The Good Wife Exclusive First Look: America Ferrera Bids Farewell to Eli

Tonight’s The Good Wife is so action-packed you’d be forgiven for mistaking the episode for a season finale. Not only is it D-Day for Peter’s campaign, but the cataclysmic Kalinda-Peter bombshell gets dropped on poor Alicia.

Lost amid all the hype is the fact that the can’t-miss hour also marks the conclusion of America Ferrera’s compelling, poignant arc as illegal nanny-turned-object of Eli’s affection Natalie Flores.

Good Wife Season Finale Spoilers!

Well, TVLine is here to remedy that with an exclusive first look at the alternately heartbreaking and humorous Eli-Natalie scene that sets the stage for the Emmy winner’s departure.

“Her boyfriend’s back from Canada, and although Eli got her a job at [Lockhart Gardner], shes got to get her citizenship…,” previews Alan Cumming. “It’s kind of the end of our story, our little ‘romance.'”

Maybe… maybe not. Because if you read between the lines and longing glances as we did, Ferrera’s Season 3 return seems inevitable. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Tommy says:

    Seeing America has helped a little with the big hole in my life known as Becki Newton and Michael Urie. I loved er character on The Good Wife, I just wish that Becki and Michael could have played the 2 children she was a nanny for.

    • DotDotDot says:


    • Marian says:

      I love America too and would love to see her again next season. Mr Gold is just the BEST actor!!!!!!!!! He can do anything it seems. His face tells it all, and he is very mixed up here. It is not over.

  2. Rock Golf says:

    I really like the idea that the 3rd season of “The Good Wife” is “inevitable”. All I’ve seen before on TVLine is that it’s on the bubble for renewal.

    • Not bubble says:

      The Good Wife has never been a bubble show. On the renewal scorecard it’s list as “a sure thing” and it wasn’t part of the bracket for bubble shows.

      • Rowan says:

        A show that’s on the bubble is a show that doesn’t stand a good chance at getting picked up – or the odds are about 50-50 or less. The Good Wife is a sure thing. The ratings are good, the show is a critical darling. It will be fine. Because of the large quantity of expensive cast members (Julianna, Christine, Josh, Chris and Alan all came in at star level, and now Archie’s star- and salary- has risen) it is taking CBS longer to commit – but commit they will.

        A bubble show is Chuck, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior:Two and a Half Men, V or Lie to Me, where it’s a toss-up.

  3. jean10brook says:

    I will definitely miss America and hope that we do get her back next season. She is an awesome actress and I just love watching her and Eli together on screne. Good chemistry between them. It really helps bring out a much softer side to Eli, that we normally don’t see much. Bring her back! Please!

  4. CA says:

    She has been so great on the Good Wife. And as surprising as it is, her chemistry with Eli is great – and gives him some heart. Here’s hoping they bring America back!

  5. Valkyrje says:

    I really hope America/Natalie returns for season three. Eli and Natalie are so cute together and both Alan and America and their respective characters have great chemistry.

  6. Brad says:

    I hope America Ferrera comes back as she adds a classy role to the show as she is a very beautiful, intelligent, amazing actress. The chemistry between Eli and Natalie’s characters are awesome and shows Eli does have a heart and he is not as intimidating with everyone.

  7. tkart says:

    While I enjoyed America on TGW there has been far too much focus on Eli lately!

  8. cheri says:

    I love her character and love the chemistry between them, but would never want to really see them get together. I think the age difference is too much and for me there would be an ‘ick’ factor in seeing them kiss or anything. I would rather it just be a close friendship and camaraderie.

    • Tania says:

      I disagree with you on all levels. She’s in her mid-20’s and he’s in his, I would say, early to mid-40’s. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, there are many a couple who fall into that age range. If it was someone say in their 90’s with someone in their 20’s then I would think differently. I like the chemistry between these two and I would really like to see more of them.

      • Melinda says:

        I agree–we’re not talking Hugh Hefner-ickiness here. I liked seeing that Eli actually has a heart, and I think that he could use a little softness. I hope she does come back next season (and if she brought Becki and Michael with her, that would just be the icing on the cake. I miss those two so much!)

  9. Tabitha says:

    Fingers crossed indeed!

  10. DotDotDot says:

    Can’t wait! I do hope America comes back. I like how she makes cool Eli into a pile of mush. Age difference, I can live with it. They do have some very interesting chemistry.

  11. Corrie says:

    Yeah, see, I will be watching Parenthood. Parenthood, which has so much more heart than The Good Wife, is horribly and unforgivably underexposed on this site. It is an amazing show. So disappointed in Ausiello, he is usually wise enough to understand the brilliance of Lauren Graham and the rest of that completely talented cast. And yet, every freaking week all we hear about is The Good Wife. I feel cheated – I’ve been following Ausiello mostly because of his support of Lauren Graham. It has been beyond pitiful lately, though. Really sad. :( GO PARENTHOOD!

    • bufbil1 says:

      I love both showsfor different reasons!I look forward to seeing them each week,one on tv and the next on the internet on wednesday.

  12. swens says:

    um Andre sounds more Russian than French Canadian … really really hope to see more America Ferreira in season 3, it makes sense right, if she’s going to be working for Alicia. *fingers crossed*

  13. PV says:

    I’d love to see her come back! I love having Alan Cumming on the show and his character needs a bit more diverseness; his daughter has been great but a romance would be really interesting!

  14. Ange says:

    Parenthood is great, no doubt; but I’m sure there’s a site for that show too.
    THIS site is for TGW, and like it or not, it beats ALL! Amazing cast, characters, writing, you-name-it; it’s ALL THERE. Can’t wait for tonight’s show!

  15. D. Marie says:

    Never mind all of this about Gold and America. Did you see Juliana at the end of the show. What an incredible actress. Please send Will in to rescue her.

    • recovering doormat says:

      I had recorded last night’s episode in case I didn’t get home in time to watch it, and I was glad I did. I usually erase the episode after I watch but this time I ran it back just to rewatch the last two minutes where Juliana’s character hears the name “Leila” and freezes,then walks out of her husband’s celebration in tears of disbelief. It was a powerful scene and you’re right, she is an amazing actress.

      I was so afraid last night’s episode was the season finale! I want to see what happens when Alicia confronts Peter and Kalinda. What timing!

      This show is an exquisite pleasure.

  16. Heather says:

    Eli was a great way to introduce her character but I don’t think most people want to see them together. Love her character and hope to see her return!

  17. suzanne says:

    I just love the show,even tho its a Tv show anyone can relate to the characters on it. I am looking forward to 2nites show.

    • kim says:

      Love The Good Wife …. excellent acting & interesting characters although have to wait abit for finale as in UK …… would love there to be something about Will & Alicia whilst at Georgetown .. maybe that Alicia’s son isn’t Peters but actually Will’s .. now that would throw a spanner in the works!

  18. s says:

    America is an incredible actress and her story line is awesome on the show. I hope she comes back next season.

  19. Rosa Barboza says:

    I would love to see Eli and Miss Flores together. I think that age does not matter in a relationship, as long as they understand each other and there is love, friendship and sex, they can be a happy couple…