American Idol Recap: Rocky Horror

Randy Jackson, wipe that stunned expression off your stupid face. Jennifer Lopez, mop up your phony, ridiculous tears. And Steven Tyler, go back to bed. (Honestly, dude, you’ve been taking the world’s greatest public nap for the last six weeks — why get invested now?) Because while the three of you sat there Thursday night at the American Idol judges’ table, collecting your seven-figure salaries and expressing your anger over the obscenely premature elimination of the exquisite, talented Pia Toscano, you failed to acknowledge your own culpability in her demise.

Uh-huh. I said it. In the post-Simon Cowell era of Idol, the show’s everyone-gets-a-gold-star judging panel has ceased to act as a voice of reason, an antidote to voter apathy, a reminder that not all Idol finalists are created equal. (Oh, Jenny From the Block, you were doing so well for a minute!) And on Wednesday night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performance telecast, 24 hours before Pia was left sobbing in front of millions of nauseated viewers, Randy, J.Lo, and Steven hit new, personal lows — spitting up critiques as withered as Iggy Pop’s hide, as grotesque as hand-picked frocks from Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. collection. (“You still wake up sometimes, don’t you? You wake up in the dark and hear the screaming of the lambs.“) Jacob Lusk’s screeching, pelvic “Man in the Mirror” was praised as “perfect in every way.” Casey Abrams’ forgettable turn on “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” was labeled “revolutionary.” And Stefano Langone’s subpar “When a Man Loves a Woman,” complete with discordant falsetto foolery, was described as “amazing,” “magic,” “great,” and “beautiful.”

Idol‘s Pia Reveals Her Bottom 3 Prediction, Wonders Why She Didn’t Rock the Vote Enough

Meanwhile, Pia, who from a vocal perspective, owned those boys so thoroughly and completely that she’d already had ’em washed, dried, folded, boxed, and stored away in the attic next to an unopened box of J.Lo’s Glow perfume and a VHS copy of From Justin to Kelly, was told she needed to “research” the greats to learn how to work the stage. Did J.Lo and Randy have a point? Absolutely. (Or as the Dawg might say, “a billion zillion percent!”) It also needs to be pointed out that Pia should’ve shaken her groove thing instead of playing too cool/self-conscious to shimmy during the contestant hoedown that occurred as the credits rolled on Wednesday. That aside, by harping relentlessly on Pia’s weaknesses without ever acknowledging her weekly vocal domination of the bulk of the Season 10 lineup, the judges slowly and methodically painted her as less than the Top 5 shoo-in she deserved to be, and frakked up a crucial opportunity to get out the vote on behalf of a woman whose absence is going to resonate across the Idol stage for the next seven weeks and beyond.

Hell, you know there’s something stinky floating in Lake Idol when Chris Daughtry, David Cook, Jennifer HudsonDancing With the StarsMaksim Chmerkovskiy, and even Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (!)  Tweet their shock and outrage over the results. And just like that, the “resurgent Idol” story arc that’s been building for the last three months seems to have come undone.

Is it naive of me to sit here and act surprised? Probably. Over the last two seasons, we’ve seen a grand total of two female contestants (the sublime Crystal Bowersox and the off-the-charts talented Allison Iraheta) crack the Top 5; now, with Pia’s elimination, Idol voters have sent home five consecutive women since the Season 10 finals began, not counting Casey Abrams, who — in a decision that seemed to favor Idol the TV Show over Idol the Viable Hit-making Machine — received the Judges’ Save after getting the lowest number of votes two weeks back.

You’ve got to wonder if somewhere in an oak-paneled Los Angeles bar, Jimmy Iovine, Will.I.Am., and a team of “all-star producers” (also 90 percent male) are knocking back scotches and cursing the cruel hand of fate and the inscrutable whims of Idol voters, and pondering what the hell kind of record they’re going to make should Stefano or Jacob (Pia’s fellow bottom-three dwellers this week) do one better than the hapless Jasmine Trias and claw their way to the final two. Good luck with that guys! I’ll be sure to download The Enunciation of Stefano Langone and The Man in the Mirror…Is Full of His Fabulous Self — if I’m not too busy watching The X Factor.

Anyhow, enough bitterness from this Idol recapper. The season must go on, even for poor Stefano, who looked so stunned when Ryan put down the final verdict that he might’ve pulled a Bruno Mars and caught a grenade for poor Pia — if Uncle Nigel would’ve allowed it.

And so now we have to brainstorm what kind of constructive advice Team Iovine and the judges can give Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina to try to carry at least one of them for another three weeks and into a Top 5 finish: “Hold the mic at a right angle to your head.” “Invest in some Crest Whitening Strips.” “Try slappin’ da bass!” “Arrogantly tell America that if they don’t vote for you, they have some kind of inherent sociological/psychological defect.” “Set a piano on fire.” “Get yourself a, um, boyzone?”

