TVLine Items: Emily Deschanel's Preggers (Is Brennan, Too?), and Other TV News to Know

Could Bones‘ big game-changer be a pregnancy?

A day after TVLine dropped a clue that pointed to a possible season-ending hookup between Booth and Brennan, People announced that Emily Deschanel is expecting her first child with her actor-husband David Hornsby later this year. There’s no word if art will imitate life on Bones, but I think we can all agree that a baby for B&B would certainly change the game.

Ready for more TV dish? Well…

HBO has opted not to move forward with a fourth season of its shrink drama In Treatment — at least not in its current incarnation. “It’s true that we have no plans to continue with In Treatment as previously formatted,” the cable net said in a statement. “However, we are in continued conversations with the executive producers to find another way to continue telling these rich stories.”

Parker Posey has booked a four-episode arc on the second season of Showtime’s The Big C. The indie queen will play Poppy, an older woman who develops an unlikely relationship with Cathy’s teenaged son, Adam. Posey joins previously announced Season 2 guest stars Alan Alda and Hugh Dancy.

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  1. Nisha says:

    This would be a great way to bring back the storyline, Bones wants a baby.

  2. lysa says:

    C’mon Michael, give us a real spoiler… not speculations ( some heads have already exploded with this news!)

  3. Davad says:

    Oxygen….get me some oxygen right now or I will kill this smurf.

  4. norway says:

    congrats to emily and david :) Hope they are gonna use this to make a B&B baby also :)the traditional way :)

  5. David says:

    They are wrapping up this season and they usually wait until July or August to start shooting the next season.

    Unless they do some fancy camera tricks they will have to address the pregnancy in the show.

    If they don’t I don’t mind seeing Brennan spend more time in the Lab again much like in the early days of the show.

    Congratulations to Emily and David aka Rickety Cricket

  6. Tasia R. says:

    I heard that Emily Deschanel was pregnant, then I just knew there would be an article about it here!

  7. Jesse says:

    I’m trying to figure out how I never heard about Bones marrying Rickety Cricket. That’s frankly, quite an odd pairing.

    Aside from that, writing the pregnancy into the show could definitely open up some interesting storylines. I’m all for it!

  8. Linda says:

    Please, not another baby story on Bones.

  9. AJ says:

    Congrats to the Hornsbys!

    In-show, the timing for Brennan would seem rather unexpected, though she has strongly expressed the desire to have a child. Does this mean a time-jump is in the cards, to explain the baby belly at the start of next season?

  10. Jacqi says:

    I am down for a BB baby! They have addressed it in the past, maybe with the coupling up of Bones talk they could. There is still time to write it in. :)

  11. Joey says:

    heres how they’ll play it:

    Emily will be pregnant, but rather than come up with an amazing storyline that will probably bring in myself and all the other former bones fans who got fed up with the constant “will they or wont they?” crap, they’ll have lots of close-ups from the chest up of Bones. she’ll be sitting constantly, and then they’ll either create a character or send a different one with Booth when Emily has to take a leave of absence.

    theyll just dance around what they shouldve done years ago.

    • Suncatcher says:

      I’m going out on a limb here and guess the producers are ripping their hair out now that they just got rid of Hannah and the Gravedigger. At least Hannah could have kept Booth happy while Brennan was pregnant and the Gravedigger could have baby sat?

      I give up! The waters are so muddied now, it’s time to move on to a new watering hole…

  12. Liz says:

    Another option would be not to start season 7 until early 2012. Then Emily could have time off, and they wouldn’t have to figure out how to write in or hide the pregnancy. Of course, I doubt Fox would go for it, especially considering the second half of the season is (still) all about American Idol for them. (of course, I would love it if they wrote in the pregnancy, but not exactly what I’d want B&B’s relationship to be about right now.)

  13. Marie More says:

    Hell Yeah i’m so excited now. I hope we finally get the booth/brennan baby now. This needs to happen!! =-)

  14. Alex says:

    My mouth dropped when I read this and the oxygen is still returning to my brain. I’m happy for her, she was ready for a baby. Question is, what will happen on Bones now? :O

  15. Shaina says:

    Mazel tov Emily and her husband David. I hope them the best on this new addition. I wish the photographers were nicer to David at the Genesis Awards they look like a nice pair. Will be a cute kid!

    I am fascinated by rather fitting timing though after Hart Hanson’s typical end of season teasing/taunting. I can’t wait for next weeks Bones and finally no more “hiatus-hell” till the end of the season.

