Idoloonies: Pia, Lauren, and Haley Battle On; Front-Running Guys Make Idol Missteps

It’s been another rough season for female contestants on American Idol. In the first four weeks of the Season 10 finals, we’ve lost Ashthon Jones, Karen Rodriguez, Thia Megia, and Naima Adedapo, while the sole male evictee, Casey Abrams, scored himself a coveted Judges’ Save. On this week’s Idoloonies, my fellow panelists (including Season 9 semifinalist Katelyn Epperly) and I talk about Idol‘s female problem, and ponder the chances of the show’s three remaining women: Pia Toscano, Lauren Alaina, and Haley Reinhart.

Plus, we’ve got some much-needed advice for perceived front-runners Scotty McCreery and James Durbin (as well as recent bottom-three resident Paul McDonald), appearances by the PowerPuff Girls, Ron Swanson, and Hannibal Lecter, and a performance of Katelyn’s new piano-driven track, “You’ll Do.” So scroll down to get all four parts of this week’s Idoloonies, and for all my Idol-related ridiculata, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

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  1. Love when Idoloonies comes out. Now I feel we can move on to Top 9. Still feel that one of the best performances of all last season was Katelyn Epperly’s “The Scientist” during (I believe) Top 20 week. That she didn’t make it and Paige Miles and Lacey Brown did was a bad sign of what was to come.

    • darclyte says:

      How much better could last season have been had Katelyn and Lily made it instead of Paige, Lacey and/or Katie?

      • Rick says:

        Disagree, Katie had a great voice but the judges hammered her and confused her, they were truly useless last year. I do agree that Katelyn should have been put through, I think I threw stuff at my TV watching Paige and Lacy go through instead. Because Katelyn is such a true artist I’m not sure how well she would have done in the top 12. She was understandably confused between being an artist and trying to fit the mold of the show in order to please the judges. She made a huge mistake by doing an average performanace of a Carol King song on top 12 night and Simon ripped her for it thus sealing her fate. I do agree with the first poster that the Scientist was one of the best vocals of the season.

      • jj says:

        The problem with Idol’s ladies is simple. They picked people with good voices but who were zero on the personality factor. The reason Crystal lasted so long last season was due to the fact that she was INTERESTING. Growing up, a lot of these girls are taught that they are supposed to be nice good girls and not do or say anything controversial. Great for pageants and normal boring lives, not so great for being a pop star. Naima wasn’t the best singer, but at least she brought some personality to the table.

      • essex says:


    • Lauren says:

      Totally agree. When Katelyn, that girl with the white blond hair (don’t remember her name) and Alex Mullet Kid got cut that season really went downhill. Idol wasted a lot of talent in order to give TIM FRICKING URBAN his moment in the sun…..a true Vote for The Worst victory, yeesh.

      • Yes says:

        I loved Katelyn’s version of The Scientist. I actually tweeted Haley and told her she would be great doing The Scientist Natasha Bedingfield version. Haley totally kicks Laurens and Pias a**! She is creative and fun. Beautiful sweet voice! I’m not a fan of Lauren or Pia.

        • wendeeloo says:

          Agree with you – Haley is getting more comfortable and that’s making her better and better. I do not see what people see in Pia or Lauren. Pia is especially boring to me – and her top note is shrill and not one I’d want to hear again. But she structures her songs the same way each time so we’ll be hearing that note again, I’m afraid.

          • Jay Noriega says:

            Pia is way better in some many ways than Haley. Haley is not appealing when she sings, her growl is getting annoying & I don’t see what she has to offer. She’s not a bad singer, but I won’t be waiting in line to buy her record. Now Pia on the other hand, she has got a great listening voice, she has definate potential to be great, as everyone already see’s. Lauren is better than Haley in my eyes, she’s got to stop acting so young in her answers & have a little more attitude, just like in her songs. But… I was for Pia all the way!!!

      • Robert Carr says:

        I was never a big fan of Lily but Katelyn and Alex got the boot that was horrible. Those two could be the final two on almost any season of idol. I hope they both make it.

      • darclyte says:

        VFTW has NO IMPACT on Idol. History has proven that as their picks usually last about 2 weeks. Also, when they picked their “horse” this year, only about 1,500 people voted, which means that’s the “at most” number of potential voters they influence. With 50 million votes cast, 1,500 people, even voting 50 times each (unlikely) wouldn’t have an impact. But they’ve now adopted a campaign instead of voting for the “worst” to get behind someone who they think could last several weeks so it makes them “look” like they have influence.