Hey, maybe that last one could work. After all, as “guest charisma coach” Russell Brand pointed out to James Durbin, a successful performer can’t be afraid of a little groin-centric action.

Okay, okay…let’s step away from that topic like I never even mentioned it, and do an abrupt subject change to a rundown of the night’s performances, with letter grades for everyone:

The Season 10 Top 9, “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”/”The Letter”/”Sweet Home Alabama” medley: Not really sure about slamming “put another dime in the jukebox, baby” into Lynyrd Skynyrd’s southern-rock anthem, but I thought Pia’s solo verse was the best of the night — and came to this conclusion long before she was sent to the bottom three. Also: Was anyone else thrown off by the whiff of Lusky Stank for the last 45 seconds? Grade: C+

Constantine Maroulis, “Unchained Melody”: An interesting, drum-heavy arrangement from the Season 4 alum, although I felt like Constantine didn’t really know how to end things after nailing the fearsome falsetto crescendo. It’s funny, though, that six seasons after his Idol tenure, the man is still trying to impregnate the camera with his lovemaking-eye technique and plunging neckline. Dude, you already got a baby! Grade: B

Iggy Pop, “Wild One”: If Satan himself cooked up a claymation ad campaign for the California Dried Apricots, it might look like this. That said, ABC needs to immediately book this lunatic for the fall 2011 edition of Dancing With the Stars, right? Grade: [Bleeped by Fox censors.]

And now, on to our awards ceremony for the evening!

Most Noticeable Fashion Repeat
Pia’s aqua-striped “Grenade” shirt reappearing in the Russell Brand segment

Judge Who Should Never Say “Uber”
Randy Jackson

Judge Who Should Stop Trying to Make Charcoal Silk Genie Pants Happen
Jennifer Lopez

Judges Who Needs to Stop Knowingly Nodding When Ryan Reiterates His Performance-Show Critiques
Also Randy!

The “Why the Eff Are You Shocked Haley Is Safe and Jacob Is in the Bottom Three?” Trophy
A hat trick for…&#*&^%@#*^$#& Randy Jackson!

Segment That Made Me Want to Take a Silkwood Shower
The Idols visit TMZ!

Contestant Who Needs to Work on His Slouchy Bottom-Three Posture
Jacob Lusk

Least Effective Product-Shilling Moment on Idol Since Mike Myers Promoted The Love Guru During the Season 7 Finale
“Stylist” Gwen Stefani trussing up the Season 10 ladies in “flattering” ensembles from her L.A.M.B. label

Unintentionally Spot-On Comment of the Night
“Who am I to tell them what to wear?” –Gwen Stefani on her grim dress-code for Pia, Lauren, and Haley (Anyone else think Pia might’ve outlasted Stefano if not for the spatter-patterned, thigh-expanding pantsuit?)

And now I turn it over to you: Is there any possible way to make sense of Pia’s ouster? How would you divvie up the blame among the judges, the producers, Gwen Stefani, Will.I.Am, Jimmy Iovine, and Idol voters? If you think Pia deserved to survive, who should’ve gone in her place? What about the performances by Constantine and Iggy? Sound off below, and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. JayCee says:

    I don’t see why everyone is so shocked over Pia’s elimination. She was a Pageant Queen with a decent voice that could do a good imitation of Celine Dion, and with half the personality of that Canadian chanteuse.(which isn’t saying much)If I wanted to listen to Celine sing I’d buy her records, thank you.
    She reminded me of Carrie Underwood, who would have never won if it wasn’t for all the country music fans of America voting her through to the championship. Wooden. Robotic. Just blah with a good range.
    Whoever thinks that Idol is still a singing competition needs to have a reality check up… get yourselves to the doctor now.
    And lets face it. She doesn’t have a penis. THAT’S the biggest qualifier on idol now a days. If you don’t have a bulge, you’re not getting the votes.

  2. nickii says:

    Miss you over at EW, Slezak. You said exactly what needs to be said.

  3. Cheryl Kirkpatrick says:

    I am so upset that Pia was voted off but I have to admit… it was my fault. I watched but didn’t vote. Michael didn’t do it here but I have heard teenagers and grandmothers blamed for the demise of the women, so I want to start a movement “Grannies for the Girls”. I will vote for the girls next week and challenge all you other Grannies to do the same!

  4. Jurybox says:

    I think not only is America missing Simon’s brutal honesty, I think he influenced the other judges when he was on the panel. Would you want to constantly be saying beautiful, amazing, perfect if you knew there was a judge on the panel that would set the record straight? Now, plenty of times on Idol Simon was the only voice of reason, but the other judges would be a bit more critical as well. Not nearly as critical as Simon, but still not totally clueless (well, ok, maybe a bit clueless, but we still loved you Paula).

    OMG, I miss Simon!!!!!

    And the other biggest surprise of the night – I really enjoyed Constantine’s performance!!

