It's Official: Glee's 'Born This Way'-Themed Episode Will Be Monster-Sized

Glee‘s upcoming Lady Gaga homage was born to be extra large.

A Fox insider is confirming what TVLine first reported last week: The show’s April 26 episode — inspired by Gaga’s anthem of self-acceptance “Born This Way” — has been expanded to 90 minutes.

The super-sized episode, which concludes with the New Directions performing the No. 1 smash, finds Mr. Schuester teaching the kids to embrace what it is that makes them unique.

Glee Spoiler Alert: Look Who’s Returning For Final Three Episodes!

For example, Lauren (Ashley Fink) battles Quinn (Dianna Agron) for prom queen, in so doing challenging the traditional notion of what a pageant princess looks like. Rachel (Lea Michele), meanwhile, considers getting a nose job.

As a result of Glee‘s expanded running time, Raising Hope will be pushed to 9:30 and Traffic Light will sit the night out.

Glee returns with the first of six all-new episodes on April 19.

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  1. Karin says:

    NOOOOOO, this season has been one monster failure and now they wanna do it even worse? The 60 minutes episodes sucks so doubt a 90 minutes will be good…someone should really sign Ryan, Ian and Brad up for a writing class

    • Mike says:

      And exactely who are you to say that the writting is bad ? You can’t even conjugate : “The 60 minutes episodes suckS…” (And I’m not even American or English or from an English speaking country)
      And this season has not been a monster failure… maybe the 3 first episodes (and I’ll give you the 8th) but the rest are really good and a lot better than the first half of season 1…
      Stop being a hater and don’t give people advice when you can’t even do half the things they do.

      • staci says:

        Well played, Mike.
        However, I think we can all agree that this season has paled in comparison to the perfection of last season. The story lines are a bit inconsistent and the character development has been jerky and disjointed. The song choices have been decent, but they’re lacking a certain magic that season one had.
        With all that being said, I think the show is still very special and has every potential to get better nearing the end of this season and in the next. I would really just like to see more of that tight season one writing.

        • Mike says:

          Maybe… but I think the last 4 episodes were really good and they went back on track “storyline-wise”… I like the seriousness of the brittana relationship and I think It’s def gonna be 6 great episodes !

        • Sara says:

          Staci, you summed it up beautifully. I haven’t given up on Glee yet, but this season just feels like they’re trying too hard.

        • MarieAntoinette says:

          Mike must be from Philippines cuz I notice they’re always trying to correct other people’s English when everyone else already gets it anyway. Typos are allowed, like “exactely” Should stick to staying on topic, like Glee season2 is a little “off” from last year’s excellence, but still enjoyable, I would agree with your assessment.

          • Tophu says:

            I’m pretty sure this comment is borderline racist, lol.

          • Rose says:

            so what if his correcting the typos? That doesn’t mean his from the Philippines. Racist like you should look in the mirror first.

      • SpyKi says:

        The first half of season 1 was this show at it’s best.

    • rex says:

      then don’t watch it. It is that simple.

    • gleek says:

      if you don’t like just stop watching it. and please stop the hate

      • BRETT says:

        Karin’s clearly a fan of the show. Just because she doesn’t like the second season doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be able to say that. You guys are ridiculous. I can understand you going after people who actually don’t watch it yet complain, but you’re making absolutely no sense in going after her.

        It’s not HATE. It’s an opinion. The show is so disjointed this season, anyone can tell that.

      • DarkEmy says:

        Oh, so now we can’t even express our opinion?
        I love Glee. Or, I used to love it. It was my sun on a cloudy day. And although I still watch it, I too think that the writing has gotten worse. The cast is still amazing, talented and all, and the songs rock, but they’ve lost their charm for me.
        And THAT my friend is not hating. Just saying what I think and what a lot of other critical Glee watchers think, as well.

      • Maddie says:

        I was also a huge fan of season one. But this season has gone way downhill. The writing sucks, there are a lot of plot holes (yeah, what ever happened to Mercedes and Quinn? I thought they were best friends), basically no character development, and the episodes feel like an after school special. However, I still watch hoping they lay off with the auto tuning and write better stories.

