How I Met Your Mother Scoop: Season Finale's Wedding Reveal Will Launch a New Mystery

If you’re hoping How I Met Your Mother‘s sixth season finale will completely resolve the year-long Future Wedding mystery, I have news: It won’t.

But don’t un-Save The Date just yet. There’s a very cool twist in the works, one that will continue to unravel well into Season 7 — and maybe beyond.

A CBS insider tells TVLine that while the Monday sitcom will flash forward to identify the bride and groom at the close of the May 16 season finale, that reveal is merely a piece of a much larger story that will unspool in the present.

How I Met Your Mother Mystery Deepens: Is Robin Marrying a Cylon?

“The wedding takes place ‘a little ways down the road’ — an unidentified, unspecified amount of time away,” HIMYM executive producer Carter Bays tells TVLine, echoing the onscreen subtitles that have appeared with each of this season’s glimpses at the future. “We will be jumping forward for the last scene of the finale, but then we’ll return to the present day when we start Season 7.”

Adds Bay, “The idea is that we’re going to keep revealing little details about this wedding day as we build toward [it] within the chronological story of the show.” And though clues will be dropped throughout Season 7, the ceremony itself won’t necessarily arrive before that finale, either.

CBS Renews How I Met Your Mother, But There’s a Twist

In other words, the mystery of the show’s titular mother — whom we know Ted meets at the aforementioned wedding — will itself be couched in the mystery of how that wedding comes to be, given the likely surprising identity of who it is trading vows.

How I Met Your Mother‘s recent two-year renewal gives Bay’s team more flexibility to flesh out the original mother mystery with this wedding wrinkle.

“We always knew how the series was going to end, but this is a new element that we came up with this year,” the show runner explains. “It adds a new dimension where you’re not just asking, ‘Who is this woman that Ted’s going to meet, and how does he meet her?’ There are now other questions.” Namely, who’s getting married? And once that is revealed in next month’s season-ender, how will that couple get to the altar?

That answer to that second mystery, says Bays, “will be slowly unveiled over the course of the series.”

How do you feel about this wedded twist? Who do you now think will be revealed as the bride and groom at the close of the upcoming Season 6 finale?

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  1. Rory says:

    I think you are all wrong, but we will have to see… I prefer it to be a surprise, rather than know or trying to guess :)

  2. jas1975 says:

    I don’t know whose wedding it will be, but my guess for the twist is that Ted meets several women at the wedding and we’re left to wonder which is the Mother- then they can find ways to throw Ted together with these women throughout the next couple of seasons, finding ways to make us think each of these women could be ‘The One.’ So in essence we’ll meet the mother, we just won’t know who she is.

  3. Ed says:

    It will be The Captain and Zoe. Captain has no “real” friends. Zoe, who we all know will not be with Ted for that long will probably get back with The Captain and Ted, the only friend The Captain has is his best man. Who know, The Captains daughter that has never been mentioned who probably is of age to be in a college econ class will be the “mother”.

  4. JamesB says:

    I just wanna ask a question here: In one of the episodes of the earlier seasons (I forget which one), older Ted was explaining to the kids that if he could re-do one of the walks he had in the rain before seeing Stella again, he would be jumping for joy and hugging everyone and stuff. I forget if that was resolved or not. If not, I think that will be somehow involved in this wedding :)

    • lauren says:

      He was so excited because the run in with Stella and Tony led him to teaching at the University (Tony gave him the job) ( The Mother was in his “class”).

  5. Brynjar Geir says:

    Barney and Norah!!!!!!!!

  6. Lisa says:

    I’m guessing it’s Barney’s wedding. What would be a bigger surprise? It’s gonna be with the girl he met this season that he liked. And, to top it all off, the officiator of the wedding will be none other than Barney’s Priest Doppelganger! (hey they haven’t revealed his doppelganger yet and what would be funnier!)

  7. bob says:

    its 100% barney and nora… but they better get divorced season 7

  8. Sean R. says:

    Ted’s wife is Barney’s half sister who he meets at the wedding of Barney and Nora. Done and done

  9. ryan says:

    its barneys wedding and his fathers daughter is teds wife, he hints that he has a daughter when him and barney meet. she is in college and he would be at the wedding so she would def be there. and it would bring up great bro code controversy since barney once broke it.