  5. Jake says:

    I’m truly depressed. I never thought I would lose sleep over American Idol but I did last night. Pia did NOT dserve to finish 9th in this competition. She had the best technical vocals of anyone. She was quiet, humble, and almost shy, and her admission that she is always nervous when she performs was touching. It was heartbreaking to see her fall apart on the last verse of her song (“I’ll Stand By You” no less) and then just collapse into a ball of tears as the credits rolled. Most unjust and gut-wrenching elimination ever on AI.

  6. Mark in FL says:

    AMERICAN IDOL HELD HOSTAGE: Day 779 (since the semi-finals of Season 8)!

  7. raquel says:

    As soon as it was announced and the judges were all “shock & outrage”, I couldn’t help but feel this was TOTALLY their own fault and they only had themselves to blame!! As Michael said, the gold star pass is NOT helping them in any way. As “professionals” they need to start really critiqueing the contestants or this will continue to happen and the show will loose even more credibility… and all it’s viewers.

  8. Liva says:

    I dunno Michael. I think in previous recaps over the years you’ve argued that when a contestant goes from bad performance to better performance they get votes.

    When contestants are constantly good, and happen to be mid-pack performance night voters may forget about them or expect them to be safe. There’s also a case to be made for judges’ brutally honest comments rallying the voter troops.

    I don’t believe the judges are to blame – their expert ‘assessments’ might make for bland tv, but I think your more subtle reasoning in past years why voters do what they do makes the most sense to me.

  9. Rob says:

    Unlike the majority of commentators, I think Pia’s elimination is actually a good thing for idol. Now DON’T GET ME WRONG; I think Pia is/was fantastic and personally thought she would have a guaranteed Top 3 finish. But when a performer of this caliber is lost it sends a spark into the season, internally at least. What I hope happens at this point is that JLo (because, lets face it, Randy and Steven are lost causes) realized that, hey, perhaps we should give actual critiques to the Idol wannabes instead of the empty platitudes they have been layering on to Stefano and Jacob for weeks. I also hope seeing a “frontrunner” (obviously this was a misplaced term, since frontrunners don’t finish 9th) go home will remind the contestants themselves that each week they could go home, and that Scotty/James/Lauren can’t rely on their teenage charm/burning pianos/cute wittle girl next door shtick. Here’s hoping this actually improves an already thrilling season!

  10. Logical Idol Watcher says:

    Looking at things logically, Pia sang Old Lady songs. Young people don’t buy Old Lady songs. Middle age people don’t buy Old Lady songs. I don’t know many old people now who buy Old Lady songs. Old Lady songs are not interesting anymore. Nobody wants to hear anymore Old Lady songs. Nobody wants to hear another Celine or Mariah or Whitney; they are still alive and doing their thing. Music culture has changed. Old Lady doesn’t do it anymore. Any singer on AI who sang Old Lady/Old Man got voted off. Pia is an excellent singer but she sang Old lady songs and that is what got her voted off. That, and Gwen Stefani’s style mentoring. Shame on Gwen.

    • kevin says:

      Kelly and Carrie sang “Old Lady” songs, didn’t they? Doing diva songs can hurt people who aren’t good enough to sing them, but doing old, classic songs is what keeps people on the show. When people do newer, lesser known songs, that’s when they leave. Constantine, Chris D. come to mind.

    • GP says:

      Any song, even “old-lady songs” can be changed, altered, updated to appeal to any audience. The singer just has to have the talent and musical knowledge to be able to do it. I have yet to see this with any of this year’s Idols.

  11. PatD says:

    Another problem with the voting format is that not everyone can sit in front of their TV’s with phone in hand for those specific two hours every week. I don’t think it’s fair to assume that Pia fans were all lazy. Maybe they were working or doing other real life things that kept them from voting.

    The problem is the voting format. VFTW wouldn’t even be a factor if they addressed this issue.

  12. Pete says:

    Mike, I agree with you about J Lo’s fake tears. And Randy “acting” surprised. They already knew she was going home. I smell a rat. We all get that teenage girls vote many times for the cute boys. But who exactly is voting for caterwauling Jacob with his arrogant comments, and way over the top theatrics?

  13. rebecca says:

    Should Pia have went home? No. however I am not surprised. if you look at most current artists it is all about the spectacle not the voice. This should be obvious when you hear the live guest performances on idol. On another note though Pia sang every note perfectly I didn’t think she had a very pretty tone. I would much rather listen to Celine or even Kay Mcphee.

    • N says:

      Should Pia have went home? NO! She should not even have GONE home! Good grief!

    • Cathy says:

      Relying on spectacle over talent and substance is exactly why current artists are not selling records! The Beatles can put out something repackaged and still beat all current artists because people want good MUSIC, not the spectacle. Pink is a talented singer, but do we really need to be scared she’s going to kill herself or break her neck when she does those high stunts? I enjoy Lady Gaga when she’s at the piano more than when she’s dancing around. Everyone doesn’t think that the visuals are the most important thing!