  16. erika says:

    They should totally put them together for God’s sake! It would be the greatest choice and they could finally break the tedious will they /won’t they!
    I just love her and hope the best for her and her unborn child.
    P.S. Yesterday I don’t know why I imagined Bones feeding her little baby boy (with Booth, the father, of course)and today I read this! What a coincidence, uhu?

  17. Amy says:

    My guess: Instead of having Booth and Brennan get together in any emotionally satisfying way, that smug Hart Hanson will have them hook up drunk or drugged or something and swear it off afterward. Then Brennan will turn up pregnant, but consider an abortion even though it is out of character for her (having said she wants a baby.) This will allow Booth to talk her out of it. Then he’ll want to marry her but ONLY for the child’s sake, and they will continue to be all bitter and apart until the child’s birth. Or beyond. Basically, as long as Hart Hanson can find any potential joy in “Bones” to destroy, the show will keep trudging along, deeper and deeper into the mire.

  18. Shia says:

    I really, really hope they don’t incorporate a baby into the storyline. Nothing drags down a show like a kid. This isn’t “Parenthood” and babies and daycare issues is NOT why I watch Bones. And god knows the way they’ve been writing Brennan this season if she wants to parent something and be responsible for its emotional upbringing, she should start with something eally small, like a hamster.

  19. D says:

    If they decided to write it into the show, my guess is Booth’s the father but not by the traditional way, but because Bones finally using his ‘stuff’ that’s kept from a long time ago.

  20. Meghan says:

    They should have her carrying a baby for someone so she and booth cannot hook up right off the bat but build a real relationship again and get out of the hurt mode and have them both imagining what it would be like. And have him there to pick up the pieces when the hormones kick out after she delivers the baby.

    • BBDN says:

      What a refreshing idea. I’ve been reading all the comments and this is the only one that I have read and really considered it as a good and valuable idea for the storyline. I’m game for this one. Fingers crossed.

  21. AngelMoonGirl says:


    It’s a little soon for a baby B&B IMO, but, what can you do? Congratulations Emily!!! You know I’ve been craving that sort of storyline since season 4 for Booth and Brennan (it BETTER be Booth’s baby!), and I guess we just may get it a little earlier than I anticipated! Yay! Keep the pregnancy in show, TPTB! Baby B&B would be sooooo cute!

  22. Sharon says:

    Congratulations to Emily and her husband! I wish them good health and all the happiness in the world. As for Bones – I kind of do hope they write this into the storyline but keep in mind also, that she may decide to forgo acting for awhile to be with their baby.

  23. Laura says:

    Since there is a reported “Booty Call” from Brennan to the FBI
    agent on the spinoff series. So, I guess the writers can have her
    become pregnant from a one night stand.
    But then this will only prolong the Booth/Brennan relationship.

    But then again… maybe Sully returns after 4 years. There is a
    night of sex. She becomes pregnant.

  24. Pepper says:

    I think the unresolved sexual tension is what keeps this going. Once they’re together, it all goes downhill. I could say a hundred examples but “Huddy” pretty much sums it up.

    • Amy says:

      No, the joyful banter between Brennan and Booth was what kept this going. That’s already been slaughtered, so downhill is where we already are. If they’d hooked them up a while ago but kept the spark of disagreement and humor between them, “Bones” would’ve been just fine. But most people — and the “Bones” writers — sadly can only see things in terms of consummation. I guess these TV writers are too stupid to notice that relationships continue evolving after people have sex for the first time.

  25. AJ says:

    lol at the bitter Huddy shippers all up in Bones-related posts. It’s pretty sad, you guys.

  26. Suncatcher says:

    Another thought, if Emily is pregnant now, she’ll look like the Goodyear blimp by August when filming restarts. How do you
    write / film around THAT? Oye. I have a head ache.

  27. liz says:

    well congrats, great news for them, but for the show not so much. if they write it in now its gonna suck big time.

  28. OhMyBones says:

    I’m so gonna do something regretful if this Emily’s pregnancy thing will turn up to be some pre-April Fool’s day joke… -_-

  29. xopaladinbb says:

    Congratulations Emily – wonderful news! Relax people. Hart has always said he knows what will happen. I have faith this will all work out. Imagine – Season 7 could jump ahead and we will have to work our way back – wouldn’t that be interesting????? Maybe we are all still in “The Lab” after all:)

  30. SG says:

    The show has not yet been officially renewed. Maybe Emily will call it quits? Maybe she’s the one to be shot by the sniper?

  31. CW says:


    Can you put us out of our misery? Does Brennan fall pregnant from her one night stand in Florida? This would ruin the show they are finally showing some progress – Please Help! I am dying here!


