May Sweeps Scorecard: Deaths, Weddings, Pregnancies, Sex, Reunions and More!

UPDATE: Our 2012 May Sweeps Scorecard Has Arrived!

Spoiler alert (well, a spoiler for those of you without calendars or an awareness of what month it is): May is coming up fast. This means, of course, that May Sweeps is right around the corner, and with it, May Sweeps spoilers galore and, even more exciting, season finale spoilers. But instead of just telling you everything that’s going to happen, I’m going to make this fun for me you. Take a look at the chart below. Go ahead, I’ll wait. See? It’s chock-full of spoilers but only of the near-spoiler variety, leaving you the opportunity to guess which characters I’m talking about. (Hint: Everything that’s mentioned happens to a regular or recurring character — no fly-by-night guest stars.)

As weeks pass, I’ll update the chart, revealing who’s who (most likely after the episode airs) and sometimes (read: when I find out more) tacking on additional mystery items. (I may also drop an occasional hint in the form of an asterisk quiz — if you’re good.) Now doesn’t that sound like fun? Lie and say yes; you know that’s what I prefer, anyway.

Number of weddings: At least 9
1. AIRED May 5: Callie and Arizona/Grey’s Anatomy
2. AIRED May 5: Derek and Meredith/Grey’s Anatomy
3. AIRED May 5: Charlotte and Cooper/Private Practice
4. AIRED May 8: Sarah and Luc/Brothers & Sisters
5. AIRED May 11: Casey and Mia/Better With You
6. AIRED May 12: Rajiv and Vimi/Outsourced
7. AIRED May 16: Ivy and and Raj/90210
8. AIRED May 16: Barney and… /How I Met Your Mother
9. AIRED May 16: Chuck and Sarah/Chuck

Romantic Reunions: At least 4
1. AIRED May 10: Rachel and Jesse/Glee
2. AIRED May 16: Chuck and Blair/Gossip Girl (albeit temporary)
3. AIRED May 19: Sam and Addison/Private Practice
4. AIRED May 24: Rachel and Finn/Glee

Number of couples having sex for the first time: At least 5
1. AIRED May 12: Booth and Brennan/Bones
2. AIRED May 15: Bree and Chuck/Desperate Housewives
3. AIRED May 17: Will and Alicia/The Good Wife
4. AIRED May 19: Raj and Penny/The Big Bang Theory ***BLIND ITEM REVEAL***
5. AIRED May 19: Ben and Leslie/Parks and Recreation

Number of shocking pregnancies: At least 11
1. AIRED May 3 Brooke/One Tree Hill
2. AIRED May 8: Kitty/Brothers & Sisters ***BLIND ITEM REVEAL***
3. AIRED May 16: Naomi/90210
4. AIRED May 16: Ruby/House
5. AIRED May 16: Lily/How I Met Your Mother
6. AIREDMay 16: Serena or Blair/Gossip Girl
7. AIRED May 16: Rachel/Hawaii Five-0
8. AIRED May 19: Brennan/Bones
9. AIRED May 19: Cristina/Grey’s Anatomy
10. AIRED May 23: Rachel/House
11. AIRED May 23: Leila/The Event

Number of babies born: At least 4
1. AIRED April 28: Shirley/Community
2. AIRED May 11: Mia/Better With You
3. AIRED May 19: Angela/Bones
4. AIRED May 17: Brooke/One Tree Hill

Number of breakups: At least 10
1. AIRED May 3: Peter and Alicia/The Good Wife
2. AIRED May 3: Artie and Brittany/Glee
3. AIRED May 4: Travis and Kirsten/Cougar Town
4. AIRED May 5: Sam and Addison/Private Practice
5. AIRED May 5: Matt and Caroline/The Vampire Diaries
6. AIRED May 9: Ted and Zoey/How I Met Your Mother
7. AIRED May 15: Tom and Lynette/Desperate Housewives
8. AIRED May 17: Quinn and Finn/Glee
9. AIRED May 17: Will and Tammy/The Good Wife
10. AIRED May 19: Pria and Leonard/The Big Bang Theory

Number of fatalities: At least 23
1. AIRED April 28: Jaden/Nikita
2. AIRED May 5: Jenna/The Vampire Diaries
3. AIRED May 5: John/The Vampire Diaries
4. AIRED May 5: Jules/The Vampire Diaries
5. AIRED May 5: Greta/
The Vampire Diaries
6. AIRED May 6: Olivia/Fringe
7. AIRED May 10: Mike Franks/NCIS
8. AIRED May 10: Special Agent Levin/NCIS
9. AIRED May 12: Nate Haskell/CSI
10. AIRED May 12: Vincent/Bones
11. AIRED May 13: Tess/Smallville
12. AIRED May 15: Felicia/Desperate Housewives
13. AIRED May 15: Alejandro/Desperate Housewives
14. AIRED May 16: Montgomery/Castle
15. AIRED May 16: Laura/Hawaii Five-0
16. AIRED May 16: Governor Jameson/
Hawaii Five-0
17. AIRED May 17: Jean/Glee
18. AIRED May 18: Sister Peg/Law & Order: SVU
19. AIRED May 19: Red John/The Mentalist
20. AIRED May 19: Craig/The Mentalist
21. AIRED May 19: Li’l Sebastian/Parks and Recreation
22. AIRED May 20: Raphael/Supernatural
23. AIRED May 20: Balthazar/Supernatural

Number of paintball wars:  2
1. AIRED April 28: The Office
2. AIRED May 5 and 12: Community

