American Idol Recap: Rocky Horror

Randy Jackson, wipe that stunned expression off your stupid face. Jennifer Lopez, mop up your phony, ridiculous tears. And Steven Tyler, go back to bed. (Honestly, dude, you’ve been taking the world’s greatest public nap for the last six weeks — why get invested now?) Because while the three of you sat there Thursday night at the American Idol judges’ table, collecting your seven-figure salaries and expressing your anger over the obscenely premature elimination of the exquisite, talented Pia Toscano, you failed to acknowledge your own culpability in her demise.

Uh-huh. I said it. In the post-Simon Cowell era of Idol, the show’s everyone-gets-a-gold-star judging panel has ceased to act as a voice of reason, an antidote to voter apathy, a reminder that not all Idol finalists are created equal. (Oh, Jenny From the Block, you were doing so well for a minute!) And on Wednesday night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performance telecast, 24 hours before Pia was left sobbing in front of millions of nauseated viewers, Randy, J.Lo, and Steven hit new, personal lows — spitting up critiques as withered as Iggy Pop’s hide, as grotesque as hand-picked frocks from Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. collection. (“You still wake up sometimes, don’t you? You wake up in the dark and hear the screaming of the lambs.“) Jacob Lusk’s screeching, pelvic “Man in the Mirror” was praised as “perfect in every way.” Casey Abrams’ forgettable turn on “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” was labeled “revolutionary.” And Stefano Langone’s subpar “When a Man Loves a Woman,” complete with discordant falsetto foolery, was described as “amazing,” “magic,” “great,” and “beautiful.”

Idol‘s Pia Reveals Her Bottom 3 Prediction, Wonders Why She Didn’t Rock the Vote Enough

Meanwhile, Pia, who from a vocal perspective, owned those boys so thoroughly and completely that she’d already had ’em washed, dried, folded, boxed, and stored away in the attic next to an unopened box of J.Lo’s Glow perfume and a VHS copy of From Justin to Kelly, was told she needed to “research” the greats to learn how to work the stage. Did J.Lo and Randy have a point? Absolutely. (Or as the Dawg might say, “a billion zillion percent!”) It also needs to be pointed out that Pia should’ve shaken her groove thing instead of playing too cool/self-conscious to shimmy during the contestant hoedown that occurred as the credits rolled on Wednesday. That aside, by harping relentlessly on Pia’s weaknesses without ever acknowledging her weekly vocal domination of the bulk of the Season 10 lineup, the judges slowly and methodically painted her as less than the Top 5 shoo-in she deserved to be, and frakked up a crucial opportunity to get out the vote on behalf of a woman whose absence is going to resonate across the Idol stage for the next seven weeks and beyond.

Hell, you know there’s something stinky floating in Lake Idol when Chris Daughtry, David Cook, Jennifer HudsonDancing With the StarsMaksim Chmerkovskiy, and even Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (!)  Tweet their shock and outrage over the results. And just like that, the “resurgent Idol” story arc that’s been building for the last three months seems to have come undone.

Is it naive of me to sit here and act surprised? Probably. Over the last two seasons, we’ve seen a grand total of two female contestants (the sublime Crystal Bowersox and the off-the-charts talented Allison Iraheta) crack the Top 5; now, with Pia’s elimination, Idol voters have sent home five consecutive women since the Season 10 finals began, not counting Casey Abrams, who — in a decision that seemed to favor Idol the TV Show over Idol the Viable Hit-making Machine — received the Judges’ Save after getting the lowest number of votes two weeks back.

You’ve got to wonder if somewhere in an oak-paneled Los Angeles bar, Jimmy Iovine, Will.I.Am., and a team of “all-star producers” (also 90 percent male) are knocking back scotches and cursing the cruel hand of fate and the inscrutable whims of Idol voters, and pondering what the hell kind of record they’re going to make should Stefano or Jacob (Pia’s fellow bottom-three dwellers this week) do one better than the hapless Jasmine Trias and claw their way to the final two. Good luck with that guys! I’ll be sure to download The Enunciation of Stefano Langone and The Man in the Mirror…Is Full of His Fabulous Self — if I’m not too busy watching The X Factor.

Anyhow, enough bitterness from this Idol recapper. The season must go on, even for poor Stefano, who looked so stunned when Ryan put down the final verdict that he might’ve pulled a Bruno Mars and caught a grenade for poor Pia — if Uncle Nigel would’ve allowed it.

And so now we have to brainstorm what kind of constructive advice Team Iovine and the judges can give Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina to try to carry at least one of them for another three weeks and into a Top 5 finish: “Hold the mic at a right angle to your head.” “Invest in some Crest Whitening Strips.” “Try slappin’ da bass!” “Arrogantly tell America that if they don’t vote for you, they have some kind of inherent sociological/psychological defect.” “Set a piano on fire.” “Get yourself a, um, boyzone?”

Hey, maybe that last one could work. After all, as “guest charisma coach” Russell Brand pointed out to James Durbin, a successful performer can’t be afraid of a little groin-centric action.

Okay, okay…let’s step away from that topic like I never even mentioned it, and do an abrupt subject change to a rundown of the night’s performances, with letter grades for everyone:

The Season 10 Top 9, “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”/”The Letter”/”Sweet Home Alabama” medley: Not really sure about slamming “put another dime in the jukebox, baby” into Lynyrd Skynyrd’s southern-rock anthem, but I thought Pia’s solo verse was the best of the night — and came to this conclusion long before she was sent to the bottom three. Also: Was anyone else thrown off by the whiff of Lusky Stank for the last 45 seconds? Grade: C+

Constantine Maroulis, “Unchained Melody”: An interesting, drum-heavy arrangement from the Season 4 alum, although I felt like Constantine didn’t really know how to end things after nailing the fearsome falsetto crescendo. It’s funny, though, that six seasons after his Idol tenure, the man is still trying to impregnate the camera with his lovemaking-eye technique and plunging neckline. Dude, you already got a baby! Grade: B

Iggy Pop, “Wild One”: If Satan himself cooked up a claymation ad campaign for the California Dried Apricots, it might look like this. That said, ABC needs to immediately book this lunatic for the fall 2011 edition of Dancing With the Stars, right? Grade: [Bleeped by Fox censors.]

And now, on to our awards ceremony for the evening!

Most Noticeable Fashion Repeat
Pia’s aqua-striped “Grenade” shirt reappearing in the Russell Brand segment

Judge Who Should Never Say “Uber”
Randy Jackson

Judge Who Should Stop Trying to Make Charcoal Silk Genie Pants Happen
Jennifer Lopez

Judges Who Needs to Stop Knowingly Nodding When Ryan Reiterates His Performance-Show Critiques
Also Randy!

The “Why the Eff Are You Shocked Haley Is Safe and Jacob Is in the Bottom Three?” Trophy
A hat trick for…&#*&^%@#*^$#& Randy Jackson!

Segment That Made Me Want to Take a Silkwood Shower
The Idols visit TMZ!

Contestant Who Needs to Work on His Slouchy Bottom-Three Posture
Jacob Lusk

Least Effective Product-Shilling Moment on Idol Since Mike Myers Promoted The Love Guru During the Season 7 Finale
“Stylist” Gwen Stefani trussing up the Season 10 ladies in “flattering” ensembles from her L.A.M.B. label

Unintentionally Spot-On Comment of the Night
“Who am I to tell them what to wear?” –Gwen Stefani on her grim dress-code for Pia, Lauren, and Haley (Anyone else think Pia might’ve outlasted Stefano if not for the spatter-patterned, thigh-expanding pantsuit?)

And now I turn it over to you: Is there any possible way to make sense of Pia’s ouster? How would you divvie up the blame among the judges, the producers, Gwen Stefani, Will.I.Am, Jimmy Iovine, and Idol voters? If you think Pia deserved to survive, who should’ve gone in her place? What about the performances by Constantine and Iggy? Sound off below, and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Nick says:

    This show’s credibility is dead as a dodo.

    They ought to just rename the show “A Masculine Idol” and have it over with.

    • You are right on the money. Unfortunately, the credibility of this show is and has been gone for years now. I thought they had something going with this crop of talent, was a little worried when they saved Casey, but now with Pia being gone the show has lost it again. If you really look into it, the show started to lose lots of credibility when Sanjaya was running around on stage for weeks and weeks during Season 6. Sure Taylor Hicks won and Daughtry was booted in Season 5, but it wasn’t until Sanjaya started to stick around due to his “cuteness” and appeal to the teen girls, despite being a laughing stock and having little talent. It showed that you can be really bad and be worse than your fellow competitors, yet stick around because of your “appeal”. I really think that that was when the show started to lose all of the stock and legitimacy it really had during those first 4 seasons.

      • evs says:

        remember Tim from last year!

        • says:

          Last year was a joke altogether, with Aaron Kelly, and Katie Stevens and Lacey Brown in that Top 12, not to mention the eventual winner. But Tim Urban was just Sanjaya Part II.

          • bluedevil says:

            Idol really needs to revamp its voting/scoring system. Why not go for the dancing with the stars approach so that the judges have 50% saying in who goes and who stays?

          • Amy says:

            Why can’t I remember Lacey Brown? Wow… last year was terrible.

          • Dallas says:

            C’mon! I think the voters liked her least. Just as they liked Casey least 2 weeks ago. Voters don’t always get it right in elections you know. But they have the right to usher in the majority fave.

          • djm says:

            Scary – I can’t even remember who Lacey Brown is. I’ve said it before and sorry, but part of me is LOVING that I am right – it doesn’t pay to have a va-jay-jay on American Idol. BUT, and it’s a big one, shouldn’t we be pointing fingers at the judges and producers for putting through the non-talened teeny-bopper contestants? Also, I have to wonder if this is just a ploy to get Lauren into the finale – SERIOUSLY. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Haley went home next week so that they can have Ryan go on and on and on and on about having to vote to keep little lawryn in the game. And then they’ll put her in the bottom 3 to make her pout and the Idol universe will fall for it like a fly can’t resist a fresh new pile of poo while I am walking my dog.

            Having said that, I am THRILLED Pia is gone. Sorry, but she was a total pageant bore who should have tried out for the Miss New Jersey America pageant – I am sure she would have kicked some serious booty in the talent part of the competition. But American Idol? Not so much.

          • GeekKub says:

            To Dallas,

            The only issue with your statement is that people can vote as many times as they want on Idol, in an election you can only vote once. I feel that those that vote that way are usually voting for the person they find the most attractive, not based on their talent. At least that’s my view, could be totally off…I have a feeling a lot of others feel the same way.

        • the real wendy says:

          No… I don’t remember any “Tim”

      • Casey Abrams new Taylor Hicks says:

        Casey Abrams is the new Taylor Hicks.

        He will be a BIG flop after Idol and it was a BIG mistake to save his UGLY FAT A$$

        • Ablo says:

          Well, at least you are sane.

        • ali says:

          100% Agree

        • Erin says:

          Totally agree, ever since I saw Casey I keep saying he is giving me Taylor Hicks flashbacks. I hope he wins and is Taylor Hicks all over again. Will serve them right.

        • Brent says:

          Why not comment on his lack on understanding what would be a good musical styling instead of taking pot shots and calling him ugly and fat? Oh wait, you’re writing anonymously in a forum and that gives you permission to be brave and be a jerk. Classy.

        • Anna says:

          At least Taylor could sing. I think the judges pity Casey because he can’t handle adversity as he gets sick.

          • ellen says:

            you are definitely a bunch of trolls who are just repeating the same BS like an idiotic echo chamber.

        • lobo says:

          right… Melissa Doolittle and Kelly Clarkson on the other hand think he’s pretty talented

      • the real wendy says:

        I think she was eliminated solely on the basis of that stank pantsuit!!!

        • Michele says:

          I agree 100%. As soon as I saw her in that thing I told my husband she was a goner. Sad.

          • JLo's Lipstick says:

            That, and TRYING to rock out A Tina song wearing 10inch stilletto’s. Wear some stripper boots or something. Oh well, she’s gone but she’s still got a career in front of her with the right coaching. An AI win woulda doomed her anyway.

        • ChrissieK says:

          Words right outta my mouth. If you ever see Gwen Stefani coming your way with a truckload of l.a.m.b. closthing…RUN like the wind because even though she says she doesn’t want to dress you, she really, really wants to.

          • bamamama says:

            Totally agree – Pia looked awful in that “THANG” and Lauren hips looked bigger than Jacob’s which is saying a lot – why did Idol let them dress like that.

        • susela says:

          Absolutely. If she had been wearing last night’s cleavage-showing, skin-tight, black-booted outfit on *Wednesday* night, there’s no way she would have been voted out!

        • mebbe says:

          I might agree with that except it was the second pantsuit she has worn this season. And no matter who makes it a pantsuit is not flattering and should never have been reawakened from the dead. Back to the 70’s with that one.

        • Lulio says:

          I think it was 70% pantsuit (I couldn’t even pay attention to her singing because of it), 20% stiff, Barbie-pose performance, and 10% girl jealousy!!

      • Teena says:

        That they even put Sanjaya in the top 24 or anything lies solely on the judges and the show. There is no way that kid had a stellar enough Hollywood week to merit seeing him past the first round. They seem so intent on having a water cooler moment that they throw this crap at us season after season. Simon telling a kid that has beaten thousands out for his spot that he needs to go home and give up music forever is still etched in my brain.

      • darclyte says:

        I’ve been saying since Tamyra got voted off in Season 1, and even more so since Daughtry got the boot in Season 5 that they ought to have the Bottom 3 sing and the judges pick who goes. Isn’t that how they do it on America’s Got Talent, and XFactor? It would prevent people like Tamyra, Daughtry, Casey and Pia from going home too soon, and prevent people like Sanjaya and Tim Urban from sticking around too long. Heck, implement it in the Top 24 and people like Katelyn, Lilly, and Kendra might actually make the Top 12. It’s a much better option that the one time “Judge’s Save.”

        • Laurien says:

          You’re right darclyte. On X Factor the bottom two do a sing off then the judges get to decide who stays. That is exactly why I’ll be watching X Factor come fall. That and I love Cheryl Cole.

