Scoop: Is Grey's Throwing a Double Wedding?

[The following contains some spoilers from last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy.]

It turns out that rumors of a Callie-Arizona wedding on Grey’s Anatomy have not been greatly exaggerated.

Ratings: Musical Grey’s Hits a High Note

With Callie’s life-and-death crisis — as well as the fate of her prematurely birthed baby — happily resolved in Thursday’s musical episode, TVLine can confirm that the star-crossed lesbian lovers will walk down the aisle in the episode airing May 5.

The duo’s big day, however, will not be without its drama. And two conspicuous absences at the ceremony can’t help but make us wonder if a second couple is off sealing their own deal. (But more on that in a bit.)

The Grey’s Anatomy Music Event: Perfect Harmony, Or a Bit Off-Key? Vote!

Teasing one guaranteed wedding-day twist, Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) tells us, “There is a circumstance that leaves Callie’s father (played by Hector Elizondo) to not be able to walk her down the aisle.”

Of course, Carlos Torres was not the No. 1 fan of his daughter’s same-sex romance to begin with, though he eventually came around. Mostly. But getting Dad’s half-hearted sign-off may have only been half the battle for Callie.

“What’s really beautiful about this episode,” says Sara Ramirez, “is that there is a moment where Callie is really kind of doubting herself and her life and the choices that she’s made. To pick this person to be with for the rest of her life is not received well by her mother (Santa Barbara‘s Gina Gallego), and that presents a real difficulty for her because I think she looks to her mother for some kind of emotional embracing around this whole event.”

Alas, Lucia Torres has her own thoughts on her little girl’s conundrum, so when it comes time for Callie to walk down the aisle, the guest list will have been altered significantly. But buoyed by a terrific pep talk from the ceremony’s extra-special officiant, Bailey (played by Chandra Wilson, who also directed the episode), Callie finds the inner strength she needs to forge ahead — and with a McSteamy man on her arm.

“Mark ends up giving her away, which is really sweet,” Ramirez reveals. “He has always been Callie’s best friend, through thick and thin … and now they have a child together. They’re bonded for life, basically!”

Grey’s Anatomy Boss Hints at Second Musical Event

Now, back to that rather curious guest list. When TVLine visited the Grey’s set to observe the wedding shoot, the entire cast was on hand… save for Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey. As such, we had to muse: Could Mer and Der be off partaking in their own nuptials? Or better yet, might they be waiting in the wings to be wed by Bailey following Calzona’s own vows? (After all, rumors have been circulating that Drs. Grey and Shepherd will make their Post-It union official this season.)

“That’s an interesting idea, I never thought of that,” responded one wedding guest — Kevin McKidd — when we offered up that theory. Owen’s portrayer then added with a grin, “I can’t tell you anything about that.”

What’s your theory, Grey’s fans? Do you think the show might double up on I Do’s in that May episode? (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Jessica says:

    If we are basing this upcoming Grey’s Anatomy episode on semi-real life situations which Shonda and Co. at least “try” to, it is not legal for Gay/Lesbians couples to get legally married yet in the state of Washington, so while Calzona (like MerDer) can refer to themselves as “married”, legally, we are just experiencing a ceremony of commitment to one another and not anything legal in terms of what is the laws of State of Washington, no matter how TPTB behind this show want to hype it to be or not.

    • Stacie says:

      One thing that I will give Greys credit for is that it doesn’t go outside reality, in relation to laws and medical issues. They have never done a medical procedure or surgery on the show that wasn’t done in real life. Sure they have “ghosts of Denny”, and weird relationships(Izzie/George), and have extraordinary things happen (Bomb blowing up, and a mass shooting), but they don’t go beyond the scope of real medicine. That’s why Sheaprd won’t be able to cure Alzheimers. Until that happens in real life, it won’t happen on the show.
      So, we all know that Callie and Arizona aren’t legally married, they know that, they haven’t said anything to say differently, and they won’t do anything to say that it is legal. Thus what makes the whole situation sad. But like Greys always doesthey will stay inside of the scope of reality. Why shouldn’t Callie and Arizona have a ceremony though? They are just as much of a couple, if not more of a couple than any others on the show. They deserve a wedding just like Owen and Christina did, just like Izzie and Alex did, and just like hopefully Merideth and Derek will.

    • Brent says:

      So who says that they have to get married in Washington State? My first thoughts when Arizona proposed to Callie was that they’d make a quick run to Vancouver where same-sex marriages are legal. True, there is some question as to whether U.S. authorities will respect a Canadian same-sex marriage but it is a legal marriage

    • Honey Liss says:

      After last Thursday evening show NO MORE THANK YOU!
      Stupid-stupid- stupid…what a waste of time..never finished the show, was beyond anything one could endure.
      Sorry for the individual who set this up “It sucked!”

    • Alyxboi says:

      While it is true they can’t be legally wed. They can do a domestic partnership, with papers and everything. If they ever separate they have to go through divorce proceedings just like straight couples after a year as well. So yes it’s not a wedding as in what straight couples can and do, do. It most certainly is a wedding. There are vows, love, commitment, and everything else that a real wedding would have as you say. So YES it most certainly is a REAL wedding.

  2. nichole says:

    Dear Shonda,

    Just make Callie’s Anatomy a spin-off so i can not watch it and get back to the MAIN character’s on the show that i actually enjoy.


    • Zoe says:

      Callie has been around since Season Two. She’s a main character. There has to be more going on than JUST Mer/Der.

      • Sara says:

        Just like there has to be more going on than JUST Callie.

        • Tarc says:

          Then it’s a great thing that all the jealous ladies in the audience have a lot more to watch than ‘just Callie’. Sounds like a steaming pile of bigotry to me.

