Kat Graham's Vampire Diaries Death Tease: 'A Series Regular Is Going Kaput!'

The Vampire Diaries‘ bewitching Kat Graham has just confirmed a killer rumor that’s been making the rounds: a major Mystic Falls player will be offed by season’s end!

“People will die,”Graham tells TVLine. “A series regular is going kaput; that’s the reality.”

Graham, who plays teen sorceress Bonnie on The CW’s supernatural hit, is surprisingly angst-free when it comes to discussing the impending fatality. “This show has never been a safe show to be on,” she says with a laugh. “If you’re cast on The Vampire Diaries, the likelihood of you dying is very good.

“It’s a job,” she shrugs. “I know I’m a bit of a hardass when it comes to that philosophy, but I’m a huge fan of [exec producers] Kevin [Williamson] and Julie [Plec], both as people and [as] writers. So, if they’re going to explore new avenues, it’s for a good reason.”

Whatever the future holds for Bonnie — life, death or something in between — Graham assures TVD fans that her alter ego is not going down without a fight.

“Bonnie’s in a very nervous-but-prepared state now that she has her powers back and received the secret of how to take on Klaus from Jonas (Randy J. Goodwin),” Graham offers. “She knows what that entails, and she’s very much ready… She’s going to do what she needs to do, and if she is going to do anything to sacrifice herself for Elena (Nina Dobrev), she is going to do it in her way.”

Graham is extra tight-lipped when it comes to big bad über-vamp Klaus (played by British newcomer Joseph Morgan), save for this cryptic tease: “He’s more than you imagine. That is my secret to you. That is my riddle and my big twist.”

And just in case that’s not enough, Graham leaves fans with one final zinger. “The last six episodes are huge — [there are] huge changes to the season as a whole,” she reveals. “Probably the biggest changes we’ve had in the entirety of our show.”

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday night at 8/7c with all new episodes on The CW.

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  1. Adam says:

    No….If Bonnie is dead..bye bye TVD.

    • Nuria says:

      I’m pretty sure you are not on the majority, everybody hates Bonnie, so if she dies, it’s a good thing.

      • cibele says:

        I don’t like Bonnie, but I don’t think she’s going to die. She’s a vital player in the series.

      • Sam says:

        Don’t put words in others’ mouths because a lot of people like Bonnie and I’m one of them. I also don’t think they would kill her off. It’ll probably be Matt, Tyler, or Alaric.

      • Katrina Ali says:

        “everyone hates Bonnie?” seriously? you must not know a lot about the fandom. just because the Delena fans hate bonnie doesnt mean you can speak for the entire fanbase. outside of the trio the character with the most diehard support is bonnie. dont fool yourself into believing otherwise. you probably spend too much time hating her to notice that people actually do love her. if bonnie dies, i’m pretty sure you are going to see just how many fans she does have.

        • Sarah says:

          Umm…sorry but I’m pretty sure that outside of “the trio” the person with the most diehard fan support is CAROLINE and not Bonnie.

          • sacred says:

            I think you’re confusing the amount of time the writers spend on a character with the amount of diehard fan support. Outside of the trio, the character the writers spend the most time on is Caroline. And outside of the trio, the character with the most diehard fan support is Bonnie. It’s been that way since before Caroline turned into a vampire causing more people to take notice of her.

          • Kris says:

            No, Caroline definitely has the most supporters outside the trio. Bonnie has a solid fanbase but not nearly as big as Caroline. I like both of them but Bonnie certainly has more haters than Caroline as well.

          • rebecca says:

            im pretty sure it would be BONNIE!! i;m not saying i dont like caroline, becuase believe me i do, even more now since she became a vampire, but before that she was arrogant and only cared about herself. whereas Bonnie was nice and she was always there for Elena and she still is, but now Caroline is too. without Bonnie how would they know how to kill Klaus, how would they have gotten that info from Luka&Mason those times?
            Think about that!

