White Collar Exclusive: Diana's GF Comes Out

Diana’s ol’ ball and chain on White Collar is about to put in an appearance, and sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that she’s quite the looker.

Israeli beauty Moran Atias (from Starz’s Crash) has landed the potentially recurring role of Marsha Thomason’s oft-referred-to-but-never-seen onscreen sweetheart, Christie, on the USA Network hit.

White Collar Leads Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay Score Pay Hikes

The character — who turns up in the third episode of the show’s upcoming third season — is described as a cardiologist who brings out Diana’s lighter side with her sweet smile and scalpel-edged wit. Her access to the pharmaceutical world proves to be invaluable to the FBI’s latest case.

Bonus scoop: In the same episode, 24‘s Jayne Atkinson will play a hard-hitting magazine editor who becomes a target when she refuses to back off a dangerous story.

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  1. caro says:

    She’s in love with her twin! LOL, just kidding!

  2. Nellius says:

    One of the things I love most about White Collar is the inclusion of a gay character without focusing on the gay aspect so much that it gets OTT and silly. The only other show I can think of which has done this recently is Stargate: Universe.

  3. Troy says:

    Are they sisters? Geez that’s creepy.

  4. Sarah says:

    Whoa! They look way too much alike.

  5. Jones19 says:

    Wowza she’s gorgeous.

  6. Nicotine says:

    My goodness! They have to be the sexiest television lesbian couple since Sarah Shahi & Mia Kirshner on The L Word.

  7. Lukas says:

    Beautiful girls!!!

  8. Rob J. says:

    I now wish that White Collar was on Starz.

  9. Viv says:

    …and now I’m going to watch White Collar. Is Wendy Watson still on it? Or was she replaced by Agent Sexy in the pic?

  10. ae says:

    Crap. I liked that they didn’t awkward it out and focus on her lesbianism. Arrgghhh! After Glee’s over-gaying of everyone, I could care less to see anymore queer characters.

    • Sarah says:

      How has Glee “over-gayed” anybody? Blaine and Kurt are the only two officially homosexual characters, and then we have Brittany and Santana with ambiguous sexualities. That’s just four gay/queer characters out of an ensemble of almost 20 regular characters. I suppose five if we want to count Karofsky. Either way, hardly seems like overkill to me.

      In terms of this show, though, I agree that I like they haven’t made the focus of Diana’s character her sexuality. She’s an intelligent, bada** FBI agent first, and the fact that she has a girlfriend at home is refreshingly represented as being “no big deal.” Because of this, I’m hoping (and expecting) that bringing in Christie is just a way for us to get a glimpse into an awesome character’s life outside of the FBI, no different than we get with Neal, Peter/El, and, occasionally, Mozzie. Now I’d just like to see what Jones gets up to on his days off!

      • ae says:

        So 25% of Glee’s cast are of homosexual/bisexual orientation and that’s not overkill? I’m not on a crusade against homosexuality, I’m just saying that it’s pretty gay to force it down our throats!

      • Nicotine says:

        I think ‘ae’ has a point. Glee zeroes in on it’s homosexuality storylines and tries to make it a HUGE issue. Whereas White Collar makes homosexuality what it really is today – almost commonplace.

        I used to have friends that I referred to as ‘my gay friends.’ Now, since homosexuality is more commonly accepted, they’re not my ‘gay friends’ anymore, they’re just my friends.

        I love that Glee isn’t afraid to show how much homosexuality should be accepted today, but it would be a lot more ‘shocking’ if this was five years ago. Now, it’s just status quo.

    • Suncatcher says:

      I shouldn’t have to announce that I am straight and I have several friends who are gay / married. But, TV is doing just that more and more these days – and frankly, even my gay pals are getting pretty sick of it.

      Why does White Collar (and I LOVE this show) feel it now necessary to shove a MINOR supporting cast member’s sexual preference down our throats? Are the producers so gay too that they feel we must ALL know the sexual preference of the ENTIRE CAST? Who the heck cares?!

      That’s way too much info that we really don’t need. Can’t we just enjoy this great show for all its merits and leave it at that?

      PS – Many of us are very uncomfortable with Glee now. We used to tune in for the music and drama. Why do we have to cringe that now we’re gonna have “pop up” sexual preference in our faces without warning? Does it really contribute to the story line? Did viewers not know already who was gay (duh)? Did we really need that in-your-face KISS? Puh-lease. Let’s get back to basics, people.