Number of possible fatalities: At least 8
1. AIRED May 6: Peter/Fringe
2. AIRED May 8: Horatio/CSI: Miami
3. AIRED May 8: Natalia/CSI: Miami
4. AIRED May 9: Sarah/Chuck
5. AIRED May 12: Elijah/The Vampire Diaries
6. AIRED May 16: Beckett/Castle
7. AIRED May 19: Pete/Private Practice
8. AIRED May 25: Beth/Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

Number of resurrections and/or big returns: At least 6
1. AIRED May 10: Jesse/Glee
2. AIRED May 12: Vicki/The Vampire Diaries ***BLIND ITEM REVEAL***
3. AIRED May 12: Anna/The Vampire Diaries ***BLIND ITEM REVEAL***
4. AIRED May 13: Lex/Smallville
5. AIRED May 16: Georgina/Gossip Girl
6. AIRED May 18: JJ/Criminal Minds

Number of onscreen firings and/or resignations: At least 4
1. AIRED May 10: Hetty/NCIS: LA
2. AIRED May 16: Chuck, Sarah, Casey and Morgan/Chuck
3. AIRED May 17: Bunch of Folks/NCIS: LA
4. AIRED May 19: Tom/Parks and Recreation

Number of engagements: At least 5
1. AIRED May 2: Blair and Louis/Gossip Girl
2. AIRED May 8: Saul and Jonathan/Brothers & Sisters
3. AIRED May 16 Mike and Molly/Mike & Molly
4. AIRED May 19: Naomi and Fife/Private Practice
5. AIRED May 19: Angela and Rob/The Office

Number of time warps: At least 3
1. AIRED April 29: Fringe
2. AIRED May 13: Smallville
3. AIRED May 17: One Tree Hill

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  1. Sarah El says:

    Number of paintball wars: 1

    WHOO Modern Warfare II!!!

    • Michael says:

      Has to be HIMYM!

      • meliot says:

        Uhh – no – it’s Community.

      • Sophie says:

        They’re more lazortag ;) plus i think the mystery wedding will be on the finale.. I could see that on big bang theory as well as a leonard and penny reunion :)

        • Sarah says:

          there is one wedding on Grey’s Anatomy. They have already announced that Callie and Arizona will tie the knot. I just hope they don’t kill the baby.

      • sashay says:

        No you’re thinking of lazartag. Paintball wars is the one and only Community. Liked the little mention of a re-match during yesterday’s show.

        • Sam says:

          Actually, they have had paintball on The Big Bang Theory, so it isn’t just Community who has had it. Though you are most likely right that Community is the one having it this season.

          • Brandi says:

            Trust me, it’s definitely Community. First of all, Ausiello leaked that spoiler forever ago and secondly, I just toured the Paramount lot where Community is filmed and saw paintball covered walls that the tour guide confirmed were recently used to shoot the season finale in which there is a second paintball war.

    • John says:

      Funny how I thought the Paintball War one was the biggest no brainer on the planet, and yet already there have been at least two other shows seriously pitched by commenters. Ha.

      It’s actually Community, btw.

    • Tracy Murray says:

      Paintball , the new TV trope where every sweeps month every TV character from every series , sitcom or drama , must partake even if they are broken hearted , about to have sex finally with his / her true love , about to die from some illness , get married , get divorced , get arrested , get fired , get rehired , go out of town to start a new life , go to a mental hospital to seek treatment , or just plain bored .

    • Wayne says:

      Actually there was a paintball war on The Office so that tally should be two.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Big return, Volkoff in Chuck? Though I would die a happy lady if Crowley in Supernatural was one of them.

    I also get the feeling Chuck is the answer for paintball wars.

    • Vanessa says:

      Actually add to the list of possible fatalities at least one of the major characters in Supernatural. They’re killing off everyone.

      • maya says:

        the same in Vampire Diaries. They want to shock so they don’t hesitate to kill the main cast… I would bet Bonnie and Jeremy have sex for the first time, Matt and Caroline or Jenna and Alaric breaking up if they aren’t counted as separate already, unless it Stelena to leave room for Delena in season 3 (If the writers do that I fly to Atlanta and threaten them until they rewrite some Stelena love!), at least one fatality, two possible and a near death experience, one resurrection and Stelena getting engaged if they don’t tear them apart…

    • bhm1304 says:

      I’m with you. There have been way too few Mark Sheppard sightings on television this year.

    • TP says:

      Lex in Smallville will be the resurrection/big return

  3. Esaul says:

    I just saw the episode of The Office with Dwight throwing snowballs at Jim. I can see him doing this…

  4. karen says:

    Ok on the coupple having sex for the first time, Castle and Beckett

    baby Born, I would have to guess Cali and mark and arizona

    • Zahra says:

      I agree with baby…but what about possible pregnancy… no i’m sure it’s going to beckett…

      • Anna says:

        One possible pregnancy might be Kate from Fairly Legal.

        • bhm1304 says:

          That would be kind of awesome, but I don’t think Ausiello cares about the best legal drama on television at present. Sarah Shahi and Michael Trucco have had the most realistic relationship on television this year.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Fairly Legal ends next week, before May sweeps, anyway.

          • Leithen says:

            You think Fairly Legal’s better than The Good Wife?

            I’d be interested in hearing why you think so.

          • wrldtrvlgrl says:

            totally agree. love that they started off sort of together and working it out. sort of. :)

          • Lore says:

            Fairly Legal is already finished the season finale, she got a pregnancy test but she wasnt pregnant. i love the show and hope theres a second season, but the firs one is over now

          • Snsetblaze says:

            I could barely get through the first episode of Fairly Legal although I liked Sara Shahi when she was on the L Word and I loved Trucco on Battlestar Galactica. Its the one USA show I didn’t bother looking at twice.

