Will House Call NBC Home Next Season? And Other Burning Questions Answered!

Is House about to become homeless?

Variety is reporting that renewal talks between NBC Universal and Fox are going down to the wire, and if a deal isn’t hammered out by April 15, the Peacock (which owns the hit drama) may shop the show elsewhere — and NBC itself is one possible suitor.

Series creator David Shore, however, is operating under the assumption that not only will House be around for another season, it’ll continue to air on Fox. “I would be absolutely astounded if there wasn’t [a Season 8],” Shore told reporters Friday during a conference call to promote Monday’s 150th episode. “Fox wants to have a Season 8, and NBC Universal wants them to have a Season 8. I fully expect there to be a Season 8 and we’re proceeding on that basis.”

But as underscored by TVLine’s recent Q&A with costar Robert Sean Leonard, a more pressing question is whether House‘s current occupants will be back. While Hugh Laurie is contracted for next season, deals for most of the supporting cast — including Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer and the aforementioned Leonard — are set to expire in May.

Asked specifically about Leonard — who confessed to being very much on the fence about continuing on — Shore said, “I’m operating on the assumption that he’s going to be back. We love him and we value him. That relationship [between House and Wilson] is one of the cornerstones of the show. That male friendship thing is one of the things I’m proudest of on the show.”

Shore was less certain about the fate of Olivia Wilde, whose return as Thirteen after an extended absence serves as the centerpiece of Monday’s milestone hour. “That’s yet to be worked out,” Shore said of the actress’ status beyond this season. “I certainly hope we have her. She’s wonderful.”

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  1. Bruna Cora de Andrade says:

    and what about LE. Shore say something?

    • Jake G. says:

      + 1. Anything on Lisa?

      • ghislaine says:

        Ausiello, you gotta find out about Lisa for us. She has to be back next year. How sad would it be come TCA time without one of your famous Ausiello/Lisa E. interviews?

    • Jane2 says:

      Yes, what about Lisa Edelstein? Cuddy is a “must have” for me to give season 8 a chance.

    • Ibsen says:

      Always great about bringin’ us the ‘House’ news, Michael. Thanks. :) Now could you find out for us about whether they are bringing back Lisa?

    • Lauren says:

      I love that you’re always so quick about getting us [H]OUSE news, Ausiello. Please keep us updated on this. And as soon as you get the chance, would you ask about David Shore’s plan for Lisa. So many of us love her and her character and hope she’ll grace our screens next season.

    • Brooklyn says:

      Love the show and can’t imagine Monday nights without it. Hope they can geta deal worked out. :/ About the cast: I hope they will resign all of them. My favorites though are Hugh Laurie/Lisa Edelstein/Robert Sean. I know for certain Hugh will be back because without him there’s no show and his contract runs through season 8. Now we know that there’s a good chance Robert Sean will be back. So all that’s left is Lisa E. Will she be back? Cuddy is wonderful and she balances out the guys for me on the series.

      • sarah h says:

        I assume you mean re-sign. Resign means that the cast quits. Seems at odds with the rest of your post.

        • Brooklyn says:

          Yes! Thanks, Sarah. I should proof read. *slaps forehead* I definitely don’t want her to resign. Thanks again, Sarah.

    • Jeri says:

      Are they bringing Lisa back next season?

      • Monica says:

        I certainly hope they’ll bring her back. I can’t imagine the show without Cuddy. Cuddy’s just as much a staple for me as Wilson is. They have unique roles in the series as the people closest to him. I hope whoever is in charge of contracts next season realizes how important she is to many of us in their audience.

      • Michaela says:

        Yes please! Scoop on their plans for Lisa returning next season would be perfect.

    • Pedro says:

      We need Lisa on the show. She is the heart of House MD

  2. Lina says:

    Since House and Cuddy broke up i don´t care if there is a season 8 or not.