    • Jay Noriega says:

      This is true, I do believe there is a problem with the guys vs. girls in the voting poll. I mean look at it, 6 guys, to 2 girls now… Come on… More teenage girls are voting than guys are watching the show and it proves it in previous years as well… You guys sent the real American Idol home last week, shame on you…

  2. Pop Vulture says:

    Thanks for posting this on Tuesday! Nice to see you, Kaitlyn! Your “The Scientist” was woefully underappreciated.

    Love Idoloonies, Michael. I’m behind James Durbin this year. I’m sorry that Steven Tyler has whiffed on the honest judging since the live shows, but hooray for J-Lo! Keep it real, girlfriend…

    • Pop Vulture says:

      Man -sorry for butchering the spelling of K’s name…

      • It’s really crazy how identical the rise and fall of Steven Tyler is, compared to Ellen just last year. Ellen was very funny and witty, and perfectly critical during the taped packages of Hollywood week, but once those live performances started she just couldn’t handle it. It’s almost identical to Steven Tyler. He was so endearing and on the money during Auditions and Hollywood week, but since then he has just been so lame and useless. Saying he loved the first half, and the second half, and saying it’s beautiful,and that he loved it all the time is not helping anyone. James Durbin isn’t Mick Jagger, Jacob Lusk is not Luther Vandross and Scotty McCreery isn’t Keith Urban, these contestants need help, they are just starting out. I think J.Lo is starting to get it, but Steven Tyler I don’t think ever will.

      • @galaga6846 says:

        Don’t worry. I butchered her name when I videotaped her at a street performance (I was about four feet away from her)in Des Moines last summer and posted the vids on Youtube. She (kindly) informed me that spelled her name wrong, and wouldn’t post it on her site until I changed it. Ha ha.

    • Suncatcher says:

      Steven Tyler is still the man! If you are one of 2 or 3 people who did not see this online or live at the ACM Awards Sunday, you have to see the Steven Tyler duet with Carrie Underwood! One of the best performances EVER.

      (Over 3,000,000 YouTube hits as of last night).

  3. Pop Vulture says:

    A note to Hailey (sp??) – please don’t take “sing sexy” to mean “growl on every single note.” The growl is great – I love the growl. But it’s going to get really old really quickly if you overuse it…

    • djm says:

      Sorry, I just don’t get all the Haley fuss. Sorry, she was in the bottom 3 for a reason – and I don’t think she has a chance of winning. Sorry, but watching her “perform” is actually painful – and I for one hope she’s gone soon – not before Paul, but soon.

      • jeanrie says:

        is this the simon cowell ‘sorry!’?

      • SpyKi says:

        the reason she was in the bottom three was that America has bad taste.

      • Top says:

        I don’t agree with you djm. I think Haley and Paul will be in the top 5. Haley and Paul are the Rock/Blues pretty voice types. They are the type of artists that will sell. Examples: Pink, Maroon 5, Paramore, Train.

      • Robin says:

        Wow, you’re really sorry.

      • CMC says:

        I totally agree. I’m not at all impressed with Haley and typically I always have the same favorite as Sleazak. Haley’s “Benny and the Jets” was a bit over the top for me. She growled way too much on the song and I personally felt the performance was over indulgent. The sad thing about this year’s season of AI, is that no one jumps out at me as my favorite. I have connected to not one contestant. I’m totally ambivalent which makes for a boring season of America Idol.

      • brandy says:

        I don’t accept your apology. Haley rocks.

      • luke2 says:

        Not if I can help it! I’m going to start voting big time for Haley. She’s getting to be one of the only interesting contestants – along with Casey. I hope the rumors are true that they are a couple!

      • Miguel says:

        Sorry, she was in the FINAL 3 for a reason.

    • Kari G says:

      I agree 100% with this!

    • jj says:

      it has already gotten old. riffs, growls, any other vocal shmegma should be used rarely and only at the moment in the song where the emotion demands it. she doesn’t get this. she also still seems very uncomfortable in her own skin. there’s a reason why it was good that people didnt get instant fame right way as vocal artists/bands. and that reason is that they had time to find their voice, their performance personality, their musical niche- in short, to DEVELOP as artists.