          • Kaity says:

            You know, I have to agree. I’m going be very clear though- I’m totally liberal, and in fact have a very close gay relative. My issue with Callie has absolutely nothing to do with her sexuality, it’s simply her personality that I can’t stand. I actually disliked her more when she was “straight”- her relationship with George was bizarre, and her lesbian lovers have been a lot more interesting to watch. I love love love Arizona, so Callie has become more watchable to me now that she’s in the picture, but I still feel I’m seeing too much of her.

    • hestermuse says:

      ugh – your comments and your attitude!

    • amelia says:

      hey i dont like this calzona/mark story line either but that doesnt mean that i want them off the show. callie and mark are a huge part of greys and arizona is my favorite newer character. As for the core characters (meredith, alex, cristina and the other originals)the season finale is going to focus on them so chill out. Yes calzona got a major storyline in the second half of this season, but its wrapping up as all storylines do so just relax a little bit.

      • simplyfla says:

        Whats wrong with ya’ll. We get to focus on other characters every season. Hadn’t seen you complaining before..

        And i’m loving every bit of it!!!!!

    • Kathy says:

      Seriously!!! Thank You for keeping an open mind….Everyone is entitled to a wedding ceremony…EVERYONE!!!

    • maggie37 says:

      I agree with Nichole. Surely Mer/Der should come first, after all the show is called Greys Anatomy. Are the Mer/Der characters being “killed” off like Izzie and George. I’m so over the emotional saga of Arizona and Callie which is dragging on like Denny and Izzie. So boring. Please Shonda come back to reality.

      • ker says:

        so what happens if EP leaves at the end of S8 when her contract ends? Will you stop watching? She might be the title character, but
        ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is also a medical textbook that is basically every medical student’s bible in the first couple years. Now, getting rid of the whole parents-and-sperm-donor vs father/mother-and-lesbian-lover story line? Agreed, that needs to get settled and get dropped. Denny and Izzie did get dragged on, but given all that has been given to same sex couples in reality, it’s good that they aren’t sugar coating Calzona’s life on the show. There’s still a touch of reality to things. And if the show focused totally on Mer/Der, than it wouldn’t be a show. The other relationships are what help to make it a successful show.

        But above all else, we need to remember one thing: IT’S A TV SHOW, FOLKS!!!!! IT’S NOT REAL!!! And getting into arguements about it, arguing as if they’re real people, well, that’s just sad

  3. Gabby says:

    Can we have a storyline that isn’t about Callie and Arizona?

    • Dust says:

      Im more baffled about the Mallie part. Can Mark go away already? Way to keep pouring salt in the wound.

      I wish Out of Body Callie had witenessed the lovely words he trown at Arizona. Dad of the year: if this baby dies, he just screw Callie again and ta-da!, new baby. Of course he wanted the incubator to survive! Classy.

      • Brit says:

        While I think he was horribly mean to Arizona during most of the episode, Mark loved that baby as much as either one of them did. I don’t think he meant to say the baby was easily replaced, just that Callie definitely wasn’t.

        • amelia says:

          i totally agree!! i have never been so mad with mark ever on this show. i mean seriously!! callie was in critical condition and mark had the nerve to tell arizona that shes nothing. ugh. i get that arizona was being a sweet little angel to mark, but at least she was being somewhat rational and thinking in callie’s best interest. i mean arizona never wanted this baby but she knows what the baby means to callie so she’d risk losing the love of her life to make callie happy. mark was just being a selfish ass.

      • Paula says:

        The argument was not one-sided. Arizona told him he was basically just a sperm donor. And although I know a lot of people on here agree with that, it doesn’t make it right. Mark wants to be a part of his child’s life, and Callie agrees with him. It’s not up to Arizona to tell him that he doesn’t matter and doesn’t have any say. It’s not her call. And it wouldn’t be Callie’s either for that matter. If he wants to be part of his child’s life, he has legal rights to be. Arizona hates the fact that Mark is the baby’s father, but it is a fact and she can’t make it go away just because it’s not what she wants and just because she’s Callie’s girlfriend.

        • Kacey says:

          Arizona made her comment about the sperm donor AFTER Mark said he could basically screw Callie and make another baby if this one died and that Arizona had no right to even be involved in making a decision. You can’t even begin to compare the two. What kind of person says to his friend’s GIRLFRIEND that if the baby dies, he’ll just have sex with her again to make another one? Seriously, WTF?

          • Tarc says:

            And if you were paying attention in the slightest (even to the lyrics they were shouting over), it was clear they were BOTH completely irrational at the time and the OTH said things that made no real sense at all. Then, later, they apologized to each other.

          • vettech says:

            I thought it was after Az acted like save unborn baby even if it kills Callie.Because she’ll be upset if she wakes up and the baby died.
            Mark was just saying if she wants she can get pregnant again Az threw the whole screwing her again. There’s more than one way to have kids ask Angelina.

        • JW says:

          True facts. Shonda specifically said that she meant for Mark to say the meanest thing one character has ever said to another on Grey’s Anatomy. It was on the iPad app. “You’re nothing” was meant to be the lowest blow possible, on purpose.

          I know some people will think the sun shines out of Mark’s behind no matter what he does (not saying this is you, just a general statement), but in this case Mark was meant to come off as a total jerkoff. It was intentional.