    • Jenn says:

      I’m looking forward to the music. The singing and dancing (provided Heather Morris and Harry Shum, Jr. are front and center) will be awesome, no doubt. The writing – well, the only thing consistent about the show is how inconsistent the characters are and how…malleable canon is. When it comes to important issues, like the bullying and how pro-religion schools are, they usually put their best writers to work, so I have reasonable hopes for this episode.

    • Maddie says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth, Karin. A monkey could write better episodes than Ryan, Ian, and Brad. I doubt I’ll be able to sit through this 90 minute PSA.

    • cim says:

      Mira idiota! si no eres fan, NO OPINES! si vas a opinar negativo, gasta tu tiempo en otra cosa! HATER!

    • Sabrina says:

      excuse me! glee is probs one of the best shows, i dont know how this is a big monster failure!

    • Susan says:

      I thought they already did their tribute to GaGa? Why another one so soon or are we already to the rehash stage? Is GaGa a friend of murphy’s or something? Did she cut him a deal on the royalties to her songs?

    • Tophu says:

      I don’t think this season has sucked, but it has disappointed me in a few ways. I hate how sometimes it comes off how they formulate episodes around songs, instead of coming up with creative stories and then finding good songs to fill those spaces. There are too many ‘themed episodes’ and even if it isn’t themed around an artist, it’ll be themed around an idea like partying or sex.

      I guess to me it just feels like everything comes second to song choice. Even important things like characterization and plot.

  2. – , First Page, *-* , Oi ,eu sou Klayton Allex tenho 15 anos e moro no Brasil, mesmo morando no país que não te, originaldade da série eu amo Glee.Obrigado pela atenção.

  3. jessica b. says:

    I’m so excited! It’s gonna be epic!

  4. Samantha says:

    Why does every episode have to be angst-ridden? I can appreciate a deep story line every now and then but what happened to the light-hearted Glee we fell in love with?

    • Cheri says:

      I totally agree, Samantha! I’m usually the last one to complain about a show, but I have to agree with you on this one. I love a good serious story line, but I miss all the lightheartedness and silliness that made me laugh out loud in season one. It just seems like its been a little too serious lately. Still a HUGE fan of the show.

    • Ben says:

      Samantha, I’m right there with you. I feel like season one was making fun of everyone and everything and that’s gat was awesome about the show, no one group was safe. But now I feel like I’m having someones personal beliefs being pushed on me. Over half the show is preching at us it feels like about Murphy’s beliefs. Go back to season one writing. Lighthearted and making fun of everyone.

  5. Sam S. says:

    Somehow, I really don’t believe Lauren would actually run for prom queen….

    Anyways, the episode sounds great over all. Can’t wait for Glee to return!

    • CMJ says:

      Oh I think she would. Look how she jerks Puckerman around. Recall she was the girl on the wrestling team referenced in Season 1. She was the one who bugged the choir room for Rachel. She was the one who sneezed on everyone to help Sue spread the flu. I don’t think she would care if she wins or not, she just likes to stir it up.

      • Jenn says:

        It’d be nice if they’d actually teach the actress some wrestling. Pro-wrestling moves don’t count. If she can’t do it, bring in a double. I’m sick of female characters being written as fighting masters and then failing upon delivery. Not that her skills are the point of the show, but don’t show it if she can’t do it. It diminishes her credibility as a bad chick.

        • Jojo says:

          I think she showed her bad chick skills when she took down Santana…who’s from a part of town called Lima Heights Adjacent.

  6. Martin says:

    As long as Ian doesn’t write the episode.

    • rex says:

      or Karin from comment 1

    • John says:

      Look, I poo poo on the writers of Glee as much as the next guy, but I actually think that Ian Brennan is the only one in that room who actually has a workable writing talent. I rewatched the pilot recently, and loved it even more than when I first saw it, and wondered out loud, “Wow, I wish they would have ordered this show to series….”

