Ratings: Nikita Still Straddling Renewal Bubble

Not for a lack of sex, guns and rock-n-roll, The CW’s Nikita still struggles to make a case for hopping off that renewal bubble and securing a Season 2 pickup. With its first fresh episode in six weeks, the action-drama was welcomed back by 1.78 million total viewers (down 11 percent from Feb. 24) and matched its low 0.7 demo rating – and mind you, lead-in Vampire Diaries is starting off the night with a comparatively robust 1.2 rating.

The CW notes, though, that Nikita was up 13 percent among women 18-49 aka the network’s sweet spot. Still, let’s hope some more eyeballs show up next week.

Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Axed? What’s on the Bubble?

As for Thursday’s other bubble shows, NBC’s Perfect Couples wrapped up its truncated freshman run with 2.26 million viewers and a 1.0 rating, on par with its previous outing, while Outsourced closed the Peacock’s night with 2.9 mil/1.3, dropping 13 percent in the demo.

Elsewhere this Thursday:

8/7c | American Idol‘s so-sad results show was witnessed by 20.65 million viewers and scored a 6.1 rating, down a few percentage points week-to-week. The Big Bang Theory held steady at 11.24 mil/3.6, while Vampire Diaries returned to an audience of 2.75 mil and a 1.2 rating, down 7 percent from its last fresh eppy.

9/8c | The presence of Lady Heather (and absence of a new Grey’s Anatomy) goosed CSI‘s numbers a few percentage points to 12.6 million viewers/2.9, while Bones dipped a bit to 11.28 mil/3.3.

10/9c | The Mentalist, featuring V-ery special Visitor Morena Baccarin (I am nothing if not subtle) enjoyed gains of 5 percent, hitting 14.7 million viewers and a 3.0 rating.

What were you tuned into this Thursday?

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  1. wtf says:

    its doing better than gossip girl why is gossip girl getting renewed???

  2. MGL says:

    That’s too bad because it is a really good show. Last night’s episode was a prime example. However, that said, Nikita is almost too good for the CW. It’s not a show of high school kids or filled with teen angst. It’s almost more adult themes. The action, venues and romance are all top notch and better than any other network is producing. Hopefully if CW does not pick it up another network like USA or FX (or maybe even CBS, they own part of the CW)would. It would probably be a much better fit and attract the larger audience that it deserves, someplace else.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I have to tell you, last night during the truck bombing sequence and again during Michael’s one-man invasion of the mansion, I quite literally thought to myself: “I can’t believe this show is on The CW.”

      • Lambsilencer says:

        Yes, it’s definitely a very adult show for The CW. I always thought that “Supernatural” was not a CW show at all (I believe there are more than a few parents who wouldn’t want their teenage children watching it, because of all the gore and grisly violence), but the two boys make for enough eye candy to attract the young females, and the great storytelling and writing is there as well, which certainly helps to get more eyeballs. But “Nikita”, I think, is very serious (much more so than “Supernatural”), and, as the huge drop from the “Vampire Diaries” lead-in proves, is not a show for teenage girls, which are the main audience for “Vampire Diaries”. So, “Nikita” is either paired with the wrong show, or it really is on a network that doesn’t have a big enough audience for it.

      • Cy says:

        Ditto–but the CW has had some surprisingly strong writing on its newer shows (TVD, actually, even Supernatural had some great eps). Nikita is quite an incredible show… I feel like if it had been on a bigger network, it would have a massive following by now.

  3. Bernice says:

    I need people start watching this show. It’s such a wonderful show. I just really hope it doesn’t get cancelled. It can’t it just can’t.

  4. Diane says:

    Nikita is dead. CW needs to cancel or move it and use that slot to launch a new show. If they pick up at all it can’t be for more than 13. Do you have W18-34 numbers for the CW shows?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      TVD was up 6% among W18-34, NIKITA flat.

      • Diane says:

        Its a shame that Nikita couldn’t up its W18-34 numbers with Grey’s in reruns. That number will probably get worse when fresh episodes of Grey’s return. Pretty good for TVD given its up against Idol.