        • spitfiregrace says:

          If we want to talk about legal rights, Callie has all rights as she and Mark are not married, nor do that cohabitate. Mark may be biologically the father, but, he can’t make any decisions unless it’s on the birth certificate that he is the father. Even if they are not married–there is a form the hospital have you fill out saying he is the father. How I know this? Because my NOW husband and i had to do this when our son was born. We were not married. So, legal rights are based on that birth certificate; legal documentation. Unless court action is taken prior to marriage and DNA is taken, mark has no rights. Otherwise, mark is a parent simply by the admittance of all parties, specifically Callie. So–those are his afforded right, based on Callie saying he is teh father–realistically speaking. But, this is tv so, we’ll just say, he has say. But not over Callie’s body and not on her unborn child. Only once that child is out of her womb, the technicalities began. Meanwhile since Arizona is the one who was living with Callie–she should have been making all of the calls regarding Callie’s care–that is, in TV land. Not Mark because she was pregnant with his baby. That doesn’t make him family, the baby was his family, not necessarily Callie. AZ would be closer to that due to them being in a relationship and living together. Realistically, it would be her parents. But somehow, no one called the parents in her life and death situation?? odd? I call my parents for a simple cut! But, again, Shonda and team’s storylines this year has driven their characters, instead of the natural progression of the characters driving the stories which would make them good, organic storytelling. Whatever. lol. I Love Calzona on this show–it’s why I started watching. But, this season, I’ve only liked Arizona who finally woke up in the last two or three episodes in which Mark continued to act as an equal partner in her own relationship. Allowed by her clueless girlfriend who thinks Mark is so impressive when withholding his tantrums. AZ has been the adult throughout this craptastic, little Sorbetina storyline. That’s all I have to say. I still watch though. Because Jessica Capshaw is a really good actress. And I like Christina, and I like Arizona and Alex. And Bailey and everybody. :) After such subpar writing, they’ve hit rock bottom; hopefully, the intern writers are done and they rise up again in Season 8. We’ll see. Even if I vomit a bit from Mark walking Callie down the aisle. They keep pouring salt in Calzona fans’ wounds.

          • vettech says:

            If he got a DNA test then he would have the right. There’s nothing Az can do to get more rights.She only gets what Callie and Mark give her.
            And if any body ever said save the unborn at the cost of my daughter they’d be on the other side before her.So she deserved a little sharped tongue. “Wake up with out her baby? At least she’ll get to wake up!

          • diana28 says:

            Are you crazy? Yes the mother has rights but so does the unborn child. Rights to say who lives or dies goes to next-of kin. The baby’s next-of kin is its father. The mother’s next of kin is her parents. Sorry honey, girlfriends and boyfriends really don’t count in the real world anymore than other regular friends.

        • vettech says:

          I agree, he has been wanting to be a father and Callie wanted to be a mom enough so that they was going to raise his grandchild as their own.
          Arizona has no one to blame but herself. She dumped Callie in an airport because “Callie wasn’t being happy enough for her Africa grant” You have to live with the choices and consequences from the pain you caused.

        • ker says:

          Actually, Mark doesn’t have a legal right to the child, not automatically. Parenthood is changing and so are the legal rights to a child. You can list two names on a birth certificate without them being ‘mother’ and ‘father’ specifically. You can put two women’s or two men’s names on a birth certificate and they would be the one’s with legal claims to the child. It’s the same premise as if a woman put her husband’s name on the birth certificate even if he’s not the biological father. Down the line, the man whose name is on the document is the one that is responsible for the child, even if it’s not his biological child. So Callie and Arizona’s names could be put on the birth certificate, as if the child was conceived via sperm donor, and then Mark would have no claim over the child, only whatever claim Callie granted to him.

          • Roni says:

            In what state could you put two women’s or two men’s names on a birth certificate without first going through a ridiculous legal process? A birth certificate is meant to document the child’s BIOLOGICAL MOTHER and BIOLOGICAL FATHER, period. Any alteration of that fact must be approved by the courts, such as an adoption. You cannot (legally, at least), just name anyone you want to as a birth parent.

    • xav says:

      If the only other options are Meredith and Derek’s horribly boring clinical trial and failed babymaking or Cristina and Owen’s nightmare marriage, please let’s focus on an interesting character or two

      • Erin says:

        If the show was only about two characters it would be boring, some of the best storylines have been about other characters. (Alive Denny & Izzy, George when his dad died, Oweb and his PTSD)

        Grey’s has always been an esamble cast and Callie’s been around since the early days and she’s never had a major storyline so it’s about time because Sara is really talented she and JCap are the best two actresses on Grey’s.

  4. Brittany says:

    I agree that I am getting tired of so many Callie and Arizona storylines. I love them together but I also wish the show would focus more on other characters before the season is over.

    As far a double wedding, I hope not. I would love to see Mer and Der have a wedding. But they just don’t seem like the big white get married in a church type. I hope they are absent because they are off somewhere adopting a baby. Cause didn’t Derek tell Meredith in last nights episode, he’d do anything to get them a baby?

  5. xav says:

    Nothing like having a legal wedding to shove it in the face of those dirty gays that they’re not equal to heteros. Stay ~classy, Shonda.

    • Ruby says:

      WTF are you talking about? Grey’s is CLEARLY a pro-gay show, so I highly doubt that is Shonda’s intent. (If she even wrote the episode…how does she get the blame for everything?) More likely she’s going to show how utterly ridiculous it is that one couple can get married and the other can’t. Just like she showed with last night’s storyline how ridiculous it is that a member of a same-sex union really has no rights when it comes to parenting.

      • Sam says:

        Same sex or not Arizona is a step-mom, as such she would have step-mom rights not mom and dad rights.

        • abc123 says:

          AZ is not the step mom, she’s one of the two moms. You think Callie is more of a mother to that baby just because she had her? It is precisely people who think like that why we still don’t get the rights and the respect we deserve. Callie is the mom, Arizona is the mom, Mark is the biological father/sperm donor/whatever.

          • Yesman says:

            Arizona is not a mom and it has nothing to do with gay rights. I like how the person complaining about equal rights for all just reduced mark down to a sperm donor/whatever. Can you say bitter much?