        • Amber says:

          Yeah, but then we’d be stuck with Jacob forever, cause the judges looove him so much.

        • ATLgroove says:

          I have to agree, anyone who thought Pia was more Fantasia than Latoya London or Kelly Clarkson than Tamyra Gray played themselves. Pia was probably the most technically sound vocalist on this season (much like Melinda Doolittle was on hers), but I think the ho-hum personality did her in. Don’t get me wrong, I totally expected her to bust up the boys’ club Top 5, but I think that honor will now go to Lauren.

          • Michael says:

            Sorry, but I don’t buy the personality argument. Carrie Underwood was LIFELESS on stage. No emotion, no depth and not understanding of the lyrics that she was singing. The sole blame lies with the voting system. Michael S has something stuck in his bum today. The judges critiques or lack of them had nothing to do with the outcome.

            The bulk of the votes are coming from a very small portion of the viewing population…teen girls and, perhaps, some soccer moms. Because they can speed dial until their fingers bleed, they make the 2 or 3 votes that I cast completely irrelevant. If they limited the voting, more people who don’t normally vote would call in and cast their 5 or 6 votes. In the grand scheme of things, I think that the votes cast would be all that different in number but would be very different in their outcomes.

            This is the voting system. NOTHING MORE.(The only time Simon swayed my vote….when I found his criticism to be unduly harsh. Otherwise, if I liked a person, I voted no matter what. The lack of criticism does annoy me because those schmucks are getting paid millions to do something, but that lack of criticism has no sway whatsoever over the voting. The twats…I mean, teens…are going to vote for their favorite cutey one way or the other. Had texting been allowed in earlier seasons, Fantasia Ruben and Kelly may not have been Idols.

          • GeekKub says:

            Did you also notice they did not mention how many votes they got last night? Last week they made a huge deal about 55 Million, they didn’t mention anything this week. They must not have had the numbers they wanted to so they could brag about it. I honestly don’t care how many votes you get, I would rather it be lower and a better representation of what the majority think. Not just what a very specific group of people think.

          • Stephanie says:

            Pia didn’t have that spark that made me wanna watch her. She looks nice and she sounded good but I just didn’t care. I would’ve rather seen Jacob or Stefano go before her, but I didn’t care how long she stays in. I hope Jacob goes next.

        • Chris G says:

          That’s exactly how they did the eliminations on the show Rock Star. The bottom 3 vote getters had to perform again, then the band (or judges) chose which one went home.

          Can’t wait for the X-Factor and Simon.

        • Mel31602 says:

          I agree but I fear Idol would never do that because that would make it too similar to XFactor. To be fair though this system isnt perfect- sometimes Simon would vote in a way that would bring the judges vote to a tie and in that case whoever had the lowest audience vote went home. Twice in the season that aired 2 years ago this led to a cute guy and a cute guy duo- neither if whom was that talented, especially not the duo- sticking around while more talented contestants went home

          • ladyhelix says:

            So You Think You Can Dance has the judges eliminate the bottom 3, and – and Nigel is the exec producer for both Idol and SYTYCD – which is in it’s 8th or 9th season. So they wouldn’t be “copying” X-Factor. (Is the X-Factor copying Nigel’s other show?

            PROBLEM: The thing about SYTYCD is that WHEN the judges decide who is going home – they are VERY specific about WHY “you didn’t extend your leg on this, your feet were wrong, your movement wasn’t in sync with your music, you didn’t achieve enough height in this section, etc.”. or “The other guy was superhuman”

            I can’t see this happening on Idol (the judges aren’t tough enough, or knowledgeable enough “that was just OK for me Dawg”). Although it might force them to actually give a critique this season – which would be novel,

        • dj says:

          Except for what Amber said (and I thoroughly agree that they would keep Jacob, ugh!), I think that sounds like a good idea, if these judges could actually make the “right” decision. Judging from their reaction tho, I think they would have sent Stefano packing last night instead of Pia if they’d performed again. That would take some of the power voting power out of the equation…maybe.

        • RT says:

          That idea makes a lot of sense! Voters would still have their say, but some of the just voting for someone because he’s cute stuff would be taken out of the equation. Then when it comes down to the final 2, the voters could still pick the winner.

        • Leigha says:

          That would work if they had any judges this year. They don’t. If these three stick around next season, I am not investing my time watching this train wreck. It’s the judges fault Pia went home, bad clothing or not. Really, she dressed as if she were in her 40’s. I miss Simon.

        • chriss says:

          Great idea! I don’t know if I can stand to watch the rest of the season – I was enjoying it and feeling like they had finally gotten their act together, until the last couple of weeks. Last night might have been the last straw for me…

        • Rick says:

          That is truly the smartest idea I have heard. Now get me 3 decent judges. Randy Jackson is awful and loves his black homies, replace him with Usher, then give me Simon and Kara back and we are all set.

      • debbi says:

        It would seem that although at the time the JUDGE’S SAVE made sense and was a smart move, it should NEVER be done so early.
        Case in point, last night.
        Some years it might never be used or be used on a Matt Girard later on in the show, but even though I’m a Casey fan, he is not Idol material.
        However, I’m not even sure what that means anymore.
        I’m hoping that the CHADS will somehow be found somewhere and it will be have to be recounted!

        • JBanana says:

          actually, I think the save was actually used wisely this year, rather than just giving one contestant a couple more weeks, to then just have them voted off anyway … it actually made a difference in that the contestant they used it on will be on the tour. I really don’t think that someone who is saved is ever going to win it, so why not use it to keep the tour interesting and give that contestant a nice summer paycheck? To me that is much more of a concrete benefit than previous saves. I mean, sure, staying around an extra couple weeks is nice, but ultimately it doesn’t matter that much if you finish 6th or 4th. But having Casey on the tour this year is definitely a bonus, he’s interesting and he has fans, so from a production standpoint, it was a smart move.

    • Frenchie says:

      Bring PIA Back Petition

      Please log on to this website and sign it. Let us vote to bring Pia back. I think Stefano should have went home!!!

      • Idolicious says:

        Petitions are pretty useless.

        The show is ruled by screaming fan girls who dial until their fingers bleed. Why would anyone be surprised that the boys rule? Especially the ‘cute’ boys?

        Also – people don’t vote on what they feel is the ‘best’. They vote on popularity and personality. It’s a reality show, this is not a shocker.

        • susanq says:

          I agree!

        • funkycoldmedina says:

          WAIT!!! There’s a cute boy on Idol? Where? Where?

          I am so saddened that Pia has followed the golden footsteps of past Idol greats…JHud, Melinda Doolittle, Daughtry, Tamryn et all. I hope this means that because of the AI exposure Pia will have a fabulously successful career. It looks like the mean girls and mean guys won this round. That is a frakkin’ shame. I have no interest in who wins this season, as the only person who had to vocal chops to become a successful recording artist has left the building. NOW AI “talent” truly fits all of the BORING critiques the fandoms labeled Pia with. Hope you all enjoy your season of suckage. I will not be tuning in to the remainder of this snoozefest/crapfest.

          Here’s to you, Pia…you were fantastic.

          • Media Ho says:

            ITA, funky. Last night, I was screaming at the tv, “HEY, JUDGES! Happy now that you wasted the frickin’ save on Forgettable Fozzie Bear? LOSERS!”
            I can only hope that David Foster picked up the phone last night and called Pia. She will go very far with his backing, and she wouldn’t be the first Idol he’s worked with.
            I may watch the last episode to see if Scotty triumphs over James, but the rest of the remaining “talent” can suck it. To paraphrase Don McLean’s “Vincent,” “This competition was never meant for one as beautiful as you….how you tried to set them free. They would not listen they’re not list’ning still….perhaps they never will.”
            Pia, you will prove the voters wrong!

      • Grammerphobe says:

        Frenchie: I, too, think Stefano should have GONE home. Or better still, Jacob.

    • Amanda says:

      This show’s “credibility” ran out after season 1.

    • Delon says:

      This marks the beginning of the end for AI. The sales and the taste in the current music market is shaped by urban consumers. There is nothing urban about AI. It is quite the opposite. Once The X Factor debuts and shows everyone how it’s done AI’s ratings for the next season will skydive. I think they should conclude AI’s run this season before it turns into a complete joke. I’ve never missed a single episode of AI, but lately as an adult i’ve no time to sit in front of TV and subject myself to a show in which the outcome is determined by girls whose median age is 11. I will wait til September and get my fix from The X Factor. Farewell American Idol. It was fun while it lasted.

      • JOHN says:

        ….interesting… you honestly believe that Fox, the AI producers, Freemantle, etc., give a hoot about the how and why any contestant stays/leaves…or that the show should disappear….come on now….AI is their CASH COW….and as long a multi-millions tune in, they will remain fat & happy cats. Do you really want to make an impact…then bombard THE SPONSORS….they and only they can make significant change….yes, I repeat BOMBARD Coca-Cola, ATT and Ford customer service lines endlessly…..just do not sit on these blogs and cry, cry, cry… something meaningful!!!!!

        • GingerSnap says:

          I’m not going to waste my time with bombarding the sponsors. The way to kill the Cash Cow is to stop watching. When the ratings sink, Coke & Ford will put their advertising dollars elsewhere. I think I can wait until XFactor comes out, ‘cuz I’m done with AI.

        • Buster Cretin says:

          In case you hadn’t noticed, the ratings are down. If everyone stopped watching the show would go away.

          • mark says:

            The problem is that they’re “down” to it still being the number 1 show on TV by almost double the next highest rated show. If AI lost 50 percent of it’s audience it would still be in the top 20. It ain’t going nowhere.

          • Michael says:

            The ratings are down, but haven’t plummeted. The show has lost around 10% per year since season 3. The viewer attrition this year is less than 10% and some of the telecasts this year have beatens ones from last year. The AI machine is salivating at their good fortune.

      • julie says:

        Because X-Factor U.K. has been successful in turning the winners into stars? Um…not so much. Simon ‘s taste in music runs to El Divo and Susan Boyle and in manufacturing boy bands from people who didn’t even know each other utnil they auditioned for his show, not to musicians who are actually relevant to the current music scene.. I really doubt X-Factor is going to be any more sucessful at turning someone into a huge star than AI has been over the past few years.

        • Cathy says:

          I believe the main reasons why AI winners and runners up aren’t turning into stars anymore is because 19 Entertainment forces them to sing crappy songs written by writers that 19 Entertainment has a deal with and can get the most money from, and because they aren’t spending money on radio promotion. It’s total corporate control and lack of artistic sensibility and promotion that’s killing the winners and runners up. Archie got dropped and I’m sure it was because the songs they made him record didn’t appeal to the people who voted for him. Archie is a great ballad singer who should be singing Josh Grobin type music. that’s his money ticket. But no, they made him sing crap like Crush and Elevator so he’d be “young”. It wasn’t all tweens voting for him. David Cook is fighting for more control this time, which is why his album is so delayed. That’s very smart on his part. He doesn’t want to end up like Archie. Who could blame him? All things considered, AI is good exposure for the losers, who most likely would fade into total obscurity were it not for a reality TV show. And that is the saddest thing of all! There’s so much talent out there being wasted because someone might not “look” like a star or be a teen hearthrob!

      • djm says:

        It just NOW hit you that the show is over? Um, look at the facts. The last two winners of this show have had less then zero impact on the recording industry or charts, so how is this just now a surprise to you? Unfortunately for Idol the millions who watch do not faithfully turn into consumers after the show is over. My solution – make people PAY every week to power vote. Charge them $12.99 to buy the Idol CD that is released the next day in order to vote more than once. Or, charge $50 at the beginning of the season and include the winners CD in the package. Seriously – allowing teentards to vote over and over and over again because they think Scotty is cute and allow the cougars to do it because they live in a state of loser-dome and honestly think that they can someday land Paul McDonald isn’t guaranteeing success. Also – wait longer to release the winning CD so that it can contain music that will sell. Just a thought.

        • Brittany says:

          I like this idea! Less people would vote if they had to pay. For all we know the producers could be looking to see who is making the most money off the ITunes each week and then rearranging votes here and there accordingly. Maybe they thought they could make more money off Pia if they dropped her now so people will be outraged and rally behind her for whenever she does release some songs. They could already be in the works of signing her and getting ready to record singles that they will start releasing before the show is over (like Chris Medina) while the Idol backlash is high and people want to support her. Just a thought…

    • AdamWasRobbed says:

      Well, the judges are there to sort of guide America as to who is doing things better than all the others. When the judges fail to critique ANYTHING, the system completely falls into chaos….

      Honestly? Based on Wednesday’s performances alone? There is a case to be made for Pia going home as she certainly needs a ton of work on her stage presence and we finally got to see her do an “upbeat” song that really fell WAY short of Tina Turner’s energy and it showed. So if there was a week where this was going to happen, this would have had to have been the one.

      That said, Pia had done enough and showed enough up to that point that I thought she’d built up enough “cred” that America would forgive her for not being able to move and sing at the same time (Recall Naima had the same flaw, but chose to move a lot anyway).

      But anyway, lay it all on the judges. When they essentially say, “You ALL rocked and were flawless!!!”, America is left to dial random numbers or make it even MORE of a popularity and style contest than Idol already was….

      BTW, who’s idea was it to allow Iggy Pop to perform? I’d rather watch that dude who was the first voted out a few seasons ago that sang Copacabana horrendously than watch the “Wild One” trainwreck by a shirtless leathery freak….

      Oh, and doesn’t Constantine look like Lieutenant Dan ? :-)

      • nevershocked says:

        have always read slezak, but first time I am replying to anyone, btw love the AdamWasRobbed name, as I totally agree. As for Pia being voted off, I personally never voted for her. I am not shocked in the least, and I don’t blame the judges. THis is AMerican Idol, not American singer. Her stage presence as well as personality were virtually non existent, in my opinion. and call me a “hater” all you want, I don’t think she made herself very likable. I recognize her singing talents but that is about it. If I had my way, Jacob would have gone home….

        • Salome says:

          I 100% agree with both of you.

