Pretty Little Liars Scoop: Aria and Ezra Will Go Public, But There's a Big Twist!

Sixty-four agonizing days remain until the second season premiere of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars (airing June 14), but help has arrived in the form of some steamy Aria-Ezra scoop!

TVLine chatted up PLL showrunner I. Marlene King at Sunday’s GLAAD Awards, and she revealed a shocking bit of intel: that Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra’s (Ian Harding) controversial courtship will be a secret no more.

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Spoilers!

“It is highly likely that Aria and Ezra will be going public next season,” King tells TVLine. “Not necessarily in the summer [episodes], but maybe in the fall. As you know, we air episodes in blocks of 12. In the first 12, [the relationship] is still going to be very much a secret. But the second 12 might be their coming out story.”

Granted, the romance won’t be nearly as taboo as it originally was, given that Ezra will have started his new job at Hollis College and will no longer be Aria’s teacher. But par for the Pretty Little course, that doesn’t mean the road is going to be any less rocky for the secret soulmates.

“It’s going to be complicated and it’s going to be awkward when we return,” King offers. “They’re going to find life is even harder with Ezra at Hollis than it was with Ezra at Rosewood High School.”

Ask Ausiello: Scoop on Your TV Faves

Might one of the new wrinkles have something to do with Hale’s recent admission to PopWrap that Aria would find a new love interest? Teases King with a laugh: “There is definitely a love triangle on the horizon.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Haterz gon' h8 says:

    Please don’t break Them up! I love them together, it’s one of the main reasons I watch this show erzas a sexy beast! Don’t ever take him off the show! If you want to break anyone off take off that lesbian couple!

  2. Luis says:

    Its Funny how people are quick to jump on the age difference but they are the first ones to wait in line for twilight. Edward is only about 100 years older and a vampire but no one says anything. Why? because its fiction. Get over yourselves

  3. Catarina says:

    Oh shut up about the age difference already to those who are freaking out! They are a beautiful couple in the show and they don’t show anything peverted! Some of y’all are commenting a show when it happens in real life so shut up. It’s just a show and they are a innocent love!

  4. Michaela Renee' says:

    Okay, this is just a damn show. Get the hell over the age thing and the teacher/student thing! It is a fantisy! Think of love when you watch the show, not how “wrong” or “creepy” it is! Just think “They are in love, nothing else matters.” If you truly love someone then go for it! I think that is the message this show is trying to send to people! So everyone who thinks the show is wrong and creepy, don’t watch it! If those people don’t watch it, who cares, there are plenty of fans out there to keep this show going! Besides this is a DRAMA show! There wouldn’t be enough drama for the show if Ezra and Aria were not together ;)
    Team Ezra and Aria all the way ;)
    Peace Bitches. <3

  5. Stephhy says:

    For the Record Ezra is 22 and Aria is 16. If any of you picked up a BOOK you’d know that. Secondly they’re absolutely adorable together, they were my favourite couple in the books and they’re my favourite couple still.

    It needs to Come back nowwww >.< I Miss my weekly dose of Ezria <33

  6. Jorah says:

    Frankly, I’m tired of Aria/Ezra. They are such a boring couple. All they ever do is just eat together at his little apartment and sneak around at school while giving each other flirty little looks. NOTHING HAPPENS IN THIS RELATIONSHIP. And yeah, it’s wrong. People are talking about how it’s not wrong because they met in a bar. But seriously, it wasn’t like she was planning on contacting him afterwards or anything, so it seemed like it would’e been a one-time thing until he showed up as her teacher. So, technically, the real relationship forming part happened while he was her teacher and completely aware of it. And how is she supposed to know that he is her soulmate anyway? In the books, she doesn’t even end up with him anyway, and I’d think that Sara Shepard would know Aria’s character better than anybody. If they were meant to be soulmates, they would’ve been together at the end of PLL.

    And people can try to argue that it’s not wrong, that’s it’s just a TV show and that it’s okay because they’re soulmates, and frankly, I don’t really care because this couple is the most boring thing on the show. So, hate away guys. I’m sure tons of A/E lovers are just dying to argue this.