          • addie says:

            Arizona IS a step Mom. In a straight relationship, the boyfriend of the Mother isn’t automatically deemed the “father”, while the actual father is deemed a “sperm donor” he is the step father UNLESS the Mom & Boyfriend/Husband had this child originally with no connection to the bio Father. Mark is the FATHER/DAD… Arizona was not a part of the conception process, meaning she did not go to a sperm bank with Callie and do paperwork like most lesbian couples do… Callie had sex with Mark and she got pregnant. Mark AND Callie decided TOGETHER to bring this child into the world, Arizona had no part in that, she came back after the fact. Being a lesbian doesn’t change the fact that Callie slept with mark and got pregnant just like straight women/men do. If you want to have a child with your partner, then take your partner to a sperm bank and have her inseminated, don’t try and X the child’s father who WANTS to be a part of their child’s life out and think that it is OK just because you are gay.

          • Roni says:

            So in your opinion, what would you call two men adopting a child? Callie is the mom, Mark is the dad, and Arizona is the step-mom, or “other mom”, however she and Callie work it out. But you don’t need to denigrate Mark’s status. He and Callie slept together because they care about each other, even though both are in love with other people. This baby was created out of love, just a different kind of love. Why should Mark give up his rights just because Arizona is jealous?

    • Jackie says:

      WHAT!!!! I think you’ve missed what they are doing obviously they (as shown in the last epsiode with Arizona meaning “nothing” legally) will highlight the fact that gay marriage isn’t legal.

  6. OK says:

    How many times have we seen Derek and Meredith or Owen and Christina? I think it’s fair to say that it hasn’t been about them that many times, they just happen to have a few episodes recently revolved around them. The characters all take turns doing this (arcs). Also, as far as I’m concerned Callie is a MAIN character, she has been around for a very long time and she’s pretty damn cool. The main characters have changed on this show. There are originals left, but some have gone off the show. And they all have had plenty of storylines.

    • Sara says:

      Callie is NOT a main character. Never has been, never will be. And she’s gotten enough focus. She’s an awful character and soon to be an awful mother. I mean, really? The doctor says no sex, she has sex at the end of the episode. She wants coffee, doesn’t matter if it hurts the baby, her selfish ass gets it. She should have died last night, now that would have been an episode.

      • Meghan says:

        I had coffee when I was pregnant. It’s not that big of a deal. Even my doc said I could have a cup or so a day. As for the sex – it’s the kind of thing that people do against doctors advice ALL THE TIME. It is called human nature. How do you get to declare who a main character is on a show? I think it’s pretty evident that Callie Torres is one of the main characters, whether you like it or not.

        • Sara says:

          Whether you like it or no, Callie is NOT a main character. A main character interacts with other characters, not just the ones she’s screwing and brings something special to the show, something she is incapable of doing. The only thing she’s doing is ruining to other characters.

          • BRETT says:

            LOL I love the fact that you think you can pick in choose who a main character is. And then, when someone disagrees with you, you just repeat it and put it in capital letters. It really makes everyone agree with you. Oh Sara, oh naive Sara…

          • abc123 says:

            I think you’re confusing the terms “lead” character and “main” character. Callie is not the lead, but she is a main character as Sara Ramirez is listed in the opening credits as a regular. There are 14 regulars, therefore 14 MAIN characters. Deal with it.

          • Sue says:

            I have to agree with those saying Callie is a main character. She does interact with other characters and often has medical storylines to deal with. She was chief resident (I think that’s the title) (unsuccessfully) for a while. Main characters in Grey’s:

            Callie (a secondary character when she started but she jumped to a main character quickly)
            Arizona (the latter jumped from secondary to main late last season)
            Lexi (also started as a secondary character)

            Secondary characters:
            Teddy (her storyline has been minor and she doesn’t have a big part in others’ current storyline)
            Jackson (who’s had almost no storyline the entire time he’s been on until the last few weeks)
            April (sporadic storylines at best, minor character in other storylines)
            Chief (who goes back and forth between main and secondary)

            Secondary/recurring guest characters
            Elie the nurse
            Lucy (for now – she won’t be around much longer due to being cast in another series)

          • amelia says:

            Callie is most def not the lead character. Not even close Sara, sorry pal. Grey’s is an ensemble cast, but if a lead character was to be picked out for GREY’S anatomy, it would be meredith GREY. Yes, callie has had a major storyline this season, but its pretty much coming to a close after the wedding. Season 5 dealt a lot with Izzie, but that didnt make it Izzie’s Anatomy. And in the beginning of season 7, it pretty much revolved around the one and only cristina yang. And in the season 7 finale shonda rhimes has said that it will focus on the core three, Alex Karev, Cristina Yang, and Meredith Grey. So all I have to say to you sara is get your head out of the clouds and accept the fact that callie torres is not the lead of greys.

      • Ruby says:

        You need to stop watching this show if it makes you that blindly angry.

      • Julia says:

        Are you serious Callie is definatley a MAIN character as long as she’s been on the show how can’t you count her as a main character. She’s been around since the beginning. The act that Grey’shas been able to survive so long is because they have so many characters it’s never boring (except for season 4). Some to say that Mer is the lead but I’d argue against that because the show doesn’t revolve around her it never did. The show discription when is first aired was “A GROUP OF INTERNS” not one intern and her friends.