        • CMC says:

          I totally agree. I told my boyfriend Wednesday night that I wouldn’t be surprised if Pia was in the bottom 3 or even voted off after that night. Her performance wasn’t memorable and she has the stage presence and personality of a house plant. Yes, she can sing-but unfortunately in the world of Idol, that isn’t all that matters. I know I’m in the minority, but I’m not surprised nor am I angry. And no, I’m not jealous either

          • Brittany says:

            I love how the anti-women thing always involves “girl jealousy”. I really don’t get that. There might be certain populations that vote for certain types of contestants, but I don’t think it has anything to do with jealousy. If I liked Pia, I would have voted for her. I didn’t and apparently neither did the rest of America.

      • GP says:

        I really wish people (including Michael) would stop blaming the judges. I mean really, can’t you people think for yourselves? Do you need the judges to tell you what you like. At this point in the competition everyone is good and has proven that they can sing. Now, it is a matter of what your personal musical tastes are as to how you’re going to vote.

        The judges have given America a diverse group of singers to watch and I think this is where the problem lies. They almost did too good a job in picking the top 24 as they based it on talent and not looks (like Simon would have to some degree). So, you might not like the style of a singer and, therefore, in your eyes the judges are wrong but someone else might totally disagree with you – that’s okay. Music is subjective.

        Michael I’m really shocked at your outrage toward the judges. I would have though you were beyond being told what is to your liking and what is not. I don’t live in the U.S. but if I did I would not have voted for Pia as I don’t like her style of singing – the power diva ballad style and would never purchase a CD of hers. Do I recognize her great voice, sure but music is much more than having a great voice, it has to move you in some way and I’m sorry Pia never made me feel anything when she sang.

        • AdamWasRobbed says:

          I personally am not blaming the judges because they dared give Pia advice on how to improve, but am blaming them for essentially making AI like today’s soccer leagues for 5-7 year olds where “no one loses”…

          The judges right now are essentially claiming that all of these contestants are flawless. They aren’t, but because they think they are “hitting it out of the park” every week, they aren’t fixing what needs to be fixed.

          If I were a judge? This week would have gone like this:

          Paul and Scotty – You both cranked up the energy and its the first week in a long time that I stood up and noticed you. Good job

          Lauren – Dear, I don’t know where your “confidence” went. Lacking confidence was never a quality I’d have ascribed to you. That said? You sang decently, but it was probably the weakest vocal performance of the week.

          Haley – Just because we say you have a “Little Janice” in you, doesn’t mean you’re ready to take Janice on head on… Janice didn’t have a soulful, jazzy growl. She had a powerful raspy voice. I don’t know how the judges confuse the two quite honestly. But don’t touch Janice again please…

          Pia – Even Celine Dion showed more spunk in performing that song than you did. Walking does not equal “owning the stage”

          Jacob – Stop wailing up on stage, looking like you’re passing a kidney stone. You kinda look like the halloween mask from the movie ‘Scream’ when you sing, only its not a mask and its actually scary…

          Casey – The base is different, but then, so is an accordian. Neither would be confused with being “cool”. No matter, my issue with you is that you need to get your singing straight before you add the rest. I know you can sing. Start there and add the theatrics later…. Oh, and try to lose the “Sling Blade” look you make when you do your soft, high notes. You look like a kook.

          Stefano – Dude, no, you don’t need to keep your eyes open if it isn’t you. If that’s what it takes for you to connect with a song, then do it, because its painful watching you attempt to look at the camera when I know you just want to close your eyes and throw your head back… Find something that works for you that also enables you to connect.

          James – The Adam comparison that most are making with you is unfair. Sorry, you have the same high wail that is very cool and “rock and roll”, but that’s where the similarities end. You showed this week that you have singing talent as well as stage presence. Good week.

          I’m sorry for being so long-winded, but its just showing that as “AWESOME” as everyone supposedly was this week, they almost all had something that could have been addressed. I remember season 3 where Simon was constantly giving Diana DeGarmo a weekly beat-down and it really made her resiliant and she improved every week and finished second to Fantasia when early on she seemed middle-of-the-pack at best (Yes, Diana was one of my all-time Idol faves BTW…).

          We need to bring that back…

          • chrystal says:

            It is so obvious that what one person likes to hear another really hates. You and I are an example of that. I couldn’t stand to hear James’s song. His belting out a rock song hid the deficiencies in his regular singing. I found it deplorable and you like it. That’s why we vote. I’m stunned anyone liked it. You probably find my taste deplorable. Amazing, isn’t it?

        • nevershocked says:

          I think you just read my mind, and I probably could not have said it any better anyway. Well put!

      • Sally says:

        Iggy and Constantine were embarassments.

      • chriss says:

        omg….. you’re right, he totally does!!

    • adamfan says:

      You are 100% correct! And not only due to the stupid elimination from last night. For a show that is trying to be a nice family entertainment to give platform to such puke as TMZ is absurd!!! These are people that hide in the bushes to accost celebrities with inane and intrusive questions, try to find a young starlet picking her nose in the car or put together a segment of no underwear shots!
      The elimination of Pia just proved how silly the Idol voting system really is. Are we to rely on horny 13 year olds picking the winner? Idol needs to change to ONE vote per household. How Jacob survived his F U to all of us watching at home I’ll never understand but Nigel needs to take a look at the entire voting process cause it is broken!!

      • Gail says:

        Well said!

        Simon Cowell leaves and it’s all downhill.

        The standard for excellence is replaced by so-so average.

        And the audience is ill treated with manure spot TMZ.

      • Cathy says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more. Let everyone vote just a few times or once only. Since text voting probably makes money for AT&T, I doubt anything will change. I’m sure people are making up fake Facebook accounts just to vote now that Facebook is another voting venue.

        • chillydogs says:

          FOX won’t change their voting systems because they are getting a big cut from AT&T, Facebook, or anything else that people are using. It’s obviously teenagers because they are more comfortable with the technology and they can blast 10,000 texts at a time. This is the reason we don’t vote at our house, because what good is 10 votes against 10,000?

          The show is getting old fast. If the judges don’t want to be judges, then get somebody who will speak the truth to those kids instead of giving them a gold star every week.

      • chriss says:

        I totally agree about the voting – ONE vote per household. I really think that would change things and the outcomes would be very different.

        Regarding the judges – I don’t need the judges advice/critiques to decide who I like and who I want to vote for. I do think, though, that the contestants need it in order to work on and improve their performances, rather than just repeating the same flaws week after week.
        J Lo was giving good, honest critiques for a while, but she stopped doing it this week for some reason.

    • AdamWasRobbed says:

      Oh, and I honestly thought Jacob was going to be the one going home on a rail…. Don’t preach to me sonny. I’ve looked myself in the mirror going on 20 years longer than you’ve been on this Earth you arrogant little (well, not-SO-little) pr!ck….

      Oh, AND your singing voice annoys me… So there’s TWO reasons. ;-)

      • duranmom says:

        Dearest Jacob, I took your advice and I looked in the mirror and the mirror told me that Kris Allen did this song much better than you. Jacob should have been the one who was sent packing…this is ridiculous.

        BTW, *I* am more critical of the contestants than the judges are. Please help them become better performers by critiquing them — not blowing rainbows and sunshine up their patooties. Sheesh.

        • LP says:

          Funny and well said though either Jacob or Stefano would have worked for me. I do think Pia hadn’t showed enough personality and because it’s not just a singing competition, viewers didn’t connect with her. And the judges absolutely need to help folks at home who are influenced by their comments weed out the average performance from the great.

    • cookie love says:

      Ok, Slezak. I finally feel ok after reading you. The outrage and frustration at the judges, voting system, everything… have expressed so well. Thank you. This is a sad day for Idol. Readers,let your thoughts be known to the powers that be at FOX!
      I’m haunted by Pia’s wrenching sobs at the end. Why did they leave her mike on???

    • John Berggren says:

      They need to set vote limits. Now that you can vote on the web – make that the only voting process – one vote per computer.

    • Jen says:

      Or they can re name the show “American Penis”. Seriously.

    • Uncle mo says:

      Why not change the vote to the one you think should be eliminated intend of your favorite? In this case Pia was thought to be very talented by the vast majority of voters…but just not their favorite. Or maybe we could vote for both who goes and who stays, and they could take the average.

      • Brittany says:

        Totally agree! I have said that for a long time. That way you can eliminate the bad contestants and not have to worry about which good contestants split your vote and risk going home. You should be able to both vote for your favs as well as vote against the people you want to go home. If that were the case I would have voted 50 times against Jacob instead of voting positively for anyone else because I don’t know who my favorite was just based on the performances.

      • aislinn says:

        Amen! I’ve been saying this for a while too. It just doesn’t make sense to vote for one favorite, when there are multiple potential candidates. I would much prefer winnowing out the folks who just don’t have what it takes, leaving the others to continue to show us how they’re growing. I really don’t think Pia (or Casey) would have been bottom in that type of voting structure.

    • Joe says:

      Slezak said it best, the show worked so hard to get some momentum in order to gain back all of us who bailed last year. In one fell swoop, they lost it last night. The blood is on J. Lo’s hands who apparently thought giving Pia tough love and the likes of Stefano (who couldn’t sell a record if he paid you to buy it) unconditional love wouldn’t affect the votes. Lauren has the stage presence of an awkward teen stripper and yet they never once informed her she needed to do homework like they did to Pia. Don’t even get me started on the mediocrity that is being praised from the guys left in the show. I can’t imagine waking up this morning as Pia and wondering WTF just happened, but hopefully she has a record contract and a mile long line of producers with songs they would kill to have her sing waiting for her. The girl deserved better than this.
      As for American Idol, I was right last season to give up on the show. This isn’t for my demographic. I enjoyed it in the beginning because it was a singing competition where you saw deserving people on the path to making their dreams come true. Now, it’s a parody of that. It’s Tiger Beat TV. It’s everything it shouldn’t be selling sob stories and personality over talent. This show isn’t for me anymore and I’m going to leave it to the pre-teen girls who the producers covet. If you were watching Wed night closely, there was a shot of Nigel sprinting through the audience cheering the crowd into a frenzy while Scotty was performing. He also was putting together his harem of girls to run up on the stage and touch him. It’s clear what he and the show want to have happen and Scotty and Lauren will be 1-2. I think even if Lauren didn’t have the votes, they’d still manipulate them to keep her. It’s a disgrace and I hope I live long enough for the day to come when someone blows the whistle on how the votes are really tabulated/manipulated. Simon is licking his chops right now and I fully expect he’s going to put American Idol out of business in no time.

      • Kaikenna says:

        I do agree that the judges are doing a disservice by saying everyone is fabulous. But I also think that bloggers have a huge influence too and did similar injustice to Pia. There hasn’t really been that much buzz about Pia’s superb performances since weak one. Instead we get lavish love for Haley that goes on and on and on………..She can’t hold a candle to Pia and I can’t believe she is one of the two girl left. Her Janis Joplin performance was horrible. Oh how I miss Crystal! Have you noticed how Haley has not been in the bottom three since being praised by media?

      • Michael says:

        Give me a break. Whose vote did J-Lo sway? People have been voting for their favorites for weeks now. They aren’t changing their votes because of some benign comment made by a judge. Drama queen.

      • chillydogs says:

        AI producers are manipulating this to get their demo – the tweenies. Notice how they didn’t say how many total votes this week? That’s probably because the number of votes so far exceeds the number of viewers that it would be obvious people are gaming the system. Last week 55,000,000 votes. No way 55,000,000 people watched the show! Change the voting system: one person, one vote.

        • Remus says:

          Tweenies? Really? In case you haven’t noticed, the key demo the advertisers covet and cite is the 18-49 group, so most viewers and voters are unlikely to be tweens or even teens.

          As others have pointed out, despite Pia’s massive vocal talent, she came off as distant, cold and unlikable. All the comparisons to Celine Dion did her no favours. Check YouTube for Celine singing River Deep Mountain High on David Letterman in 1994. At 26 years of age, Celine owned the stage with that performance and she didn’t even move from her position at the microphone.

    • Terri says:

      You can blame the judges and/or lack of Simon Cowell, but most of us don’t need them to think or vote. If Simon were a judge this year, I believe his comments would have echoed the other judges regarding Pia (Randy “sing something other than ballads” or J Lo “get some more stage presence”), albeit with more of a Simon twist “I feel like I’m on a cruise ship” or “Are we at a pageant?”. Yes, the pundits/columnists all had Pia in the top three, but none of them really gushed or raved about her; all had similar critiques for her to do something interesting. And now it is as if some great injustice has been done. Pia is good — very good, and beautiful, but unlike some of the others in this very tough competition this year, she has not changed or stepped up her game. I didn’t vote this week, and if I had, it wouldn’t have been for Pia; therefore, I can’t complain.

      • funkycoldmedina says:

        Terri it is quite mean spirited to continue to describe Pia as “pageanty”. If having good posture, a beautiful smile and a gorgeous face makes someone “pageanty” then you are describing inaccurately LOTS of everyday people living in America…most of whom have NEVER participated in a single pageant. You are also wrong again by stating that voting the best vocalist off of American Idol because she is too pretty, or she doesn’t move around the stage enough for your taste IS an injustice to a sweet girl with a great talent, who never did a single thing to harm you whatsoever and doesn’t deserve the one iota of the degree of hatefulness I have witnessed online. Posts like yours comes off as smug and is distasteful. If you don’t like her, FINE. There was NOTHING wrong with Pia or her ability to sing, but people like you and so many others who have used the “keyword” pageanty about Pia, have nit picked this poor girl to death in the comment sections wherever this season of AI is discussed. And where one dog carries a bone, there are others following the ankle nipping pack for a little game of follow the leader. Such mean and nasty hatefulness makes me want to throw up. Have you ever truly seen real pageant girls? Some of them are VERY nice people with a ton of talent and have more decency in their behavior and better manners than you (and others like you) portray. Did you ever stop to think about how some people may have a confidence problem standing in front of millions of viewers, and MAYBE Pia has never been put on the spot by being made to speak publicly before? The demonization of Pia has made me realize how SAD and hateful people really are…and most of those same people THINK that they are good and kind people. Whatever. I am personally sick of seeing people wear their hatefulness like a badge of honor.

        • Remus says:

          Oh, get over yourself. People not liking Pia’s performance or calling her “pageanty” means they are being hateful and mean?