    • Tania says:

      First, GROW UP! ; Second, stop being so SELFISH. There are many of us who are TRUE fans of the series when it comes to the progression of the characters and their stories. Personally, I would like to see more clinic hours. If you want to continue that Huddy storyline (which I liked btw), I suggest you get to writing those lame ass fan fictions that people like you seem to fawn over. Take that as some compensation. I would like to see the series and Gregory House’s journey to continue. Thank you very much.

      • Audrey says:

        I’m a true fan and a Huddy too. I hate the hypocritical Huddy fans who behave like this. Mostly they’re from IWFC. I want the show to return next season along with Cuddy and Wilson. *fingers crossed*

        • Somy says:

          You could have stated your opinion without being rude and generalizing about other websites/communities like IWFC. If you don’t like it, don’t go there.

          There’s no need to take community wars onto Ausiello’s comment section. There are plenty of good points being made in several places about the quality of the writing this season, the lack of decent exploration of House & Cuddy, the show’s treatment of women, etc. You don’t have to support the writing unconditionally to be a good fan.

          • Ray says:

            Look, one of the huddytards of the IWFC! You huddy fangirls are the ones who keep popping up and spamming everywhere, if you don’t like the show anymore then go watch for something else!

          • lima says:

            I don’t think supporting it unconditionally is an issue with IWFC. They have no clue as to how they look to everyone else. They make Huddies look bad. They gripe about Cuddy and women on the show being written to be over emotional and b*tchy and *they* act exactly like that. And they are totally clueless about the irony. They gripe and nag and complain almost every.single.day. They hate, vote against the show, say Lisa should leave regardless of the rest of her fans who want her to stay or what Lisa wants, they think they are infallible. I have not once seen a person from IWFC question whether they were right about anything they said no matter how outlandish or cruel. Almost everyone but them, Huddy or anti-Huddy think their behavior is rude, cruel, vengeful, selfish and self-absorbed. There’s a difference between unquestioning loyalty and their over-the-top hysterics over not getting things the way they want it. Even when Huddy was on they complained almost every episode. They are just a horrible bunch of people and embarrass and anger other Huddies and are used as a laughing stock and mockery for anti-Huddies because of their ridiculous behavior. If they ever took the time out to question themselves once in awhile, they might be better people.

          • Amy says:

            This group sounds like the Vartan Hos back in Alias fandom — you know, if everything’s not going the way THEY want, and if the one actor they like isn’t being featured the way THEY decree, then they’re going to slam the show and run down everybody else who is interested and ruin everybody’s good time. Ugh.

        • Belle says:

          Perhaps you should spend your time worrying about the show and commenting on this article rather than using this as a soapbox forum to abusively rant against other House Fan Communities. If you have a problem with that site and its members/contributors don’t read it!

          As to this news. I would really like to know what is happening with Lisa Edelstein’s contract. I consider her an essential part of this show and one of my favourite characters and I am getting increasinfly concerned as to her future with the show. We have had news on RSL and Hugh and unfortunately the media is giving us OW news adnauseum at the moment (sorry I don’t care about 13 what so ever) but what I would like to know is what is happening with the long standing and important to the shpw original cast members – LE, RSL and JS. Can we get some news on them????

        • Lula says:

          IWFC Huddy’s are no worse than TWOP Hamerons, Hilsons and Hacys. They all spread weird conspiracy theories and speculate on the actors personal lives with little to no real info.

      • layla says:

        If someone isn’t enjoying the show anymore it’s reasonable to not care if the show goes on. You can be a TRUE fan of something and reach a point where you feel the quality has dropped to the point where you not longer think it’s good. I’m a fan of early Rolling Stones but nothing after 1980, am I obligated to buy and listen to music I don’t like as a fan?

        The IWFC people can be a little nuts. But you can be a TRUE fan of season’s one through 7.5 or whatever. You don’t have to keep watching something that has changed to be a TRUE fan. I think the quality has been slipping these past couple seasons and the past two episodes were like a House spoof. If I doesn’t get back on track I won’t feel bad about not watching.

