice sounded worse than chers deep voice that thang should have never won!!!!

  7. Ziamp says:

    RAJA all the way! That girl is polished, and really good, but doesn’t come off as backstabbing bitch. She deserves to win.

  8. judd says:

    It doesn’t really matter who we want to win, this show ended last year and the winner has already been chosen..I just hope it was Raja

  9. judd says:

    It doesn’t matter who we want to win, this show ended last year and the winner has already been chosen…I hope it was Raja

  10. Liana in San Diego says:

    Love Raja! Agree that the voice could be a bit off-putting, but she scores on the runway, and she definitely owns the space. Alexis is old-fashioned drag, and doesn’t like or understand the comments the judges make to her, so doesn’t change at all. Manila is striking, but totally devoid of personality. Raja should and will win!

  11. Thom says:

    Alexis. Raja and Manila are the two meanest backstabbing bitches I’ve ever seen.

  12. agrimesy says:

    I choose Raja for confidence and class. She captivates the stage with a lot of style. I think her humor is good even if her comedy lacks. For me it’s the difference of being able to laugh with a friend rather than having someone tell me a joke. Maybe I’m missing the point of a professional drag queen. I just like Sutan as a person, I guess.

  13. Wowzer says:

    I am going to go off the grain, but totally Manilla. I don’t get all the hate… Everyone has been catty, and Alexis’ cattiness has been overshadowed by her hanging out with Shangela, but watch last nights Untucked, and the proof is in the pudding… I think Manilla’s cattiness has been real and honest, its not like she went off into personal tangents insulting random things… you can’t say that about Raja, who often would try to take the high road, but would fall in the deepest into the catty.

    Anywhoz, I love Manilla. She is fun, and creative, but her reason for winning was great as well. She doesn’t play the asian thing as much as she gets blasted for, but she looks asian often, bc drumroll, she is asian. I know, shut up! I see loads of personality, which is where I think the disconnect is between me, and why know one seems to like her.

  14. ger says:

    I’m fine as long as Heather wins.

  15. alex levin says:

    Raja will win, even though Manila totally deserves it. No matter how many time Raja ventured into questionable territory, it took a fail of epic proportions (remember everything IS bigger in Texas) for her to finally lend in bottom 2. And while Alexis was nitpicked for her hair in cocktail outfit, Raja got pass for her Pointer Sister blah outfit.

  16. John Berggren says:

    Alexis Mateo is the only one I haven’t developed disdain for. Go Alexis!

  17. Thom says:

    Alexis. Raja and Manila are the two meanest backstabbing people I’ve ever seen.

  18. Katt says:

    I want Alexis Mateo to win, but it’ll probably be Raja.

  19. algalhi says:

    I hope Raja wins! She is just a step above the others in creativity. Did you see when Raja did Marie Antoinette? Hated to have Carmen go — she is so beautiful!!

  20. Joe says:

    Michael, you are not alone. I say that to myself often! And Alexis FTW, please. It would go a long way in erasing the bad taste Tyra Sanchez’s win left in everyone’s mouths. Plus, Raja just leaves me cold.

  21. diane says:

    I think Raja is the most talented, does the best make-up, runway, ceations, and dancing. And is smart AND the most beautiful.

  22. Dan says:

    After the debacle of personality-void Tyra last season, I was scared. But I have to say I’d be happy with either of these three winning. That said, last week’s Carmen return only reminded just how looonng this season has felt.

  23. Grant says:

    Raja to me is performance art, not drag.
    Alexis has the best heart.
    Manila, though, brings it every week. I think she deserves to win.

  24. Geo says:

    I want it to be Juju or Pandora or Ongina or Nina Flowers, or, heck, Ru herself, in a surprise twist from out of nowhere as Ru turns to the camera and apologizes for this season as a “terrible, terrible mistake.”

    Sure, it would be completely unfair to this season’s contestants, but who cares, they all suck.

  25. KevyB says:

    OMG! All this Raja love when she’s little more than last year’s winner: a dude in a dress! Where’s the personality? Yeah, she can dress, but these people are supposed to be entertainers, and after looking at whatever she’s wearing what does she bring to the table? As far as I’m concerned, if someone won’t be a good addition to DragU, then that person shouldn’t win this competition. Raja would be DREADFUL on that show. No personality and she doesn’t care about anybody but herself (recall how badly she did when she had to dress up a straight athlete?). Alexis, if she could ever learn how to dress herself so she didn’t look like a curvy linebacker… and to actually be able to make that dress, would be fine. But Manila, while often a beeyotch, would be a great addition to DragU. So I hate to say it, but she deserves to win.

  26. Jack says:

    I’ve been saying (from episode 3 onwards) that Raja should win, and I still think that. Love her style, her eleganza, her uniqueness, nerve & talent. She’s the first candidate in 3 seasons of Drag Race I really dig.

    So Raja! All the way!

  27. Eric says:

    Alexis? Puh lease. She would be the front runner if this was a competition to be America’s Next Drag Queen Pageant Superstar, but she definitely doesn’t have what it takes to be America’s Next Drag Superstar. Raja all the way!!!

