How I Met Your Mother Scoop: Season Finale's Wedding Reveal Will Launch a New Mystery

If you’re hoping How I Met Your Mother‘s sixth season finale will completely resolve the year-long Future Wedding mystery, I have news: It won’t.

But don’t un-Save The Date just yet. There’s a very cool twist in the works, one that will continue to unravel well into Season 7 — and maybe beyond.

A CBS insider tells TVLine that while the Monday sitcom will flash forward to identify the bride and groom at the close of the May 16 season finale, that reveal is merely a piece of a much larger story that will unspool in the present.

How I Met Your Mother Mystery Deepens: Is Robin Marrying a Cylon?

“The wedding takes place ‘a little ways down the road’ — an unidentified, unspecified amount of time away,” HIMYM executive producer Carter Bays tells TVLine, echoing the onscreen subtitles that have appeared with each of this season’s glimpses at the future. “We will be jumping forward for the last scene of the finale, but then we’ll return to the present day when we start Season 7.”

Adds Bay, “The idea is that we’re going to keep revealing little details about this wedding day as we build toward [it] within the chronological story of the show.” And though clues will be dropped throughout Season 7, the ceremony itself won’t necessarily arrive before that finale, either.

CBS Renews How I Met Your Mother, But There’s a Twist

In other words, the mystery of the show’s titular mother — whom we know Ted meets at the aforementioned wedding — will itself be couched in the mystery of how that wedding comes to be, given the likely surprising identity of who it is trading vows.

How I Met Your Mother‘s recent two-year renewal gives Bay’s team more flexibility to flesh out the original mother mystery with this wedding wrinkle.

“We always knew how the series was going to end, but this is a new element that we came up with this year,” the show runner explains. “It adds a new dimension where you’re not just asking, ‘Who is this woman that Ted’s going to meet, and how does he meet her?’ There are now other questions.” Namely, who’s getting married? And once that is revealed in next month’s season-ender, how will that couple get to the altar?

That answer to that second mystery, says Bays, “will be slowly unveiled over the course of the series.”

How do you feel about this wedded twist? Who do you now think will be revealed as the bride and groom at the close of the upcoming Season 6 finale?

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  1. GMac Fan says:

    Barney’s half-sister Carly (if I remember her name right) is the mother whom Ted meets at Barney and Robin’s wedding. Carly is a college student but we didn’t meet her yet; we only know of her.

    Which also makes them “your Aunt Robin and Uncle Barney”.

    • Amie says:

      OO thats a good one!!! I hope thats it because then it would actually tie some of the story lines in to why everything had to fall into place for him to meet her.

  2. JJabrams says:

    Ted marries Barneys half-sister. There, you can all stop guessing.

  3. JJabrams says:

    Jeez, Barney and Robin are not going to get married. Watch season 5 people.

  4. thermostat says:

    zoey and the captain remarry? just throwing that idea out there. i mean, i want it to be barney and robin, but that’s too predictable.

  5. kat says:

    Ted is rather nervous.

  6. Morgan says:

    I think it’s Robin and Barney. Marshall is Barne.y’s best man and Ted is Robin’s. She asked him to be in the episode with the gingerbread house and the diamond suit at the movies. Punchy was freaking out and Ted set him straight about getting married.

  7. abhishek says:

    I’m gonna go with the story of this being Barney and Nora’s wedding. Nora is British and hence she lives there for next 2 seasons until her visa issues are taken care off.

  8. Kam says:

    Okay! I laugh at this all time. Because once the topic gets started, then it goes flying off the wall, and I just love reading about what the fans have to say. So, I rewatched the Big Days episode in the Season 6 premiere, so that I could hear what Ted was saying and what was going on at the wedding. First of all, what I saw, was Marshall and Ted were dressed the same and Lily does in fact, come out asking for the best man. So it is possible that Barney is the one getting married. It could be Punchy, but I can’t see why that would be relevant, but it could be. The writers may just want to stir something up for us to talk about and truthfully the wedding could be two characters we didn’t think of. I also noticed, Ted was scratching off his beer label, which Marshall said he does when he’s nervous. So, this wedding was either stressing him out, or important to him, so like I said, it could be Barney or Robin even, but Ted did mention he met the mother at A WEDDING. Not that one specifically. He just said A WEDDING. And it’s been Aunt Robin and Uncle Barney, but it doesn’t necessarily mean those two get married. So…to be honest, there are a number of possibilities. I guess…we all just have to wait and see. :) On the upside…TWO MORE SEASONS! how cool is that?!

  9. Greenie says:

    Guys its Teds own wedding thats where he meets his wife.