      Don’t be fooled by writing credits. Ian Brennan wrote a charming, quirky, and sad pilot for a show that Ryan Murphy realized he could turn into a gold mine for Fox, and meanwhile Brennan has essentially been turned into a quip-factory (mostly writing dialogue, and pretty much writing all of Sue’s).

      The best thing that could happen to Glee would be Murphy/Falchuck’s horror pilot getting picked up and them having to do double-duty between the two shows, allowing Brennan to become his own showrunner, and giving Glee the chance to hire a real writing staff in the void.

      • Martin says:

        Ian cannot write emotional plots to save his life. He’s good at making people act like overdramatic douchebags – but that’s about it. I think we just like different things about the series, if you actually enjoyed the pilot.

      • Margie says:

        Too funny! It’s pooh-pooh. Poo poo is a different kind of poo. Thanks for the laugh!

  7. BRETT says:

    If GLEE doesn’t shape up by the end of the season, I’m done with it. It’s become absolutely ridiculous, and not in a positive way. Rachel getting a nose job? Is it just me or did they cover that storyline already? Also, I love Lauren but I just don’t see that happening. The GLEE kids have been stating they’re at the bottom in the school for ages now, and suddenly, two of them are going to face off for prom queen? When no one else at the school likes anyone in the GLEE club? Alright…

    • Anj says:

      lol i COMPLETELY agree with you. i definitely think the “popularity issue” has been inconsistent for a while. all of the guys are football players now right? not just fin? and almost all of the girls are coupled up with the guys….who are football players… right? in season one, that would’ve meant instant popularity…. right? i’m hoping that they use the length of time to fill in plot holes, solve all the question marks, and bring everything up to speed, cuz if they let it go much longer they’ll be holding a bunch of random fragments of a once EPIC show. I’m still a gleek.. just a sort of disappointed one…

  8. John says:

    What’s official here is that Fox has given up on trying to find a timeslot companion for Raising Hope.

    • Jenny says:

      I don’t think they’ve given up, but considering how poorly Traffic Light performs I’m surprised they haven’t taken it off air yet.

  9. juan says:

    lady gaga herself should appear in this one!

  10. Kel says:

    All I really care about is seeing Finn and Rachel reunite, Kurt and Blaine happy, brittney and Santana tell each other their in love…is that too much to ask? I am sick of depressing glee, Finn’s character being murdered, and Quinn being horrible. I stopped watching…if there is no hope for the core relationships and there will be constant, stupid drama…then I will definitely be done. I am so sad about finn’s character the most…he Isnt this stupid and we have had zero insight into why he is being so stupid. I am over it.

    Ratings are beginning to show people’s dismay with character assassinations and the break up of certain relationships getting old…but I am sure they will market the he’ll out of this episode to draw in the crowd. Won’t be me, can’t watch Finn be so stupid with Quinn…they make me sick.

    • Tophu says:

      Imagine if Finn was actually murdered! That’d be pretty dramatic, huh? Also I disagree with you on most points. The chase is always better than the actual relationship.

  11. Bass says:

    How does TVline.com get paid for their updates on Glee? Does Fox include you guys in its payroll? or does it come from murphy’s pocket? This show is ridiculous, and yes, I’ve seen it, I hate it and I’ve stopped watching. It’s just that I’m tired of the coverage it’s getting everywhere! I mean come on! Anybody can go to billboard, choose the top 40 songs and cover them! That’s what they do! Can’t wait to see this crap canceled.

  12. Shannon says:

    Here is my two cents on this whole debate…high school students are completely inconsistent about how they feel and how they act. Just thinking back to my high school days I can remember it being that way, and being a teacher who deals with this age group on a regular basis I can safely say that even when some story line’s are inconsistent it doesn’t actually make me hate the show. Being in this age group means that you are a little wishy-washy at times. It means that you change your behavior from day to day and at random. This is a time when kids are really nailing down the person they are going to become so sometimes there is inconsistency. I think that is why I appreciate this show so much. It is not trying to make these kids into perfect clones who always act a certain way. You all can agree to disagree on this or agree to disagree with me but some shows seem weak some seem strong but, overall the message of the show is coming across, and the kids of today have been introduced to some awesome music from the past that they would never have given a chance otherwise. Thanks for letting me put my two cents in.

