Finale Ratings: Sunshine Up, Off the Map Down

With the American Idol performance show now ending at 9:30 pm, the season finale of ABC’s Mr. Sunshine enjoyed an 11th-hour burst in total audience (4.63 million viewers) and in the demos (to a 1.6 rating), gaining 15 percent in both measures. It also guest-starred Lizzy Caplan – win-win!

Similarly, Criminal Minds improved week-to-week to 13.9 mil/3.6, thanks to a surge during its Idol-free back half.

Elsewhere this Wednesday:

Survivor: Redemption Island Recap: Most Entertaining Tribal Council Ever?

8/7c | Idol‘s rock-n-roll night averaged 22.53 million viewers across its 90-minute run (up 8 percent year-to-year), and a 7.1 rating. Survivor bounced back from its all-time low demo rating to score a 3.1, while delivering 10.5 million total viewers. Top Model dropped under 2 million viewers and mustered a mere 0.9 rating.

American Idol Recap: Rock and Role-Playing

9/8c | Fox’s Breaking In debuted to 9.88 million viewers and a 3.5 rating, enjoying the best retention of any aprés-Idol comedy in more than four years (since ‘Til Death, 4/07). It also gave Fox its best live-action comedy numbers in more than three years. Over on The CW, Shedding for the Wedding dropped, again, to 877,000 viewers and a barely-0.4 rating.

Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Axed? What’s on the Bubble?

10/9c | Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior led in total viewers (with 9 mil), while Law & Order: SVU topped the demos (with a 2.4 rating). The Off the Map season finale failed to capitalize on Mr. Sunshine‘s own gains, instead dipping to under 4 million viewers with a 1.3 rating. Should we call it?

Save the Dates! ABC Schedules 16 May Finales

Reminder: ABC’s Cougar Town returns with a special airing on Monday, April 18, at 9:30pm, before reclaiming its usual Wednesdays time slot on April 20. (The new sitcom Happy Endings premieres next Wednesday at 9:30, before settling into its Wednesdays-at-10 slot.)

What were you watching Wednesday?

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  1. Loiter says:

    Season finale of Mr Sunshine? It just started a few weeks ago.

    • Kate says:

      If I’m not mistaken it was always designed as a mid-season replacement. I think when they do that they don’t produce as many episodes up front. I really like Matthew Perry so I wanted to love it, but I’m ok with it going or staying.

      • Nicotine says:

        I really liked Mr Sunshine, but I’m not sad to see it end for the season. The end of Sunshine, only means it’s time COUGAR TOWN to come back!!!

  2. DL says:

    Glad to see Breaking In did so well. It was decently funny, but what most struck me was that it has amazing potential, both in terms of its storylines, and particularly, with its cast. I have a feeling that if the show is given time enough for the actors to build a good rapport and chemistry with one another, it will turn into something truly awesome.

    • Amanda says:


    • Dana says:

      My husband and I really enjoyed it too. I hope it sticks around for awhile.

    • Nicole says:

      Agreed. I enjoyed it too (plus it sent me down an Asher Roth rabbit hole on google and youtube as soon as I heard the music in the first scene). You could tell they were trying to cram a lot of exposition in, but I tend to forgive pilot episodes for things like that. I liked the cast, and think it has great potential. Glad it did so well!

  3. Junior G. says:

    Yes, call it! Off The Map is DEAD!

  4. Chmarin says:

    So happy to see CM:SB dropping. It only got a 2.1 vs. yesterday’s 2.0 for The Good Wife – and it had an original CM as a lead-in. So there is a God!

    It’s gonna be weird for FOX to decide whether or not to renew Breaking In – I mean, they won’t be able to see how it performs without Idol. Unless it completely flops in the coming weeks (<2.5), then it's an easy decision.

  5. Forwarddad says:

    Is it possible to have the scorecard updated? It still has the same January date. When are the final decisions made especially thelong shots? Any updatesbon Detroit show?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      The Scorecard is updated frequently throughout every week; the January date is simply the day it was created/launched.