    • Jennifer says:

      Can’t be Cali & Arizona, she isn’t far enough along. It’ll definitely be Hodgins & Angela though.

      • Ashleah says:

        Actually, in the musical episode I believe Callie is 5 months pregnant. And that’s at the end of March. Plus, the show’s timeline isn’t like the normal timeline, so she could be around 8-9 months by May sweeps.

      • amelia says:

        callie already had the baby in the musical episode. the baby was born premature and isnt out of the woods yet.

      • bekkiiiii says:

        I think the couples having sex for the first time is going to be Teddy and Henry on Grey’s Anatomy! They have to end up together! Tenry FTW :D

        and there’s another engagement…well, proposal : TEDDY & DR PERKINS!!! as much as I hate him…I reckon she’ll say yes…it’s hard to get by without being a doctor on greys :'( but it’d be nice for someone to have a relationship with someone on the outside of the 4 walls of SGMW!

    • Rob J. says:

      Couple having sex for the first time: Booth and Bones.

      • strode says:

        If this were Bones’ last season than I’d agree.

        • JB says:

          Yes, except last year was a stupid dream episode.

          • lizziepop says:

            You are actually thinking of the year before last. The dream was S4 finale not S5. But we can only hope that it’s Booth and Bones, but i’ll settle for a kiss by the season’s end.

          • Michelle R. says:

            The poster didn’t say Bones last season, but Bones’ last season.

      • Flor says:

        I agree, I think, and hope, it’s Booth and Bones. They have to.

        • Lore says:

          i wish so we have a reason why Bones is pregnant the next season, i really really want they use their pregnancy in the show, but only if the baby is Booth’s

      • Krista says:

        Haddie & Alex on Parenthood.

        • AM says:

          Good call on Alex and Haddie. I am so in Vampire Diaries mode that I didn’t think about them.
          Also, for pregnancy I am putting my money on Winonna from Justified.

      • bmbrmom says:

        I dont watch this show but she is pregnant in real life so could be them to write her pregnancy in the show???

      • Alicia says:

        The second couple having sex for the first time is probably House and his mail-order bride. He turned her down on their “wedding night” which probably means it’ll happen once he’s really fallen “in love” with her. The writers are romantic like that.

    • Jayne Cobb says:

      the couple having sex for the 1st time will be Will and Emma from Glee

      • Tawny says:

        Ooh, that makes my stomach turn.

      • SJS says:

        The couple having “sex” for the first time will be Blaine and Kurt.
        Maybe Carol, Kurt’s stepmother will be pregnant.

      • SJS says:

        I think Kurt and Blaine will have sex for the first time, although
        the show won’t show it– the scene with the two of them will just
        fade out. Carol, Kurt’s stepmother could be pregnant.

        • Marissa says:

          You really think they would do that? You remember the episode Sexy right? Kurt was so against the entire notion of sex. I highly doubt they are gonna put Kurt and Blaine in bed. If any couple on Glee, it would maybe be Finchel? Thats just a random guess…not sure about that one. Although Wemma could happen too. Maybe. If she gets further past her OCD besides being able to eat unwashed fruit.

          • D says:

            I think it’ll be Finchel, for sure. I don’t think Blaine and Kurt will progress to sex that fast; they haven’t been together that long and I think they respect each other too much for either one to push for it, too.

      • KellyAB says:

        I really, really hope this isn’t the case, but I wonder if Terri could be pregnant with Will’s baby? They did sleep together in “The Substitute” episode.

    • Lady C says:

      Or Angela and Hodgins on Bones…

    • tahina says:

      Could be House and his green card my dismay. :(

  5. klutzy_girl says:

    Okay, births are easy:

    1) Michael or Katherine Hodgins on Bones
    2) Callie, Mark, and Arizona’s baby on GA.

    • Emma says:

      Don’t forget about Shirley on Community.

    • grrly says:

      There should be a birth on community, I think someone has already let it slip that Shirley has her baby in the finale. Which means it will happen during the paint ball war..interesting.

    • Rachel says:

      Gotta be Bones, right? I sure hope so. After last night I really want to know what happens to the baby!!

    • Bruce_F says:

      You’re forgetting Peter and Fauxlivia’s baby on Fringe. I believe they’ve already filmed the birth scene.

    • veronica says:

      i don’t think it will be callie’s baby being born. she’s only been pregnant since january. that’s way too soon.

      i think it will be angela’s baby and shirley’s baby.

      • Kacey says:

        Callie’s baby is one of the ones being born this season. Plus I’m guessing Angela is having the baby this season on Bones.

        Callie and Arizona are getting married, and so are Meredith and Derek. That’s 2 weddings on Grey’s.

        Near death experience–that’s Coma Callie.

        First time sex? Please be Booth and Bones.

        Possible fatalities? I’m guessing one is on Bones.

      • Susan says:

        They age Callie pregance along . she got pregant my the lasted november.

      • Greta says:

        Callie already had the baby, that won’t count towards this. It was born prematurely in the musical episode.

    • Lore says:

      Callie’s baby already born in the musical episode

  6. Rich says:

    Well, there’s a gimme. Paintball war is Community!

  7. Troy says:

    This is so stupid. I’m not even gonna bother with this charade.

    • Melly says:

      Yeah, pretty lame. I’m looking for REAL spoilers, not quasi-lazy ones.

      • Midori says:

        He gets paid a lot of money to be lazy.

        • Mark says:

          Oh boo hoo. This is a free site, and this scorecard is a yearly tradition. Part of the fun is matching spoilers and speculating on what fills what.