          She’s “pageanty” because of her stage movements and overall demeanour during performances.

    • Sally says:

      don’t cry for Pia….she’s probably having contracts talk as we write….if she gets with the right manager, she can go to the top — commercial endorsements, events (that pay thousands of dollars), record contract. Just because you win doesn’t mean you “win”….look at Crystal Bowersox who is outselling Lee DeW and doing festivals and events. Her calendar is full.

      And realize this: All the female Alums are OUTSELLING THE MALES on the charts and getting awards.

    • allison says:

      I’d actually love for Michael to publish how many times HE or his husband voted for her the other night. I’m betting neighter of them bothered because they too, were very “sure” that she’d get enough votes from other people.

      All the conspiracy theories are just silly. Pia got booted because her fans just didn’t bother to vote. They either didn’t vote for her because they assumed she would be safe because others were voting for her, or they divided their votes to other people. But either way, it’s not the producer’s fault and it’s not the judge’s fault. It her fan’s fault. You could have dialed, texted, or jumped on the internet, but you didn’t.

  2. Chmarin says:

    This was definitely the biggest elimination shocker since Chris Daughtry.

    Ridiculous. I hope we get new judges next year.

    • For the judges to think they have no culpability is laughable. They were every bit as responsible for the early departure of Pia then the teeny-bop girls that love their Scotty and James and Stefano. Jacob was not perfect last night, and hasn’t been since that one week in Hollywood(Andrew Garcia anyone?), Stefano did not give anyone goosebumps, and if he gave J.Lo goosebumps she should look into her circulatory system because that performance wouldn’t give bumps to a goose. James was decent this week, but was a mess last week during his running around. Paul should have been gone last week with that weird performance. Yet, the judges say nothing. Maybe a small comment by Randy, and when he does make a comment J.Lo tries to quiet him down and Steven Tyler makes fun of him. The judges are just as at fault for letting someone like Pia go so early than all those teen girls that really know no better. If they don’t hear the judges tell these new “artists” how to improve and get better, and tell them when they are doing wrong, then the only justification these voters will use to text, or dial or facebook is how “cute” Scotty is or Stefano is.

      • pete says:

        you are absolutely 100% on the money! The judging seems to be “love fest”, everyone is great, everyone is beautiful, Steven’s favorite phrase! They are all simply sitting there going on and on, with no real truth to people who do need to hear it! The judging this year stinks. I had thought that Steven would be upfront and honest, lay it all out there. Instead he phones it in. Bad judging, boring shows. I will have to stop watching. If teenage girls are also responsible, the producers need to limit the amount of votes we all have. DWTS does it, ten each, that is it. Instead AI loves to brag how many total votes there are each week. I miss Simon! The voice of sanity!

        • Li-Li says:

          While the judges showed promise in the early rounds, they are now at the place that many predicted: they CAN’T judge anyone harshly because they are artists themselves with a FAN BASE that that they don’t want to risk alienating by offering anything negative. Simon had no fan base – he just said what he wanted to say – and we loved him for it. He couldn’t lose any money or fans for being brutally honest. It’s all so incredibly frustrating. I wasn’t a huge Pia fan, but appreciated her powerhouse vocals and beauty, so her ousting was a major disappointment at this stage of the competition. I blame Gwen Stefani first for putting that heinous clown outfit on her.

      • Yo says:

        I believe the judges have some culpability. You can not give 7 out of 9 contestants a pass, then critique the last two (if only becuase you have an extra 15 seconds) without those critiques taking on undue importance.

    • Peter says:

      Don’t understand why everyone is so shocked and even angry that Pia got eliminated so early. Yes, it was a big surprise, but she had a fatal weakness that most Idol pundits failed to mention: she didn’t appear to be many people’s first choice among the remaining nine contestants. Sure, everyone liked Pia and admired her vocal prowess. But as someone else wrote elsewhere, the surest way to get eliminated on American Idol is to be everybody’s second choice. Even for you, Michael, Pia did not appear to be even your favorite female contestant. I think Haley is your top female choice, especially since last week. In fact, I think the rise in Haley’s popularity cost Pia critical votes to survive the cut. There appears to be only so many people voting for female contestants this year, and it appears many of them switched their votes from Pia to Haley. Just my two cents…

      • Go Go says:

        You are right on the money. I’m more angry at those so called judges than the elimination itself.

      • Sharon says:

        I agree. While I did think Pia was going to make it far (perhaps even win), I thought she was robotic and boring to watch. I think she even suffered a little from Melinda Doolittle syndrome – too far ahead of the pack – and people take it for granted that she’s just going to sail through. But yes, I think the judges have completely forgotten what their roles should be and have become nothing but cheerleaders.

      • Laura says:

        I completely agree. Speaking of revisionist history, Pia was a good singer but the favorite of only a few. I liked her, but I am not in need of a Celine Dion cover album. She was proficient, controlled and pretty… But my fav artists are emotional, messy and compelling. Vocal gymnastics are great, but not sufficient.

        • Julia says:

          I agree. I was shocked but not hurt that Pia left. I kept hearing Simon in my head after her performances — mentioning pageants, cruise ships, and amusement parks. There was nothing current or unique about Pia that would make her a viable recording star. Carrie Underwood used to just stand there and sing in her AI days but she tore down the rafters with her singing. She had spark. Pia just had gloss.

        • Krikky says:

          What a perfect way to sum up EXACTLY why I never “connected” with Pia… “my fav artists are emotional, messy and compelling”. Nicely said, Laura – I completely agree :)

          I’m shocked that she went this early – I thought she would be the last girl standing… But then again, I’m not. Her voice is great, no question, but it’s not very unique. And I don’t think she did a great job of REALLY showing America who she was off the stage – she was too nice, too safe. Also, I think the little tween girls who vote in droves are scared that she’s too hot and may take the new BF Scotty away from them ;)

        • Scarlett says:

          … “my fave artists are emotional, messy, and compelling”: you are 100% correct. I was surprised to see Pia go last night but I have personally never voted for her. I’m voting for Paul every week. And I’m not sure that I agree with some comments’ indignation toward the judges lack of critique. In the past, the judges’ negative comments frequently made MORE people vote to save their beleaguered favorite. So I’m not sure that it would have made a difference for Pia this week. I did expect Jacob to be the one to go however.

        • Kim R says:

          “But my fav artists are emotional, messy and compelling..” Perfectly expressing how I feel as well. I actually felt so badly for Stephano who much have felt awful considering the reaction last night from the judges (way to be objective) & the crowd. I mean he was safe & couldn’t feel happy about it. Oh well. Pia was too shallow for me. Plastic on the surface with a beautiful voice but you need so much more than that. :)

        • Heywood says:

          Well said. Many of the greatest singer/performers out there are train wrecks.

        • @galaga6846 says:

          While I do think that Pia’s vocal prowess was top notch, I never did vote for her because she didn’t represent the type of music or performer that I tend to gravitate toward. I have been consistently voting for James, as I’m a huge fan of the power-pop genre. His over-the-top performance style and crystal clear voice has definitely won me over. Idol has lost it’s best technical vocal performer, but her adult-contemporary style didn’t win over this voter.

      • Yo says:

        Yep. And I would like to know why females are bludgeoning each other over this vote when Pia’s most natural constituency is men. Men don’t vote, I hear. This year, women don’t, either.

        • Kris Fan says:

          I would have power-voted for Pia 2 hours straight every voting night, except we got rid of our land line, and I don’t do Facebook. Rats.

        • GingerSnap says:

          That’s a silly comment. I’m a female who power votes. I Power Voted every week for Pia, including Wednesday night. I Power Voted for Crystal last season, too. Honestly, how do you think Christian Slater’s daughter feels today? She was a Pia fan. For all the talk about the teen vote, how do you think young girls feel about the chances of making their dreams come true after last night? A female couldn’t be more perfect for the role American Idol winner than Pia & all we could do was nit pick her. Meanwhile nothing is said about the imperfections of the contestants.

          • Sheri says:

            I am also a female voter over the age of 40. Until the votes are limited to 10 per method, there will never be another female winner of this competition. Too many pre-pubescent girls vote too many times. Scotty will win this year no matter who any of us adults vote for.
            Yes there is someone who tells the readers of this column the imperfections of singers like Jacob and James. It’s Slezak and I vote him an AI judge. He tells it like it is, something these judges won’t do.

          • Joe says:

            Snap – I’m with you 100%. Pia was a role model. She was humble and modest and ridiculously talented. I also think she was shy and bit terrified on the inside. If the Producers gave a snot about her they would have given her moments where you saw that she was messy and flawed inside like us all, but instead we get more shots of Lauren being a bubbly country rube than anything else. My wife and I voted 50 times each for Pia Wednesday night. She got 100 votes from our house, but instead of the judges pointing out what a nice find Pia was and role model for young women, they instead praise the false sexuality of Haley and the inappropriate sexuality of Lauren. Not to mention all the “Casey is sexy” nonsense that littered the beginning of the season. I guess Pia needed to be slutty or fall down the stairs to get votes.

      • S. Lee Stack says:

        Peter’s take = right on the money

      • Michael says:

        I agree. Pia was boring and lacked star power/personality. And quite frankly, she turned an upbeat song into a ballad. Instead of moving for the song, we watched her walk with intrepidation and fear of falling in those monster heels.

        And quite frankly, how can everyone blame the judges rosey critiques as the problem? In the past, we have seen the negative critiques SAVE people.

        I think its notable that when people praising PIA kept referring to her Hollywood group performance.

        And people like you Slezak are to blame. You got the hots for Paul so bad that you froth at the pen for his wanky off-key performances. How can you blame others for voting that way? And this constant tirade of Jacob is annoying. The dude can blow, and much better than Paul and Casey.

        The real problem is the judges used the save too early, and for Casey, who is proving to be underwhelming.

        • cathy says:

          Scotty turns everything into a country song and he is still there. Paul can`t step away from his guitar without looking like a fish out of water. Jacob and Stefano have no stage personality and James can be very manic. Then there is Casey who the judges felt they needed to save. The save was introduced to save a performer like Pia not Casey. From my perspective the American Idol voters are looking for another winner who falls into the catagory of David Cook, Kris Allen and Lee Dwyze. Nigel should accept the fact that these will be the kind of winners that American Idol will produce form now on. The winners won`t sell but what the heck. AT&T will have made a fortune off the text messaging packages. So the voting problem will never be fixed

          • Samantha says:


          • wendeeloo says:

            Michael – I adore you but I am disappointed by your comments about Casey’s save; as well as bloggers here. I grant you they should’ve let him finish singing the night of the save, but he deserved that save. Sure he has not reached his potential since Hollywood week yet BUT neither has Pia. She has a big, solid voice but her attachment to the songs is not there and I don’t see her adopting the criticisms at all – To me every song of hers sounds like the last one. Casey needs to go further but he’s adapting. His ‘Georgia’ and ‘Why Don’t You Do Right’ were more interesting than anyone (IMHO) so I feel he has more potential. You would’ve seen as many celebrity tweets in his favor as you are finding for Pia. It’s the power voting that is hurting the women because it’s the tween girls who had flooding the lines. They have to change it to 1 or 10 votes per line like DWTS does if they want an accurate vote.

      • Raylon Givens says:

        Thank you for your voice of reason amidst the lets-blame-everyone-and-everything-but-Pia fest. Don’t get me wrong, Pia has a lovely voice and seems like a wonderful, grounded young lady. But she lacked a certain charisma and stage presence, and that kept her from being a singer that compelled everyone to grab the phone or computer to vote for two hours. The judges were right in pointing out that she needed to work on her stage presence. Yes, they should have been more critical of other weak areas in other singers’ performances, but you can’t blame Pia’s ouster solely on the judges or the teenybopper bloc.

        Pia will no doubt take the exposure she gained on Idol and the notoriety of her untimely exit and turn it into a nice career for herself, like Daughtry or JHud have done. They’re prime examples that losing early on Idol is heartbreaking but not necessarily world ending.

      • tomitweets says:

        Yes, I am totally shocked that Pia was eliminated. But am I upset? No.
        She has a huge voice, excellent singer, but did nothing to excite or electrify a fan base. I figured she would be there at least until Top 5. I was totally bored with her. I want to contestants to not only sing well, but make me smile, dance, get emotional, get in the groove. Neither she or Jacob did that. Heck, most of the wildly successful pop stars a) can;t sing b) need autotune c) lip synch.

        Yes, I do think the girls where handicapped by the atrocious LAMB outfits.
        Yes, I do think her voters thought “she’s safe I don’t need to vote.”
        If you didn’t vote, you have no right to complain about the voting system.

        • chrystal says:

          The thing that made Jacob stand out was his incredible enthusiasm and ability to blow everyone away. They reined him in until he was like everyone else and he lost his uniqueness.

      • luke2 says:

        I’ve been searching this blog for something other than outrage. Your point about Pia being a second choice is very wise. I never thought of it that way. I don’t think she was someone people warmed up to – both in her singing and as a personality. And I haven’t seen any growth which leads me to think she didn’t understand the criticism.

      • chrystal says:

        I, “personally”, think people were simply disappointed that Pia promised to “rock it out next week” and then didn’t keep her word. This is not a comment about the quality of her voice but of her failure to deliver as promised.

    • adamfan says:

      Exactly!!! After what Jacob said before his song, Simon would have said “If I were you, I would pack my bags”.

    • Leila says:

      It was worse than Daughtry. At least he got eliminated in 4th place. The fact that Pia went home and there are still 8 contestants left, all much inferior to her, it’s infuriating. She may not have a lot of stage presence but it could have improved over time. At least she has the most important: an incredible voice, beauty and great work ethics. People who complain that she was “boring” also sent the very entertaining Naima home. They must be voting for clowns like McDonald and Scotty.

  3. Christy says:

    Ok. I’m not a conspiracy theorist at all usually but I’ve been thinking about tonight a bit and here is what I came up with.

    Uncle N has been judging on SYTYCD for some time now, a show where America votes, but the judges get the final say. This gives America power and helps them get invested but also make sure that there is a rational reason for a contestant to end up packing their bags.

    American Idol has been around for 10 years and is completely in the hands of the public once the live shows begin minus the one save the judges get.