  28. Katherine says:

    I’ve been on team Raja from the beginning of the season. And unlike you, I feel like this season has had the most polished, fierce queens to date.
    “What’s your damage, Heather?”

  29. Rachel says:

    Alexis, although I will admit that Manila has had some of my favorite looks this season. I liked both Manila and Raja at the beginning of the season, but the entire “Heathers” drama seemed to bring out the worst parts of them. Alexis has really grown on me as the episodes progressed, she seems like such a sweetheart and I love seeing her every week. She may do a more “traditional” style of drag than Raja and Manila, but she does it flawlessly.

  30. ravengirl says:

    Raja, Raja, Raja. And I have loved every glittery, snarky, fake boobie minute of this season.

  31. ohbabs says:

    Who is going to deny that Raja/Carmen lipsync was the best evah? Raja is very entertaining. Creative and unique. breaking out of the box. but my heart breaks for Yara. I am sure she will make it tho.

  32. Teresa says:

    All of the top five/six queens were excellent. I don’t care for Alexis as much as Manila and Raja because she doesn’t have their creativity. And, I’ll admit, her bitch sessions with Shangela annoyed me. I do think she has a great heart and sensitivity and I can’t help but fall in love with her for that.

    I love Manila’s style, her creativity, her ability to put a look together, her vivacity, and her basic kindness.

    I also think that Raja is basically kind (though not as sweet as Manila), puts together amazingly great looks, thinks deeply, strives to further her art, and shows the best that talent, intellect, and experience can produce. Plus, she never coasts and she always takes risks.

    Who did I want to win that title? I want Raja. I started wanting Raja because I’d heard about her. Then I wanted Raja because she wore a cyclops hat. Then I wanted Raja because she brought it to the runway and she never stopped bringing it. Then I wanted Raja because I looked up her performances and got my mind blown a half-dozen times. Then I wanted Raja because Shangela hated her. Then I wanted Raja because she served it back on Shangela (with interest). Then I wanted Raja because she told Delta to booger down and lip-synch. Then I wanted Raja because she nailed the punk performance. Then I wanted Raja because she made fabric out of hair, girl. Then I wanted Raja because she blew the minds of five heterosexual jocks and probably them seriously question their orientation.

    But most of all, I want Raja to win the title because I think, out of all the queens on all the seasons, she’s the one most likely to take up that torch and run with it. It’s time for her Eff You philosophy to become a movement.

  33. CJ says:

    #teamraja all the way! I will never understand when people say that Alexis isn’t catty or bitchy, and quite frankly, her defeatist attitude and leaving the competition (even if it was just for two seconds) is enough to show me that she doesn’t have the stamina. They’re all burned out and tired, *clearly*, but Manila and Raja are the only remaining two who haven’t thrown in the towel already.

  34. candy gram says:

    manilla can put together complete and fabulous looks. and she can perform, she’s funny and smart. although i don’t quite get the goofy looks during the lipsynchs.

    raja IS performance art/costume, just happens to be a guy in drag doing it. she nailed the runway and the punk song, sp she CAN perform, she’s just a little too cold and studied to have a lot of appeal. and the whole heather thing she promoted was embarrassing. (but thank god delta work isn’t a finalist…did you see her get clocked on the head with the egg on new now next? lol! and if those raggedly stockings didn’t say self hate i don’t know what did.) i hated raja for celebrating after yara’s meltdown. at least manilla was trying to help alexis and seemed to be honestly affected by it.

    alexis is my favorite, the one i would go to see if all three were performing and i could only see one. she has those oddly shaped mae west dresses and the same hair a lot of the time, but her heart gives her more appeal than either of the other two. and she is beautiful and fun. much more personality than the others.

    that said raja is the front runner, manilla number two and alexis the dark horse.

  35. Angel says:

    i want manila to win because she one of my favorites and also she is also comes out with a good runway so she has the ideas of making things in to pretty things that u never seen before in your life i mean come on why cant you guys just like manila the way she because she is a grown ass woman and you all going to that to her.HOPE YOU MANILA GO GIRL SHOW THEM YOU CAN WORK HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Angel says:

    i want manila to win because she one of my favorites and also she is also comes out with a good runway so she has the ideas of making things in to pretty things that u never seen before in your life i mean come on why cant you guys just like manila the way she because she is a grown ass woman and you all going to that to her.HOPE YOU WIN GIRL YOU BETTER WORK HONEY BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. LUNA says:

    Alexis Mateo All The Way.
    As Katty Harens Lesbian Friend from Mean Girls(The new Heathers aka Plastics would say)”Raja, your are A MEAN GIRL,yOUR NOT PRETENDING, YOUR COLD HARD PLASTIC!!!!)
    Raja is not nice and her speach about why she should win was Plastic all the way. she commented to saying she wanted to be someone to looked up to,someone that all the young gay kids could see and inturn be more hopeful seing al lher success.
    well she is a bully, and the only ones who are going to look up to her are other bullies, other heathers.!!!

    Come on people lets see things for what they really are!
    all im saying is that raja is predictable and not funny, while alexis mateo grows on you, every episode i cheer for her, she just seems sincere.

    ok ok i know this all my point of view, i just wanted to express it.

    Go alexis im rooting for u from OXNARD CALIFORNIA BABY