          • Ashley says:

            You are not understanding , right, Caroline has lots of supporters and they love her and some fans hate Bonnie but Bonnie fans are die-hard , without her, they will leave the show but Caroline supporters will still watch the show, Anyways I love both Caroline and Bonnie and I don’t want Bonnie to be killed off.

          • Cmrtnz says:

            I love Bonnie and Caroline!! Without them the show would be boring.

        • Marie says:

          I totally agree with you on that one. Most Bonnie haters are Delena fan. But really Bonnie is a really important character in both the books and the TV Show. I would be REALLY surprised if they killed her character. My bet is on Jeremy, Matt, Alaric, Tyler(since he’s coming back), Jenna or even Caroline. The reason why I’m putting my vote on those is because story wise, they aren’t making any real differences in the story. (Well except for Ric when he killed Elijah). Thought, we all know that at one point in the books, Elena dies so she is an option too. The only characters that I hope won’t die are Bonnie, Tyler, Alaric, Katherine & Caroline.

          And to Sarah(don’t feel like making a second post), if you combine books fan and TV fan, Bonnie has a bigger fanbase. I love both characters, but is on top after the trio when it comes to fanbase for sure.

          • crystal says:

            i wouldnt really care that much if bonie died because i do like her but, she went behind elena`s back ad lied to her and almost got Stefa And Damon Killed!

        • Lizzy says:

          While I admit Bonnie has a huge fanbase, I think that she has a following of haters just as large. I mean, I don’t know a lot about people’s opinions, nor do I pretend to, but I do know a lot of people hate Bonnie. They also tend to be more vocal than the people who love Bonnie, but anyways, I would totally be okay with Bonnie getting killed off. I don’t really like her character at all.

        • resh says:

          hehehe great, love what you say, she’s not gonna die!!!!!!thanks!!

        • Emma says:

          That’s not true either… I am Delena fan and I also happen to like Bonnie.

          • Isabella says:

            Man true, I love Delena but Bonnie is my favorite character, I can relate most with Bonnie, If fans want to see Twilight’s Bella, then that’s problem, they should watch Twilight, not TVD, Don’t kill Bonnie, I love KG, she is a good actress, please…Don’t kill Bonnie TVD, it would be huge loss, I know lots of Bonnie fans, they will surely leave the show, they are die-hard Bonnie fans and popularity means which has both haters and lovers, I have recently seen so many fans are hating Damon, that doesn’t make him less popular.

        • Alexandra says:

          I really don’t get the idea of D/E fans hating Bonnie. I love D/E & I really like Bonnie. What doeas she have to do with this pairing? I don’t see any connection. And I think it’s possible for her to die, but I believe that Matt/Alaric are more possible. We’ll see.

      • Rob J. says:

        In what universe does even significant minority of the audience, much less a plurality, hate Bonnie?

      • Luz says:

        I hate her so much! Even more now that she’s with Jeremy, I can’t believe writers kill Anna, she was perfect for him!

      • Betsy says:

        I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about that. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love Bonnie.

        • Kris says:

          Then you’re friends are Bonnie fans but Bonnie certainly gets the most criticism over any TVD character. Many of the fans don’t like the way she treated Caroline and her over-all judgemental nature. The Damon fans also don’t like her. I have no problem with Bonnie but she does have a lot of haters.

          • Anne says:

            Are you kidding? Why shouldn’t Bonnie be upset with Caroline who after becoming a vampire murdered innocent people? If you found out that your best friend had killed people, would you immediately welcome her in your arms or would you be afraid, angered, and reluctant to be around her?

            Bonnie is the voice of reason. In the real world, most people would not be happy to learn their best bud is a murderer.

        • Raksha says:

          I personally LOVE Bonnie!!!

      • cassidy says:

        that’s not true. we actually make up about 40%: if you count ask the elena/stefan supporters. and kat graham is an excellent actress as are all the cast of tvd. i hope bonnie stays & remains awesome throughout the shows run.

      • Renina says:

        Wrong. I love Bonnie, and from what I’ve seen plenty of others do as well. Don’t confuse your dreams with reality.