  4. Ian Campbell says:

    Hayley – great vocals first half, shouty vocals second half, drunken karaoke movement both halves.
    Jacob – beautiful opening, loved the quiet vocal, is he trying to tell us that he is sorry for Alone/I Think I Can Fly? Fluctuated between stroke victim and constipated facial expressions.
    Thia – I HATE THAT I THOUGHT THIS WAS A RESPECTABLE EFFORT. Even the affectation in her voice worked. Was this dedicated to Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter? That would explain why she seems to break free from her previous Thia-bot emotional range.
    James – did he sing it well enough? Yes. Did he come across as a total douche? Yes. Was I hoping that he would jump into the flaming piano? Yes. Does he have the eye brows of an Asian transvestite? Yes.
    Wittle Wauren – no comment, was googling ‘Steve Jobs, patent, thia bot’.
    Stefano – ignoring his inability to sing with the melody this was satisfactory. The arrangement and vocal were too thin – give us some meat! Where is this accent coming from?
    Pia – did someone cover her in glue and roll her across a pile of broken glass? At least Britney had the sense to wear the same outfit with only the glass on her cooter and nips. Clay definitely locked this one in the ‘do not touch vault’, but she did a respectable job. I felt the emotion!
    Paul – BRILLIANT. Welcome back, suit. Talking to the audience pre/mid/post performance is never welcome, unless it is a ‘Tasia ‘HEY!’ Whispery bit at the end was creepy.
    Naima – BOOM! FIYAH! PACK YA BAGS! I can imagine all the non-front-runners just smiling at her during rehersals saying ‘YES! MORE JAMAICAN! MORE ACCENT! MORE KICKING!’
    George Bush Jnr Jnr Scotty – no comment, was googling ‘Jamaican jump suit ebay’.

  5. Adam says:

    I can’t believe how desperate Slezak is getting to have a female winner that he has turned around on both Lauren and Haley after ignoring all of Pia’s misteps (I won’t blame him, I’m acting the same way).

    Love Katelyn Epperly, you can have anytime you want MS.

  6. Dani C says:

    To save time, i’m just gonna list the things i loved about Idoloonies:
    -Katelyn! (of course now i need some Lilly Scott)
    -Tyler as Ellen
    -Save the Growwwwl Points
    -Powerpuff Girls
    -Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness
    All in all, great ep…Jason is killing it this year. Cant’ wait for Wednesday!!

  7. IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

    Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE and ADORE this show? This is the best thing to happen to the blog world since… well, since blogs first came around. Deep analysis of a great show with great talent, and pop culture throwbacks on top? I hadn’t seen the PowerPuff Girls since elementary school! Thanks for taking me back to my childhood, guys! Idoloonies FTW!

    • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

      Also, still bummed about Naima. But yay for Paul! And Casey! And James! And Pia! And, to a degree, Lauren! Not completely won over by Haley yet, but this week was definitely an improvement. Jacob, Stefano, time to pick it up, boys! This is getting serious!

      • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

        Crap! I forgot to mention Scotty! How did that happen? He’s my pick for the title! Go Scotty! There, all better. Carry on.

      • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

        Oops! I forgot to mention Scotty! How did that happen? He’s my pick for the win! Go Scotty! You’re my boy! There, all better. Carry on.

    • tina says:

      The Poweder Puff girls were a perfect analogy and the sound effect on James Durbin’s back bend had me howling. I watched it at least three times!! Loved Idolatry and now, Idoloonies thanks Mike!

  8. Titina says:

    Shame on you Michael Slezak! Why didn´t you even talked about Casey´s amazing “Your Song” performance? For me it was the best performance of the night.

    So unfair… Please give Casey credit where is due.

    • Ablo says:

      Really — even if he didn’t like it — to not mention him at all smacks of silliness.

    • Aislinn says:

      I totally agree! I can’t believe he just left Casey out, when it was such a great moment for him, and it showed that he is able to listen to the feedback and grow as a contestant.

    • Darsy says:

      This is what I was coming to say! I feel really cheated :( I was very much looking forward to hearing at least a minute or two about Casey!

      You should seriously talk more about him on next week’s if nothing else, and at least say something about last week’s performance if (god forbid) he does very poorly this week.

      Great show as always, something I look forward to greatly, but still disappointed with no mention whatsoever of Casey.

      • PFitz says:

        Leaving Casey out was a very odd oversight, Michael, considering that it was his first performance post-Save….

    • K. C. says:

      Positive things? About a male contender? I think you have the wrong show if you’re looking for that.