  10. Manuel says:

    I think Barney is getting married and since the last episode I had this crazy idea that Ted’s gonna date Barney’s sister because Jerome said that she was in college… Just food for thought…

  11. Katie says:

    I bet it’s Barney and Zoey!!!

  12. jen says:

    I bet it’s Robin’s sister. He stopped her from losing her virginity to douche bag, he was teaching a lecture in the class she was in….clearly younger than him, and that would explain “aunt Robin”.

  13. jauhn says:

    I saw barney and robins friend I completely forgot her name.I’m 100 percent sure its barney

  14. Slav says:

    Unfortunately I think it’s either Barney and Nora or Robin and Don, the second run more likely cause that may have a story to it for season 7 as in how it came to be… And I too remember at some point hearing Ted say that robin an Don end up together …

  15. Joe says:

    I think it will be Barney and Nora’s wedding since i read somewhere that They are bringing in a guest that would play Robins first love later this season and they are working out a schedule to see if he will be available next season to be a guest in a few episodes. Another thing is that Ted is definitely the Best man bc Marshall ask him if he is nervous about the speech…

  16. Jaci says:

    Either is Barney and Robin or Barney and Nora… if it is the last case, they won’t necessarily GET marry

  17. Kbrune says:

    It’s Rachel Bilson’s (aka the mother’s roommate) lesbian wedding

  18. jayjay says:

    I personally think barney and robin should get back together they were good together

  19. Emily says:

    In the flashback, both Ted and marshal were wearing the same bouttoniers. Earlier in the season, Ted promised robin he would be her best man. If Ted AND marshal were dressed the same, then they mist play the same (and important) role in the wedding. I really hope that it means that it’s Barney and robin. EVERYONE wants them together and in my opinion the writers would want to please the audience in the finale.

  20. Auburn says:

    I think it’s gonna be Barney, and I also think Don will re-enter the picture for Robin at some point….

  21. Andi says:

    Doesn’t future Ted refer to Don as “Uncle Don?” That means it can’t be Barney and Robin.

  22. Terri says:

    They never said that Robin would end up with Don. It never happened. Robin is not marrying Don. Bays and Thomas both admitted the Don storyline last season was a huge failure and they won’t bring him back.

  23. javier says:

    Is gonna be the lesbien couple…cuz the wife is her room mate! why would the wife be at barney’s wedding?

  24. mytwocents says:

    I really, truly doubt it’s Robin and Don. Ted never called him “Uncle Don” and he never said they got married in the future. Not to mention, Don sucked. He was barely a character. Surely if it’s Robin’s wedding, they could introduce someone new that would be much more likable than Don. Perhaps this is Michael Trucco’s character, but I don’t know.

    After reading this I think it’s more likely that it’s Barney and Robin getting married (in the future). Reason being, this says they’re going to show the bride and the groom. I thought for sure they’d only show one of them, leaving us to speculate if they marry each other or if they marry Nora or Michael Trucco’s character (or some new character we’ve yet to see). If they’re showing us both of them, though, that locks whoever those two people are into getting married at some point in the future, and from the sound of it, this article implies that the wedding won’t take place in Season 7, either. So, that would pretty much mean that Barney’s wife or Robin’s husband would have to be a sixth cast member for the next two seasons of the show.

    Not to mention, if it’s Barney’s wedding to Nora, that would mean that Barney would be in a relationship for the next two seasons while they dated, or they would have to make certain that the actress is available two years from now to come back and film a wedding. I know they’ve been wanting Barney to grow up some, but I can’t imagine them letting Barney settle down for good until the series finale or thereabouts. I could be wrong, but I just can’t see it.

  25. Mihajlo says:

    I hope it’s Barney & Robyn. But I think they should involve Cindy’s wedding somehow.. I wanna see Cindy more often in the next season.

  26. Tina says:

    NO Barney/Robin!!!! I love them as friends not as a couple! Maybe Robin & Don?

  27. Awesome! says:

    Ha ha its totally going to be Barney and Nora. They’ve done the Barney/Robin thing and they’re both just too awesome to be together lol I think the surprise is that it’s Barney who is actually getting married and how it ends up happening; since as we all know you shouldn’t even think about getting married until your like 40!