        Do you think Nikita’s best chance is to move to another night? No way would CBS pick it up and I can’t see the cable nets doing so either. Shame for the show, hope its given at least 13 more to try to up its numbers.

      • jonathan says:

        they are totally gonna pick it up and pair it with Supernatural
        calling that now

        • josh says:

          I agree, a Friday night pairing of Nikita and Supernatural would be great.

        • David says:

          Yep Good Call!
          With the wrap up of Smallville, I could see Nikita paired with Supernatural. I’d worry about the whole “Friday death slot”, but it’s not a death slot for Smallville and Supernatural so it could definitely work, and the benefit is it wouldn’t be expected to pull huge numbers in that slot to keep it going, though with a Supernatural paring it might see higher numbers.


        • Hbomb says:

          Actually that is a pretty realistic call as it seems that it would make for a good fit there since the CW has 2 new “supernatural/angsty pretty teenage people” pilots coming out next season that they might be a more natural fit with TVD. SPN has a more action-esque feel that might pair better with Nikita. I know Friday is typically the death slot, but SPN and Fringe have been bright spots on Fridays for me when I’m home.

    • jazlyn says:

      if you dont like the show y r u taking the time to coment for its staus nobody cares if u hate it thi s is basicly for renewal status so just get angry somewhere else………………NIKITA is a a great kick asss show

  5. Amanda says:

    This show is worth saving. It’s stunning. Intelligent. It constantly surprises me with its twists and turns– this is so rare. If CW drops it I too pray it can be saved by a net that will treasure it for the gem it is.

    • Mike says:

      That’s just it, it is intelligent and goes beyond just the visual. It has a good cast of characters with plenty to explore. I hope it is renewed.

  6. mdaily says:

    If the CW did not have the ridiculous policy of streaming its episodes one week AFTER their debut, and if they did not depend on the inferior streamer player (use HULU, for heaven’s sake!), I would be able to watch. As it stands, I often work on the evenings it broadcasts, and so I lost sight of the episodes because I was unable to follow through either On Demand or online. Their online player crashes repeatedly. So, if the show is on a bubble, that’s on the CW. I do watch on the rare occasion I can catch it, or on the rare occasion their online player does happen to work.

    (And no, I don’t have a DVR… for many reasons.)

    • mdaily says:

      I was referring to Nikita the show.

    • Jason says:

      Amen! CW’s online player is so frustrating, I don’t even bother…and I’ve read complaints about it for years! How can CW not know it’s a major problem?! They are “supposedly” geared toward a younger generation, yet they can’t even master the most basic of technology: a video streamer that WORKS?? Crashes, pauses, starting over, constant repeating commercials…it’s useless.

      That said, Nikita is well done, but ill-conceived, in that it was another “from the past” show (not that far back, either), when viewers really want freshness. It’s another of Dawn’s “empowered women” ventures that have spelled ratings disaster for the network. Each of the new six CW fall pilots are all centered around WOMEN, as well…geez, give us guys a break.

      When will CW learn that women don’t want to watch other WOMEN. They want to watch HOT GUYS. (Please see Amer. Idol voting, plus Supernatural and VD, for reference). It’s all about HORMONES, Mr. Programmer. Get a clue.

  7. Marc says:

    I think Nikita is suffering some of the problems Supernatural did last year: TVD is not the sort of show that leads into these two very well. Supernatural did better with its Smallville lead-in, I don’t think it retained crossover viewers last year being paired with TVD like it did in the past with Smallville. Is it any surprise then that it’s been strong on Friday nights where its lead-in is Smallville again?

    Same goes for Nikita. I don’t watch it but from what I can gather the writing is really good and it’s not a teen soap show like TVD is. If it really is an adult show like people are saying it is, why not renew it and pair it with Supernatural next season on Fridays? Better yet, why not put these shows on a better night to help them get the ratings they deserve? ANTM is starting to tank finally, move that to Fridays, cancel or move Hellcats, give Supernatural/Nikita Wednesdays and have TVD/The Secret Circle on Thursdays if it gets picked up.

