RuPaul's Drag Race: Straight Expectations

Monday night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race brought the unwelcome and moderately baffling return of pretty/dull Carmen Carrera, who was chosen by Michelle, Santino, and Billy B to get a second chance at the Season 3 title. It didn’t take long, though, for the skin-baring beauty to torpedo her own chances; when the queens were asked to transform straight jocks into dragtastic “sisters,” Carmen chose bedazzled bikinis that displayed her best assets, and left “Lolita” looking like a burly dude in a two-piece. Let’s recap the action via jaunty screengrab.

Manila explains the fine art of the drag-queen tuck to a befuddled Matt: The male anatomy contains a ''winter cabin'' where certain, um, dangling accouterments can ''hibernate.'

Slava can hardly believe what a wig and 10 lbs of makeup can do for a guy, but Yara Sofia isn't convinced it's the straight jock's first time at the drag rodeo.

Nope, Margaret, you're not the only one baffled by Raja's tired cheer: That queen has no comedy game!

Yara, meanwhile, may or may not have correctly spelled ''wrap,'' but girlfriend knows how to get a laugh.

Finally Matt comprehend's Manila's message: ''You're gonna strike a feminine pose, not like you're popping a squat in the woods.''

Sharon Osborne thinks Slava might be ''happy to see'' himself in drag, if I'm not being too subtle.

Old Hollywood Glam or Tarzan Tragique? You make the 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Call!

Rhetorical question of the week from Ru: ''Now Carmen, because your sister is beefy -- very masculine --did you ever consider doing something to feminize the body a little bit more?''

Who says drag queens can't pump their fists in triumph?

As a veteran of 'America's Next Top Model,' Raja says yes to the age-old question, 'Wanna be on top?'

''Buh-buh-bye-bye, Carmen.''

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  1. agrimesy says:

    That sing off with Raja and Carmen was the hottest thing all seasom! I loved how supportive the straight “sisters” were of their girls . . . really cute.

  2. Buffy Freak says:

    Of all the queens to bring back why did they choose that one-trick pony Carmen? Yeah she has a good body but that’s it. The Kardashian sisters have more depth and versatility. Bringing Carmen back only made this already-too-long season even longer.

    • Geo says:

      Couldn’t agree more… the judges had their choice of any queen to bring back and they choose… Carmen? And the decision had to be unanimous?

      Ugh, this (seemingly endless) season stinks.

      Next season needs both better contestants and better judges. We need contestants that are actually talented and likeable (or “love-to-hate-able,” not just hate-able, like Delta or Shangela), and not all this “Heathers vs. Boogers” garbage. Plus, Michelle Visage ain’t cuttin’ it, and the winner of this year has seemed so pre-ordained for so long that there’s not even any real suspense (not even including the fact that this particular queen has been friends with RuPaul for years, for those in the know).

      Ru’s not taking her own advice about “don’t f*** it up.” Next season, Ru, you better WORK (to make things batter, like Seasons One and Two).

  3. Teresa says:

    Thanks for the recap. I missed it last week.

    This was easily my favorite episode of the season. I loved how game the jocks were to try drag. I also liked how excited they got watching their sisters in the final judgment.

  4. Linda says:

    This episode was so adorable with the jocks getting queenified. They were so sweet. It was great seeing them get into it finally. I thought Manila’s geisha outfits rocked.

  5. KevyB says:

    I don’t get it. RuPaul KNEW they made a very unpopular decision when they crowned that dude in a dress last season. One of the things she’s obviously done to address this situation is to bring back two contestants who “were sent home too early”. While Shangela made some improvement, Carmen certainly wasn’t sent home too early. If anything she overstayed her welcome. The only obvious choice to bring back this year would have been Mimi Imfurst. As annoying as she was behind the scenes, the only real reason she went home was because she manhandled India in the Lipsynch for Your Life, someone so boring she went home in the very next episode. Up to the clean and jerk, she was kicking a. Bringing back the boring Carmen should signal to RuPaul that Michelle Visage and Santino Rice are not up to the task of judging.

  6. Pop Vulture says:

    Hey, now. Raja has a TON of comedy game. It may not have been on display in that episode, but give the girl her due: she’s funny, and she’s fabulous.

    It’s amazing to see a typical masculine physique stuffed in that bikini next to Carmen. It really brings home the fact that these girls work hard to look the way they do.

  7. sixona says:

    Hey now – Raja not funny ? If your funny is braindead. She lives in herself, not just inhabits it.

  8. Don says:

    What a great episode in a great season! This is my favourite final-4 of all three season. No talentless queen sneaking in. And I didn’t even mind Carmen’s come back if it means such a great hour of television (the dunk the queen!), and another episode with the fantastic four.

  9. Brenda Solomon Menendez says:

    We have been watching your show since season 1′..and i really have to say that you sa shaing April Carrion away is a shame. We here take a vote in how long a Latina will last in your so bias contest. You are not fair, the two bottom girls April and the other young lady were the best in that last competition, then you played one against the other,you and your judges specially that drag queen want to be Michel did not see the effort that they made. The other contestant are pros, but these two worked hard as hell, and they get to be bottom two if they try to improve because you don’t think they were good enough, well grand mom get yourself some glasses because is sad that when you see one of the boys looking better then you you become like Tara Banks. You have no idea what talent is if you believe that foe those two to step out of their confort zone and become better then they were is bad an a elimination comes when the effort is done, you are looking for clowns because the last two you crowned were so far away from beauty n talent as much as you. We are 48 people in this building that we wii stop watching your runway clowns, because effort, and confort zones are a no no to you. Stop getting rid of the latinos it cost me 100 dollars , i thought that at lease this time you would see the person not their race.