    I wonder if during the whole overhaul of Season 10 (Da Remix Dawg!) that Uncie tried to get them to change the voting process to something like SYTYCD. I wonder if he was vetoed with an “If it ain’t broke” arguement. Or perhaps they needed a way to convince America that taking a bit of our power away was a good thing.

    This season has had not one but two big shocker eliminations. Casey which was removed because of the save but now Pia. It shows that America is not particularily balanced due to the loss of all women so far this season. While I’m sure it has to do with the unlimited voting issue as well, it is probably very frustrating to the rest of the voters to see something like what happened tonight.

    I would not be surprised in the slightest if we find next season that there is an updated elimination process wherein the votes one can case are limited and the judges give the final say on who goes.

    They have done a greta job of showing our inability this year to pick the right contestants and the change would make things more fair and managable.

    Of course JLo (if she is here) will have to stomach sending people home but I think she will be up to the task after what happened tonight. (Mama looked downright furious!)

    I think we have a change a coming.

    In the meantime, Pia will have time to rest, write songs and start planning what shoes she is going to wear down her yellow brick road of success as a recording artist because no one is stupid enough to let her slip through their fingers with a voice like that.

    • Christina says:

      We’ll start to see this type of elimination procedure with the X-Factor. America choses the bottom 2 but the judges have the final say. It’s a much better elimination process. This one and your done thing is so unfair. Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Tamyra Grey, and now Pia have been victims of this. Lets hope Pia is able to rise above this foolery like they did.

    • forrest says:

      Very Good Analysis Christy! I just wonder about the backlash if they change the voting process. I remember this board when Casey was saved about ‘America has spoken’ and ‘the judges save slaps the public in the face’. I agree Pia needs a recording contract, but going home 9th seems a reach even for these producers/mentors. Anyone else think Sephano will have major ‘survivor’s guilt’ after this result show? I can only say that America’s confidence in Pia’s ‘sure thing finalist’, that all those who are outraged didn’t vote for her or didn’t vote enough. Myself included.

      • Robin says:

        It goes back to Casey as far as I’m concerned. They NEVER should have used the save on the “wookie”.

        • RTW says:

          This elimination should not be weighed entirely on Casey. Since he’s been back, he’s cleaned up, lessened the growl, brought out the upright bass, going back to being the artist that he is, basically everything we wanted to see from Hollywood week. It’d be a wasted save if he didn’t change at all. He never would have been eliminated nor a save used if he was given honest critiques.

    • agrimesy says:

      I can’t understand why the producers have allowed this kind of voting to continue in the first place. The male contestants do not sell as many records as the female contestants have. Those teenage viewers voting for the “cute guy” don’t go out and BUY the product when the show is over. There isn’t any money in a male Idol. Why are we sitting through one more season of male domination? You’d think the Idol machine would have greased that squeaky wheel already. I’m flummoxed!

      AND on the subject of young contestants, I think last season had more teenagers than any other before, and they had to cancel shows on the summer tour for lack of ticket sales. Why did they lower the age even further? It just doesn’t make good business sense.

      Perhaps all Uncle Nigel really wants is ratings. If that’s the case, sending Pia home couldn’t have been more fortunate for them. Look at the buzz it has created.

      • Eurydice says:

        I’d say American Idol is as much about selling music as The Bachelor is about selling marriage. The point of the show is the story arc from the audition to the winner. Nobody cares what happens to the winner once the show is over – they just wait for the next season.

        The selling music part comes from the downloads and the tour – and that’s why all 11 are still in that game.

        • Joel says:

          Fox, Fremantle, and 19 makes far more money from Coke, AT&T and Ford than it does from anyone’s record or ticket sales. Even someone like Carrie who’s sold a lot of records, is small potatoes compared to advertising dollars. As long as the sponsors are willing to spend millions on advertising for AI, nothing is likely to change.

      • Debkl says:

        You’re forgetting it is a revenue-generating vehicle for the telecommunications company. They probably dictate the voting rules to a large extent.

      • Eric says:

        What are you talking about? I understand people are upset, but people keep taking unwarranted digs at Idol’s male contestants. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have been 2 of the most successful Idol contestants ever, true. They are also two of the earliest winners. Daughtry has sold more records than any other idol contestant other than them and David Cook and Adam Lambert’s record sales indicate that they will likely be right up there since its only been a few years since either was on the show.

        SLEZAK, I understand you’re angry as well, but instead of expressing displeasure at the viewing public, you’ve just started coming down on 18-22 year old singers for things that they can’t control. The contestants are all singing their butts off each week. Lambast the public not them. It’s ridiculously childish of you.

      • Leila says:

        People don’t buy the CDs because they aren’t good, it doesn’t matter if the winner is male or female. I bought Kris Allen’s CD after reading Sleazak’s rave reviews, and thought the album was terrible. Adam Lambert’s music is totally different from what he did on the show, and it’s equally horrible. Same as David Cook and Daughtry. Great voices, terrible songs. Even the best-selling Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have songs that can only be enjoyed by less sophisticated tastes. No greatness has ever come from this show. Just more forgettable pop.

        • Robin says:

          May I ask…why are you here then? You sound like you are too ‘sophisticated’ to even be watching the show. Later!

        • Remus says:

          Are you related to Jacob Lusk by any chance? You seem to have the same “I’m too good for the average unwashed masses” philosophy that he espouses.

    • Daniel says:

      They can change the elimination system all they want, but until someone caps the number of individual votes any one person/phone number/e-mail account can cast, things wont substantially change. I’m not entirely sure the powers that be want that though. I think that they are of the opinion that saying 55 million votes were cast makes the show sound impressive. They don’t seem to care that a huge percentage of them were cast by people who vote multiple times. I refuse to believe they can’t do something about it. Didn’t they say when introducing online voting this season that the limit was 50 votes per account. How does that represent the voting audience.

    • Joe says:

      Christy-If Idol were going to do that, this was the season to do it. With the new judges in place, putting in a system where the bottom 3 sang for their lives and the judges picked the one who goes home would have been accepted with all the other new changes. After X Factor premieres and you see the judges pick who goes home after the vote, Idol will look like a pale imitation and won’t be able to do that. Idol’s days are numbered. Simon put it out of business in England and he’s going to do the same here in the U.S. Because of nights like last night and the fact that the show has turned into a boy crush popularity contest, this show is going to be dead as disco. I give it another desperate season next year and that will be it.

  4. Mark says:

    Lauren should last a while, she’s quite talented and young. Pia was good but lacked the personality that Haley/Lauren had. It’s like what Caroline Manzo said about Danielle’s children, there’s no sparkle there. Empty eyed *shrugs* She definitely shouldn’t have left so early though. A shame :( If only awful Casey hadn’t been saved :(

    • RT says:

      I find Lauren’s personality to be much more off-putting than Pia’s.

      • Remus says:

        At least Lauren HAS a personality that seems to excite her fan base enough to get them to vote. The problem Pia had was she guarded her true personality closely and didn’t permit the viewing audience to see much of it. That’s why she came off robotic and, yes, I’m going to say it again, “pageanty”.

        Obviously, the results have shown that viewers were more inspired to vote for the other competitors than for Pia, whatever the reason.

  5. Sabrina says:

    If they don’t want it to be a popularity contest and continue to have mediocre little boys win then they need to change the way they eliminate contestants. Go to a SYTYCD format where the bottom 3 is decided by the audience but the judges decide who goes home. At least until the top 5. Maybe the show would have a chance to recover, but at this point it has jumped the shark and I don’t see how they can change it.

    • Amanda says:

      I love the idea of have elimination night in the same format at SYTYCD. That’s one of the reasons I love that show, not only for the dancing but the format in which people get eliminated is more or less fair. You wont have a male dancer win just because he’s hot and girls like him, what it comes down to in the end, is talent and the judges decision. If they incorporated that into American Idol, the show would work 10 times better and just maybe then, they’d end up with a better winner and record sales. Then they could get rid of that stupid save and just pick the worst contestant of the bottom 3. Jeez, none of that sounds too complicated, yet American Idol seems to have a hard time grasping the idea of it I guess. Maybe they like pre-teens telling them what good music is?

    • Kk says:

      I agree completely. The SYTYCD elimination format would bring this show back to life. I think (or maybe this is hope talking) that it would also inspire the judges to be constructively critical as they would be making the final decision each week. I almost never feel the outrage during SYTYCD that I constantly feel during American Idol.

  6. Valerie says:

    This is going to sound stupid, but I have to agree–I think if Pia didn’t wear that jumpsuit, she would’ve gotten just enough votes to outlast Stefano.

    • darclyte says:

      I noted last week a theory that women aren’t voting for women on Idol. I took some heat because I noted that Pia was stunning in the makeover and that could turn off some women voters due to jealousy. That wasn’t my opinion, I was just posing a question based on comments I’ve seen elsewhere. Over at Slezak’s former employer, the woman who recaps Idol even mentioned last week that she felt that the Idol stylists had been trying to downplay Pia’s looks because of potential backlash. People took me to task for mentioning it, but look at the results just one week later. I noted last week that I don’t want to believe that women wouldn’t vote for Pia because they’re jealous of her looks, and even after last night I don’t want to believe that it’s true. But the theory that the majority of voters are young girls and older women and they (for whatever reason) don’t vote for women especially pretty women it a theory that now just got a boost, right or wrong. It’s too bad because I had hoped that Pia would win to kill that argument. Now, I’m afraid that a guy winning is inevitable.

      • JB says:

        I find fault in this whole “women don’t vote for women” conspiracy theory. I’m a woman and yet I’ve voted for Haley(last week only) and for Lauren(a few times). I think women are voting for them, I just think that the a good majority of them, especially those who who really like music, are not interested in the new Celine Dion.

        I mean my taste with female artists runs from old Liz Phair, Rickie Lee Jones, Adele, Feist, She & Him, Florence, Gemma Hayes & Aimee Mann. I even like Sugarland and Lady Antebellum, the women have awesome voices. BUT I am NOT a fan of the Whitney’s, Mariah’s, and Celines of the world. And I’m sure there are a lot of other women out there who feel the same.

        To sit here and say that women aren’t voting is bs. I honestly think that they just provided a ragtag group of female contenders the last couple years. The ones that are truly good & interesting never made it to the top 12 because they were too busy trying to appeal to a certain demographic-and I will say they did not pick Kendra this year because they already had two blondes. Though she was clearly the better vocalist over Ashton & Karen.

        Sure Pia was a fine vocalist, but really, she was as exciting to watch as paint drying. Am I glad she’s gone? No way in hell. I think she definitely deserved to coast toward the top, I was curious to see if she COULD pick it up a bit more. I do think that people are just tired of trying this year and the voting itself is down period.

        • Georgia says:

          I agree, JB.

        • GingerSnap says:

          You may like singers like Ricky Lee Jones, but she’d never crack the top 25 on Idol. They’ve had those type of singers before & they don’t get votes. They appeal to marketing niches. It takes females like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie U, & Fantasia to make it through. All were powerhouse vocalists. Jordan Sparks was the last female to win Idol – and she’s pretty much a niche singer. But she was a powerhouse vocalist in a season with 3 female powerhouses. Pia was the closest thing to that since Season 6. Both Haley & Lauren appeal to niches. Given that a guy can do no wrong, it’s only a matter of time before those 2 are gone.

      • Eurydice says:

        There’s no point in criticizing the composition of the audience – it is what it is, and if it’s young girls, then you have to work with it. Girls will vote for girls – look what happened with Taylor Swift at the AMC awards. But girls won’t vote for their mothers. And Pia, for all her vocal talent, is like something out of the original Charlie’s Angels (those ridiculous jumpsuits didn’t help). And just being young isn’t enough – look at Thia, who came off as the poster girl for “do your homework.” That doesn’t get votes, either.

  7. JOE says:

    I’m still in shock. It’s unbelievable that someone with as much talent as Pia FREAKIN Toscano can’t muster enough votes to at least make into the top 8. SHE WAS MY FAVORITEEE!!!! This show officially lost all the credibility it had left. X-Factor cant come soon enough. Heck I’m even looking forward to The Voice now. No more idol for me.

    • Linda says:

      Just curious…did you vote for Pia then? I wonder how many outraged viewers here actually voted for her.

      • TP says:

        I agree. Lots of righteous indignance on these boards but when you look at all the comments on the performance post on Slezak, so many said they were bored by Pia, meaning they didn’t vote for her. It’s all very well to be up in arms, blame the judges, swear never to watch the show again, but at the end of the day, people didn’t vote for her because they didn’t think she was all that great.

        • Mel says:

          Disagree. I think more people voted for her than say, Stefano, but they just didn’t vote enough times. I am sure her fanbase is, like me, over 25. I vote like 5 times online and then I go to bed. I cannot stay up for 2 hours and vote like the tweens do. Because they can vote as many times as they want, they send crap like Tim Urban through and Scotty gets more votes than he deserves.

        • GingerSnap says:

          Um, I’m upset. And I did vote for her. Like a 1000 times. I doubt I’m the only one. Ridiculous comment.

          • Connie says:

            And YET she went home. So what would be the reason? Conspiracy? Rigging? Puleeeeeeeze.

        • RJazz says:

          Amen. In AI, you’ve either got to be the best or the worst to earn votes. Pia was right in the middle for most people, so nobody voted for her.

      • agrimesy says:

        Steven Tyler made a sleazy comment something to the effect that one million men were drinking one million beers in her honor after her performance Wednesday. He’s probably right. Too bad that doesn’t translate into votes. I believe Idol has a male audience, but they don’t vote . . . at least not as much as the female audience does. They like to gripe in their armchairs about unfairness, but when it’s all said and done, they don’t lift a finger to change it. It’s the women voters who are going to have to make a difference.

    • I'm just saying.... says:

      Here’s some truth for all of us: This talent show is a reflection of America in 2011. We want to believe it’s all good and cool, but the truth of the matter is, it is corrupt, imperfect and what we really long for won’t likley materialize. The show gave us Kelly Clarkson, and we’ve been addicted ever since. That’s why the show is drawing large ratings…we keep hoping for a repeat of what we all experienced that year. Well, I believe we’re all ready for some addiction treatment, we’re tired of the manipulation and the phoneyness of the judges, Nigel and the star power help they pretend to enlist.