  28. Kristin says:

    What about Robin and Don? They really played up how important he was and it would be a great story to get him and Robin back together.

  29. Craig says:

    I highly doubt the wedding will be Barney. His character is all about getting with girls and they wont want to ruin that image two seasons earlier. So I think it will be Robin and Don, by the fact in the episode The Playbook, at the end future Ted says ‘And that was the day she met Don’ in a way that the kids know who he is, so i reckon he will be back. I love the fact this show givres tiny little details away and gets the fans guessing

  30. Craig says:

    In the episode The Playbook future Ted says ‘ And that was the day she met Don’ in a way that makes the viewer beleive he is in the kids future

  31. K-Man says:

    Why has no one thought of this “twist”. Its Cindy and Zoey getting married. Also am I the only one who noticed in episode “No Tomorrow” where his future wife is at a St Pattys Day rave and leaves the umbrella, that he quickly bumps into a girl and walks away. Whats the deal with that? I 100% believe that is the mother. Could it be Barneys half sister, idk. But that’d be LEGENDARY!

  32. Wang Guy says:

    Wow. I gotta say, you guys have ALOT of insights about the wedding. Funny thing though, in the episode “Garbage Island” where Ted reveals where he met his future wife he says to Wendy: “I was best man at this wedding…”. YES, not specifically “Barney’s wedding” or anyone remotely Wendy and Ted obviously knew already. You see? Normally Ted would blurt out the name of the groom or bride automatically if Wendy knew “them” personally. So that’s just odd, don’t you think?

    Just a thought.

  33. chryssa says:

    Really hoping it’s Barney and Robin…

  34. Nathalie says:

    Sadly I think I figured out who is getting married. Nora and Barney. Nora is scheduled to come out in episode 24 called Challenge Accepted (also the wedding episode). Challenge Accepted is obviously a Barney thing and well with Nora coming out in the episode it is very likely to be them.

    But it doesn’t mean they will end up together. I do not think the writers will allow us to know who Barney ends up with or who the other characters end up with – with the exception of Lily and Marshall. I think Nora might say “No” to her “I DO” or Barney might accidentally say “I take the Robin” as in Friends (Ross and Rachel) No matter who is getting married I doubt it is something that will be definite.

    As for Ted meeting the mother – he will meet her, but we won’t see any part of it i’m sure. So far we’ve been told that Ted meets her there, not that they will show it happening. Can’t wait to just get there already!

  35. Abby says:

    The final episode of Season 6, Challenge Accepted, is on IMDB already. The only actor listed in the cast so far is Nazanin Boniadi, who plays Nora.

    Not a theory, just a point.

  36. Lisa says:

    I think it’s Rachel Bilson’s character as the bride. Ted marries her roommate…and he must meet her at the wedding. I just haven’t figured out why Ted would be the best man? Hmmm…

    • Andrew says:

      it said in the same episode that they married and she said its thanks to Ted that its happening. it makes sense that the mother (being her college roommate) would be there. not to mention if its thanks to ted that they are together, it makes sense that she gave him a big part in the wedding. since there is no groom, he could be her best man.

  37. Alison says:

    Punchy spin off please!

  38. Betty says:

    I’ve always hoped Ted and Robin would get married. They seem perfect together. Even the “kids” Ted talks to look like the two of them. Barney? Really? I can’t imagine him married to anyone.

  39. Scott Thompson says:

    I think Robin gets knocked up by Barney preluded in early episodes by Robin getting sick, and hating kids and Barney freaking out at the thought of Robin preggers and Barney stepping up to the plate to be the father he never had. They get married… the shocker could be they show Robin preggers.

  40. Brian Larsen says:

    My call:

    The Wedding is between Barney and Nora, Robin is a bridesmate and therefor not present in any of the clips we’ve seen so far.
    Ted has possibly been fixed up on a blind date with someone, which would explain him being nervous.
    Ted’s blind date, turns out to be Barneys sister, who we already heard was in college – she could somehow have been in that class ted walked into like a complete muppet.

    Yes this is the extreme twist.