      • Sarah says:

        You sound so ignorant you know that? “everyone hates bonnie?” wtf NOT true!

      • rebecca says:

        no, not everyone hates Bonnie! I don’t! how would Elena survive without Bonnie? she has the key to kill Klaus. She has gotten them all through hard times, when they needed a witch.

      • sarah says:

        Say for your self, not for others, If Bonnie is dead, I’m gone for sure, good luck with your Bonnie hate.

      • Darcy says:

        This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read “everybody does NOT hate Bonnie”

    • Misty says:

      I don’t think they would kill off Bonnie, being a bennett witch is a huge deal. I feel like they’ve put alot into Bonnie’s family and HOPEFULLY won’t kill her off…

    • TVD fan says:

      I love Bonnie! She’s the only character in that mysoginistic mess I can actually respect. They are not seriously going to leave us with Elena “I-have-two-big-men-that-fight-for-me” Gilbert or Caroline “I’ll-sacrifice-my-own-identity-to-get-back-together-with-my-boyfriend” Forbes. Bonnie MUST SURVIVE, she’s the new Buffy! She’s the ONLY new Buffy.

    • lorna says:

      Bonnie is super annoying and self righteous. Would LOVE if they killed her but I think it’ll be Matt or Jenna, better NOT be my Alaric.

  2. John says:

    If you read the Wikipedia entry on the book series that forms the basis for this series, you can see a couple possible deaths that might not require a change to the cast. I suspect that is what we’re going to see – a shift from life to undeath for a character.

  3. Matt says:

    I will RAGE if they kill Bonnie off. I know the fangirls can’t stand her for whatever shallow or irrational reasons, but the show needs a character like Bonnie.

    • Marie says:

      One word… Delena
      :p Kinding!

      • TVD fan says:

        Actually, I believe “Delena” IS the only reason why a few shippers are against Bonnie, but it’s not Bonnie’s fault that she has more chemistry with Damon in the three scenes they have had this season than Elena in the show’s whole run of this show: there’s no need to kill Bonnie only so that Elena would’ve even more boring scenes with Damon, they’d basically reduced Bonnie & Damon’s interactions to text messages already.

        • Lizzy says:

          I am a Delena shipper, but that is not the reason I hate Bonnie. I didn’t like Bonnie before I became a Delena shipper. I don’t know about other fans, but I don’t like Bonnie because I loved her character in the books, and while Kat Graham is a great actress, I think Bonnie’s character was ruined in the transition from book to TV show.And I entirely disagree about the chemistry. I think Damon and Elena have amazing chemistry. I never even saw the possibility of Damon and Bonnie back when I shipped Stelena.

          • Emma says:

            Couldn’t agree with you more! However I never saw Nina or Paul having that much chemistry from the beginning.

          • Bonnie fan says:

            With all due respect, if you actually read the books then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Damon and Bonnie have a thing going on. However, if you are a Delena shipper you would only rage against the character because Elena doesn’t stand a chance against the re-invented version of Bonnie on the TV show.

        • crystal says:

          actually i hate the idea of delena but i still hate bonnie

  4. Vanessa says:

    I’d be fine seeing Bonnie or Jenna go. I’m not a Bonnie fan and does Jenna actually do anything these days?

    I get the feeling it’ll be Matt though and that makes me sad as I’m firmly on Team Matt in the Matt/Caroline/Tyler triangle.

  5. Evie says:

    yup i think it’s Bonnie..she is expendable and i know alot of people would not miss her..at first i thought maybe Jeremy was going to die but unless something happens to his ring i dont see that happening…im sooo exicted for Thursday!!!

  6. Sasha says:

    If Bonnie goes, I go too. If the TVD writers are so cruel as to kill her off, I don’t want any part of the future of that show.

  7. Adriana says:


  8. Cameron says:

    I think either Matt, Jenna or Alaric. Could be Tyler, but I think they will want to leave a token werewolf around, and I doubt its Caroline now they went to all the trouble of actually an interesting character as a vampire.

  9. Chelsea says:

    I don’t want anyone to die, but I think it’s going to be Alaric. He shouldn’t have given that ring away!