  8. Quinton says:

    SEASON 10 SUCKS NOW…. I hate this show.

  9. Sonja says:

    Pia has a great voice, but she’s not a performer and pretty forgettable as an artist. She could have a future as a studio singer – which in the long haul is a safer job than recording artist anyway.

    I absolutely agree on the judges heaving too much praise on the contestants and for whatever reason disregarding bad notes and performances. I don’t think it helps the contestants to tell them they are perfect already, they should be challenged.

    • R Carr says:

      Two comments on your post …

      First about about Pia, I agree that she’s not much of an artist, or a performer, but she reminds me a lot of Mariah Carey. Pretty girl, fantastically beautiful voice, but not much else going on. And I think most would agree that Mariah Carey has done pretty well. Not everyone has to be a Madonna or Gwen Stefani … sometimes just singing really well is enough.

      Second about the judges … I totally agree. Once the selections are made the only influence the judges have are their opinions of the performance. If everybody is “beautiful” and “fantastic” then what is the point? There should be something to criticize about every single performance. Do they forget why this show became popular in the first place? Hint: it had to do with Simon’s brutal honesty.

      • Lyn says:

        Pia is pretty — and no doubt will show up on DWTS or someplace — but her voice and range really can’t compare to Mariah Carey’s! She’s just not unique or interesting. All the overblown comparisons to Celine Dion, but there already IS a Celine and Pia doesn’t compare with her, either! She’s beauty pageant runner-up type singer.

      • Brian says:

        Pia will follow in the footsteps of Mariah Carey and Celine Dion and do very well financially….
        by marrying a creepy, old music executive.

      • GinaBallerina says:

        I have to vehemently disagree that Mariah doesn’t have “much else going on.” She does a lot more than sing “really well.” She actually writes all of her own songs, other than cover songs, of course, and has been doing that since she first came on the scene in 1990. She was just recognized by Billboard as being the female songwriter with the most #1s (#3 on a list of songwriters male and female, behind only John Lennon and Paul McCartney) and she has more #1 songs than any other solo artist in history. She has quite a lot going on!

      • karen Anderson says:

        Mariah “does not have much more going on?” What? She’s had more #1 hits than the Beatles and just a few short of Elvis for the all time record. She IS a performer, one of the greatest. Please, your revisionist history strains all credibility. Pia got the boot because voters became complacent and thought she was a shoo-in, so they voted for others. The voting system, also, is the problem. People shouldn’t be allowed to vote 10,000 times for their favorite boy-band crush on idol. It’s not representative of the viewing public at large and it needs to be fixed.

        • GinaBallerina says:

          Exactly right, Karen. Mariah = 20 years in the music business. Talk to me when we can say the same about Pia!

      • GP says:

        The judges’ opinions shouldn’t matter. People should be making up their own minds based on what kind of music they like. People are putting way too much stock into the judges criticisms or lack there of. Your opinion shouldn’t be swayed by the judges’ comments.

    • Yo says:

      Two things come to mind when discussing Pia:

      1. Where’s the beef?

      2. A good carpenter does not an architect make.

      Pia had a problem that she failed to correct in time, possibly b/c she didn’t know how.

  10. Linda says:

    My opinion is going to be unpopular..but I’ll voice it anyway. I thought Pia had a beautiful voice. Technically perfect. I just could not connect with her when she performed. It left me feeling like, yeah, that was nice..but never “WOW”. Never goosebumps. Never tears. I was unmoved, although I’d be the first to admit she was probably the best singer there. I never found her performances interesting. Like Celine Dion or Barbra Streisand…they are beautiful singers, but I’d never buy their music or go to their concerts. I don’t connect with them either. However…I find Lauren’s voice interesting and I enjoy watching her. She’s fun and has an engaging personality, and she’s gotten to be a darn good singer too. Personally, I don’t think it’s going to be a male idol…I think Lauren is the one to beat. A mix of Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson…I think her steady growth over the season could take her right to the top….with Casey next to her. :)

    • LW says:

      I was with you until your last comment about Casey. If it’s anybody, it will be Scotty.

      • WhiteLady says:

        I’m with you Linda, on everything but Casey, just like LW.
        And I’ll add more: I bett the judes are sorry now that they saved Casey.

        • Ablo says:

          Why? Because you liked Pia better than Casey? Others think the opposite. Why do you assume you know what the judges think?

    • Pam says:

      I’m completely on board with your comments about Pia. I appreciate how physically beautiful she is and how stunning her voice is. But I never felt connected to her either. Same with your comments about Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand – I can appreciate their singing ability, but I have no interest in buying their music or seeing them in concert either. Now your comments about Lauren, I don’t agree with at all. I don’t find her compelling either. At this point, I think Scotty is the one to beat (and I really don’t care for country music!)

      Now although I’ve said that Pia didn’t interest me, I have to say I’m a little shocked she went home this early (I did think she’d make the Top 5.) I think the judges need to step up and accept the blame and not blame the viewers. The only good critique this season was when Casey was nearly eliminated and JLo actually gave him good advice. They need to suck it up and do their damn job. Yes, they might hurt someone’s feelings, but I think Pia would have rather had her feelings hurt a week or two ago than to be going home now. Even someone who’s spot-on vocally (Pia) needs honest critiques about their performance. Our music history proves that you don’t have to be a great vocalist (Bob Dylan, anyone?) to be someone who inspires. Pia is beautiful and talented, but not inspiring.

      • javanotcoffee says:

        Pia sang well, but she is no Barbra Streisand. Pia was all pageant, all the time. And she seemed so aloof. I can’t believe she is only 22. I have purchased Barbra Streisand, and also Allison Ireheta and Adam Lambert. I just never could get behind that cold, empty fish stare into the camera. Will not miss her or her pageant outfits. Don’t get me started on that perfect middle part in her hair.

    • ARCHU-D2 says:

      I agree with what you said, about Pia. She never gave me goose bumps the way crystal bowersox, Fantasia, or Kelly Clarkson did. She was technically good, but not great…Having said that what does it matter if she finishes in 9th, 8th,or 7th she was never going to win. For me…Scotty is the man to beat.

    • Erin says:

      I agree with you. Pia’s voice is technically amazing, but listening to her sing is like hearing a beautiful robot sing. There was never any emotion or urgency. It felt like she does it because god gave her an amazing talent, and people her whole life have told her she has to share it. Unfortunately when she shares it she has about all the joy of a mannequin.

    • cathy says:

      There hasn`t been a goosebump moment this whole season. I guess through the efforts of the voting public we will end up with another Lee Dwyze for a winner.

    • Kim R says:

      Agreed. Although Celine & Barbra are in a WAY different league than Pia. Pia seemed smoothed over on the surface but nothing much underneath. I enjoy the unique things about the other singers (except Jacob…sorry) & even if their voices may not be in Pia’s league (as the opinion of many seems to be) they are all intersting and special in their own way. I was not surprised that Pia was the one although I would have put Jacob there in a second. He is like a big girl doing the “Carleton” from Fresh Prince any chance he gets. Please…no more!! :)

    • GingerSnap says:

      I had many goose bump moments when Pia sang. Don’t pin your hopes on Lauren. It will be Scotty who wins. He’s cute & inoffensive. Now that Pia’s gone, Lauren will be nit picked (she already has). It what we do to women.

    • Gin and Tonic says:


      I think you’re right on about Pia. I kept waiting for her to move me beyond great singing. I didn’t happen. I took for granted that she’d be there in the top five and didn’t vote for her. She mastered the beauty pagent appearance and personality, which didn’t resonate with America. Personally, Jacob and Stephano were due to leave, and I was really disappointed that Jacob was NOT sent home for his statement and his Idol judge pimping by all three. For a minute, while awaiting the results, he stood there appearing to be ashamed and it showed poorly on TV. He’s immature and not ready for this.

      • GingerSnap says:

        @Gin & Tonic
        Tell me, just what female singer does resonate with America? Crystal Bowersox was nothing like Pia but she couldn’t win either.
        It’s not about looks or vocal talents or artistry. It’s about gender. Laissez-faire WGWG will win out every time.

    • Amy says:

      I agree with Linda. I wike Wowen…a wot. no. weally.
      Ok, seriously, I do! And exactly as you say…while I, like others have said over and over here about Pia, acknowledged her vocal ability…she didn’t move or interest me at an emotional level. Lauren’s singing to me has given me goosebumps a few times, made me rewind performances (esp. Candle In the Wind.) All the personality stuff either way doesn’t affect me, (she amuses me, actually)…I simply like her voice…it may not always be as vocally perfect as Pia’s was, (though it is damn good)…but it’s strong, has an interesting quality/rasp, a clear ring on the higher notes and she takes the notes to interesting, unexpected places, and occasionally has a pathos that gives me those goosebumps.
      She also works the stage pretty comfortably and is engaging…particularly for one so young.

      My pick was Stefano to go this week. But I wouldn’t have been mad if it was Jacob. Pia should have stayed in…would have made the final weeks more interesting…even if she wasn’t my favorite singer, she should be there now instead of Stefano and Jacob. IMHO.

      And one note (no pun) on Scotty…no hating here…but, as one who’s been a country fan, I think there’s been others who’ve done what he’s doing far better…Randy Travis, Josh Turner. That said…if he goes as far as predicted, Idol machine will make money on him. Not so sure he’ll be as big as a Carrie tho’. But what do I know…we’ll see.

  11. evs says:

    craving Simon’s directions even more. That right there is why vocal judges are a necessity. What is wrong with people when they voted for Lusk more then Pia?? He was flat out offensive and an assault to hearing. I agree Slezak, let’s move on to The X factor. Damn you Cowell for making me love your ability to get audiences to agree.

  12. Rusty says:

    “If Satan himself cooked up a claymation ad campaign for the California Dried Apricots, it might look like this.”

    Slezak, I almost ruined my computer by spitting out my drink laughing at this!

    I’m sad about Pia. Even if her personality wasn’t super exciting, you could always depend on her for an amazing vocal, which is what the show is supposed to be about. The quality of this season has been significantly diminished.

    I think the judges are culpable for the way they continuously over-praise every performance of pretty much every contestant. The performances of true quality get lost in the shuffle and overlooked. And Randy is a god-awful actor, with his look of stupid befuddlement and outstretched hands. Why is he so surprised that Jacob was in the bottom three anyway? Jacob is no better than Haley or anyone else, but they continue to over-praise his performances and it’s just not coinciding with reality. If they’re not going to judge anyone honestly, then at least get some acting lessons and create a more believable script.

  13. Leslie says:

    Pia wasn’t my favorite, but she shouldn’t be going home. I knew that Jacob and Stefano would be in the hot seats—I didn’t see Pia there at all. She is beautiful, sosososososo talented, poised, sweet and BORING as all heck. I was sure Jacob was going home—I can’t believe he’s still there after last night! On a good note, most of the successful Idols have not won—I think Pia will be fine.

    • Holly says:

      Your description of Pia is right on the money. The same description could have easily applied to Carrie Underwood, yet her rare vocal ability trumped everything else as it should have with Pia this year. I didn’t think Carrie connected emotionally with her lyrics until the finale, when she was pronounced the winner! Something weird is going on with Idol the last few seasons. It doesn’t make sense the way talented females are being eliminated so early and often. They need to change voting procedures and judging stat, or any relevance Idol has left will go straight down the tubes.

    • McFudge says:

      I remember Carrie Underwood saying…..well after Idol, when she was improving her own stage presence….that she sort of puts on a different persona on stage; that she stops being “Carrie” and becomes “Carrie Underwood”. I think that’s what someone like Pia, who seems like a rather modest person, needs to do. She has to be willing to act on stage in a much bigger way than she would in real life.

  14. Jem says:

    I’m not pissed about Pia going home – like many others she just couldn’t connect with me, despite her flawless vocals. I’ll admit that it is surprising and unexpected, as well as undeserved, but she wasn’t who I thought would win it anyway.

    I’m pissed at the judges for acting like this was the GREATEST ATROCITY Americans could have committed when the real atrocity is in fact, their lack of proper judgement.

    • Lyn says:

      Good point. I did not think Pia was interesting or unique, but she DID sing on key consistently! This season on Idol, that doesn’t give one an edge. The judges might mildly criticize some stupid little thing — “didn’t growl enough,” “closed his eyes too much” — but they pretty much rave over every singer being perfectly wonderful and amazing. That leaves you with a twinkly-eyed Grizzly Adams who plays the upright bass.

    • agrimesy says:

      The judges have gotten it wrong from very early on, even back when they had the power to choose top 24 and wild cards. They have left me shrugging more often than not. I’m angry that Randy has his favorites, and it doesn’t matter what they do, he will praise them. I’m angry at JLo for shushing Randy when he does actually offer constructive criticism because evidently she believes a “baby” and a pat on the head is the only thing the singers need. I’m angry at Steven for having the gall to claim America lacks passion when he’s been drunk, high, or asleep the entire season.

      I was not a Pia fan, but she and about three others deserved the possibility of “the save.” Yet another mistake by the judges to use their save too early on a contestant who has not lived up to their own favoritism.

  15. Sushi says:

    Anyways, boo–hoo–hoo over Pia being sent home. She was human Valium on that stage. Her big “up tempo” number last night was just a fast ballad in the hands of her performing style.

    And the judges all hyperventilating over the results…. Well, you wasted your save on “the growling beard-o”, so now you live with the consequences. Last night there were some real clunkers on stage, but EVERYONE and EVERYTHING got a rave! They have no one to blame but themselves. Jacob was horrible, with notes all over the place. Stefano (who I like), hit a lot of bad notes. Haley did NOTHING with “Piece of My Heart” that Janis didn’t already do–and better. Pia moved from here to there in a straight line….without doing a thing. Lauren (again) sang a song that is too told for her. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY are all these 15, 16 an 17 year old GIRLS singing about “being a woman” and “all my life” and “greatest love” and all this other horsehockey they know nothing about—or about topics that make the audience think of their age and get uncomfortable?? Stupid. Casey was back to making idiotic growling noises and stupid faces. And while James was good and honest with his song, but he was off-pitch too.