    It was a good idea to launch a new show off the back of their highest rated one but sometimes CW makes scheduling look like it’s rocket science… it really isn’t. Dawn O can’t leave this network soon enough, she’s done an abysmal job on pretty much every front since its formation. How many shows have actually been successes since she’s taken over? Their highest rated shows are either ones that started on WB or UPN… this network needs someone who knows what they’re doing to be in charge, it’s as simple as that.

    (And this 18-47 female demo stuff is stupid, they’re sabotaging the network to hit this very small demographic and that’s kind of counter-productive if you ask me.)

    • Marc says:

      I meant women 18-34, sorry.

    • Kay says:

      That is the smartest thing someone has said in this whole conversation. I watch Nikita religiously every Thursday and I have to say it is the best show I have seen in a looonnnnggggg time. It’s ashame that it doesn’t have a bigger rating.

  8. Arrowk says:

    Cancel nikita and supernatural, useless shows.

    • Fion says:

      Beware poking the SPN interwebz beast

    • jen says:

      I’ll agree that Nikita needs to go (to be fair though I grew up on La Femme Nikita and could only force myself through one episode of this new version). I won’t go all SPN fangirl on you even though part of me is screaming out of sheer reflex. This season started out kind of weak. I hated the direction they took the show in. That being said, the second half of the season has been excellent. Originally, I was ready for this to be the last season. Now, I really want a 7th season.

    • sarah h says:

      Supernatural is a wonderful show, but you have to be more than a half-wit to appreciate it. So it’s understandable that you don’t get it, a reality show involving your intellectual equals vomiting on and bonking each other every night is more your style. Perhaps you try try that fan site out instead…

  9. Sgt Fuzzy Boots says:

    I really hope they keep Nikita it was kind of slow to start but its picking up steam. The WB and well I guess most of the other networks really need to stop with all the breaks in their series 6 weeks is too long. The how I met your mother show is doing the same thing. You get one new episode the have to wait 3 weeks for the next one and then 3 more weeks for another one. Why you ask…. because sweeps are in may so they have to extend the season by taking these breaks so the can make sweeps. The whole television show measuring needs to be updated. These breaks suck I have a short attention span… Oh look a kitty

  10. JD says:

    If the show was done for all the fans like was in the beginning for sure the ratings would be higher.
    Lately we’ve been invaded by a shipper’s campaign. (CW’s need promote all show and actors, not only a shipper).That made ​​it an immature teenage war. This one of the reasons that pushed the mature audience to other shows.

  11. JD says:

    If NIKITA was done for all the fans like was in the beginning for sure the ratings would be higher.
    Lately we’ve been invaded by a shipper’s campaign. (CW’s need promote all show and actors, not only a shipper).That made ​​it an immature teenage war. This one of the reasons that pushed the mature audience to other shows.

    • Jason says:

      I fully concur, JD. As a viewer, I’m so sick and tired of having the fans shove “Mikita” down my throat. It’s just another example of “fans” wanting instant gratification. “Give us Chuck & Blair, or I’ll stop watching.” “Give us Michael and Nikita, or I’ll stop watching.”

      Well, you got your wish, and now we can ALL stop watching, ’cause there’s no where else for the story to go. Thanks a lot, “fans.” You’ve brought this cancellation on all by yourselves.

  12. Pam says:

    I need to watch this show. It seems up my alley but by Thursday, my DVR is looking pretty crowded.

  13. Sassy says:

    I’m so, so sorry that NBC won’t be picking up Perfect Couples. It is a very witty comedy, on par with Community and 30 Rock. I think it was seriously under-marketed, and it seemed below the radar of most critics. I think 2 million viewers is still pretty special, and don’t expect that the new Paul Reiser comedy will do any better. Most of all, I don’t understand why crap like 2 1/2 Men was on the air for so long. Are most viewers stupid??