    • noneofurbusiness says:

      FYI, The show is diff. than the books. Just because they didn’t stay together in the books doesn’t mean they won’t in the show. I doubt they will stay together because of the age diff. At some point I think Aria is going to do or say something immature and it will end. But until then they are together so get over it.

      • Jorah says:

        I think you completely missed my point. When I mentioned the books, I was only saying that since the books–which are written by Sara Shepard, who knows her characters much better than any one of us here–are written so that Aria and Ezra don’t end up together, they don’t belong together, and thus the whole soulmates thing is utterly ridiculous. If they really were soulmates Sara Shepard would’ve written it that way since she knows Aria and Ezra way better than all the rest of us. In no way am I trying to say that the books and the show is the same…I think characters like Caleb and Alex kinda proves that. And now….over it.

        • Jennifer says:

          You said that in no way you were trying to say that the books and the show is the same, but that’s what you’re doing. You’re saying that if Shepard intended them to be soul mates, they would have stayed together. But the characters in the tv show aren’t the same characters 100%, and they’re developed by different people. In the creator’s opinion, she thinks they’re soulmates in the show. We’re not arguing that they belong together in the book. We’re saying they belong together in the show, because that’s what the SHOW CREATOR stated.

  7. J.J says:

    I hink that Aria and Ezra shouldnt be together Aria should be with a guy her age

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Aria and Ezra are one of my favorite TV couples ever. It’s not wrong because what they have is real, they really, truly care for each other, and it’s not like Ezra is some pedophile who just wants to get with Aria and leave her. They have things in common, (they bonded over a song in the bar where they first met) they both love literature, and do seem to be soul-mates.
    I think they are one of the couples that make the show what it is, and its definitely not about everything being perfect. Like many other comments have said Aria and Ezra couldn’t help falling in love, and I don’t think they could ever be apart.

  9. brittany carter says:

    I cant say that their relationship is gross at all,I think its a new epic kinda love they got,hey like aaliyah said age aint nuttin but a number,plus how many of us women at her age dated guys way older then us…cant say its wrong if its consent,they are too cute of a couple.Also the fact that he was a teacher dont make a difference. Ya kno how many people grew up wishing they could date or have sex with their teachers,well she just kept doin it after she found out lol…

  10. Wade says:

    This is great! Lucy Hale is so hot in fact this is possibly the best looking cast. But you have to remember people this is fiction. Not real, fiction! So don’t get your panties in a bunch.

  11. Aly says:

    Ok really??? Aria and Ezra are the TRUE LOVE couple. They lOve eachother no matter what and he treats her like such a princess… So shut up about the whole illegal crap! They are perfect for eachother… And it is technically not illegal cuz it’s a freakin show!!! Goodness give it a break people.

  12. Roxxi says:

    People understand that this is a damn tv show

  13. Ashley says:

    I love the relationship between Ezra and Aria. I just wish that Aria was older so it wasnt so wrong. But then again, theres people that are 10 years apart that have a successful marriage. Too bad Aria wasnt older.

  14. Angie says:

    I can’t help but wonder. When the relationship is no longer taboo will they lose interest in each other? Ok so they did meet in a bar and Ezra thought Aria was older but he’s always been a taboo guy for Aria to be with. And no im not against them I actually like them but still curious ya know?

  15. ali says:

    Teens can understand and know what real love is…but also understand aria hasn’t had other relationships and Ezra has. Ezra might love her but as for her it could also be lust and infatuation. He is the first man to give her that kind of attention and that always has an impact on a girl. When I was 15 I dated my high school science teacher and I kept telling myself I loved him. That was until one night we were in a different town on a date and got in an argument because I didn’t want to have sex. The night ended with me being left in an alley bleeding from the head and no longer with a v card. There are sides and obstacles the pll series does not look at. I had to see him on a regular basis even after transferring schools and he followed. This show is supposed to be for teens when its about “murder” and lying and stalking. On top of that abc family is a family channel that has been changing their audience from families to 13+ but honestly a lot of the shows on their young teens shouldn’t be watching.