    But according to the judges, every performer last night was A++ perfect, and ready for a stadium tour. Fortunately the audience isn’t buying it. I hope next week brings some REAL critic after each performance. JLo has done it before, but must have been believing all the hype about the “great group of singers” that they all winnowed down this season. Well, true as that might be, they ARE NOT professionals yet, and need to be told when they aren’t good enough. That stopped happening for the most part a couple weeks ago.

    There’s also the “oh she’s safe so we won’t vote for her” problem that has gotten a lot of great singers in trouble before. Pia was not liked by girls or gays (well none that I know), so who was going to vote for her? (Not for nothing, she also looked TERRIBLE last night. That Gwen Steffani jumpsuit was like a giant diaper. Most of the styling this year really sucks, BTW).

    Now that the show is a complete sausage-fest, I’m sure the producers are scrambling like crazy to come up with ways to “oh so subtly” favor the two remaining girls. They’ve gotta get one of them (Lauren, I’m sure) to at least the top 3.

    Hmmmm. Now I think Scotty has a real chance of winning. Even though he’s as phony as a plastic turd, he’s got that “aw shucks” thing that endears him to voters and their moms. He’s polite–and seems to be “shaking things up” even when he’s only doing the same country act in a different tempo every week. With his win he can open for Carrie Underwood on her next tour.

    Gonna love to see what happens next week, and what the production comes up with to highlight the “importance” and “meaning” of this week’s elimination. Lot’s of shock talk, but also a plea for people other than young girls to start voting.

    • tomitweets says:

      I am a 50 year old woman and I have a 15 year old son and we both vote. But not for Pia or Jacob. Love to hear big voices, but we want to be entertained too. We want to feel something from a performance. Neither one delivers that.

  16. AnnaW says:

    I don’t know what to think or who to blame, if anyone. America is inspired and they vote. If Pia didn’t inspire…. well, I kind of have to blame her a little.

    However, a couple thoughts:

    1. It’s just not right that the likes of Stefano, Paul, Lauren, Jacob, (take your pick) will be performing AFTER Pia during the Idol concert.

    2. It’s nice that we’ll have the person who’s going to be the biggest seller from this season, singing 3rd during the tour.

    3. If I HAD to place blame, I would go with Gwen Stefani. When Pia walked out in that clown outfit, I seriously said to my pals, “Jesus, she’s not going to get any new votes wearing that atrocious thing.” Guess I was right. :-)

  17. Toia says:

    Now that I’ve had a little time to calm down, Pia’s elimination is still a travesty. One whose blame does not lay in one persons hands. The judges need to realize the criticism is not being negative it is helpful their job is to help develop an artist. By praising every performer they are helping no one. But also this season for me has no clear front runner I mean their are performers I like but no one is consistent or brings the full package. I started watching the show again in the 7 season because their where people who I could see as artists but this season doesn’t have that. And the judges don’t seem to know how to get that out of them. Im really disappointed with the whole season. Someone said even The Voice is looking promising I tend to agree with them after the shambles we have to work with. I’m in upper divison college classes I’m starting to wonder why j am taking time out of my studies to watch a show that is beginning a waist of my time

  18. Nathan says:

    I am ticked that Pia got the boot so soon. The girls are just being picked off one by one, when Jacob, Stefano, and even Paul (who I had liked for awhile) could go. I hope Pia has a bright future ahead of her. But mark my words, the finale will be between Lauren and Scotty, with Scotty winning the whole thing. As for me, I will have my barf bucket at my side when he does.

  19. Lucy says:

    Actually I’m kind of ok that she was eliminated. Even though I would’ve much prefer for Jacob to be the one to go, I couldn’t help but be left cold every single time Pia Toscano performed. She hit the notes but…nothing. But I’m not one that likes balladeers so maybe that’s it.

  20. jef says:

    Sure, Pia had a lot to learn about connecting but she had, hands down, the best voice in the competition and deserved to be around much longer. The producers wanted teens so badly that they now have only teens voting and all they’re interested in is a “cute” guy. No constructive criticism means no improvement and I don’t think anyone has improved much or given a wow performance.

    How you could have given Connie a B for completely ruining a great song, I’ll never know. Iggy was LMAO and Gwen should be sued for dressing the women.

  21. Spandex says:

    If the producers of the show are truly heartbroken about tonight’s results, they should really think about changing the format of the results show next year. How about pitting the bottom two against each other for a singing duel: judges vote who they want saved; this would make the results hour more exciting and suspenseful, they could get rid of the mindless crap (such as the the mindless Ford music video) that usually is scheduled within the program.

    • They always say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Well this show has been broke for awhile and it needs fixin. Sure they added the judges save a couple years back, which was untimely used this year. But they need to do something. I would love a sing-off, but that might be putting too much power into these judge’s hands. They also seem incapable of making correct decision. I think they just need to limit the votes to a certain number per phone line, or text messaging, or whatever online voting. There has to be a limit. I know it’s always been this way, but Adam Lambert, Crystal Bowersox and now Pia Toscano are all products of when voting is done irresponsibly. To make this show legitimate again something needs to change.

      • McFudge says:

        I think you’re mostly right. A sing-off would be ok I guess, a la SYTYCD, but frankly, no one is ever cut on that show because of their solos after being in the bottom three. That’s a fiction the judges try to perpetuate. The voting process on Idol is as it is so that Ryan can stand up there and crow about how many votes came in. I’d love to know how many unique voters there were.

      • Kris Fan says:

        I agree @ the judges seem incapable of making a correct decision.

  22. Joseph says:


    I agree it is a shame that Pia ended her run tonight but there are a lot of reasons why it ended.

    1st Pia, decided how she was to be styled and what to sing and no one forced her into jump suits and she refused to play the game and instead opted to sing what she wanted which were a bunch of ballads we have heard at least once every year. She had the choice to be relevant and decided instead to be nostalgic. Pia did really well in group performances like Teenage Dream the other week it is just a shame she opted not to go in that direction when she had a choice.

    2nd the Producers and Judges need to bring Simon like critique back to the show and drill the kids about Song Choice, Being Relevant and Being Entertaining. It does no one any good when they hand out gold stars just because of an effort made like the mess of a vocal we got from James, Jacob, Casey and Paul this week.

    • McFudge says:

      At one time I would have agreed about song choice, but after learning how few songs the contestants have to pick from, I always get ticked when the judges harp on the singers for their song choices.

    • Jody says:

      If you mean “relevant” as in current, the show this week was about songs from The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so being current wouldn’t be an option. Nostalgia was the name of the game. So really, you are way off base in this regard.

      • Julie says:

        Not really, when you consider the fact that AI has always been about taking golden oldies and MAKING them current. The point is that someone 20something years old should be in touch with the zeit-giest of their own era, and imbue what they do with both that and an understanding of the original music.

    • JenD says:

      i’m with you about the judges, as MS said in his article, but are you really suggesting that stefano and jacob have been making things “current” and “their own” all this time? and she looked a lot better in her pantsuit than jacob looked in his crest whitening strip outfit.

  23. rjbiv says:

    I believe that this result is devastating for the AI franchise. A huge amount of integrity has been lost, and I believe that the smartest move for the show is to make the announcement tomorrow that Pia has been signed and will start working on her album after her press tour.

    This would be a drastic step, but I think it is necessary. I understand that there must always be some unpredictability on results night, but casual viewers will not stomach it if they feel like the show is totally random or (even worse) consistently unfair. When you have five women eliminated in a row…the most recent of which was ranked the best performance of the night according to WhatNotToSing…the show no longer has integrity. I believed that for the sake of American Idol, Pia should have won. She had the best chance of following in the footsteps of our most successful Idols. After this result, I believe there will be a backlash from causal viewers.

    Sign her. Make it official immediately. This will send the message that no matter what, Idol will find and embrace talent. Can I guarantee that she will go platinum? Of course not. But could a gesture like that save the show from being completely dismissed? I think it can. And that’s worth the investment. I have confidence that Pia will outsell most of the remaining men. Give her a contract. Save the show.

    • cardrey says:

      This is exactly what I was thinking. Pia needs to start work on an album immediately and strike while the iron is hot. She is not my favorite contestant, but technically she has the best voice of them all. Take advantage of people’s outrage and push an album out while they still remember who she is.

  24. Michael says:

    I still like Paul and Haley and therefore reserve the right to go back on my word, but I don’t think I’ll be watching Idol after this. I only watch the performance shows anyway, and now the voters have inexplicably eliminated the contestant who was far and away the most talented vocalist we’ve seen in a couple seasons. What’s the point anymore, dawg? Bring on X-Factor!

  25. Nick says:

    Everyone agrees that Pia is talented and beautiful. Everyone is pissed that she’s off the show. But who voted for her? Blame is being laid at feet of the judges, the producers, teenage power voters and the apathetic American public. But is anyone blaming Pia? She’s old enough and experienced enough to know how to play the game, and she didn’t. If she was aware of all that was written about her performances in reviews and on the networks she would have known that her choices were being questioned, but she stayed in her diva ivory tower. One wonders whether she didn’t bother to read what was being written about her; whether she was just so sure of herself; or whether she’s not very smart.

    • rjbiv says:

      I voted for her.

      Plenty of people are saying that it is her own fault for one reason or another. I’ve seen the comment made dozens of times tonight. But its misguided. Was she a perfect contestant? No. But did she play the game? Absolutely she did. There are contestants who are still on the show who have difficulty staying in tune…are they playing the game? Aren’t they reading the reviews? Other contestants have annoying personalities…are they playing the game? Are they reading the reviews? Others have performance ticks that are highly distracting. Playing the game? Reading the reviews?

      To imply that every person that is eliminated deserves it because they obviously weren’t playing the game, otherwise they wouldn’t be eliminated, is still begging the question: was the game fair to begin with? If all of the judges at the Olympics were from China, and somehow non-Chinese athletes struggled, is it because they were not playing the game? Or is it because of a poor system of judging?

      Pia’s elimination from the show is unfair. Though she was an imperfect contestant, she was better than most. The responsibility is not primarily on her shoulders for this one.

    • Mary says:

      Pia is only 22 so your statement of being old enough or experienced enough is hog washed. I don’t think she was a diva I got the feeling she was shy and didn’t feel comfortable in front of millions of viewers. I personally think the stage presence would of improved week to week. I am tired of everyone saying she is boring. Just because someone doesn’t float around stage or make a spectacle of themselves doesn’t mean they are boring. I never thought she gave the vibe of being so sure of herself and maybe she didn’t waste her time reading these blogs because most of the comments are rude and cruel. Many of people like to make assumptions based on there own insecurities.

  26. asin says:

    How would you divvie up the blame among
    the judges, 40%
    the producers, 25%
    Gwen Stefani, 5%
    Will.I.Am, 5%
    Jimmy Iovine, 10%
    Idol voters? 15%

    And here’s why.

    Judges: With the loss of Simon, there hasn’t been any real criticism. I mean really. Even if Randy makes a slight critique, he changes it before he’s done with some kind of positive. All of these contestants seem to be thinking that they are the greatest singers that have ever graced the idol stage. The judges are more of less creating that.

    Producers: They just suck. TMZ- really producers?

    Gwen: This is not a fashion runway. We’ll hang the fashion thing on the producers as well. Black Eyed Peas have a great sound. Not so much. Let’s throw the producers in this mix too.

    Jimmy Lovine: What happen to guest mentors on the show? Every week it’s Jimmy Lovine. I’m sick of Jimmy Lovine; his “put downs towards the contestants (Haley) , as well as stirring the contestants to what HE thinks they should be singing. Has idol run out of money to pay guest mentors or what. Yeah, were right back to the producers again aren’t we.

    Voters: I believe that the voters DO listen to the judges critiques. And not that they base their entire decision on what the judges say, I do think that the critiques can influence the voters. When Simon would point out what was wrong with a performance, I respected his knowledge of what worked and what didn’t. I didn’t always agree with him, but at least he made me think about what he didn’t like about a performance before I cast my vote. This season sooooo lacks that. Nobody can do any wrong according to the judges this year, and therefore, there has not been any “food for thought” for the voters.

    If you think Pia deserved to survive, who should’ve gone in her place?

    Jacob Lusk. I don’t think he ever should have made the top 13. He’s a gospel singer and that’s it. Every week, it’s the same ol thing from him. I don’t want to feel as though I am in church every Wednesday and Thursday night. Nothing wrong with church… I just prefer my own church, thank you.

    • anon says:

      It’s Iovine, not Lovine. Otherwise, good comment.

    • GP says:

      Why must anyone be blamed? It is up to the “artist” to showcase his/her talent or vision and if they are swayed by producers, judges, or what is written on a message board by fans than they really aren’t being true to themselves and the kind of artist they want to be.

  27. Tahoe Mike says:

    Wow! I called that bottom three, but I cannot believe that Pia went home over Stefanjaya and Jacob the giant ass!

    • Tahoe Mike says:

      As I think about it more, I am not as much upset about Pia going home as I am furious that Jacob didn’t. He really offended me the other night and I wanted to see him pay for it.

      Stefanjaya sucks, and I just don’t like Jacob. If Pia had gone after them, I’d have been ok with it. I was sick of the parade of ballads, but there were bigger fish to fry.

      Perhaps some good will come from this. We may have seen the end of the power ballad as an idol staple. It does seem that the viewers have spoken on that subject.

      • RTW says:

        I think you nailed it. Not a fan of Pia, but I was certainly less of a fan of Jacob and Stefano. I think it’s the fact that she went home before those two that makes this hurt.

  28. KrisTheDane says:

    Really would have liked to see Jacob and Stefano go before Pia, but I’ll keep watching Idols. If only as a reason to watch my weekly injection of Idoloonies ;)

  29. estreitta says:

    While I do believe Pia is a great singer, i know she’ll probably go far in her career (ie Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry) w/o idol. We weren’t shocked at all, my hubby and I thought she didn’t connect with the audience very well. We think that was her downfall. And so America has spoken, so we all move on to a better tomorrow.

  30. Oh, but wait bitchh says:

    Oh wait a minute Mr. Michael Slezak. You and your other Idol bloggers, from Lyndsey Parker to Rickey to MJ to Annie Barret over at EW are not off the hook.