  14. Georgia says:

    I am a woman who voted like crazy last season for women because I found several of them so appealing. I had a difficult time focusing on just one (Crystal). Unfortunately, I have not yet felt passion, dedication, or loyalty toward any one contestant this season.

    It doesn’t help that I am so bored and tired of theme nights. After 10 years, I want the contestants to have the option to sing what they want to perform and record, with or without playing an instrument, including original music. They would have plenty of time between Hollywood week and the beginning of the season to get permissions. All that matters to me is this: “If you win, is this the kind music you will perform and record? Will I buy your music?”

    Iggy…Yikes! What was that when he laid down on the stage in front of the judges? It looked like he was just tired and had to take a rest. Very weird. Constantine. I’m pleased for his success, but that was the worst performance of “Unchained Melody” I’ve ever heard.

    I agree that the TMZ visit was absurd. Disgusting, and so confusing for these exhausted young people! I don’t like the brief exit interviews after performances, either. So staged and such a waste of time.

  15. Kai says:

    I’m not going to piss and moan about Pia’s exit, because frankly I didn’t care for her. However her exit is way too soon, and I will admit that. There are at least 3 people who should have left before her. Jacob, Stefano, and Paul. There is no way that they out sung her or have more fans then her. And I do not believe that they got more votes then her last night.

    I do not believe she would have won, due to lack of confidence, lack of personality, and lack of emotion to each and everyone of her songs. It’s like she was practicing in the mirror each week instead of bringing in the audience and letting them feel what she was singing and what she was feeling.

    I feel like everyone else in the competition has a different personality, really brings the audience in, and does a versatile range of songs. (Okay, maybe not everyone. But at least they have one those things that she lacks.)

    Jacob, for sure, should have gone home. I think he will next week. Then Stefano and Paul will follow. I think our top five will be Lauren, Haley, James, Casey, and Scotty.

  16. PatD says:

    But who exactly is voting for caterwauling Jacob with his arrogant comments, and way over the top theatrics?

    This is what I’m having the hardest problem believing. Jacob got more votes than Pia???

    I’m not suggesting fraud, but impressions are everything. If A.I. doesn’t think that people are not going to question this elimination, at this time, over contestants like Jacob and Stefano and Haley remaining, and the big disparity with DialIdol, then they’re not being very realistic. I can see DialIdol not being perfect, but that far off???

  17. This is the first truly bad elimination this season. Some people who didn’t make the top 12 should have over Naima and Thia and Karen, but I wasn’t heart broken some of them didn’t make it. Naima had been wonky. Thia Megia 16 year old had a pretty voice but no emotion or personality. Karen R. wishes she could be Pia, and wishes she could have been in the 11th place tie so she could be on the tour with everyone else.

    My Love letter to Pia:

    You were the reason I was happy with this season. You chose all the wrong overplayed songs and some how made me love you for it. You had power and style (Though you shouldn’t have worn the diaper pants twice.) Damn the gay men who didn’t dial and all the teenage girls who did! Pia, I believed you could even make “My Heart will go on” work if you attempted it, and I could never here that song again and be happy. Everyone wants to join the ranks of Idol Alum who make it though they didn’t win the prize, Clay, Lambert, Daughtry, Hudson, Constantine, God help me Pickler. I know, Pia, you can do it. Record Company executives, listen to this woman. 19 entertainment sign her and actually promote her.


    • I am still not buying the 16 years olds. I’m sorry. I can’t.

      Scotty is so full of his ability. Corn ball.

      Lauren Alaina sounds great. Please never speak.

      Stefano can be good. Get you act back together.

      Paul can barely sing. Raspy is fine, but doesn’t make a great vocalist.

      Jacob is quavery. When he pulls back, his voice shakes like a nervous granny’s tea cup, so he has to go full out.

      Haley growls great. Please use only 1 or 2 growls per song.

      James needs to work on the middle and lower voice, especially when it veers way out of tune. He sounds like Adam with less experience and less control and not as great a tone.

      Casey is entertaining for the show. His vocals aren’t great. If you take away the ticks he gets worse.

      It seems like the contestant this year have a lot of ticks. Stefano with his pronunciation, Jacob with his Jacob stan… (Sorry, I can’t), Haley and the growls, Casey with his growls, Pia with her in tuneness….

      I’m just going to cry myself to sleep now.

  18. Ceecile says:

    Seems I am alone in this but, I didn’t like Pia. She was boring and I didn’t think she was that good vocally. I wanted her voted off.