    • Darrow says:

      WOW…its a TV show, if everything was always nice and good, no one would watch it. Jeez House and Cuddy will eventually get back together, but its the journey that make it a Good-to-Great TV show.

      • @Darrow says:

        Exactly. I want to know if they’ll get back together and what other things we’ll see on House’s journey. The IWFC Huddies need to get the stick out of their– well, you know. I still love the show and think it’s, though admittedly ageing, one of the best shows on television in a sea of mindless dramedys, reality shows and shows with much more generic and fluffy material. House outshines them all.

  3. Sarabi says:

    After this whole fiasco that is season 7, I won’t be sad if there isn’t going to be another one that would be season 8.

  4. Andy says:

    Looks like the last two seasons of House have been “operated on the assumption”. Olivia Wilde as a centerpiece? Good luck with that.

    • Toby says:

      He said that Olivia Wilde is the centerpiece of MONDAY’S EPISODE.

      • Andy says:

        Feels like one episode too many. Also she is the only one of the supporting cast with a signed contract for the next season. Forget RSL or LE, they are not that important anyway, since Olivia Wilde is “so wonderful”. Prepare to enjoy her frozen mug for many episodes to come. In case you are still watching, of course.

  5. Gobblin1980 says:

    I could care less if OW signs for S8. [H]ouse is nothing without HL, RSL & LE….JS for the eye candy but the others meh, see ya.

  6. sigh says:

    This whole business is frustrating. Comcast needs to sign HOUSE already. It’s a great show with millions of viewers who will be back next season and make them a lot of money. Many other shows I watch are already signed or almost there and we’ve been waiting for this to be ironed out for quite some time now. Not to mention waiting to find out if our favorite characters will be back. It’s not fair to the actors or the crew and cast to be dangled like this. Anyway, they need to bring back Shore to helm the project, and bring back at least Robert and Lisa (ideally I’d like the whole cast to return) next season and I’ll be there. We’re waiting on you, Comcast.

  7. Hallie says:

    Mike, thanks for the news. Could you tell me anything about Lisa next year? I mean, I’m glad they value RSL, I do too and the House and Wilson friendship is great. But what about Cuddy? I love her too. Don’t they? I’m feeling a little down lately with all the bad news. Anything nice Shore can say about Lisa would be appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch.

  8. Somaya says:

    I hope Robert Sean Leonard stays. I really think they should prioritize the core cast, House was doing fine without Olivia Wilde, I have no idea why they’re wasting the 150th episode on her.

    Also, Michael my darling, did they say anything about Lisa Edelstein’s contract?

    Thanks for the updates!

  9. MiMi says:

    Why is OW so goddamn special?! And why is 13? I just don’t get it.

  10. Lauren says:

    Comcast would be crazy not to bring [H]ouse back next year. It’s a great show that still has good things to explore. I want to see more of House’s journey, I want to see what happens with House and Cuddy, I want to see House with his buddy. It’s almost May. How hard is it to resign one of the network’s highest ranking scripted shows? Ugh.

  11. Sam says:

    House is one of the best shows on TV right now. Much better than most of the stuff out there. FOX, Comcast, whoever needs to do what needs to be done to bring back David Shore, Lisa Edelstein and Robert Sean Leonard.

    • owen says:

      iawtc. Fox should do whatever it needs to to sign ds, le & rsl back on. laurie and those 3 are the show’s heavy hitters. and let’s be real, the show is still one of the best out there. it’s also one of the very few shows on Fox that is worth watching. they have House, Glee and Raising Hope, along with The Simpsons and Family Guy. I think that’s about it. i don’t watch comedys or teenage soap drama. the only show i watch on the network is House.

  12. Wicker says:

    I wonder what the hold-up is. The show is not hurting in ratings, that’s for sure. People want to see it continue (except maybe for some wingnut Huddy shipper extremists). What’s the dealio?