    • djm says:

      Yay – a comment I can finally agree with. While it’s true that I am not enjoying the show as much in Season 2 as I did in Season 1, I still think it’s fun and entertaining – and isn’t that what it should be? Look, they never claimed to be curing cancer or that they were trying to be the bridge to unify the democrats & republicans – they are trying to be an entertaining show – and I for one (or two since I am agreeing with Shannon) think they are doing a good job. Some episodes I like better than others, but I also love that they are introducing some amazing older music to an audience that may never have heard the songs otherwise (I am thinking of the episode where they did A House Is Not a Home and One Less Bell to Answer for example). At the end of the day I still like the show and when the day comes that it stops being entertaining I will simply stop watching.

  13. Andrea says:

    I don’t mind that the episode is 90 minutes long. I am a bit skeptical
    about the message though. It seems like every week the glee kids are
    learning to embrace what makes them different. How come that lesson
    never seems to stick? I think the kids are past the point of being
    the underdogs.

  14. Steven says:

    You left out the most important part of the article! Is Raising Hope still going to be on at 9:30. Glee is a shadow of what it was. Way too dramatic and not enough of the fun silliness of season 1.

  15. amanda says:

    Ok, so I me some glee, and I am super excited about the prom battle, but didn’t they already do an entire lady gaga themed episode! Why r they copying themselves? What I love about glee is that they r unique and that it showcases different music. What’s next another madana episode? It was great the first time I wish they had just gone with a different artist, or only used the one song instead of an entire gaga episode!

  16. Wyne says:

    Why does every episode of Glee now have to be a “very special episode”….I thought we were past the days of Blossom!

  17. Kacey says:

    The writing for most of this season has pretty much sucked so I’m hoping that 90 minutes of Glee isn’t going to be like nails on a blackboard. The show needs to remember that it wasn’t the singing that made it awesome, it was the characters and the storytelling. The singing was like icing on the cake, lately it’s been the whole damn cake and that’s not a good thing.

    • BRETT says:

      I agree. I almost feel like this is turning into a HAIRSPRAY television series… And for anyone who wants to say that movie was good, you are wrong. Just wrong.

  18. mr clean says:

    I am looking forward to the season finale… its going to be a Rebecca Black themed episode!

  19. Berta says:

    I watch Glee because I love music and dance; and while I understand what our fellow poster Shannon postulated on this thread, I too – as an educator and fan of the show – would like to contribute my two cents. First, there are life-altering events in the lives of many young people that certainly leave their mark. Not only does your routine, social position, family life change, but you are not and will never be the same as a person. Period. I don’t see Glee being consistent with that message. Out of all the kids affected by the Babygate, the only character who has ‘confessed’ that he never thought of the consequences of his actions is Puck (to Lauren). Second, we frequently see Kurt’s father having profound conversations with his son about crucial matters. Where is Finn’s mom? If my son had a girlfriend who did to him what Quinn did to Finn and I saw that he was going out with her again, that he had dumped Rachel for ‘cheating’ when he had slept with Santana while he was supposedly in love with Rachel (even though they were officially broken up), believe me, I’d be having a serious conversation with him ASAP! Thank you for letting me vent.

  20. Jeri says:

    All the Glee bashing seems to be a “popular sport.”

    The haters make me feel more loyal to the show. It’s not rocket science – it’s entertainment.

  21. Erika says:

    A Globo devia patrocinar a serie na TV aberta do Brasil tbm!!

  22. noel says:

    this season has gotten progressively better and to all those who say season one was perfect, may I remind you of ‘acafellas’?