  11. Kelly says:

    I absolutely love WHITECOLLAR. I thought it was much better when DIANA’s friend was known but not seen. That means I can choose to ignore it & don’t have to worry about any kissing btwn same sex persons.
    They brought the character in b/c the story needed it. There are other ways they could have had the character in such as guest star.

    Just b/c the population is homosexual & TV is showing it does not make it right. The decline of morals & values in this country is apparent. The trend towards homosexuality & away from Biblical teaching & family has led to this decline studies have shown as well as divorce rates & both parents working & not putting effort & care into their kids interests & lives.

    We need more wholesome shows with no homosexual characters on them & no taking God or Jesus’ name in vain & no curse words.

    WHITECOLLAR could easily be that perfectly moral wholesome show & wonderful example with very few changes.1. delete all curse words.2. Delete Diana’s friend. Done. Perfect show.

    I know lots of you will criticize me. I am entitled to my beliefs just as you are yours. I believe in the One true God who created the earth & sent His Son Jesus to live as a man & Jesus did not commit any sin, not one & he died a horrible death on a cross so that I may have my sins forgiven & go to live w/ God & Jesus in Heaven when I die for eternity.

    Thank you for being respectful. @whitecollarusa on Twitter

  12. geordiegirl1967 says:

    You are of course entitled to your beliefs, but not to impose them on me by dictating the content of TV shows. Is your faith so weak that seeing a gay person on a show, or hearing a ‘blasphemous’ word will corrupt you? If so then watch bland ‘wholesome’ shows that represent the world the way you wish it was rather than how it actually is, but don’t try to force everyone to do the same by censoring what we are allowed to watch. Being gay is as natural a part of being a human being as being tall, or blue eyed. If you believe your God created everything then he created gay people. Even if you think being gay is a sin, surely you don’t think it is a worse sin than stealing or murder – both of which are frequently shown in White Collar yet you aren’t asking for the show to stop depicting those? Have you asked yourself why that is? Why you are more concerned about the way 2 consenting individuals express their love – that doesn’t hurt anyone – than about lying, stealing, or murdering?
    Your comment at the end implies you are hoping people will respond respectfully. I do respect your right to hold your views. I respect your right to follow whichever religion you choose. I respect your right to put those views forward here or anywhere else you wish to. But I absolutely do not believe that your prejudices should have any influence over what I am allowed to watch.

    • jjboy says:

      Well, georgiegirl, you just demonstrated your own prejudice against those who disagree with the homosexual lifestyle. Many people would disagree with your slanted comments and pronouncements about the naturalness and commonplace nature of homosexual behaviour, which is what it is. Kelly was just sharing her opinion and you decided to squash them with tired and often repeated intolerant drivel. This is not prejudice, a pre-judging based on no evidence, etc., like African Americans experienced. Your calling it that does not make it so. Allow others the opportunity to share their opinion without calling them prejudice. If that is how you respond, then you must be prejudice and intolerant yourself. By the way, I didn’t like the “in your face kiss” on the last episode. For me, it ruined a good show because it was completely unnecessary and brought nothing to the plot. It was an obvious attempt by liberal Hollywood to once again persuade the public that the behaviour is normal.

      • Jeff says:

        Thank you and Kelly for standing up for the Truth. When that kiss happened I went from regularly watching the show to immediately turning off the TV and refusing to watch it again. This issue does divide people and I stand with the Word of God and against the world.

  13. Z says:

    Well, why am I forced to watch heterosexual couples make ‘in your face kisses’ and watch heterosexual romances blossom when I don’t enjoy seeing it? Because honestly, that to me isn’t normal and I don’t enjoy watching it yet I put up with it quietly (and on occasion mildly enjoy it when the characters are good). I didn’t even start watching White Collar because of Diana (we’re both homosexual so I /must/ want to watch the show for her, amirite?), but I must say it was a pleasant surprise.

    White Collar is an awesome show, and I’m glad that Diana’s sexuality is commonplace and it’s not in your face about it. They don’t make it a big deal and aren’t trying to pander to any stereotypes. Diana is a /real/ character, and I’m glad homosexuals have an ideal Hollywood role model for a change.

    It’s because of intolerance (which quite a few of you have shown here despite what you try and pretty it up as) why we can’t have nice things.