  10. michelle says:

    Barney and Robin dont do good as a couple, hence why they are no longer togehter. and plus as much as i hate his typical man whore character i couldnt have him any other way, we all love barney that way. Its got to be an old friend of the gang.

  11. Schultz says:

    Alright I’m going to throw in a completely different idea. It’s Robins wedding, she is marrying a new mystery man, who happens to be Ted’s future wife’s brother. Which would explain why his future wife would be at the wedding. Ted Marshall and Lily are all attendants, Barney (well I haven’t predicted that one). Which would also make “aunt Robin” an official aunt. That’s my guess. Possible?? Anyone??

  12. Libby says:

    I noticed when this story was first posted, the tags included Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders. I wonder if they unintentionally gave the answer away.

  13. John says:

    On my personal opinion:

    Ted’s mate back from High School “Punchie” invites him to be best man. I wonder if the bride is the person to whom Ted falls in love, that’s why in the beginning of the sixth season he is nervous, scratching the beer Marshall gave him.


  14. Amie says:

    OK here is my theory: its Barney and Nora’s but we don’t see them actually get married in the season finale, therefore when the wedding episode actually comes, robin ruins it and gets barney back or barney says no. IDK just because its a wedding doesn’t mean whoever is getting married goes through with it. I know its a long shot but I’d rather have Barney and Robin together in the end than anyone else.

  15. Jil says:

    Is Robin a citizen? Maybe she and Barney have a green card wedding. It would explain the tuxes and Lily’s dress

  16. Jordan says:

    I reckon it has to be barney and somebody elses wedding, both ted and marshall are in tuxedo’s where as lilly is not in a bridesmaid dress and surely if robin was involved lilly would be a bridesmaid…just a thought

  17. Dan says:

    The wedding will be between Barney and Nora.
    Barney will invite his new found family, including his half-sister Carly who was mentioned in “Legendaddy”. Carly (who is currently a university student) will meet Ted at the wedding and will be the Mother. Thus making Ted and Barney bro-in-laws.

  18. Willund says:

    I have known who the mother is since the beginning, they have been dropping clues all along the way. I am so sure that I am not going to reveal it, I wouldn’t want to spoil the suprise, and have Bays/Thomas out after me.

    As far as the wedding goes, I had a hunch it would be “Uncle Barney”/”Aunt Robins”

  19. Willund says:

    I have known who the mother is since the beginning. They have been giving us clues the whole time. I am so sure that Im not going to tell you; it would ruin the suprise, and I don’t want Bays & Thomas hunting me down.

    As far as the wedding, I though it was “Uncle” Barney and “Aunt” Robin too, until Ted got invited to be Punchy’s best man, remember? I think that’s the wedding being fortold of.

  20. Pukipsi says:

    It’s totally Barney and Nora…
    If it would be Barneys and Robins wedding, where would that future mother come from? Then she had to be friends with Barney or Robin, but then one of them would’ve mentioned that when Ted dated her roommate..
    by the way Robins and Barneys relationship wasn’t that romantic..i hoped it too but that would appear weird…besides neither Barney nor Robin made a move into that direction in the last episodes..would be not authentic.
    it just have to be Barney and Nora…his heart skipped a beat…remember?;) It’s not coming out of nowhere..

  21. Greek Ted says:

    I’ve been thinking the most of the thoeries above but I think we should clarify some things:
    1. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the aforementioned wedding of the 1st episode of 6th season is the Punchy’s wedding. Obviously, this is another writer’s trick to occupy our minds. I’m 100% sure that there will be more than one wedding and in each of them we will be expecting Ted to meet the mother.
    2. Ted mentioned in the past that Robin was crucial to him meeting the mother…
    3. I didn’t remember Ted saying “Uncle Don”.
    4. I think that Michael Trucco’s character will be on set for the 7th season as well. So, I believe he has something to do with the wedding.
    5. My first theory of who the Mother is, was that she was the girl Ted accidentaly hits of “Saint Patrick’s Day”. Barney’s half sister to be the Mother is also a likeable plot twist and creates some “Bro-Code” issues…or not.

    • Pukipsi says:

      oh…didn’t see you wrote that, too….i also think it’s that girl he hits…why else would that happen?
      you have really good theories ;)

  22. fugu says:

    No guys it’s gonna be barney and …..wait for it… Nora ! It has to be. I mean, why would barney and robin be together again, they’re bro … more or less…

  23. nuff says:

    i’m gonna guess it’s ted’s sister and… hmm.. the captain?!

  24. jordan says:

    slow down… its a surprise twist that

    “adds a new dimension where you’re not just asking, ‘Who is this woman that Ted’s going to meet, and how does he meet her?’ There are now other questions.” Namely, who’s getting married? And once that is revealed in next month’s season-ender, how will that couple get to the altar?