    • Tophu says:

      Oh don’t worry, when season 3 comes along people will be talking about how perfect seasons 1 and 2 were, and how season 3 has completely ruined the series. That’s just how people are. No one’s ever happy with something until it’s already gone.

  23. Wouter says:

    I like season 2 better then season 1. There’s more drama and i think it’s funnier. The only downside is the songs. Season 1 had better songs.

  24. Jamie says:

    Finn has been acting like a friggin idiot with his character. He can forgive Quinn for SLEEPING with someone else, but he can’t forgive Rachel for simply KISSING another guy. It’s completely stupid. Having an affair with someone is way WORSE then a simple kiss. Finn’s mother would look at him like he was a friggin idiot and explain this and point it out. The only reason Rachel even kissed Puck was because she was HURT from him LYING to her, not only once, but several times.

    The charterers do seem way to flawed in a way this season. They don’t act like themselves and they certainly don’t sing the awesome variety of songs that they did last season. I’ve never liked the episodes where they pander to specific artists because there is so much much music and so many artists that are too wonderful that they look over just to showcase that one stupid artist who really should just has a few songs that actually go with the episode.

    “Original Song” was the best one yet, simply because they were actually able to showcase their own talents without having to pander to other artists. But a whole episode dedicated to a specific artist makes it seem like they just want the fans of those artists to watch the eps and it was tiring after they did it the first time, but they still keep doing it!

    Plus WHAT did happen to the whole Quinn/Mercedes friendship? They barely talk anymore. Instead, Quinn has turned back into the utimate B-iatch and has forgotten all about the way Glee Club was actually a better choice for her and how much they were actually there for her, even AFTER they knew that Puck was the father of her baby and NOT Finn.

    Turning Becky into Sue’s clone is just ridiculous. I mean her and Brittany were good friends in the first season (as mentioned when Becky was first introduced). However, now every time they show Becky she is with Sue and emulating everything about her. So Sue has a mini-me that is becoming just as mean and unstable as she is.

    I still love the show, but it seems like they pander too much to specific artists and that gets sooooo boring after just one artist specific ep, much less a WHOLE bunch. It’s much better when they have a variety of songs both old and new in the eps. That whole Justin Bieber ep was horrible, not only because it focused on a singer who I literally had no idea who he was, but then I find out he’s a 12 or 14 year old kid who will be out of the picture before you can say “Who the hell is that?”. I actually had to research and figure out who he was! Then when I do find out I realize he’s just a teeny bopper who was very much like the “Hanson” group was, and they practically disappeared without a backwards glance.

    Even the bullying that Kurt had to go through was unrealistic since he’d been dealing with it for so long and he just ignored it, yet it is suddenly getting to him and we’re supposed to believe that he has issues with it only after all this time. True bullying is a LOT worse and the person dealing with it has more issues with it from the beginning. It doesn’t just suddenly jump in a year later as a bad thing that within 1 or 2 episodes that he suddenly can’t handle.

    Kurt has been subjected to another school where he (yet again) falls back into the background. I mean he did WAY better when he was with ND because they actually did have him sing solos and showcased his talent with a much better allotment of time. Now it’s all about Blaine and how he is the very best. I’m betting most of the Warblers have awesome voices, but they choose to leave them just swaying in the background like props.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Darren Criss and his voice and the fact that Blaine and Kurt have found each other, but they seemed to jump into it just so Kurt has a somewhat “happy ending” as Ryan Murphy so eloquently put it. Blaine seemed to jump in and out of his feelings for Kurt without even thinking how strange it was or that he just suddenly sees Kurt in a “new light” after just one song, when he’s sang much more emotional pieces.

    However, Blaine trying to find himself and then suddenly seeing Kurt in a “new light” was so atypical that I was trying not to throw something at the TV because he suddenly showed interest. He was obviously interested in Kurt from the very start, even though he claimed to not understand or see that Kurt actually liked him. Yet he seemed to know exactly what he was doing every time he flirted with him! (Hello! In Teenage Dream he was singing to Kurt for half the friggin song and flirting like there was no tomorrow! And don’t even get me on Baby It’s Cold Outside).