  19. JOHN says:

    I honestly believe that Fox, the AI Producers, Freemantle, etc. are as happy as they can be….all America is today talking about American Idol. I predict that next week’s audience numbers will surge skyward…and that is what this show is all about…it is the Fox FAT CAT $$$$$!!! Do you want to really complain….blog crying is not the answer. Pick up the phone, or get on your computer and BOMBARD the customer service divisions of FORD, AT&T, COCA-COLA with your concerns….complaining does little….TAKING ACTION MIGHT!!!!!

  20. Cat says:

    I have been BEGGING on these comment sites for several years now to change the judging/voting system to that of DWTS or SYTYCD. Hopefully, a mess like this might get it done, although it will be too late for poor Pia. But, the voters are to blame, too. We have become such children that we can’t just sit and listen to something beautiful (for less than two minutes, I might add)without labelling it as “boring”. We’re like 3 year olds–something always has to be happening to keep our attention. It’s truly sad.

  21. Jake says:

    Anyone think there will be a lawsuit over this to force AI to actually release their numbers? You could make a case that people watch because the show is promoted as a fair competition. If that turns out to be untrue then it is a massive fraud. I’m not saying it is a fraud or that Pia’s numbers were fudged, but I can see a case for forcing Idol to release their numbers to see exactly why Pia ended up going home. It would no doubt be very illuminating.

  22. Lizbeth says:

    American Idol is a TELEVISION SHOW. Pia was really good on paper. Good power vocals and very attractive. However, Pia just didn’t have the right TV Q or personality or whatever that something is that made the public vote for her. She was kind of remote–didn’t have any real zing or charisma. She came across as as bland on the tv screen. Not saying that she is that way in person–it was her television persona. She showed very little vulnerability. She just got on the stage–stood there–belted out her ballad very well–smiled pretty–and that was Pia. She showed no emotional range during her singing or at any other time. She picked boring songs. Out of all the contestants–I felt I knew her the least. Since it is a tv show–people want to feel some sort of connections to the contestants.
    Not saying that there isn’t a problem with the guys getting voted for week after week and not the girls. There is a problem. But, I don’t think that is the main reason why Pia is no longer around.
    Wasn’t Pia and Interscope plant anyway? Well, now she has had national exposure. Her early ouster–lets face it–she can’t buy this kind of publicty. It is probably in her favor in the long run.
    Now, Pia can work on her stage presence and take a few dance classes before the tour starts. Cause these days–nobody–not even Carrie U is selling records like they used to in the past. It all about touring.
    (I do think was from the south and had the slightest county edge–Pia would still be in the competition–LOL)

  23. kate'shomesick says:

    Why are my comments being deleted? There is really NO reason for that! It took me ages to write that- so Thank you very much -.-

  24. dj says:

    We go through this every year, but this year it seems like more of a shock because so many people were assuming Pia was going to win. It was like when Daughtry went home, but he made top 3 at least. Idol likes this stuff. They think controversy helps the show, so I wouldn’t look for the voting rules to change any time soon. Pia is an awesome singer, but I didn’t think that song was right for her. She sang it well, with speeded-up pageant arms, but it’s not my idea of a rock song, and it’s not very catchy. It doesn’t stick in your head. You don’t sing along or dance to it. I think if she had picked a song that everybody knows and killed it, wearing something not styled by Gwen, she might still be here.

  25. paidolfan says:

    ……..Oh I’m sorry, I’m still wondering wtf that was….that whole Iggy Pop thing??????? How is he in the RR Hall of fame?? hit it right on the money….people are that superficial…because of her outfit. I also think a lot of midle aged women hate Pia because she is everything they are not……hot as hell, talented, sexy…..etc
    Also, the nonsense of praising the wrong people:
    Stephano – Because J-Lo wants him
    Jacob – Because it is politically correct??

  26. agrimesy says:

    I’ve decided to watch the rest of this season and support Lauren and Haley as much as possible. I will tune in next week in order to see if the judges take ANY responsibility for the condition of the remaining eight and actually do their jobs!

    So what now? Slezak’s words need to be repeated here:
    “And so now we have to brainstorm what kind of constructive advice Team Iovine and the judges can give Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina to try to carry at least one of them for another three weeks and into a Top 5 finish: “Hold the mic at a right angle to your head.” “Invest in some Crest Whitening Strips.” “Try slappin’ da bass!” “Arrogantly tell America that if they don’t vote for you, they have some kind of inherent sociological/psychological defect.” “Set a piano on fire.” “Get yourself a, um, boyzone?”

  27. OldSchool says:

    My favorite tweet by former Idol Chris Sligh – “Way to Go America you apparently looked in the mirror then forgot to vote for the best singer”.

  28. Grace says:

    Look, I’m angry and upset about Pia too, but I think the blame game you’re playing – especially where the judges are concerned – is a little unfair. Ousters like this have no one but the voting public to blame. The judges have been nothing but supportive of Pia from the beginning; they loved Pia before I even loved Pia. I thought she was total fodder at the beginning but they believed in her and they made me believe in her. And I for one think that the post-Simon era of judges who support, enjoy and believe in the contestants rather than picking at every little flaw and breaking them down for sport is refreshing.