    • Lizbeth says:

      I was surprised too–not even a mention for Casey. I thought he would at least say he liked it better–or something like that. I have a feeling that Michael doesn’t like Casey too much. Oh well

      • Rick says:

        Casey’s had enough damn attention, didn’t miss watching the footage of him throwing up into his mouth on stage, give it a rest.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Its also shameful for Slezak to miss Casey in Idoloonies because last week he was voted out and saved … and this face led to at least one of the two that left this week getting kicked off a week earlier than she would have if Casey had not been saved. Was the save worth it? IMO yes.

    • Eolra says:

      Meh – it happens. There have been past Idolatry installations where someone was accidentally left out, so it’s not like it’s a conspiracy or “shameful” or anything – I think you’re being a tad dramatic. Does make you wonder though; on a show where it is, in many ways, worse to be forgettable than atrocious, is this new “subdued” polarizing enough to net enough votes? If an Idol nut like Slezak can forget about him, it doesn’t look too good, does it?

  9. Marco says:

    Katelyn sounds better than the top three girls on idol now. Just a vision to look at and listen to.

  10. Paco says:

    Michael, this Idoloonies with the powerpuff girls and the single eyebrow-raise from Scott Pilgrim had me dyiiiiiiiiiiing. such a good job with that, omg. I couldnt stop laughing.

    • allie says:

      agreed. lol funny. also loved when Ellen was used instead of Steven Tyler. Brilliant!

    • Snsetblaze says:

      And Ron Swanson’s pyramid of greatness – hilarious. America is the only culture that matters – if you want to experience others, get a ham radio and a map … advice that should have been given to Naima I suppose (I’m kidding).

  11. mjhtvchick says:

    Loved Idoloonies this week!! Michael, you are awesome, as always and I really enjoyed your guests but I have to say, Jason Arnett – you rock!! I mean seriously, who thinks of editing the Powderpuff Girls, Parks and Recreation and Twin Peaks (among other things) into one piece??!! Amazing creativity, just amazing! Keep it coming!

  12. TwizzlerP says:

    So here’s the deal, at the end of the day it is all about the iPod. Who is worth me spending money on to feed my iPod’s cravings for fresh music. This season my iPod has been HUNGRY until it got some Benny and the Jets. I haven’t ever made it this far in the competition without buying music before which doesn’t bode well. I think the show has definitely caught a case of EBD (Evil B!tch Disease) where the voters are picking up the phone and voting multiple times for guys because they are cute instead of talent. I am tired of seeing more and more women being culled off the show in favor of boys that have fans that can pick up the phone for hours. Please insert Bowersox Chant here. I don’t have time to power vote like I did in the old days and in hindsight I regret that I was a part of that culture. Why can’t we just vote with our wallets (aka iTunes sales)?

  13. Amanda says:

    Ugh, I am not buying into the Haley love fest. I don’t see anything “sexy” about that growl. I love female growly voices, LOVE it, but I find Haley’s soooo forced that I can’t get into it.

    That aside, I love seeing Katelyn again. I don’t know what the judges were talking about last year about her cover of “Scientist” because for me, that is probably my all time favourite cover of that Coldplay song and she definitely deserved to stay so much longer. Still not over it, a year later. Thanks for getting her on the show Michael!

    • Marta says:

      I agree- I recall her Coldplay being so daringly stirring- and yet the judges said it was “sleepy” or “boring”…. I don’t always play the gender card on Idol— but if a dude were to have done the same thing– they would call it “sincere” and a “good risk”. While some guys deserve that credit (particularly thinking of Casey James’ Jealous Guy later on in that season), they are often the ones who are boring but aren’t always called out for it. (among other things!)

    • TwizzlerP says:

      I seem to recall Simon asking Katelyn if she had heard Natasha Bedingfield’s cover of it because, to be honest, it sounded like an exact retread of it. That kind of grated on me because as much as I loved Katelyn she had a cat that ate the canary look on her face when she was asked. Instead of sounding sincere it sounded like she was lying which may have cost her votes.

  14. darclyte says:

    Hey Michael, thanks again for Idoloonies! This HAS to happen, you need to get in touch with the AI “powers that be” and get them to have Casey & James perform with Casey James from Season 9 on this season’s finale. I mean…come on…right? That’s just too coincidentally humorous to pass up.