      • ker says:

        Actually, the doctor said ‘no intercourse’, not ‘no sex’. There are plently of ways for two women to have sex and still follow doctor’s orders. And coffee, not a crime when pregnant. Neither is alcohol. Women drank and smoked and had coffee for years and there were never any problems with those kids, there is an entire generation of people that survived all that. My doctor actually encouraged me to have half a glass of red wine at night in my third trimester. And you want to call Callie selfish? Let’s get in on Mark. He wants to be a father so badly that he doesn’t care how many lives he ruins. This kid could be totally happy being raised by Callie and Arizona, possibly moreso, because the whole identity crisis of being raised by a dad that doesn’t live with them wouldn’t come (and it has been proven that there are more identity issues raised in that environment than the environment of two moms). But Mark wants a kid so badly that he expects Lexie to stand by obligingly. And when she dumped him, he used Jackson to get her back, witholding his training as a surgeon to get results. And he expects Callie to stand by dumbly while he vents to her about Jackson and Lexie’s relationship, thereby *causing* the accident. Because if he had never texted her, Callie never would have had her phone confiscated and Arizona would have seen the truck because they wouldn’t have been arguing. Mark? Selfish a$$. There’s enough eye candy on the show that if he was killed off or accepted a job elsewhere, he wouldn’t be missed.

  7. Julie says:

    Two weddings on Grey’s Anatomy and one on Privacte Practice on the same exact day???? What next?

  8. Samantha says:

    How is Bailey going to officiate the wedding? Can no one get a legal wedding around here?

    • Ace says:

      Unfortunately, Arizona and Callie can’t, regardless of who officiates. Same-sex marriage is still illegal in Washington.

  9. Heather says:

    Crossing my fingers that Meredith and Derek are actually getting married and this isn’t some random joke that they’re actually working on their clinical trial or something and just not at the wedding. They need an actual story lines that’s not pushed to the background.

  10. Tina says:

    i hope Merder walk down the aisle after calzona that would be awesome.
    they deserve a HUGE AMAZING WEDDING. they really do

    • Ace says:

      I don’t necessarily want to see Meredith in a big white dress, but I do want them to make their union legal. Considering that they might be adopting a child, and also considering how often life-and-death situations happen to the leads on this show, it seems like a wise step to take.

  11. Ingmar says:

    The thing about Grey’s is that the show is not about one central character, but about multiple characters. I love that Callie and Arizona are getting married and I hope Derek/Meredith have their own wedding aswell! I love Callie / Arizona and I can see they have the biggest storylines the second part of this season ( first part was mainly Christina ) ; but all cast members get attention imo, equally.

    • Sara says:

      “but all cast members get attention imo, equally.”

      How exactly? The second half of the season has been focusing on three of the worst characters ever created. I wouldn’t mind them if other characters got a chance too but they don’t. Sure they get a few scenes but all the scenes are cut short so Callie can remind us her vagina has a vote or Mark screams “I’m a parent!”. This is possibly the worst storyline ever created and it’s laughable that people try to defend it or worse, enjoy it. Shonda can continue to shove her lessons down our throats but until the main characters get a storyline, this is NOT Grey’s Anatomy. It’s sad that she is ignoring the characters that made her show.

      • Mindy says:

        That’s your opinion. I consider Callie a main character and I enjoy the storyline. Shows that have run as long as Grey’s need to expand their cast, otherwise the show would have run out of stories a couple of years ago.

        • Sara says:

          To each their own.

          “Shows that have run as long as Grey’s need to expand their cast”
          I agree but not at the expense of their original characters. And it’s not like Grey’s has many originals left so why can’t they have a storyline? Oh, that’s right, Shonda’s too busy focusing on characters that you may like but majority doesn’t, if the negativity is anything to go by. Like it or not, Callie Torres is ruining what could have been a great season.

          • so says:

            Opinion ≠ Facts

            Just sayin’

          • abc123 says:

            Oh for crying out loud. Just check the ratings and see if Shonda focuses on the characters “that the majority doesn’t like” or on the characters that you happen not to like. The ratings would have been affected if everybody hated the Callie/Arizona storylines as much as you do.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          I agree with you Mindy. I don’t think that the original cast has been compromised at all by introducing new characters and giving them storylines as well. I have been reading the posts and am beginning to think that Sara is just posting comments to cause controversy. This has actually been one of the best seasons overall. I for one thought that a flaw of the series was giving one or two characters too many storylines (Izzy comes to mind: the deer fiasco, the Denny fiasco with his death and the later ghost sex story, Gizzy, brain cancer, her marriage to Alex (and that is just the tip of the iceberg for her) and ignoring others (Chief in the early years. George in his last season comes to mind. Generally Jackson has had insignificant storylines since he’s come on the show. April in general. The two dead Mercy Westers.)

      • Tina says:

        I think it is more laughable that you continue to watch a show that you clearly don’t like. Add my name to the list of watchers that will defend it and enjoy it!!

      • tarc says:

        Yeah, blah blah, blah. Shonda Rimes determines what Grey’s Anatomy is about, not you, thank you very much. And you are wholly invited to not watch the show if you hate it (and the characters) that much. The fact that you don’t comprehend that explain the drivel you just posted.

        • Trew says:

          Passive aggressive hostility and condescension rather than honest debate or discussion….por quoi? Is open debate or discussion too difficult?

    • Kelly says:

      I don’t think Alex,Richard,Lexie,Jackson,Teddy,Arizona(outside of Mallie)get equal anything. And George’s whole last season he was basically an extra.

  12. Trew says:

    Mark walks Callie down the aisle? Of course he does. Just all sorts of yuck.

  13. Viv says:

    Oh, thank god Mark has a significant role during Callie and Arizona’s wedding. I think the Callie/Arizona romance is the best GLBT storyline ever because they have included a heterosexual man to provide insight and context for the heterosexual audience. I mean, if he wasn’t around to be the baby’s dad or give his approval, it would be so confusing.

    • Kacey says:

      Hahaha LMAO! This post is so full of WIN!!!!!

    • Lisa says:

      Mark’s constant involvement in the Arizona/Callie storyline is very reminiscent of Frank’s involvement in the Olivia/Natalia storyline on Guiding Light.

    • Bre Rose says:

      Or, you know, it has something to do with the fact that he’s the father of her child/her close friend, so NOT having him involved would be confusing, unrealistic, and make it look like the writers didn’t approve. Even with straight relationships you can have that third party.