    Taking a step back from the politics and bullsh*t of the competition, I honestly believed that once we got to the top 11, there were no unworthy contestants. Yall have been hating on Jacob and Stefano and Casey and Paul these past few weeks, but I don’t see that. I love that Jacob is breaking down the gender barriers and stepping up to be this season’s powerhouse diva. I still think that Stefano delivered one of the season’s best vocals back in the wild card round, and even though he’s struggled a bit with enunciation and such, he’s undeniably talented.

    I think we forget sometimes in this age of Kei$ha that true musical talent is rare and beautiful, and I think that every contestant in this thing is worthy so it comes down to people’s preferences. I personally would have preferred to see James and Lauren ousted weeks ago, but I’m not going to argue that they’re talentless because I know they’re not; they’re great, they’re just not my style.

    This season is what Idol always should have been but never has been before – a choice between the greatest singers in various genres. America chose to vote against the lady baladeer, it sucks, but we’ve still got a lot of great people in this thing!

  29. Musica1 says:

    I didn’t really like Pia. She put me to sleep when she sang. She was a pageant singer who sang like s programmed robot. But she shouldn’t have gone home when jacob jscob

    • Musica1 says:

      Stupid phone. I meant to say when Jacob is still in. I’m okay with everybody else outlasting her because I enjoy their performances. I’d never buy a boring pia album or pay to see her in concert.

  30. LM says:

    Such an outcry. Pia was eliminated because she got the lowest number of votes. Why the fervor? Either, only those who are upset voted for her, or not all of those who are upset did vote for her.

  31. Grace says:

    oh ALSO, people need to check their sense of humor in the mirror and realize that Jacob was making a joke. Funny and appropriate? Obviously not, but still a joke!

  32. natalie says:

    i think your outrage is blinding your capacity to be objective. pia was a snoozefest, and the judges may not have done her any favours this week, but i don’t think america’s listening to the judges anymore. it was nothing but praise after undeserved praise for jacob and stefano this week, and they were both in the bottom two. i think america just figured out, as most of us did, that pia has a lovely voice and the personality of a doorknob. no one who can make an up-tempo song THAT sleepy has the potential to be america’s favourite singer. (and, let’s face it, this competition has always been more about popularity than honest-to-god talent.)

    count me as one of the (apparent majority) not at all shocked by pia’s departure. it’s like the day after ricky gervais hosted the oscars all over again. really, no one cares; why keep hyping it up?

  33. Dan says:

    Well that was the last show of AI that I will watch this year and probably ever. Why bother. You are TOTALLY right about the judges who certainly haven’t bothered that much. JLo seemed to be doing well for a while but then just relaxed into being nice and supportive. Who needs that? How is that useful on this show? Or, for that matter, entertaining. While the teenyboppers are to blame for voting for cute rather than talent, The judges were so focused on being nice this week that NO ONE got much of a critique at all even when they deserved it. They are JUDGES and are supposed to provide guidance to the viewers. I genuinely think that Pia was the most talented this season. The season is now over. See you on X-Factor when there will be REAL critique. Although I will still read the recaps here – I love your writing. But no more AI.

  34. TheTruth says:

    No one has said it yet: Idol is supposed to be a singing competition. Not a jumpsuit competition, not a personality competition, not a gender-based bias competition, not even a stage performance competition, but a singing competition. The best singer was voted out and this season has lost all credibility which is why Ryan said at the end of the show something like that Idol needs the audience to stick with the show now. He knows the gravity of this vote.

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you for reminding people of that fact. Unfortunately, the girls and women who vote are either too darn shallow, self-serving or misogynistic to care who’s the best singer. They’re more interested in who makes their juices flow.

    • GP says:

      So people are supposed to vote for the best singer even if the singer is singing a style of music that they don’t like? I think Pia has a great voice would I buy a CD of hers, no way not the type of music I like. People have different tastes in music. It doesn’t always come down to the “best” but who appeals to you more for a varity of reasons.

  35. Bill says:

    1. That ridiculous outfit accentuated Pia’s rigid, awkward movements and made her stage performance look worse than it actually was. The outfit was so unflattering it distracted from her actual singing performance.
    2. Michael is right on about the judges. As much as Simon was ill-liked for his sometimes overly harsh commentary, I think it was exactly that which kept the voting better hinged to reality. An outspoken producer needs to replace Randy (or Stephen?). I feel J Lo out of all three has stepped up the most, giving the most constructive criticism – while a bit sugary, her sort of flavor is needed but it only works best when mixed with the spice of an uninhibited producer as a third judge.
    3. Of course, too many teen girls are voting. The question is, to what degree are too many of them voting vs too little of “regular” voters voting.