  15. zaza says:

    Where is everybody? I agree that James needs to be careful not to let his performances over-shadow his vocals. Although I enjoy what he does, he needs to show people that he can be as engaging with his voice as he is with his stage performances. I love Michael comparing Paul to Macy Gray. She is a perfect example of the idea that not every singer has to be a perfect note robot (Pia, looking at you!). Quirky can be quite awesome. I get the feeling, though, that what he’s really struggling with is having to sing other people’s music. Still, hope he pulls through. As for Haylee, I’m not on her band-wagon, yet, though I like her as a person. Her positive attitude has won me over. She really needs to a) stop trying to sex up every song and b) stop squatting, wriggling and waving her arms like a windmill. If she can do that, she could go quite far.

    • GingerSnap says:

      You mean Haley needs to stand still like Pia? Or grope the male judges like Lauren? Dance like Naima?
      I don’t think any of the girls can do anything with their movements or body language that won’t lead to negative criticism or offend someone.

  16. Em says:

    Haha what a great episode of idoloonies. I cracked up so hard when you related the remaining girls to the Powerpuffs. Spot on. Keep up the great recaps. I really enjoy how your views are unbiased and there is reasonable thought behind the way you think. I totally agree with your assessment of Scotty. He’s got it in the bag as far as making some $$ after Idol and those votes just keep pouring in. Not too sure about Pia’s potential as next big pop star though. I don’t see that sparkle, or extra something quite yet IMO. I won’t be convinced until she can deliver on uptempo number this week. I really agree about James as well. For entertainment value, thumbs up but vocals weren’t anything special. Lauren really stepped it up this week with a ballad. No doubt she has some vocal chops which are getting better each week. She needs reign in that cuteness but keep that southern charm/love-ability to her. Haley is super entertaining and has a great personality, but her future the show all hinges the next performance. Really enjoying this season though, it is truly anyone’s ballgame week to week.

    • GingerSnap says:

      Oh man, it’s getting old with the “Pia needs to sing an uptempo song.”. Check out YouTube. She has sung nearly every type of song -uptempo, rock, pop, blues – even the National Anthem at a NY Mets game. She slayed them all. The hardest song of all is the National Anthem & she killed it. The girl can sing. She’s been advised by Jimmy I to stay with the ballads, but when she finally steps out of that box, we are gonna say Wow. I’m with Michael – she’s gonna have a big career when she leaves Idol because she’s the complete package. Anyone think that Jimmy I won’t love to produce her album? I’m thinking we’ll be seeing her at the Grammy’s in a year ot two. I hope Pia wins, but JHudson didn’t need an Idol win to be successful.

      • cheeri says:

        Dude, I am not going to check out Pia’s youtubes (any more.) She is on a national TV show week after week, as part as a competition. She needs to show that audience that she can do something more interesting. Weeks ago I actually wasted some of my time looking at a clip or 2 of her previous work, that was linked somewhere by one of her fans. Personally, I am still not that impressed. For this competition, what really matters, is that she does something on THIS STAGE beyond showing that she can sing.

        Slezak, love the Scott Pilgrim, Ron Swanson, and Powderpuff Girls references. Very funny.

      • forrest says:

        as I told friends during the top 12, we are fortunate to hear Pia. Idol’s recent track record doesn’t bode well for her winning the top spot, but she really doesn’t need it. Just like J. Hudson, she’ll have a long successful career; no need to pitch for weight watchers – lol.

  17. Alison says:

    I always look forward to a new Idoloonies! Early in the season, I was totally in the minority, I kind of liked Haley. I really liked her tone even though she didn’t do well. After last week, she’s definitely my favorite. I have lost count of how many times I’ve listened to “Bennie and the Jets.” I am in love with it and I really hope she doesn’t completely bomb tomorrow.

  18. jt says:

    yikes slezak. you lost some cool points just for backing up haley. there was nothing sexy about that performance

    • darclyte says:

      I agree. Haley has no chance of winning (Michael even acknowledges that,) she doesn’t have the best voice left in the competition, and she isn’t the best performer left either. Other than oddly humorous quirkyness, what else does she really have to offer? An earlier comment called her “drunk karaoke” and that’s EXACTLY what I called it. Totally like a Drunken Bar Fly at 1:30am singing Karaoke and hoping someone will agree to take her home for the night before the bar closes.

      • SpyKi says:

        She has a better voice than the majority of the contestants and more control than any of them, not to mention she’s the most interesting and entertaining.

      • Miguel says:

        Haley is an exceptional singer and she doesn’t need to wait for men to put on their beer goggles. Not sure how you confused her performance on AI with what you did last weekend.