  16. Kayla says:

    Alright everyone, just stop being a drama queen because someone wanted to put a teacher\student relationship in THEIR story. The writer obviously wanted to have a unique thing for each of the characters. Each of the characters is doing something that’s looked down upon in society. So, just shut up and enjoy the show. if you are whining about a teacher/student relationship then I’m surprised you think its cool to have a girls mom steal from a bank. I bet that disgusts all the bank workers that watch this show,right? No. It doesn’t. It’s a STORY that’s fictional. And you’re taking it way too out of context.

  17. Laila says:

    It’s TV people, get the hell over it. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, simple as that. :P

  18. Yorkie2000 says:

    Wow, I love how everyone is freaking out about this. It’s a t.v. show. There’s no need to get all worked up over Aria and Ezra’s relationship. Everyone just step back and calm down. Forget the age thing, and it’s a great story. A forbidden love, with friendly little love triangle of course, makes for the perfect romantic story. Classic and maybe cliché, but still a great story. Please just relax. And besides…they ARE cute together… :P
    Personally, I love this show. I can’t wait to see where it goes next. I really want to know who A is and who killed Ali and I really want to know who helped Spencer at the end of the finale… I can’t wait!! This article was right in saying it’s going to be an agonizing 64 days. GAHHH!!! haha

  19. Jasmine says:

    Okayyy, all of youuu not knowing anything aboutt truee loveee can justt stop hating on Ezra and Aria’s relationship. Like really! When was their ever a rule saying that two had to be a certain age to be in love! Love is ageless, timeless and limitless. Like give it a break. It is no different from a 21 year old woman and a 30 year old college professor. So justt get overr it! (:

  20. Jami says:

    Well I am an 18 year old girl myself and I CAN see where older adults are coming from that a person in an authority role should’ve took more action to halt whatever relationship was beginning asap when he found out that Aria would be his student. HOWEVER, I also have the romantic side of me that says, 1) she’s age of consent 2) Way mature for her age 3) there is real chemistry and feelings there that they really cannot ignore. I can see how it’s an outrage for teachers and maybe some parenst who think this is leaving an impression on teenagers. But really, hollywood is only making a storyline based on stuff that really happens anyways. Besides, you really cannot back up the proof that these shows are causing teen girls/guys to emulate anything. Teen Mom for example; everyone wants to say it glamorizes pregnancy. If that were the case, is that why teen pregnancy rates have dropped 40% in the past couple years? Lets get a grip on the facts. It happens, and its life. You can control what you watch on tv, and as a teacher with high upstanding morals @Cassie, good for you. But in reality, they met at a bar prior to school, and chemistry began there. And actually…the tv show gives us a lot of hints and innuendo as to their private moments just so WE and no one else see their sexual experiences…but they came close to sex in the books as far as I’ve read. They WERE naked and cuddling together up to the point where I got. And that was book 1 or preview for 2, I can’t remember. But lets be honest, they are totally having sex behind the scenes. It is passion and teenagers CAN find real love, you don’t need to be 30 to find that out. Thats only for the people who want to who*re around for the first 30 years of their life and never experience what it means to really have a connection with someone. Love the show, love the characters.

  21. Berr says:

    F the rest I love this couple!! Nothing about him is creepy..

  22. Nicole says:

    I met my husband when I was 16 and he was 22. Obviously I knew what love was otherwise I wouldn’t be married. And it’s a TV show. It’s made for us to experience things we will never do. It’s not a guideline for young girls and it is certianly not made for us to model our lives after. If you have a problem with PLL you should try the news some time. Way worse I promise.

  23. J.T. says:

    I personally love them together. They are mature about their relationship and they know what they are doing. As a parent I would rather my child be with someone that is 5 years older then be with someone that they aren’t happy with. They first saw each other in a bar and they also didn’t know each others age. They were both surprised when they saw each other at school. For the person that wanted to say 16 year olds don’t know what love is, you are so wrong. I just fell in love when I was 15 and although we didn’t last, it was still love. When I was 17 I fell in love with the most amazing guy and we got married when I was 19. I am still in love with my husband and plan on that lasting forever. I’m not saying all people that age know wthat love is but then again some people in their late 30’s don’t even know what love is. Which I know for a fact from people that I know. Also, if you don’t like the show then don’t watch. Don’t put down the show and say its boring or anything like that when this page is for the fans ONLY.