          Besides, the fact that there are 7 sweeps weeks Weddings, 5 deaths and 2 dramatic returns IS new information you’re not going to find at E, EW or anywhere else for that matter.

          • Esta says:

            Agreed, the people above must be “new” here. Ausiello does this chart every spring. I for one get a kick out of it!

          • Carrie says:

            I absolutely agree, this list is a lot of fun every spring. Filling it in as time goes by and wondering what/who is next.

        • emmitwest says:

          Y’all must be new. The scorecard is a time honored tradition. We Ausholes love it and look forward to it every year.

      • Sourabh says:

        I assume you are new, so I shall forgive your insolence.

      • Daniel says:

        Ausiello has been doing this for years, and for years I’ve anxiously awaited these season finale lists. It may be lazy, but it’s a fun way to keep myself guessing. Keep it up, Aushole!

    • mawhi says:

      LOL FOREVER. Cha-rade.

    • Green says:

      This is without doubt the most fun thing Ausiello does all year. I think it’s great to check back in to see which you got right.

  8. mossi says:

    Number of onscreen firings and/or resignations: At least 1

    Micheal Scott. Easy.

  9. Rita says:

    The look on Callies face in the picture is the look on my face right now.

  10. Floy says:

    “Number of paintball wars:1 ”

  11. Sam says:

    Chuck and Sarah
    Lois and Clark

    • lisa lark says:

      So true.

    • Jenny says:

      AGREED!!! At least I hope so!!!! These are my two favorite couples ever!!!!!

    • cb says:

      I’m inclined to agree with you but I don’t know. They might hold chuck and sarah until next season and lois and clark maybe not. When you compare smallville with lois and clark the adventures they’re a bit young to be together letalone married. Different shows so it could happen and I would like to see it happen but then again I kind of want to see hero stuff etc not wasting the few eps left on a wedding/ more wedding stuff. We already had that silly bachelor/ette party ep

  12. DJ Doena says:

    Can someone explain to me how this whole “sweeps results in weddings/births/deaths” thing works?

    Either I watch a series or I don’t If I don’t why would I tune in just to see two characters get married.

    *honestly confused about the concept*

    • Sen says:

      it’s just a fun guessing game to see if we can come up with all the crazy finale stuff. Also, it’s fun to see which shows are doing what in their finales.

      • DJ Doena says:

        I meant more from the point of view of the showrunners who put such “events” in the time of the sweeps.

        • Zak says:

          The events are meant to increase viewers for the episodes and set-up cliff hangers and story-lines for the next season if they get one.

          • Lex says:

            Plus it’s just part of the TV business to put major plot events at the ends of seasons. It either ends story arcs or, as Zak said, leaves them hanging.

        • MelindaB says:

          Sometimes past viewers will tune into a show that they’ve dropped to see a “special event.” I haven’t watched Grey’s since the end of 2009, but plan on watching the musical episode to see how it’s handled, and to see characters out of their usual personae.

    • Sadie Mae says:

      Back in the day, sweeps were in November, February and May. It was a time for stunt casting, major cliffhangers, deaths, etc. It was a way for the networks to increase viewership in order to set the ad prices.
      The more viewers a show received, the more money they could ask for a 30 second ad.

    • Esta says:

      “Sweeps” is when TV shows go for the highest ratings, so they tend to load up on big “events” so the comemrcials can make more money.

  13. Lindsey says:

    Ha! The only one I am sure of is that the Paintball War is Community! do the three pregnancies include the already-revealed 90210 one?

    • Chance says:

      Anything that’s already been revealed should be part of the “at least” number mentioned. The other pregnancy from the blind item last(?) week will also be part of the “at least”

  14. Blink says:

    Baby being born=Angela and Hodgins’
    Sex for the first time= Bones and Booth
    Break up= Artie and Britany??

    That’s all the guesses for today :)

    • Jill says:

      Romantic reunion: Santana and Brittany? They did say something big was going to happen in that relationship before the end of the season.

      • Kris says:

        One of the reunions is most definitely Finn/Rachel and it’s already been said the rest of the season will be about Santana focusing on herself so I don’t think it will be Brittany/Santana.

  15. JohnB says:

    Number of resurrections and/or big returns: At least 2
    1. Lex Luther (Smallville)
    2. William Bell (Fringe)

    • Jenny says:

      LEX LUTHOR!!!!! Oh I’m so excited!!!

    • Ariana says:

      I totally agree with number 2. The producers keep hinting at some odd way they’re going to use Leonard Nimoy’s character, which I’m guessing will fit into this section. Yeah!

  16. SnazzyO says:

    Starting early:

    1) Lois and Clark – Smallville

    Confirmed Fatalities:
    1) Tess – Smallville
    2) Sweets – Bones

    Sex first time:
    1) Bones

    Big Returns
    1) Lex – Smallville

  17. Ina B says:

    Romantic Reunions: At least 2
    1. House and Cuddy (House)
    2. Rachel and Finn (Glee)?

    Number of couples having sex for the first time: At least 1
    1. Booth and Brennan (Bones)

    Number of shocking pregnancies: At least 3
    1. Cuddy (House)?
    2. Lily on HIMYM (although, what’s so shocking about that)

    Number of babies born: At least 2
    1. Angela’s baby (Bones)

    Number of confirmed fatalities: At least 5
    1. A bunch of them on The Vampire Diaries

    Number of possible fatalities: At least 3
    1. Again, with The Vampire Diaries

    Number of resurrections and/or big returns: At least 2
    1. Big Return – Taylor on The Vampire Diaries?
    2. 13 (House)

    Number of onscreen firings and/or resignations: At least 1
    1. The chick replacing 13 on House

    • Alicia says:

      Good guesses; I really hope House and Cuddy are one of the reuniting couples, but don’t want any weddings, pregnancies or babies. And PLEASE no fatalities; Cuddy AND Wilson gotta make it to next season!