  36. Barbara says:

    Pia was a victim of a few things. First, she was not pushed down everyones throat the way Lauren was from day 1. James and Paul had the Hulk Hogan wrestling thing (and showing off his belt) extra air time, and everyone elses “packages” seem to try and highlight their personalities to sell them to American. Pia’s personality never really broke through in performance or what packages they put out for her. She also seemed like such a shoo-in, people that liked her didnt feel they HAD to vote for her because so many other people would.
    And finally, if the judges actually graded each performance by each performer properly she would have stood out more (quite often as one of the few performers who hit all the right notes). And why wait til Wednesday to tell her to move around on the stage more? These contestants are given no direction on how to improve because they are constantly told they are perfect! The judges should all have to give their salaries back because NONE OF THEM have done the job asked of them. Jennifer came through with some bits of wisdom and truth, but let’s be honest (and not judges like THEM)it was waaay to little. Stephen, although showing promise in the auditions, serves zero purpose anymore on this show (and I LOVE him and always have)and should go back to what he does best – singing and songwriting.

  37. NotAMeanGirl says:

    I’m rather shocked that so many were surprised by this elimination. Yes, Pia has a wonderful, technically well trained voice. However, she is just REALLY hard to relate to. She isn’t terribly personable and THAT is what caused her ousting. Her fan base never really developed due to the audience’s inability to relate and connect with her as a person. There was no “THERE” there and that is what cost her the contest. I’ve competed in MANY a singing competition and even the best singers bomb when the audience and judges can’t relate to them.

  38. Sean D says:

    Slezak, on a note unrelated to Pia for the moment cause it causes me to much pain, thank you for mentioning Randy’s shock at Jacob in the bottom 3. I screamed profanities at my screen upon seeing that, that is THE GROWLER. She deserves success in this competition far more than the lusky stank of such unrepentent ego. J.Lo and Steven Tyler, mercifully though, were having none of his reaction. I’m really sensing a lot of hatred on their part towards Randy, all of it justified.

    I thought Jacob would be leaving us tonight. Sad. Although, I still really want Stefano to redeem himself, so I am glad on one level he’s still around. And, this might be controversial, but I think the Stefano Langone that could present himself on stage if he figures out how to consistenly bring out his wild card/”If You Don’t Know Me By Now” self would be a better winner for Season 10 than Pia Toscano, who, despite her brilliance, I don’t think was going to change or develop throughout the season.

  39. Lucy says:

    Iggy Pop, TMZ, and Pia gets the boot. What were they thinking bringing that Iggy on stage.. it was disgusting – strange suggestive dancing.. I can hardly believe they televised that. And then judges give him a standing ovation. Are you serious? What a train wreck of an evening. Any wise producer knows when the judges should not be present.. this was it. Get a clue.

    Now who is going to win? Nigel is hoping Lauren can pull out a win I’m sure. No way she could ever win against Pia, but he’s dreaming if he thinks she’ll be able to turn around voters. Her child-like ways are a big problem and they come thru in many different ways. She’ll never overcome that. It’s who she is at least for another 4-5 years unless her family and friends stop entertaining it. They probably think it’s cute, endearing. They don’t do this gal any favors that’s for sure. Nigel must be a complete idiot to think that would go unnoticed or he could fix it.

    Haley is not going to win. It’s just a matter of time. Casey simply is not bringing the interest and polish he showed us in the audition rounds and his “I just climbed out of the clothes hamper look” has zero appeal. Clean up.. shave the beard. Get serious or your next. Paul is too wacky. He’s got a unique talent, but it’s not going to be enough to get in the finale.

    I’d say it’s going to be Scotty and James Durbin and Scotty wins. Of the two I’d prefer James — he’s genuine, got a better story and with some help could be quite good. If Scotty wins he’ll be a Clay Akin type Country star – no long term star quality there. He’ll simply fade into the woodwork in no time.

    Good analysis about the judges. They need to get serious and give the right kind of feedback. Jacob is not going to win. Simon would have told him this a long time ago. In fact he probably never had made it past Hollywood with Simon on the panel.

    This promising AI season is now officially over. Let’s move on to X Factor.

    • Auntie says:

      Iggy Pop – disgraceful. Isn’t this supposed to be a family show? This entire season, I have been unable to stomach the “guest” acts. No-talent hacks. But last night was the slime in the bottom of the barrel. My sister will no longer let her 3 tween daughters watch Idol, which used to be such a fun family event. Stupid Idol producers.

  40. JimW says:

    George Carlin said it best (I’m paraphrasing): You know how stupid the average person is. Just think, half of the people are more stupid than that guy.