  24. Frances says:

    OMG!! I love Pretty Little Liars!! And I love Aria and Ezra being a couple!! Can’t wait to see what happens!!

  25. maria says:

    kay, she’s waay too immature for him. she really annoys me. shes such a drama queen, and she always jumps to conclusions. i’m surprised he hasn’t dumped her yet, but then again, its just a tv show

  26. Naomi says:

    Seriously?! Age is sooo not the issue! Ok I agree a teacher dating a student is kinda wrong but Ezra’s soo not a creep!! The whole age thing is old, it happens all the time now!And I LOVE Aria and Ezra together and if a love triangle is coming I think I’ll be devastated!!! They are the perfect couple!!

  27. prettylittleliar says:

    I find it very offensive the way you are talking about student/teacher relationships, I have been dating my teacher since I was 16 and we couldnt be happier. No it wasn’t him abusing his position or anything like that, it just happened and it was right. Im 18 now and he is 26 and our families have grown to live with it, like people have been saying you cant fight love!

  28. shesallthat says:

    I read somewhere, I believe it was in one of Marlene Kings interviews, where Ezra was 26 years old and Aria was 17. If that is the case, they don’t have long to go – if they can just keep there feelings in check. Also, Aria is so mature most of the time, I sometimes have to wonder who’s handling who???

  29. xx says:

    Seriously?…if you have a problem with the show or something on it, then don’t watch it! It’s as simple as that.

  30. Joammy says:

    I persoanally love thier relationship. I’ve experienced it first hand, although he wasn’t my teacher. The juniors and seniors took a trip and we hit it off it happened for about 4months. It was fun. We ended it on good terms we didn’t want anything seriouse just fun. I was a senior so I was older than aria but still it’s not a bad thing. But anyways I love this show and not just thm too. I love all of the couples. Including arias parents. This show does not send a bad massage at all. There are plenty of other shows that send worse messages such as 16 & pregnant and teen mom and I love them shows also, the real world and many others on MTV just sayin you negative people need to get over it or find a diff show.

  31. PLL watcher says:

    First of all I’m proud to be an american. Secondly, I love PLL. In the books they are only together a short time and then he tells her to call him when she’s older and leaves. In the show so far thats not the case. And while I do enjoy watching them together, looking at it from a mom’s presective I’d beat the crap out of Ezra. He not only should of known better but to continue a relationship, any type of relationship once he learned she was a student is disgusting. I don’t think age is the issue here. Its realizing the place where you knowingly send your children everyday isn’t safe, and you can’t trust the people teaching your children. Heres what I want all of you to think about. If its true love and meant to be why couldn’t they have waited a school year to be together. Thats only nine months and then she wouldn’t of been his student anymore. And for all you that are niave enough to think they aren’t having sex, on a number of occasions he asks her to sleep over. If I was there at night, all night, with him I can promise you I wouldn’t be getting very much sleep. And just for the record not a single one of you would be on board with the whole Aria and Ezra situation if he was ugly. In fact the only reason anyone is supporting it, is because they’re(you) are jealous and wish it was you he was making out with.

  32. I says:

    First of all, Aria is 16. She was 15 when Allison disappeared, and the show starts 1 year later. DO THE MATH!!! 15 + 1 = 16
    Anyways, i love Pretty Little Liars and i love the Aria/Ezra relationship. <3
    I don't think that it's creepy in any way. They are perfect for each other, and i hope that they don't break up.

  33. bender says:

    i was a lot like arias character.. i was 15 and my boyfriend was 22. but my mom aproved of him and like him for me. she had let me keep seeing him.

  34. nelissa says:

    i love how EZRA & ARIA look together is just like the best thing of the show… i think ppl shouldn’t care about age if you are in love you are in love don’t matter what…

  35. lani says:

    Aria and Ezra are perfect for each other. And their age is nothing but a meer number so what the heck. If they are in love I’ll say let them be.