    The slushie thing is getting OLD since the group have actually won awards and they should be a little more respected by this point. Even with Sue and her ideas on how to destroy the Glee Club, they are making progress on showing that they have talent and some of the kids would respect that at this point. Sue has become a background player since she has lost at her Nationals but she can still change the entire schools opinion towards her own? ND continue to get mocked and threatened with their dissolution if they don’t continue to win even more awards?

    I’m sorry for this rant but I’m just tired of seeing them start to throw what looked to be a promising show about a Glee Club down the drains by focusing a lot on how much their personal lives are STILL a joke. The show is actually about a GLEE CLUB and it’s not a friggin soap opera. Sure the kids are in High school, but sometimes they act they are in elementary school and whine about things that have no actual bearing pertaining to the Glee club.

    • Tophu says:

      I stopped reading after you said you hadn’t heard who Justin Bieber is. Where have you been? I don’t like the kid but gosh he’s basically everywhere. I can’t believe someone with such a paltry grasp on pop culture can even enjoy Glee… I actually just read the last line, and that made less sense than you not knowing who Bieber is. So what, they should only talk about the glee club at all times? That is absurd. No high school club takes up every aspect of someone’s life. Really? “Well Kurt, your dad just had a heart attack but could you please stop crying? We’re trying to rehearse and you’re being quite selfish.” Yeah, that would make things more realistic…

      • Jamie says:

        Maybe you should have continued reading. Just because I had no flippin idea who Bieber was doesn’t mean I didn’t had several valid points.

        Excuse me for being a 36 yo who actually pays attention and has been around long enough to hear enough music that wasn’t just some young kid who is suddenly popular out of nowhere. He may be everywhere in your world, but I was not the only one who had problems with figuring out who the heck he was or why they were pandering an episode to just him. About 90% of the people I’ve talked to had the same problem and either had no idea who he was or thought he was another kid who would just be in an out of the picture quick like a lot of other teenybopper singers. I have heard so many songs in my life and seen so MANY differnt artists that focussing on just one artist makes absolutly no sense and makes it more annoying than good because then the episode is written around those specific songs when they could actually have a plot and use different artists.

        I was so annoyed with the way the group was acting in that Bieber ep that (to quote Quinn) “I seriously wanted to punch them all”. It was cheap pandering no mater how much you look at it otherwise. I was in show choir when I was in high school, and for several years after in college. We NEVER just focused on one artist for weeks or even days on end. It was always a mixture of different artists and even some of our own groups talents in songwriting. Just because you “may” be a teenybopper who loves Justin Bieber (not sure but you sure sound like one with your assumption), doesn’t mean that everyone is. And just because the show takes place in high school doesn’t mean that the only fans who watch the show are just kids in high school.

        This seasons plot lines make no sense, the characters seemed to have back tracked and are more undeveloped then they were in the first season, and they seem to force the episodes around songs instead of writing the eps and coming up with songs that work for what they’ve written.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’ll continue to watch the show because there is a lot of talent on it. However, they are going to end up losing a majority of their audience and get canceled if they don’t go back to their original formula. I’ve seen it happen a million times in the past 25 years and it can happen just as easily to this show as it has to others.

      • Jamie says:

        Sorry, but just one more thing I noticed after I’d already posted.

        No, I do not expect them to give up on the story lines. The episode with Kurt’s father was a fairly good ep because it had an actual plot, but the moment they mentioned singing religious songs I was like “Um, has anyone ever heard of the separation of church and state?” Teachers have been fired for things like that. I was totally with both Kurt and Sue in that ep about them not singing those songs in a public school. The only song I actually was able to listen to fully was “One of Us” since I’m not religious in the sense that most people are, but I do like that song and it showcased all of thier talents, not just a few of them. Plus that song has never really been termed as actually religious. When it came out it was actually considered soft rock.