    • marnic says:

      I wish i was so optimistic on House and Cuddy as you seem you are. But i am not, at least on the reunion part. Though i am afraid that House might get married in the next episode. I hope not, i will stop watching if he does.
      I do hope though about a Cuddy pregnancy. It will add to the whole drama. If the baby is House’s of course.
      Fatalities, 13 might actually be true, cause i heard from somewhere that Olivia is filming a new movie?

      • Liz says:

        You didn’t watch season 3, did you? Cuddy CAN’T get pregnant, that’s why she adopted Rachel. Ugh, shipper fangirls can be so… *rolls eyes*

      • Idina says:

        Do agree that Huddy was a mistake… but they will defo come back together eventually ’cause there are already set pics circling around the Internet where they can be seen on the beach together… and that ep hasn’t aired yet. And I mean come on… there not gonna go back to dream/hallucination sequences even if House is back on Vicodin; that yould just be lame.

        • santa1563 says:

          that was from ‘thunder roadtrip’, an unaired version of this seasons premiere. the script was leaked not long ago.

    • Bob says:

      Sorry, but a House producer/showrunner/can’t remember already said that House and Cuddy are over for the long run. I agree about the Cuddy pregnancy and Booth/Brennan hook-up. We already know Amber Tamblin is leaving House before/when 13 returns.

      • tahina says:

        Huddy is over, doesnt mean thaey can have an one night stand-then Cuddy gets pregnant. I think that’s what Ausiello has been implying since day one.

    • Ina B says:

      Ok, I’d like to add a few more…
      Romantic Reunions: At least 2
      * Will and Emma (Glee)

      Fatalities (possible or confirmed)
      * Why do I feel lk something is going to happen to Dr. What’s-his-name John Stamos? Green light for a Will/Emma reunion?
      * Someone on Bones (Sweets??? Nooo, Sweets’ gotta stay!!!)

      * Artie and Brit (Glee) seems plausible
      * Ted and Zoey (HIMYM)

      * One is definitely HIMYM (I read somewhere the title of the season finale is “Challenge Excepted” so it sounds a lot like the Barney-thing to say when he gets hitched, don’t you think?)

      I’m outta ideas for the moment…

      • JohnDoe says:

        Another is Van Pelt and O’Laughlin on The Mentalist.

        • Idina says:

          Don’t really think that that’s gonna happen. I think O’Loughlin has been a bit weird from the start… the way he just appeared out of nowhere after that big Red John incident. I think he’s defo gonna turn out to be one of the bad guys… But then maybe a Van Pelt/Rigsby reunion?

          • chitown_mimi says:

            I agree with you, Idina! I think a reunion will happen between Van Pelt and Rigsby.

          • Antonia says:

            Agree, agree! Even better, they find out about the bad guy (O’Loughlin) right the day of the wedding so there’s Rigsby and they find out they are twins souls so we’ll have an unexpected but loved by fans wedding: Van Pelt/Rigsby! Yay!!!

        • Rebecca says:

          Not for sure a wedding. The spoiler I saw said either a wedding OR a death… So either way The Mentalist will see a wedding or funeral.

          • Rebecca says:

            Correction: Either a Van Pelt/O’Laughlin wedding or that O’Laughlin is killed. (By Red John) That’s the rumor anyway…

    • D says:

      I see Ziva in the shocking pregnancies and in 1 of the 7 weddings. Her boyfriend is going to show up in some of the next eps.
      The sex for the 1st time has to be Booth and Brennan, PLEASE! We’ve been waiting for 6 years!
      Births: Definitely Hodgins/Angela and Arizona/Callie/Mark.
      Return: 13
      Fatalities (confirmed/possible): Someone in Bones, sadly

      • D says:

        Maybe the 1st time sex with each other is on Castle – “Question: When are the writers going to stop toying with us and give us some real Castle/Beckett action? —Jade
        Ausiello: My guess: the May sweeps episode that finds the duo staring down temptation while stuck in the same hotel suite during a trip to L.A.”
        Michael posted this on Tuesday.

        • Idina says:

          Would love the Castle and Beckett idea but I’m just not quite sure whether ther writers and producers are really willing to go this far, after all it’s only the 3rd season of Castle.

          I see a way more realistic chance with Bothz and Brennan.

        • Nate says:

          Man, BB have seen that exact same temptation before and nothing ever came of it.. Castle will not risk putting their lead characters together yet, especially not in the so anti-climactic, un-perfect-love-story kinda way of boredom sex in a hotel room. They’ll continue to live in Bones’ shadow; trust me.

          • A says:

            I’m cheating, but for sex for first time:
            Chase/13. Now final 4 synopses are out it’s pretty blatant.

            If Cuddy gets pregnant I’ll be pissed. Don’t need more relationship drama.

            RE Castle: Nobody wants another Moonlighting. And House and Cuddy hooking up ruined the season for that show. Leads just can’t be in relationships with each other till the end.