    • Laura says:

      I have read that this is not what happens…..
      Just a ploy to have people tune in to the new show.
      This would not help the new show… turning long time Bones
      away from the Finder.

      For myself, I will be done with bones if Brennan has a one night
      affair. The writers are not that stupid……
      Do they really want to made Brennan into a whore?

      • Raphie says:

        oh I will kill someone if it turns out to be a one night stand.
        NOO. If they’re going to write the baby in, PLEASE LET IT BE BOOTH’S BABY!!!

      • Amanda says:

        A one night stand would hardly be out of character for Brennan. She’s very open and honest about sex, and has seems to have no hang-ups about people having sex for the sake of having sex. Personally, if they have to write the pregnancy into the show, I’d rather it not be Booth’s baby. I don’t want them to start a relationship just because of a kid, and you know that’s where Booth’s mind will go – to the “honorable thing to do.”
        I’d rather see her being a surrogate (maybe something happens to Angela’s baby?) or getting pregnant from a one-night stand.
        Of course, I’d rather them find a way to avoid there being a pregnancy in the show.

  32. willam989 says:

    So just a thought couldn’t they film next season now before she gets big and then they wouldn’t have to put the pregnancy in at all. Although I would love to see them incorporate the pregnancy in some how. But it is to early for them to have a baby in there relationship. They could end the season with them getting together (which is already rumored to end that way) and then start the next season in the future and skip some time in there relationship. Having them pregnant now and having Hodgins kid older too. maybe

  33. cassie0860 says:

    A BB baby would be amazing. Imagine the day its born and see parker holding it finally knowing his dad i s happy and not all alone anymore. Imagine the protectivness and storylines. I am all for it <33333 wooo!

  34. Nina says:

    First of all, congrats to Emily and David about the pregnancy
    Secondly, I’m all for a B&B baby. It would just add a new dynamic to the show, it would create that chemistry and tension between Booth and Brennan that we love so much. Booth will try and be supportive towards Brennan, and she will probably be scared by the whole situation, it would just bring the characters closer together and add that extra something that the show needs after the terrible Hannah storyline. I really hope they write it into the show and if they do, it better be Booth’s baby otherwise I’m not watching the show anymore.

  35. Tim says:

    Hello fellow Bones shippers!
    If they turn her pregnancy into the result from a one night stand, would any true fan actually support that? Im talking about people like me, who have been fans since day 1. As misguided as Hannah was, it would totally ruin the show if Bones has someone else’s baby (besides Booth) –
    1. As a guy, who wants a chick like that? We have this crazy past, will they, won’t they, and then…….Hey Booth, can you help me raise this baby that was the result of a one night stand?
    Yeah, that’s realistic…and I don’t know of one guy that would actually go for something like that.
    2. As for everyone saying they need time apart – no. In the real world, if you have a chance to get with your so called soulmate, you would jump at it. You can’t keep making some of the story lines like it’s a fantasy world, or a significant % of your viewers will be gone. It’s that simple.

    • Laura says:

      At first I thought there was to be a one night stand. But the
      rumors are that Brennan turns down the request from the Finder.
      Ab affair would be he death of the show…. both Bones and
      Tthe Finder.

      My guess that next season will be he last for Bones.
      The writers will have the final season to bring all the lose ends
      to a close. Seven years is enough for any show…..
      The actors,writers and most fans are bored.

  36. D.J. says:

    You know, sadly enough, so many of the Bones episodes have no endings. That said, sadly, Booth’s grandfather could pass away, and Brennan could console him leading into a night of intimacy resulting in an infant to be named after the grandfather. I cannot begin to state how often I wondered where the passionate Bones lost all interest in having a child after all the hoopla made about Booth fathering the one she wanted. Ho hum,,, sometimes the unwritten scenarios are the one’s best written within our minds.

  37. Taylor says:

    If Emily is pregnant, when the august shows come on, she will be very noticable pregnant and so that obviously means that in the last show of season 6, she will become pregnant, most likely by booth. But a long time ago in the earlier shows, Bones said she wanted a baby and booth said he would be the dad.

    …And what happened to that “Finder” guy? cuz he said that bones may be the one.

  38. Taylor says:

    again, please keep making shows of bones and dont make season 7 be the last because it is just getting interesting!

  39. Taylor says:

    do people actually think in real life, that David is the actual dad?
    it would be cool if he was, but really? people think David is the actual dad! with so much going on between David and Emily in 7 years i would think they would date and get married, but david had to marry someone else and so did emily…

    :( :( :( :(

  40. Kendra says:

    i cant wait for the baby to be on the show….i hope the season stay going on after this one and they dnt change anyone….