  19. Georgia says:

    Michael, I’m scarily influenced by your opinions, because I now like Haley. Also, thanks for a tip of the hat to Kris Allen and Katelyn Epperly. I’m a sucker for a guy with a t-shirt, tight jeans and a guitar, but I’ll vote for the contestant – male or female- who surprises me in a wonderful way. Last season it was Crystal (although her excellence ceased to be a surprise). The season before, it was Kris. The one before that, it was David Cook. Season 10, and the fun begins…

  20. zaza says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head, Michael. Pia’s problem is that she is unrelatable. She’s being compared to singers like Whitney Houston and Celine Dion…singers who had their heyday in the 80’s and 90’s, not today. She’s gorgeous and always glamorous, which is…in a funny way…off-putting. People don’t want to vote for someone who seems to have it all. We want to vote for someone…well, just like us. Also, she just stands there while she sings, which is very boring to watch. She needs to grunge up a bit, dance around the stage, sing something modern and let her voice break with emotion, just a little. The only time I found her interesting was when she was wrestling with the boys…made her seem human.

    • Ablo says:

      Well, and to me the singing isn’t all that interesting. It’s very Miss America-like. I don’t see her getting to be a big star. It’s possible, I suppose, with some pro-tools and a Svengali like producer (see the movie “Before the Music Dies” — you can watch it free on-line). Her voice is ok — but nothing particularly special and so far anyway, she’s shown no real musicality. At least Haley is kind of fun. Who would you rather spend time with Haley or Pia?

    • forrest says:

      I never thought I’d be quoting Randy Jackson, but “This is a singing competition!” and Pia is in a league of her own for this season. Most contestants have been told to stay away from the Celine and Whitney standards ’cause they can’t do them justice. Pia can and does consistantly. That voice doesn’t need chorography. It just needs a stage and the audience and success will follow.

      • Ablo says:

        I guess we just have very different ideas about what a great voice is.

      • Suncatcher says:

        Totally agree with you Forrest! Pia has the best voice – male or female this year. There’s not much she has to prove to anyone and we all know – including her – that she won’t win due to the tweenie votes. (Ask Crystal Bowersox). BUT she’s well on her way to a super career – with or without IDOL – (Ask Jennifer Hudson).

        • Ablo says:

          Impossible to falsify that statement. If she wins it was because she is the best. If she doesn’t win it will be because the tweens didn’t vote for her. While that is convenient argumentative justification, it doesn’t get us anywhere.

          You know, it is possible that people don’t vote for her because they don’t find her as compelling as you do.

  21. Sean D says:

    Hahahaha oh lord Paul McDonald’s going to give me nightmares.

  22. Ronnie says:

    It was great to see Katelyn! I was so sad when she was voted off. I love this song of hers on youtube. It’s at 8,384 views, I wonder if her being on Idoloonies will help. She deserves it. :)

  23. tma6469 says:

    Thanks for pointing out the Pia/Carrie similarities. I’ve been saying it for weeks, and totally agree about her post idol radio/sales potential. Since Celine hasnt had a radio hit in years, Mariah is off having babies Whitney has never really made the comeback many had hoped, there isnt really a pop diva type on the radio right now. I am by no means saying Pia is a Celine, Mariah or Whitney, but as you said Michael with the right material, she could be huge, and more importantly get played on the radio which is the problem most idols experience after the show. Alison Iraheta would be a superstar right now if radio had gotten behind her album (just one example of many). I think she has it all to be a big star and to me she seems humble, one quality Kat McPhee never had.

  24. Skitty says:

    Another fabulous episode Michael and Jason. High points for me:
    * Paul as serial killer w/that hideous whisper.
    * Tyler as equivalent to Ellen.
    * The girls as PowerPuff girls
    Please though don’t say good looking guys then show a clip of Lee Dewyze, scared the hell out of me.

  25. Paisley Quinn says:

    LOL Powerpuff Girlz — genius, genius, genius. Nearly fell off my chair, that was so funny. Great to see Katelynn Epps again. Howeva, I do disagree with you about the Durbs — yes, the performance was less vocal than it was showy, but what a freakin’ entertaining 90 seconds that was. I think he is amazing. We know he has the chops. Now we know he can brang it, too. XXXOOO Michael Slezak, Idoloonies is one of the highlights of my week, you have no idea.

  26. Adina says:

    Katelyn was amazing! Someone get her song on the radio now!

  27. Yo says:

    Katelyn’s song was super, I grinned through the lyrics! Relatable. I was shocked when Katelyn left last year and am glad to see she is still truckin.’ So talented! And Idoloonies was full of laffs. Yes, supremely creative. Maybe you guys should produce Idol?