      • Kacey says:

        Yes because it’s totally normal to have your baby daddy walk you down the aisle in your wedding instead of your father or other father figure. That happens allllllll the time. But I guess Shonda needs his presence there so we can see that Mark and Arizona are basically sister wives anyway.

  14. Gabby says:

    They were both out of line last night, but I don’t see the big deal about Mark giving her away. I’m not shocked by that.

  15. danielle says:

    Ugh. I used to love GA and Meredith & Derek. I don’t even care anymore. The post-it thing was pretty lame at first, now it’s just ridiculous. Callie’s storyline is so boring, the new doctors suck… Why the hell is Teddy still on the show anyway? Grey’s just isn’t the same anymore. I officially gave up on the show after last night’s episode.

  16. Chantel says:

    Why are people up in arms about Mark giving her away? I don’t even like Mallie, Callie or arizona but even I saw that coming. Their best freinds, they have a baby together (how I wish they didn’t). But I never understand the Calzona fans promlem with Mark, it’s not like he’s trying to break them up or wants Callie for himself.

    Frankly though I’m so sick of Callie and Arizona and their storyline. Neither is a likeable character to me.

  17. Cara says:

    I might be the only one but I was hoping the baby wouldnt make it…so everyone could get out of this ridiculous parents/partners/gfs mess!

    • Ace says:

      Yeah, I could live without the baby. Babies tend to be showkillers. But (and this is going to sound awful) the baby is so premature that she’s far from out of the woods. Your wish could still be granted.

  18. S says:

    Cool, yet another couple will get a wedding episode. I would love MerDer to make it official even if it was shown where they went to the court house. I just still don’t understand all this wedding/Baby thing though with Shonda’s shows now? ..I can see one couple but all? Why? and while I have always loved the Callie character why are she and AZ the focus of S7? Alex has yet to even have a real good story. Its so annoying.

  19. Sam says:

    So tired of Callie and Calzona’s anatomy. They ruined this season with their cartoonish drama. I thought this was going to be over after the musical.. guess not.

  20. Kelly says:

    I’m tired of Callie and Mallie. I can’t stand them anymore. They are really annoying. At this point I just want them to go away. They’ve ruined Mark for me and I can not take Callie anymore.

  21. BRETT says:

    This is their first lesbian couple. We’ve had SIX SEASON of hetero relationships being featured, and the one minute a minority gets some attention, everyone is up in arms. Right…

  22. tj says:

    I am tired of the Callie and Arizina taking almost every episode. This entire season has been wrapped up in those two. The show is Grey’s Anatomy based off Meredith’s perception of her “story” at least that is how it started. Now its just about Callie. Does Shonda have a thing for Sara? Because for the life of me I can not figure out why Grey’s has gone so way off course. I want more Meredith and Derrick, some happy, some fighting before their contracts are up. Then Shonda can bring in her “precious” Callie to the front line. I hope she listens to us or at least reads what her initial fan base has to say…Meredith and Derrick!

    • Dani says:

      wasn’t it just 4 or 5 episodes ago, they didn’t have a storyline at all?

    • Jodi says:

      I can’t believe I am writing here, you are all crazy… I was looking to see when the next new episode was on and found myself in the middle of the looney bin! These are not real people, and the plot/story line changes based on reviews to keep people watching. Has anyone stopped to think about Ellen starting her family this year… maybe she wants a lesser part for a bit to give her more time with her family. BTW I think MerDer are not at the wedding b/c they are going to adopt a baby… I think there is no double wedding and that is the only reason they would miss something so important.

  23. Lisa says:

    Let me guess-the circumstance that leaves Callie’s father unable to walk her down the aisle is that he has a heart attack, or gets into a car accident, or has really bad hiccups, or…what other horrible things have happened to bring the main characters’ parents to Seattle Grace?

  24. Jasmin says:

    Episode last night convinced me there is nothing left as a Meredith & Derek loyal 7 season fan to be hopeful about. Yes, maybe they will get married, a this point who cares; Mer will be the only female on GA not to give birth to a baby she so desperately wants now & the end scene of MD will undoubtedly be related to her onset of Alzheimer’s.

    Meredith & Derek scenes, for me were the only ones that were not a joke of that musical episode, when I thought it would not get worse it did!

    Meredith said is so well last night; Universe says screw you Meredith, why are you so random & mean I believe was the other sentence. All I know for sure is that for us MD fans, if you substitute the word Universe and insert Shonda Rhimes, it’s the way we feel about how she treats Meredith & Meredith Derek fans.

    So… Ms. Rhimes, we can have an effect on your next productions, look at Off the Map ratings AND certainly will never trust you with an hour of my time again; I’m in for the duration of Grey’s, but think will be able to get Meredith & Derek moments on You Tube, they’re never more than 3 minutes tops; last nite 1:55…

  25. Liana in San Diego says:

    So done with this show. I was hanging on hoping against hope things would change, but since I can’t stand Arizona, thought the musical show was ridiculously stupid, am not overly fond of Owen/Christina, nothing happens with Mer/Der…. so what’s to bother tuning into? I’m outta here! Good riddance to a show that’s gone way downhill.

  26. Chenell says:

    Uh….what more could happen with Meredith/Derek? Like..really. Those characters have run their course, IMO.