      • Juanita says:

        Ziva is one of the deaths on NCIS

      • D says:

        Scratch Ziva off of everything!
        Returns and/or ressurections:
        JJ on Criminal Minds
        Probably Prentiss as well, given that her stunt double was on set when they were shooting the season finale.
        Glee- Becky
        Fringe- Olivia
        CSI- Nate Haskell or Ray Langston
        Castle- Cap. Roy Montgomery
        NCIS- Someone from the new team
        NCIS- someone from the new team
        Bones- Mr. Vincent Nigel Murray
        Romantic reunions:
        Finn and Rachel
        House and Cuddy
        Chuck and Sarah
        Couple having sex for the 1st time:
        Booth and Brennan
        Finn and Rachel
        Tony and Ziva
        Finn and Quinn (at last)
        Possible fatalities
        Someone from CSI Miami

        • Fran says:

          i approve… where can i vote? can we send this guesses off to the producers and have them on air in may?I would be sorry and still cry for every wedding and funeral but at least i would still watch all the shows next season!!!!

        • D says:

          Could Chuck’s Sarah be another of the possible fatalities? I seriously hope not. They are the only fav. couple of mine that is together, she can’t die.

        • D says:

          I’m guessing Beckett is another one on that list of possible fatalities. She can’t die! What’s gonna happen to Rick if she dies?

        • D says:

          Who would ever guess that Temperance Brennan would get pregnant? Now THAT is a SHOCKING pregnancy.

    • flor says:

      I like your guesses, specially the House, Bones and Glee ones

  18. samanthafromitaly says:

    firing-resignation: Michael Scott :(
    big returns: Georgina on Gossip girl

    • Bazinga says:

      If he’s going to the Nashua branch with Holly, this probably isn’t the resignation.

      I’m thinking someone on Glee will get fired in some sort of far-feched, season-ending, OMG moment — Figgins, Mr. Schu or Sue.

  19. Elsa says:

    Romantic Reunions: At least 2
    Please be Caroline and Tyler from TVD

  20. hello says:

    Is one of the big returns Lex Luthor? I really hope they won’t waste any time on a Lois and Clark wedding

  21. Amy says:

    I am wildly optimistic that one of the big returns will be Prentiss or JJ on Criminal Minds, extremely unlikely but a girl can dream.

    • Alicia says:

      Yep, this girl is dreaming the same thing, but JJ will probably never return (permanently) since they now have her evil twin. And if Prentiss even does return it probably won’t be for at least a year or so. :(

      • sashay says:

        No, I wouldn’t describe Seaver as her evil twin, but her dopppelganger or zombie. She adds absolutely NOTHING to the show. And I resented her getting any dialogue in Prentis last episode. That time should have been given to JJ! I was so excited when it looked like she would be killed off by the Irish serial killer (former assasin). It WOULD be a wonderful surprise to see that she agreed to being re-hired, and we get Emily back in recurring spots (while her new comedy gives her a higher profile). We can dream about it…

        • Alicia says:

          Hahaha, yes, zombie is PERFECT. She’s like a lobotomized JJ, it’s surprising she doesn’t actually run into walls. And focusing on her in Prentiss’ last episode was bad form. “Oh you’re the only one not close to Prentiss; we need your objectivity.” F-ck that noise! Then why did they bring back JJ as someone with a personal connection??
          Well I’m done watching anyway, so they can have BAU Barbie do whatever they want.

          RIP Criminal Minds

    • Ashley says:

      It would be FABULOUS if Prentiss and JJ were the big returns (he did say “at least” two), and Seaver was either a firing or a death. They’re trying so hard to make us like her and it’s not working – she’s just a poorly conceived and written character, and a complete waste of screen time.

  22. Corinne says:

    One of the babies is got to be from Angela and Hoggins from Bones, based on early spoilers from you I think one of the fatalities is from Bones too, fingers crossed it is Daisy. The only wedding I would bet on is Smallville’s Clark and Lois, although Chuck and Sarah might have time to get there’s in. I’ll have to think more for the rest.

    • Corinne says:

      I think couple sleeping together for the first time will be Alicia Florrick and Will Gardner from The Good Wife, Emma and Will from Glee or my long shot guess or Sheldon and Amy. Hoping(but not holding my breath)one of the returns is Zach on Bones. One shocking pregnancy to be Christina and Owen. For onr more wedding to my first post, I think an official wedding for Derrick and Meredith. Romantic reunion will probably be Barney and Robin and Leonard and Penny.

    • Corinne says:

      I think couple sleeping together for the first time will be Alicia Florrick and Will Gardner from The Good Wife, Emma and Will from Glee or my long shot guess or Sheldon and Amy. Hoping(but not holding my breath)one of the returns is Zach on Bones. One shocking pregnancy to be Christina and Owen. For one more wedding to my first post, I think an official wedding for Derrick and Meredith. Romantic reunion will probably be Barney and Robin and Leonard and Penny.

  23. Aline says:

    The coupple having sex for the first time has to Castle and Beckett! :D

    Why else would Beckett be in the photo? I don’t think it’s possible that any other situation will occur to her.

    • tahina says:

      from your mouth to my ears..please, please, let it be be Caskett!

    • Alie says:

      I don’t think Caskett will have sex before the end of the season. It would be too fast for them. I think her picture may be connected to a break-up with Josh.

      • Kristen says:

        I agree with a Josh-Beckett break-up, as opposed to a Beckett-Castle hook-up. I’d love to see both, but, oh please TV Gods, put Josh out of his misery!

      • TVFantaic says:

        I agree, I don’t think Beckett and Castle will have sex so quickly, it would cheapen it for me. But please let Dr. Motorcycle Boy crash and burn.

        • Magically Suspicious says:

          Please let him crash and burn in my front yard. I’d love a chance to practice my mouth to mouth skills.

        • elisha says:

          Yes, please Beckett and Josh break up!! Something is going to happen between Castle and Beckett but no sex (for now at least).

          The baby I think is Hodgin´s and Angela´s baby.

          Pregnancy… Cuddy? Kate from Fairly Legal? I hope not Kate Beckett!