  28. casey says:

    omfg i never realized how creepy paul was at the end of the song until i watched this video and saw it replayed 10 times… i laughed sooo hard.

    also, can i please be one of your panelists? thanks

  29. L says:

    The Paul-Macy Gray comparison is so accurate. He sounds like a male version of her. Loved the Powerpuff Girls and I think the girls had the three best performances this past week. I don’t get the Pia hate at all. She seems very sweet and genuine, has phenomenal vocals and is gorgeous. She’s got the whole package. I think maybe there is a prejudice against her because she is beautiful, and I think that is a shame. I think she has been head and shoulders above everyone every week, even if she’s singing ballads. I am rooting for her and would so buy her album. I can’t believe how well she sings. Scotty shouldn’t win, but I agree, will have a country deal. There’s just nothing interesting about anything he is doing. James I’ve liked, but this past week wasn’t good and I’d like to hear him do something different. Casey was lacking this week and I’m kind of over him unless he does something to wow this week.

    Pia all the way!

  30. The Wheeze says:

    Michael did you really call Thia out for enunciation problems while putting Haley on a pedestal? Haley has the WORST enunciation problem of ANYONE!!!!

  31. Lauren says:

    Haley is a HOT MESS and I love it. I tend to dislike most AI alums’ post-idol career anyway (with the only exception being Glambert) so I like contestants who keep it entertaining on the show but are still good in their vocals. I have no idea what career Haley would have in the real world, and to be honest I don’t really care.

  32. Missy says:

    Loved Katelyn’s performance!! Amazing, super catchy song!! I hope to see more from her. I shuddered at the mention of the “bloodbath of 2010.” I still have nightmares about America’s stupidity with the Katelyn, Alex, Lily ouster.

  33. Every Tuesday I find myself checking the site every hour to see when you’ve posted Idoolonies! Love it so much. However, where are Naima and Thia? No interview with them this week? Would love to see you chat with Naima especially and get her take.

  34. Zoey says:

    Thank you Michael for pointing out how contrived and paint-by-the-numbers James Durbin’s (or as I like to call him, Fauxbert) performance of “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” was. You and Jason perfectly put into visuals (and accompanying audio) how circus-like it was and unfocused it was. I’ve never been a James Durbin fan to begin with and that performance highlighted all the reasons why I don’t like him. I don’t understand what the judges were talking about when they praised it.

    I was so irritated that Paul landed at the bottom 3 with a performance as good as “Rocket Man”, and the whisper didn’t bother me audio-wise, but I see how the visual made him look creepy as all hell. D: Here’s to hoping he gets back to his southern-rock roots for Rock and Roll Hal of Fame week!

    • Marta says:

      I agree with you about “Fauxbert” completely. It did highlight everything I don’t like about him…and I was honestly starting to lay off my dislike for him a bit. They’ve done well with his “storyline”. But I continue to believe that neither he nor Idol would ultimately benefit from him winning. Along with protecting him from the scrutiny the winner faces, I just can’t imagine Idol’s imagine from a “Lambert didn’t win…but THIS guy won??” perspective.

  35. cardrey says:

    About Paul: The word on the street is right. His voice is falling apart, and has been since his audition for idol. Listen to his AI audition compared to last week’s performance. His voice has lost tone quality (become much more airy), and he has lost range (the number of notes he can sing). When you have nodules, your vocal cords really just flaps of skin) have places where they cannot vibrate together because the nodules are in the way.

    As someone who has experienced vocal nodules, I can tell you that sometimes the notes just don’t come out. I don’ think Paul planned for that last note to be whispered, I think it just didn’t come out when he tried to sing it because of his vocal damage.

  36. Zoey says:

    I was also happy to see Katelynn back – she was a majorly unfair cut during season 9! I’m glad that if Idol’s gonna be stupid and not highlight their past alumni (ex. Kris Allen being in the audience during a results show when they could’ve invited him to perform), I’m glad that Michael Slezak is doing it. :D

  37. Princess Adora says:

    HA! Lauren is Bubbles!! Brilliant!

  38. Erica says:

    Thanks for Idoloonies–it was wonderful as usual. Loved Katelynn’s song.

  39. Laura says:

    Idolloonies is the highlight of my week. Sad (?), but so, so true.

    • Tracy says:

      Your not alone in that. Sometimes I think I watch the show just to prepare for Idoloonies. AI should share royalties with you guys at tvline.