  27. Kelly says:

    I like Grey’s Anatomy as an ensemble. I do think Meredith and Derek are lacking in airtime this season and sometimes wonder if that’s to prepare us for when Ellen and Patrick leave next year. I do hope they make it legal and I can wait alittle for the Merder baby since I think that will be their final story. I’m happy Arizona and Callie are getting married. I dislike their story and the characters this season but before the baby stuff, I liked Callie and Arizona. Normally I have no problem with Mark walking Callie down the aisle. But the baby storyline kinda ruined their friendship for me. It was great when they were like Meredith/Cristina,each other’s persons but even Meredith and Cristina set boundaries and don’t let being each other’s person undermine and lessen their romantic soulmates. Mark and Callie have surpassed George/Izzie creep factor. As Mark said in the musical episode they can sleep together again, that will always be there between any romantic pairing and when they discuss things with each other and not Arizona or Lexie, making them an after thought well, it makes it hard for me to want Lexie back with Mark. She deserves more than that mess and the baby storyline as forever messed things up so I can see why some would get upset with more Mark in the Callie/Arizona storyline.

    • Kacey says:

      Sing it! I will never see Mark and Callie the same again, especially after Mark revealed that he saw no problem with screwing Callie again (Arizona be damned) to get another baby. He didn’t respect Derek’s marriage, solicited Callie for sex when she and Arizona were together last season, so why would I believe that he’s going to respect the C/A marriage? ITA Mark and Callie have MORE than surpassed Gizzie. The fact that Callie doesn’t see just how much she and Mark are like Gizzie doesn’t give me much long term hope for the C/A relationship. I don’t think she’s in love with Mark or vice versa, but I don’t think they have grown past “casual sex for comfort.”

    • w says:

      didnt Ellen got a whole episode to herself for “Golden Hour”. You guys should chill

  28. marie says:

    I missed moments like Mer’s, Christina’s and Alex’s in the musical where Alex got a hicky. I miss the dark and twisty humor that Grey’s was so known for. I agree that Meredith and Derek are getting less attention, but what else is there really to hope for aside from marriage and a baby, and Grey’s with too many babies would just be weird. So maybe they’re just taking it slow with them since their baby is the most anticipated one.

    I used to really love the characters of Arizona and Callie last season. It just became so dramatic this season. I want the perky, bad-ass, gauze paws moments. (I still love them though) And having Mark join in just makes things worse. He’s a bigger drama queen, and he’s not McSteamy anymore. He became annoying McDaddy who just drags down Calzona.I hope that they’d have more simple, sexy, and sweet moments like they used to have without Mark ruining it.

    I don’t know where Grey’s would go after almost everyone got married and had kids.

  29. Girlie says:

    I love Calzona. I hope the baby will survive, because if the baby dies i think they will be over….
    I dont want to get my hopes up about this wedding. Im afraid to get devestated… I dont believe it before i see it.
    So afraid that Calzona will split. I think Arizona loves Callie more than CAllie loves Arizona.

  30. Melanie says:

    It would be wonderful if EP and PD depart Grey’s in early Season 8 and take their whiny fans “who haven’t watched the show” for eons yet complain 24/7 with them. Do you people ever get off the computer and leave your house? Geeze.

    • Jess says:

      Amen to that.

      Grey’s Anatomy is an ensemble cast. The show has evolved to deal with much larger issues than I think Shonda envisioned when she first got the show on the air.

      To get a story out there, sometimes it takes more than 2 minutes of screen time. And no matter what people think, a gay couple having a baby and getting married are very important stories. I applaud Shonda for taking the time on it and trying to portray it well.

      Face it, MerDer aren’t the only couple on the show and they certainly aren’t always the favorite. Let other fandoms have their time. MerDer had 6 seasons of it.

    • amelia says:

      i am a merder fan and believe they are the most iconic couple on the show, but i have to somewhat agree with you. im sick of ppl complaining about merder not getting enough screen time, but i there is no denying that when ellen and patrick leave that greys will never be the same. meredith and derek made greys what it is today. now they are a happy couple, so of course they dont have as much screen time as they did when they were a hot mess. people need to relax and enjoy greys while it lasts.

  31. spitfiregrace says:

    OMG! Finally, someone acknowledging how terrible this storyline has been. The worst in Grey’s history! IMO that is. Terrible telling of a “bi” story. Thanks for dumbing down that Callie was bi to us; we already had figured that out. But they seem to stick mundane EDane with “Im a parent”, “I’m a father” rants! WTF oh, lest not forget “what happened” to his list of lines…”she’s my best friend, she’s my best friend”. I don’t think they give him much dialogue cause he’s a terrible dramatic actor. Meanwhile, I totally hated Callie’s character this season. I love Calzona, but hated what they had become. Callie’s character was selfish, self-centered, “the victim”–all season. But, the accident gave her a “forgive Callie for her stupid behavior” cause she’s hurt. Little Sorbetina lives–saved by none other than Arizona, whom Mark claims is nothing–what a heartless idiot they made him. But Callie would probably think he was cute for saying it–don’t forget “we’ll screw again for him to get a baby.” No apology would make me forget that–or allow him in my wedding (spoilers say he’s walking Callie down the aisle–why not the Chief!) Anywhoo–JCap was flawless in her performance. Just tugged at your heart the emotions she portrayed. She saved this hyped-up, musical, sorry music event. lol. I’m sorry, it made me laugh which is good. Doctors breaking out in song, just didn’t work for me. Only scene I liked music was “Universe and U”. Everything else made me laugh, like Ghost Callie singing to herself–creepy. Or ghost Callie sitting up riding on the gurney singing (though the song Grace was beautiful). The music was good–well some of it. Running on Sunshine was good cause of Callie and AZ, the others getting it on is odd to have in your dream. Shouldn’t she have been dreaming of her and AZ “getting busy.” Just a thought. Anyway, it was okay. Mark should have been hit by a truck in the midst of throwing his tantrum “I’m a paren…..” oops. Why have they never referenced Callie being the third wheel in her marriage to George and let her see she had been doing that to Arizona. Enough. This episode was just okay. Arizona or Jessica Capshaw’s acting was the pleasant and dramatic effect the made it good.