          The return is Terry on Glee.

      • Aline says:

        I don’t think it is too fast, it’s been three years of the “will they/won’t they”. And Andrew Marlowe alredy said that they will *-* we just don’t know when, haha

        I hope Ausiello’s theory about LA is right, and that something will happen while they’re at the hotel.

        PS: I wrote *couple wrong in my first post, sorry.

    • Crystal says:

      Castle/Beckett is my hope. I would have banked on Brennan/Booth if last night had not have happened.

      • Nicole says:

        I don’t think their grand moment is going to be a hotel hook-up. I’d be really disappointed in their story if it all boiled down to a wild night in a hotel room, especially if Josh is still around. So, I see two reasonable possibilities for Castle:

        The first is a breakup: this is, of course, the scenario I’m hoping for. Break up with Josh, Beckett. Please!

        Because the second most likely category is an engagement…and I don’t think Esplanie has been together long enough for a proposal. Ugh…now I feel a little sick.

  24. Jen says:

    Marriage : Meredith and Derek on Grey’s.

  25. Noodley says:

    One of the weddings will be on Chuck!!

    hmm…I wonder where the paintball war will occur…

    Modern Warfare is what made me love Community. I am constantly rewatching it, so I have really high expectations for the finale. Bring it on, Harmon.

  26. ella says:

    Shocking pregnancies: one of them has to be Addison from private practice.

  27. Bob says:

    Hopefully we finally get my dream Sandy Cheeks/Spongebob wedding episode

    • sashayg says:

      Yes, they were meant to be together. Squirrels and sponges: such a natural pairing! I remember how heartbroken Spongebob was when Sandy planned to move away…

  28. eliott256 says:

    One of the weddings will be Meredith and Derek on Grey’s.
    One of the babies born is Shirley on Community.
    One of the shocking returns is Lex on Smallville.

    • Sarah says:

      Shonda’s said a hundred times that the Mer/Der post-it wedding was the only wedding they’ll ever have. According to her it was a “real wedding”. I doubt she’ll go back on that now.

      • eliott256 says:

        I quote “Those anticipating another massive-disaster finale can stop waiting. Creator Shonda Rhimes is taking it lower key this season (so the docs can leave their bullet-proof vests at home). That’s not to say viewers won’t walk away completely shocked, though. “I expect to hear a lot this summer that I broke all my promises to my fans, but we’re talking about growth in tremendous ways for our characters,” she hints.”

      • eliott256 says:

        Those anticipating another massive-disaster finale can stop waiting. Creator Shonda Rhimes is taking it lower key this season (so the docs can leave their bullet-proof vests at home). That’s not to say viewers won’t walk away completely shocked, though. “I expect to hear a lot this summer that I broke all my promises to my fans, but we’re talking about growth in tremendous ways for our characters,” she hints.

      • Trew says:

        It’s been pretty much confirmed that Shonda changed her mind about the post it, so Meredith and Derek are getting legally married.

  29. jeff says:

    wondering where Castle fits in???

  30. Marli says:

    Number of paintball wars 1 = House. Stacy comes back, shoots him again and he falls for her all over again. And we’re back to the begining LOL.

    Number of weddings at least 7 = one is definitely HIMYM (hoping it’s Barney and Robin) and one is from House (not House and Dominika, though, since Stacy’s coming back) Don’t know whose wedding it’ll be, but one is from House, maybe Cuddy and Wilson LOL.

    Number of onscreen firings and/or resignations: At least 1 = Cuddy fires House.

    Number of resurrections and/or big returns: At least 2 = Stacy from House.

    Number of babies born: At least 2 = Hodgela’s and Naley’s

    • Jill says:

      I think the HIMYM wedding is that guy who asked Ted to be his best man whose name I can’t remember now.

    • Kandelita says:

      where did it say Stacy is coming back? Sella Ward is already on CSI,NY. I just hope is neither Lucass or Lydia who are back on HOuse.

    • kjess says:

      Didn’t Haley go into labor last episode? Or have I been watching too many reruns (just saw the Jamie birth episode)?

    • Tracy Murray says:

      Stacy coming back , isn’t that a little far fetched since Sela Ward is now on CSI:NY ? I could see Cuddy firing House , not by choice though , she’ll probably be pressured by a potential donor with money and influence , I could see her totally regretting the decision later on , sometime just before the final credits roll , and in the first episode in the eighth season , she suddenly defies the donor and rehires House when a difficult case involving a patient or two with a really mysterious illness arises .

  31. OhMyBones says:

    Zaaaaack come baaaaack!! :C
    Couples having sex for the first time: Brennan and Booth :)
    Babies: Michael or Katherine Hodgins
    Possible fatalities: one of the squinterns
    near-death experience: Booth, Brennan, Hodgins, Cam, Sweets

    • sashay says:

      I’s like 13 to be one of the deaths. And Seaver from Criminal Minds.

    • Corinne says:

      It would make so many people happy if Zack returned. Especially since he never actually committed those murders, he just didnt want to lose his plea deal at the time.

    • Hannah Sydney NSW says:

      Why are you calling Hodgela; Katherine and Michael?

    • Jordan says:

      Oh my goodness, I SO hope Zack comes back!! And I hope that the rumored fatality is just one of the squinterns, not Sweets like people keep saying. Baby Hodgins is kind of obvious, and the near death experience would be fine for any one of them. But, of course, I’m hoping most for a Booth and Brennan relationship…resulting in a “shocking pregnancy”, maybe? :) I can’t wait!