    • Air says:

      My thoughts exactly!

      • rms says:

        this breaks my heart! i love matt davis. i keep hoping that it’s so obvious that they won’t kill him off, but i really don’t see it happening any other way.

        • Chelsea says:

          yeah, i love him too! i follow matt davis on twitter, and a couple of weeks ago he was talking about the friendships he’s made with the cast and how all of these big changes are coming, and i just get the vibe that it’s him.

    • Jenn says:

      Alaric was my guess too. I’m so happy TVD is back. Been going through serious withdrawals!

    • kiki says:

      I’m terrified it’s going to be Alaric! I will seriously miss the man-love chemistry between him and Damon if he gets killed off :( Plus, he’s not bad on the eyes either…

  10. April says:

    It’s going to be Bonnie. Dating Jeremy is practically a death sentence.

  11. Ceecile says:

    I don’t mind Bonnie dying. The one I want to be gone is Elena’s brother. Such a pain. Unfortunatly I doubt they’ll go that way – Though I never in a million years thought they’d kill off Tyler in V and they thankfully they did!
    I really want Caroline to stay, I like her character best.

  12. Cy says:

    I hope it won’t be Bonnie. @_@ But I guess, given the track record of this show killing off any and all characters of color, no matter how major or minor (see: Bonnie’s grandma, Anna, Pearl, cute black tomb vampire who followed Pearl, hapless black janitor Caroline kills after she vamps out, Indian party girl killed by Tyler, Lucca & Jonas–yep, that’s just about every POC character who’s ever been on the show, sans Bonnie), there isn’t much hope.

    It’s almost a joke at this point–anytime you see a POC extra, you *know* he or she is going to become vampire or werewolf chow by the end of the episode. Seriously, is there some weird-a$$ “keep Mystic Falls white!” agenda the TVD show runners are following, or is this all just some unbelievably huge coincidence?

    • Lisa says:

      It’s funny, I had a similar thought. I wondered how much of the current vibe is due to the town’s overtly racialized past…

    • Ela says:

      True.Everybody knows that CW is White and Caucasian channel.They will kill Bonnie off…They have already made her fan’s dart-board, so I’m pretty sure they will kill Bonnie, but one thing for sure next time KW and JP stop saying that you want to keep diversity, because in the name of diversity , you are doing the nothing but the same thing.Learn something from Walking dead.

  13. Sally says:

    Better not be Caroline. Or Alaric. :(

  14. sarah says:

    It better not be Caroline or Tyler !!!!

  15. Naz says:

    It’s definately “Goodbye & f*** you very much show” if they kill off our resident Mystic Lil Witch. Let’s see how far they can go with that boring as wet tissue incestuous triangle of theirs.

  16. cibele says:

    Oh no, not Alaric. He’s Damon’s only friend (or something resembling that).

    • Vanessa says:

      This is why I want him to stick around. Admittedly, while nice to look at, he’s quite boring by himself. But his friendship with Damon is one of my favourite things about this show, they’re so damn entertaining.

    • rms says:

      this is why i think it will be alaric. damon basically confirmed that alaric was his only friend – and they (the writers) just love to torment him. it’s all about his evolution, and this is another way to push him to an even darker place.

  17. Emily says:

    I really hate to say it but I’m betting on Alaric…He gave up his ring and he has been taking some pretty big risks..plus he seems to have some pretty bad karma working for him all the time.

  18. David says:

    My bet is Alaric, or Matt. It depends on how they play Momma vamp being in town. There are multiple ways to end Alaric’s life in context of Isobel’s return story. Though, honestly, I’d love to see the wicked triangle of Alaric/Jenna/Isobel, but that would likely make her character just like John’s. But they have laid the ground work for it to be Alaric, no more ring, vampire missing-wife returns from the dead.

    While with Matt in the “know” now, and not handling it well…it would be a cop-out to compel him, and if he is going to out Caroline to Momma sheriff, well bye bye Matty (and I AM on Team Matt/Caroline).