  41. Anne Hedonia says:

    ‘Yo Dawg” Randy has said it before: “America got it right!” (referring to Chris Allen’s win of AI8). Assuming that the proceedings aren’t fixed, I guess that’s correct if “right” is whatever America wants regardless of talent, taste or good sense.
    It seems to be be the year of “quirk” – endearing imperfections that people can identify with. Pia was significantly lacking “quirk”. Who can identify with someone who looks perfect (including the molars!) and sings “perfectly”? I’m sorry to see her go, because she had strong vocal talent, but I didn’t feel invested in her. And it may be a blessing in disguise to be eliminated before being left standing as “American Idol”. Check out past assinine eliminations and victories. I felt like my dog died when Adam Lambert lost out to Kris Allen two years ago. But all is truly well, and I don’t care anymore… ::still bitter:: lmao!

  42. Elizabeth Borrego says:

    Send this to Seacrest, Jennifer, Steven or Randy. Someone on the judging panel needs to wake up. In the beginning I thought an Idol post Simon might work, but they are not doing their jobs up there and America need a voice of reason.

  43. Sis says:

    While I too am annoyed that Pia is gone…o gotta admit I didn’t bother to vote for her…so I’m wondering if the rest of you did too? I felt like she was safe and that everyone else was voting. My theory backfired a little –I got my power vote on for Stefano thinking it would push Jacob out!! Damn!!! So cliche…but you can’t be that and if you didn’t vote!! ESP this season when I believe the difference btwn bottom 2 and going home is probably not by much…also depending on which conspiracy theory your on board with it’s a woman or a person of color goIng home next!

  44. martha says:

    Pia definitely is a much better vocalist than pretty much every other contestant this season. But the girl has no stage presence and her song choices were, in general, extremely boring. So she needs to get some of the blame for being voted off several weeks prematurely, because she was obviously not inspiring people to vote for her.

    I also would like to know how many of the people expressing shock, outrage, etc., over this actually voted for her this week? If they didn’t, then do they really think they should be complaining?

    This isn’t an outrage. Pia will quickly get signed by someone — who hopefully will introduce her to a great choreographer who can teach her how to actually work a stage and loosen up a bit. I doubt she’ll ever be a big star, but she’ll have some sort of career.

  45. C says:

    I SO wish Neil Patrick Harris and Shania Twain had been the two new judges. (Sigh)

  46. yorkie says:

    “Randy Jackson, wipe that stunned expression off your stupid face. Jennifer Lopez, mop up your phony, ridiculous tears. And Steven Tyler, go back to bed”

    ^took the words right out of my mouth. I particularly wanted to punch Randy and his stupid face and jlo was acting like she was going to cry… um I didn’t see any actual tears.
    She was trying to be like paula when constantine was eliminated.

    I woke up this morning hoping it was just a bad dream, this season officially sucks now. PIA<3

  47. Cindy Allen says:

    Maybe the producers of X-Factor could get Idol to let Pia have a second go on that show. That would be quite the ratings coup.

  48. Kasey says:

    Your poll leaves out the important “Yes, because America totally got it right!” option. Believe it or not, some of us didn’t like Pia and were glad to see her go.

  49. Sam2 says:

    Until they change the voting process, these “shocking” results are gonna happen..I’m sure Pia’s fans voted, but did they spend 2 hours voting and texting? A certain number of votes per phone line or on line acct would work, kinda like DWTS. It’s silly to spend 2 hours punching in numbers. Most people won’t, or don’t have the time. CHANGE THE VOTING PROCESS. It ain’t rocket science.

  50. Valerie says:

    You are right on the money about the judges. With the exception of Stefano, the remaining contestants have talent. They need to point out the weaknesses and flaws. And the producers have fallen flat. Why on earth did they let Pia go ahead with a Tina Turner number? With her range and voice, she could have done ABBA, Blondie, Madonna, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Carole King, Joni Mitchell’s Raised on Robbery, another Pretenders song, the Bee Gees, something that would have engaged the audience. Anything but that. Because even though her vocals were great, the performance lacked guts. It was one of the worst performances of the night. But she should not have been voted off.

    They should stop having the Gwen Stefanis coming in to exploit the talent in order to sell their crap. If Pia had been wearing what she wore last night on Wednesday, men (and women who aren’t jealous of beautiful women) would have voted in spades.

    They either need to change the voting structure or have the producers scout and vet the talent and bring the judges in at the end for the final selection. The relationship between the talent and the judges starts too early on and I think the judges are too much in love with some their early choices to be objective and helpful.

    With respect to all the girls being eliminated… they weren’t that strong to begin with. There was another Lauren who should have been chosen (I think that’s what her name was… she was told she wasn’t going to go through on her birthday and wasn’t nice about it which I respected) and a couple of others who were older and had more interesting voices. If you want to get this show out of the hands of teenyboppers who only like a pretty-boy face, get some women on the show, preferably aspiring musicians who can compete directly with guys like Casey and Paul. We need the next generation of Chrissie Hynde, Debbie Harry and the Wilson sisters (memo to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: why is Heart not inducted? What is WRONG with you people?), not Celine Dion and JLo.