  32. Sterling says:

    Reunited couples
    1) Barney & Robin (HIMYM)

    Couples having sex for the first time
    1) Zoe & Ted (HIMYM)

    Babies Born
    1) Callie, Arizona & Mark (GA)

    1) Michael & Holly (TO)

    1) Michael (TO)

    Paintball Wars
    1) Community

    Someone from Parks & Recs. My guess Joan Kalamezzo (sp?)

    The HIMYM wedding
    Derrik & Meredith (GA)
    Michael & Holly (TO)

    • sashay says:

      Zoe & Ted have already been together. Remember when bringing out the suitcase freaked one of them out? (First Zoe, than Ted). NO, guess again.

    • Josh says:

      Re: Parks and Rec…it could also be Lil Sebastian. Remember all the health problems Leslie listed for him?

  33. Alex says:

    Would be willing to be that one o the big returns/ressurections is Michael Rosenbaum as Lex on Smallville.
    And I bet one of the weddings is Lois and Clark on Smallville.

    Couples having sex for the first time?
    PLEASE let it be Booth and Bones!

  34. amy says:

    Engagement- most likely Gossip Girl since Blair was spotted with a ring. So, Blair/Louis is my guess for that category.

  35. bobo says:

    first time sex- house & cuddy
    shocking pregnancy -chris taub of house md

  36. collectivesoul says:

    I don’t watch a lot of shows, but here are my few guesses ;)

    Romantic Reunions: At least 2

    1) Penny and Leonard on Big Bang Theory

    Number of couples having sex for the first time: At least 1

    1. Beckett and Castle ;)

    Number of shocking pregnancies: At least 3

    1. Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop

    Number of babies born: At least 3

    1. Fauxlivia and Peter’s baby

    Number of confirmed fatalities: At least 5

    1. Please not Peter on Fringe!

    Number of paintball wars: 1

    1. Don’t know, but this sounds cool!

    Number of possible fatalities: At least 3

    1. Please not Peter on Fringe!

    Number of resurrections and/or big returns: At least 2

    1. William Bell

    Number of time warps: At least 1

    1. FRINGE

  37. Sami says:

    I heard that One Tree Hill is doing a season finale that spans the length of a year, so I’m guessing that is the time warp.

  38. Darth Clavie says:

    I Think the couple having sex for the first time has to be Booth and Brennan, they owe us after the huge fiascoes of 2 seasons ago season finale, the 100th episode and last season’s finale.

    We deserve it.

    • Antonia says:

      I agree and it makes sense if someone of the main cast is gonna die, like someone points, they’ll rethink about what’s life, choices and chances so they won’t wish to lose time anymore denying the evidence: they love each other!.

  39. Re says:

    One of babies born is Fauxlivia and Peter’s baby on Fringe.

  40. Jenuzela says:

    Number of weddings: At least 7
    1. Chuck and Sarah

    Number of couples having sex for the first time: At least 1
    1. Booth and Bones (? PLEASE!)

    Number of babies born: At least 3
    1. Angela and Hodgins bebe :)
    2. Callie and Mark’s baby!

    Number of paintball wars: 1
    1. The Office? :D

    Number of possible fatalities: At least 3
    1. Sniper victim on Bones?

    Number of resurrections and/or big returns: At least 2
    1. Volkoff on Chuck and/or Papa B (because nobody seems to stay dead or in prison on Chuck)

    And the rest? I got nothing. :D

  41. Kiddo says:

    Number of couples having sex for the first time: At least 1


  42. Ompa Lompa says:

    Whatß No big kisses coming up?

  43. bd_bobcat says:

    Sex for the 1st time could be Booth and Bones. Hart Hanson recently said they weren’t sure whether they want them together by the end of the season or not, but Im not holding out hope anyway. We’ve already waited like 7 years…what’s one more.

    • amylorene says:

      I think that Booth and Brennan have made HUGE progress after these last couple of episodes! while i CANNOT wait for them to finally get together (and eventually make babies… i mean come ON. you cannot see those two together and NOT imagine the beautiful children they could create!), it almost pains me to say it, but i don’t think they should have them get together yet. I mean like in the last episode, Bones is taking time to make sure she is strong enough. She has made A LOT of progress this season and i think she has gotten to the point where sex isn’t purely physical and relationships are idiotic. i am a huge Shipper of these two but rushing it would be the ruin. Not only on Bones part, but on Booth’s as well since he is still super broken up about Hannah (ie, last episode). time is preparing and healing. that can’t be rushed.

      • Alex says:

        I would agree with you 100% but 7 episodes in enough “time” for anything to happen. I mean, how many episodes did it take for Booth to admit that he wanted a relationship with Brennan (maybe 3 or 4) after his break-up with Hannah. I do agree that Brennan has made so much progress this season so I hope that within those 7 new episodes, she let’s go of imperviousness and Booth has healed. I think it might be enough time but you know those writers.

  44. Michael says:

    Weddings: Chuck and Sarah?

  45. l says:

    I still hope one of the shoking pregnancies is Sarah from Parenthood!!

  46. Richard says:

    Couple having sex for the first time: Kurt and Blaine (“Glee”)

  47. Chance says:

    Sex for the First Time – Kurt and Blaine. Come on, we already know they’re going to the prom. What do people do after the prom? SEX.

  48. Liz says:

    Resignation: I think it’s Beckett! She’s going to catch her mom’s killer and then she’s going to go through a crisis and not know what to do with her life…

  49. Bee says:

    unless they’re doing it before may, charlotte & cooper’s wedding on private practice is one of them.

  50. Tamara says:

    Chuck and Sarah, MerDer (officially)

    Baby Hodgela, Baby MarkCaliZona

    again, MerDer or maybe Owen & Cristina (since she “hates” babies!)