  14. Nikki says:

    Nikita is AMAZING! The CW has no choice but to renew it! Its the best show on there, and it did better than The Vampire Diaries which is supposedly the network’s big ratings grabber. It has exceptional writing, a HUGELY talented cast, amazing editing and stunts, and a very large, devoted fanbase. Stop being so negative about it!

  15. Sabrina says:

    Mikita shoved down the viewers throat? They have had an episode arc or two. For most of the season the Mikita ship was not front burner — the Alex/Nikita/Mythology SL was.

    Mikita is drawing in thousands of FANS who of course are not Nielsen families. And the Nielsen families are not tuning in because of LFN hang ups and CW hang ups.

    So lets not blame Mikita for anything. Mikita is drawing in buzz and media attention that the show needs just as badly as nielsen viewers.

  16. JD says:

    I dont have shipper so I can blame who I think is the problem.
    The CW has made ​​a sickening campaign in the media about Mikita. As if the show was about a shipper, about a couple. Did not want to change the name of the show to Mikita?
    I love all characters, not only 2. I see Nikita as a WHOLE.
    I dont care about MIKITA, MALEX, NOWEN, NALEX, please!!! Give me a story where all characters and all fans are respected.
    But if MIKITA FANS think are the only wise. So do the ratings go up.
    Since short order you’ll be the only fans who see Nikita.

  17. Paula says:

    I was kind of interested in seeing this Nikita for the first time. I’m one Twitter and follow a few shows on there. Then all of a sudden, I started getting spammed via Twitter by a ton of fans thinking they need to tell me over and over again ad nauseam to watch this show. And not just a little. Literally DOZENS of tweets a day by a couple of fans who decided they should shove this show down our throats. Like somehow they are leading charge to get all people to tune in. Look, I don’t watch a lot on Thursday’s…there’s not a lot to offer, so I was really interested in watching Nikita based on some critics reviews, but some fans are just ruining it. If you want people to be interested in Nikita for the fist time. Your spam-fest campaign is NOT working. Speaking as someone who was kind of interested at first, what some over-the-top fans have done and continue to do is completely turning me (and many others off), so for the sake of Nikita’s future ratings and new potential fans excitement…GROW UP and QUIT the spam fest please. It’s doing nothing to help your quest to save this show. The EXACT opposite as a matter of fact.

    • wd says:

      absolutely echoed. There is a difference between publicizing and spamming, fans need to learn where to draw the line

      • Keith says:

        Agreed. I too am now faced with unfollowing a couple of friends on Twitter because they care so little about me they feel the need to bombard my Twitter timeline with Nikita tweets repeatedly. Was feeling badly about doing so, but considering they care so little about my own personal timeline that htey can clogg it up on a daily basis, I guess no loss. By the way these non stop Nikita spam tweets have made me not ever want to tune into this show period.

        • Kayla says:

          Attention CW, please tell those fans to stop. Their behavior on Twitter ruining the Nikita experience for me

          • hs says:

            Ditto. Some fans have no idea how much they ruin it for all of us. Doubt CW can do anything, but at the very least they should be made aware of the mess some are creating for their show via Twitter spamming.

  18. AlistairCrane says:

    I love The Vampire Diaries and watch it religiously, but I tune out when it’s over. Nikita doesn’t appeal to me. In fact, I don’t watch anything at 9 on Thursdays.

  19. J says:

    Why would they think VD is an appropriate Lead-in? The shows couldn’t be more different/to different audiences. Not to mention Thursday is a busy busy night.

    The problem is sometimes Nikita is too much for the girls, and sometimes it’s more “mature”. They need to decided where they going. Either make Alex more mature/get rid of her, or just make Nikita another one of those females who need a man to shine ala CW typo.

  20. Sparky says:

    Was a little sceptical about how they were going to pair Nikita and Michael together but I was really surprised and very impressed with last nights storyline. Of all the CW shows I think Smallville, The Vampire Diaries and Nikita are highlights on a very poor schedule of what used to be a great network. If I were in charge of the network I would probably pair TVD with the Secret Circle next season. I personally think Supernatural should be paired with a comic book character on a similar line with Smallville. They need some sort of kick-ass show like Nikita to pair it with on another night. And as for Gossip Girl, the terrible 90210 and very weak shows like One Tree Hill (put it out of its misery) and Hellcats time to go to that place in TV heaven where shows usually go to die and bring in some new shows.