    And what’s with the Bonnie hating, she’s the only witch now, so uh I doubt she’s going anywhere…well she could be un-dead I suppose, then next season can be about bringing her back.

  19. James P says:

    Why do they have to kill a character off every other day, I know they have established that no one except the trinity is safe. To me it’s still a early show, there are so many characters that can still be developed. But if I had to choose, Matt because they kind of written into a corner.

    • Tarc says:

      I have no idea why anyone would assume Elena is safe – she dies in the books somehwere in the middle, and that would clearly end the whole Klaus issue. Of course, just because she’s dead doesn;t mean Elena isn’t around… this is Mystic Falls!

  20. jacquieyw says:

    I trust the writers. Whoever they kill off, it will be to develop the overall story and benefit the longevity of the series

  21. Alyssa says:

    If they kill off Bonnie I would guess Jeremy would be next. That would be his 3rd gf to die so I think he might reconsider killing himself again and this time he might actually succeed.

  22. Mark says:

    My money is on Jeremy dying in the defense of Bonnie.

    Not sure there’s a lot of places left to go with Jeremy, and that’s a way to button the “Every Girlfriend Jeremy has dies” storyline, poetically.

    And it would hit the audience harder then, say, Matt or Sheriff Forbes.

  23. Aria says:

    I honestly think it will be Elena which is in line with the books. It best not be Alaric.

  24. Serena says:

    My money is on Catherine.

    Nina Dobrev’s a regular but she’s two characters and do we really see the need for Catherine after the Klaus storyline?

    • Amanda says:

      I agree, I’m pretty sure Katherine is going to be our “series regular” that bites it. I have a feeling once Klaus enters the picture that he wont be too pleased with her and I also think that Elijah may be coming back as well, I don’t know how, but just a guess. As much as I love Katherine, she’ll be pretty much useless not that she’s given all the info she can. If for some reason it’s not Katherine, I’m going to hope it’s Matt. He’s not that vital of a character, not in every episode, so that’s why I chose him, mostly because I wouldn’t be upset if he were gone. If it is Alaric I think I’d be devastated because his chemistry with Damon is just awesome and I love him as a character.

      As for the Bonnie comments, I always found her to be my favourite female character. Now it’s a bit tied since Caroline has finally developed into a more interesting character in the second season, but I ALWAYS adored Bonnie. Her storyline hasn’t been that worthwhile the last few episodes but I adore her. And although I haven’t read the VD books, I’m pretty sure she remains a vital character throughout the series, so I doubt the writers will kill her off, at least for good.

  25. M says:

    In a TV Guide interview that just came out today, Katerina Graham said 3 “solid” characters die. She never said anything about a series regular. So I have no idea what to believe now. I find it really hard to believe they would kill ANY of the main cast off now.

  26. Melissa says:

    I’d put my money on Alaric.
    Also, I read on another site that there were 3 deaths coming.

    • M says:

      Yeah on TV Guide. And I assume this is all from the same batch of interviews Kat Graham did.

      And even if someone were to “die”, how do we know they’d stay dead? This is a supernatural show and on supernatural shows everyone dies at least once! LOL. I mean Buffy died twice, including once where she was dead/buried and in Heaven. And she still came back!

      My best chances for a “permanent” death are:

      1. Jules
      2. Uncle John
      3. Klaus (via werewolf bite maybe?)
      4. Isobel
      5. Andie Starr (which people seemed to have forget about).

      I’d be REALLY surprised if any of the regular cast was killed off, but if one of them dies, it’ll be a fake death. I could see Elena “fake dying” and somehow she would remember what Damon said to her. But she really wouldn’t die die. They’d just make you think she died.

  27. Bonnie says:

    This Bonnie hopes that it’s not Bonnie because I love hearing Ian say my name. Lol

  28. Angel says:

    I hope it’s Jenna or Bonnie. Bonnie is annoying. Jenna is useless.