  36. Chelle-Belle says:

    I have mixed emotions. I think it is cute, but when i think about him being her teacher it is a little weird, like me dating my math teacher. AWKWARD! But I think that the fact they met somewhere else makes it better. I mean, I was so nervous that they would stop dating when he saw her that first day in class. That would have been horrible. I mean look at their relationship, it’s hard, but BECAUSE they love each other it works. Anyways, that’s what I think, I’m PRO but sometimes my reality checks me into thinking it is odd.

  37. Marnie says:


  38. Anna says:

    I’m American (some of you seem to think American’s all feel negatively towards the relationship) and think that as long as they love each other (ps this is tv show)that they should do whatever they want and everyone else should just stop watching if they think it’s gross.

  39. Louise says:

    seriously, can everyone just stop hatin’? If you have ever read or watched any interviews you would know that everyone on the show know that this is wrong in so many levels; but that they’re trying to show that they’re soulmates. And since they aren’t sleeping together, they haven’t done something that wrong.

  40. Cj says:

    Umm…. It’s not that gross because in the beginning he didnt know how old she really was for one if you remember the first episode aria was actually drinking a beer and she was at a bar plus she said she was planning on a major in English so all those point to at least 21. What was he supposed to do ask for an ID? plus it’s not illegal she’s at least 16 so the pa docent consider it that wrong except for the teacher part which he isn’t even her teacher anymore. That is why it’s not wrong plus they make a really hot couple! That is why you should leave aria and Ezra alone if you dont have anything nice to say don’t say it!!!!!;)

  41. Cici says:

    Omg Ezra is Hotttt! Sexyyy age is just a number. As soon as aria hits 18 no one will care if they date. I like there romance on the show it is interesting.

    I doubt teens get influenced by tv shows. It is 2011 lol

  42. Katie says:

    I understand that many of you think their relationship is completely wrong and that Ezra is ‘perverted’ but that is just not the case. If any of you have ever read the books, Ezra and Aria meet under false pretenses. Aria is in a bar where Ezra is and tells him that she is a college student, therefore he believe that she is older than she actually is. Though they do end their relationship in the series, they choose to continue it in the show. Now that he isn’t a teacher, I don’t see anything wrong with Aria dating someone who she is in love with. It is wrong for a teacher to date a student, I get that, but now he is no longer her teacher…I say go for it. A soul mate is a soul mate. You can’t control that. Oh and by the way, when had Ezra ever DONE or SAID anything perverted? Never, he is a gentleman to the bone.

  43. jessica says:

    is she even legal yet?! it’s 17 in tx….it is a taboo concept if you think about it, it doesn’t seem so bad on the show, most likely bc the actors are actually like a year apart in age. if it was a real 16 year old actress we’d probably find it much creepier

  44. Brittney says:

    wtf Ezra isnt perverted. hes sweet and gentalmanly(: i love watching Aria and Ezra they’re my favorite couple on the show(:(:

  45. Dave says:

    You people are crazy and this is so wrong for sure. If the Ezria was 40 years old then all of you would think it was creepy lol. If he was a women and Aria was a boy yall would think it was wrong. People in this fallen world pick and choice was right and wrong by how they feel about the situaction. Some people think child pornography is right some think it’s wrong. Some think murder is justifyed some think it’s not. If Ezria was Black tall with muscles then the show would have been cancelled but he is a skinney white man so thats why people think it’s more acceptable.

  46. AA says:

    Knowing it is wrong for a teacher to data a student… Come on people it is a show look at the love it is wonderful. How often do we hear and see women who never find love it is just the thought that you can find true love even in tough situation would make anyone smile. He loves her she love him. Watch the show enjoy the story that is what it is a story that we all can’t wait to see what happens. Just watch the love story…..ENJOY…. Just a side note I am in love with their story make sure they end up together I want to see a wedding.

  47. lyndsey says:

    i want them to just date in public and show them being a couple in frount of arias parents and friends. i think they should eventually get married in season 4 or 5 and there should be no cheating and no love triangle it will ruin there love story. they sould end up in season 6 with a small child and they will be in love forever or is this a bit 2 fairytale like??
    xxxx just want them to work out xxxx it would be nice…………