    • layla says:

      The ratings are lower than they used to be. NBCU is apparently asking for the same deal from Fox that they made when the ratings were higher. The rating are still good, but they are in decline and Fox doesn’t want to pay a premium for a less profitable show.

  13. Lucie says:

    How long do fans have to wait to find out what network we’ll be watching HOUSE on?

    HOUSE is awesome. Resign it COMCAST. And make sure they bring back LE and RSL. Also DS. DS is the guiding hand of the show. LE and RSL are the heart. Without them the show wouldn’t be good anymore.

  14. MiMi says:

    The only ones I’d like to know about are RSL and JS.

  15. Nikki says:

    Wherever “House, M.D.” goes I’ll go. I don’t care what network it’s on. I just want my show back. Just as long as Hugh, Lisa and Robert are on the show I’ll watch till the end.

    • zephyr says:

      Yep. As long as I have OT3 I’ll be tuning in. I wish they would make a deal already. [H]ouse is one of their best shows. Why would they want to lose it?

  16. tired_of_waiting says:

    What’s the holdup? Bring the show back already! Just make a deal with David Shore because without him the show would not be as good. Period. And make sure House/Cuddy/Wilson return because they are the best characters on the show.
    FOX- it’s a no-brainer.

  17. huddy_org says:

    Owwwwww it’s so annoying talks about Olivia Wilde “big movie star” her character so boring

  18. Kath says:

    I do not understand this at all. What do they have to sort out. House is still a hit. One of the most watched shows in the world! Fox should be doing what ever it takes to keep it. This seasons final is already done is it not. How sad to be letting the people who have been working together for the last seven years finish not knowing if they still have jobs to return too. Including the shows creator. TV shows that have have lasted this long deserve better respect than this.

  19. lovex says:

    What about Cuddy and Wilson? THAT what important!

  20. king says:

    When you tell us about Lisa Edelstein???

    • Harrigan says:

      Yes, can you tell us about what the plans are for Lisa Edelstein? Cuddy is my favorite female character on the show and second only to House for me. I hope she will be returning next fall.

  21. nitemar says:

    RSL said he wanted more money, well, guess everyone wants a big slice of the cake too, can NBC pay it?

  22. fromIWFC says:


  23. Pam says:

    I really hope Jesse Spencer stays. Without him the team would be beyond boring!

  24. Jillie says:

    Oh Jesus Christ!!!! Get a grip. No one, I repeat no one,
    gives a rats ass if House is one of the most watched
    Show in the world.

    Bay Watch was once the most popular show in the world,
    which just proves the rest of the world has crappy taste.

    Here’s a little FYI for ya…Advertisers only care about
    viewers in the the U.S and they are bailing this sinking
    ship fast.

    I personally think that they should have Wilson switch to
    another hospital in a different state, and of course since
    Wilson is the only person who can tolerate House for
    more than 5 minutes at a time, will follow him.

    It’s a perfect reboot for a once great show that has constantly
    gone down in quality year, after year, after year.

  25. Cam says:

    Even though I would love to see an eighth season , the only characters I care about at this point are House, Wilson and Chase. I could care less about Thirteen, and Huddy was a mistake from the beginning. I would love to see this show get back to its roots.

  26. Ines says:

    House is getting weaker every week: the medical case is uninteresting, the characters storyline are boring (seriously how many time do I have to hear about Taub’s infidelities?) and House itself is just pathetic. If you see an episode from season 1, you see the obnoxious yet captivating and brilliant character he is. If you see him now it’s all about vicodin and being a jerk and anoying to others for no good reason. It seems the writers ran out of ideas and now use Vicodin for everything, it’s their easy way out from everything!
    I still see the show because I think Wilson and Cuddy are worth watching, as they are the only stable characters in the whole show.
    The fact is: the show ran its course but if they can use a season 8 to fix and give us a proper ending (since it won’t happen in season 7), I think they should give us another season. If not, just end it now.

    • Alex says:

      Very true. This show has gone way downhill. I still watch but its just another show on my tivo at this point.