        If you hadn’t skipped past most of it and just read the last line you may have understood where that last line came from. It was about their character development, not stating that they are supposed to talk about glee club only.

    • Lindss says:

      Finn forgave Quinn because he loves her. Even in season one he said the reason he couldnt be with Rachel completely was because he wasnt exactly over Quinn. Clearly you’ve never been in love otherwise you would realize that. No offense. I love Quinn and Finn together, yeah they’ve had a bumpy road but their so cute together.

      • Jamie says:

        Interesting, maybe you’ve never been in a serious relationship and don’t understand that aspect. I’ve been married and in love before (so deeply in love that I actually didn’t realise I was being mentally abused by the guy). He may have thought he loved her, but as Quinn says when he’s not looking at her, he’s staring at Rachel. He’ obviously more confused, but on this one I honestly think his mother would sit down with him and remind him of how much worse Quinn treated him than Rachel ever has. His mother is that type of mother who would try to help her son with that life lesson.

        On a side note, it’s amazing and somewhat amusing how many people are making assumptions about me specifically on these posts for just speaking my opinions. Especially since I did say that I do still love the show and will continue watching. I just fear for it getting canceled because they are making the wrong decisions about a few character flaws. I never really liked the artist specific episodes in the first season so that is just something I’ve dealt with on a regular level already.

        Finn loves Rachel, he has for a long time even though his character has undeveloped since last season. She treated him the same no matter when he was the quarterback or just another glee loser (as Finn so eloquently put it). He proved that point several times. Finn stuck up for her in the first season because he already had feelings for her and respected her.

        Now it just seems like his character has backtracked and he’s immatured to the point that he’s trying to reclaim something he lost even if it doesn’t care for him simply because he can. I could completely understand someone kissing another, but to sleep with another person it’s entirely different and worse on a whole other level. You have remember that with every person you sleep with, you’re sleeping with every person they’ve slept with, and everyone they’ve slept with ect, ect. And as Holly says “Everyone’s got a random”.

        Since Puck is so randy he’s done it with practically everyone in the bloody school. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t caught an STD and/or gotten more girls pregnant more than anything.

        I’m a little less fond of Quinn in this season because in the first season she learnt a very hard life lesson that you don’t just randomly forget over a summer break. It’s something that sticks with you your entire life. Yet she seems to have forgotten what that’s all about. The only times I’ve seen that part of her shine through is when she was telling Rachel off for still wanting Finn (because she actually showed emotion with her voice breaking and that she was possibly trying to help Rachel get out of Lima and show her talent to the rest of the world) and when she was explaining to Sam why she was in Glee club. Otherwise she’s reverted back to who she was before everyone helped her out and has simply gotten more shallow then she used to be.

  25. Kat says:

    This season of Glee isn’t as good as last years and there is no harm in saying so. I think the success of Glee has gone to Ryan Murphy’s head and he’s focused on doing the music he wants to do with no regard for how it affects the plot. As for character development this season…there simply isn’t any. Season one had depth…this is the season of puddles.

  26. lyssa says:

    i LITERALLY just read every comment.. some stuff i agree and some stuff i disagree but overall glee is for entertainment and ALMOST anything can happen in TV land

  27. TJ. Church says:

    1] It’s been about the songs, not the plot, this season.

    2] This sounds exactly like an episode they did last season. (Ended with a horrible Menzel-Michele duet on a Gaga song, I believe.)

  28. Linda says:

    Is this the time where everyone gets up and dances and screams YAY! Cuz that is what I’m doing.

  29. Nerdista says:

    I love it still! It perfectly illustrates how high school felt AND how I wish it had gone. Everything was drama but at least on this show, Kurt gets his Blaine-and so wonderfully! I haven’t loved a couple this much since Joey and Dawson, it’s remarkable. It’s over the top and ridiculous and that’s why I love it.

  30. Rebecca says:

    I love this show but why have almost a month off i am missing me some glee

  31. Kathy says:

    When do these kids graduate? Bring in some underclassmen. With characters that we can watch actually become real people. Want more story. Want a LOT fewer “tributes”.