  32. Cory Myers says:

    I can’t think of anything better than Mark giving Callie away to Arizona! It’s sealing the bond between all three of them. Mark and Arizona both love Callie so much and it’s like Mark showing Arizona “I love this precious soul and I’m finally ready to entrust her safety to you”… I can already admit I’ll be bailing my eyes out with tears of joy over this….

    and with that statement, I’m officially more of a homosexual than the day I experienced my first pride parade and came out… I LOVE GREY’S!

  33. Lucia says:

    Will they have bridesmaids? Hmm, I can only imagine Arizona would ask Teddy and Callie would ask Cristina. Just wondering.

  34. Mary C says:

    While I am all for Derek and Meredith making their marriage “legal”, which they will probably need to do to increase their chances if they go the adoption route, I really hope it’s not a double wedding. I want them to have their own moment in the spotlight – even if it is at city hall with a couple of witnesses.

  35. Marilyn says:

    I love Greys Anatomy the storyline of each Characters I look forward watching them and the show. KUDOS to SHONDA.

  36. Aoife says:

    Cannot wait for this Episode! And I’m not a Mer/Der hater – far from it. But Shonda does her best to distribute story lines equally throughout the season – so a bit of Calzona happiness is not something that should give anyone cause to bitch or begrudge! And sure hell if Mer/Der are getting married at the same time then it’s no big deal at all! I can’t wait to see this whole episode – love the sound of everything that is going to happen :)

  37. TL says:

    The thing is, without Callie and Arizona the show wouldn’t be the same. I love them and still watch Grey’s because of them. I still love all the other characters, but the show wasn’t the same anymore. Until Arizona came along. She’s funny and loves Callie. I didn’t like Callie way back when she was still married to George, but now I believe they’re the most awesome couple of Grey’s Anatomy. Even though I’m hating Mark right now, they (Calzona) are the ones keeping the show interesting. Think about it. Without them, would you still watch Grey’s? I know I wouldn’t. And their weeding will be extremely cute to watch, legal or not.

  38. Alissa says:

    I don’t get the purpose of everyone arguing over who’s a main character or not — who cares???!! The show is awesome and that’s all that matters!!! I, myself — think that this season of Grey’s has been the best so far!!! I go crazy waiting in anticipation for the next episode to air and it is especially hard with the new episodes being aired so sporadically. I think the Arizona/Callie storyline is great!! It would get boring to focus on Meredith and Derek all the time and I think the show would become much more predictable that way!! As for those who keep ripping on the Arizona/Callie storyline —— if you don’t like it than don’t watch!! As for all the Mark haters —- he is the hottest doc on the show and while he may have stepped over the line with the “you’re nothing” comment — I can understand because he’s like the “third tire”in the Calzona situation. He has wanted a baby for so long (he was originally hoping for a baby with Addison) and now that he is going to be a father — the situation is complicated. There are two mothers — one of who clearly would rather not have him involved in raising a baby. I can see where his jealous/angry outburst came from!!
    Great season —- keep up the awesome work!!!

  39. Ashley says:

    So excited for the Callie/Arizona Wedding!!! And I think it is awesome that Mark will walk Callie down the aisle, it’s more emotional & meaningful! I hope the baby survives too!

    The people who bashed Sara Ramirez & “Callie” have something wrong with them clearly. Sara is an unbelievable actress & deserves a leading role which she has been given this season. And for the record, this season has been the best season I’ve watched in years!

    I love how Greys producers/writers build storylines with each character & give every character a leading role at some point. I think this season it was Sara Ramirez & Jessica Capshaw’s time to get leading roles. Sara’s been on since season 2, Jessica since season 5, and it was time for them to really build a captivating story. It can’t just be all Merredith & Derek all the time. That would be boring. Christina, Izzie, etc. all had leading stories in many seasons. Callie & Arizona never did till now. Next season it may be Teddy’s time to shine!
    But I am so pleased with how Greys has totally redeemed themselves this season! It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch!

  40. Raquel Gomez says:

    i ant believe all these people saying and acting like children. i beleive that the musical/show was BEAUTIFUL. callie and lil grey we AMAZING! people that have bad or rude comments should go suck and egg. hello peope that is what tv is all about… suspence, drama, thrills. if it bothers you that much then why do you keep coming back to see the show…. ill answer that for you. cuz its so damn good, that it keeps you off your feet, makes you cry with emotion and keeps you wanting for more and more each week. i give a standing ovation to all those who were brave enough to sing in this episode. i just wish that i could of heard dr. mcdreamy sing. i bet he has an awesome voice to go along with that heartbreaking smile and incredible good looks… <3… merder forver!!!

  41. calzona fan says:

    I like Callie and Arizona, and I don’t think the show would be as good with out either one of them.

  42. Sha says:

    I do not think C/A should be getting married. Callie certainly know better than to have another quickie marriage like her marriage to George. Mark giving her away will be sweet. They have a tight bond and now they have a child together. I’ve always loved their relationship.
    Mark and AZ where both wrong for what they said in the musical at least Mark apologized for what he said.

  43. MaDonna says:

    I love that the show has many main characters. And something else that I love about this show, are the struggles and change the characters go through. To me that is what makes for great TV. I love that Mark is an a$$, but I also see that beneath that is a person who can love, who feels deeply, and is a great doctor. I love Calzona. And I love the dynamic of having Mark be a part of the picture in some way, any way. He and Callie are best friends. It makes sense that he would be such a huge part of her relationship with Arizona, especially since he is the father of her baby. And I love that he and Arizona aren’t exactly the best of friends, but I think they have managed to show that when they have to, even when it rankles they can pull together in a crisis and be there when Callie needs them most.

  44. helena says:

    No one is talking about how unlikely it is that both of the loves of the chief’s live have been struck by Alzheimers. Is it that prevalent that one person would experience that closely?