  29. T. Love says:

    Bonnie’s mi fave so i’m hoping she’s not going 2 die… honestly every1 on the show adds something so it’s hard 4 me 2 imagine ne dying. So i’m ready 2 tune n 2 c what happens

  30. ht says:

    it’s ALARIC bc he gave Uncle John his ring back!! Plus, Jenna was devastated in the pics. Apparently there is going to be a funeral held. :( :( :(

    • joy haldar says:

      if you see episode 21 episode on-the-set pictures,you will see that alaric is attending the funeral in a black suit,so he is alive until episode 21,otherwise it is immpossible that he is attending his own funeral,he die in the season finale,but i think~jenna,matt,jules,andie starr and uncle john gilbert will going to die until the end of the season.what do you think.

  31. tammy says:

    If Bonnie goes I go and am sure a lot of diehard Bonnie, Bamon and Beremy fans will be gone too. I mean outside of the trio, Bonnie should be the most important character. She’s my fav and I see no point in watching the show if she isn’t on it. So you better watch it TVD.

  32. k says:

    it will probably be Elena dying then being turned if they are following along with the books. doesnt she turn at the end of the second book?

  33. Jeeti says:

    I’m guessing Matt. There no real use for him anymore. Tyler and Caroline have become huge and they have this amazing Romeo/Juliet vibe to them that still needs to be explored. And I hope it’s not Alaric!

  34. Renina says:

    I LOVE Bonnie and will abandon this show if she dies.

    I hope they kill off Caroline.

  35. Vicki says:

    Kill Bonnie or Matt both are boring and annoying!!!

    Keep Caroline and Tyler :D

  36. Nancy says:

    Read on TV Fanatic there are THREE big deaths in finale. Didn’t say who, but unlikely Salvatores or Elena. Those three are needed to set the plotlines (book based with those three in mind).

  37. Kris says:

    Three people are getting killed off. My money is on Katherine, Bonnie, and Tyler.

  38. SM says:

    I love Bonnie! She’s the only character with any sense on this show. She. Must. Not. Die. Or Caroline. These two are my favourites.

    I think if its 3 main character deaths it will be Matt, Jenna and Katherine. If it’s just 3 deaths, I vote for Katherine, Jules and Greta.

  39. LauraJ says:

    I love Bonnie! But Kat’s interview made me think she could be the one going. Her shrug and casual outlook on characters dying on the show.

    However, Bonnie is the only witch in Elena’s inner circle, isn’t she? As well, Tyler is the only werewolf in Elena’s inner circle. And Caroline is the only female vampire in Elena’s inner circle. This is the only reason I think Bonnie, Tyler and Caroline are safe.

    Jeremy is less safe, but he’s Elena’s brother. Would they really kill off her last family member? Her biological mom and dad don’t really count since they’re the “bad guys” and she doesn’t see them as her parents.

    Matt, Alaric and Jenna, on the other hand, could easily be killed or turned.

    I love Jeremy and Alaric, so I’d hate to see either one of them go. I like Matt, but I don’t feel his character offers much. And I’ve never liked Jenna and think she offers even less than Matt on the show.

    If the writers are planning to seriously shake things up, they’ll kill off one of Elena’s inner circle. A stupid move in my opinion since future story lines will want a witch, werewolf and vampire (who isn’t Stefan or Damon) on Elena’s side. If the writers do what they usually do after announcing a character death, we’ll lose Jenna, Matt or even Alaric.

  40. Jason says:

    Do you chicks realize how juvenile and downright stupid you sound? “Oh, I hate Bonnie, I love Delana, I heart Matt, I hate Jeremy…” blah, blah, blah….

    Good grief, how old are you, 12?

    Isn’t it possible to watch a show and enjoy the ENTIRE CAST and what they bring to the series? All of your petty complaints just make fans of the show sound like complete idiots.

    • Marie says:

      Jason, you haven’t seen the Twilight fan yet!!! LoL All series with love triangle and a fourth female/male character getting the rejected one from the said triangle gets haters/lovers that goes crazy for no reason!! It’s quite annoying, but you get used to it… well you try getting used to it. :D

  41. heather says:

    I wasn’t a Bonnie fan originally, but sometimes I’m fine with her. It doesn’t bode well for her that she is now with Jeremy and everyone Jeremy has ever been with has died so far. So chances aren’t so good with her. But there are other choices too. Tyler/Matt/Jenna/Alaric. Either of those 4 can go. Maybe even Jeremy.