    The less extreme:
    It’s Robins wedding. to some dingdong – hopefully not that dog, scuby?.. Robin already told Ted that he would be her best man, if ever married. barney aint there as he is planning how to trash the wedding and steal the bride – or his inside hitting on bridesmates – if not inside with Nora.

    Personally, I tend to swing for the first one, maybe with someone else than Barneys sister, eventho that would be EPIC. especially with Barneys songs about Teds sister in mind. I honestly think, that Barney is turning around, seeing his reactions to meeting his father, I think he will realise he needs something new in his life. Besides he did really like Nora, for Gods sake the mans heart skipped a beat, LITTERALLY!!.

  41. Sean says:

    If it were Barney and Robin’s wedding, how would the mother know either one of them to end up being invited?

  42. Kimmel Tippets says:

    I had high hopes that it would be Robin and Barney, but now I’m thinking it will be Robin and Don getting married…can’t wait to find out though!

  43. Amanda says:

    I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Donald is going to come back and sweep Robin off her feet. She was definitely in love with him before in the past and there was a lot of possibilities wide open until he went to Chicago. It took a lot for her to get over him…maybe she could fall back in love again. Plus, in an earlier episode, Robin said that she would be honored if Ted would be her best man at her wedding.

    Barney and Nora might be a good second guess, but as sad as it is to say…I think it will take a few more years for Barney to get over all of his commitment/daddy/love issues before he can really settle down and let someone in. Its kind of unrealistic to think he can just change so quickly. It would be cool if he did though.

    I doubt Robin and Barney will get married. Two awesome’s cancel each other out. I don’t see them being more than good friends after they dated and parted ways. I’m sure Allen Thick would agree.

  44. Starla822 says:

    I think it will be Stella and Tony’s wedding. Ted was the one who got them back together so why wouldn’t Tony ask Ted to be the best man. There are theories going around that Ted’s future wife is a friend of Stella’s.

  45. Tjackson says:

    I’m calling it now! Robin and some dude are getting married and Marshall and ted are her bro-maids.

  46. Zak says:

    I read about 2/3s of this and this is al the same conversation; you guys are overlooking VERY important pieces. It says right here in this article that the writers of HIMYM have planned out this ending from the start:

    “We always knew how the series was going to end, but this is a new element that we came up with this year,” the show runner explains.

    So you can automatically rule out Nora. It has to be characters we already knew in that first season therefore the most probable guess, while keeping in mind Ted has to be the best man, is Robin and Barney. However, I do agree that it seems too simple; but it would make for a great twist as someone said earlier to see Barney and Nora get serious or hook up in the finale, and end the finale showing him marrying Robin.

  47. mynardo says:

    It’s Cindy (Rachel bilson) and the lesbian wife. Few facts:
    Ted met his wife in a wedding
    Cindy is the Ted’s wife roommate
    Cindy promised Ted she will introduce someone to him.
    Cindy and the lesbian did become married and have a kid.
    The producer promised us a comeback of a past character (did not enclose who though) to an upcoming episode.

  48. meghan says:

    I was pretty sure that ted said he met the mother for the first time at marshall and lillys wedding??

  49. Katrin says:

    Doesn’t the mysterious wedding take place in the future, probably not before season eight?? My guess is the following: season six will end with Barney getting together with Nora and Ted will take part at Punchys wedding. And then, while we’re supposed to watch Punchys wedding and see Ted looking around and discovering a beautiful women, time switches and we will see Robin and Barney as bride and groom. We will all be wondering how the wedding could happen, since Barney just got together with Nora. And we will all be wondering: is this beautiful woman Teds future-wife and when did he meet her? At Punchys or Robins/Barneys wedding?

  50. Andrew says:

    it could be Punchy but i would bet it is Cindy (the mothers roommate) and her lover. it said in the same episode that they married and she said its thanks to Ted that its happening. it makes sense that the mother (being her college roommate) would be there. not to mention if its thanks to ted that they are together, it makes sense that she gave him a big part in the wedding. since there is no groom, he could be her best man.

    • thermostat says:

      but i assume cindy has other friends. i’m not sure that over everybody, she would choose a guy she went on one date with to be in her wedding, even if he made her realize she was a lesbian.