  32. *star* says:

    Since when are the regular episodes 60 minutes?

  33. Tina B says:

    I didn’t get a chance to watch Season 1 and just hopped right into watching Season 2 under the suggestion of my best friend. I really enjoy this show. Wish I had a Glee Club to take refuge in when I was in High School. Growing up as a performer (dancing and singing) it doesn’t matter how successful you may be in something that isn’t “mainstream”. You will still be treated like a joke until it becomes mainstream. This I learned from experience.

    On a sidenote, I really appreciate Kurt and Santana’s characters being homosexual. I like how Glee is being very forward with it and presenting it in a way that is more about romanticism than sexual drive.

  34. Mich says:

    I have to laugh at some of the comments made by people in regards to the inconsistencies and poor writing (in their opinion) of season 2 compared to season 1. Glee is a good time, fun, sing along with them feel good show that hits some of the priorities and problems with teenagers these days including bullying, sexuality and self image. I doubt that when Ryan Murphy and co are writing the episodes they think that fans consider anything except the fantastic storylines, entertaining characters and boppy singing and dance numbers. It seems that some of you do however feel the need to nitpick alot about the show.

    Glee shouldn’t be taken too seriously, it isn’t like CSI or Grey’s Anatomy where most facts have to be 100% true and the acting and plotlines have to be taken seriously and the continuity of the story has to be strictly adhered to, it’s as I said it is, a feel good show with a great message at the core. Ryan Murphy should be commended for bringing forward an ecclectic mix of actors and writing such entertaining and heartfelt storylines that are making kids around the world change their definition of “cool” and allowing those kids to feel comfortable within themselves!

  35. Lena says:

    Omg no half of u need to stop drinkin dat haterade.. Glee is da bomb.. Buff said

  36. maty says:

    aaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy que bueno que ba a estar

  37. B says:

    I like this season better than Season 1. Season 1 was superficial, and, quite frankly, pretty pointless. Season 2 delves into important and controversial topics completely relevant to society today.

  38. I am Who I am says:

    just watch the show guys…. what’s with the long commotion… that won’t give you anything… hmmm…

  39. catherine says:

    If Quinn & Puck don’t talk ONCE this year I will be extremely upset. They were one of my favorite couples.

  40. Audrey says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, glee is an amazing show that has taught me as a high schooler about self acceptance, being true to who you are and what is right, and doing what you love no matter what. :)

  41. BIGGEST GLEEK EVA! says:

    I am sooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM OBSSESSED WITH GLEE!!!!!

  42. Ashley says:

    are any of you guys writing scripts for a show that has had 19 Emmy nominations? do you guys even write scripts? do you think by commenting on this that the scripts are going to be changed? stupid haters..

  43. Kaitlyn says:

    I love Glee, but the last episode wasn’t very good. I really want Finn and Rachel back together.

  44. alec brown says:

    hi, really fun episode with kurt coming back, and laying down stoylines for future episodes! i really enjoyed it apart from 1 simple thing.

  45. techlady says:

    Born this way episode – There is a huge pink elephant in the room – they didn’t address it just tried underplay it with “Bad Attitude”

    Once again Lauren (Ashley Fink) is wearing horizontal stripes and those awful glasses. My family wasn’t rich and my mom didn’t seem to know I was breathing but I was as loud as I could be about getting fashionable glasses or contacts. By saving my B-day money, B-sitting money, etc soon contacts replaced my glasses. I was about the same size in high school and with the need for eyesight correction. It is ridiculous that costumiers on the show don’t realize there are fashion tips that even us big girls understand and follow. She can display her own style but all of us females work with our assets and distract from the rest. They dropped the ball on this one.

  46. Katey says:

    I think that Ryan is a very talented writer.. He gives parents an opportunity to talk to their kids about common teen issues which they would normally find uncomfortable to bring up randomly.. I think Ryan is extremely talented and I am loving this season the same as I loved the previous seasons!!!