      Honestly i think the show failed when it gave the Huddy fans the relationship they wanted, and the show might be headed for better things with them broken up.

  27. Akiyama says:

    If House somehow moved to NBC, that’d at least give NBC something with actual ratings that’s not on Thursday. Then again, that’d also most likely push ‘Chuck’ out the door so House could take over it’s timeslot.

  28. Eva says:

    The last three shows (and many would say this entire season) were a mistake. It’s okay to change direction – breaking up House and Cuddy was not the problem – it really was the trip back to Vicodin Lane and the craziness that followed that will doom this show. Been there, done that – it’s nothing new, a little more dramatic maybe, but not new. People want and expect originality from this show and they are not getting it anymore. Now that that has been exposed, COMCAST is going to capitilize on it.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    Hiya, Aus! Any news on Lisa’s contract for next season? Could you ask David or Greg Y. about this? Also is there a certain deadline as to when we’ll find out about what network is going to be smart enough to pick up ‘House’ if Fox doesn’t want it anymore? I hope it’s CBS. They typically have the best shows.

  30. JohnDoe says:

    How perfect, a show that’s on it’s last leg going to a network on its last leg.

  31. JohnDoe says:

    If House moves from FOX to NBC, does that mean Fringe gets the Monday slot?…

  32. deedeedragons says:

    I’m worried. This is Variety reporting this not zap2it.

  33. Elizabete says:


  34. STARK says:

    Ok… i´ll give you Foreman, thirteen, and Taub in exchange for keeping Wilson

  35. GIllian says:

    I am sad, so this is how a great TV show dies! potentially being cast off to another network. This makes makes me sad and ashamed. Ashamed that TV is not the great thing it once was, ashamed that a show such as House can die a death like this after being top of its class for so long, and the viewing public just don’t care for great TV drama anymore.

    • Jillie says:

      Ummm. I think you’re confused about something. House is not
      a great show. Once upon a time is was. But not now. It hasn’t
      be good for years. If you want good TV watch The Good Wife.
      It might be a bit too highbrow for you though since you think
      House is still great show.

  36. TheDaysBetween says:

    Just saw the picture you had on here and had to appreciate it. My favorite trio. I sincerely hope they come back for season 8–the show and the trio. Thanks for keeping us informed. I hope this isn’t the last year.

  37. huddycat says:

    hope to have a season 8 because if not, the story will be left in a dead end, with a taste of “we miss sth”. I’d like to see House to come to the end of his journey, I prefer he’s gonna end it with Cuddy, but I’m not the writers, so … let’s see what they plan.
    Really want Cuddy and Wilson next season, they are almost as important as House for the show, and for House’s journey too.
    Wait for a good news!

  38. Sally says:

    I honestly think it’s time to end the show. And if they come back for a season 8, I hope it will be WITHOUT LE. I can’t stand Cuddy anymore, this awful Huddy arc completely ruined her. .
    Just bring back House and Wilson, they are enough.

  39. Joan says:

    Why don’t theys let House + Wilson + Chase and Cuddy open a private Hosptial lets say in Hawaii :) That would be a hot show!

  40. Natália says:

    Olivia Wilde is amazing.
    I couldn’t care less with haters. :)

    • Amanda says:

      Yeah, I couldn’t care less about who’s talking bad things about her.
      Olivia Wilde rules.

    • Amy says:

      The bitter huddies hate OW because she is more popular than LE and because 13 now has all the attentions

      • @Amy says:

        Nope. Bitter Jennifer Morrison fans “hate” her because she, well, replaced Jennifer Morrison. The rest of the adult viewership, to which you obviously do not belong, don’t like her because she is an inadequate actress (to put it mildly) and does not deserve the screentime she was getting nor artificial hype she is receiving. Nothing personal.