    Since Simon has been gone people have gone to your sites and each and everyone of you has picked at one time or another Casey Abrams, Paul McDonald and in one case Stefano.

    Your little cadre of inside the Idol bubble writers have touted the lackluster Casey Abrams and Paul McDonald over Pia, Scotty, Lauren, James, who are better singers than those two bums on any given day. In fact YOU and your other cadre of Idol bloggers HAVE BEEN OPENLY HOSTILE to the better singers in favor of Paul and Casey.

    So you are not off the hook yourself Slezak, and neither are your buddies, the other Idol bloggers

  31. Simonkeptthings honest says:

    Pathetic hypocrisy when the judges refuse to judge, and then are shocked when the wrong people go home. As has been said by many, Pia had a great voice, but had her flaws. She had trouble connecting with the audience; she couldn’t give a relaxed performance; she was a bit tightly wound; technically lovely, but needed a lot of work as an entertainer. I don’t mind her going, though she was by no means the worst of the rest.

    But the show has lost its integrity when the judges fail to distinguish among the contestants, and then look upset when America does the same. If you thought Pia was better than someone else, say so. If you pat everyone on the back and refuse to make distinctions, the judges become superfluous: they are for entertainment only. And little at that.

    It begins to looks like Idol lost is moral compass when Simon left. Bastard that he may have been.

  32. Tricia says:

    I think the problem is girl voters spend more time to power text/vote for their “crush” idol, (which is more likely to be male) than male voters and just unbiased voters. Lady favorites are only power voted when they are “in trouble” of getting eliminated. People do not vote based on a particular night anymore. Once they get a favorite, they’d do anything to put a favorite through each week, bad or good performance. They even exert more effort if the person performed poorly. I guess a lot of voters thought Pia is a given finalist and that she doesn’t need their power votes. Same reason why Momma Sox lost last season.

    • JenD says:

      i think you’re right and i think that’s where the judges have been influential in the past, by making us think certain contestants were in trouble. but this season, everybody’s great, so in a way the playing field is oddly level. shame that people (i.e., cute boy contestants like stefano) get votes when they’re vocal isn’t great. but AI really *isn’t* a singing competition. it’s more of a popularity competition. it’s just depressing.

  33. PatD says:

    The “shock boot” has long lost its efficacy on this show. I think Pia’s ousting is really going to contribute to the demise of this show. Especially if the zombie-eyed Lauren or ventriloquist-dummy that is Scotty winds up winning this thing. Seriously, America? Those are the two you want representing American Idol???

    The biggest, best shock ever in the history of this show would be if Nigel could finaggle a way to get Pia back on it.

    Now, that would be some great, friggin’ TV.

  34. PatD says:

    The “shock boot” has long lost its efficacy on this show. I think Pia’s ousting is really going to contribute to the demise of this show. Especially if the zombie-eyed Lauren or ventriloquist-dummy that is Scotty winds up winning this thing. Seriously, America? Those are the two you want representing American Idol???

    The biggest, best shock ever in the history of this show would be if Nigel could finaggle a way to get Pia back on it.

    Now, that would be some great, SHOCKING TV.

  35. Jason S. says:

    Totally unfair that the girls had to be dressed by Gwen Stefani and the boys didn’t and you know what I think that outfit cost her the competition. No one is going to beat Scotty anyway but she should have lasted past top nine. AMerica HAtes Vagina- Out!!!

  36. dalla says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t blame the judges, or Pia for this problem. It’s the stupid voting system AI insists on keeping. I’ve been calling fowl over their voting system for years. Unlimited voting does not necessarily get you the most talented contestant as the end result. Mostly because of the teeny bopper girls who make unlimited voting calls and others who have those machines that can dial faster than fingers, etc., and campaigns to vote for the worst. I’m surprised Nigel didn’t change the voting to SYTYCD voting system when they came with all the changes this year. The judges need to have more control over who gets picked than they now have. Pia has a marvelous voice, but I’m not sure how many CD’s or itunes she’d sell because she isn’t a very exciting performer. Casey needs some direction by some real musicians. Get some of those old jazz musicians around him so he can learn how to use his superior music chops to his best advantage. And to Sleazak…..I’m so glad I happened to find you on the internet. You’re my man and critic when it comes to idol and anything and everything else you review. You are the best!!!!! When you were at EW I used to run to your critique of the evening ASAP. Now, thank heavens, I can find you here. Good luck on your new endeavor.

  37. Kelly says:

    I wish they would update the voting. Perhaps each contestant could get a score from the judges. The low three scores would be voted on by America. Or perhaps all voted on, but bottom three of judges would really be the ones on the chopping block, and the person with highest votes from America would have immunity.

    OR the top three from the judges would have immunity. Then the freakin judges wouldn’t have to be negative—since they are apparently incapable of it!

  38. Lily says:

    I expected Pia to go to at least fourth, if not win the whole thing. But, I notice Katelyn Epperley said in the interview that Pia did not vocally have “as interesting of a tone as some of the other contestants,” and maybe that is a good explanation for the early shocker elimination. Pia sang every song exactly the way Celine Dion sings it. Other contestants were more interesting because they were taking risks with all sorts of vocals (ok not Scotty, but Haley – growling, yodeling, also James, Lauren, Casey, and even Jacob and Paul.) Maybe Pia would have picked up more votes by doing new things she was asked to do such as work on her stage presence and try singing more contemporary, uptempo songs instead of “Randy, I know you told me to stop singing ballads, but here’s another ballad.”

    • GingerSnap says:

      Yes, but Casey had to dial back the growling to survive. Haley is on the same path. Randy advised Jacob to pick his spots for his glory notes. Haley needs to do the same or she’ll be gone.

    • Cathy says:

      Katelyn Epperly was another extremely talented female performer who didn’t deserve to go home so early. Idol can only give a girl a little exposure the way the teenage girls monopolize the voting for their male hearthrobs.

  39. Jason S. says:

    Slezak – The reason you don’t understand why America preferred Casey, Haley, Paul and James over Pia is apparent in your comments about Mr. Iggy Pop, who is the freaking Godfather of punk rock. You just don’t understand rock and for that matter you don’t understand music. The only thing you know is a karaoke show and sappy ballads. America is sick of sappy ballads and that is why Pia lost. She played it safe way too many times. HEll even her “uptempo” number was only picked because it was covered by Celine Dion. IF she really wants to follow in the steps of Celine and Mariah all she has to do is marry a rock producer who is three times her age. How dare you call Iggy Pop a lunatic like it’s an insult. You don’t understand man! Iggy Pop is the freaking coolest because he is a lunatic

    • Eurydice says:

      If Pia wants to follow in the steps of Celine and Mariah, she should have been born 20 years earlier.

    • jb says:

      Oh, pleeze, Iggy Pop was exactly as Slezak called it. What a horror show he put on. We laughed our butts off during his “performance” of that mess of a song with only 8 words to it. Iggy was maybe relevant 30 years ago but no way in the current world.

      • Jason S. says:

        Sorry but Iggy is the Godfather of Punk and he still F-ing rules!! And for someone who waxes philisophic about the Glory notes of Alison Iraheta doing a cover of a mediocre Heart song has no right to write about the Godfather of Punk. I think Slezak would be the first to admithe doesn’t understand punk rock. And Idol finally has a real artist and Slezak calls him a lunatic. Whatever. You guys can keep your littl KAroke competition. Iggy Pop practically invented a genre of music and is rock n roll royalty. And he is still one of the best performers I’ve ever seen. I saw him at COachella a few years back and he was mind blowing. Was he out of place on Idol. Most definitely. Was he amazing. Yes he was.

        • GP says:

          Totally agree. Iggy was great you just have to “get” Punk Rock to know it, it is definitely not about hitting all the right “notes”.

        • Really says:

          Were you doing good drugs, because if you found that entertaining Wednesday night it explains why singers have no chance in hell of making it in today’s music world. Most kids today need visual but looking at a wrinkle up old man who, sorry can’t sing, as entertaining is a sad state indeed. That would explain why people found Pia boring, man she could sing but did dress like a sl.t or grope the judges or wiggle her hips enough.

  40. Ellen says:

    Once more you are on the money. I always check out dial idol and they had her as one of the top phone vote getters. They had 2 of the 3 and I don’t ever remember them being that wrong. They are usually dead on. Unfortunately, text messaging and the new online voting make it impossible to “see” where the votes are going. Jacob and Stefano need the fast boat out of there and none of this makes sense at this point in the competition. I hope whatever label picks her up knows how to market her. P.S. I have always thought Gwens fashion sense was vomit worthy.

  41. john says:

    how about AMERICAN IDOL: REDEMPTION ISLAND where the bottom 2 or 3 have a duel-to-the-death sing-off while the safe contestants do a helicopter tour of Griffith Park in bikinis and speedoes while feasting on pizza, pork rinds and beenie-weenies and do product placement for Sprint?

  42. James says:

    Its official…America hates Women…5 in a row…my lord! We knew Pia might not win…but for god sakes she should been top 5 AT LEAST. And top 3 if it was just based on talent…

    Also…did Pia look hotter then usual tonight? She was on fire! Way sexier then Haley or J-Lo!

  43. Christina says:

    While I hate it cause Pia was my pick, I saw this coming a mile away. The rumblings towards Pia being boring started a couple of weeks ago, and there’s nothing worse than being labeled boring. It was her downfall but you could tell she was working on it. She just needed a couple of more weeks to iron it out. However she fell through the cracks in the meantime, and didn’t have the save to keep her there cause it got wasted 2 weeks earlier. I don’t know if the show can recover their mojo for me this year. There will definitely be a dark cloud hanging over the show next week. I’ll give it a chance but its possible I’m done.

    • Leila says:

      Perfect analysis, Christina. It sounds like the voters would rather see someone who is a mediocre singer do cartwheels on stage than appreciate one of the best voices that has ever been on the show. Good luck to Pia, I’m sure she’ll be getting tons of offers as we speak. May she be wise to pick the right songs and contract.

  44. Luciana says:

    I was pleasantly surprised to see Pia go, having become tired of hearing her Idolized. She seemed like a 50s/Connie Francis type to me, someone who might hang out with the rat pack. She looked 40 because of clothing and demeanor. Her heralded ‘getting down’ with ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ was insulting to Tina Turner. In comparison with Tina, it was sleepy, stiff, and sung by rote. (However, the studio recording sounds great!) Pia could hardly walk, let alone move with the music, because of those stupid ultra-high heels.

    My overall view is that she has a great voice but is not a performer.

    • Leila says:

      Luciana, I respect your point of view but I beg to differ. Not all singers need to stomp around the stage to be entertaining. Pia was mesmerizing to watch because of her vocal range and beauty. I was anticipated her performances, for different reasons that I anticipated Naima’s and Hailey’s. The other contestants could all go home I wouldn’t care.

  45. dona says:

    if carrie underwood been on the show in the past couple of year– she also, wouldnt have made it…they have to switch the voting format somewhat if they want to find the next superstar cuz sth is not working in the land of oz

    • marie says:

      You took the words out of my mouth! I was scrolling down to post exactly that comment about Carrie. How things have changed on Idol! Remember that in her season, Carrie was also called a stiff and boring performer with a great voice. she never would have made it with the tween girl power voters either.

  46. Michelle R. says:

    1. Judges need to be both constructive and critical.

    2. Judges need to respect the other judges. Randy has his faults, but every time he starts to say something didn’t work for him, Jennifer Lopez — whom I like — boos or disagrees, and derails it.

    3. Speaking of boos, I get it’s a live audience and interactive, but they also should allow the judges to, you know, judge — even if they dare to say something negative about the cute boy or pretty girl. Maybe a couple of the judges could be constructive if they weren’t being heckled for even the most mild critiques.

    The judges not respecting each other and the audience booing the judges makes these kids get into the wrong head space and miss the helpful stuff.

    4. They should do a social experiment next season and give the cutest guys some fake warts and a bad complexion. No, twins — one fugged out. Okay, I’ve completely lost my mind on this one. Ignore.

    There were probably a lot of factors to the Pia thing, but I think a huge factor was that she more likely to be the third favorite than the first pick. She was booted out because a lot of people knew she could really sing, but she didn’t have enough number one fans. Upon being booted, it’s instantly clear to most people with ears that she shouldn’t have been, but that’s different from her being the one they wanted to be there most.

    Or, maybe the million men having a million drinks in a million bars needed to put down their drinks and dial.

    • GaryFromCinci says:

      YES YES YES YES YES YES YES… Everything you said is spot on, well maybe point #4 is bit off the wall .. lol… This is what I have also been saying. The vanilla judging has ruined this season, I used to complain in past seasons that the judges tried to manipulate the vote based on poor criticism, but that is ALL gone now.

  47. Jen says:

    MS, I laughed so loudly at your Iggy Pop description that I woke my husband who was sleeping in the other room with the door shut! OMG! You are hilarious! Still, I am outraged over the ousting of Pia. They really should just rename the show Male American Idol. It is obviously only tween girls are bothering to vote. I agree with all the other comments about changing who has the final say to the judges.

  48. Catherine says:

    Pia is an excellent vocalist but she was the most lifeless of the contestants left in the competition.

    The talk about her being boring started a while ago, but was attributed to bad song choices. On Wednesday she picked an up-tempo, but didn’t deliver. She lacked punch vocally and stage presence visually.
    This is when people gave up on her.

  49. Laurel says:

    I’m not loosing any sleep over Pia’s elimination.
    Jacob & Pia both could of been eliminated and I would of been fine with it.

  50. ginaM says:

    I’m shocked, but not shocked. Pia’s fanbase is not as large as everyone thought. I think Haley and Lauren have given more interesting performances although Pia can sing circles around these two woman. As someone else mentioned, it’s deadly on Idol to be everyone’s second choice especially if your a female. The judges have no right to be shocked when they have overpraised the weaker contestants week after week. I think the only chance a woman has on Idol is to have an All Women Idol. Or have two winners at the end of a season one man, one woman. Two contracts. They already do that already. Or do as DWTS. Have a fall and summer Idol. One season is all men and the other all women. lol I’m thinking way too much on this subject.