    That answer to that second mystery, says Bays, “will be slowly unveiled over the course of the series.”

  25. DHL HIMYM says:

    Well I can quiet clearly say that it will be Robin and Don, there was just to much left open there for that section to end, and shocking that he has been asked to come back for a few more episodes later down the line.

  26. Maïté says:

    Did anybody thought about a wedding involving either Lily or Marshall ? Together or with anyone else ? That could be a real surprising, unexpected, choking Twist !

  27. Mrs. Randazzo says:

    Robin is going to marry don. Ted refers to him as uncle don to the kids in an old episode…I can’t recall which one but I’m positive it happened. It’s odd that they would commit to a guest star like that but barney and Nora seems the most plausible…because of the fact that it’s Ted and Marshall in tuxes. If it was to be robin and don, Ted would be in a tux but standing next to lily in a dress. Any marriage with barney would be unexpected but that’s why it’s so perfect. And with it being a flashforward, and it being said that they will reveal slowly how it comes to be, it just makes sense, it gives time to turn Nora into more of a main character. They don’t need that time if they are doing a flashforward of don and robins impending nuptials because that story has already begun a bit.

  28. Mike says:

    Don and Robin. …OR Cindy and Zoey both become lesbians after dating Ted, then marry, then Ted meets Cindy’s roommate. That would be legen…wait for it-

  29. stark says:

    NO.You all are wrnge its barney and shilla….yeahhhhhhhh

  30. Aparajita Iqbal says:

    why was ted so nervous before giving the best man speech ? and marshall mentions dat he stashed the beers somewhere and dats where he got them ..so i guess it cud be their very close friend barney’s or robin’s wedding. but barney and robin wont end up together. plus in dat wedding nowhere it is mentioned dat ted was da best man . and marshall said it was a wedding toast not a best man’s speech. and when lily asked for da best man both marshall and ted replied so ted could be marrying zoey or some other girl and marhshall could be da best man .

  31. Max says:

    I kinda see a return of Don here…don’t know why, don’t know how, but still, it would be a surprise !

  32. Samantha says:

    There’s no guarantee that it’s any of the main character’s weddings, except that we know Ted is the best man. So far, we know he’s agreed to be Best Man for Punchy and for Robin.

    Now that Marshall’s mother is single, and Ted’s father is single, would’t it be an interesting plot twist to have “Aunt Lily and Uncle Marshall” really be Aunt Lily and Uncle Marshall, due to the marriage of their parents?

  33. Alish192 says:

    I think despite off all comments, it will be Robin’s wedding with somebody, not with Barney! Cuz Barney should be with awesome girls for more time! And thats mean it will be surprise, cuz Robin hates babies and scares to be married. Maybe she will lost this scarings… We will see, because we are giving only predictions!

  34. vball23 says:

    There was an episode I watched recently, don’t quite remember which one it was or it’s chronological place because I tivo all of them and watch them randomly, but as Ted was walking through a crowd somewhere and talking, he either bumped into a girl or stepped out of her way and he paused for a second and the shot kind of focused on her for a second too. I don’t think he said anything to her, pardon me, maybe, but I remember right at that moment thinking it was odd for them to pause on her and on his gaze lingering on her for a second and I instantly had the idea that was his future wife.

    I will have to try and remember which episode it was.

  35. McAwesome ville says:

    let me clear this.
    i dont think barney and robin marry.

    Why not?
    BEcause if barney and robin marry,then why would teds future wife be at that wedding.Since the wife probably has no relationship with barney or robin.

  36. Chris says:

    Personal Theory: The wedding is Ted’s dad’s. Remember, Ted didn’t actually say he met the mother ‘at’ a wedding, just on ‘the day’ of a wedding. He met her because of the umbrella. The umbrella got away from her during a storm and she ran into Ted chasing after it. My guess then is that Ted was at his dad’s wedding (all his friends would be invited just like at his mom’s and it stands to reason he would be the best man. Also, I can totally see Ted’s dad moving to NY plus Heather also lives in NY so he can be closer to his kids and meet hot chicks). When Ted and Cindy’s roommate meet that night on Ted’s way home from the wedding he mentions that he had an umbrella just like hers but left it at a girl’s apartment. She realizes he must be the ‘Ted’ Cindy mentioned and when he realizes that she’s the girl attached to the ankle, Ted asks her if he could buy her a drink at MacLaren’s. She agrees and the two go to the bar where during conversation Cindy’s roommate mentions that her last name is Whittaker, revealing the fact that she is actually Barney’s half sister, information Barney kept from Ted as payback for all the years of Ted keeping Barney from meeting Heather. The two hit it off, start dating and eventually get married making Ted and Barney actual bros… Nailed it!