  6. D says:

    Last night’s episode of Criminal Minds was great. I don’t know how they’re doing, but the writers are doing a very good job with Prentiss’ “death” storyline. The grief counseling meetings hold by Hotch were amazing and the way he was talking with the unsub about her kid being dead, he was talking about Emily. I hope to see more of it on the upcoming episodes.

    • mb says:

      I agree. Criminal Minds was very good. Criminal Minds SB is just frigging painful though. One minute Forest W is trying to act like Reid from the original CM, and the next he’s trying to channel Goren from Criminal Intent. He’s not pulling either of them off. I find the pacing of the stories, and the dialogue either forced or choppy.
      I know spinoffs can work. I don’t think this one is.

      • Mykey716 says:

        oh, thank you, mb! I thought I was the only one hating CM:SB…I liked the pilot episode (done as part of CM last season) but this show has been dreadful! Good call on Forest Whitaker’s portrayal – you nailed that perfectly…too bad, he can’t!!
        And who thought Janeane Garafolo was a good addition to the cast? And just what is her function anyway?
        I never see anything in TVLine or Ask Ausiello about this show, so I can’t tell if I’m the only one not liking it, or are they hoping if we don’t talk about it, it’ll just quietly go off the air??

    • K says:

      It’s funny you mentioned “unsub”. That’s the whole reason I can’t watch that show. I wanted to because I like Shemar and Thomas Gibson but every time they say that word is like nails on a chalk board! I have worked in various facets of law enforcement as well as friends and none have us ever uttered the word “unsub”, yet the CM people can’t go 5 minutes without saying it. Sorry, random rant over!

  7. fernando says:

    I hope Off The Map returns at least for a summer show. I like it and I know us 4 million fans deserve it too.

  8. Nate says:

    Maybe ABC can move Body of Proof to Wednesday night. If people insist on watching that show, put it up against another show people are apparently watching – Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior.

    With todays’ technology, can’t we find something better than the Nielsen Ratings? I am convinced they have found the less than 1% of America that is totally brain dead.

  9. Dominique says:

    I think it’s a shame Off The Map didn’t get good ratings, cause it’s a really great show and it has great potential. I rally hope it’ll be back.

    • Romain says:

      I feel the exact same way about the show. I enjoyed it a lot, loved the setting, the characters and the cast, especially Caroline Dhavernas, Zach Gilford and Valerie Cruz. I wish it had found an audience, but I’m not fooling myself, with ratings this low, the show will most definitely be canceled. Sad to see it go.

      • Jane says:

        I agree. I really think it would’ve had a better shot if they’d done some sort of cross-over episode with Grey’s Anatomy, as the two shows are appealing to the same basic audience. But maybe the problem was that they were too similar in the first place.

    • alice says:

      I agree, and I was someone who was so cynical about another doctor show, just ‘in the jungle’ that I really thought I would hate it. So it speaks to the characters that I didn’t, I really like it. Especially Mamie Gummer. In fact, they could pretty much write the whole show about her and her chicken “Dinner” and I’d still be happy. Sigh, I’m going to miss it.

  10. Rachel says:

    Lizzy! I’ve missed her since The Class. She was so hilarious.

  11. Pam says:

    I love Off the Map, I found it similar to Grey’s and Private Practice, but somehow refreshingly different, maybe it the location or the fact that they aren’t in state of the art facilities, but I really enjoyed the characters, the actors, and the stories…I am going to miss it! Maybe airing it again during the summer to a new audience would help.

  12. Nicole says:

    I like Off The Map. I don’t know about other people, but when I hear a show is going to be canceled I stop watching. I don’t want to get any more involved and then have it be gone. Maybe ratings are down because everyone is talking about how it is on the verge of being canceled so people have stopped watching.

    • I like Off the map too :( I don’t want it to get cancelled.
      I watched the episodes knowing it might get cancelled, and I still don’t get why the hell it wasn’t renewed. The season finale was awesome, and the last couples of ep too.
      Crap, I hate ABC right now.
      First they cancel Happy Town, then Ghost Whisperer, and now OTM? come on…