    • Robin says:

      It’s too embarrassing to say how many times I go to the site to see if the new idoloonies episode has aired. It’s my guilty little pleasure! This week had me LMAO!

  40. karenb says:

    Another great installment of Idoloonies!

    I was cracking up at the Power Puff/serial killer stuff!! So funny!

    On a serious note, loved the #resultsshowbookingfailx1000 for Kris! It was great to see him, but a total fail that he did not perform! I love your shout-outs to Kris, Slezak!!

    Lovin’ Haley, still crossing my fingers for Paul’s voice to recover so that we can have another great performance from him!

  41. RD says:

    Okay-first of all nobody has really broached the subject that Pia sang a ballad last week because all of Elton’s best songs are ballads.Fact. Having said that,Stefano,(who I think has wonderful tone),should have picked ‘Philadelphia Freedom’,if it was offered. I must admit i’m somewhat mystified how ‘Country Comfort’ got on the list to begin with.It’s not one of Elton’s best known songs,and wreaks of pandering from the powers-that-be towards one performer in particular,if it indeed was on the list.Hardly fair,huh? The reason Haley is doing so well I believe is a) she can sing in tune and b) she comes across as very personable with no excess baggage or ego.She deserved her moment in the sun-her performance of ‘Blue’ was excellent and she got barely any credit for it.
    Finally I must confess that whenever James performs I have to turn away.He’ll do great fronting a rock band that i’ll hate forever and never buy any music from.Just get off my screen.please?

  42. SpyKi says:

    LOVE seeing Katelyn again, she was my favourite contestant last season and she didn’t even make the top 12. She needs to make an album, she’s crazy good and obviously knows how to write too.

  43. Karyn blue says:

    Thank you for posting Katelynn’s song “You’ll Do” I wasn’t watching Idol when she was on, but so grateful I got to hear her (thanks to you Michael). I would totally buy that song. I just think “Wow what talent singing and sounding like a star in her den at home with just a key board.” Pretty awesome. Thanks again.

  44. Michelle R. says:

    I love Idoloonies so, so much. I take forever to watch it because I keep going back.

    That’s all.

  45. James says:

    Last season certainly was the season of the shafted…Not since Sinjaya(or however you spell his weird name) had so many people been shafted…

    No idea who will go home this week…should be interesting…

  46. CarolLeslie says:

    Oh no you didn’t, Slezak. That not so subtle Adam Lambert reference did not slip past this glambert’s notice.

  47. ali427 says:

    Michael, you are just brilliant! The captions about Randy made me laugh out loud. However, after those last Shining scenes, I’m going to have nightmares–so thanks for that!

  48. ali427 says:

    Why didn’t anyone sing Levon, one of the best songs ever written? Thought it would be a perfect choice for James.

  49. Tracy says:

    Slezak, what’s up with that vase next to you this week? A semi-subliminal push to keep the women on the show? Yet another reason to look forward to Idoloonies each week – secret messages in the decor. I’m wondering if Paul and Casey share a lot of fans and the reason Paul went to the bottom three last week (instead of Stefano) is because those shared fans spent their time voting for Casey to be sure he would be safe.

    • Lunakit says:

      Yes! The warped egg vase! Its placement was OH SO VERY on purpose… I am going to want visual idoloonie clues all the time now, Michael! Even if it means you have to scour Crate and bottom of the Barrel every week before taping!

      Powerpuff girls reference was so ridiculously right on… hilarious.

      “And the Emmy for online video blog and excellence in editing goes to….. MICHAEL SLEZAK and JASON ARNETT from TVLine for ‘Idoloonies!’ ”

      Accepting this award on behalf of Idoloonies is Michael Ausiello, who likes us to see his tiny little lobotomized head at the top of EVERY PAGE of TVLine to remind us that he is, indeed, the founder and Editor-in-chief of TVLine. Take a bow!

      • Lunakit says:

        Averett!! Jason Averett!!
        (I must have Will Arnett on the brain… hopefully that is a treatable condition)

  50. Deb says:

    I want someone to wow me but so far no one has. Haley may have had her idol moment with Bennie and the Jets, but if so, it wasn’t a major moment. I want to like and be impressed by these kids because overall they’re good vocalists, but they aren’t creative or innovative. To quote Kara (say it aint so)its about “artistry” and I’m just not convinced that they have any at this point.
    Katelyn last season shares the same distinction as Kendra this season for me because each of them should have made the top 12 at the very least.