  42. Kisha says:

    I love Bonnie’s character and I would hate it if she died. But I also love all of the others characters as well and it seems that they each bring something unique to the show!

    • TVD fan says:

      I beg to differ: Bonnie, Tyler and Caroline aside, the regulars are friggin’ boring. Only Alaric, Isobel and John are somewhat interesting recurring characters and, the minute they get a guest star like Pearl or Elijah, they KILL IT OFF!!!

  43. Hannah says:

    I don’t really mind if Matt dies, because we haven’t seen much of him really. Kinda sad that they didn’t give Matt as big a role in the show as he has in the books, because in the books he’s awesome! And I quite like Zach so.. but yeah, he’s definitely one of the main characters I’d like to see go. But if we’re defining Jules as a main character then her! Absolutely her!

  44. lace says:

    I love the bromance between Damon and Alaric so I hope it’s not Alaric that dies. The show can do without Matt, but I don’t see his death as being all that dramatic. I could live with them killing off Bonnie and it would be more dramtic than Matt’s death.

  45. Deborah says:

    The only reason some fans hate Bonnie is because she’s being played by a black actress! There, I said it. And how dare some other fans (BAMON) love to pair her off with the ‘great Damon’??!
    I’m telling you if this character was played by a white actress, she wouldn’t get that much slack. Perhaps non at all….and this is happening anno 2011…..pathetic.

    • KK says:

      I disagree with your statement about them not liking Bonnie because she’s African American(although, I couldn’t really say; I like Bonnie). I actually think that if Bonnie were white, a lot of the relationships with Emily would be different, so it wouldn’t be as powerful.

      On an unrelated note. I hope Caroline dies. She’s getting on my nerves. I don’t think she will, though. I actually expect it to be Bonnie.

  46. Morgan says:

    I doubt it’s Bonnie for anyone who is worrying. She’s their only witch and unless they bring in a new one in the next few episodes I doubt she will go. Alaric is to obvious because of the fact that he gave up the ring. If I had to choose it would be either Matt or Jenna. The only problem with killing off Jenna would mean that Elena and Jeremy don’t have a guardian anymore. But that would be a good story line for next season. But we will just have to wait and see!

  47. Zilly says:


    • KK says:

      In the book, Elena died way back when that car flipped over and became a vampire, but I think that for the sake of the television show, they won’t turn her yet, and there’s no way Nina Dobrev is leaving.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Bonnie is not going to die. As much as I hate the character and as much as I dislike Kat Graham’s acting, I know the writers won’t kill her off. Yes, there are a lot of Bonnie haters but I don’t think our numbers are strong enough for them to kill off a character that the writers obviously think is important to the show.

    If Alaric is a season regular then I think it’s him, as much as I wish it weren’t. I love his character and wish they would keep him on. I’d rather they kill off Jenna.

  49. Lydia says:

    truly i don’t want anyone to die. Except maybe Jules :) But i think its a bit stupid to not watch the show if they kill off Bonnie. That’s a little melodramatic, i think. I watched Lost and when they killed off Ian i was sure i wasn’t gonna watch more, but i did, cause i loved the other characters too.

    Anyways, love VD! Excited for whats to come! all i’m saying is, don’t kill off Damon! Love ya VD fans!

  50. Sky says:

    Bonnie is the one character beside the DES to not be expendable fotr the series, so it won’t be her (fortunately, because i ADORE her).

    Julie Plec said during an interview that Caroline is safe from death for at least this season since they love writing vampCaro.

    My bet is on Jenna, Alaric or Katherine.
    Jeremy is a possibility too, since he and Bonnie are going to be happy during last dance in a way that makes me to predict impeding doom. Besides, I’m not sure of what they can do with his character, that they already have not done.