  21. DB says:

    i LOVE both TVD and Nikita, but it’s becoming clear that both shows cater different audience (kind of like the failed pairing of Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars)…I think they should pair Supernatural and Nikita together next season, or I hope they have another action show on the menu.
    Morena Baccarin was pretty awesome on Mentalist, what a wasted opportunity for Warner Bros to promote V when its season already ended. I actually wished she wasn’t the killer so she can come back sometimes.

  22. DeAnna says:

    I didn’t watch Thursday and I never miss Nikita. I think there’s a group of teenage girls who want this show to be some sort of soap opera love story and the coolness of it was is changing, and to the posters above about the spam on Twitter-I so agree. Follow a lot of Nikita fans on Twitter because I am a major fan and there’s this group of girls re borderlining on harassing fans with their spamming of the show. It’s probably the same group who wants to change the face of Nikita into a teen drama. Either way, it’s annoying as all get out and needs to sop pronto.

  23. Dianne says:

    I’m a huge fan of the show, but I have to agree that seeing the spamming and the shipper squeeing really does make me cringe. I implore any of you who have been turned off to stick with it, and just try to tune out the other stuff. Nikita is so fantastic, I want to see it stick around!

    • Mike says:

      I won’t stop watching Nikita, however these spammers on Twitter have zero filtering system and absolutely no idea the damage they do to potential followers of the show. They won’t stop until Nikita gets the ax -heaven forbid-, and then blame everyone but themselves for the lack of enthusiasm in watching rather than see the damge they cause.

  24. LIzzy says:

    I fit into the demo that the CW loves, and this is the only show that appeals to me on the network. Sure the show is darker, but it goes beyond teen drama/angst, and who’s dating/cheating on/hooking up with whom.

    Also, why is it that people think girls won’t like a show with a strong female lead, even if there is a lot of action?

  25. Ali says:

    I absolutely love Nikita. Its a good show with a wonderful plot. And yes, I am one of those girls thats a very big fan of Supernatural. I honestly think if they paired Nikita and Supernatural together, they would get better ratings. Both shows have strong leads as the main characters and both shows are more mature based. They are pretty much the only two shows that dont involve or center around the whole, “Who is shacking up with who and ohhhh teenage romance” stuff. And I like that. If Supernatural and Nikita were paired, I would be a very happy lady.

  26. . says:

    hope it wil get renewd nikita

  27. lolo says:

    NIKITA is such an underated show , and i feel really sad that this show doesn’t have the ratings it deserves , i bet if it was on nbc or fox it would have been a huge hit by now and would be treated like it should be … because honestly cw revolves around teens and this show is the only one that doesn’t belong on the cw …. it’s dark , smart , well written and has a lot of action … something you can’t say on all the other cw shows … so if they cancel it would only show what a network cw really is .

  28. macey says:

    Could the people spamming Twitter with all the “Nikita/Mikita” bull and all the non stop quotes PLEASE stop? You are totally making me and others dread watching the show. Don’t you have any shame? Seriously, how old are you? Could you let us fans just enjoy Nikita and back the heck off with cramming non stop tweets on us day and night? Get a life why dont’ you. You do the worst service for Nikita’s ratings and it showed on Thursday, are you happy now? You’re just shameless and totally NOT helping. Shame on you for making us grow tired of such a great show with childish silliness and thoughtlessness for others.

  29. jazlyn says:

    if you dont like the show nikita sto commenting some people actually care for the show and want it to stay on your ruining its chances so just get a life nobody cares what u like i always look forward to nikita if im having a bad week it britghtins my da and im happpy tht show is great so just shut up and keep your thoughts untyped there r actuall nikita fans out there so just watch some thing else…….DUH