        • Amy says:

          Who are you to say that OW is an inadeguate actress and doesn’t deserve the screentime she is getting? Someone sounds pretty bitter here. Anyway I like OW, I’m glad to have her back and if you don’t like her, well your problem, no one cares

          • layla says:

            She’s an OK actress the story lines they’ve had for her have been lackluster. I like 13 in small amounts, she’s my favorite of the female team members. When they gave her her own story lines it’s like 40% of the hour is taken up by the 13 show which wasn’t as good as House. A lot of people hate 13 because they don’t like having a big chunk of the show taken up by bad story lines. A lot of people also get annoyed by being beaten over the head with how amazingly intriguing she is, show it don’t tell it and we’ll judge that for ourselves.

            There are also a lot of Jennifer Morrison fans who resent that JM got written off when she wanted to stay. At the same time OW is aloud to come and go as she pleases and the writers will inconvenience themselves to accommodate. I don’t feel this way but I understand why a JM fan would feel that way.

        • Amy says:

          And yes, the huddys are bitter and hate OW because according to them she is ‘stealing’ huddy/Cuddy screentime. Poor morons

    • Renee says:

      She’s amazingly beautiful. If she was as good an actress as she is pretty then she would be amazing.

  41. Ghezal says:

    So, what will that mean for Chuck? Since they both air Mondays at 8pm? ;\
    Hopefully it’ll replace The Event..

  42. Sydney says:

    Trying not to be worried about the show returning. Really hope it does. It’s my favorite show. Also really hope they bring back Lisa and Robert.

  43. House addict says:

    I think NBC is going to snatch the show, between The Event and The Cape the network it’s already struggling with the ratings and House it’s an already proven product. It’ll switch channels.

  44. chien matus says:

    i hope there will be atleast two more season if not four after season 8 that would be soo good

  45. Katie says:

    Has there ever been a show that survived a change in networks? (I’m not making a point here, I’m actually asking.) I’d hate to see House end when they’ve FINALLY ditched the Huddy arc.

    Well, unless there’s no RSL next year, because if that’s the case I won’t be watching anyway.

    • layla says:

      Jag got moved from NBC to CBS after 1 season and thrived, but that was early in the show’s run. Recent examples of long running shows didn’t fair so well. Medium and Scrubs lost a lot of ratings and didn’t last long.

  46. Bob says:

    Maybe Lisa is the “big mystery” being talked about for the final episode. Maybe the head honchos want a major character (or 13) dumped?

  47. RSimpson says:

    I’d like to see this season end with either Cuddy getting a fabulous new job somewhere else and House only finds out when he again barges into her office to see someone else at the desk, OR, Cuddy firing House. Great & satisfactory endings if the show comes to an end, or cliff hangers that would open up a world of stories for a possible new season.

  48. Encarnacion Muñoz says:

    No puede existir house sin Huddy “no veré más House si no existe Huddy”. Unan ya a House y Cuddy porque los tres últimos episodios son estúpidos y el 7×18 ha sido nefasto. LOVE HUDDY FOREVER.
    Michael Ausiello hagale llegar este enlace a David Shore
    En España muere todos los años jovenes por hacer lo que hizo House en el capitulo 7×16 saltar desde el balcon. No se de que va David Shore para quitarnos el espectáculo porque el quiera y dejarnos a los fans muy enfadados hasta tal punto de dejar de ver House.
    Desde Espana saludos

  49. I can’t care less HOW or Where there is a Season 8. Just let there be one, please!
    Hugh Laurie, RSL, LE, and ( I love Chase) Jesse Spencer– and Foreman, gotta have him– let’s do that?
    I really hope it will be back and I think it will be.

  50. luke says:


  51. thatdude says:

    lol I think NBC had a right idea since Conan is losing to Jon Stewart at 11 (he was supposed to go head to head with Leno, thats what TBS told its advertisers) and he can’t even beat Letterman, Leno and Stewart, and tying Fallon who comes on at 12:35. Get over the fact he sucked at 11:35 and it was a business solution. Bet you still hold a grudge when you girlfriend broke up with you 15 years ago.

  52. JohnDoe says:

    Try not getting your facts wrong, and people will listen to you.