  37. nichole says:

    i think its going to be teds dad and marshells mom.

  38. Jesse says:

    I read this as “we make it up as we go along.” These stupid “mysteries” on HIMYM remind of how the last few seasons of “Lost” felt. There’s nothing wrong with just introducing the Mother and letting her be part of the show for a few seasons as Ted dates her. We don’t need a mystery to keep watching.

  39. ava says:

    It’s Barney and Robin’s marriage. Ted will meet Barney’s half-sister.

  40. Frank says:

    If it is Barney’s half-sister, she could easily be “away” at school. Lithgow lives in the suburbs and his daughter could easily be living in the city at Columbia. But would the age difference work–Ted is about 31 and it would at least 10 years…maybe it would. Someone much earlier mentioned Marshall’s mom which would be a great trick. Barney marrying Marshall’s mom would quite the bombshell!

    • Chris says:

      We know for a fact that it is indeed a college student as she was both Cindy’s roommate and in the same Economics class as Cindy. Future Ted even mentions in S05E12 that the mother was in the class and thought Ted was a ‘complete idiot’ We’re led to believe that Cindy is the mother until Ted comments on a yellow double decker bus sitting on the bookshelf that Future Ted points out to the kids belongs to their mother, which Cindy points out to Present Ted belongs to her roommate. Half of the ‘who’ mystery is already solved we just need a name and a face.

    • mytwocents says:

      Maybe she’s in grad school? Cindy was getting her PhD and seemed to be in her mid-to-late twenties so it would make sense for the mother to also be in grad school and probably be around the same age.

  41. Audrey says:

    ITS NOT ROBIN/DON PEOPLE! That storyline is over, C&C even said so, in an interview back at the start of season. The only reason he was important, was because she finally chose love over moving to Chicago for a job. Its not Punchy’s wedding Ted meet YM at, since THE wedding occurs probably in a couple yrs, and Punchy’s probably is this season. It’s not Cindy/whoever, since Ausiello said it was a heterosexual couple.
    Since its a flashforward I’m about 70% sure is Swarkles, that way, we know they get together, and we see how they eventually get to that point. Also, to me, the theme of the show tends to be not the final outcome, but how they got to where they are now, hence the long drawn out affair of Ted’s journey to find YM, and how he changes and grows to finally meet her.

    • Audrey says:

      And what better way, to send Ted off into a dark and twisty place, than to have the last two people on earth, that he thought would get married, actually get married (to each other no less), and just when he’s lost all hope of finding The One, there she is at the wedding (because Barney’s half sis is totes YM). That’s my theory anyway.

  42. Livy says:

    I think its Barney’s wedding because if the mother is in fact Barney’s half-sister, it would totally make sense that she’s at the wedding, meaning everything resolved itself between Barney and his dad. And Lily and Barney have a good friendship and she understands him well, so it makes sense if she’s the one would tells Ted to come in. I really hope it’s Barney and Robin, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

  43. Alyssa says:

    What if it’s Ted’s dad and Marshall’s mom? I know it sounds stupid but it would explain why Ted is the best man and why Marshall is wearing a matching tux.

  44. smitha says:

    its ted’s school friend punchy’s wedding guys!!!
    remember? ted best man!

  45. Abby says:


  46. shamwoko says:

    Basically guys, it HAS TO BE ROBIN’s wedding.

    Why? Because the whole show starts with Ted meeting Robin. I’ve long believed that while Ted and Robin weren’t meant to be together, Robin would somehow prove to be the way that Ted meets the mother. That just makes sense as she’s such a crucial figure that they begin the story with her.

  47. Ramy says:

    This is Legen-wait for it – DARYYY !!!! Robin and Swarley :P have great chemistry , but haven’t they already tried ? I think Swarley still Love her at least Secretly , And guys don’t you think ‘ Don’t ask your not ready for it ‘ is the new catch phrase for the Barnicle ????

  48. Oliver says:

    Unless they play this right, I might stop watching. I’m getting tired of the teases throughout the series. As it stands they will pretty much have to meet, marry and have at least one kid by the end of the series.

  49. love himym says:

    maybe it will be Robin and Barney’s wedding.in season 7 they may introduce a character who will make them realise their luv for each other.n also since season 1, there has been instances where barney has mentioned that they shud be together.maybe barney’s half sis who attends the wedding will meet ted and well fall in luv.they have mentioned that she is in collage,and well she is away too

  50. Himym says:

    I think its gonna be Robin’s wedding since she even asked Ted to be her best man and it also explains why Ted was so nervous back there.